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In a perfect world, there would be no disease and sickness.  Things wouldn’t decay.  Unfortunately, we are not in a perfect world and therefore we need to educate ourselves on how to stay healthy.

Root canals would be fine if we were in a perfect world.  But then again, we wouldn’t need them because we wouldn’t have sickness.  Our teeth and gums would be healthy.  Since we are not in a perfect world, tooth decay happens and at times we can develop and abscessed tooth.  According to my extremely knowledgeable biological dentist, Natalie Horn D.D. S., “An abscessed tooth is infection draining into the blood stream and affecting the heart”.  Depending on the tooth’s location, it also affects the organs or body parts that it is connected to.  See above the Dental Maridian Chart.

There is so much evidence and proof out there that root canals are not as safe as once thought.  With the rise in these “Super Bugs” that don’t respond to antibiotics or western medicine, it makes total since to be pro-active with your health and not have a root canal done if your tooth goes bad.  It is far healthier for you to have it pulled by a biological dentist who knows how to safely clean out the infection in the socket of the tooth and the surrounding jaw bone.

Root canals are the only medical procedure where they leave a dead body part in you.  No matter what you may hear, there is no way for a doctor to guarantee you that it is 100% safe, especially in light of Lyme disease and their c0-infections.  At any moment, everyone of us can get bit by a tick, or any thing that bites, carrying these “Super Bugs”!   It only takes minutes for the infection to enter  your blood stream.  The new infection is hard enough on our immune system and are made worst when we have a place where these “Super Bugs” can hide and breed.   Unfortunately, these dead teeth are the perfect host for infection to grow and spread.  Taking an antibiotic or using herbs that heal, will not get in or penetrate this area.  You will continue to stay sick as long as you have a place to harvest this infection, hence why you need to have your root canal surgically removed.

This was part of my journey, having all 4 of my infected root canals removed.  I went thru 2 dentist and 1 endodontist, before I found Dr. Natalie Horn.  The other dentist and endodontist said I needed to redo all of my root canals, except one that was severely abscessed into my jaw bone.  That one, they said,  needed to be surgically removed and prepped for an implant.  What these doctors don’t understand, is that Lyme and their co-infections will continue to thrive in these dead spaces regardless of what they do.  The infection was so severe in my abscessed area, that I lost a lot of bone, which made it risky for an implant.

Knowledge is Power!  My semi-retired holistic doctor, Rich Easterling begged me NOT to have any root canals done 18 years ago!  He tried to explain to me why, but I didn’t grasp the information and when I questioned my dentist and endodonist, they laughed and informed me they were safe.   By the way, it was after a routine dental cleaning I had done at the end of February 2013, is when I became deathly ill!   Apparently, my crown on my root canal tooth needed replaced.   The dentist fitted me for a new one and put a temporary crown on.  Within a day or two, I mysteriously fell ill.  I didn’t know at the time, nor any of my doctors, that it was because of the infection leaking into my body from the dead tooth.

Thankfully, I hired a team of top holistic doctors to heal from the damaged caused by the infections.  I highly recommend oxygen therapies and Therazyme TRMA, to heal your bone infections, or any infection under the sun.  Of course this is only part of the solution.  You need supplements for your body, chiropractic care, a ketogenic diet, daily exercise, a positive mind set, just to name a few.

Here is some information from Dr. Horn on alternatives to root canals:

“One question that is frequently asked with discussion of a crown is:  Do I need a root canal before it?  Due to insult to the tooth (whether repetitive cavities, fillings or initial fracture) it is believed that the irritation can cause a nerve to be irritated enough to fail.  Research has changed the early belief of RCT (root canal) prior to every crown, to only as needed.   Technology has allowed instruments to go through crowns and the ability to look into canals with high powered microscopes and find all canals.  Thus, due to the expense and refined technology of this profession our office does refer to a very highly qualified team of endodontist’s.  With that being said, comes the controversy of to have a root canal or not?  At this time in technology the controversy has been raised on the latest finding of an auto immune response with materials used in RCT’s along with lingering bacteria that is unable to be removed from the structure of the tooth.

The conversation that comes up is bearing on a much bigger picture.  What options are available if the abscessed tooth is removed?

Depending on the patients view and values, a root canal can achieve an immediated need to save a tooth.  Most teeth must be replaced to establish stability of the remaining teeth and bite.  Options if tooth is removed:

  • Removal partial-
  • a.  Pros- cost effective
  • b.  Cons- Food can get under it during eating.  Clasps on adjacent teeth can trap food and increase caries (cavity) risk
  • Bridge
  • a.  Pros- Cost effective
  • b.  Cons- Adjacent teeth must be prepared as a crown- Unable to floss like regular teeth.  Need to thread under bridge thus increased risk of recurrent cavities under bridge pontic region.
  • Implant-
  • a.  Pros-Unable to get cavity, Easy to floss and longevity
  • b.  Cons- amount of time for final crown- approx 6 months- Expense and Need for additional bone graph

Let’s not forget about the dangers of mercury fillings!   “Super Bugs” thrive on it.  It is extremely important to have your silver/mercury fillings removed by a biological dentist!

Food for thought:  Mercury fillings in our mouths are toxic before they go into our mouths and than after they are taken out, but we are being brainwashed into believing that they aren’t toxic while they are in our mouths?  Something to think about!

Here is some information from Dr. Horn on how they remove mercury fillings:

“Cavity removal with filling replacement can be accomplished with multiple choices.  Our practice no longer gives the option of Amalgams (silver fillings) due to the high controversy of the mercury component.  With removal of amalgams we take all precautions to minimize contamination.

  1.  Oxygen placement
  2. Rubber dam
  3. Heavy water and evacuation
  4. Minimal to no tough of the amalgam filling (outlined) upon removal.

Replacement options:

  • Resin composite (white)
  • Inlays or onlays (porcelain)
  • Crown material optional depending on personal choice.
  • a. Porcelain
  • b. Porcelain fused to high noble metal (stabile)
  • c.  Gold-anti-cavity properties

For more information go to

Happy Healthy Healing!

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.
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“Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes it meaningful”.                  ~~~~~~~Joshua J. Marine

Profound statements your doctor may say to you when you ask them about Lyme disease.

  1.  “It is extremely rare in this area”.
  2.  If in the winter, “Ticks aren’t out this time of the year”.
  3. “I don’t treat Lyme disease”!
  4. “That kind of tick doesn’t carry Lyme disease”.
  5. “You must have a bulls eye rash, in order to have Lyme disease”.
  6. “Two weeks on antibiotics will heal you”.
  7. “Late stage Lyme disease does not exist”.
  8. “You only can get Lyme disease from a tick bite”!
  9.  “The tests out there aren’t accurate”!
  10. “It is really hard to diagnose Lyme disease”!  (Basically, so let’s not!)
  11. “There is infection, and than there is infection”.  (Don’t understand that one!)
  12. “Don’t be happy if you have Lyme disease, it is nothing to be excited about”!
  13. “The tick needs to be attached to you at least 36 hours in order for you to get Lyme or their co-infections”.
  14. “What is a co-infection”?
  15. “You need to see a Rheumatoid doctor for treatments”!
  16. “Maybe you need to go see a therapist”?

The reason why doctors make these statements is because they were only briefly told about Lyme disease in medical school.  Even holistic doctors didn’t even know the name of the disease they have been treating in their patience with Lyme .   The difference between holistic doctors and medical doctors is that holistic doctors treat the body as a whole.  They get to the source of the problem, which I guarantee you that it is NOT a pharmaceutical deficiency!  There is a time and place for Western medicine, like when you get in a car accident or when you are having a heart attack.  Medical doctors are a must then.  But when it comes to 85% of all the other illnesses, western medicine is not going to help you!  Especially when it comes to Lyme disease!

Since there is no vaccine or pharmaceutical’s that will help you get better from Lyme disease, it is much easier for modern medicine to deny that the disease exists.  On top of that, it is hard to diagnose it with the obsolete blood tests that the CDC recommends.

Before I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in August 2014, I was like the majority of the people in our world, I did not know what Lyme disease was.   Once I heard about it, I truly thought it was a ‘made up’ disease, like Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain. Made up, meaning when doctors don’t know what is wrong with you or the source of your problem, they diagnose you with a disease like Fibro!

Lyme disease and their co-infections have been around for a long time. If that is a true statement, why are we just now recognizing it?   I think there a couple of reasons why.    First, our planet has become toxic and polluted, making our food supply deficient in vital nutrients.  When our bodies don’t have the building blocks it needs to get rid of this new toxic overload, disease sets in.  Our immune systems become compromised making it hard to recognize what is foreign and non foreign, to our bodies. When this happens our immune systems our fooled into thinking normal body tissue is bad and so it starts attacking itself, instead of the foreign invader.  Secondly, Lyme and co-infections are forever mutating.   Contrary to popular belief, Lyme and co-infections are not just bacterial, they are viral, fungi and parasitic.  These foreign invaders keep changing their forms as they hijack our cells and DNA, tricking our already compromised immune system that they are part of our own bodies and not to attack.

So, what is the solution to getting better?  I truly believe that the best defense is a good offense.  We all need to resolve in ourselves to start making daily healthy choices, in order to stay well.   This is the reason why I started this blog and I am now writing my book, to give people hope and to introduce them to the resources I used to heal from “Late Stage Lyme” disease and co-infections.  Like Dr. Benn Rocco says, “The bottom line is, when you develop symptoms of any kind that cause you to seek a doctors help, find a doctor that knows how to treat YOU, not the symptoms”.

Happy Healthy Healing!

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.
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Bladder Infection (Cystitis), By Rich Easterling ND, PhD

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Urinary tract or bladder infections (cystitis) affect both men and women.  Medical literature says women with recurrent UTI’s or bladder infections, etc., can be counted on for 8-12 office visits per year.  The kidneys, ureters, bladder, penis, and urethra all play a part in filtering and expelling waste material (urine) from the body.  Cystitis (bladder infection), urethritis (an infection on the urethra), and acute pyelonephritis (a kidney infection) are common in women but when occurring in men may be a sign of more serious situations such as prostate problems.  Urethritis in the male is most often the result of sexual contact.   Generally conditions affecting the bladder, kidneys, or urethra are called urinary tract infections, or UTI’s and most of the time are concentrated in the bladder and urethra.

The highest percentage of UTI’s are caused by Escherichia Coli, a bacterium usually found in the intestines.  When out of normal balance or found in the urine “E Coli” can be dangerous.  Another cause of bladder problems may be due to Chlamydia.  In females bacteria introduced by fecal contamination or vaginal secretions gaining access to the bladder by traveling up through the urethra.  Because of the close proximity of the anus, vagina, and urethra, in females cystitis, pyelonephritis, and urethritis occur with much more frequency.  The short length of the female urethra is another factor that allows transmission of bacteria can reach the bladder by traveling up through the urethra or by moving from an infected prostate gland.  When occurring in males they may signal a problem of more serious nature such as prostatitis, while in women relatively speaking, they are more common.

In bladder infections frequent and even painful urination with an urgent need to empty the bladder are typical and emptying the bladder may not always bring relief.   Chem strips, Bayer N-Multistix or Reagent Strips are one way to monitor the urine and can be done at home.  With UTI’s the urine will often have a strong, unpleasant odor accompanied by cloudiness.   Abdominal pain and a painful burning sensation while urinating are common especially when children are infected.    There may be blood in the urine which is not always seen but is picked up on a “Chem Strip”.  Cystitis while an annoyance and inconvenience more than a serious health problem, if left untreated and is chronically recurring may lead to actual kidney infection and it’s accompanying difficulties.


  1.  Drink plenty of liquids.  NO tap or well water!   Drink at least one 8 oz. glass of pure water per hour over the time determined for you.   If you are unsure about water steam distilled is fine for cleansing period only.
  2. Eat or juice (always organic if possible) watermelon, parsley and celery which act as cleansers and natural diuretics unlike the dangerous pharmaceutical ones.
  3. Avoid citrus fruits while cleansing as they produce an alkaline ash through digestion which in turn produces alkaline urine that encourages bacterial growth.
  4. Stay away from alcohol, carbonated beverages of any kind, caffeine, coffee, chocolate, simple sugars, refined and processed foods.  No junk food of any type.   Chemicals in foods, drugs, impure water all encourage the problem while having an adverse effect on the bladder.
  5. Perform the 3 day cleanse avoiding the citrus.  Once the cleansing is done and infection handled subsequent cleansing may include citrus.
  6. Use the whey product or 2 acidophilus capsules with meals.   This is extremely important if you have used pharmaceutical antibiotics in the past.
  7. In acute situations or where UTI’s have become chronic (recurring) and especially if there is pain associated with cystitis, a twenty minute hot sitz bath may be helpful.   “Batherapy” a product that can be found in health food stores can be used of you can use one cup of vinegar (raw unpasteurized) to a shadow bath for sitz bathe once per day.   Females should allow the water to enter the vagina by positioning knees up and apart.  This may be alternated with a bath using garlic by using two cloves well crushed or a similar amount of juice (by using garlic expeller) or 1-2 teaspoons powder.
  8. An Acidophilus douche is recommended using 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon in 1 quart of warm pure water.  If the cystitis is associated with vaginitis this should be alternated with similar pure raw apple vinegar.
  9. Avoid excess iron as well as zinc supplements WHILE CLEANSING.  Iron is required by bacteria for growth and the body will try to store it in the spleen, liver, and bone marrow, in order to prevent further bacterial growth.
  10. When the urge to urinate comes, do not delay, empty ASAP.   It is a good practice to have breaks every few (2-3) hours when awake to void the urine.  “Voiding by the clock”.
  11. Cotton underwear, avoid nylon or other synthetics.
  12. After swimming dry off and get into dry clothes ASAP.  Do not stay in wet bathing suit.
  13. No “feminine hygiene sprays”, bubble baths, package douches, tampons, toilet paper or sanitary pads that contain fragrances.   The fragrance industry is big business but synthetic fragrances are dangerous, for numerous reasons and potentially cause for irritation and inflammation.
  14. If your UTI’s are recurring use sanitary pads rather than tampons.
  15. If using chem strips of other “finders” and bacteria is no longer found and painful urination continues, discontinue all soaps and get all natural soap from of from the health food stores.
jenniferdarrBladder Infection (Cystitis), By Rich Easterling ND, PhD
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“If you don’t take care of your body, WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE”?               ~~~Unknown

Did you know that the Medical Community treats Lyme like Cancer?   Really, it is true!! Once you get diagnose with Cancer, Doctors treat you until the treatments don’t work anymore and then they send you home to suffer and die. They do the exact same thing with Lyme disease, but your treatment only lasts 2-4weeks! After they give you a couple of weeks of antibiotics, they pronounce you are healed and send you home to suffer, and depending on your health, you can die!

On the flip side, Lyme is not being treated like Cancer.   When you get diagnosed with Cancer, you aren’t laughed at or chastised by people you love. Instead, whole communities have been known to rise up and support you as you fight for your life. Not true with a Lyme diagnoses!! Since the medical community and government hide the #1 epidemic, by painting a picture that a person is healed after a round of antibiotics, you are looked upon as being a Hypochondriac. As your health continues to fail, you are now diagnosed with one or many of the 350+ diseases that Lyme mimics. Because of the “God Like” authority doctors are given, family and friends begin to question your health and mental state at a time when you need their love and support the most!

Cancer can develop and metastasize to anywhere in your body, like Lyme disease and co-infections can infest any part of your body. It is a ‘case by case’ treatment and not a, ‘one size fits all’ protocol.

God has made our body’s to heal itself. In order to do so, we must give it the “God Given” herbs or food it needs. If you don’t believe in God, call it a universal law. Believing you can get better is the mindset you must embrace, if you are going to get better, since your thoughts influence every cell in your body.

I believe in treating Lyme disease like Cancer, but without the cancer causing medicine! There are top holistic doctors all over the world that have successfully treated Cancer and Lyme patience by using oxygen therapies, enzymes, supplements for their body, coffee enema’s, juicing, far infrared sauna’s, deep tissue cleanses, placing a patient on a sugar, dairy and gluten free diet along with a diet of unprocessed foods that are organic, containing Non GMO nor MSG, and other natural methods.

In most cases, it isn’t until a Cancer patient has already undergone chemo, radiation, surgery, and left to die, do they turn to holistic care. Even then, these brilliant caring holistic doctors are able to reverse most of the damage caused by western medicine and are able to help their patience live a long, healthy, and happy life.

I am fortunate to have been able to work with and be a patient of some of the top holistic healers of our time.

I have witnessed cancer patients whose lives have been restored by following a created protocol for their bodies. With the same lazier focus, I have been able to overcome Lyme disease and regain my life back for the better.

Because I went years without being properly diagnosed, I am now dedicating my life to raising awareness about what Lyme disease is and to help others overcome it holistically. After all, what doesn’t kill You, makes you stronger!

Books to read and learn, in order to grow and heal:

  2. THE ENZYME CURE, HOW PLANT ENZYMES CAN HELP YOU RELIEVE 36 HEATLH PROBLEMS, By Lita Lee, Ph.D., and Lisa Turner, with Burton Goldberg
  3. CANCER STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX, 6th Edition by Ty Bollinger.
  6. THE HOLY BIBLE, Inspired by God (If you aren’t a believer, use a book that brings you hope and filled with good affirmations).
  8. FREE E-book on called, THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, By James Paul Roguski
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Lyme Disease, The 21st Century Plaque that is being ignored by the Medical Community!


“If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool”.

~~Hippocrates – founder of Medicine


Up until now, I thought the reason why I wasn’t tested for Lyme disease after falling mysteriously ill two years ago, was because I didn’t have a tick attached to me, with red lines around the bite spot symbolizing infection. Ha! I was WRONG!!!

Apparently, you can have part of a tick attached to you, with clear indications of infection, and doctors aren’t even worried or thinking that there is a remote chance that you could be getting infected by Lyme or any of the co-infections/super bugs that ride along with Lyme disease! I witnessed this first hand when I recently took my poor brother, Richie to the ER to remove a tick that had been embedded in his belly button for at least couple weeks.

Richie thought that the spot in his belly button was a mole. It wasn’t until it continued to grow in size and causing extreme pain in his stomach area did he even think it was something else. His girl friend looked at it and together they tried to remove it with rubbing alcohol, oil and tweezers. The body broke off instead, leaving the head attached to his body. Within 10 minutes, Richie felt like throwing up.   Severe pain radiated at the bite spot and caused his joints in his upper body to ache. A couple of weeks prier, Richie started  feeling fatigue, headaches, flu like symptoms that left his joints aching like his arthritis had moved to other parts in his body.

Once I told the ER doctor that I overcame Lyme disease holistically after I was misdiagnosed for several years, the doctor got an attitude with me. He question that I even had Lyme disease and asked me what doctor treated me and what I did to heal. He then told us that ticks are not out at this time of year. I asked him to look at the tick in my brother’s belly button and he said he would get to that later. After giving my brother a full physical, he finally looked at his belly button. Richie gritted his teeth in extreme pain, when the doctor touched the red infected site and the nose of the embedded tick. The doctor asked my brother what the tick looked like. When Richie told him that it had grown to the size of his small thumbnail, the doctor said that that size tick doesn’t carry Lyme disease. I wanted to laugh at his ignorance, but this was not a laughing matter!

The ER doctor then said he needed to surgically remove the tick head and that he was going to talk to the infectious disease doctor. When he came back into the room, he said that the ID Doc said to give Richie one day of Doxy, antibiotics.   I asked the doctor if he would run blood work and he happily chanted that Lyme disease is hard to diagnose and that the current blood tests don’t detect it.

The doctor proceeded to numb my brother’s stomach to surgically remove the tick. Once he pulled it out and cleaned the area, he said that he was going to give Richie a week of doxy and pain meds, since there is sign of infection. I asked the doctor one more time to please order any type of blood work to see how bad his infection is. The doctor laughed and said, “There is infection, and there is infection”. I thought, “What does that mean and do people really buy into that BS”?

My brother got dressed and we left the ER.

Richie is taking the antibiotic and is already feeling better.   Time will tell if they will work or not. I have given my brother silver spray to help kill the bacteria and any other virus or fungi that he may have gotten from the bite.

There are studies out that prove that antibiotics don’t work! The medical community is hiding this 21st Century Plaque because they have no clue as to how to treat it! It is time to get back to the basics, using God given herbs and foods that can heal the body, like Hippocrates, the founder of medicine taught.

jenniferdarrLyme Disease, The 21st Century Plaque that is being ignored by the Medical Community!
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A Call To Question and To Action!



“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored”.

~~Aldous Huxley

Why don’t hospital’s hand out a simple CDC pamphlet on Lyme disease to someone that they just removed an embedded tick from and their patient showed a sign of infection at the bite site?

Why does the DNR claim that there are ticks in the area carrying Lyme disease on their website?

Why are doctors so afraid of admitting that Lyme disease is real or that it could be in the area?

Why do Veterinarian’s report there is Lyme in the area and they encourage you to have your pet vaccinated for it?

Why does the CDC claim Lyme is rare in Washtenaw County?

Why are doctors not willing to order blood work and if they do, they quickly tell you that they DO NOT TREAT LYME?

What about the ones that do order blood work and it comes back positive, why don’t they treat their patients longer then 2-4weeks with antibiotics?

There are a lot of doctors out there that want to help their patients but they are not being educated as to how or their medical license is being threatened if they do treat longer than 2-4weeks.   People are being mis-diagnosed daily with one and/or many of the 350+ disease’s that Lyme mimics. Lyme disease is being laughed at by the medical community and the CDC is not informing doctors with “up to date” information about the #1 World Pandemic, and the #1 misreported epidemic, Lyme disease!

Unless you have lived the Lyme nightmare, you may not be aware that insurance companies only will pay for 2-4 weeks for antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics may help if you catch the infection within a few days. The insurance company’s and CDC promote the use of the Western Blot or Elise test as the only tests that are valid to diagnose Lyme patients. The problem is, it is less then 40% accurate and they know it!   Doctors that study Lyme use the IGeneX test to help diagnose their patients, since it is 92% accurate. Unfortunately, most insurance companies won’t cover this $500 to $1,000 blood test! My insurance company didn’t cover the charge and I had to pay the $500!

Regardless, of what doctors are being told, or should I say, “brain washed”, Lyme does exist and it is a shame that it is not taught properly by the CDC or in medical schools.   They need to educate doctors on how easily this potentially, life threatening disease is transmitted, like Ticks are not the only way you can get Lyme disease.

I think the biggest reason why Lyme disease is not being taught in medical schools is because there is no magic pharmaceutical pill to heal you. Since western medicine can’t help, they discount that the disease exist.

The Truth is, you need to treat Lyme like Cancer, but not with cancer causing medicine. You need proper knowledge about your body in order to heal. Antibiotics for late stage Lyme and co-infections, is like throwing gasoline on a fire.   Lyme is not just bacterial, it is viral, fungi and parasitic.   All four of these like to mutate!   These super bugs get smart to antibiotics and become resistant. Plus, antibiotics kill your good bacteria in your gut, which weakens your immune system that is already under attack. In return, you get sicker on antibiotics. Oxygen Therapies is the better choice and is good for treating cancer. Oxygen Therapies like IV Hydrogen Peroxide strengthen your immune system, and it kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites!

It isn’t just the oxygen therapies you need. A diet without sugar, gluten and dairy is very important, along with finding a holistic doctor that can determine what your body is deficient in and give you the nutrients it needs to heal. The nutrients need to include enzymes for your body, mega-doses of probiotics, and advanced cellular silver, like ACS 200. To jumpstart the healing process I highly recommend daily coffee enemas and doing a deep tissue cleanse.


It is time to wake up to this epidemic and get informed on how to keep your body healthy so when you do get exposed you are able to overcome it.

jenniferdarrA Call To Question and To Action!
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Food Allergies (Dr. Rocco)


Food Allergies result in nutritional deficiencies which lead to metabolic imbalance, immune system compromise, and the appearance of symptoms. At this point there’s a choice. You can go to an MD, get a medical diagnosis, have your symptoms named, get prescription drugs, experience disappointment and failure, and even risk potentially severe side effects. Or you can address the Food Allergies and resolve the primary, underlying cause of your symptoms safely, naturally, and without the risk of potentially harmful drugs.

What do Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritis, Asthma, Migraine, Gout, Depression, ADD/ADHD, IBS, and Obesity, as well as a whole host of common and uncommon maladies including the entire list of autoimmune diseases have in common? First of all, their diagnoses are determined by the same method. The MD is trained to consider the patient’s history, symptoms, lab results and exam findings, and then select one of the known disease syndromes that best fits those factors. The MD then names the patient’s condition and selects a drug recommended by the Pharmaceutical industry that’s expected to eliminate the symptoms, produce normal lab values, and return the patient to a state of wellness. If one drug doesn’t work, the doctor tries another, and another in hopes of eventually finding one that does produce the desired results. Meanwhile, the drugs wreak havoc on the patient’s liver and other previously normal, healthy organ systems.

Second and most importantly, all the symptoms by which these maladies are diagnosed are also symptoms of Food Allergies. Sometimes called Food Addictions, food allergies occur when an individual is unable to effectively digest certain foods due to nutritional deficiencies. These deficiencies are either genetic in origin or are the result of poor eating habits like eating too much of certain favorite foods too often. These undigested foods putrefy in the small intestine and create histamines which inhibit the absorption of nutrients necessary to maintain a normal, healthy, disease free body. Instead, histamines are absorbed and circulated throughout the body, resulting in symptoms which are identical to those associated with the disease processes mentioned above. The inability to digest and assimilate nutrients, and effectively eliminate waste materials results in nutritional deficiencies, metabolic imbalance, and immune system compromise, thereby setting the stage for most if not all disease processes.

There’s a protocol that I have used in my Temecula practice for the last twenty-three years that has produced positive results with patients from age 18 days through age 93. The list of cases treated includes all of the conditions mentioned above and more. The protocol requires a twenty-one day abstinence from those known offending foods, during which time, at weekly visits, the patient’s metabolic imbalances and deficiencies are revealed and appropriately addressed, making it possible for the patient to reintroduce the foods into the diet without the previously experienced allergic responses.

Remember. Everyone is unique. Therefore, there are as many variations to the supplement regimen as there are persons engaging in the protocol. For information on the location of my practice, or for a referral to a doctor near you that utilizes this protocol, go to

About Dr. Benn Rocco:

Adobe Chiropractic was founded in 1989 by Dr. Benn Rocco, and has since been serving Temecula and the surrounding communities. His vision was to share in the creation of treatment protocols that would heal body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. Benn Rocco at Adobe Chiropractic specializes in Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic Neurology, offering natural and noninvasive solutions for common and uncommon maladies. Doctor Rocco reminds us that it’s important to realize that while it may seem so, pain is not your problem. Pain is your body’s alarm system. To silence the alarm with pain numbing pharmaceuticals, whether prescribed or over the counter, is to ignore your body’s cry for help. Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system of diagnostic and treatment protocols originated by Dr. George Goodheart, and further developed by other chiropractic physicians of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK), that enable the doctor of chiropractic to determine and effectively treat the underlying cause of the patient’s symptoms by addressing metabolic imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, virtually the most common underlying cause of most human health issues.

Doctor Benn says, “Thanks to my illustrious teachers, Drs. George Goodheart, Walter Schmidt, and Fredrick R. Carrick, and 27 years in my Temecula California clinic, my understanding is simply that our bodies have been created to heal themselves when provided with the appropriate assistance. With over 60 years of manual manipulation experience, and hundreds of hours of post doctoral studies in Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic neurology, I am uniquely equipped with a variety of chiropractic manipulative therapy techniques to effectively treat not only the more commonly known chiropractic problems such as whiplash, neck and back pain, headaches, sciatica, extremity joint problems, and TMJ pain, but also neurological maladies such as seizure disorders, Parkinson’s, dyslexia, migraine, and Vertigo, as well as metabolic maladies such as allergies (including food allergies), hiatal hernia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, hyperactivity, ADD/ADHD, migraine, Thyroid and Adrenal imbalances, RLS, IBS, and Crohn’s disease.”

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Most Common Underly Cause of Migraine (Dr. Benn)

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The nervous system is a complex series of neurons that communicate with one another by way of chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. The body makes these neurotransmitters in a series of biochemical reactions which require certain building blocks. These building blocks are obtained from the various macro and micro nutrients that we supply to the body through our diet, ie. proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. If we have either a genetic predisposition to deficiencies of certain vitamins or minerals, or we are unable to digest or assimilate nutrients necessary to appropriately produce neurotransmitters, an imbalance occurs in the central nervous system which can set the stage for migraine.

The inability to digest certain foods causes an aberrant state in the small intestine, which is where nutrients are absorbed into the body for utilization by the various biochemical reactions required to maintain the body. These undigested foods putrefy and release histamines into the body which become the underlying cause of so many of the disease states that humans experience. In addition to the biochemical deficiencies that affect the production of neurotransmitters, water retention is another of the many results of increased histamines in the body. The simple mechanical pressure alone caused by water retention and subsequent swelling of the brain tissue within the cranium can be cause enough for the headache pain commonly diagnosed as migraine. This fact can be readily demonstrated by the absolute elimination of certain foods that have been proven to perpetuate this state of elevated histamines.

If you or someone close to you suffers from migraine, do this. Eliminate the following foods from your diet and realize for yourself that your diet is the culprit for your suffering. Remember. The abstinence must be absolute in order to work. The foods are: wheat, corn, soy, dairy, bakers yeast, brewers yeast, coffee, chocolate, potato, tomato, bell pepper, eggplant, paprika, cayenne pepper, tomatillo, tobacco, sugar, saccharin, NutraSweet, MSG, egg, peanuts, onion, and garlic.

You may have one more headache after starting this abstinence, mostly due to withdrawal from the foods that you have been addicted to. If you are successful with the abstinence, your migraine symptoms will be gone. This relief will only be temporary, however. If you were to then consume even the smallest amount of any of the foods that you have abstained from, you will most assuredly get a migraine within hours.

However, while following a 21 day absolute abstinence from the offending foods, your unique nutritional deficiencies are revealed and supplemented accordingly. It’s these deficiencies that are not only responsible for your inability to digest the culprit foods, but also the subsequent metabolic imbalances that are ultimately the underlying cause of most common and uncommon maladies. By complying with the prescribed supplement regimen, it is then possible to add the foods back to your diet without the return of the migraine symptoms.


Remember. Everyone is unique. Therefore, there are as many variations to the supplement regimen as there are persons engaging in the protocol. For information on the location of my practice, or for a referral to a doctor near you that utilizes this protocol, go to

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It Takes A Village!


“No matter what seems to be wrong with you, there are alternative doctors who have real answers.”   ~~~~Dr. Gary Gordon DO, MD, MD(H)

I get asked over and over what one Holistic Dr. or thing that helped me return to good health.  The answer is “It takes a Village”, a team of holistic Dr.’s and there is no such thing as one thing that will heal you!

I believe in finding a knowledgeable ND, Chiropractor that does applied kinesiology, a biological dentist and an MD or DO that specializes in oxygen therapies!

Here are some resources to look into to find holistic doctors in your area:

To find a ND, DO, or Chiropractor that is trained in Dr. Loomis enzymes:

Dr. Gary Gordon:

Dr. Rowen and to find Dr.’s trained in oxygen therapies:

To find a chiropractor trained in applied kinesiology:

To find a Biological Dentist in your are:


My Chiropractor in Temecula, CA, Dr. Benn Rocco, who has trained with Dr. Wally Schmitt:

Organic Skin, Hair and Body Care plus Cosmetics for the largest organ of your body:


Happy Healthy Healing!!!!


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I have been researching for the past few days on my next topic and about how enzymes are important to your health.    Yes, I have been reading and researching lots of world re-known Doctors, including Dr. Garry Gordon, D.O., M.D., M.D.(H), Ty Bollinger’s book “Cancer 6th Edition”, “The Enzyme Cure” by Lita Lee Ph.D., with others…., just to name a few!    But,  one of the most descriptive papers I have found, is from an old copyright @ 1997-2000 transcript from my  retired N.D., and the Dr. that finally diagnosed me with the “possibility”of Lyme Disease…… Dr. Richard Easterling N.D., Ph.D.


Protein deficiency implies a deficiency in protease.  A protein deficiency compromises the immune alliance, leaving a person susceptible to frequent or chronic infections, either bacterial, viral or both.   It can make them vulnerable to other more serious conditions, including cancer.  Protease deficiency can lead to edema (retention of fluid).  The edema can manifest itself in various places in the body, including swelling of the hands and feet as well as fluid in the ears.  When a buildup of toxins in the large intestine happens, toxic colon syndrome can occur.   This is another condition that results from a protease deficiency, that in turn, can lead to various intestinal problems including chronic constipation, appendicitis and even cancer of the colon.

Over half of the protein digested is converted to glucose.   This follows therefore, that a protease deficiency, thus a protein deficiency, can lead to and be directly involved with, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and it’s accompanying symptoms such as moodiness, depression, irritability and exhaustion.

Protein when digested properly, supplies acidity to the blood.  When protein is not digested the blood acquires excess alkaline reserves which must be continuously dumped via the kidneys into the urine.  When there is such an alkaline reserve, it can result in anxiety.  This can be to such a degree that these conditions are often treated with prescription tranquilizers.    These drugs do absolutely nothing to address the underlying imbalance and the symptom chase and suppress dance is underway.   There is another phenomenon that accompanies this situation.  Since the very important mineral calcium is carried by the blood partly bound to digestive protein and partly in ionic (salt) form, protease deficiency and inadequate protein digestion along with the resulting excess alkaline reserves can lead to calcium metabolism problems.  These problems include osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, degenerative disk problems and bone spurs.  A further role that protease plays is in the prevention and elimination of blood clots.

Protease digesting protein; Protease digests protein into smaller units called amino acids.   Remember that not only is there protein from food but also from other organisms that are composed of protein, such as coating on certain viruses, toxins from dead bacteria as well as other microorganisms, and certain other harmful substances produced at sites of injury and/or inflammation.

Amino acids are building blocks of the 40,000 different proteins in the body.  This includes enzymes, hormones and the key brain chemical messenger molecules called neurotransmitters.  Eight of the amino acids cannot be made by the body.  These amino acids are called essential, while other amino acids that can be synthesized by the body are termed non-essential.   I do not agree with this classification since the so called non-essential amino acids are in fact very essential for life but under ‘proper’ circumstances can be manufactured by the body “IF” the essential ones are present.   Such proper circumstances may not be present during times of various stresses, malnutrition, illness, protease/protein deficiency and any number of other common occurrences in life.

For a quick understanding of the biochemistry involved, it is important to realize the extent to which protease deficiency  and protein digestion and protein deficiency are involved.   Protein deficiencies are more common than not and protein digestion is not necessarily automatic or average.   Add to this the fact that many people have low or no protein/high carbohydrate diets and there are added dimensions to the problem.   As for the biochemistry; the human body is made up of water, minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and enzymes.   Water is essential in maintaining the fluidity of the various elements or ingredients, found in the bloodstream.  Water enters into many metabolic functions and reactions.    Minerals are a part of every cell but most of the time in a reactive way such as a part of an enzyme.   Vitamins are a part of the enzyme system and are a catalystic in many reactions.

Fat gives insulation and acts as a reserve supply of energy.   Energy is normally supplied by carbohydrates.   Protein is the substance of which every cell is made and without it, the other elements or ingredients could not function properly.   Protein, in the absence of water in the cells, would account for nearly 75% of the dry weight of the cells.

Protein, as we know, is made up of amino acids which have been characterized as essential and non-essential.  In so describing, science must assume average and automatic digestion in humans.

There are a number of established facts that should be an indication of just how important protein consumption and digestion is when it comes to health and wellness.

(1) Every second the bone marrow, crucial to the immune alliance, makes 2,500,000 red blood cells.

(2) Blood platelets, the disk shaped structures in the blood whose functions relate to the arrest of bleeding and in blood coagulation (hemostasis), are replaced every four days,   This means that about 500,000,0000 platelets are replaced every day.

(3) The entire mucousal lining of the intestinal tract turn over or regenerates every 14 days.

(4) All the white blood cells are replaced every ten days.

(5)The outer skin, often called the third kidney, is replaced about every twenty days.

What do these, as well as many of the bodily functions and processes have in common????  Each and every one of these functions and regenerating processes require amino acids, which require protein consumption and digestion.   All of the carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in the world cannot make these functions and processes happen without protein and proper protein digestion and assimilation etc.  Newborn babies have the highest protein requirement and need approximately 35% of their daily diet as protein for optimal growth and development.

There are approximately 40 amino acids known and identified at this time and some of them have very definite characteristic actions which can be of great benefit in maintaining and restoring health in a number of special ways.  Some ways that have been proven to be useful and effective:(1) Immune function stimulation and support.   (2)  Supporting and assisting detoxification.  (3)  Lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  (4)  Harmlessly and reasonably reducing appetite.  (5)  Increasing appetite when necessary such as in anorexia.  (6)  Reducing blood pressure.  (7)  Helping to fight addiction.

Without doubt, protein consumption, digestion, assimilation, absorption etc., are critical to health and wellness.  Some of the amino acids are extremely important in the process of normal nerve transmission and have to pass the blood brain barrier, a very selective barrier.   The desired effect is best accomplished by the proper consumption and digestion of protein.  When ‘therapeutic supplementation is undertaken, in order to pass the very selective blood brain barrier,’ the amino acid supplements are best taken alone on an empty stomach.  The reason for this is that when all the amino acids are present they have a tendency to compete for a gateway into the brain.  An example is the amino acid, phenylalanine taken with food for depression.  Taken that way, phenylalanine would most probably be totally ineffective, but taken alone on an empty stomach an hour before a meal, could prove to be phenomenal.   Space and time do not permit discussing all the benefits and therapeutic usages of individual amino acids or the absolute necessity of amino acids in life that comes from proper protein consumption and digestion.

One of the more often overlooked facets of protein digestions/consumption is involved with blood sugar levels.  The storage of glucose, as well as, the transportation of glucose, is very much dependent on this process that is taken for granted more times than not.  When it is questioned, it usually is because someone is thought to be “getting older” and things are a little off because of aging.  Then hydrochloric acid is recommended because the patient does not have enough, of maybe there is to much, and an HCL blocker is used, and of course, if one drug or med is used, others are sure to follow.   The indigestion/antacid industry has become so large that conventional medicine, never one is miss out on possible revenues, has come up with a disease;  Acid Reflux Disease.   This disease has been “discovered” along with many, many others, because of the obvious Cartel connections and the fact that the technicians dispensing the drugs have too much calculus and far too little biochemistry.  As for how this connects to blood sugar levels, protein digestion or a lack thereof, plays a significant role in a number of related physical, mental and emotional conditions and their accompanying signs and symptoms.

There are times patients come to our clinic after being diagnosed with numerous disorders and conditions both physical and mental.   Often the doctors can find nothing wrong with them and after a ride on the “insurance freeway” and any number of “approved” and costly tests, the traffic is directed to another insurance freeway called the “specialist”.  If this proves to be unproductive, (for the patient, as it is a lock for doctor, drug and insurance companies), then many times the last therapies, group therapies, and perhaps even a little electro-shock “therapy”.    Patently done, time after time, is the total disregard and overlooking of any directly related physical/nutritional beginning causes of these “mental and emotional” conditions.

If abnormal brain chemistry and activity are concluding factors in diagnosing mental illness, then in a sane world one would look to abnormal body chemistry that could be caused by nutritional imbalances.  The very imbalance in the body’s own biochemistry that leads to not only nutritional problems, but hormonal imbalance and abnormal brain chemistry.  These problems, not limited to, but including, protein/protease deficiency, sugar reactiveness an intolerance (the inability to digest disaccharides into simple sugars), and thyroid disorders, especially hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid gland), have commonalities and overlapping symptoms.

In discussing protein and the life processes involved, keep in mind that those who are deficient in protease cannot ‘digest proteins properly’.   Some people become vegetarians and still have difficulty digesting plant protein and when diagnosed by a qualified and competent enzyme therapist, the deficiencies become obvious and treatable.  When left untreated, a digestive enzyme deficiencies can lead to metabolic deficiencies, as the body tries to maintain homeostatic balance, and will rob from one system to pay another in the quest for homeostasis.  The protease deficiencies that can lead to the accumulation of alkaline reserves results in tendency toward alkalinity and an alkaline pH in the urine.   This excess of alkaline reserves comes about because there is not enough digested protein to supply the necessary acidity.  In order to supply acidity (hydrochloric acid) to the stomach needed in the process of digestion.  Some common symptoms of an over alkaline system are frequent sighing, anxiety and even full blown “panic attacks”, among others.  Protein is a carrier and along with the protein/protease deficiencies and the excess alkaline reserves in the bloodstream, there is a lack of calcium being properly transported.  This is another factor in anxiety and the ability to relax.  Sugar reactiveness and intolerance is another factor in many problems both physical and mental/emotional.  Some of these symptoms and conditions that are directly caused by sugar intolerance/reactiveness include:  autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), hyperactive attention disorder, overly aggressive, depression, irritability, bi-polar and schizophrenic disorders, insomnia, nightmares and panic attacks.   Some of the extreme symptoms are seen in people that are sugar intolerant/sugar reactive, vitamin B deficient, and hypothyroid which, is intricately involved in hypoglycemia, commonly called, low blood sugar (low blood glucose).  Glucose is formed in the body from the digestion of protein, carbohydrates, sugars and B-complex vitamins.  It is required in brain activity and nutrition.  When there is inadequate glucose arriving in the brain, the applecart starts to tip and problems result.  The cause of all this is seen in three primary factors directly involved in the prevention of the glucose arriving in the brain efficiently.   The first is the inability to digest sugar.   Secondly, is inadequate protein digestion, as over half the digested protein is eventually converted to glucose and protein is necessary to carry and store glucose.   A third factor is the B-vitamin deficiency, as B-vitamins are required in the transportation of sugar (glucose) to the brain.

A large number of Americans are sugar reactive/sugar intolerant to varying extents.  Refined carbohydrate consumption in America is very high and the number of unhealthy people has been on the rise.  The overeating of refined sugar and an inability to digest it is evident in many so called ‘health problems’ including allergies and asthma.   This may be due to a deficiency in disaccharides (the enzymes that digest sugars: lactase, sucrase, maltase).  This digestion occurs primarily in the small intestine.  When sugars are ingested beyond an individuals own digestive capacity, and their ability to process it, numerous problems occur.   The refined bleached sugars and starches (rice and flour) are rendered ineffective for good nutrition and are void of B vitamins needed to transport glucose into the brain.  Because of this situation, even those who seem to tolerate and be able to digest sugars, are still unable to utilize effectively because of the inability to transport the glucose properly.

Another factor mentioned earlier, that affects so many people is hypothyroidism.   There are many factors involved in the thyroid  and the entire endocrine system that are not considered in conventional medicine and that are significant in the biochemistry of living beings.  Hypothyroidism is linked closely to some forms of depression and numerous symptoms of mental illness.  It is also linked to many digestive problems including poor blood profiles, high cholesterol/triglyceride levels, hypoglycemia, etc..  The sugar intolerant, hypothyroid, low blood sugar people have common and similar sounding symptoms that are all too often, chased.   Chasing symptoms is common and has the ability, like drugs, to mask the real problem and give varying degrees of relief.  Many so-called “natural practitioners” when treating a problem, take a medical diagnoses, assume it is correct, and treat this “condition” with so called “nutrition” and more “natural band-aids” without considering digestive ability and nutritional deficiency based upon solid, provable and repeatable evidence, that when done competently, should dovetail with other sensible prognostic and diagnostic disciplines.

The use of actual nutrition with a good diet based upon solid evidence (see the 24 hour urinalysis by Dr. Howard Loomis Jr.) concerning digestion, absorption assimilation and elimination, cannot be over emphasized.   While the use of a specific, possibly life saving medical procedure or drug done necessarily and competently is not disputed, the overly heroic procedures and the irresponsible over prescribing of harmful drugs certainly should be.   Many times drugs not only do not help people, but often make them worse and give them new problems.  The people in this country, as well as other countries, are used and abused by the drug “Cartel” and it’s pushers or technicians (Doctors and pharmacists), whose knowledge of actual nutrition and biochemistry is usually non-existent.   Doctor to many means teacher.  In this country, the average allopathic “Doctor”, the visible link with the “Cartel” (made up of the medical schools, researchers and pharmaceutical companies, all aligned with the so called “insurance companies”), do not have the time to shake hands with or even listen to their patients, let alone “Teach” them anything.  This incredible worldwide network that makes up the misnamed system of “health care”, is without a doubt the “ultimate monopoly”, with vast numbers of corporations and individuals involved with making a living from other people trying to live, with greed and profit as their bottom line.

The use of nutrition, especially using plant enzymes in digestion, assimilation, absorption and elimination, with other good prognostic and diagnostic tools to help people be well, would go far in making this a far healthier, happier and better place.


Wow!  What an amazing description on how protein and protease is important to everyone’s health!


Happy Healthy Healing!!!!








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