Overcoming Lyme Disease

Are you struggling with Lyme Disease or have undiagnosed symptoms that can’t be explained? Learn how you can get back to living a normal life without pain and get the validation that the symptoms aren’t just in your head. They are real and they are manageable!

In March 2013, Jennifer became deathly ill after a routine dental appointment. At the time, Jennifer didn’t know the correlation between the dental appointment and her declining health. Jennifer’s illness baffled her team of doctors and specialist’s.

In August 2014, Jennifer was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, after going thru 4 surgeries, and almost died after the first. She was shocked to learn that after 2 weeks of being treated on antibiotics and now bedridden, all of her doctors claimed that they do not treat Lyme disease and the one doctor who would treat Lyme Disease had a 3 month waiting list.
For many years Jennifer had been using holistic medicine and had developed a close relationship with her semi-retired Naturopathic Doctor. Jennifer called him while bedridden and that call saved her life. Jennifer created a protocol for herself, with the help of her Naturopathic Doctor, and started treating Lyme like a Cancer, but did so holistically using time-tested healing techniques along with advanced natural therapies.
In this tell-all book, Jennifer goes deep into her own experiences of misdiagnosis of Lyme, the struggle she when through to get healthy, and in the process uncovered many hidden coverups in the medical community. She also discovered what is being called “the biggest crime against humanity” because the sickest patients with Lyme can’t even get properly diagnosed or disability payment, leaving them to fend for themselves while going untreated. Jennifer shows you how to manage your symptoms, find the right doctors (who will actually help you), and shows how the Real Truth behind the Lyme Disease pandemic. If you have Lyme Disease or if you have undiagnosed symptoms that can’t be explained, then you need to read this book.
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