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Jennifer Heath is the #1 International Best-Selling Author of the eye-opening book Overcoming Lyme Disease and founder of the Overcoming Lyme Disease Academy. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Before Jennifer was diagnosed with Lyme disease, she was a stay-at-home mom of three children, who are now all grown, and then a Top Leader, Recruiter, New Business Developer, and National Conference Trainer for Silpada Designs, a Direct Sales Company, for thirteen years.

After a horrific, multi-year experience dealing with an undiagnosed case of Lyme disease, Jennifer was left for dead by the medical establishment after she tested positive on the Lyme antibody test. With the help of her holistic doctor and her 30+ years health journey, Jennifer was able to heal her body from some of the damages caused by Lyme disease and did so by treating it like Cancer.

As part administrator for the Lyme Disease and Co-Infections group on FaceBook and thru her blog,, Jennifer has been coaching and inspiring Lyme patients all over the world by sharing what they can do from home to heal and where they should go for help. Jennifer teaches them about daily, inexpensive ways they can detoxify and nourish their bodies, along with ways to limit their toxic exposure to things they eat and use daily.

In her book Overcoming Lyme Disease, Jennifer writes about her personal health journey and reveals how she treats Lyme like Cancer. She exposes the truth about our flawed health care system and explains why the #1 cause of death for a Lyme patient is now suicide. Overcoming Lyme Disease helps those suffering realize that they do not need to give up hope and it validates their illness; “You’re not crazy, your doctors are ignorant”.

“Overcoming” Lyme Disease against all odds and learning about the “Lyme Cryme,” where certain CDC officers fraudulently changed the case definition and testing for Lyme disease in order to sell their fake LYMErix vaccine, is the reason Jennifer wrote the book. She has made it her life’s mission to educate the world and holistic doctors as to what the disease really is, a disease of immune suppression, similar to AIDS and Cancer.

Ever since writing a health column for her high school paper, she has enjoyed researching, learning, and teaching others about the latest discoveries on healing the body. Her friends and family all tell Jennifer that she should become a doctor, but she would rather just help others and point them in the right direction.

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