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Most Common Underly Cause of Migraine (Dr. Benn)

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The nervous system is a complex series of neurons that communicate with one another by way of chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. The body makes these neurotransmitters in a series of biochemical reactions which require certain building blocks. These building blocks are obtained from the various macro and micro nutrients that we supply to the body through our diet, ie. proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. If we have either a genetic predisposition to deficiencies of certain vitamins or minerals, or we are unable to digest or assimilate nutrients necessary to appropriately produce neurotransmitters, an imbalance occurs in the central nervous system which can set the stage for migraine.

The inability to digest certain foods causes an aberrant state in the small intestine, which is where nutrients are absorbed into the body for utilization by the various biochemical reactions required to maintain the body. These undigested foods putrefy and release histamines into the body which become the underlying cause of so many of the disease states that humans experience. In addition to the biochemical deficiencies that affect the production of neurotransmitters, water retention is another of the many results of increased histamines in the body. The simple mechanical pressure alone caused by water retention and subsequent swelling of the brain tissue within the cranium can be cause enough for the headache pain commonly diagnosed as migraine. This fact can be readily demonstrated by the absolute elimination of certain foods that have been proven to perpetuate this state of elevated histamines.

If you or someone close to you suffers from migraine, do this. Eliminate the following foods from your diet and realize for yourself that your diet is the culprit for your suffering. Remember. The abstinence must be absolute in order to work. The foods are: wheat, corn, soy, dairy, bakers yeast, brewers yeast, coffee, chocolate, potato, tomato, bell pepper, eggplant, paprika, cayenne pepper, tomatillo, tobacco, sugar, saccharin, NutraSweet, MSG, egg, peanuts, onion, and garlic.

You may have one more headache after starting this abstinence, mostly due to withdrawal from the foods that you have been addicted to. If you are successful with the abstinence, your migraine symptoms will be gone. This relief will only be temporary, however. If you were to then consume even the smallest amount of any of the foods that you have abstained from, you will most assuredly get a migraine within hours.

However, while following a 21 day absolute abstinence from the offending foods, your unique nutritional deficiencies are revealed and supplemented accordingly. It’s these deficiencies that are not only responsible for your inability to digest the culprit foods, but also the subsequent metabolic imbalances that are ultimately the underlying cause of most common and uncommon maladies. By complying with the prescribed supplement regimen, it is then possible to add the foods back to your diet without the return of the migraine symptoms.


Remember. Everyone is unique. Therefore, there are as many variations to the supplement regimen as there are persons engaging in the protocol. For information on the location of my practice, or for a referral to a doctor near you that utilizes this protocol, go to

jenniferdarrMost Common Underly Cause of Migraine (Dr. Benn)
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It Takes A Village!


“No matter what seems to be wrong with you, there are alternative doctors who have real answers.”   ~~~~Dr. Gary Gordon DO, MD, MD(H)

I get asked over and over what one Holistic Dr. or thing that helped me return to good health.  The answer is “It takes a Village”, a team of holistic Dr.’s and there is no such thing as one thing that will heal you!

I believe in finding a knowledgeable ND, Chiropractor that does applied kinesiology, a biological dentist and an MD or DO that specializes in oxygen therapies!

Here are some resources to look into to find holistic doctors in your area:

To find a ND, DO, or Chiropractor that is trained in Dr. Loomis enzymes:

Dr. Gary Gordon:

Dr. Rowen and to find Dr.’s trained in oxygen therapies:

To find a chiropractor trained in applied kinesiology:

To find a Biological Dentist in your are:


My Chiropractor in Temecula, CA, Dr. Benn Rocco, who has trained with Dr. Wally Schmitt:

Organic Skin, Hair and Body Care plus Cosmetics for the largest organ of your body:


Happy Healthy Healing!!!!


jenniferdarrIt Takes A Village!
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I have been researching for the past few days on my next topic and about how enzymes are important to your health.    Yes, I have been reading and researching lots of world re-known Doctors, including Dr. Garry Gordon, D.O., M.D., M.D.(H), Ty Bollinger’s book “Cancer 6th Edition”, “The Enzyme Cure” by Lita Lee Ph.D., with others…., just to name a few!    But,  one of the most descriptive papers I have found, is from an old copyright @ 1997-2000 transcript from my  retired N.D., and the Dr. that finally diagnosed me with the “possibility”of Lyme Disease…… Dr. Richard Easterling N.D., Ph.D.


Protein deficiency implies a deficiency in protease.  A protein deficiency compromises the immune alliance, leaving a person susceptible to frequent or chronic infections, either bacterial, viral or both.   It can make them vulnerable to other more serious conditions, including cancer.  Protease deficiency can lead to edema (retention of fluid).  The edema can manifest itself in various places in the body, including swelling of the hands and feet as well as fluid in the ears.  When a buildup of toxins in the large intestine happens, toxic colon syndrome can occur.   This is another condition that results from a protease deficiency, that in turn, can lead to various intestinal problems including chronic constipation, appendicitis and even cancer of the colon.

Over half of the protein digested is converted to glucose.   This follows therefore, that a protease deficiency, thus a protein deficiency, can lead to and be directly involved with, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and it’s accompanying symptoms such as moodiness, depression, irritability and exhaustion.

Protein when digested properly, supplies acidity to the blood.  When protein is not digested the blood acquires excess alkaline reserves which must be continuously dumped via the kidneys into the urine.  When there is such an alkaline reserve, it can result in anxiety.  This can be to such a degree that these conditions are often treated with prescription tranquilizers.    These drugs do absolutely nothing to address the underlying imbalance and the symptom chase and suppress dance is underway.   There is another phenomenon that accompanies this situation.  Since the very important mineral calcium is carried by the blood partly bound to digestive protein and partly in ionic (salt) form, protease deficiency and inadequate protein digestion along with the resulting excess alkaline reserves can lead to calcium metabolism problems.  These problems include osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, degenerative disk problems and bone spurs.  A further role that protease plays is in the prevention and elimination of blood clots.

Protease digesting protein; Protease digests protein into smaller units called amino acids.   Remember that not only is there protein from food but also from other organisms that are composed of protein, such as coating on certain viruses, toxins from dead bacteria as well as other microorganisms, and certain other harmful substances produced at sites of injury and/or inflammation.

Amino acids are building blocks of the 40,000 different proteins in the body.  This includes enzymes, hormones and the key brain chemical messenger molecules called neurotransmitters.  Eight of the amino acids cannot be made by the body.  These amino acids are called essential, while other amino acids that can be synthesized by the body are termed non-essential.   I do not agree with this classification since the so called non-essential amino acids are in fact very essential for life but under ‘proper’ circumstances can be manufactured by the body “IF” the essential ones are present.   Such proper circumstances may not be present during times of various stresses, malnutrition, illness, protease/protein deficiency and any number of other common occurrences in life.

For a quick understanding of the biochemistry involved, it is important to realize the extent to which protease deficiency  and protein digestion and protein deficiency are involved.   Protein deficiencies are more common than not and protein digestion is not necessarily automatic or average.   Add to this the fact that many people have low or no protein/high carbohydrate diets and there are added dimensions to the problem.   As for the biochemistry; the human body is made up of water, minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and enzymes.   Water is essential in maintaining the fluidity of the various elements or ingredients, found in the bloodstream.  Water enters into many metabolic functions and reactions.    Minerals are a part of every cell but most of the time in a reactive way such as a part of an enzyme.   Vitamins are a part of the enzyme system and are a catalystic in many reactions.

Fat gives insulation and acts as a reserve supply of energy.   Energy is normally supplied by carbohydrates.   Protein is the substance of which every cell is made and without it, the other elements or ingredients could not function properly.   Protein, in the absence of water in the cells, would account for nearly 75% of the dry weight of the cells.

Protein, as we know, is made up of amino acids which have been characterized as essential and non-essential.  In so describing, science must assume average and automatic digestion in humans.

There are a number of established facts that should be an indication of just how important protein consumption and digestion is when it comes to health and wellness.

(1) Every second the bone marrow, crucial to the immune alliance, makes 2,500,000 red blood cells.

(2) Blood platelets, the disk shaped structures in the blood whose functions relate to the arrest of bleeding and in blood coagulation (hemostasis), are replaced every four days,   This means that about 500,000,0000 platelets are replaced every day.

(3) The entire mucousal lining of the intestinal tract turn over or regenerates every 14 days.

(4) All the white blood cells are replaced every ten days.

(5)The outer skin, often called the third kidney, is replaced about every twenty days.

What do these, as well as many of the bodily functions and processes have in common????  Each and every one of these functions and regenerating processes require amino acids, which require protein consumption and digestion.   All of the carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in the world cannot make these functions and processes happen without protein and proper protein digestion and assimilation etc.  Newborn babies have the highest protein requirement and need approximately 35% of their daily diet as protein for optimal growth and development.

There are approximately 40 amino acids known and identified at this time and some of them have very definite characteristic actions which can be of great benefit in maintaining and restoring health in a number of special ways.  Some ways that have been proven to be useful and effective:(1) Immune function stimulation and support.   (2)  Supporting and assisting detoxification.  (3)  Lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  (4)  Harmlessly and reasonably reducing appetite.  (5)  Increasing appetite when necessary such as in anorexia.  (6)  Reducing blood pressure.  (7)  Helping to fight addiction.

Without doubt, protein consumption, digestion, assimilation, absorption etc., are critical to health and wellness.  Some of the amino acids are extremely important in the process of normal nerve transmission and have to pass the blood brain barrier, a very selective barrier.   The desired effect is best accomplished by the proper consumption and digestion of protein.  When ‘therapeutic supplementation is undertaken, in order to pass the very selective blood brain barrier,’ the amino acid supplements are best taken alone on an empty stomach.  The reason for this is that when all the amino acids are present they have a tendency to compete for a gateway into the brain.  An example is the amino acid, phenylalanine taken with food for depression.  Taken that way, phenylalanine would most probably be totally ineffective, but taken alone on an empty stomach an hour before a meal, could prove to be phenomenal.   Space and time do not permit discussing all the benefits and therapeutic usages of individual amino acids or the absolute necessity of amino acids in life that comes from proper protein consumption and digestion.

One of the more often overlooked facets of protein digestions/consumption is involved with blood sugar levels.  The storage of glucose, as well as, the transportation of glucose, is very much dependent on this process that is taken for granted more times than not.  When it is questioned, it usually is because someone is thought to be “getting older” and things are a little off because of aging.  Then hydrochloric acid is recommended because the patient does not have enough, of maybe there is to much, and an HCL blocker is used, and of course, if one drug or med is used, others are sure to follow.   The indigestion/antacid industry has become so large that conventional medicine, never one is miss out on possible revenues, has come up with a disease;  Acid Reflux Disease.   This disease has been “discovered” along with many, many others, because of the obvious Cartel connections and the fact that the technicians dispensing the drugs have too much calculus and far too little biochemistry.  As for how this connects to blood sugar levels, protein digestion or a lack thereof, plays a significant role in a number of related physical, mental and emotional conditions and their accompanying signs and symptoms.

There are times patients come to our clinic after being diagnosed with numerous disorders and conditions both physical and mental.   Often the doctors can find nothing wrong with them and after a ride on the “insurance freeway” and any number of “approved” and costly tests, the traffic is directed to another insurance freeway called the “specialist”.  If this proves to be unproductive, (for the patient, as it is a lock for doctor, drug and insurance companies), then many times the last therapies, group therapies, and perhaps even a little electro-shock “therapy”.    Patently done, time after time, is the total disregard and overlooking of any directly related physical/nutritional beginning causes of these “mental and emotional” conditions.

If abnormal brain chemistry and activity are concluding factors in diagnosing mental illness, then in a sane world one would look to abnormal body chemistry that could be caused by nutritional imbalances.  The very imbalance in the body’s own biochemistry that leads to not only nutritional problems, but hormonal imbalance and abnormal brain chemistry.  These problems, not limited to, but including, protein/protease deficiency, sugar reactiveness an intolerance (the inability to digest disaccharides into simple sugars), and thyroid disorders, especially hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid gland), have commonalities and overlapping symptoms.

In discussing protein and the life processes involved, keep in mind that those who are deficient in protease cannot ‘digest proteins properly’.   Some people become vegetarians and still have difficulty digesting plant protein and when diagnosed by a qualified and competent enzyme therapist, the deficiencies become obvious and treatable.  When left untreated, a digestive enzyme deficiencies can lead to metabolic deficiencies, as the body tries to maintain homeostatic balance, and will rob from one system to pay another in the quest for homeostasis.  The protease deficiencies that can lead to the accumulation of alkaline reserves results in tendency toward alkalinity and an alkaline pH in the urine.   This excess of alkaline reserves comes about because there is not enough digested protein to supply the necessary acidity.  In order to supply acidity (hydrochloric acid) to the stomach needed in the process of digestion.  Some common symptoms of an over alkaline system are frequent sighing, anxiety and even full blown “panic attacks”, among others.  Protein is a carrier and along with the protein/protease deficiencies and the excess alkaline reserves in the bloodstream, there is a lack of calcium being properly transported.  This is another factor in anxiety and the ability to relax.  Sugar reactiveness and intolerance is another factor in many problems both physical and mental/emotional.  Some of these symptoms and conditions that are directly caused by sugar intolerance/reactiveness include:  autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), hyperactive attention disorder, overly aggressive, depression, irritability, bi-polar and schizophrenic disorders, insomnia, nightmares and panic attacks.   Some of the extreme symptoms are seen in people that are sugar intolerant/sugar reactive, vitamin B deficient, and hypothyroid which, is intricately involved in hypoglycemia, commonly called, low blood sugar (low blood glucose).  Glucose is formed in the body from the digestion of protein, carbohydrates, sugars and B-complex vitamins.  It is required in brain activity and nutrition.  When there is inadequate glucose arriving in the brain, the applecart starts to tip and problems result.  The cause of all this is seen in three primary factors directly involved in the prevention of the glucose arriving in the brain efficiently.   The first is the inability to digest sugar.   Secondly, is inadequate protein digestion, as over half the digested protein is eventually converted to glucose and protein is necessary to carry and store glucose.   A third factor is the B-vitamin deficiency, as B-vitamins are required in the transportation of sugar (glucose) to the brain.

A large number of Americans are sugar reactive/sugar intolerant to varying extents.  Refined carbohydrate consumption in America is very high and the number of unhealthy people has been on the rise.  The overeating of refined sugar and an inability to digest it is evident in many so called ‘health problems’ including allergies and asthma.   This may be due to a deficiency in disaccharides (the enzymes that digest sugars: lactase, sucrase, maltase).  This digestion occurs primarily in the small intestine.  When sugars are ingested beyond an individuals own digestive capacity, and their ability to process it, numerous problems occur.   The refined bleached sugars and starches (rice and flour) are rendered ineffective for good nutrition and are void of B vitamins needed to transport glucose into the brain.  Because of this situation, even those who seem to tolerate and be able to digest sugars, are still unable to utilize effectively because of the inability to transport the glucose properly.

Another factor mentioned earlier, that affects so many people is hypothyroidism.   There are many factors involved in the thyroid  and the entire endocrine system that are not considered in conventional medicine and that are significant in the biochemistry of living beings.  Hypothyroidism is linked closely to some forms of depression and numerous symptoms of mental illness.  It is also linked to many digestive problems including poor blood profiles, high cholesterol/triglyceride levels, hypoglycemia, etc..  The sugar intolerant, hypothyroid, low blood sugar people have common and similar sounding symptoms that are all too often, chased.   Chasing symptoms is common and has the ability, like drugs, to mask the real problem and give varying degrees of relief.  Many so-called “natural practitioners” when treating a problem, take a medical diagnoses, assume it is correct, and treat this “condition” with so called “nutrition” and more “natural band-aids” without considering digestive ability and nutritional deficiency based upon solid, provable and repeatable evidence, that when done competently, should dovetail with other sensible prognostic and diagnostic disciplines.

The use of actual nutrition with a good diet based upon solid evidence (see the 24 hour urinalysis by Dr. Howard Loomis Jr.) concerning digestion, absorption assimilation and elimination, cannot be over emphasized.   While the use of a specific, possibly life saving medical procedure or drug done necessarily and competently is not disputed, the overly heroic procedures and the irresponsible over prescribing of harmful drugs certainly should be.   Many times drugs not only do not help people, but often make them worse and give them new problems.  The people in this country, as well as other countries, are used and abused by the drug “Cartel” and it’s pushers or technicians (Doctors and pharmacists), whose knowledge of actual nutrition and biochemistry is usually non-existent.   Doctor to many means teacher.  In this country, the average allopathic “Doctor”, the visible link with the “Cartel” (made up of the medical schools, researchers and pharmaceutical companies, all aligned with the so called “insurance companies”), do not have the time to shake hands with or even listen to their patients, let alone “Teach” them anything.  This incredible worldwide network that makes up the misnamed system of “health care”, is without a doubt the “ultimate monopoly”, with vast numbers of corporations and individuals involved with making a living from other people trying to live, with greed and profit as their bottom line.

The use of nutrition, especially using plant enzymes in digestion, assimilation, absorption and elimination, with other good prognostic and diagnostic tools to help people be well, would go far in making this a far healthier, happier and better place.


Wow!  What an amazing description on how protein and protease is important to everyone’s health!


Happy Healthy Healing!!!!








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As my sweet, highly knowledgeable, retired Dr. of Applied Kinesiology Chiropractor, Dr. George Koffeman would say, “You don’t know, what you don’t know, until you know what you don’t know, you know?”

I feel this is the perfect segway to discuss the importance of  Enzymes!  Did you know that every organ and system in our body uses enzymes to run it?   True!!!  Our creator made it that way.   That is why having a diet of fresh organic raw fruits and vegetables are crucial for a healthy body!

Cooking destroys enzymes, therefore raw is best!   Of course we live in a society where eating raw organic diet is almost impossible!   That is why taking Enzymes should be a part of our everyday life!

As I look back in my journey to heal, I can see how when I took my enzymes on a daily basis, before, after, and in between every meal, I had energy and could eat almost anything I wanted to!  Unfortunately, I thought once I had arrived at feeling well, I could stop taking my enzymes!  I WAS WRONG!!!!

Three years ago, before I fell deathly ill, I had stopped taking my enzymes!  Why?  Excellent question, since I felt myself slowly getting sick!  I now know that it is because I didn’t truly understand the importance of them in my every day life.  Knowledge is power!!!  Knowing why and truly comprehending why you are doing something, keeps you on target.

Via information my holistic Dr., Richard Easterling, N.D. would gather on me either thru a 24 hour urine analysis, blood work, iridology, applied kinesiology,  or  hair analysis, he was able to determine what nutrients my body was lacking and needed more of.

Dr. Easterling studied under several world re-known healers, one of them was Dr. Howard Loomis, D.C. who created Thera-zyme’s and Enzyme Solutions.   Thera-zyme is a line of enzymes that are available to professional health practitioners and are the enzymes I take.  Enzyme Solutions is the counterpart formula that Dr. Loomis created for  customers, available on line or in health food stores.

In the book, ‘The Enzyme Cure”, by Lita Lee, Ph.D., and Lisa Turner, and Burton Goldberg, they describe the two unique qualities in the Loomis line of enzymes.  “First, these formulas nourish organs or tissues that are being negatively affected by subluxations (misalignments of vertebrae).   Each formula corresponds to possible subluxations of several vertebrae.  For example, there is a formula for stomach problems, Thera-zyme T5-T9 Stm, which is multiple digestive enzyme formulated to nourish the mucosal tissues of the stomach disturbed by subluxations of the middle thoracic spine (midback, between the fifth and the ninth thoracic vertebrae).  If you have gastric problems (such as burning, an ulcer, hiatal hernia, or gastritis), you are likely to need a chiropractic adjustment of one of these thoracic vertebrae.  Taking Thera-zyme T5-T9 Stm helps your body hold the adjustment.  Formulas with no vertebrae listed are intended for the entire body, such as Thera-zyme TRMA for soft tissue trauma and Thera-zyme CLM for the nervous system.”

“The second unique quality in this line of enzymes is that all formulas have a pH (acid-alkaline) balancing system (designated pHBS on the label) which was designed to enhance the absorption and assimilation of the nutrients in the formula.”

Dr. Lee goes on to say in her book, ‘The Enzyme Cure’,”I have listed the contents of each Thera-zyme formula and symptoms that may be relieved simply by supplying the organ and tissue with the deficient enzymes or nutrients.  The proportion of the primary enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase, and the disaccharidases sucrase, lactase, and maltase) in a given formula is directly related to the amount of protein, fat, carbohydrate, and sugars contained in the food or herb used in the formulation.  In addition, some of these formulas contain catalase, and antioxidant enzyme that also reduces abnormal tissue fluids, such as edema following injury.”

….”An undernourished or enzyme-deficient organ will develop symptoms long before the doctor can measure the condition by medical signs.  WHEN THE ORGAN BECOMES NOURISHED, OFTEN THE SYMPTOM GOES AWAY AND NEVER DEVELOPS INTO PATHOLOGY”.

In the PDF, ‘Enzymes Explained’, Ty Bollinger reports, “The fact of the matter is that enzymes are more important than the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat.  WHY IS THIS?  Because enzymes are required for your body to function properly because without enzymes you wouldn’t be able to breathe, swallow, drink, eat, think, see, or digest food.  All of your cells, organs, bones, muscles, and tissues are run by enzymes.   Your immune system, kidneys, pancreas, liver, spleen, and blood stream depend on enzymes.”

“If you eat a meal consisting of a salad, a steak, and rice, there are probably enough food enzymes contained in the salad to digest it, but there would be no extra enzymes available to help digest rice and steak, which have no food enzymes because they have been cooked.   Our body must then take over and internally create the needed amount of digestive enzymes to handle the task.”

“At this point, the pancreas is put under remarkable stress since it has to draw reserves from the entire body in order to produce massive amounts of digestive enzymes.  FOOD DIGESTION IS THE TOP PRIORITY OF OUR BODY’S INTERNAL SYSTEMS.  It is of utmost importance.  As a matter of fact, up to 80% of the body’s energy is expended by the digestive process.”

“The more we depend on our body to create digestive enzymes, the more stress we put on our body and less time the body’s systems and organs have for rebuilding and replacing worn out and damaged cells and tissue and keeping the immune system strong.”

“There are three major classes of enzymes:  METABOLIC ENZYMES (enzymes which work in blood, tissues, and organs), FOOD ENZYMES from raw food, and DIGESTIVE ENZYMES.  There are also three main categories of digestive enzymes: proteases (for protein digestion), amylases (for carbohydrate digestion), and lipases (for fat digestion).  We digest proteins into amino acids, carbohydrates into glucose, and fats into fatty acids.  Each day, the pancreas secretes about 1.7 liters of pancreatic juice in the small intestine.  In this juice are enzymes (including lipase, protease, and amylase) required for the digestion and absorption of food.”

“Lipase (along with bile) helps digest fats.  Amylase (secreted by the salivary glands and pancreas) breaks down starch molecules into more absorbable sugars.  The proteases secreted by the pancreas (trypsin, chymotrypsin, and carboxy-peptidase) break protein molecules into single amino acids.  There are also two plant-based proteases – BROMELAIN (from stems of pine apples) and papain (from unripe papayas).  Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with enzymes, but as already discussed, when we cook food, the enzymes are destroyed”.

Ty goes on to say, ” ….as we age, our ‘enzyme reserves’ are slowly but surely being depleted, so when our diet consists of over 90% processed, cooked foods with no enzymes, we are eating for a shorter and less-than-healthy life.  This points back to the importance of eating raw fruits and vegetables because they are ‘live foods.’   The more enzymes you get, the healthier you are.  And the more raw foods you eat, the more food enzymes you get.”

With this knowledge, I hope we all seek and use enzymes for our body on a daily basis to either regain our health or to live a healthy life that Our Creator planned us to live!

Happy Healthy Healing!!!






jenniferdarrWHY ENZYMES?
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“There is seldom, if ever, any hopeless situations, but there are many people who lose hope in face of some situations.” ~~~~~Zig Ziglar

When I was first diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I was seriously worried that I would not be able to overcome it.  Not just because of how ill I felt, but due to other long term/Chronic Lyme patients informing me that Lyme and the co-infections get into every cell of your body making it impossible to heal!   They were only partly right!  Yes, Lyme and co-infections can get into every cell of your body, but the good news is you can heal each cell thru deep tissue cleansing, diet, supplements for your body, oxygen therapies and the right belief system!

Thankfully,  I had enough knowledge thru past experiences in holistic healing, and the knowledge of top holistic doctors to heal my body.

Deep tissue cleansing is something most people don’t know about.    I was fortunate to have been a patient of and work with, my mentor and the late world re-known Nutritionist, Virginia Jenkins and her son,  my ND, Dr. Richard Easterling, who taught me about the benefits of deep tissue cleansing and fasting.

Dr. Easterling did an internship with the late, Bernard Jensen D.C., Nutritionist at Jensen’s, “Hidden Valley Ranch” that served as a retreat for people all over the world to learn how to live a healthy life.  They helped their patients do deep tissue cleanses and healed all types of illnesses and diseases.

Benard Jensen taught that not only the condition of the bowel tissue is often the key to the state of health or disease of an individual, but your mental attitude has a huge bearing as well.

From Jensen’s book, “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management,” he talks about the Organic versus Functional.  Jensen says, “There are two conditions in people that I always take care of right away.  It is difficult to separate these conditions and yet they represent two ways of treatment.”

“People are dealing with both physical and mental imbalances and I get to the root of their problem by finding out what they believe in, what is at the bottom of their troubles.”

“If you believe a lie, then you live a lie.  If you believe in happiness, desire happiness and know how to go about attaining happiness, then chances are you are happy.  However, the person who holds a vision of themselves as diseased, distressed, blue, trapped or unable to get well, has to be reeducated.  They have created their own world and trapped themselves in it.   Many are victims of percentage diagnoses—‘Your chances of getting well are only 30%,’ and we have to erase this from their mind.”

“We have an organic condition and a functional condition.  When we deal with the organic condition we have to change the tissue, we have to change damaged cell structure, create a new chemical balance, promote better circulation; we have to remove obstructions, pressure and other gravitational effects.  These things are strictly physical and we find that the mind alone cannot overcome them very well.  I believe that the mind has a tremendous effect on the physical body but that we must feed each aspect its own kind of food.  In the organic or physical aspect, we use diet, corrective exercise and tissue cleansing.”

“We feed the mind or functional aspect of our being with education; teaching people to grow out of their problems, to change their attitude and consciousness.  They must learn to walk the higher path in thoughts, words and deeds.”

Jensen goes on to say, “I have changed people’s cell structure many times, actually showing them the results with blood tests, but they still hang onto their old attitudes.  THEY WANT TO GET WELL BUT DON’T BELIEVE THEY CAN.  THIS CONFUSED STATE IS TRANSFERRED TO EVERY CELL IN THE BODY.  This is why I question people about their mental attitude; we have to see where we are before we know where to go.”

This information resonates with me because after I had done my deep tissue cleanses, fasting, oxygen therapies and was shown thru blood work that I was better, I still didn’t feel 100%.  That is when I met
Dr. Benn Rocco at Adobe Chiropractic who specializes in Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic Neurology.  Dr. Rocco told me to stop claiming the disease! That was a HUGE eyeopener for me since I wasn’t aware that I was!   Even though I would visualize every cell healing, deep down I now realize that I didn’t think it was true for Lyme and co-infections.  You see, my thought process was wrong!   Dr. Rocco than put me on a 21 day food elimination diet and prescribed nutrients for my body.  The result, I am so much better today and now understand how that claiming the disease kept me in the disease state!

Happy Healthy Healing!!




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Directions To Make Essiac Tea, from Herbal Healer Academy Inc.

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All Herbal Healer Academy Inc. herbs are organic and grown in the U.S.A.


SUPPLIES NEEDED:  Stainless Steel or enamel canning pot with lid.  Never use aluminum.  Another large pot to pour hot liquid into while you strain it.  This can be pyrex or stainless steel.  Stainless steel or other mesh strainer and spoon and label.  32 ounce glass bottles to store your finished product in.  Need 3 bottles  for 1/2 batch and 6 bottles for full batch – all available at HHA  (The bottles need to be amber, as the formula is light sensitive and will not stay as potent.)  You can use clear bottles – cover with aluminum foil to keep light out.


  1.  To make two gallon recipe – Mix HHA Four Herbs together.  (approximately 1 cup)  (You may cut the recipe in half if you wish, but we do not recommend that you halve each package of herbs first, the mix them together.  The reason for this is that the powdered herbs, such as the Turkey Rhubarb fall to the bottom and your recipe will not be evenly divided if you don’t split them first.)
  2.   Full recipe – Bring two gallons of distilled or spring water to a boil.  If using only half of the herbs, bring 1 gallon of water to a boil.  Stir in herbs, replace lid and boil 10 minutes.
  3.   Turn off stove, scrape down sides, mix well and allow pot to sit and remain closed for 12 hours.  (This is steeping and extraction process.)
  4.   Reheat to almost boiling, about 10 minutes.  Let cool just a little and begin straining process.  Strain as many times as you like.  A little herb left in the liquid will not hurt it in any way.  Reheat your liquid once again.  2 – 3 minutes only.  This will kill any bacteria that may have landed in your liquid and help keep it from spoiling.
  5.   Using a funnel or a glass measuring cup,  put your hot liquid into preheated bottles.  You can heat the bottles in the oven – 200 degrees – 5 or 10 minutes.  Do not put caps in oven!  (I recommend boiling the caps for 5 minutes in a stainless steal pot)
  6.   Cap, let cool and then put in the refrigerator.  This will be good for two weeks.  Label the day you made it and the day it expires.  If you have some left over after two weeks, bring back to a boil and re-sterilize it and you can keep using it for two more weeks.  Then it must be discarded.


Mix 2 oz. of herbal liquid with 2 oz. of hot water.  Never heat this formula or the hot water in a microwave!  Formula should be taken on an empty stomach to allow for better absorbability.   Always take before eating.  Wait 10-20 minutes before eating.  The herbal formula is non-toxic in proper doses.  These herbs do stimulate the body to throw off toxins and therefore it is important that you drink plenty of clean spring water and have regular bowel movements.  Recommended supplementation 3 -4 times a day for cancer and serious aliments, twice a day for chronic and 1 time a day for maintenance and gentle detoxification.

Order your HHA 4-Herb Formula today at: or call 870-269-4177  (Mon-Fri. 9-4:30 CST)

Happy Healthy Healing!

Jen Darr

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Why Not TRY, Essiac tea? One of Nature’s Cure For Cancer and More….


One of the many things I tried and used as I was struggling to heal from Lyme Disease, Co-Infections, Hypo-thyroid and more was Essiac tea!

According to Dr. Marijah McCain, ND, “The herbal formula developed by Rene Caisse (Caisse spelled back word is, Essiac), back in the 20’s is a simple, effective herbal remedy for many ailments.  The formula is made up of 4 herbs that are primary Alterative (blood purifying), Hepatic (detoxify and cleanse the liver), and Demulcent (sooths irritations and inflammations).  The main ingredient, Burdock Root is known to specifically helps neutralize toxins in the blood.  It also stimulates liver secretions thus helping the liver eliminate toxic compound build ups.  It strengthens liver secretions thus helping the liver eliminate toxic compound build ups.  It strengthens the liver and other vital organs with necessary nutrients.  For instance, Burdock Root is hing in Chromium, Iron, Magnesium, Silicon and Thiamine and contains many other ingredients such as Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin A and Vitamin C to name a few.  This is an important difference between chemical drug therapy (allopathic medicine) and natural medicine.  The chemical drugs and symptom therapies that are traditionally prescribed by main stream medicine provide the body with NO nutrients to help the bodies own immune system fight the ailment.

According to Dr. Gary L. Glum in the complimentary issue of, ‘ESSIAC:  NATURE’S CURE FOR CANCER’, An Interview With Dr. Gary L. Glum, by Elisabeth Robinson:  “Essiac is a non-toxic herbal cure for cancer that’s been with us since 1922.  It’s a formula made from four very common herbs”.

What other ailments besides cancer does it help “cure”, according to Dr. Gary L. Glum, “thyroid conditions, diabetes, AIDS, ulcers……it also cures the common cold.  Essiac elevates the immune system.

What are the four herbs?  Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, and Turkey Rhubarb.

One of the most critical ingredients in Essiac tea, according to Dr. Gary L Glum  is, Sheep Sorrel.  “The sheep’s sorrel is the herbal ingredient in Essiac that was found to be responsible for the destruction of cancer cells in the body, or their amalgamation where metastasized cancer cells actually return to the original tumor site”.

To get your free complimentary issue of the interview by Elizabeth Robinson, order your Organic Herbs for Essiac tea and directions on how to make it @

Who knows, you may be like me and be able to get off your Thyroid medicine and more?

Happy Healthy Healing!

Jen Darr

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What Is Holding You Back In Getting Healed?


One of my favorite authors and healers is, Bernard Jensen D.C., Nutritonist!  Dr. Jensen use to own The Hidden Valley Health Ranch in CA, where individuals could go and stay to learn how to get well: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Again, I have been blessed to have Richard Easterling N.D., PhD. as my Doctor for the past 22 years!  Dr. Easterling studied under Dr. Jensen (and many other top holistic healers, including Dr. Loomis creator of Thera-zyme daily supplements/enzymes).   Dr. Easterling had taught his mom,Virginia Easterling Jenkins  (who was my nutritionist for 7 years, prior to himself) the principles learned from Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book, “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management”.

In a nutshell, I have been doing deep tissue cleanses, on and off, for the past 29 years!  In other words, I have experience in healing the body thru these deep tissue cleanses that include herbal colemas (not colonics) and coffee enemas.

One of the first thing Dr. Jensen talks about in his book is that “people are dealing with both physical and mental imbalances”.  In order to help them heal he would have to “get to the root of their problem by finding out what they believe in, what is at the bottom of their troubles.  If you believe a lie, then you live a lie.  If you believe in happiness, desire happiness and know how to go about attaining happiness, then chances are you are happy.  However, the person who holds a vision of themself as diseased, distressed, blue, trapped or unable to get well, has to be reeducated.  They have created their own world and trapped themselves in it.  Many are victims of percentage diagnoses–‘Your chances of getting well are only 30%,’ and we have to erase this from their mind.”

“We have an organic condition and a functional condition.  When we deal with an organic condition we have to change the tissue, we have to change damaged cell structure, create a new chemical balance, promote better circulation; we have to remove obstructions, pressure and other gravitational effects.  These things are strictly physical and we find that the mind alone cannot overcome them very well.  I believe that the mind has a tremendous effect on the physical body but that we must feed each aspect its own kind of food.  In the organic or physical aspect, we use diet, corrective exercise and tissue cleansing.”

“We feed the mind or functional aspect of our being with education; teaching people to grow out of their problems, to change their attitude and consciousness.  They must learn to walk the higher path in thoughts, words and deeds.”

“I have changed people’s cell structure many times, actually showing them the results with blood tests, but they still hang onto their old attitudes.  They want to get well but don’t believe they can.  This confused state is transferred to every cell in the body.  This is why I question people about their mental attitude, we have to see where we are before we know where to go.”

In another fabulous book on healing; “Mum’s NOT Having Chemo”by Laura Bond, she has a chapter called “The Cancer Personality”.  In it she writes, “Ancient wisdom and common sense tell us that feelings of hopelessness, frustration and anxiety can destroy our immune systems and wreak havoc on our health.  When tension headaches take hold or when our skin suddenly breaks out we’ll shrug our shoulders and admit we’re ‘under a lot of pressure’ or ‘stressed to the max’, but now science is giving credence to this intuitive connection; research from Stanford University Medical School reveals that 95 per cent of all illness is stress-related.  And yet, when it comes to cancer, we can’t shake the belief that stress is irrelevant and that smoking, bad genes and bad luck are the best predictors of the disease.  Nothing could be further from the truth; ‘The genes don’t make the decision,’ says Dr. Bernie Siegel, cancer surgeion and best-selling author.  ‘They’re stimulated by the internal chemistry, which is called epigenetics.’

“The epigenome is located on top of the genome (hence the prefix ‘epi’, meaning above).  We now know that environmental factors like diet and stress can switch genes on and off. ‘We can’t change our genes, but we can change their function and expression,’ writes Dr. Mark Hyman in his book The Blood Sugar Solution.  ‘The collective experience of our lives–our intrauterine environment, diet, toxins, microbes, allergens, stresses, social connections, thoughts and beliefs — control which genes are turned on and off.’

“Genes do not control your destiny — that’s the take-home message from the exciting field of epigenetics: ‘The vast majority of diseases we suffer from — diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer — are multifactorial lifestyle diseases,’ says integrative health specialist Chris Kressor.  ‘Genetics may determine our predisposition to these conditions, but those genes must be activated (or silenced) by environmental triggers such as diet and stress in order to cause disease.’

In other words, your diet and belief system plays a huge part in getting better!!!!

In the book, Laura Bond also talks about the Type C Personality and how it relates to developing cancer.  She writes, “The five characteristics are:  Always putting others first, Low self-esteem, Bottling up emotions, Living in fear, and Harbouring resentment.”

Under the Harbouring resentment she talks about ‘The Carcinogenic Relationship’:  “Leading cancer specialist Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez says: ‘A negative, hostile, angry spouse can undermine everything I do, because the patient lives in a state of fear and anxiety.’  Early on in his career, Dr. Gonzalez realized that emotional health was just as important as the enzyme therapy and coffee enemas he was prescribing to patients: ‘Nutrition is wonderful, but there is no vitamin, mineral or trace element that can override somebody’s psychology,’ he says.  ‘Under stress the body tissue break down to provide energy to deal with the stress –and that’s the antithesis of healing.’

“A prime example of the ‘carcinogenic relationship’ recently walked into Dr. Gonzalez’s office.  The patient, a woman with ovarian cancer, was keen to start work with Dr. Gonzalez, but her husband was clearly against it: ‘He came into the room, arms folded, and within ten seconds he said, “How do I know we can trust you and that this isn’t just a bunch of quackery?” and I said, “You know something?  You can’t know that.”  I then said to the patient: “You told me, your husband was supportive?”  The husband left the room and his wife said to me, “He does it all the time.”  I didn’t say this to her, but I could see right away that the main reason she had cancer was she was living with a bully.”

By the way my friends, this was one of the many things I went thru before I fled my home in order to heal from Lyme Disease and Co infections.  Yes, you can get better!  You just need to know what is holding you back!?

Happy Healthy Healing!!!!

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How To Do The Lymphatic Breast Massage!

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(This is massage is for men and women!  It is not just for rib or breast pain.  It is for healing!)

I am great at doing my holistic routines when I am ill, but I am guilty of stopping them once I start feeling better!  Can anyone else relate to this???

As mentioned in “My Story”, my retired holistic Doctor, Rich Easterling N.D., PhD., has been helping me for years to overcome whatever life throws at me thru holistic treatments.   One of the many things he has taught me to do is my own Lymphatic Breast Massage!

Well, I have been ignoring doing this and have been suffering with pain in my breast and ribs.   My Neural Treatments from Dr. David Nebbeling (another top holistic Dr I see who is fabulous!!!) has helped with this pain too, but since I am traveling, I haven’t had treatments in over a month.  So I have started, again, doing my own Lymphatic Breast Massage!  May I say….WOW!!!  What a difference this simple massage does for the pain and  your health!!!

So, here is step by step information that goes back 1,000’s of years from Chinese healers… from Dr. Easterling:

There are several variations to the breast massage.  We will present two breast massages–one to address the lymphatic circulation, and one to address the meridian flow.  In essence, by combining the two techniques, you will beneficially impact the biochemical and the bioenergetic aspects of your health.  So this technique is a total or whole person improvement system.


(Laying on the ground with your butt up to a chair, bend knees and rest legs on the chair)

For this technique, use only the flat palm of your hand.  There is no gouging, squeezing or pressing with your fingertips.  This is simply a movement of lymph fluid through the lymphatic pathways from the breasts to the spleen in a firm, pressing motion.

The technique is very simple.  The words to describe it to you are cumbersome.  Read these instructions and you will understand how to do the breast massage.  If you keep it simple, you will be doing it correctly.

For The Left Breast

Place the flattened palm of the right hand under the left breast.  Apply pressure and begin a circular motion clockwise (toward the inside) as if you were the clock.  Starting the motion toward the right, your flat hand will travel around the breast, up the sternum (the bone in the center of your chest), and then around the top of the breast, and over to the top left side.  With the flattened palm of the left hand on the left side of the left breast almost under the arm pit, press and run the hand straight down the ribs to the spleen area (lover rib area).

Please note that the palm travels around the breast, not across the breast.  You will not press or massage the nipple area at this time.  Thus there is a circular motion of the right hand beginning under the left breast, traveling around the breast and up the breast bone.  When this motion reaches the top left area, the left hand takes over and massages the lymph down the left side to the lower rib area.

Do this circular massage technique slowly for two minutes as if you were pressing fluid around the breast and down the left side.

For The Right Breast

Begin with the palm of the right hand under the right breast.  Press and slid the palm around the breast, clockwise as if you were the clock.  This is the same circular direction as used for the left breast.

At the top left portion of the right breast, begin to descend down the sternum, the center of the chest.  Now press and slide the palm under the left breast and over to the spleen area at the lower left side.

Summary of the Lymphatic Massage Technique

Be gently, but firmly moving the lymph around the breasts, you assist in the removal of congestion and prevent toxins from collecting in the adipose (fat) tissues in the breasts.  Since the breast are basically external to the body, they can collect toxic debris, hormones and hormonal precursors and by products which can later develop into nodules and other problems such as imbalances in the menstrual cycle.

The lymphatic breast massage technique helps to keep the congestion out of the breasts so they do not become susceptible to disease, and so they can preform their role in overall female system hormonal balance.

As the congestion is moved out of the breast area and enters the greater lymphatic system, the spleen helps identify any potential problems that are a concern to the immune system.  Thus the breast massage serves as an early warning system and can signal the immune system regarding abnormal cell conditions and toxins which are a threat to the body.  As hormones, hormonal precursors and byproducts reenter the lymphatic system, the body is better able to determine its hormonal situation and maintain hormonal balance.  This movement of lymph simple improves the communication of the body with its regulatory processes.   Improved communication means more optimal function and more optimal health.


After doing the lymphatic breast massage for two or three minutes for each breast, follow it with this tissue massage that stimulates the flow of ch’i through the breast tissue.  Ch’i is the bioelectric field that flows through all living things.  In the bioenergetic sciences, it is known that every disease is preceded by a disturbance in the bioenergetic field.  Thus, maintaining proper ch’i energy circulation in the breast area will help prevent disease processes from starting.

The bioenergetic breast massage begins at the sternum (breastbone) in the middle of the chest.  With small circular motions, press into the breast tissue and pectoral muscles and massage to the outside area under the arms.

For The Right Breast

On the top portion of the right breast, use your fingertip to massage with small, circular, counter clockwise motions.  The size of the circular motion will be about that of a fifty-cent piece.  On the bottom of the right breast, massage in the same fashion in a clockwise motion.  Massage all the breast tissue.

For The Left Breast

On the top portion of the left breast, use your fingertips to massage with small, circular clockwise motions.  On the bottom of the left breast, massage the tissues in a counter clockwise, circular motion.  This massage is simply a mirror image of the right breast massage technique.

Do these massages 3-4 times a week!

Happy Healthy Healing!!!

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Symptom Check List for Lyme Disease!


“You don’t know, what you don’t know, until you know what you don’t know, you know?”

Hard to believe it has been only 5 months ago that I learned about the #1 epidemic in our World, Lyme Disease!!!!

Yes, I have heard about it before, but was ignorant (like many Medical Doctors) on what it actually is!

One reason why it goes undiagnosed, other than the CDC hiding the truth from the public and the poor standard testing for the disease….Elise and Western Bloc Tests, (you need the IGeneX test done for accurate testing!), are the many symptoms you can get with Lyme Disease… mimics over 350 diseases!!!

Here is a little check list for you:

Persistent swollen glands, Sore throat, Fevers, Sore soles….especially in the AM, Joint pain and/or swelling; Fingers-toes, Ankles-wrists, Knees-elbows, Hips-shoulders, Unexplained back pain, Stiffness of the joints or back, Muscle pain or cramps, Obvious muscle weakness, Twitching of the face or other muscles, Confusion; difficulty thinking, Difficulty with concentration; reading, problem absorbing information, Word search; name block, Forgetfulness; poor short term memory, poor attention, Disorientation; getting lost, going to wrong places, Speech errors; wrong word or misspeaking, Mood swings; irritability, depression, Anxiety; panic attacks, Psychosis; hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, bipolar, Tremor, Seizures, Headache, Light sensitivity, Sound sensitivity, Vision; doubly, blurry, floater, Ear pain, Hearing; buzzing, ringing, decreased hearing, Increased motion sickness; vertigo, spinning, Off balance; “tippy” feeling, Lightheadedness; wooziness, unavoidable need to sit or lie, Tingling; numbness, burning or stabbing sensations, shooting pains, skin hypersensitivity, Facial paralysis-Bell’s Palsy, Neck creaks and cracks; stiffness, neck pain, Fatigue; tired, poor stamina, Insomnia; fractionated sleep, early awakening, Excessive night time sleep, Napping during the day, Unexplained weight gain, Unexplained weight loss, Unexplained hair loss, Pain in genital area, Unexplained menstrual irregularity, Unexplained milk production; breast pain, Irritable bladder or bladder dysfunction, Erectile dysfunction, Loss of libido, Queasy stomach or nausea, Heartburn; stomach pain, Constipation, Diarrhea, Low abdominal pain; cramps, Heart murmur or valve prolapse, Heart palpitations; pulse skips, “Heart block” on EKG, Chest wall pain or ribs sore, Head congestion, Breathlessness; “air hunger”, unexplained chronic cough, Night sweats, Exaggerated symptoms or worse hangover from alcohol, Symptom flares every four weeks.

You “may have” (only because not everyone gets this or notices this):  New tick bite, New spotted rash over large area, New “EM” rash (discrete circle), New linear, red streaks.

Yes, you can catch Lyme Disease from a Tick!  But, did you know, that you also can get Lyme Disease from:  mosquito’s, lice, fleas, spiders, rodents….anything that bites, sex and passed from mother to child?

So, when you think that “NO, I can’t have Lyme Disease!”, you may want to think again!

Knowledge is Power!!!!

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