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Overcoming Adenomyosis?

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And Jesus answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you” (Matthew 24:4)

As I shared in my book, Overcoming Lyme Disease, on March 7, 2013 during a Transvaginal Ultrasound and Doppler Limited Study, I was diaganosed with an intramaural fibroid, uterine prolapse, and adenomyosis.  I was told eventially I would need surgery and ended up in the ER a few hours later and was diagnosed with Peripheral Edema (swelling of the legs). Needles to say, I ended up having surgery 12 days later.  During surgery I was diagnosed with enterocele and surgery was performed to fix it. I was told my intestine had grown into my uterus.

“The cells of the uterine lining (endometrium) may grow, however, in an aggressisve fashion and invade the muscular portion of the uterus. This disorder is nonmalignant but is a serious and disabling disease called adenomysosis. THE REASON THIS OCCURS IS NOT KNOWN.”

Of course I never got better and was admitted into the hospital 12 days later and almost died from an infected abyscess hemotoma – unspecified! As my story goes, I kept going back to the doctor and saught other doctors as well to figure out why I am now so ill and why I can no longer function without pain.

During an ER run on May 15, 2013, even the dorctor on call said, and I quote, “She had a hysterectomy for fibroids and what sounds like adenomyosis and not endometriosis.”

Why would she say that, you may ask yourself?  Well, during all my surgeries and my final surgery on November 4, 2013, my doctor kept calling it endometriosis?

The 4th and finaly surgery was to take out my now said bad ovaries because of NEW ovarian cysts that were  growing rapidly on them, and not in them…my ovaries!  Here is what the pathology report said:


Wait, I though the doctor said endometriosis? I guess he is uneducated?

NO ONE  ever suggested that adenomyosis could be the cause of my legs swelling?  I guess they were not educated?

Vascular endothelial growth factor gene polymorphisms are associated with the risk of developing adenomyosis https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/em.20455 

No one warned me! “Conclusions Women with adenomyosis are at higher risks of endometrial and thyroid cancers, while women with endometriosis are at higher risks of endometrial and ovarian cancers.” https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1092913406001043

“Endometrial cancer arising from uterine adenomyosis may be difficult to diagnose. Awareness of this entity and careful ultrasonography are likely to reduce diagnostic delay.” http://www.irog.net/download/?magazine=83#page=67

“Adenomyosis appears to be associated with less aggressive tumor behavior of endometrial cancer, suggesting that it may have inhibitory effects on the progression of this disease.” https://link.springer.com/article/10.1245/s10434-014-3880-6

As my story goes, I went to doctor after doctor!  I had breast, bone, and thryoid cancer scares and I finally understand why…adenomyosis causes Cancer or something similar?  I was never diagnosed with thyroid issues from a medical doctor nor was on  thryoid medications until after all of my surgeries…how bizarre…and..during another ER run..I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, on June 8, 2014.  (I documented all of my doctor visists and ER runs in my book, Overcoming Lyme Disease, if you want to see all the diagnoses I was given.)

As you can see, I have something attacking my thyroid!

So, if they don’t know about this disease, how are they going to treat it?  More importantly, how many people are suffering and are not getting help?

I wrote about the Nagalase enzymes in my book, chapter 9, and how these enzymes are being put in needles which helps cause autism!  Well, I guess that nagalase enzymes are  not just causing autism… they can cause cancer as well. Why didn’t any of my doctors ask to run this simple test to help validate a pathogen attacking me?

Wait, I know why….I was also diagnosed with Lyme disease!  I suggested to run a Lyme test after my holisitc doctor, Richard Easterling, said so.   The non accurate Lyme test that I talk about in my book gave me 2 positive ELISA tests, so I  was put on 2 weeks of antibiotics. The very last day of my antibiotic  I started to throw up non stop for 9 days straight! I ended up at U of M ER while I was still waiting for Western Blot results.  I was asked if anyone ever diagnosed me with COPD?  I told them no, I was diagnosed with Lyme and I was needing to see if the antibiotics were working and that I needed a  Western Blot test!  I was informed that U of M does not diagnose nor treat Lyme disease in the ER, and as far as I am concerned, I was sent home to die! The next day my doctor office ordered the  Western Blot test, but the labs in Michigan did not know how to run the test! It took about 20 minutes for the lab to figure out what test to acturally run! Of course the Western Blot came back negitive!  (again, my story is in my book!)

So, I had an IGeneX test done after I was left for dead, and it came back  IGeneX and CDC positive on IgM bands. Wait, my medical doctor said the Western Blot was negative?  Hmmm…

I wonder why doctors are not warned about late stage Lyme disease?  http://www.actionlyme.org/clinical-pathologic-correlations-of-lyme-disease-by-stage-Steere-Duray.pdf

Wait a minute, I grew up poor!  Maybe I got this pathogen  from my cheap high school physical, shortly after the Red Cross came to our school and took our blood? Here is the document!

Of course I did not remember this so it is not mentioned in my book!

What will you do with this information?

Proverbs 24:10-12

10If you faint in the day of adversity,

Your strength is small.

11Deliver those who are drawn toward death,
And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.

12If you say, “Surely we did not know this,”
Does not He who weighs the hearts consider it?
He who keeps your soul, does He not know it?
And will He not render to each man according to his deeds?

May God bless you and keep you,

Jennifer Heath

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Jennifer HeathOvercoming Adenomyosis?
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Psalm 91, Huppah all Revelation Feasts

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Psalm 91, Huppah all Revelation Feasts: https://odysee.com/@leelandj:b/Ps91andRevFeasts:1

Leeland Jones Blog with notes: https://dontspeaknews.com/2021/09/19/psalm91-feasts-in-revelation/

Alright guys!  We are in the Fall Feast!  Exciting time of year, and we want to talk about, and share with you some things that we see, as some THEMES that I would like to share on the Fall Feast in THIS YEAR! Okay, so we got our Tabernacle set, and we want to talk about Psalm 91 in this video!  Principally we are going to have a couple of themes here, we are going to talk about Psalm 91, and later in the video, we are going to talk about ALL THE FEASTS IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION!

So many of you, if you keep the Feast or if you are watching this, many of you keep the Feast. But if you don’t keep the Feast, and you START KEEPING THE FEAST, PEOPLE WILL SAY, WHY ARE YOU KEEPING THE FEAST?  WHY DON’T YOU KEEP CHRISTMAS AND EASTER?  Well……YOU WON’T UNDERSTAND THE APOCALYPSE…..UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND THE FEASTS!  So we’re going to explain that later, but as we enter this TIME, it’s a signifcant Time! WE ARE IN THE TIME WHERE PROPHECIES ARE BEING FULFILLED!

THE PROPHECY IS AT HAND!  IT IS NOW!  So for example, AS WE ENTER THIS TIME PERIOD, ALL THE PROPHETS HAVE TALKED ABOUT THIS!  So in Joel chapter 2, verse 15, it says, Blow the Trumpet in Zion!  Okay and then he says, SANCTIFY    A    FAST     AND    CALL    A    SOLEMN    ASSEMBLY!    Now what those are, those are the FEASTS, you blow the Trumpet on the 1st Day of the 7th Month!  Okay, then he says, CALL A FAST!  The Fast is the 9th Day of the 7th Month, leading into Yom Kuppir!  And then he says, CALL A SOLEMN ASSEMBLY, that is atsarah or atsereth  in Hebrew, and that is the 8th Day of TABERNACLES!  Okay?

So these would be the TRUMPETS OF REVELATION, OKAY? ….SO THAT WE WOULD ASSEMBLE!  WE WOULD GET IN CAMPS AND ASSEMBLE AROUND THE THRONE, JUST LIKE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL DID, OKAY? So that’s really what’s going on, THAT’S WHAT WE ARE DOING… IS PRACTICING IN THESE TENTS, okay?  But that is later in the video that we are going to get into the Feasts with Revelation, but what it says there, as well in Joel chapter 2, it says, Let the bridegroom come out of his chamber, and the bride come out of her huppah.

(2:07 min mark)  Okay, I just wanted to show you our Tabernacle here, and above it, we have our HUPPAH!  So during the Feast of Tabernacles this year, the Priest Course for Tabernacles is HUPPAH!  HUPPAH IS THE BRIDAL COVERING!  Okay?  I just wanted to point that out, as we continue in the message.

Huppah is the Bridal covering, okay?  It’s a Bridal covering, and it says, Come out of the Huppah!  SO SHE WAS ALREADY IN THE HUPPAH! Okay, so now you come out for what?  For PRAYER!  Okay, TO WEEP, TO MOURN, between the altar and the porch!  Okay, Alas, alas, for this day, woe, spare your people, O YAHWEH!  Now that prayer in WARFARE, I WANT YOU TO HAVE A THEME OF WARFARE HERE, as we look at Psalm 91!

Now if we look at Psalm 91, I want to focus first off as to why we are doing it during the Fall Feast and the Tabernacle!   I want you to think about Psalms 91 as the Tabernacle, okay?  Many of you may not have thought of it this way?  Most of us read that and they think, This is a prayer of Protection!  It’s not a PRAYER, it’s a SONG!  It’s something that you SING!  Okay?  Okay so you can use it as a….actually, we are going to go through the video and we are going to see how we use it for CASTING OUT DEMONS!  Okay, we also use it for the WARFARE, THE ASSEMBLY!

Okay, so let’s look at how Psalm 91 is this Tabernacle…is this Tent, okay?  He that dwells in the secret place.  Secret place in Hebrew is cether…it’s a Shelter, okay, it’s a Covering!  Okay so like we said, Huppah, okay…this is the….He that dwells in the Covering…in the HUPPAH of the Most High!  Okay so this is the Huppah of the Most High place….this is the Covering….Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  Okay so the Huppah is the Covering…it’s a Shelter up above!  Actually we have one here, it doesn’t fit in this camera…I will show you in a second.

And then we have this, this Shelter!  Okay Shelter, so that is what it’s talking about, it’s talking about this Huppah!  Alright in verse 2, I will say of Yahweh, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God in whom I will trust. Okay, so this is trusting in Him!  Trusting in His Tent!  TRUSTING in the fact that even though you dwell in Tents, and you are volunerable in a Time of War… and you are outside….it is a Time that WHEN YOU SET UP YOUR TENT, YOU’RE IN HIS FORTRESS!  That’s SPIRITUALLY what it’s talking about…that’s what it’s describing, okay?

So THAT’S HOW YAHWEH IS YOUR FORTRESS AND YOUR REFUGE, okay,  THAT YOU TRUST IN, okay, WHEN YOU ARE IN TABERNACLE’S, okay?  Now verse 4, He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings shall you trust, okay?  So the other thing, is that when the Woman is given two wings of an eagle, it’s also talking about the Tabernacle!  We will get to that later in the video, but this is what He is talking about, Under His feathers and under His wings, she is under the wings….the Eagle’s wings!

Verse 9, Because you have made Yahweh your refuge, and even the Most High your habitation…maon…..okay in the Hebrew, again this is a house, a habitation.  Verse 10, Neither shall any plague come nigh your dwelling…in the King James, but in the Hebrew, the word is NOT dwelling, it is ohel….ohel in the Hebrew is the Tabernacle!  When you see the word, TABERNACLE, it’s usually translated into Tabernacle from the Hebrew word, ohel.

So this is talking about, as we can see, the Secret Place of the Most High….the Habitation…okay the Tabernacle… the Ohel, okay?  That’s what it’s clearly talking about!  Now, it’s talking about that in light of, okay the children of Israel wondering in the Wilderness, they were sheltered under His wings.  He said, I will bare you unto Myself, I will bare you with Eagle Wings, okay, and Tabernacling around the Throne.  So WE WOULD DO THE SAME THING IN THE LAST DAYS, WE WOULD TABERNACLE AS A  ARMY… okay, as YAHWEH HOST ARMY, alright?

Now what we can see later, and we will get into the……!  Actually, let’s just go through the design elements of the Warfare that is happening here, He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide of under the shadow of the Almighty. (2) I will say of Yahweh, He is my refuge and my fortress. (3) Surely he shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler of the bird, and from the noisome pestilence.  Okay?  So IF WE BUILD THIS SPIRITUAL TABERNACLE, this Spiritual House, and we dwell in this House, WE SHOULD BE PROTECTED!  Okay, so that is what we are PRAYING!  THAT IS WHAT WE ARE SINGING!

And He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings shall you trust: His truth shall be your shield and buckler. His shield and buckler….okay, so this is the Ephesians chapter 6.  The helmet is to the  whole armour of God, he’s talking about here, okay?  Your loins are girt with TRUTH!  And you shall NOT be afraid by the terror by night!  We are going to talk about that in a little…THIS IS WARFARE!  WARFARE AGAINST DEMONS!

(6) Nor by the arrow that flies by day; Nor the pestilence that walks in darkness; nor the destruction that wasteth at noonday. Okay?  (7) A thousand shall fall on your side, ten thousand at your right hand; it shall not come nigh you.  So this is a WAR, okay? The way you understand a War is who is Winning!  Who’s got more casualties then the other, okay?  That’s what it’s talking about here, they’re Winning, they’re in the WAR!  (8) Only your eyes shall  see and  behold  the reward of the wicked.  (9) Because you have made Yahweh, even which is your refuge, even the Most High your habitation.

(10) There shall no evil befall you, neither any plague come nigh your OHEL….TABERNACLE!  For He shall give His angels charge over you, and they shall keep you in all your ways.  Okay, so the other thing that happens is, it’s the Mahanaim, IT MEANS 2 CAMPS!  It means the Angels: Lion, Ox, Man, Eagle, and the Camp of the Children of Israel, THEY WORK TOGETHER!  THE ANGELS WORKED WITH THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL WHEN THEY WENT TO WAR!  Okay, that is the SAME THING THAT WOULD HAPPEN IN THE LAST DAYS!!

(12) They shall bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone. Now verse 13, okay, now ..so that all is that protection…..going to WAR, you see the arrows…you see all of that!  Well verse 13, now we get into the CASTING OUT OF DEVILS!   You shall tread upon the lion and the adder: and the young lion and the dragon shall you trample under your foot, okay?  So we have the lion….we have the serpent!  Okay, we have the young lion and the dragon!  Well this is what Christ is talking about when He sent His 70, okay?  When He sent the 70, they returned rejoicing, LORD, EVEN THE DEVILS ARE SUBJECT…..THEY  OBEY….THEY ARE UNDER US, THROUGH YOUR NAME!

Okay, so they were commissioned out and they came back, and they saw the Devil’s were SUBJECT, okay, DUE TO CHRIST’S NAME!  (Luke 10:19) Verse 19, He said, Behold, I give you power to tread on Serpents….we saw the adder, right?  On Scorpians, okay, and over ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY!  Over the lion…over the dragon…nothing by any means shall hurt you!  Okay, so this is DELIVERENCE, they are casting out Devil’s!  HE SAID, YES,  I GIVE YOU POWER TO TREAD ON SERPENTS AND SCORPIONS, AND OVER ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY: AND NOTHING SHALL BY ANY MEANS HURT YOU. Okay, so that is what it is talking about!

Now, I am going to show you a Mystery!  This was known even BEFORE CHRIST!  In the Dead Sea Scroll’s, they had a document where they used Psalm 91 for CASTING OUT DEVIL’S!  It’s called, The Third Song Against Demons!  Okay, you can look this up, it’s 11QAPOCPS, okay?  That is what you look up in the Dead Sea Scrolls for the code name of this prayer…or casting out devils, alright?  It’s a Psalm of David, and it’s INCANTATION in the name of the Lord, to be involked in the time….to the Heavens!  Okay, so this is speaking of Warfare!

Now, remember how it said, THE TERROR BY NIGHT?  WELL THE TERROR BY NIGHT IS DEMONS ATTACKING YOU IN YOUR SLEEP, okay?   And so they are talking about casting out demons, both in your sleep and while you are awake, THIS IS THE WARFARE!  And when he comes to you at NIGHT, YOU WILL SLAY HIM!  So you must have your SWORD!  You must have all your WEAPONS OF WARFARE ALSO WHEN YOU ARE SLEEPING!

And He says to him, Who are you?  Depart from humanity and from the offspring of the holy ones! Casting out this Devil, even in your sleep…even with your Sword!  For your face is the face of delusion, and your horns are the horns of fantasy. (and) You are darkness,  not light…wickedness, not righteousness. The Commander of the Army of the lord will bring you down into the deepest Sheol,  he will close the two gates of bronze through which no light can enter, and the sun will not appear unto you that shines upon the righteous.  Okay, so he is casting out these demons, and this is what they attribute to Psalm 91, ‘THE TERRORS BY NIGHT’!


Okay, so CHRIST HAD GIVEN US THAT AUTHORITY, alright?  As He gave it to His 70 to cast these things out, now you will want to do this, also have this prayer, as you go……BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP, okay?  I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE THAT!

Now, we saw that in Psalm 91:13, You will tread upon the lion and the adder, the young lion and the dragon you will trample under your feet. Because, verse 14, He has set His love upon me, therefore I will deliver him:  I will set him on high, because he has known My name.  He shall call upon Me, I will answer him: I will be with him in time of trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him. (16) And long life will I satisfy him, and show him My salvation…..YESHUAH or YAHUSHA! Okay so that’s Psalm 91!

Now what you can see…and you SING THIS, as well, make it a SONG…Sing this!  But what is this talking about? It’s talking about a Tabernacle!  It’s talking about Warfare!  It’s talking about CASTING OUT DEMONS, okay?  That’s what we can clearly see!  And you know, it’s also this SHELTER, this Huppah!  Okay, and we have precisely this YEAR, THE PRIEST COURSE OF HUPPAH, on the Feast of Tabernacles!!!  Okay, now let’s talk about, real quick, and let’s talk about the SEVEN FEAST’S OF YAHWEH, and then look at them in Revelation!

Okay, now when we look at THE SEVEN MAJOR FEAST’S OF YAHWEH, many equate that to the Menorah!  So that the Menorah has 7 Lamps to it (13:12 min mark), as you can see, and these would each represent the Seven Feast’s of YAHWEH!  Okay, so if you went from one end to another, in the center you would have the Feast of Weeks, Shavuot, and then you would have Spring Feast and Fall Feast!  So you have Passover, Unleaven Bread, and then Firstfruits, okay?  Then you have Shavuot, Feast of Weeks, Pentecost! And then we enter the Fall Feast, you have the Memorial of Blowing Trumpets, Yom Teruah, or Day of the Shout!  And then you have Yom Kippur, and then we have Tabernacles, okay?

So what we’re going to do, we’re going to focus mainly on these feasts, we’re going to have other ones too.  So you can see in the 7th Month, you have Yom Teruah.  We are also going to see in the Book of Revelation, another one that is a Feast, it’s a Memorial, because YOU BLOW THE TRUMPET ON THE BEGINNING OF EVERY MONTH….NOT JUST THE 7TH MONTH, NOT JUST YOM TERUAH!  You blow the Trumpet EVERY MONTH, and there is another signifcant one, which is before Passover!  So you blow the Trumpet, and actually you play the Harp, on the 1st Day of the 1st Month!

Okay, so that one in the Book of Revelation, they feature that a little bit!  But we are going to see all of these Feasts, okay, in the Book of Revelation! (14:30 min mark) Okay, here’s our notes, and the Feasts in Revelation!  Now inevitably you guys, many of you will just ask me, Very simply Leeland, just tell us when the Feasts are and according to the Enoch Calendar?  The Feast of Trumpets, September 15th……1st Day of the 7th Month!  Yom Kippur, September 24th…..10th Day of the 7th Month!  1st Day of Tabernacles, September 29th through October 5th……and the 8th Day…..the 22nd Day of the 7th Month is the Solemn Assembly.

(15:10 min mark) And as we were mentioning here, here is Huppah!  Huppah…so this is the 7th Day, so Huppah is  serving these days, in this portion of Tabernacles, that was our Huppah that we were showing you a little bit earlier!  Okay?  So, let’s look at the Feasts of Revelation, okay, and we can clearly see them….it’s very clear…it’s very obvious, but guys, BE IT THE APOSTATE CHURCH, THEY DON’T KEEP THE FEASTS, THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND ANY OF THESE THINGS, okay?  But when we look at What’s Happening….with the SYMBOLISM in the Book of Revelation, it’s quite CLEAR THESE ARE THE FEASTS!!

Now what we are going to do, we are going to use a refrence point, this diagram here (15:47 min mark), to just show us where we are in TIME!  Okay so our first one, we go to Revelation 1:10, John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day.  That’s a Sabbath, okay, the Lord’s day is a Sabbath…..And he heard a GREAT VOICE of a Trumpet!  Okay, so now this Trumpet is the beginning of the Apocalypse, okay that’s in Revelation chapter 1, alright?  So this Trumpet…he hears a Voice of a Trumpet that’s Yom Teruah…just like we have the Feast of Trumpets, okay, that’s the Feast of Trumpets, beginning the Book of Revelation!

So the Book of Revelation begins in the Fall Feasts, okay?  That then Trumpet ushers in the Time Period…of course our Time Period is mostly going to be CONFIRMED by the Book of Esther!  Okay?  So, you have the Feast of Trumpts beginning the Apocalpyse, alright?  Then what we see in Revelation chapter 1 still, we see Alpha and Omega, One like the Son of Man in the midst of the Seven Golden Candlesticks. Okay, the 7 Menorah…the 7 Ecclesia, okay….this is also Yom Kippur!  So He is acting as High Priest, in the priestly garments, and Alpha and Omega is doing that on Yom Kippur!

So this is the Yom Kippur, this is just 10 Days after Yom Teruah, okay, that’s what’s happening in Revelation chapter 1!  Then when we get to Revelation chapter 4, verse 1, John see’s a door opened in Heaven and the first Voice of a Trumpet saying, Come up, okay?  So the first Voice of a Trumpet, what was that?  That was Yom Teruah!  So now this is Yom Teruah again!  But we know this is 3 Years later!  So, Revelation chapter 4, verse 1, this is going to be 3 Years later!

(December 21, 2010) So we had our first Trumpet in Revelation chapter 1, verse 10, then we have 3 Years…..Year 1 (2011)…..Year 2 (2012)….Year 3 (2013)!  Okay, so we come over here (17:47 min mark), and we have Revelation 4:1, we have another Trumpet being blown!  Okay, this is ANOTHER Yom Kippur, this is the Fall Feast!  We have confirmation of this in the Book of Esther, The King sits on the Throne, okay, and then it talks about this 3rd Year!  Okay, so those are the 3 Years…those are the start of Yom Teruah….3 Years later, Yom Teruah, okay, there will be a Yom Teruah in the Year 2013, okay?  Alright!

Then we get to Revelation chapter 5, okay, so when the door is open, then you see the festivities before the Throne, and then we see in chapter 5, verse 6, we see the Lamb slain, and we hear the SONG of the Lamb!  Okay, so when the Lamb is slain, this is telling us about the Lamb in Passover, the Passover Lamb slained, okay?  That’s Passover, so this is 6 Months past Yom Teruah!   So Yom Teruah is here, 6 Months later, okay, this is going to bring us to the Spring Time of 2014, AND OUR FIRST BLOOD MOON, okay?

Then, Revelation 6:1, we have…once again we SEE the Passover Lamb, HE OPENS THE SEALS, okay?  So Revelation 6:1, Passover, is the same Passover that we just saw in Revelation chapter 5! Okay, it’s the same Passover, the same PRECISE DAY!  That same Passover is THAT Blood Moon of 2014! And we have 4 Blood Moons…we have Passover….we have Tabernacles… we have Passover/Tabernacles, THAT’S THE LUNAR TETRAD, VERY SIGNIFICANT BLOOD MOONS THAT TRANSPIRED, BEGINNING in 2014, okay?

So that’s the SAME Passover that it’s talking about in Revelation chapter 5, verse 6, Revelation 6:1! Then we get to Revelation chapter 8, verse, 1, The angel had a golden censer before the Throne.  The golden censer before the Throne, is an angel acting as High Priest on Yom Kippur!  So this is now going to bring us 3 1/2 Years later!  Okay, so 3 1/2 Years later, from the Blood Moons, okay, now we come to Yom Kippur, alright, and this is going to be Yom Kippur, and this is going to be in 2017!  Alright, so then we go to our next page, okay and then we continue!

(20 min mark)  So that’s the Revelation 12 SIGN as you can see here.  Revelation 12, so that’s also Revelation 8:1, okay?  So that’s Yom Kippur, and on the same Day, Revelation 11:19, the Temple was opened in Heaven, and it was seen in the Ark of the Covenant!  So when you see the Ark of the Covenant, that’s again, Yom Kippur, the High Priest going before the Ark of the Covenant, SAME DAY AS REVELATION 8, VERSE 1, OKAY?

So the next verse says, John saw a woman clothed with the sun, okay, so when she is clothed with the sun, that is the Fall Equinox!  So THE SAME PRECISE DAY, Yom Kippur is ON the Fall Equinox, 2017, and the Moon is under her feet, okay, and we had the planets align, forming her crown of twelve stars.  Okay, so this is the Revelation 12 SIGN, on the same exact Day, SEPTEMBER 22, 2017…that’s Yom Kippur, 2017!  So Revelation 8:1, the last verse in Revelation 11 and Revelation 12, is all showing us the same Feast, Yom Kippur, 2017!

(21:05 min mark) Now then we get 3 1/2 Years later, so that’s this Sign here, then is says, 3 1/2 Years later the woman had a placed prepared by God, which is the Tabernacle, so this is 1,260 Days later!  So, 1,260 Days later, okay, from then is going to bring us to this Year, 2021, okay?  So that’s Revelation 12, and we go through Revelation 12, now what we’re going to have guys, is Revelation 12, we’re going to look at all the Feast’s going from the 1st Month to the 5th Month, okay?  It’s not really a Feast, but we all know the signifance of the 9th of Av!

Okay, so the 9th of Av, so we’re going from the 1st Month to the 5th Month!  Av is the 5th Month, okay? And so Revelation 12, is going to walk us through all the Feasts, in a very, very signficant Time Table in this Year, 2021!  So this would have been this Year,  the Passover earlier this Year, going through the 5th Month, the 9th of Av, okay? So she had a place prepared, so after the Sign you have 1,260 Days, you come to the 2021, and it’s the 1st Day of the 1st Month!  So the Tabernacle is set!  So she had the place prepared by God, that’s the Tabernacle…. REPRESENTING THE TABERNACLE OF THE TESTIMONY!  Okay, you can see that in Exodus 40, and we will show you that again.

Then, Revelation chapter 12, verse 11, They overcame by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of His testimony, that is Passover!  The blood of the Lamb, is the Passover Lamb, so we went from the 1st Day of the 1st Month, to the 14th Day of the 1st Month! Okay?  See that? (22:45 min mark)  And then it says, same verse, They loved not their lives unto death.  Okay then this, LOVING NOT YOUR LIVES UNTO DEATH, IS FAITH IN THE RESSURECTION!  So this is RESSURECTION SUNDAY, okay?  So this would be the 19th Day of the 1st Month, okay, including the Passover Lamb…Christ being sacraficed for us, and then the Ressurection Sunday, which is called First Fruits!

On First Fruits, you then count 50 Days!  So what you do is you count 50 Days to Pentecost!  Okay?  Then Revelation 12:12, the very next verse, REJOICE YOU HEAVENS, AND YOU WHO TABERNACLE IN HEAVEN….or dwell in Heaven!  So you REJOICE on the Feast of Pentecost, the Feast of Weeks, or also called the Fease of Shavuot.  Okay, so that’s Revelation 12:12, Rejoice you Heavens!  You are COMMANDED ON THAT DAY TO ‘REJOICE’, so that’s what it’s talking about!

So, that is 50 Days after First Fruits, you come to Feast of Weeks, now we are at the 8th Day of the 3rd Month!  Then we get to Revelation 12:14, The woman was given two wings of a an eagle, to fly into the wilderness, into her place. So this is again, the Tabernacle, okay? Now this Tabernacle here, what it’s talking about, it’s actually going to refer to the 9th of Av!  So that’s going to be another 6 Weeks, so you got the Feast of Weeks, and then you count another 50 Days again, or  7 Weeks again, and you come to the 9th of Av, which is the 5th Month…okay, the Wilderness and her place!

Okay now, we know this from a couple of sources, but let’s go through them real quick,  Exodus 19, verse 1, It’s the third month, fifteenth day, he bore you on eagle’s wings.  Okay, so he bore on eagle’s wings, then Moses goes to the mountains forty days, okay?  So you see the eagle’s wings, and then you see Moses 40 Days, this is going to bring us again to the 9th of Av, because we see in Matthew 23, verse 37, Christ says, I would have gathered you as a hen gathers her chicks, but your house is made desolate.  So He is talking about the gathering of the eagle’s wings, and the house desolate, is the 9th of Av!  Okay, and He said, Behold, you will not see one stone upon another, THAT’S THE 9TH OF AV!

Okay, so that’s the Eagle’s Wings this Year, the gathering of the Wings in the TABERNACLE!  Okay, that’s why we are showing you the Tabernacle NOW, because it’s representing the Tabernacle here (25:06 min mark), and Revelation 12:14!  Then, in the same chapter, okay, so we had the Woman clothed with the Sun, alright, and then all of this is happening in a 5 Month period, in 2021, and at the end it says, The dragon made war with the other’s of her seed.  Okay, THIS IS ARMAGEDDON!

So Armageddon is going to be toward’s the 6th Bowl, and towards the END!  Okay, THAT’S GOING TO BE AT THE END OF  TIME PERIOD, alright?  When the dragon makes war with the other’s of her seed, so this is 7 Years AFTER the Revelation 12 SIGN, approximately okay?  So that’s Armageddon, okay, and then of course BEFORE that, you would have the Wedding Supper of the Lamb!  We didn’t put it on here, but basically PURIM, in the Book of Esther, represents the Wedding Supper of the Lamb!  So Purim is  also included, alright, as the Feast in, reflected in the Book of Revelation, okay?

Now let’s go to Revelation 15, because we have more things happening….in Revelation 15:2, Those that got victory over the Beast were on the Sea of Glass with Harps!  Okay, you see you celebrate with Harps on the beginning of every month, particurly the 1st Month and 7th Month.  So you get to blow the Trumpet, but you also get to play your harps.  And they sing the song of Moses, and the song of the Lamb.  So when was the song of Moses?  Well we saw them SING when they crossed the Red Sea, and the song of the Lamb is what?  PASSOVER!

So Passover season, we’re talking about Revelation 15:2! Then in 15:5, The Temple of the Tabernacle was opened in Heaven, and it was filled with smoke from the Glory of God, no man was able to enter, until the seven last bowls were fulfilled!  So again, this is the same Tabernacle set in Revelation 15:5, as we saw up here in Revelation 12, verse 6, When the Tabernacle is set….on what?  On the first day of the first month! SO WE CONSIDER THAT THIS YEAR, IS THE SAME DATE AS THIS SAME TIME PERIOD, OKAY? So again, that’s the Tabernacle being set on the 1st Day of the 1st Month, we know this from Exodus 40, Moses was not able to enter into the Tabernacle, because of the Glory of Yahweh!  That was on a Precise DAY, in Exodus 40 of the 1st Day of the 1st Month!

Okay, I know that was a lot, so that’s why I encourage you to get the notes….. and I will make the notes available, where you can get that PDF file and download it, and take some time to study that!  I know it’s  a lot of information, but IT’S WORTH THE STUDY!  So that’s our Tabernacle!  We talked about Psalms 91!  We talked about the Huppah!  Okay, the THEME’S FOR TABERNACLE, THIS YEAR I BELIEVE, IS WARFARE……..SPIRITUAL WARFARE!  So guys, thanks for watching …FEAR GOD, GIVE GLORY TO HIM, FOR THE HOUR OF HIS JUDGEMENT IS COME!  WORSHIP HIM, THAT MADE THE HEAVENS, THE EARTH, THE SEAS, AND THE FOUNTAINS OF WATERS! Amen!~ Leeland Jones

Notes from Leeland Jone’s Blog: Ps 91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place [shelter] of the Most High
shall abide (lodge h3885 לוּן lûn) under the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress:
my God; in him will I trust. [ You stay in a tent that’s spiritually a fortress]
4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust:
9 Because You יְהוָ֣ה are my refuge,
even the most High, thy Habitation (h4583 מָעוֹן mâ‘ôn)
10 neither shall any plague come nigh thy Tabernacle (h0168 אֹהֶל ’ôhel)

Luke 10:17    And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject (obey, put under hypotassō) unto us through thy name.
19        Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Third Song (or Incantation) Against Demons (11QapocPs, col. 5:4–14)

Superscription: 4A Psalm of David. Again[st…An incanta]tion in the name of the Lor[d. To be invoked at an]y time 5to the heav[ens…

When] he comes to you at nig[ht], you will [s]ay to him:
6”Who are you? [Depart from] humanity and from the offspring of the ho[ly one]s!
For your face is a face of 7[delu]sion, and your horns are horns of [fan]tasy.
You are darkness, not light, 8[wicked]ness, not righteousness […]
the Commander of the Army, the lord [will bring] you [down 9into] deepest [Sheo]l,
[and he will close the] two [ga]tes of bronze th[rough which n]o 10light [can enter],
and [the] sun [will] not [appear for you] tha[t shines 11upon the] righteous to […”
And] then you will say: “[…12…the right]eous, to come […]a de[mon] harms him,
[13…of tr]uth from […because] he has [righ]teousness […

Church in Great Tribulation, playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv1wVJiPT9A&list=PLXqaGD7sX9ganQlZlGqe52OSe9hl0Ubr7

The Great Revelation Army, playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUQPUEHiBVk&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gaUWez5Sh8TC0F1Sj-t6we9

Enoch Calendar, playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh9fhqbn9pI&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gbKHuzwdzSj0RZiZNPN3ffw

Feasts & Sabbaths, playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEFWYqrsNP4&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gb3nByCCGgByiqufuDE8dQt

Woman Clothed with the Sun, playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLuf-d0vnPI&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gZ-b0VG8cvSZkt4T3_hN9fA

BLOG:  https://overcominglymedisease.com/1444-2/

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.




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His Voice Knocks! Come to Garden of Eden

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His Voice Knocks! Come to Garden of Eden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae6wEssNRl4&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gaSr8EHrjwmYelxEtBjY0kV&index=6

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

Hear that sound?  It’s the VOICE OF MANY WATERS!  WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT HIS CALL, HIS VOICE!  HIS CALL TO BRING US BACK INTO THE GARDEN OF EDEN!  He stands at the door and knocks, if any man will hear His voice, He will come in and sup with Him.  In this video we are going to talk about His voice, the Voice of the King KNOCKING!  The Voice of the King, drawing us back to the Garden of Eden!  Glory to His name!  He has given us a reed, like unto a rod!  And He said, MEASURE THE TEMPLE AND GO WORSHIP THEREIN!

The Gospel message is very simple!  It started back in the Garden of Eden, all cultures around the world know the story, the story of Adam and Eve, in the Garden.  And the coming of Jesus Christ, His first coming, was to restore us back to fellowship with God!  His second coming, as well, brings us to this glorious place, this Paradise!

Guys, I am in Cyprus, and this is amazing…it very, very, rarely rains, I am here in the Mountains, and maybe you can see behind me the dark clouds (1:20 min mark)?  It is starting to rain, and it’s not like in America where you go inside, it’s exciting…like it’s like, it’s raining!  It very rarely rains here this time of the year.  But, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS MESSAGE, guys!  It’s so simple!


Every day, Adam and Eve, met with the Most High God, Yahweh Elohiym, in the Garden!  IT WAS AN  APPOINTMENT!  And, when Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they hid themselves, they did not show up to their appointment!  And God said, Where are you?  Adam, where are you?  And IT’S THE SAME CALL TO YOU NOW!!

There’s alot of things, of course in this YouTube Channel, we’ve have 350 video’s about End Times Prophecy, but IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO THIS!  The answer to the Call, the answer to the Garden, THE FELLOWSHIP WITH HIM!  And, we are going to walk through this, in the Song of Solomon.  Song of Solomon, in the first chapter, in Song of Solomon, in the second chapter, we are going to walk through the SYMBOLISM OF THE GARDEN, THE SYMBOLISM OF THE CALL!  THE SYMBOLISM OF OUR BELOVED…….. BACK TO THE GARDEN!

You’ll notice that throughout all of my travels, you can always see I’ll go into the wilderness!  I go into the wilderness, I go into the mountains, I GO AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE!  Why?  SO I CAN HEAR HIS VOICE, CLEARLY!  I can eliminate all of the destractions and eliminate all of the drama! I can eliminate all of the people, because people are drama!  But there is a Call to this Garden!  And this is an ABOMINITION for you to return to this Garden!

YOUR DNA WAS THERE WITH ADAM AND EVE!  THE RECORD OF THAT IS IN YOUR HEART!  And you will do all kinds of SIN, you will do all kinds of WICKEDNESS….TO TRY TO FILL THAT VOID…TO FILL THAT VOICE, okay?  But it’s my prayer, that through everything that happens in these last days, Judgements, will bring you to a place of desperation for Him, and His CALL!  This is the ABOMINITION to the Seven Churches, He said, TO HE WHO OVERCOMES, I WILL GIVE TO EAT FROM THE TREE OF LIFE!

Where’s the Tree of Life?  Is this when we die? The Tree of Life is in the Garden of Eden!  Okay?  Which is in the middle the Paradise of God!  The Paradise of God is the Garden of Eden, okay? So we have a 1,000 Years to restore all of this Creation, back to the Garden of Eden!  How do we do that?  We do that by fellowshipping with Him!  Okay?

2 Cornithians chapter 12, verse 2, apostle Paul said, I knew a man who was Harpazo to the third Heaven!  And such a one, he was Harpazo to Paradise!  So the OPPORTUNITY IN THE LAST DAYS, IS THAT THERE WILL BE A PEOPLE, THAT WILL BE LIKE APOSTLE PAUL, THAT WILL BE HARPAZO TO PARADISE…….TO THE GARDEN OF EDEN!  That they would meet again with the Lord in the Garden, EVERYDAY, and fellowship with Him and hear His voice!  Alright?  THAT’S THE WHOLE APOCALYPSE, REVEALING OF JESUS CHRIST, IS THAT GARDEN!

LOOK! There is also a Beast in that Garden!   There is also a Serpent in that Garden!  So in the Last Days we got to deal with the Beast, that is why we have this video…SO THAT YOU WILL OVERCOME!  Okay?  But let’s go through Song of Solomon, chapter 1!  It says, Draw me and I will run to you.  This is NOT a natural thing!  The natural things are the things of this world!  The things of this world will ALWAYS DISTRACT YOU!  But the Spiritual things, THE SPIRITUAL HEART OF THE MATTER HAPPENS,  when you cry unto Him, DRAW ME, AND I WILL RUN UNTO YOU!

And we know that Run, is a Race!  Apostle Paul said, Run the race!  And we know that’s a measurement of the Temple!  Okay?  So ALL these things, the Garden of Eden, the Temple, the Tabernacle of Moses, they’re ALL the same:  TO BRING US INTO THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS WHICH WE FINALLY SEE IN NEW JERUSALEM!

Oh fairest among women, go your ways, go forth in the footsteps of the flock.  Feed your kids beside the Shephard’s tent.  And tents, there is Michcon, that’s a word for Tabernacle.  The Tabernacle of Moses, the Shephard’s Tent!  Now what’s going on throughout all of Song of Solomon here, is all the Parables, all the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ!  He is the DOOR!  Okay?

And that brings us to John 10:1, Verily, verily I say unto you, he that enters not by the door.  Okay, He is knocking at the door!  It’s His Voice at the Door!  Enters not by the door, into the sheepfold!  Now, this is where we have to study the Greek!  If we go back to the original Greek, actually what it says, Is the palace of the sheep!  Let me say that again…What it says here is, the palace of the sheep!  Right here in John 10!  What is the palace of the sheep?  IT’S THE GARDEN OF EDEN……IT’S THE PARADISE OF GOD!

The palace of the sheep, but some climb up some other way, the same as a thief and a robber.  But he that enters by the door,….and we know Christ is the door, Christ is the ONLY WAY INTO THE GARDEN!  The only way into the Sheepfold….into the Palace of the Sheep!  He enters by the door of the sheep, to him the Porter.  Okay, the Porter in the Garden of Eden had a Cherubim.  When Adam and Eve left, there was a Cherubim gaurding!  That is a Porter!  Now that same Cherubim, takes John up to the Throne!  Okay, that same Cherubim takes Ezekiel up to the Throne,……and takes us back to the Paradise with God!

Okay, that’s the Porter!  And He opens the sheep, and the sheep hear His voice!  He calls His own sheep by name!  This is why you need a new name!  And leads them out. And when He pours forth His own sheep, He goes before them and the sheep follow Him for they know… His …Voice.  Verily, verily I say unto you, Christ said, I am the door to the sheep!  I am the door and by Me, no man enters, he shall be saved.  And shall go in, in and out, and find pasture.

So what’s happening here is the Palace of the Sheepfold, is something you go in and out of!  Okay?  So you can do this everyday!  We have MANY teachings on Fellowshipping with the Lord, where you spend time with Him, okay, you go into the Sheepfold. Okay, you go into that Garden, that appointed time with the Lord, and then you go about your day!  Okay, just like Adam and Eve!  The idea is that you do the SAME THING in the Last Days!  You meet with Him, okay, you speak to Him, and then you can leave, you come and go, from the pasture!  Okay, that’s what it’s saying here!

So this is the Porters from the House of David!  We’ve taught on the House of David, we’ve shown you these various Angelic Orders, are the Orders of His House, in His Temple, IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN! Now we/they’re stirring up…..I AM TRYING TO STIR UP THE PEOPLE!   And…in the Song of Solomon 2:7 said that, You stir not nor wake my love until he please.  Okay, and so we have something very interesting in here where BETWEEN  AWAKE AND LOVE, THERE’S AN UNTRANSLATED WORD, it’s an ALEPH and a TAV…..and that’s JESUS CHRIST!  HE is the ALPHA and OMEGA,  IESOUS CHRISTOS, okay?

Alpha Omega, Aleph Tav!  Okay, the Jews don’t know how to interpret that because they don’t know He’s Alpha and Omega!  But it’s in there!  Alright?  And it’s the voice of my beloved, behold he comes!  Alright, now this is what I am saying, the voice of the beloved comes!  He’s coming…..Come to the Marriage Supper, Come!  FORSAKE ALL!  FORSAKE EVERYTHING…STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING…THE BELOVED IS COMING!!

(10:30 min mark)  Do you hear that Thunder?  Yes, that’s the Voice of Thunder!  Oh, that’s Amazing!  I don’t know if that came out of the video, but there’s Thunder coming over there!  Yes!  It’s His Voice that Thunders!!  Halleluyah!

Okay, so, It’s the voice of my beloved!  It is the voice of thunder!  Okay, my voice of beloved…now beloved, in the Hebrew, is DAVID!  Okay, when you say David it’s the name beloved, Dabid, okay?   And so this is this David, this, the Messiah, okay, the beloved one, was David!  That is why his name is David, it means beloved!  Okay?  And we know it’s the Key of David that OPENS THE DOOR THAT NO MAN CAN SHUT!  Okay, that’s what He said, Behold, I set before you and open door.  Into what?  The Garden of Eden! That NO MAN CAN SHUT, okay?

Now Song of Solomon has all these references, okay?  It is the voice of my beloved, Song of Solomon 5:2, It is the voice of my beloved that knocks!  How does a Voice KNOCK??  There it is again, do you hear it?  YEAH! It’s the Voice of my Beloved in the Clouds!  THUNDERING!  Glory to His name!

Okay, Revelation 3:20, Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear My voice!  It’s a VOICE OF KNOCKING!  His Voice is the Waters!  His Voice is the Thunder!  His Voice is calling you back to the Garden saying, Adam, where are you?? Eve, where are you?? COME BACK TO THE GARDEN!  And He brought me to His banquet house.  Now, HE HAS ALREADY OPENED THE BANQUET HOUSE!  HE HAS ALREADY OPENED THE GARDEN OF EDEN!

EVERYBODY IS WAITING TO BE RAPTURED!  The opening of Heaven has already happened! The Banquet House is alreay opened!  That’s why Luke 12:36, it says, In you likewise, men when they wait for the Lord, when He will return from the Wedding!  Now why is He returning from the Wedding??  He is already AT the Wedding!  Okay?  When He comes and knocks, that they open to Him IMMEDIATELY!  Okay?  BECAUSE THEY MISSED THE FIRST ENTRANCE OF THE MARRIAGE SUPPER, alright?

And once the Master of the house is risen up, He has shut the door.  And you began to stand without, and knock at the door saying, Lord, Lord, open to us!  And He shall answer and say, I never knew you!  YOU DIDN’T ANSWER THE DOOR!

Back to Song of Solomon chapter 2, verse 8, It is the voice of my beloved that is standing behind a wall.  He looks at the windows, showing himself through the lattice.  So Jesus Christ here is in the walls!  You might not be able to tell (13:49 min mark), but right here is a wall!  If I make a step…I am falling off the wall!  And now here comes the rain!  But HE IS STANDING IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, guys!  That’s what it says here!  He is standing within the Walls!  And it is my Beloved standing within the lattice of the Garden.  Saying, Come, Come, Rise Up My beloved!  Come, OVERCOME!!  Okay?

So He stands looking through the window, showing Himself through the lattice!  So what is going on?  It is the Beloved, the Son of David, standing inside a fenced Garden, which we know to be the Garden of Eden. Oh my notes are going crazy (14:32 min mark)!  It’s raining!  Glory to God!  That’s why you got to do these video’s outside, you never know what’s going to happen!

So we have Him in the Garden, CALLING!  Okay saying,  Arise!  Song of Solomon 4:12, A garden enclosed, okay, an orchard!  This word Orchard in Hebrew is Paradise!  It is the Garden of Eden! It is this Orchard, okay, full of pleasant fruits!  It’s His call back to the Garden, guys!  Is it not the voice in the Garden?  Genesis 3:8, back to the beginning, And they heard the voice of the Lord walking in the Garden.  In the breeze or Spirit of the day.  So what that means is, they HEARD THE VOICE OF THE LORD WALKING!

Okay, if you understand this, you’ll begin to hear the Voice of the Lord, in things like the Thunder…in things like the Water…in things like the Wind, blowing through the trees!  And it is the Voice of the Lord walking through the Garden, calling you back to Him….ADAM, WHERE ARE YOU?  EVE, WHERE ARE YOU? Okay, and you can see it says in the breeze or Spirit of the day.  What that means is that there is a PRECISE MOMENT OF THE DAY, THAT YOU ARE TO GO AND MEET WITH THE LORD IN THE GARDEN!  HE’S THERE!  YOU CAN SEE, JESUS CHRIST IS THERE IN THE GARDEN!  He is there, in the fence wall, looking through the windows, looking through the lattice.  HE’S THERE!!


But Adam and Eve hid themselves from the presence of the Lord, amongst the trees of the Garden.  Okay, of course it is all about the Tree’s in the Garden!  Right? You got, you know, the Tree of Life, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, alright?  But it’s that Tree of Life!  You know, when I go out into the wilderness, I eat, you know, wild things, and it’s like the Tree of Life!  You know, IT’S NOT LIKE PROCESS MAN FOOD! It’s like, wow, live things, you know?  So I love to do…oh, there is the Thunder again!  Yeah!  Glory to God!

Alright….so…are we not doing the same thing?  Is He not calling us, Adam, come back?  Oh, I got a whole thing on the Trees……but I am not going to get into that now!  But it is the voice of  the turtle dove heard in the land.  Okay, that is His Voice guys!  His Voice is the Voice of Creation…the Turtle Dove….the Many Waters….. the Thunder!  I had no idea it was going to rain, it never rains here!

Okay, but he says, Song of Solomon 2:13, Arise, my love, my fair one! Come away!  Let me see you continence, let me hear your voice. For sweet is your voice, and your appearing is beautiful.  Okay, Song of Solomon is this call, COME MY BELOVED!  Come back to the Garden! Alright?  And then what happens is you have all these…..remember the days of Noah?  You have all of these Sriptures and parables and things that relate to the DOOR, okay?

And then the door is SHUT!  Okay, SO THE DOOR IS SHUT TO THE FOOLISH VIRGINS!  The door is shut in Noah’s ark, right?  Luke 13:24, Strive to enter the straight gate, for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in and shall not be able.  When once the Master of the house is risen up.  Remember when we saw the  Master of the house is risen up, okay?  And I shut the door, Behold …oh, got rain on it again…whenever it rains on the tablet, it moves somewhere else.

When the Master of the house has risen up and shut the door, and you begin to stand without and knock on the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us, and He shall say, I never knew who you are.  Okay?  And REMEMBER, HE HAS THIS DOOR, GUYS!  HE KNOWS,  HE KNOWS AND JUDGES ALL HEARTS!  OKAY, YOU CAN’T FAKE THIS WITH HIM!  HE SHUTS THE DOOR!

Revelation 13:7 He has the key of David and opens and no man shuts!  And shuts and no man opens!  He has said, Behold, I set before you an open door, no man can shut it!  To him that OVERCOMES, I will grant to sit with me, on My Throne, even as I OVERCAME, and sat down in My Father’s Throne!  GREAT HONORS ARE COMING!!

But Revelation 4:1, After this door is desribed, After this I looked and Behold, a door was open in Heaven, and the first voice that I heard, which was the sound of a trumpet, talking with me and said, Come up here!  And that’s what we are saying, the sound of an eagle, COME UP HERE!  Come up hither!  You guys are just waiting on the earth for something to happen!  ALREADY…..THE DOOR IS OPEN IN HEAVEN!  The Garden of Eden is open in Heaven!  The Temple is Open in Heaven!  Okay, that’s what we are explaining to you!

So, that’s it guys, thanks for watching!  Before I wrap up this video, I just want to show you some of the wildlife I saw out here in the Mountains, but God Bless You!

(20:29 min mark) Just to confirm this message, you can see I have seen some deer, these are some small ones….very, very small.  I don’t know what they call them, but it’s the Voice of my Beloved, Behold He comes….leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills!  My  Beloved is like a row, a young harp.  And here you can see these are more, these are larger…..kind of like, rams!  But as a deer pants after the water brooks, even so my heart pants after Thee, O God!

My soul thirsts for God, for the Living God!  When shall I come and appear before God? ~ Leeland Jones

Watch New Garden of Eden Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gaSr8EHrjwmYelxEtBjY0kV

Blog: https://overcominglymedisease.com/his-voice-knocks-come-to-garden-of-eden/

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The Temple is Opened, Worship In It!

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The Temple is Opened, Worship In It!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO4nMO4si2Y&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gaSr8EHrjwmYelxEtBjY0kV&index=5

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

This message is for the OVERCOMERS!  One of the things that I don’t think  people have really seen or understand clearly in the Apocalypse, the revealing of Iesous Christos, Jesus Christ, is the itimacy of God and man, and the invitation of God, and the Wedding Supper, Come to the Feast!  And, the invitation that you are going to see in this message, to the Heavenly Realms, to Heaven, to Paradise.

And within all of these messages guys, on the measuring the Temple, and all the things regarding the Temple, THE TEMPLE IS LIKE THE RESTORATION OF THINGS BACK TO THE GARDEN OF EDEN!  And throughout the Book of Revelation there are various things we described to you, like Court Settings, okay? So the Temple is OPEN in HEAVEN, AND PEOPLE ARE SEEN IN HEAVEN!  Doors are open, okay?  Things happen!

And, I was studying Revelation 11, with the previous video that you can see, and I saw something extraodinary and I realized, okay this is just happening to many times in the Book of Revelation, I have to put together a video and share this….. again, with the Overcomers!  Many of you will not be able to HEAR the things I am saying.  So Revelation 11:1 There was given to me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel said Rise, measure the Temple of God. Okay, measure the altar. Now in order to measure the Temple, you need to know the location of the altar, the altar is the CENTER POINT, okay?  And worship therein.

So I was studying this in the Greek, as you can see in many of the video’s, we go back to the orginal language, and IT DOES NOT SAY, THOSE THAT WORSHIP THEREIN!  That part is NOT there!  It says in Greek, you know, ‘worship’ and ‘in’. So what it says is, Measure the Temple, measure the altar, and WORSHIP THEREIN! Okay?  So in measuring the Temple, once you measure the Temple you enter it, okay?  And of course that is what we see throughout the Book of Ezekiel, chapters 40 through 48.

Now another example of this is Revelation 21:17, And he measured the wall of New Jerusalem, a hundred and forty four cubits, according to the metron (measure) of a man.  Okay?  And the measure….the number of man is 6, and we know there are 6 Cubits in a Reed, okay?  So even the place where I am in Cyrprus, in the mountains, there’s a stream outside, and I was walking by the stream  and I saw a Reed!  (3:31 min mark) Let me show you that.

Revelation 11, There was given unto me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel said to me, Rise, measure the Temple, measure the altar, and worship therein.  That’s the invitation to enter the Temple, to go inside, to worship, to be intimate with God!

And so earlier in the day, I was reading these verses in Revelation 11:1, It was given to me a reed like unto a rod….and it said….measure the Temple, the altar, and WORSHIP THEREIN!  GO!  Okay? That is, that was amazing to me.  So now let’s look at all the invitations to GO, to enter, and as we do, I want you to keep something in mind! Most of you come from various segments of Christianity where you have been heavily endoctrinated with the ideal, that you are a Christian, you die and go to heaven?  Or, you know, that type of thing!  And that is Fine, that’s True!  HOWEVER… when we enter the Apocalypse, when we enter His return, MANY PEOPLE WON’T DIE, okay?

Many people will enter the Judgement Day, okay, ALIVE.  So now what that means, is they are ALIVE!  So the things that would normally happen to you, throughout the course of your life, when you die, okay, and your spirit, you know, leaves your body, alright? And instead of dying and your spirit leaving your body, once you enter these last days, instead of that…the PEOPLE ARE ALIVE, okay?   And JUDGEMENT COMES!  THAT IS WHY YOU HAVE A MARK OF THE BEAST, BECAUSE THOSE THAT ARE DESTINED TO THE LAKE OF FIRE, THEY ARE ALIVE, okay?  But if they had died previous to this, then the that would had been the destination of their souls, okay?  And those that are written in the Lambs Book of Life, they are ALIVE, okay?

They are Alive…. unto the coming of the Lord!  So, it’s a JUDGEMENT DAY THAT YOU ENTER ALIVE!  So the promises are not for when you die in the Apocalypse, BECAUSE YOU ARE ALIVE!  And THIS IS THE GENERATION THAT HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO NOT DIE, okay?  OR…..TO GIVE OUR LIVES AS A LIVING SACRAFICE UNTO HIM!

So as we look at the Promises to the Seven Churches, Revelation 2:7, To him that overcomes I will grant to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God. So most of you hear that and you think, Oh, okay well, if I do a good job in my life on earth, I die I go to Heaven, and  Heaven is Paradise, right?  NO!  THIS MEANS, IF YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER,   AND YOU ARE   STILL ALIVE   YOU GO TO PARADISE NOW!  Okay?   AND YOU ENTER HEAVEN NOW!   NOT WHEN YOU DIE!  That’s the whole thing we are going to show you throughout all of this!

Revelation 3:12, To him that overcomes I will make a pillar in the Temple of my God, and he won’t go out anymore.  SO THERE’S PEOPLE NOW, THAT ARE PILLARS IN THE TEMPLE THAT ARE ALIVE, ON THE EARTH, THEY ARE NOT JUST DEAD!  Okay?  Revelation 3:12 Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and sup with him, and he with Me.  So, what does this mean?  You can see on this table, we have these two cups, we are going to talk about this later (7:11 min mark).

This supping, this meeting with the Lord every day!  Where?  In PARADISE!  These are the promises to the Overcomers!  To those of you who overcome, and who will listen, you will see that these are promises that you enter now!  So right after that verse we saw a door, right, Behold I stand at the door and knock!  And then what happens?  With these things I looked and behold a door was opened in Heaven, and the first voice which I heard, as a trumpet, talking to me said, Come up hither, I will show you things that must happen here after.  And immediately, I was in the Spirit!  Okay?

And so we can see various things that are happening in the Spirit!  The apostle Paul was carried away to this very Paradise, that we saw, in the Spirit!! He said, he didn’t know if he was in the body or out of the body, but he was what?  Harpazo, and he didn’t even detail the things that he saw, he said they were to far beyond description in the third heaven, right?  And we can see this throughout the Book of Revelation, the apostle John is in the Spirit, seeing all of these things!

In the last days, in order for you to understand the Book of Revelation, YOU MUST BE IN THE SPIRIT, okay?  And the Spirit, Revelation 1:10, I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, behold I heard a great voice, of a trumpet.  And that is the Lord!  HIS VOICE IS LIKE A TRUMPET HERALDING…CALLING US FOR ASSEMBLY!  So, let’s go through the Book of Revelation and look at various things that are talking about in this OPEN HEAVEN!  This open Temple!

Revelation 6, in Heaven the Heavens were severed, they were removed as a Scroll, in the 6th Seal.  And they were rolled about together.  So it was like a srcoll that is opened up.  So that means that in the 6th Seal, the Heavens are opened up!  So all these things, things about the Throne, the people are around the Throne!  Revelation 7, Therefore they are before the Throne of God and serve Him day and night, in the Temple, and He sits on the Throne that dwells therein.  Okay?

This is the whole Temple being opened, guys!  So as we measure the Temple, as we have this rod, this measure, we have this coming down …the Temple, coming down, and the Temple of God was open in Heaven, and there was seen in the Temple the Ark of the Covenant, that’s Revelation 19.  Revelation 12:5, She brought forth a manchild who was to rule the nations with a rod.  Okay, John had that same rod, like the rod of a reed, Revelation 11, and her child was caught up, harpazo, unto God and to His Throne.  THAT’S HAPPENED!  Okay?

And there is a war in Heaven, okay?  There is a war going on right now, Michael and his angels, the devil and his angels!  And THEY OVERCOME HIM, THE DEVIL, THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN, BY WHAT?  BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB….. AND THE WORD OF HIS TESTIMONY.  AND THEY LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES UNTO DEATH.  THEREFORE REJOICE OH YOU HEAVENS AND YOU THAT DWELL THEREIN!  Okay, so the people that were harpazo to the Throne are in Heaven, okay? Already!  And that’s ALREADY HAPPENED!  And you say, Leeland, that has not happened to me!  Accept the INVITATION, that is all I can say!

Revelation 14, I looked and behold, a Lamb stood on Mount Zion and with Him one hundred and forty four thousand, having the Father’s name on their foreheads!  Okay, so they got the Father’s name on their foreheads, and then what do you have?  I heard a voice!  Who’s voice?  The Father’s voice from Heaven, His booming (?) voice, a voice of many waters, a voice of great thunder.  And I heard the voice of harpers, harping with their harps, and they sang as if it were a  new song before the Throne, before the living creatures and the elders.  And no one could learn that song but the hundred and forty four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth!

Okay, Revelation 15, and…when we worship on the sea of glass, the heavens are opened!  Okay, Revelation 15:2, I saw there a sea of glass mingled with fire: and those that had gotten victory over the beast, stand on the sea of glass having harps of God and they sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb.  Then, verse 5, I looked, and, behold, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testiment was opened in heaven.

YOU SEE THERE ARE ORDERS TO THESE THINGS WHEN YOU WORSHIP!  You can see when I was doing video’s in a cave, on a sea, you know, with a  guitar, worshipping.  Alright, and then the heavens are opened! Now, other promises here, and listen to this very closely!  Hebrews 11, verse 13, and the…our forefathers confessed that they were strangers and pilgrams in the earth, for they say they plainly seek a country, for truly had they remembered, okay, had they remembered!  HAD THEY REMEMBERD WHAT? REMEMBERED WHERE THEY CAME FROM!  WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? THEY CAME FROM HEAVEN!

Had they remembered the country from where they came out, they might had have opportunity to have returned.  So where do they come from?  HEAVEN!  Had they remembered where they came from they would have opportunity to what?  Return!  To where?  HEAVEN!  Not when you are just dead, okay?  THESE ARE PROMISES WHILE WE’RE ALIVE!

1 Timother 3:15, That you may know how you must return to the house of God. Now this, this bears some research, because this word in Greek, in many of your translations it will say, How you ought to like, behave yourself in the Church, right?  THAT’S NOT WHAT IT SAYS!  That word in Greek means TO RETURN!  So listen to this:  THAT YOU MIGHT KNOW HOW YOU MUST RETURN TO THE HOUSE OF GOD, WHICH IS THE CHURCH, OR THE EKKLESIA, OF THE LIVING GOD.  So the Temple is the Church of God, right?  YOU MUST RETURN!

The pillar, the ground of Truth.  Without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness; God was made manifested in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the gentiles, believed on in the world, and received up into glory.  Okay?  So, with these things guys, how do we enter PARADISE?  How do we enter Heaven?  You can see I have a table here (14:07 min mark), I have 2 cups, and, I am not going to go into all of the details of this but, THIS IS A  SIMPLE WAY of you having coffee with YAHWEH!  Going back to the garden of Eden!


And for many people, I have been teaching this for like, I don’t know, 6 years?  Um, they will see Him, okay?  So what happens is that you develop your ear, His sheep hear His voice!  You develop your Spiritual eyes, you begin to see in the Spirit, you begin to see HIM!  Okay, now I have a couple of other video’s on that called, The Father’s Desire, and you know, Intimacy with the Lord, in which I will will put links in the description field.


Father’s Desire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toDW3ZGAq8c&t=0s

Daily Time with God in the Garden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CQvze2TYHM&t=0s

Born from Zion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHGdTiFsql0&t=0s

Blog: https://overcominglymedisease.com/the-temple-is-opened-worship-in-it/

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.





Jennifer HeathThe Temple is Opened, Worship In It!
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WHY THE “SON OF PERDITION” IS A PRESIDENT OF THE USA, A STUDY OF DANIEL 8 AND REVELATION 17, Leeland Jones Blog Post: https://dontspeaknews.com/2021/08/07/why-the-son-of-perdition-is-a-president-of-the-usa-a-study-of-daniel-8-and-revelation-17/


Today I’m sharing another Bible study from our brother Leeland Jones on the end times and the tribulation. This time the focus is on Daniel 8 and Revelation 17 as we study why the “son of perdition” has to be a President of the USAIt begins below.

Hey Johnny

I wanted to share with you the continuation on Dan 8, this time on why the Antichrist is also POTUS

Another part will follow on the fulfillment of wars described in prophecy.

¤ Next, let’s see why the Antichrist “little horn” is a US President:
Big picture is seen in Daniel 8 when, “The Ram which thou saw are the kings of Media and Persia. (Empire/Middle East)”
“And the śât‘îyr Goat is the king of Grecia” which “came from the WEST on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground.”

A common argument from the less informed is that the prophecies of Daniel 8 were fulfilled so there is no reason to concern ourselves with a future fulfillment. Daniel 8 clealy states that prophecy of major events most consider to happen during the 7 year tribulation like the “Daily Sacrifice”, “Host Trodden” or Armageddon and the “Abomination of Desolation” spoken by Christ: “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place,” Obviously Christ is speaking of His Second Coming and Daniel says its “the end of days.”

-Dan 8:17 Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision. 19 Behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be.

Daniel sees a Ram and a “sat’yr” he-Goat and the angel Gabriel interprets them, “The Ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia. And the rough (devil) Goat is the king of Grecia.”

¤ Great king – Alexander the Great archetype

-Dan 8:21 continued “and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king.” So this king as part of the Goat comes from the west to the east without touching the ground indicating an air invasion.
Dan 8:5 behold, an he goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes

Again, the notable horn here is the First king, very important as he’s the first of the seven kings in Rev 17:10 and he’s the mighty king.
-Dan 11:3:And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will. 4 And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven

¤ Four Notable Ones – 4 Heads
Then we see what’s described as the 4 Notable Ones toward the 4 Winds which are also the 4 Heads as seen in….
-Dan 8:8 the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven
-22 Now that being broken, whereas four stood up for it, four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation,
These are the 4 Heads of the Leopard:
-Dan 7:6 Leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.
Again very important because in Rev 17:9 the seven heads are the seven kings v10 “and there are seven kings: five are fallen.” Therefore the first king plus the 4 add up to the “five are fallen.”

¤ little (miṣ‘îyrâh) horn
Out of one of the 4 Notable Ones “came forth a little horn,” Dan 8:9 This means that there’s a 6th in line = 1 + 4 + little horn. The sixth in the sequence of Rev 17 is called “one is” which comes before the seventh, again showing perfect agreement between Dan 8 and Rev 17.
We’d draw your attention to the Hebrew word in Dan 8:9 for “little” is miṣ‘îyrâh pronounced mits-tseh-ee-raw’ Feminine word meaning little, insignificant, a small thing. This is important because the same author in Daniel in chapter 7 uses a different word for little horn, ze‛êyr זעיר little, meaning to dwindle, be brought low, little one, be small.
Combine this with Rev 17 and we realize there are two fulfilling the role of “little horn,” the 6th AND the 8th son of perdition.

¤ Once we apply the succession of US Presidents starting with the “first great king” in Ronald Reagan, perfect alignment follows. In order for the prophecy to come to pass, there must also be wars which are seen in the US (Goat) from the Westbconflicts and invasions in the Middle Eastern areas of the former Medo-Persian Empire.

From the terms of Reagan in Afghanistan to Trump and all in between there’s been needless wars in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Sudan, Somalia and Iran as “kings” of Persia. Certainty, the Goat from the West includes many countries but the only one benefiting is Israel. The type of goat is “shaggy” in the KJV which is a sat’yr in Hebrew, its a devil, hairy kid or goat known as a faun type devil or demon δαιμόνιον daimonion on Greek or even the Devil himself διάβολος diabolos.

Therefore, Israel and USA would have these wars in an Armageddon, west vs east fulfilling Daniel chapter 8 concluding with the final War of Israel and Iran the center of the former Persian Empire.
Since 9-11-01 look at this list:
▪War in Afghanistan (2001–present)
▪Invasion of Iraq (2003)
▪2008 Lebanon conflict
▪American-led intervention in Iraq (2014–present)
▪War in North-West Pakistan (2004–present)
▪U.S. Intervention in the Somali Civil War (2007–present)
▪American-led intervention in Syria (2014–present)
▪ Yemeni Civil War (2015–present)
▪American intervention in Libya (2015–present)
▪ 2019 Persian

Prophecy of Scripture fulfilled perfectly now, not in the future.

¤ Another prophecy of years would tell us when this would start.
Cyrus gave a Decree to rebuild Jerusalem in year 539 BC.
Daniel sees the writing on the Wall whicg adds up to 2,520.
MENE 50, MENE 50, TEKEL 1, PERES 25 = 126
126 shekels x 20 gerahs is 2,520 equal to 7 years of 360 days.
From 539 add 2520 years is 1980 right when Reagan starts.
Thats assuming 360 days a year, but let’s say 365.25 × 7 = 2,556.75
So we havve to add 37 more years to 1980 which is 2017 and Trump!

Let’s review.
◆ Rev 17:10 “And there are seven kings: five are fallen”
¤ Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama
‘and one is”, ¤ Obama also the 6th
“and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.”
¤ This is the 7th Trump
“And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.”
¤ Beast that was and is not is the head wound in Rev 13 and goes into perdition revealed as the son of perdition which was Trump revealed Aug 2019.

Until next time, Happy Sabbath Day! ~ Leeland Jones

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.

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Vaccinated Bluetooth enabled Microchip – Mark of the Beast

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Vaccinated Bluetooth enabled Microchip – Mark of the Beast: https://rumble.com/vm5r4d-vaccinated-bluetooth-enabled-microchip-mark-of-the-beast.html?mref=6zof&mc=dgip3&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=leelandj&ep=1

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:


So, since 2020, in March 2020 we’ve been telling the people, IT’S the Mark of the Beast, the VACCINATION IS AN IMPLANTABLE MICROCHIP!  We showed you them removing the Microchip from the vaccination site, since March 2020, we have been making it clear, this is a Microchip, it’s in the vaccine, this is ID2020, this is the Mark of the Beast: Vaccinations, Digital ID, ID2020, Mark of the Beast, okay?

Now, in Greek the word for Sorcery, in Revelation, is Pharmakeia, where we get Pharmacy.  So the Book of Revelation talks about Pharmakeia, and it’s the Mark of the Beast!  So previous we showed you, the QR Codes!  So people were able to get readings by a QR Code reader on people’s arms, at their vaccination site, and they were able to get the QR Code to come up on the screen for the device to read it.

Okay, now in this video, we are going to talk about Bluetooth, okay?  So WE ARE BEING CONDITIONED FOR QR CODES, WITH ALL THE VACCINE PASSPORTS AND THE QR CODES, all the time, all the time, it’s a SOCIAL CONDITIONING THAT IS GOING ON WITH THE VACCINE ID PASSPORTS, IT’S BLOCK CHAIN ENABLED IN QR CODES, okay?  But we want to offer a possible explanation of what is coming up on the Bluetooth enable devices that is an IP address, okay?

So, you can see we are being conditioned for the QR Code, and the QR Code System, with the Passports, and everything else, it’s going to be fully implemented, but the Internet Protocol for Version 4,  IPV4, their was’nt enough capacity!  So there is a new capacity in IPV6, okay?  TO CONDITION EVERY SINGLE HUMAN, and every human of Barcode and Microchipping them, okay?  So NOW it’s POSSIBLE, alright? This could be it,  I am not an expert on this, but you can look into it yourself, this is IPV4 (or IPV6?) and that is that is possibly coming up on the barcodes, not on the barcode, but on THE READERS OF PEOPLE’S BLUETOOTH WHEN THEY PICK UP THE ‘VACCINATED’ AROUND THEM, okay?

So that’s what you are going to see in this video, we are right here guys, I apologies that it’s in all these different languages, guys, it’s not in English, this is just what I could download from Bitchute to show you what’ s going on.

(2:50 min mark,  a video showing: AstraZeneca Bluetooth Side Effect):

Vaxxed: I was not feeling so good on Thursday, I had to take a day off.

None Vaxxed: Does it hurt? Like is it really like what they say it is, like on TikTok?

Vaxxed: Yea, it’s not…… It didn’t  hurt, but I got a fever and chills and stuff, I wasn’t feeling to good.

None Vaxxed: No way!  ( he touches the arm of the vaxxed) Is it sore?


None Vaxxed: What do you mean?

Vaxxed: I got bluetooth connecting to me!  I get in my car, and my car is trying to connect to me.  I go home, and my computer trys to connect to me, like my phone is trying to connect with me….like Everything!

None Vaxxed: How do you know they are trying to connect with you?

Vaxxed: Because I keep getting this bloody notification, check this out (3:29 min mark). Every where I go, I keep getting this notification all the time.  It’s nuts!

None Vaxxed: AstraZeneca ….?

Vaxxed: I can say…. castle?

None Vaxxe: What happens when you try to connect to it?

Vaxxed: I don’t know man, I didn’t try it!  I am scared!

(Part 2 video, 3:50 min mark) None Vaxxed:  Hey, everyone is asking how you are doing?

Vaxxed: I am good, how are you?

None Vaxxed: I am good!  It’s not me that they are asking about, It’s you!  Are you feeling okay, what about the connectivity, how is that…?

Vaxxed: The connectivity is still there man, I don’t know how to turn it off.

None Vaxxed:Yea?

Vaxxed: Yea!  Check this out!  See that TV over there?

None Vaxxed: Yea!

Vaxxed: Okay, If  I walk up to it, it is going to try to connect with me.  Watch this!

None Vaxxed:  That’s a ….let me see…

Vaxxed: There it is (Connecting to AstraZeneca…..)!

None Vaxxed: What?

Vaxxed:  Yup, Everywhere I get the same message!  I walk away..

None Vaxxed: Do you ….TV?

Vaxxed: No, I walk away!  I walk away!

None Vaxxed: Oh my G..!  And you don’t feel any vibrations in your body? Nothing?

Vaxxed: Nothing!  All good!

(4:29-5:23 min mark, Next video of another man who put a phone up to the arm of a vaccinated person, and it shows the new 10 Digit ID….the IP address of the vaccinated person.)

Next is an explanation of how the graphed oxide generates connectivity

(Next video 5:24 min mark) Monica Caicedo: The chip is that real or a lie?

Chinda Brandolino: It’s a nanoprocessor.  I say again that it is in plain view for those who want to see the micrographs of the electron microscope study made by Kaicker.  It is clearly seen, in the magnification, a small, perfect, quadrangular, precise-edged, metallic corpuscle, which is the same as any nanoprocessor in nanotechnology-reponsive devices.  That nanoprocessor is driven from a 4G Plus or 5G antenna. That is, all G technology is the same.

The difference lies in that the packet of information that an antenna can transmit is much larger in the 4G Plus and 5G, 6G, and 7G. That is, all that compact information is handled by a nanoprocessor–in a device –which will be just inside our cells.  By having Morgellons in the polyethylene glycol, they’re self reproducing.  That is to say, it’s self-replicating.  But BECAUSE IT’S IN GRAPHENE…..GRAPHENE IS A CATALYST AND, as I explained to you,  MAKE THE CELL RESONATE WITH 5G ANTENNA AND THE MICROWAVES OF HUMAN THOUGHT.  CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?

THERE’S A NANOPROCESSOR DRIVEN BY A 5G ANTENNA THAT GOES DIRECTLY TO THE WORKING OF OUR BRAIN.  On the other hand, I have seen that microchips are being inoculated in the northern hemisphere, in one of the hands or many business leaders.  That would be ANNEXED INFORMATION, it would seem to be that this chip would be used.  I have seen a lot of signed documents about how managers, high ranking employees of companies use it as an identification card to open the door of the bank, etc. In it, they would have their medical history as well.  That’s to say, all the summary data will be in that microchip, which is already a fact.

If you remember they already wanted to impose it in our countries a few years ago.  It was officially manufactured by Motorola in 2000, and already in the northern hemisphere, it’s used by all companies. But they’re two different things: the microchip for the information and the nanoprocessor driven by the 5G antennas.

Diana Patricia Schroeder: Doctor, another question.  A colleague did a test with wifi.  He was in a shopping mall, and codes came up when he put the phone directly on the vaccinated person.  Codes appeared.

Chinda Brandolino: That’s correct. It’s just like that.  I did the experiment with some inoculated family members of my patients.  If you activate the Bluetooth option, which searches for devices, PUT IT ON THE ARM OF THE VACCINATED PERSON, YOU’LL GET A CODE OF ABOUT 10 DIGITS.  It’s always the same for that person.  And if you put it on the other arm, that code appears again.  I think that is the number of the nanoprocessor that was inoculated with the vaccine.


Chinda Brandolino: Of the nanoprocessor, of the person, YES.

(Next video, 8:59 min mark)  I saw all these video’s online, so I wanted to see how it works.  So I went to the park, to the fair, and also to a school near by.  I turned on the Bluetooth on my phone, I scanned for all the Bluetooth devices, all the vaccinated, in other words, ALL THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK THE MARK!  Their IPV6, INTERNET TRACKING ADDRESS came up!  During my findings I had to be extremly close to them for my phone to pick up their signal, EXCEPT WHEN I WAS AT THE SCHOOL, THERE WAS A 5G TOWER!  Which seems to be the REASON WHY I was able to pick up their signal, not having to be as close to them.  So YES, IT IS CONFIRMED….WE HAVE IRON MIXED WITH CLAY AMONG US, JUST LIKE AS IT IS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK DANIEL 2:39-43!

Next video, 10:16-13:34 min mark: Video in French?  Man walking in public place with his cell phone and bluetooth on to see if he can pick up the vaccinated.  His phone picks up all the 10 Digit ID Code’s of the vaccinated in the area that he is in.

Next video, 13:35-15:39 min mark: A lady in the park with her cell phone bluetooth turned on.  She picks up the 10 Digit ID of the  woman near her that was vaccinated.  She calls them POKEMANS!  POKEMANS around. Vaccinated are detectable!  She finds more as she walks around.

Leeland:  So there is something everybody can do when you are out in public, turn on your bluetooth and see if you see these numbers, and letters, these IP address come up!  THIS IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST!  THE MARK OF THE BEAST HAS THE NAME OF THE BEAST, WHICH IS IN THE VACCINE: LUCIFERASE!  And, there’s other things coming down the line potentially!  Okay?  The Luciferase in the  quantumn dot tattoo!

Many people say that it is not on their right hand!  Well, the people are being CONDITIONED with all of these booster shots and everything else, so once the next thing comes along, and they say: Oh, we can’t PROVE the vaccination because they are forging it, so now you got to take this stamp!  Well, now you got your stamp!   It’s going to have all of your vaccination records, bank information, it has the number of the Beast: 666, the Cryptocurrency System!  So guys, TRY THIS BLUETOOTH ENABLED VACCINE THING, it’s fasinating, see if you can get this to work! You know, let me know how it goes!  We’ll have more information and video’s on the fact that: YES,  THIS IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST, AND IT IS A MICROCHIPPING OF THE PEOPLE!

Thanks for watching, God bless you! ~ Leeland Jones

Leeland Jone’s blog: https://dontspeaknews.com/2021/09/06/the-vax-is-the-mark-of-the-beast-part-5-bluetooth-capabilities/

Coronavirus Vaccine is Mark of the Beast: https://rumble.com/veh0pl-coronavirus-vaccine-is-mark-of-the-beast.html

Blog: https://overcominglymedisease.com/vaccinated-bluetooth-enabled-microchip-mark-of-the-beast/

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.

Beast Time Line? https://overcominglymedisease.com/?s=the+beast+time+line

Jennifer HeathVaccinated Bluetooth enabled Microchip – Mark of the Beast
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Mystery Babylon (Tyre) Sings After 70 Years

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Mystery Babylon (Tyre) Sings After 70 Years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOkkzjnAqAQ

Leeland Jone’s video notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOkkzjnAqAQ

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from video:

70 Years!  What is the IMPORTANCE AND SIGNIFICANCE OF 70 YEARS? We are talking about Mystery Babylon!  I find it necesary to start a new playlist, guys, I’ll put a link in the description field on Mystery Babylon, okay?  There’s a lot of, of course,  ideas….BUT IT’S A MYSTERY, okay?  SO IT’S NOT EASILY UNDERSTOOD! Okay, so we are going to make a Time Prophecy associated with Mystery Babylon, that something that can be easily understood in this video, but very significant!

Hopefully you watched the previous video on the MERCHANTS…THE DRUNK NATIONS of Revelation 18! We already established that the Merchandise of Mystery Babylon, listed in Revelation 18, is for THE THIRD TEMPLE!  Okay?  And there’s a Prophecy that Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots, that she would SING AS A HARLOT.  She would have been forgotten, but after 70 Years, she will Sing as a Harlot!   So now we are going to look at these 70 Years.

Again, I hope that you watch the previous message on the Merchants, The Drunk Nations, as we can clearly see, the connection in the Scriptures, between Revelation 18, Jeremiah 25, and Ezekiel!  Now Ezekiel has a few chapters that all relate to this Tyre, okay, and that’s why we had the guy in the other video, in the cartoon, he is fixing the tire.  Well TYRE is like BABYLON!  Okay, you guys the BIGGEST MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE, AND MANY OF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THE SAME THING, I AM SURE, IS TO FOCUS ON A PHYSICAL LOCATION, FOCUS ON A SINGLE PLACE, okay?

MYSTERY BABYLON SITS ON MANY WATERS!  Okay, many waters, nations, people’s, and tongues!  So it’s the WHOLE EARTH!  Okay?  It’s not just one place!  Like, of course we have video:  Jerusalem, or the Vatican, or Whatever!  IT’S NOT JUST ONE PLACE, guys!  The Harlot sits on many waters, people’s, tongues, and nations!  BUT, there is a Prophecy that after sometime, 70 Years, she will sing as a Harlot!  So let’s look at the 70 Years!

Okay, as we mentioned in the previous video, which I encourage you to watch, Revelation 18: The Third Temple, The Economic Summit Merchants, the Drunk Nations after 70 Years. Hopefully you have watched that, and in it we can see that clearly, the Prophecy is taken place in Revelation 18, of these Merchants!  Now you can see we said 70 Years, and we want to in this presentation, take a look more at those 70 Years, how do we really know these 70 years, and can we find in the Scriputes that tells you, well 70 Years from when?  70 Years from what?  So let’s take a look!

(3:23 min mark) In orange here, we have Revelation, and this is chapter 17, verse 3, The Great Whore was arrayed in purple, in scarlet, in gold, in precious stones, and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand, full of the Abominations of her filthiness of her fornication.  So in Revelation 17, verse 3 and 4,  we have the Great Whore arrayed in purple and in scarlet, right?  Well we know  those are the components of the Temple!  Okay, so she is arrayed like the Temple, the Temple has these colors, the Temple has gold and stones. Okay, so she is arrayed.  She has received the Merchandise!  Okay, she received the Merchandise from the Merchants, okay?

Then in verse 5, Mystery Babylon, the Great Mother of Harlots. In Revelation 18:3, For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.  Okay, nations and what, kings…the kings of the earth of commited fornication with her. Nations, kings and merchants, the merchants of the earth have become rich through her. So, you can see here we have highlighted, 70 Years (4:45 min mark).

So let’s take a look at when does this 70 Years come into being, where can we find this information?  Isaiah 23, verse 2, The merchants of Zion, by the great waters….now I have quoted here (Revelation 17:15)…..The harlot sits on many waters, okay?  So that’s the great waters and the merchants.  Then, she is the merchandise of the nations. Isaiah 23, verse 15, And Tyre shall be forgotten seventy years: then Tyre will sing as a harlot….And take up a harp (23:16).

Now sing like as a harlot and take up a harp……brings us back to….the voice of harpers and musicians, will be heard no more, the sound of the millstone, the light of the candle, the voice of the bridegroom and the bride, that’s Revelaiton 18:21, which exactly is almost quote, word for word, Jeremiah 25, verse 10, Take away the voice of mirth, the gladness, the bridegroom, the bride, the millstone, the light of the candle, okay?  So clearly in Revelation, she starts playing the harp!  Because then the judgement comes when the voice is taken away, okay?

So the harlot will make a sweet melody and sing!  At the end of seventy years she will commit fornication with all the kingdoms of the earth.  Okay, so this is clearly 70 Years related to the Harlot!  And again, Jeremiah 25:12, When 70 Years are accomplished, verse 15, Take the wine cup and cause the nations to drink.  And we listed for you all the Drunk Nations (see notes and 6:32 min mark) which are here.

So clearly we have this prophecy of the same 70 Years!  70 Years, Isaiah 23!  70 Years, Jeremiah chapter 25.  And Jeremiah is also quoted in Ezra and 2 Chronicles.  Now Ezra and 2 Chronicles, deal with the Cryrus Decree!  We have another video on the Cryrus Decree and the 70 Years, and ACTUALLY THE PRECISE DATE OF THE CYRUS DECREE, IS WHEN DONALD TRUMP ANNOUNCED THE MOVING OF THE U.S. EMBASSY, okay?  And in fact, they gave him a COIN, and they had this plaque TO FULFILL 70 YEARS, okay?

(7:21 min mark)  The “70 Years of Israel”, Redemption Coin: The nations shall come to the light, and the kings.  Okay, so clearly, they are establishing this Coin, and they are talking about the NATIONS AND THE KINGS, okay, the 70 NATIONS!  And we showed you this here (7:37 min mark), THE SYMBOLISM….THE SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES, DONALD TRUMP THE LION, okay?  AND THE EAGLE, of Daniel chapter 7, okay?

And, let me show you that Coin, real quick (7:50 min mark).

Again to fulfill, 70 Years, okay?  So they issued this Coin for what?  THE BUILDING OF THE THIRD TEMPLE, okay?  The NATIONS!  Alright, so this is what the Prophecy is talking about.  It’s talking about the 70 Years, the nations!  Now of course Revelation says, they are Drunk with the Wine of HER Fornication, okay?  But 2 Chronicles chapter 36:21 To fulfill the word of Jeremiah, that the land enjoy her Sabbaths.  And it laid desolate, what?  70 Years, okay?

Then what happens is in Ezra chapter 1, verse 4 and 6, it’s continuing to talk about this Decree of the king, and: All they that were about them, stregthened them, their hands with vessels of silver, of gold, of goods, with beasts, and precious things, beside all that they offered willingly.  So what this means is, this is the Merchants, and all the merchandise that the nations bring, and come together to bring in the Third Temple, okay?

And again, if this is just the first video that you are watching, and you haven’t watched some of the other content on this, this is just an example of it real quick (9:18 min mark). So we have all the merchandise of the building of the Third Temple listed in Revelation 18, and the First Temple that was built, Solomon’s Temple, had all of these components in it, and then we see the same components in Ezekiel 27, okay?

Now we can CLEARLY SEE A PROPHECY OF 70 YEARS (Isaiah 23), 70 YEARS (Jeremiah 25), 70 YEARS (2 Chronicles 36), okay?  BUT, when does the 70 Years begin, or by which point do we start counting, that we will know the Precise Time, the Prophecy be fulfilled??  Well, remember how we saw Revelation 18, we saw Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, are the primary focuses of a Prophecy about the Merchants, okay?

Ezekiel 26:13 And I will cause the noise of your songs to cease!  The sound of the harps won’t be heard anymore.  So again, this is the Harlot singing, okay? And ships of Tarshish did sing in the market. So we can clearly see, in Ezekiel 26,  chapter 26 and chapter 27, and 28, it’s talking about the same singing of the Harlot, okay, that we are talking about in this video.

So that within it, Ezekiel 27, verse 25 says this, WHEN I HAVE GATHERED THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL FROM THE PEOPLE  WHOM AMONG THEY ARE SCATTERED, THEN THEY SHALL DWELL IN THEIR LAND. So, when do we COUNT the 70 Years? WHEN ISRAEL IS GATHERED AS A NATION, from among the people! When was that??   1948!    So from 1948, then we count the 70 Years, and we come to 2018, and we have the Sanhedrin organizing a World Creation Concert!  Okay?  And that took place last year!   So, that happened in 2018!

So this is the Prophecy there, they’re going about building the Thirde Temple!  Okay?  They are BRINGING THE NATIONS TOGETHER, we have an Economic Summit of the Merchants, but we have these 70 Years being fulfilled, that were Prophesized,  in Isaiah, in Jeremiah, in Ezra, and in Ezekiel!  And then you can see right here, Zechariah chapter 5, THIS IS WICKEDNESS!  Okay, this is the Harlot, this is Mystery Babylon!  To build her a house. To build her a what?  To build her a temple  in the land of Shinar,… which is Bayblon!  Okay?  And it shall be established, and set upon her own base.

So that’s what we have, we have Mystery Babylon, singing as a Harlot, after 70 Years!  Guys, this video is part of 2 Playlists, we have one on Mystery Babylon, which I really encourage you to watch, so that you understand this!  SHE IS AFFECTING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, EVERY SINGLE NATION, ALL OF THIS! Okay?  But it says, COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!  And that’s the abomination I am telling you, BECAUSE A LOT OF YOU JUST THINK THIS IS SOMETHING EXTERNAL AND IT DOESN’T AFFECT YOU!  BUT IT DOES AFFECT YOU!  IT AFFECTS EVERYTHING!  You can see Governments, Money, Religion, all of this is part of this!

So thanks for watching, and as we always say, Watch and pray that you be counted worthy to escape all  these things coming, Amen!  ~ Leeland Jones

Mystery Babylon: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gb7LQVa88HN62FoyBt09U83

Part 1 Merchants Drunk Nations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MawLV8qyL7E&t=0s

Cyrus Decree: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NexWmOAnww0&t=0s

Blog: https://overcominglymedisease.com/mystery-babylon-tyre-sings-after-70-years/

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.


Jennifer HeathMystery Babylon (Tyre) Sings After 70 Years
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Esther, Joel 2 & Nahum 2 – 6th Trumpet Army Part 3

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Esther, Joel 2 & Nahum 2 – 6th Trumpet Army Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQIj_0z1grE

Okay guys, this is part 3 in the series on the Army!  The Great Mystery of the Lord’s Army as the New Jerusalem Army battles Mystery Babylon in the last days!  You guys, this is Amazing stuff!  This is Part 3, so in the previous parts, we determined that this Army is the Great Multitude Army, okay?  And the Great Multitude Army would be those that are going to war against Mystery Babylon. When the Lord was angry that they slewed His servants, He sent forth His Army, it says that in Matthew 22!

The 5th Trumpet Army is the Locust!  Also the 5th Seal, is the souls that are crying out under the altar.  So these are the martyr’s!  And the martyr’s are being killed by this Locust army, even now.  This Locust army  is multifaceted guys, it got different tentacles to it, okay?  When you are looking at Mystery Babylon, it’s multiple things!  Yes, it’s Islam!  Yes, it’s America!  Yes, it’s the Roman Empire, you know, it’s Catholicism!  It’s all those things, it’s not just one thing! But it is a City, that same city, we are going to get into in another piece, but the same city, is the city that’s at war with God, okay?  So there’s this conflict, so the Lord is going to establish this Army, okay?

Now previous what we have done, you have to watch the other parts, but it’s the Great Multitude!  It’s Tribes Dan and Ephraim, okay?  Also, covered is the 200 Million Army, that’s how many this is!  That is the census we’ve determined by the Shekel of the Sanctuary, we already covered that.  And….MOST FACINATING…..THE FOUR ANGELS…OR FOUR MESSENGERS!  Let’s remember that it says of the 144, the 144 is the number of men, which are angels!  Sometimes an angel is just a messenger, okay?

So the 4 angels that were bound…it was the information that was bound in the Euphrates river is being loosed, and that would then RELEASE THESE 4 CAPTAINS OF THE HOSTS OF THE LORD’S ARMY! So we consider these to be people, not angels in Heaven, okay?  And guys, the order is always the order of Four, just to mention real briefly, when David had his army, his primary general was Joab, and then he had his 3 mighting men!  So there is 4, okay?  And the Lord Jesus Christ was also like…is David, and then He had His 3 closes disciples, so forming again… 4!

So the 4 is ALWAYS the pattern of the Army!  And the 4 then lead the 12, like 12 Legions, and that’s what we also see in these patterns and structures in New Jerusalem, and …this New Jerusalem Army…which is EVEN NOW FORMING (2017)!  But guys, how can you be a part of this Army, if you are in Babylon?  You are suppose to be at war with Babylon, okay?  So that’s why I am doing all this stuff to get you to come out of Babylon, to get you to REPENT OF THE FALSE HARLOT CHURCH.  And, we are going to get into these 2 Cities in another presentation, shortly guys.

But, now lets go and read, Revelation chapter 9, when it talks about this Army: And the 6th angel sounded!  So, let’s sound…(blowing of a trumpet)….Sounded and I heard a voice from the four (4) horns….which is the golden altar, okay?  These are the 4 Army Generals: Which is before God, saying to the sixth angel, which sounded the trumpet.  So the angel that sounded the trumpet, we went over that, that is one of the Arcangel’s!  Saying, loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.  And we learned, we covered that in the previous message on these four angels.

And the four angels were loosed which were prepared for a hour, a day, a month, and  a year, for to slay a third part of men.  Okay, and we are going to take a look here guys, first at a couple of other confirmations on this.  One is the Book of Esther.  Okay, so let’s talk about that! Let’s talk about Esther!

In the Book of Esther, the message is very simple, but remember this Army is around during the Trumpets, so the beast is…….. now the Mark of the Beast is in full affect!  And let’s remember guys, that Mordecai, HE REFUSED TO BOW TO HAMAN, okay?  So in Esther chapter 3, Mordecai, you know, refused to bow to Haman. And which Haman, is a type of the Antichrist, the Beast, right?  And so it says, ALL the kings servants that were in the King’s gate, bowed and reverenced, Haman.  But Mordecai REFUSED!  Therefore, Haman sought to DESTROY ALL THE JEWS THAT WERE OUT, THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE KINGDOM!

So keep in mind, that’s what’s going to happen guys, there’s going to be martyr’s, so the Antichrist is going to get his power, HE’S GOING TO SEEK TO SLAY ALL THOSE THAT DON’T BOW TO THE MARK OF THE BEAST, okay?  So that’s why Haman goes about trying to kill all the Jews, is because of Mordecai!  And MORDECAI REPRESENTS THOSE THAT REFUSE TO BOW TO THE BEAST, right?  Very simple!

But then what he does, Mordecai does something very interesting…… (Haman says) IF it pleases the King, let it be written that they be destroyed, the Jews being, and I will pay 10,000 talents of silver to the hands of those that have charge over this business.  So Haman is going to give 10,000 talents!  Now the 10,000 talents we know equates to, 207,600,000 People!  Okay, we went over that, that is part of the Shekel of the Sanctuary, if you are not familiar, I will put links in the description field of the precvious messages that cover other topics, I won’t be able to get to in this one, okay?

So, then what happens is, when Esther gets a command from the King to save the Jews, right, now the Jews represent this Great Multitude Army!  It says, Gather yourselves together, this is Esther chapter 8, and stand for your life, to destroy, to slay, to cause to perish, all of the people in provinces that would assault them.  So guys, it may seem strange to you, that in this Army, that you would be involved in actually killing people! But that’s exactly what this says!  It happened in Esther!  It’s going to happen in the last days!  So this Army is set to slay a third part of men, okay?

That’s exactly what it is, that’s literal! This is not figurative!  This is literal, guys!  And it’s confirmed by Esther, and then we are going to look at Joel chapter 2, and Nahum chapter 2, as confirmation of Scriptures on this Great Army!  There’s a lot more on this, I could go on, and on, but what I have to do, I am going to condense this into three parts.  But I encourage you to also watch some of the other messages on this topic, okay?  Okay, so there it says, For to slay a third part of men!

And the number of the Army, which were two hundred thousand thousand (2 million), I heard the number of them.  Again, we learned from the Shekel of the Sanctuary, that equates to 10,000 talents, okay, that we see in Esther.  Okay now, let’s keep going into Revelation 9 we are reading: (9:17) And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them having breastplates of fire, and jacinth,…(and jacinth, as we know, is the 11th foundation stone in New Jerusalem)  and brimstone: and the heads of horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire, and smoke, and brimstone.  (9:18)  And by these were a third part of men killed.  Again, the second time it’s mentioned, a third part of men killed!

By fire, and by smoke, and by brimstone, which issued out of their mouths, for their power is in their mouth, and in their tails.  For their tails were like unto serpents, and their heads with them they do hurt.  So here we see lions, we see serpents, again this is a connection to the Tribe of Dan!  Now, that is briefly what we can observe through Revelation 9,  and the Book of Esther.  Clearly the Jews are this Army, and they literally slay people!  Then what happens, is…to mention this also…..after this, there’s a Great Harvest!  In the last days, guys, there’s a Great Harvest!

Then what happens, is they hold a Feast: Then they had a feast of gladness, a feast of a good day.  And many people of the land became Jews for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.  I am reading Esther chapter 8, verse 17.  SO, WHAT I AM GETTING AT, IS WHEN THIS ARMY RISES UP, THEN THE GREAT HARVEST TAKE’S PLACE! BECAUSE THERE WILL BE FEAR ON THE PEOPLE, AND MANY OF THEM WILL BE A PART OF THE GREAT HARVEST, okay?  So that’s exactly what it says in Esther chapter 8, verse 17!  Now the Great Harvest, you can observe in Revelation 14, okay?  And that’s when the angel sends forth his sickle.

Okay, so there we can clearly see, the Book of Esther also gives us information that…..you know,  one of the popular interpretations is that this army is China, right?  It goes over the Euphrates and it’s 200 million!  So people are thinking naturaly, in some, you know, nation or government that has enough people to constitute this Army.  It’s the Great Mulititude…it’s God’s Army!!

Okay, now let’s go to Joel chapter 2, Blow the trumpet in Zion. (blowing of the trumpet) A great people of  strong and there has not ever been like, neither shall there ever be, even as it be of many generations. A fire devours before them and behind them a flame burns.  The land is as the Garden of Eden before them and behind them, is a desolate wilderness.  So guys, many of you will begin to see… there’s a Garden scene in Heaven….. before you is the Garden of Eden. So this represents those that are the Elect, they will be seeing things in Heaven, and they will be initimate with the Lord, in the Garden of Eden, as it’s restored in the beginning of all things.  That’s again part of the,  AGAIN GENESIS…the RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS!  Okay?

So the Garden of Eden is before you.  The Garden of Eden is intimacy with the Lord, spending time with the Lord in the Garden every day, as we tell you and encourage you to do, all the time on this channel! Okay?  And behind them is a desolate wilderness.  Okay, and again this is reference to the Garden of Eden….Spiritually,  but it’s literally…. these people will go forth, and they’ll go forth, and places will become places of desolation and destruction.

And this is an Army representing also, the 2 Witnesses!  The 2 Witnesses also have FIRE that proceeds out of their mouth, and devours their enemies, okay?  And this Army, here in Joel chapter 2, also meets this description:  A fire devours before them, and behind them a flame burns, okay?  And nothing shall escape them!  The appearance of them is the appearance of horses.  And we saw this in Revelation 9 as well.  Appearance of horcemen as horsemen as they do run.  Like the noice of chariots on the tops of mountains, shall they leap.  Like the noise of a flame of fire that devours the stubble, as a strong people set in battle aray. We saw their breastplates.  We saw their description of them set in battle aray, in Revelation 9.

Before their face, people are much pain.  All their faces gather together blackness.  They shall run like mighty men.  They sall climb the wall like men of war. They shall march everyone in his ways, and they shall not break their ranks!  Now this is one of the biggest problem that you guys have is breaking ranks!  You don’t really know that there is an order in the Kingdom of Heaven, and especially you women, you just do whatever you want…you think there are no consequences to your actions. But you have to….this Army is not assembled, so you guys are a mess!

But the First Fruits of this Army will be assembled and they will have the seal of God on their foreheads, and eventually when this Army is assembed, you will NOT break ranks, okay?  YOU WILL GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!  YOU WILL REPENT AND RETURN TO THE MOST HIGH WITH ALL YOU MIGHT, alright?  But right now….I have been doing this for years, guys, this is one of the BIG PROBLEMS, IT’S NOT UNDERSTANDING ORDER AND RANK IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!

And neither shall one thrust another.  So one of the things that we have to be VERY careful, is you don’t thrust one another.  That is a pretty strong indication of those that you are attacking me, or attacking one another, you know, those ARE RELIGIOUS SPIRITS!  Okay?  And those that are a part of this Army are not influenced to thrust another, okay?  Some one says something, you just say, hey, and walk away. But don’t attack!  Don’t be on the offensive, alright?  So they will not thrust…so guys, I have a whole message on this, I am not going to repeat all of this.  I am going to put a link in the description field.

THIS IS ELIJAH’S ARMY, okay?  I covered this a long time ago in the House of David.  This Army meets the description of Elijah!  They’ll do the same things that Elijah did, just like the 2 Witnesses, okay?  And they shall run to and fro in the city.  They shall run upon a wall, and shall climb upon the houses, and they shall enter the windows like a thief!  So these people will materialize in places, God will move them by the Spirit, and they will be a Great Army that can not be limited by the laws of nature, nor the laws of man!  So they will be a SUPERNATURAL ARMY!

They shall run to and fro in the city, okay?  And it said in Daniel, Many shall run to and fro in that day, okay?  So that’s this Army. The earth shall quake before them, the heavens shall tremble. Now the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdrawn their shining. Now here in Joel as we read this, guys, this is exactly what it says in the 4th Trumpet!  When the 4th Trumpet sounds, the sun is darkened by a third, the moon is darkened by a third, the stars are darkened by a third, they will not give their light!  So what is happening, Joel is giving us an indication that this Army is beginning to be formed in the Trumpets!  Okay, in the time of the 4th Trumpet.  So the 4th Trumpet gives this information of Timing.

The earth shall quake before them, the heavens shall tremble, the sun and moon shall be darkened, the stars shall withdraw their shining.  That’s the 4th Trumpet!  The 5th Trumpet is the Harlot’s Army!  The 6th Trumpet is this Army, okay?  For the Lord shall utter His voice before His Army and His camp is very great, for He is strong to execute His word for the Day of the Lord is great and terrible, who shall be able to abide in it, okay?

So, there we see Joel 2, I strongly encourage you to watch Elijah’s Army.  I will put a link in the description field, you can watch it! Guys, THIS IS THE COMING OF ELIJAH!  IT’S   NOT   ONE    PERSON,   IT’S    AN   ARMY!  Okay?  Yes!  One of the 2 Witnesses meets that description as well, but so does  A MULTITUDE OF PEOPLE,  WILL BE ACTING IN THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH!  Glory to God!!! Now, let’s keep going…for time’s sake, we are going to move through these Scriptures.

The next one we have, is Nahum chapter 2.  Now we went through Nahum chapter 3, how it’s the Harlot’s army.  We see in Nahum chapter 3, it’s the Harlot, the well favoured mistress! Okay?  We have another video, again I am going to put that in the description field.  If you are NOT following all of these messages, guys, A LOT OF WHAT I AM SAYING IS NOT GOING TO MAKE SENSE!  But WATCH IT, Okay?  Nahum chapter 3, the Harlot’s army, is the 5th Trumpet!  Okay?

(Nahum 2) The shield of His mighty men are made red. The valiant men are in scarlet, The chariots shall be with flaming torches on the day of His preperation.  And the fur tree shall be troubled, terribily shaken. The chariot shall rage in the streets, They shall jostle one another in a broad way; They shall seem like torches, They shall run like lightnings. And He shall recount His nobles.  Okay so again, they’ll like, torches they’ll move…I MEAN, THIS IS SUPERNATURAL THINGS THAT WE ARE SEEING HERE!

They shall stumble in their walk; They shall make haste to the wall thereof, And the defense shall be prepared.  The gates of the river shall be opened, And the palace shall be dissolved.  Natsav  shall be led away captive, and she shall be brought up. Her maids shall lead her as with the voice of doves. So YES, LADIES, YOU WILL CERTAINLY BE A PART OF THIS ARMY, AND HERE YOU ARE MENTIONED AS THE MAIDS THAT SHALL LEAD, AS WELL!  Lead her as with the voice of doves!  So I am sure a lot of you are excited about that!

(Nahum 2:7)…Tabering upon their breasts. But Nineveh is of old, like a pool of water.  Okay again, Nineveh is Babylon!  And they shall flee away.  Stand! Stand!  shall they cry, But none shall look back. Take you the spoil of silver!  Take the spoil of gold!  We look at the silver and gold, as part of the Shekel of the Sancturary, these are the precious vessels.  For there is none end of the store, and the glory of all the pleasant furniture. Okay? She is empty, void, waste, and the heart melts, and the knees smite together; And much pain is in all loins.  Now this is Babylon in FEAR of this Army!

And the faces of them gather blackness.  Where is the dwelling of the lions and the feeding place of the young lions, Where the lion, even the old lion walked, and the lions whelp, and none of them were afraid?Now we also saw, in Revelation 9, they had the heads of lions. Again this is the reference of the lions.  The lion to tare in pieces enough for his whelps, And strangeld for his lionesses, And filled his holes with prey, And his dens with raven.  Behold I am against you, says the Lord of hosts.  I will burn her chariots with smoke, and the sword shall devour the young lions; I will cut off the prey from the earth, and the voice of the messengers shall no more be heard.  Okay, and these are the FALSE SHEPHERDS!

Okay, so Nahum chapter 2 is giving us further description on this Army that is being set. Keep in mind this Army is against Mystery Babylon.  This Army will destroy those….remember, Mystery Babylon is drunk with the wine of the blood of the martyr’s.  And the 5th Seal is ISIS, guys!   ISIS is a goddess, and Egyptian goddess, her name is ISIS!  Okay?  And ISIS is funded by the U.S., and even if they’re, you know, disburst, or whatever is happening in the news, don’t kid yourself, there’ll be more blood shed, okay guys, there will be more!  Cause the Harlot is drunk and she will keep…this will keep happening until this Army defeats Babylon.

When this Army beats Babylon, then it says, Woe is Babylon, Babylon is Fallen, okay? And that’s going to happen in several stages!  It is going to happen during the Seals, it’s going to happen during the Trumpets, and it’s going to happen during the Bowls, okay?  But guys, that’s the Army!

One other place I want to read to you, is the vision…the  burden of Babylon, in Isaiah 13, it says: The noise of a multitude in the mountains.  Like a great people!  A tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of the nations gathered together!  The Lord of hosts mustered the host of His battle, of His army.  Okay?  They come from a far country, From the end of heaven — Even the Lord and the weapons of His indignation, To destroy the whole land.

Guys, that’s what this Army is. It’s a Mighty Army of the Lord of hosts, and they WILL BE ASSEMBLED!  This is…when people are talking about the Bride…this is also the Bride…the Great Multitude is the Bride…and this is the Warrior Bride!  Okay?  So the Bride is MANY PEOPLE GROUPS!  We have the Elect, which are the man child and the virgins.  This is the Great Multitude Army that’s being assembled! Okay?  We have the martry’s, okay?  And we are going to have the Great Harvest!  Guys, THAT IS ALL PART OF NEW JERUSALEM, okay?  So keep in mind right now, there is No Bride!  There is no Esther!  Esther is being prepared, but she is not yet Queen, okay?  We are all being prepared for that Day!

And when the Son of Man appears in the clouds, that’s when those that are….will receive the Seal of God on their foreheads!  Okay?  And then obviously, THE GREAT MULTITUDE WILL GO THROUGH THE GREAT TRIBULATION!  AND IN THE GREAT TRIBULATION, THIS ARMY WILL FORM!  Okay, it says in Daniel that, When will be the time of these things?  And he said, A Time, Times, and a half, TO SCATTER THE POWER OF THE HOLY PEOPLE!  And then at the 7th Trumpet, the angel says, TIME NO LONGER, let the Mystery of the 7th Trumpet be revealed!  So the 7th Trumpet will then be.. the gathering of the twinkling of an eye, in the last Trump, when this Great Army will be assembled and will be gathered together in Heaven, as 1 Corinthians 15 mentions.

So guys, God bless you!  Thank you for watching!  Please watch the other video’s on this, if you haven’t watched part 1 and 2.  Please also watch the other video I am going to attach in the description field, on Elijah’s Army and Joel chapter 2!  So again, thanks for watching and please read these Scriptures as well.  Study these things!  This message is more or less just reading the Scriptures, and those that are WISE, YOU WILL STUDY THESE SCRIPTURES, and find amazing things, amazing Revelation!  So God bless you and thank you for watching…and we’ll have some more soon, okay guys!  ~ Leeland Jones

The Great Army: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUQPUEHiBVk&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gaUWez5Sh8TC0F1Sj-t6we9

The Shekel of the Sanctuary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4Yc0YCqijs&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gackoFel7_tRzp30podhnT5

Manchild Elect Rulers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdnEMOTZNLg&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gbqsr5OFxkoJkphIeqhftqC

Blog: https://overcominglymedisease.com/esther-joel-2-nahum-2-6th-trumpet-army-part-3/

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.

Jennifer HeathEsther, Joel 2 & Nahum 2 – 6th Trumpet Army Part 3
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Coronavirus Vaccine is Mark of the Beast

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Coronavirus Vaccine is Mark of the Beast: https://rumble.com/veh0pl-coronavirus-vaccine-is-mark-of-the-beast.html

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

In this video, you will see how the Corona Virus vaccination is connected with ID2020!  The Digital ID in the vaccination is the Mark of the Beast!  You’ll see that in a series of video’s and  documentation throughout this!  PLEASE SHARE THIS, GUYS! THIS IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!  SHARE THIS TO LOVED ONES, SHARE THIS TO ANYONE THAT YOU CAN GET THIS MESSAGE TO, BEFORE THINGS GET SHUT DOWN. Hopefully you watched the previous video where we saw how Corona Virus was PLANNED, and hopefully you understand that!

And now we’re going to soon enter this era of this vaccination being FORCED ON PEOPLE and YOU WILL SEE THE REASON WHY IT HAS MICROCHIPS IN IT!  We looked at the NANOTECH!  But now, please watch all of this video, here is Celeste:

“Hi, this is Celeste, and this is the Celestial Report, for March 4, 2020!  And unfortanetaly, I have another very serious Breaking News Alert for you!  I wish it wasn’t coming on the heels of the other ones, but this is the season in which we live, this situation with the Corona Virus is very afluid, and so we all just have to kind of roll with it.

So this morning when I woke up, I got a communication from the Department of Defense, and DARPA has been working on a Hydrogel that is injectable into the body, it assembles within the body, it becomes part of your body, it spreads out, kinda like an octopus into your body and it fuses with your body.  Whether it changes your DNA, I BELIEVE THAT IT DOES!  And I believe that this is the precurser for the Mark of the Beast, well…OR THIS MIGHT BE THE MARK OF THE BEAST!

They are going to introduce, they say, this PRODUCT and it’s called…..the company is PROFUSA, and all the links are below to the whole program; video’s, links, anything you want…and of cource, as always, I will be happy to answer any questions. So anyway, they are going to introduce it to the public, they are going to try it first on their Special Forces!  I believe that this is well on the way!  This is a program that has been around for quite some time, and I have been following the development of the “Mark” ever since  2005, on October 31st, which is Halloween, when the precurser of the ‘Mark’ was introduced in Legislation.

And so I have just been watching the development.  I realy truly believe, that they are going to use the PANIC of the Covid 19 virus, and make this injectable sensor.  It’s an injectable sensor that becomes part of your body, and basically THEY ARE GOING TO SELL IT TO YOU AS, THIS IS GOING TO BE A SENSOR THAT WILL LET YOU KNOW, AND OTHER PEOPLE KNOW, THAT YOU ARE SICK BEFORE YOU EVEN KNOW IT!

Of course it will do ALL OF YOUR VITALS….IT’S A TRACKING DEVICE!  It will tell where you are, what you are doing, if your eating, if you are drinking, the whole ten yards!  While you are eating or drinking, if you are eating salt, it will know!  If you are eating according to your diet!  So this is something that they have longed wanted, and it is part of Precision Medicine, and now it’s ready to be deployed!

Like I said,  I believe that they have already begun ‘beta testing’ this on  Special Forces and on our  Military, and now it is ready to go into the Panic Stricken American Citizens!  And money is going to become…it will probably become contraband because it has the potential to carry germs.  So it is very likely that very soon we are going to see that we’re not going to be able to do transactions in Cash any longer!  And then this biometric hydrogel sensor would allow us to go get groceries, participate in the Beast System: have a job, transportation, proof that we had our vaccinations that are manditory, and so forth, you get the idea!

So this is a very serious Breaking News situation!  ALL CHRISTIANS NEED TO BRACE THEMSELVES, as much as possible, START OPERATING OUTSIDE OF THE SYSTEM, BECAUSE YOU NEED TO PRACTICE SKILLS THAT YOU NEED TO OPPERATE OUTSIDE OF THE SYSTEM!  So that’s the Special Report, the coming Mark of the Beast, and we will see you next time on the Celestial Report! ~Celeste Solum, celestialreport@protonmail.com

(Video at 5:44 min mark):  This Laboratory in Tubingen, outside of Stuttgart, Germany, is racing to develop a small dose vaccine against the Corona virus.  It’s operated by a private company called, CureVac, which hopes  it could mass produce the “treatment” if it “proves” successful in trials.  But the potentialy life saving work done here, is  now at the center of a International dispute between, Berlin and Washington!  Amid reports, that the United States was trying to persuade CureVac to move it’s research to the U.S.!

Earlier, a German newspaper reported that the U.S. President, Donald Trump, had offered FUNDS to lure CureVac to the United States!   And the German government was making counter offers to “tempt” it to stay.  The German newspaper quoted, “An unidentified German government  source as saying, Trump was trying to secure the scientist work ‘exclusively’, and would DO ANYTHING TO GET A VACCINE FOR THE UNITED STATES, QUOTE….BUT ONLY FOR THE UNITED STATES!”

(News video, 6:37 min mark in video) “President Trump has been accused of trying to lure a German Pharmaceutical Company working on a Corona virus vaccine, to the U.S.!  A German newspaper says, that Trump offered large amounts of money to secure, CureVax, vaccine EXCLUSIVELY for the U.S.!  German authorities insist that no country should have a monopoly, and it’s offering financial incentives for the vaccine to stay in the country!

Newsreporter: Wulrich Brueckner, is a political anylasis and is joins us live by Skype from Dresden, in Germany: Good to have you with us, many people are watching would never heard of, CureVac, until this moment!  What sort-of a company is it?

Wulrich Brueckner: Well it is one of those Biotech companies that ‘starts… lately’  to focus on something that is important in days like the  Corona virus.  It has received a large investment from the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, from German Government, but also from the U.S. Department of Defense, to find a ground breaking solution for the Corona virus.”

(Another video source: 7:45 min mark) There’re all players!  These are all the Players involved with the ID2020!  An approach that is holistic, market-based and address the full scope and scale of the challenge.  The ID2020 Alliance is a global partnership maximizing the potential of Digital ID to improve lives. It’s a public-private partnership maximizing the potential of digital ID.  We fund Digital ID projects grounded in a common modery evaluation and learning framework to produce actional analysis of the cost opportunities and risks associated  with these programs, and enable stake-holders to embrace change.

Here are all the Alliance partners:

1. accenture

2. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

3. The Rockefeller Foundation. Since 1913, the Rockefeller Foundation has sought to improve the well-being of humanity around the world.  The Rockefeller Foundation….that dude, told you all!  That dude, Aran Rusel (?) told you this over 20 years ago, he told you that is what the Rockefeller told him!  The Rockefeller Foundation provided ID2020 with “SEED” funding in 2017, it has been an ongoing supporter of ID2020…well of course they are, he told you, he told you all those years ago!

4. Microsoft, Bill Gates!  The American multi-national technology company joined ID2020 in January 2018, as a founding partner!  Members of the Microsoft team sit on ID2020 technical….I told you man, all these people, all they do is sit around and talk about football,  they have NO IDEA!  THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE WORKING ON!  Here is another company:

5.  IDEO.ORG: Created by IDEO, the international design and consulting firm, to design products, services, and experiences to improve the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities. IDEO.org joined ID2020 in 2018.  IDEO.org is represented on our Program Delivery and Ecosystem & Advocacy Advisory Commitees.   So they hide behind philanthropee!

THE ALLIANCE, a collaborative effort of global partners, is solving for scale from day one. WOW!  This is Crazy!!  From 2018 to ID2020 Summit says: Carl Sanders Helped Design The First Implantable Microchip! Carl Sanders was an engineer of the world’s first implantable chip, and in the process of working on this incrediable end times device.  Carl got saved and spent the rest of his life warning people about what was coming.  What you will hear in this video clip is taken from a casette tape that was sent around churches back in the 1990’s.  I have one of those copies, when the Lord had me start NTEB.  Carl and I became friends and he was a guest on our progam. This is an audio of that cassette tape…Carl Sanders…is this it?  Wow!

Leeland (10:50 min mark): I will put a link to this article, but what you can see here is: Vaccines now being used to harvest biometric identities of everyone; Big Brother merges with Big Pharma.  And in this we can see the vaccines being prepared as implantable microchips.  So the title of this: Big Pharma and Microsoft are teaming up in something called ID2020 Alliance.  Here you can see: Carl Sanders helped design the first implantable microchip.  I was hoping to include the audio of his interview, but he basically had insider information, and I am not going to get into that in this video, I will provide the links where you can watch and listen to the interview.  But that’s one of our sources here of information  that we are bringing forth. So I really encourage  you to go through this article and read it, and go into some of the other video’s that it has.

So, he had inside information….he was working on this decades ago, and then he BELIEVED IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND GO OUT OF IT, and started to bare witness of what this inplantable microchip was.  So, The process of working in the incredable end times device, Carl got saved and spent the rest of his life warning people about what was coming.  To hear that the chip is taken …..this interview was taken from a cassette tape and sent around to churches in the 90’s,  and he had one of the copies.

So now we can begin to see what Brother Carl was talking about with this implantable microchip.  So as we can see here, we have a lot of information as it relates to ID2020 and here you can see… (12:55 min mark): BIG PHARMA AND MICROSOFT ARE TEAMING UP IN SOMETHING CALLED THE ‘ID2020 ALLIANCE’ THAT WILL COMBINE VACCINATIONS WITH IMPLANTABLE MICROCHIPS (TO CREATE YOUR DIGITAL ID)!  This is exactly what we have been saying, we are just getting more and more information to clarify the details of what it is we can find the truth about the vaccinations,  the implantable microchips, and here you can see what it says there.  In small letters:

(13:30 min mark) “The ID2020 Alliance, as it’s being called, is a digital identity program that aims to “leverage immuniztion” as a means of inserting tiny microchips into people’s bodies. In collaboration with the Global Alliance of Vaccines and Immunizations, also know as GAVI, the government of Bangledesh and varies other ‘partners in government, academia, and humanitarian relief.’ The ID2020 Alliance hopes to usher in this mark of the beast as to keep tabs on every human being living on (face of)  Earth.”

So, that is what we are dealing with!  It’s called:  Big Pharma is officially partnering with the Tech Industry to with pair immunization and digitial biometrics and humans will soon be microchip.  SO THE MICROCHIP IS NOT NECCESARY TO BE THE CHIP THAT YOU PUT IN YOUR HAND, IT’S SOMETHING THAT CAN GO THROUGH IMMUNIZATION!  And that’s what the Corona virus…that’s why it’s a BIOWEAPON, because then they are going to come out with the vaccination.  In the vaccination will be this microchip and other things that we’re seeing and learning in this video.

So again, JUST THE VACCINATION, YOU DON’T NEED THE CHIP, YOU CAN BE TRACKED, YOU CAN BE CONTROLLED THROUGH A GLOBAL IDENTIFICATION MATRIX! (14:50 min mark) For years we’ve been watching the Microsoft founder Bill Gates, now retired from the company….his billions to give “free vaccinations” around the world….Bill has now become the founding member of the company, called the ID2020 Alliance, whose GOAL IS TO GIVE EVERY HUMAN BEING ON EARTH A DIGITAL ID!  And how do they plan to accomplish this?  By a MANDATORY VACCINATIONS WITH IMPLANTABLE MICROCHIPS!  Genius, isn’t it?

So the Corona virus, is a man made virus, to get the people to take the vaccination!  Inside the vaccination will be the implantable microchips, okay?  So that’s how the Mark of the Beast can come about through vaccinations.  And there you can see in red (15:40 min mark):  And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive the mark on their right hand or in their foreheads.  That no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  And here is wisdom, let him that has understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of man, the number is, 666.

I know that it’s not on the screen there, but I am going to continue reading you this portion of the article.  So now you know, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, what they were really doing over the last 10 years in traveling to third world countries, and giving “FREE” vaccinations to the poor, downtrodden natives. THOSE “FREE VACCINATIONS” WAS RESEARCH IN A LIVE TESTING LAB TO CONDUCT THE NECESSARY EXPERIMENTS TO FORM ID2020!

And you can see today, the unholy hybrid of vaccinations, implantable microchips, is already happening in Bangledash!  And look at this…it says, Soon will be in Boston!  A page of the Bill Gates website says that, Bill and Melinda have invested 2.5 Billion dollars in this project and NO end in site! Can the man who put the world behind the personal computer,  now put a vaccination microchip into the global population?  Bill Gates is absolutly positive he can, and indeed he is on his way to achieving his goal!

And then 2 Thessalions 2:3,4 Let no man deceive you by any means; for the day shall not come, except there be a falling away first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition: Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself  he is God.

So that’s where the beast will deceive the people into taking the Mark of the Beast!  That’s what it says in Revelation….that people are DECEIVED INTO TAKING THE MARK OF THE BEAST!  So, “VACCINATIONS NOW BEING USED TO HARVEST BIOMETRIC IDENTITIES TO EVERYONE; BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.

(18:02) And so here is another article from Natural News, on ID2020….. as it is being called, is a digital identity  program that aims to “leverage immunization”…through microchips in people’s bodies.  In collaboration with Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations.  And it says, We are implementing a forward approach to digital identity that gives individuals control over there own personal freedom while still building off existing systems and programs.  It says, The “Bangledash Government” access to information.

So the program is being run in Bangledash as you can see, it’s being run in Austin, Texas, on the homeless, there is a big cover for chipping homeless and chipping pets, running simulations to see the success of this, how well it works.  (19:07 min mark)  And what we are looking at here is the place where ID2020 met, there was this strange statute with like wings in it, in this ID2020 meeting. (19:20 min mark) Right there…. so I am trying to just zoom in to give you a little bit of a view of what it is….IT ALMOST LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE IS NAILED TO A CROSS, but it has like wings, and as you can see, it is casting a shadow.  It’s like, I don’t know what that is, guys, it’s just really strange, really ominous type of sign.

You know it says that  Sophia the Robot, Sophia means WISDOM, and it says in Revelation 13, Here is wisdom, let he count the number of the beast. So this could be like a REPRESENTATION OF SOPHIA THE ROBOT AND WISDOM……AI  ALSO HAS A HUGE PART IN ALL OF THIS!  Okay?  But I just want you, you know, look at that!  It is just weird!  This whole thing is really weird, guys.  This is the Mark of the Beast!  This is the chip!

I am just trying to put together something for you to get all of this together and really study this article. I went through the sources of many of the things that they talked about, that we see in the previous clips  I shared with you.  But it’s really, really disturbing!  AND REALLY CAN NOW SEE HOW WE HAVE  IMPLANTABLE CHIPS….WE HAVE NANO TECHNOLOGIES….AND WE HAVE OTHER DNA ALTERING THINGS TAKING PLACE IN THIS VACCINATION!

So it says, While we have the ID2020 program’s testing grounds are primary in the Third World…blah, blah, blah, we told you about Austin, Texas, and then we saw some of the big players: accenture, GAVI, The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, and IDEO.org.  So those are the big names and organizations that are behind this.

There’s other links to video’s and different things about this ID2020, and I encourage you to just take the time and go through all of those, I am not going to spend to much time, but there is one other thing that we want to go over and look at real quick.

(21:47 min mark)  In this article you can see, FORBES MAGAZINE PUBLISHES OPEN LETTER TO FACEBOOK’S CEO ZUCKERBERG: TO CALL FOR THE NEW CRYPTOCURRENCY  FROM FACEBOOK WHICH IS CALLED LIBRA, TO BE CALLED ‘THE MARK’!  And this is something that’s noteworthy guys, because I am going to be sharing more about what this means, what this is.  In the Bible, it says there is a pound, and the Greek word  is Liatra?  and it’s the same as Libra.  So that is where Mark Zuckerberg got the name for the Cryptocurrency for FaceBook that they are issuing, so this is a request for them to change the name from Libra to ‘MARK’!  (22:26 min mark)

But really what’s going on…I really want you to UNDERSTAND what’s really going on with all of this, guys!  So when it says in Revelation to COUNT the number, IT’S A CENSUS!  So what’s happening, the people that are going to take the Mark of the Beast, that are worshipping the Beast, whose names are NOT written in the Lambs book of life, are being counted by the Beast System!  Okay?  So that’s called a Census!

So, many of you are getting a Census, I am going to do another video on this, but that’s what is going on here!  Because in ancient times when you did a census, it was also TAXES! So taxes, census, a coin with Ceasar’s name on it, we have many video’s on this guys.  Some of you that might be new to this channel and new to the things I am presenting to you right now are probably completly foreign concepts.  But basically at the time of Christ when He came, there was a Census of Ceasar!  Okay?

And there was a Census, so  people had to return to their location, they had to be counted in the Census and they were taxed!  So that’s exactly what we are having taking place with the ID2020, the 2020 Census….NOT JUST IN THE UNITED STATES, BUT ALL OVER THE WORLD, EVERYONE IS BEING COUNTED, BEING CONTROLLED TO KNOW EXACTLY WHO THE PEOPLE ARE, and everything.  So that’s why this Libra, this Coin….not just this Cryptocurrency, but ALL OF THEM, why it changed it’s name to the “Mark”, because it IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST, guys….all of this is!  The coin is … and the vaccination is!  Okay, all of these are leading to the same thing.


So guys, this is a series of video’s we have been doing on the Mystery Babylon, this Beast System, okay, so that we can be EDUCATED as to what is going on that is not being made clear to us.  Thanks for watching and God bless you!  ~ Leeland Jones

Mark of the Beast playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-puWXeT4HI&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gYBsU7Zg_EMEsWOi0IJapp_

Mystery Babylon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ffsh3idf94&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gb7LQVa88HN62FoyBt09U83

Blog of The Beast Time Line? https://overcominglymedisease.com/?s=the+beast+time+line

Blog: https://overcominglymedisease.com/coronavirus-vaccine-is-mark-of-the-beast/

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.

Jennifer HeathCoronavirus Vaccine is Mark of the Beast
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Rivers of Living Waters

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Rivers of Living Waters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHUyaaEieNo

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

He brought me to the east gate!  And behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the east;  and His voice was like the noise of many waters; and the earth did shine with His glory!  And the glory of YAHWEH came into the temple through the east gate. And the glory of YAHWEH did fill the house, and I heard Him speaking to me out of the house, and He said to me, son of man, the place of My throne, the place of the soles of My feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel forever, and the place of My holy name.  Now show them the temple to the house of Israel, show them the design of the temple and measure the pattern, show them the form and the seat, of the house and the fashion and the comings and goings, this the Torah of the house upon the  top of the mountain, the whole limit around it shall be Holy, behold, this is the law of the house (Ezekiel 43, paraphrased).

The Structure and Form of the Pattern of the House,  also shows us the Fountains of Living Waters!  The RIVER OF LIFE, proceeding from the Temple!  That is what we see in New Jerusalem, and here you can see it coming out of Ezekiel’s Temple (1:16 min mark).  Ezekiel instructed; Show the people the pattern, SHOW THEM!  Okay, THAT THEY WOULD REPENT OF THEIR WAYS!

Now the Fountain of Rivers of Living Waters, what is this?  Well, Christ said on the 8th Day of Tabernacles, New Jerusalem is called Tabernacles…when God will Tabernacle with us!  This is part of our playlist on: Show the Design, Measure the Pattern.  On that 8th Day of Sukkot, He said, IF ANY MAN THIRST, LET HIM COME TO ME, AND OUT OF HIS BELLY WILL FLOW RIVERS OF LIVING WATERS!  He said that on the 8th Day of Sukkot!

This is a 3D animation, now of New Jerusalem (1:53 min mark).  With the River and the Tree of Life.  So this is the RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS FROM THE GARDEN OF EDEN, TO BRING US TO NEW JERUSALEM! New Jerusalem, there will be the Tree of Life!  New Jerusalem there is the River of Life!  BUT BEFORE NEW JERUSALEM WILL HAPPEN, CHRIST WILL REIGN IN THE MILLENNIAL TEMPLE, describe by the prophet, Ezekiel, and out of it also, has a River of Life!  Fountains of Living Waters!

So, Ezekiel told us to show them the design, show them the pattern, okay?  So that Temple is ALSO described in Revelation chapter 7, And they’re before the throne of God, and they will serve Him day and night, in His Temple, and He shall lead them to the Fountain of Living Waters. That’s in Revelation 7, so that is Ezekeil’s Temple!  So, show them the Design…show them the Structure of Ezekeil’s Temple!

THERE IS A LOT OF CONFUSION ABOUT THE TEMPLE’S,  that is why we have a playlist on this!  If you have other questions, please refer to the playlist: Show the Design, Measure the Pattern!  We have several video’s on this, and now we are going to talk about this fulfillment as it relates to the Feast!

When we come to the 8th Day of the Feast, it is the Solemn Assembly!  It’s a Solemn Assembly and after you have Tabernacles…you have 7 Days of Tabernacles, and upon the 8th Day of  Tabernacles, you would have something called, a Solemn Assembly!  And the tradition was, is that there would be Water Oblation, or a Water Offering! (3:37 min mark)  And you can see here I have this ancient looking cool vase, it is not really water type.  But I’m just doing this to demonstrate that what they would do, is that they would go down to the Pool of Siloam, okay they would go down there, and they would pour out this water, and they would do this Water Oblation, okay?

So that is the context of what is going on in John chapter 7!  So Christ went to Jerusalem, He went for this time of the Feast!  And on this Last Day of the Feast, on this Great Day of the Feast, Jesus stood and said; If any man thirst, let him come to Me and DRINK!  Okay, He is saying, the thing you are doing with this Water Offering, this pouring out of this Offering you are doing, IT’S HIM!!  HE HAS THE LIVING WATER!  Okay, it’s not by, you know, religious observance!  IT’S A PERSON!  And has He said, Come to Me!  Okay!  If any man thirst, let him come to Me and DRINK!  Because HE HAS THE FOUNTAINS OF WATERS, okay?

He that believes on Me, as the Scriptures say, out of his belly will flow Rivers of Living Water, okay?  River’s of Living Water, so the Living Water, this He spake of the Spirit that they that believe and that receive, shall receive the Holy Spirit, that was not yet given, as Jesus was not yet glorified, okay?   So He is speaking of those that believe in Him would have the…out of their belly’s would flow Living Waters, and it would also be Pentecost! Again, another Feast that would take place after He rose on First Fruits, okay?

So, it’s important that we understand the context as to, why He is saying this!  He is saying, we actually know where the Pool of Siloam is, and there the priest they are pouring this water out, and He is saying what the fulfillment is of that tradition, that observance, okay?  So, now that we know that that’s what happened on that 8th Day, okay, that’s the fulfillment of that 8th Day, and THEN WE MEMORALIZE THAT 8TH DAY!

WHY? Okay, many of you still don’t really understand these Feasts or any of this stuff!  Well, that is cause YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE PROPHECY, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT DOING IT! Once you DO IT, and you set up your tabernacles and you physically do something, then you have to THINK ABOUT IT!  WHAT AM I DOING?  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? OKAY, BUT IF YOU DON’T DO IT, YOU DON’T THINK!  IF YOU DON’T THINK, YOU DON’T KNOW AND YOU DON’T RESEARCH!  Alright?

And, you don’t really know about the PROPHECY, WHAT HAPPENS IN THE FUTURE, and all of these things, that are BUILT INTO THE PROPHECY AND THE FEAST!  Okay, so we can see very clearly in Zechariah chapter 14, verse 4, His feet will stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives.  So this is clearly after Christ has destroyed the enemies in Armageddon, okay?  You can see that Armageddon in the previous verse.

So, then He will come, He will stand on the Mount of Olives!  Then, we showed you in with the intro of the video, with the Temple in Ezekiel, okay, then at some point, He will go into the East Gate of the Temple…His Glory will come into the East Gate of the Temple, okay?  But when His feet stand on the Mount of Olives, in Zechariah 14, it continues this prophecy, we are not going to read all of it, okay…BUT HE WILL COME AND ALL OF THE SAINTS WITH HIM, verse 5.

Then in verse 8, And it should be in the Day, that Living Waters shall go out of Jerusalem!  Alright, now where are we?  We have the completion of the Apocalypse…we have Armageddon…that is over!  Then Christ will come on the Mount of Olives, THIS IS NOT NEW JERUSALEM!  Clearly!  Okay He is coming on the Mount of Olives!  Okay, the Living Fountains of Waters in Jerusalem, some towards the former sea, some towards the hinder sea; and YAHWEH SHALL BE KING OVER ALL THE EARTH IN THAT DAY, AND THERE SHALL BE ONE YAHWEH AND HIS NAME, HIS NAME IS ONE!

Okay, so clearly He comes, His feet stand on the Mount of Olives, there’ll be Living Waters flowing from Jerusalem, okay?  And there will be this Feast!  Okay?  Then they will have this Feast and everyone that is LEFT OF THE NATIONS!  Okay, so all the Nations that had been destroyed, but those that are left of the Nations will come, which Nations…the Nations that came against Jerusalem, even they shall go up, year by year, to worship the King, _____, the Lord of Hosts, to keep the Feast of Tabernacles.  Okay?

SO, IF YOU MAKE IT AND YOU SURVIVE,  YOU’RE ON THE OTHER SIDE, YOU WILL KEEP THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES!  Okay?  NOW IF YOU DON’T, ALRIGHT….THEN THERE’S GOING TO BE PLAGUES!  And it shall be a Plague! Okay? There will be a Plague to those that don’t come up to the Feast, it makes it clear, okay?

And in that day, shall be bells on the horses, Holiness to YAHWEH and the pots of the Lord’s house, shall be bowls before the altar.  So what do we have?  We have a House!  We have a Temple!  We have an Altar!  Okay?  Both, Ezekiel has this description; you have the Temple, you have the Altar, okay?  WHEN YOU GET TO NEW JERUSALEM YOU DON’T HAVE A TEMPLE, YOU DON’T HAVE AN ALTAR!  Okay?

So what this is, THIS IS  THE PROPHECY, AFTER ARMAGEDDON, GOING INTO THE MILLENNIUM!  Beginning of the Millennium is what this is describing, okay? And the promise of this is what we told you earlier, in Revelation 7!  In Revelation 7 it talks about those that wash their robes and made the white with the blood of the Lamb, 7:15, Therefore they are before the Throne of God, and serve Him day and night in His Temple!  Okay?

Now if they’re serving God day and night in His Temple, What Temple is that?? IT’S NOT NEW JERUSALEM! Okay?  IT CAN’T BE NEW JERUSALEM BECAUSE NEW JERUSALEM HAS NO TEMPLE!!  So, IT MUST BE EZEKIEL’S TEMPLE!  Therefore, they’re before the Throne of God and they serve Him day and night in His Temple.  And He that sits upon the throne shall dwell among them. Okay, that’s the LAMB!  They shall hunger no more, neither thirst anymore; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat; for the Lamb is in the midst of them.  Okay?

So it’s the Lamb that is in the midst of this Temple! Alright?  It’s the Lamb that is in the midst of Ezekiel’s Temple, during this time period of the Millennium!  For the Lamb in the midst of the Throne shall feed them and shall lead them to the Living Fountains of Waters.  Okay, so these are the Living Fountains of Waters that are in Ezekiel’s Temple.  What is it talking about here?  It’s talking about a Temple, okay?  It’s talking about Living Fountains of Waters, this is NOT New Jerusalem!!!  It can’t be New Jerusalem because New Jerusalem DOES NOT HAVE A TEMPLE!! The Living Fountains of Waters, here, is Ezekiel’s Temple, okay, and New Jerusalem has the RIVER OF LIFE!!

Okay, let’s look at that!  Let’s look at that so you can see the type and shadow, because what happens guys is, New Jerusalem is, is of course Very Large!  Ezekiel’s Temple is Very Small!  And IT IS VERY SOBERING, BECAUSE IT’S NOT THAT MUCH BIGGER THAN THE FIRST TEMPLE!  Okay?  So if you were to accommadate for the growth of population’s and the number of  people  that you can fit in the Temple, Ezekiel’s Temple is very small!!  IT MEANS THERE IS A REMNANT, THERE IS NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT ARE GOING TO FIT IN THERE, OKAY?  When we get to New Jerusalem, it’s HUGE!  Okay, it’s huge, you can fit a lot of people! Okay?

But we find this River of Life in Revelation 22:1, And He showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and the Lamb.  In the midst of the street of it, were the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, which yeilded their fruit every month.  Okay, so there you have the River of Life, in that Temple!  So if we go back…New Jerusalem is being described in Revelation 21, in the previous chapter, in verse 22, I saw no temple there in, for the Lord God Almighty and Lamb are the Temple.  So New Jerusalem has NO TEMPLE!

Alright, but obvious in Revelation 7, those people are serving in a Temple!  Alright….and that of course we also  see in Revelation 11, Revelation 11 okay, verse 1, And it was given to me a reed like a rod to, by the angel saying, Rise….reed like a rod….Rise, measure the temple…measure the altar, and those that worship therein.  Okay?  Now of course this is the Ezekiel Temple, and that’s why we have a video, IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU MEASURE THE TEMPLE!  IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU KNOW THESE THINGS SO YOU ARE NOT DECEIVED!

Okay, YES THERE IS GOING TO BE A JEWISH THIRD TEMPLE!  Alright?  You have to know those measurements…..you have to know the structure….you have to know what is in the prophecy because people will say, That’s for God!  But it’s NOT for God, IT’S FOR THE ANTICHRIST, okay?  Which that temple will be destroyed, then we have Armageddon, and then we have Ezekiel’s Temple.  Ezekiel’s Temple has NEVER been built!

THAT’S WHY I AM GOING THROUGH ALL THESE SERIES OF VIDEO’S…TO SHOW YOU THAT EZEKIEL’S TEMPLE IS GOING TO HAPPEN!  It is Real, and that is where…it’s going to be the Center!  Jesus Christ is going to reign in that Temple!  So we have these Living Waters , these Living Fountains of Waters, we saw described in Ezekiel’s Temple, in chapter 47.  Okay, And he brought me again into the door of the house, and behold waters issued out from under the threshold of the house, eastward.

Okay, so that is what we showed you before, graphically, when they had the set up, you have from the Temple…out of the Temple…it was proceeding, okay…Waters are issuing out. Okay, Waters are issuing out, this is a Fountain…and if we go to Zechariah 14, without getting into it, the landscape of Jerusalem is decimated!  So, it’s not like we can exatly figure out where these things are based on what we are looking at today, because there’s going to be dramatic changes to the landscape!  Alright?

But wherever this Fountain of Water is, who knows, maybe it will come up even before, but if it does, it shows the precise location of the Temple! Okay?  And then from those Waters, that’s where the Temple is, and then they begin to flow.  And, Ezekiel begins to describe these Waters and how they HEAL THINGS!  Okay?  And it kind of describes…and it basically describes… and as he goes, it’s not a lot of Water….it starts at his ankles, and then it goes up, it goes higher, and then it goes over his head.  Okay, and wherever this goes, IT BRINGS HEALING!  These Waters which issue out toward the east country, they go down to the desert, and go into the sea, and the water’s shall be healed!  And it shall come to pass the everything that liveth, which moves, wheresoever the WATERS that come, SHALL LIVE, okay?

So what’s happening…you got to realize what is happening here, guys!  Sometimes you take, you know, when you focus on just one prophecy, Where is this? Where is this in the scope of things?   Where is this in the scope of God’s redemption of man kind? So we have the Garden of Eden.  The Garden of Eden had 4 rivers, okay?  So what’s happening is, this River, this Fountain of Water is this Restoration of what Christ is talking about!  OUT OF HIM WILL FLOW RIVERS OF LIVING WATER! Okay?

So that is one of the main feature, of the Garden of Eden, was these Rivers, right?  You can see those rivers and their description, okay.  Then of course, Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and when they do, they are seperated from the Garden! They are seperated from these Rivers!  They are seperated from the Tree of Life!  Okay?  So then, the plan of God through Salvation, comes through Abraham!

Okay, so Abraham BELIEVES and the plan is through his line, his lineage, right?  And through his lineage comes Moses!  And Moses makes a Tabernacle, and Moses shows us the Feast, and he shows the patterns of all these things, and when he does…all of those things are a stage and a step in the Restoration!  So then we learn about the Feasts, and then we have a description of various things, which is the step in the process leading to Restoration.

And then, of course that time period, Christ said, okay, you know they build a temple according to Herod’s  pattern, and not God’s pattern, and then you have the AntiChrist, spirit’s…and all that…that kill Christ, so then He destroy’s the Temple.  Then the Temple becomes a SPIRITUAL TEMPLE!  SO WHAT YOU HAVE, THE NEW COVENANT IS NO TEMPLE….IT IS A SPIRITUAL TEMPLE!  And a Spiritual Temple now is not limited to one set of people, IT’S TO ALL PEOPLE!! Okay?

And so that’s the next phase of the, okay… of the Redemtion, is a Spiritual Temple, the Spiritual aspects of it.  And of course THE APOSTLES TAUGHT THE TEMPLE TO THE GENTILES, ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL ASPECTS TO THE TEMPLE, and the….because the Temple was still standing, okay, for a number of years!  But the PROBLEM WITH THE PEOPLE IS  THEY THINK THAT WHATEVER ERA YOU ARE IN…..okay so WE WERE IN THE  ERA OF THE NEW COVENANT, NOW THAT IS OVER!  Okay?  So…….THAT ERA OF THE NEW COVENANT ENDS……..ONCE WE ENTER THE APOCALYPSE!    Once we enter the Revealing of Jesus Christ, we enter in a NEW ERA!!  Okay, when we enter a NEW ERA, it is a New Phase of  the Restoration of all things!

THAT’S THE MOST DIFFICULT THING FOR THE PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND, okay?  They think now that we are in this Spiritual Temple, it must be like this Always!  NO!! You will notice that every phase of the Restoration is NOT ALWAYS..it’s an ERA of Time, there is a Covenant with someone, okay?  You have God ageeing with Adam, okay, and then you have the destruction!  Then you have God agreement with Noah, and then you have a destruction!  Then God’s agreement with Abraham, okay, then to Moses, okay, then to David and the Temple, and then destruction.  Okay?  Because obviously THIS IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN UNTIL CHRIST COMES!

Okay, so the details of Ezekiel’s Temple may not be easily understood! Okay?  Well what about this? What about…Why is that?  Well look….basically how it works, how the Covenant works, is you…God gives a piece of instruction and says, do this!  And…IT MUST BE DONE, OKAY?  So, you have all these things and you can see how we talked about Christ fulfilling things in the Feast!  Okay, He has fulfilled certain things, He is fulfilling this Water Oblation.  Okay, He is talking about these Fountains of Living Waters, and then He destroys that Temple, okay but then, He is going to build another one!!  IT’S ANOTHER ERA OF TIME!  IT’S ANOTHER PERIOD! IT’S ANOTHER COVENANT, okay?

But when that happens…sometimes what He will do, okay, Well that piece of instruction that I gave you before, you have to go back there.  Okay?   He told to the Church of Ephesus, Go back to your first works.  You have to go back to what He first told you!  What He first told you is, Okay you got to do it like this…. and then you disobey! Okay?  You don’t just go off and do something else, NO!  You go back to what He said, the instructions, AND DO THAT!

So that’s what we have with Ezekiel’s Temple, IS ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE RESTORED!  And we’ll SEE the proper way to do it!  Because we never actually seen the proper way of doing it, because the Jews never lasted very long by doing anything properly, and when ever they did something, it was destroyed…and the Christians are the SAME WAY!  CHRISTIANS HAVE ALSO BEEN APOSTATE AND HAVE INFILTRATED CHRIST MESSAGE WITH PAGANISM!  Okay, so now aspects what we are teaching here are TOTALLY FOREIGN TO US!  THE FEASTS ARE TOTALLY FOREIGN TO US!  The….all these things what Christ is saying in the Gospel’s, WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT!  Okay?  BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN SEPERATED FROM THE KNOWLEDGE OF THESE THINGS, OKAY?

But that is what the Ezekiel Temple is doing!  It is Restoring all those things going back to the beginning.  It is a Phase of Restoration, like Moses had a Tabernacle, temporary!  OUR LIFE IS TEMPORARY!! Okay, and THE TABERNACLE ALSO REPRESENTS THE PHYSICAL BODY!  Okay, Adam and Eve were clothed with LIGHT!  Okay, IT DIDN’T say they had clothes and they were naked!  WELL MAYBE THEY WERE CLOTHED WITH LIGHT!  Maybe they did have clothes, you just couldn’t see them, because they were radiating LIGHT and GLORY?  Right?  So then they eat from the WRONG TREE….What?  It’s gone!  So then in the Order of Priesthood, you have Garments!  You have the Priest wear the Garments and everything, what is that?  It’s COVERING THE SHAME AND THE NAKEDNESS!  And of course during this Time period of Ezekiel’s Temple, you have people with GLORIFIED BODY’S, because they lived the whole time!

So guys, we are going to have more on the Millennium!  I find it so sad, that the people don’t understand these things, these are very basic doctrines, I am not telling you anything new!  Okay, these are  basic doctrines…and THIS IS WHERE WE’RE GOING, alright?  Sure we are in this Time, and this Time is… ….whatever…BUT IT IS ALL TEMPORARY!  This is all temporary!  IT IS NOT A LONG TIME TO DEAL WITH THE TRIBULATION, and the Mark of the Beast, and the AntiChrist! Yea…we got all those things, okay?  YOU GOT TO HAVE AN ENEMY IN ORDER TO OVERCOME!  Even the Garden of Eden, THE SERPENT WAS THERE, right?

So guys, Thanks for watching!  This is, like I said, part of a playlist on Measure the Pattern, okay, Show the Design!  Okay guys, YOU REALLY NEED TO BE EDUCATED ON WHERE WE’RE GOING IN THE FUTURE!  Okay?  I know a lot of people are saying a lot of different things, but basically the doctrine of the people is what they THINK is this: THEY THINK THAT THEY ARE GOING TO BE RAPTURED…THEY ARE GOING TO GO TO HEAVEN FOREVER….  AND THAT IS NOT TRUE!   THAT’S NOT WHAT THE PROPHECY SAYS! THAT’S NOT WHAT THE BOOK SAYS!  The Book doesn’t say that, alright?

YES, THERE’S NEW JERUSALEM!  New Jerusalem comes AFTER the 1,000 Year reign of Christ on the Earth, okay? If New Jerusalem, okay, is NEXT…so you’re raptured and you go to New Jerusalem, okay…HOW DOES THE DEVIL BE INCARCERATED IN THE BOTTOMLESS PIT FOR A 1,000 YEARS?  OKAY, AND WHEN HE COMES OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT…….IS HE GOING TO NEW JERUSALEM??  NO, HE IS NOT!  IT DOESN’T SAY THAT!

New Jerusalem is Revelation 21 and 22!  THE DEVIL IS LOOSED FROM THE BOTTOMLESS PIT IN REVELATION 20!  That’s Revelation 20 says, 6 times…a thousand years, a thousand years, a thousand years….that is why we are doing all of these video’s, TO EDUCATE THE PEOPLE, so that you will know when Christ comes, okay, this is the deal, guys!  IT’S THE JUDGEMENT DAY!  Okay, it’s Judgement!

All of the souls leading up to this time…ENTER THE JUDGEMENT OF CHRIST….and then you have one of two things happen: YOU MAKE THE MILLENNIUM …YOU ARE ALIVE  AND REMAIN AND SURVIVE THROUGH, YOU DIE, OKAY,  AND YOU HAVE A RESURRECTED BODY….OR……YOU GO TO THE LAKE OF FIRE!  THAT’S IT! That’s what this means!  That’s what this whole Time period means!  Alright?  So that’s what we’re leading to…that’s where things are going, alright?


Show Design, Measure Pattern: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gYZoDzRkvteaRNMs32bWh6c

4 Rivers of Eden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRHRVjmtHq4&t=0s

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Abomination of Desolation and Hannukah

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Abomination of Desolation and Hannukah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abFlO0UirlU

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

Okay guys, What is the Abomination that makes Desolate?  Alright, we are going to get into, What is the Abomination that makes Desolate or the Abomination of Desolation. When is it?  What does this mean?  What does this look like?  We are going to do our best, we are going to cover as much information on this topic as possible!

Now, What are we talking about?  We are talking about an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT SIGNIFICANT END TIMES PROPHETIC EVENT!  When we go to Matthew 24, essentially we have a section of Scripture that deals with this, from the Lord Jesus Christ!  Matthew 24, verse 15, And when therefore, and when you therefore shall see the Abomination of Desolate, spoken of by  Daniel the prophet, stand in the Holy place, whosoever reads let him understand.

We’re going to continue with more of this, the verses there in Matthew 24, but… What is the Abomination that makes Desolate, okay?  Well basically, what we have is something He has obvious said, it’s mentioned by Daniel, and this is mentioned by Daniel in several places. Let’s read the different places it’s mentioned…one other…. one other, this account in Matthew is also, word for word in Mark, but there is another place in Luke 21, verse 20, which we should make note of.  And that is, And when you shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then you know Desolation is nigh!  Now that is also very significant because this gives us the ELEMENT OF WAR or something else, you know, happening, at or around this time.

So the first place in Daniel guys,  where we find the Abomination of Desolation, Daniel 8:13.  And it is a question by, Daniel has seen 2 Saints in a conversation, How long shall the vision be concerning the Transgression of Desolation, or… these are just the same terms for Abomination of Desolation. Now, he is asking, When will this be?  And, for the sake of time, it’s going to be 1,510 Days from the Time of September 22, 2017!  So guys, I am recording this video, on the 4th Day of the 9th Month, okay?  And I am recording this message, I am very excited to do this today BECAUSE in EXACTLY 4 YEARS WILL THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION WILL TAKE PLACE!

Now, I have another video I will put in the description field, where we go over the details of DANIEL’S TIMELINE WHICH GIVES US THESE PRECISE DAYS!  We also find them is Ezra chapter 8, which we have gone over before, so I will put video’s to confirm the exact timing of this, okay?

But, Daniel 9:27, as well, talks about the Abomination of Desolation: In the midst of the week, the sacrafice and  the oblation will cease,….or the Daily sacrafice will cease.., and for the overspraying of Abominations made Desolate, even until the consummation that will be determined and poured upon the desolate. Okay. So these are all the accounts of Daniel for the Abomination that makes Desolate.  So it’s mention in Daniel 8, mentioned in Daniel 9!

Here in Daniel 11, verse 31, And an arm shall stand on his part,  and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and take away the daily sacrafice, and they shall place the Abomination that makes Desolate. Okay, so it is also recorded there in Daniel!  Daniel 11, that was.  Now this is Daniel 12, verse 11 From the time of the daily sacrafice taken away, and the Abomination that makes Desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.  So what this is saying, okay, when you determine when the daily sacrafice is taken away, count 1,290 Days, and THAT will bring you to Abomination that makes Desolate, okay?

And again, we have gone over these things before, but the Daily Sacrafice is 220 Days, from September 22, 2017, the Day of Antonement, and 220 Days will bring you into April, the end of April, 2018!  That’s when the Daily Sacrafice would stop!  Okay, but then you have 1,290 Days, this would go from that Daily Sacrafice to the Abomination that makes Desolate, and, it’s the 4th Day of the 9th Month, in the Enoch calendar, okay?

So, Zechariah 7:1, also talks about this, And it came to pass in the fourth year of Darius,…..so we are talking 4 Years….that the Word came unto Zechariah, the 4th Day of the 9th month, okay?  Even Chislev, is the Hebrew name of the 9th Month. And you will see how important this 9th MONTH is!  So let’s continue here…as well….another verse I would like to read to you….I will put all of these  notes in the description field.

Jeremiah 7:30 For the children of Judah have done evil in My sight, says the Lord: they have set their abominations in the house which is called by my name, to pollute it.  Okay, so we know that the Jews will do this, they will build a Temple, and within the Temple they’ll set up this Abomination that makes Desolate, okay!

Now this is Amazing, as well the 9th Month, and guys, this is why I encourge you to do all these FEAST!  Even if  you don’t think Hannukah is a major Feast, I always encourge you every year, to READ  the Book of Maccabees, Read the TRUTH about this FEAST!  Because even though it takes place, at a time of the minor prophets and Yeshuah’s public ministy, it’s VERY SIGNIFICANT!  You will see where it is significant as we keep going.

But the word, Hannukah, when we say, Hannukah, in Hebrew that word,  Hannukah, we say it in English, DEDICATION!  Okay, so in John chapter 10, the Lord Jesus Christ DID THIS FEAST, called the Feast of Dedication…Hannukah!  Now, this word Hannukah appears as it relates to Dedications, and the one that relates to the Abomination that makes Desolation, is in Daniel 3, verse 1,  And the king made an image of gold, whose height was 60 cubits high, ….okay, it is heights was 60 cubits, ….it’s breadth was 6 cubits and this he put,…. and he invited all the leaders… and everything…..Come to the dedication of the image which Nebuchadnezzar set up.

So when we are reading in Daniel 3:2, it says Dedication. What we are actually saying is Hannukah!  So this IMAGE OF GOLD IS THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION!  We’re seeing a portrayal of this by Nebuchadnezzar.  Now this is 60 cubits high!  That would be 126 feet!  Okay?  Now I don’t know if this,  the Abomination of Desolation is going to be exactly that high?  But, the significance of this, is this is the EXACT HEIGHT OF THE TEMPLE!   The Temple is 60 cubits high, or 126 feet!

So, if this in fact this is actually this high, it can fit in the Holy Temple, it can fit in the Holy Place.  The Lord said, it would stand!  Something that stands has feet!  Okay, it’ll  stand in the Holy Place, and the Holy Place, the height of the Holy Place is 60 cubits!  So that’s why we are seeing in Daniel 3,  Nebuchadnezzar does this, he sets up the statue, and causes everybody to worship this statue, okay?  So we have this type of what’s going to happen, alright?

And other examples of this word, Hannukah, are used many times, but a couple of referrences is Numbers chapter 7.  In Numbers chapter 7, they’re dedicating the altar, Moses is dedicating the altar, in the wilderness, and the word Dedication, for the altar, is Hannukah!  Okay?  As well as in 2 Chronicles 7:9, In the eigth day,…this is the 8th day of the Feast of Tabernacles, ….they made a solemn assembly for they kept the Dedication, Hannukah, of the altar, 7 Days!  And the Feast 7 Days, okay?

So, we are going to…I am going to explain more about Hannukah, and the significance as we go.  But guys, when we are looking at Dedication, what we have…this is so amazing because Dedication or Hannukah takes place in the 9th Month, it’s 8 Days, okay? Now, the 9th Month, what we are going to be focusing on, but the 24th Day of the 9th Month, in the Book of Haggai, gives us an indication of when the 2 Witnesses start!  So the 2 Witnesses start in Hannukah!  Okay, so that means they start in the 9th Month, they start re-dedicating the altar!  They start re-dedicating and ministering 3 1/2 years!  Okay?

So that’s the significance of Hannuka, they start right at the beginning of Hannukah!  The 24th Day is the Day before..the 25th Day is the first day of Hannukah, okay?  I KNOW MANY OF YOU GUYS DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT THIS, so I am going over some of these details!

Now, in Revelation 13, we also have alot of information on this…. this image of the Beast!  This  Abomination of Desolation, in Revelation 13, and the False Prophet, …And encourge that they make an Image to the Beast!  Okay, now this image to the beast is what they are setting up to go into the Temple!  Alright?  And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast  should both SPEAK and cause as many as would NOT worship the image of the beast, should to be killed!

Okay, so this is just like Nebuchadnezzar, and Nebuchadnezzar did the same thing, and anyone that didn’t worship the beast…worshipped the image that he stood up, set up of himself, I believe in Daniel  3, they were cast into the furnace, the firey furnance, you guys know that story. Okay, SO THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO DO THE SAME THING!  The Antichrist meaning the False Prophet, is going to encourage this image of the beast! So what exactly…it talks…whatever, you know… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH TECHNOLOGY HERE!  But what I am getting at, there IS A STATUE!  There is something!  It is going to be in the Temple, that’s clearly what this is saying!

Okay, now the ….now let’s talk a little bit about Hannukah some more, you guys, okay?  And this is where we get into the rest of the Lord words, because He says, you know… (Matthew 24) When you see the Abomination of Desolation, spoken by Daniel the prophet, STAND in the Holy Place, (whosesover reads, let him understand:)  Then it says a few things: Let them which are in Judea flee into the mountains.  Let them that are on the housetop not come down and take anything from his house, Neither let him which is in the field return  to take his clothes.  Woe to them that are with child and them that give suck in those days. But I pray that your flight be not  in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day.  For then shall be great tribulation, such as has not since the beginning of world to this time, neither shall be. Okay, so this is all basically talking about the Abomination that makes Desolate!


For example, we will just go through these!  But first here is just a couple of things on this time, that Antichus Epiphanes set up a great constitution and coined Greek money to replace, you know, the shekel there.  And orders were given that there would be: NO Sabbath,  No Holy Days, No Circumcission, okay?  A statue of Zeus/Antiochus was placed in the Temple, above the altar!  Okay, he made a statue!  Antiochus Epiphanes said he was Zeus!  And then he took a Zeus statue and he put it on the altar!  Okay, this is all giving us clear indication of what this is going to look like, alright?

So, when Jesus is talking about this in Matthew 24, if you are familiar with Maccabees you’ll see the symbolism, okay?  So when you hear this, 1 Maccabees 1:39, it says, her sanctuary became desolate as a wilderness, and her face was turned into mourning, alright?  And, we are just going to go through these, each one.  Then let them…then let them in Judea flee into the mountains.  And then in 1 Maccabbees 1:38 the inhabitants of Jerusalem fled of them, and they drove the Israelites into secret places, even wheresoever they should flee.  Okay, so the same thing happened at the Maccabbean Revolt!  Woe unto them with child, that they should give suck in those days!

Okay, in Maccabees it says, At which time according to the commandment they put to death certain women,..they killed certain women,.. that caused their children to be circumcised.  So, they are killing the women that were circumcising their children.  And they hanged the infants about their necks, and rifiled through their houses and slew all them that circumcised.  Okay? So this is what this  reference is…Woe to them that are  with child….this has to do with circumcission at the time of the Maccabean Revolt.

But pray your flight not be in winter. Okay, now clearly the events of Hannukah are in the 9th Month!  And this is leading to…or the end of it is Winter!  1 Maccabees 1:54 says, Now the 15th Day of the Month of Kislev.  Now, the 15th Day of the 9th Month, is the 1,335 Day!  Okay, this is just coming up in a few days…!  And they set up the Abomination of Desolation upon the altar!  So, this Day is the day they actually set it up, okay?  They give you the Year, the 145th Year!  Okay, now the 25th Day of the Month, THEY SACRAFICED UPON THE ALTAR, WHICH WAS ON THE ALTAR OF GOD, SO THEY PLACED AN  IDOL ALTAR ON TOP OF GOD’S ALTAR, AND THEY SACRAFICED A SWINE!  THEY SACRAFICED A PIG, DESECRATING THE ALTAR!  So that’s the first day of Hannukah, they recognized this day!  But clearly the Book of Maccabees is also pointing to this date!  Okay? So this was the 15th Day….I am just saying, this is significant!

Okay, and that your flight not be on the Sabbath Day!  And they forbid, burnt offerings, sacrafices…drink offerings in the Temple, they should obey the Sabbaths and the Feast Days.  So the Sabbath relates to, you know…these are all related to the things that  the Antichrist figure, the Antochus Epiphanes, DID AT THE MACCABEAN REVOLT!  Okay,  you can see here clearly, he came…the things he came against.  He came against the Sabbath, okay?  He came against the Holy Days!  He came against the Circumcission, okay?

But what does that mean to us?  Okay, these indications of what the Lord Jesus is telling us, are the things to look out for, because THE SYSTEM IS GOING TO DO THE SAME THING!  Okay?  And the System….now think about the Sabbath, on the Sabbath, you are not suppose to buy or sell!  Alright, now the image of the Beast, no man could buy or sell, unless they had the mark of the beast, okay?  SO THAT IS WHY KEEPING THE SABBATH IS SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE YOU’RE HONORING GOD ON THAT DAY, NOT JUST TO WORK, BUT ALSO NOT TO BUY OR SELL!  Because now that we are come into the LAST DAYS, the Mark of the Beast is also going to come against the Sabbath!  Okay? And come against those that do keep the Sabbath, okay?

So, what have we learned from Maccabees?  We learned, the Abomination of Desolation will happen in Jerusalem, just like it happened before!  Now as it relates to the circumcission, remember…Woe to the women that are with child!  Okay, because the women with child at the time of Antiochus Epiphanes were KILLED, because of circumcission!  What does that means?  You know, of the circumcission it doesn’t matter, but the circumcission for the New Covenant, is the circumcission of the Heart!

Okay, Deuteronomy 30:16, And the Lord your God will circumcise your heart…the heart of your seed, to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul that you may live!  Jeremiah 4:4 Circumcise yourself to the Lord, take away the foreskins of your heart. Romans 2:29 For he is not a Jew which is one outwardly, and the circumcission is that of the heart, and in the spirit.  Okay, so that’s the circumcission that they are going to come against!

Now it says to FLEE Judea…what does this mean? Well, wherever we are, we must flee Babylon!  Come out of her my people, as I have been saying.  Flee out of the midst of her, okay?  So that’s what it said when the Lord said, Flee Judea, go…that your flight be not in Winter, okay?  And the 9th Month, in Winter, it’s significant, again it’s when the 2 Witnesses begin to re-dedicate the altar, okay.   And the Sabbath DAY MEANS KEEP IT HOLY!  KEEP THE SABBATH HOLY, AND DON’T BUY OR SELL ON  THAT DAY, AS IT”S PART OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST, okay?

So that’s all the symbollism in the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the Abomination that makes Desolate!  There’s other things here to, I just want to mention real quick,  in Ezekiel 8, verse 3, it talks about Ezekiel is taken to the door of the Inner Gate that looks towards the North, and there was a Seat of the Image of Jealousy, which provokes to Jealousy!  Okay, so there is also a Seat, as well.

Now the Abomination that makes Desolate is some kind of statue, okay, that will speak!  You know, I  mean,  as well, there’s going to be a Seat, and that Seat is, we know from 2 Thessalonians about the son of Perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worhipped, so that he as God sits in the Temple of God showing himself that he is God.  So there is a Seat, there is a Place, as well, where he is going to sit!  Okay, he is going to do that, it is going to be in the Temple, but as well, what we’re focusing here, is we have this Abomination that makes Desolate!

Okay, it’s going to be…we can tell you when it’s going to be, it’s going to be the 4th day of the 9th Month, 4 years from now!  That is 1,510 Days from the Women clothed with the Sun…the September 22, 2017 Sign!  Okay, that is why that date is so significant!  Okay, everything is still going. Alright, so that’s the Abomination that makes Desolate, okay?  And, I will put all these notes in the description field, be sure to study all of this out! It’s quite amazing, quite remarkable!

We can see clearly from Maccabees what this is going to look like, an um, just one more thing before I wrap it up, guys, the other thing about the Image of the Beast is….it’s…the reason there’s a Temple…the reason WHY  there’s an Idol in the Temple, IT’S BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE!  THE PEOPLE HAVE IDOLS, okay?  And the people said to the Lord, you know, what shall we do, what shall we pay taxes?  The Lord said give me a coin!  And He said, Whose Image is on that coin?  Okay, and that is very significant guys, because we are now entering into an amazing time, okay, so what you can see in Maccabees, Antiochus Epiphanes put a coin in, with his face on it!  Alright?

NOW WHAT’S HAPPENING, IS THE SYSTEM COMING IS ELIMINATING CURRENCY, PAPER MONEY, okay?  IT’S ELIMINATING PHYSICAL COINS!  BUT THERE IS NEW COINS COMING, THEY ARE CRYPTO COINS, AND THEY ARE NOT REAL!  THEY ARE 1’s and 0’s!  Okay?  BUT THEY ARE THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST!  The main one is called Bitcoin, if you don’t know about this!  It’s a Coin!  And it has a B, it’s the Image of the Beast!  So all of these things prophetically are happening, but the Lord said, you can not serve God and mammon!  Now mammon in the Hebrew is Treasure’s, okay?


Many of them that are so called, “Believer’s”!  Why?  Because they don’t trust in God, they trust in mammon, okay?  And mammon is God’s Treasure, okay?  The Hidden things!  And even this word, Treasure, you guys, is used by Joseph, in Genesis 43.  He gave the brother’s Hidden Treasures in their sacks!  He gave them mammon!  So mammon, the Treasures, come from Him!  They come from Yeshuah!  they come from Yoseph!  He is the Treasurer of Heaven!  Okay, so Trust in Him!  Sell all you have, give to the poor, and Trust in Him! He is Faithful!  Okay?

But that’s the Abomination that make Desolate!  The image of his coming on the coin, okay, you can’t buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast…but we trust in HIM!  Okay, we serve God and not mammon!  So guys, thanks for watching!  I will put these notes in the description field.  Please watch the other video on Daniel’s Timeline, we have already covered this, so glory to His name!  I have another video as well, on the Daily Sacrafice!  So these are the signifcant dates in Daniel’s Timeline, that you can clearly see!

So thanks for watching!  Watch and Pray that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things, in Yeshuah’s name, Amen! ~ Leeland Jones

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