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Coffee Enema, Quackery?

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From the book, “Mum’s Not Having Chemo” by Laura Bond. (A book I highly recommend)

“Book into any holistic health retreat today and you’re likely to find colonics or enemas on the itinerary.  But it might surprise you to know that enemas are actually as conventional as they come.  ‘Every hospital was once equipped with colon hydrotherapy machines or enemas,’ says Matt Monarch a US-based raw-food guru.  ‘They were pretty much the first measure any nurse or doctor ever utilized when helping someone heal.’  ……

“While some might dismiss coffee enemas as a hippy fad, they were actually included in the Merk Manual — considered the coventional medical Bible — right up until 1977.   ‘When I spoke to the editor, he said the only reason they took them out was because they thought it was a little “folksy”,’ says Dr. Gonzalez.  “They wanted to put more high-tech stuff in.”

“Although coffee enemas might be written off as quackery, conventional medical literature is littered with research supporting their benefits.  For over a century, coffee enemas have been used to treat a wide range of illnesses, from migraines and eczema to septic shock and psychological disorders.  ‘I have a paper from 1922, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which describes how a group at Harvard Medical School successfully treated what we call today “bipolar”, with enemas,’ says Gonzalez.  “They got them off drugs and out of the hospital.’

jenniferdarrCoffee Enema, Quackery?
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“Smell the Roses”!

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Hard to believe a few months ago I was bed ridden from Lyme Disease!  Today, I enjoyed a couple peaceful walks around a lake, almost 3 miles total, pain free.

It is important in your healing to get outside and “smell the roses”!

It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, people who feel connected to a bigger picture, get healthier faster.  Getting out doors and enjoying the sun set or rise, walking bare foot on the beach, or going for a simple walk in nature, has its own healing properties.

Being in the moment is huge!  Take a deep breath in, thru your nose, expanding your chest down into your diaphragm and think about the oxygen healing your body.  Breath out your mouth, depressing your diaphragm, ridding your body of the carbon dioxide.  Do this 5-6 times and feel your body come alive!

Happy Healing!!!

jenniferdarr“Smell the Roses”!
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Feeling Great On Vacation!!

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For those of you that don’t know me, before I got deathly ill from my Lyme and Co infections in March 2013, I was traveling once a month!!!

Since I am self employed, Silver Manager with Silpada Designs, I can take my business anywhere I go:) To see what Silpada is….

I am in Denver visiting my daughter and her husband.  As mentioned earlier in My Story, I was unable to participate with the majority of my daughter’s wedding festivities, due to being deathly ill.  Praise God, I am doing 95% better!!!

It is wonderful to be able to travel and spend quality healthy time with family!!!

I have tweaked my daily regime.  I brought my enema kit for my daily coffee enemas, which I had been doing since the end of August.  I can’t believe it, but I have not done one since I have been here!  Pretty amazing!!!

I am keeping up with my daily routine minus coffee enemas and sauna.

I have done a couple of Yoga classes and have worked out with weights while I am here.  A little sore, but feeling GREAT!!!!

My diet…..well, 80% has been good.  I have gone off and have eaten some fried foods and non organic things, with no known side effects!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Of course, I am taking my STM and IRB (Thera-zyme enzymes (STM) before and (IRB) after each meal.  The best natural enzymes to help with indigestion and irritable bowls.

I am still waiting on some blood work.  I have a phone consult with a DNA Consult Company on Friday.  Hopefully, after that, I will know some more results!

Also, still waiting on my Thyroid and other tests from Health Diagnostic Laboratory.

One thing that I have learned in my journey to heal, is to be grateful for everything!  Learn from the hardships and help others!!!

Praying that my blog helps and for your healing!

jenniferdarrFeeling Great On Vacation!!
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I have been asked over and over if I had bad herxing during my treatments. I can honestly say no! Before I even did IV Vit C or IV H202, I had done 8 IV Photoluminescence therapy, also known as, UBI. I even did them in between the other IV treatments.
What kind of Photoluminescence therapy did I receive and what are some of the benefits? In the book, ‘Learn How the Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America Can Improve Your Health’, my doctor, Dr David Nebbeling writes; “Photoluminescence therapy in my office is the removal of a quantity of blood from the body, washing the blood with ozone gas and then subjecting it to ultraviolet light. The process was originally called Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI). There is enough documented benefits from UBI that I would recommend everybody receive four treatments a year as prevention. However, a few patients who have amazing benefits from UBI are those with non-healing antibiotic-resistant bone infections. It is also beneficial for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Then I would mention a very important group of patients: adults with Chronic Lympho-cytic Leukemia (CLL). Toward the end of the disease, the patients body will start to make large number of cancer cells. At that point, they must undergo chemotherapy or die. It has been our experience that if late stage CLL patients receive UBI treatments they can avoid “Blast Crisis” and chemotherapy for years.”

More info from Dr Nebbeling; ” (UBI). We’re actually able to treat any viruses or infections in the blood. It ‘s very good for people who have chronic fatigue syndrome or multiple mixed bacteria infections, and even people with unhealed bone infections. That is an oxidative therapy of the blood.
It has wonderful benefits in balancing out nervous system and stimulating the immune system, as well as deactivating toxins and helping us fight bacterial infections and viruses in our body. It has wonderful applications for many things, from hepatitis C infections, to MRSA infections, and unhealed bone infections, but also chronic fatigue syndrome, people with asthma, and some autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. ”

Another great read with amazing miraculous healing stories of Photoluminescence, is in a short book called, ‘The Healing Power of Light’ by William Cambell Douglass II M.D.
“Non-Drug, Inexpensive, Proven Therapy with little or no side effects that has helped thousands of sufferers of……..Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Hepatitis, Respiratory Infection, Non Healing Wounds, Chronic Yeast Infections, Asthma/Allergies, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Staph Infections/MRSA, Shingles/Herpes, Poor Circulation, Lupus, Heart Disease/Angina. A therapy with over 70 years of clinical history.”

Of course with all healing techniques, I recommend organic coffee enemas!
Happy Healthy Healing!!! Xo

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From the desk of …….Dr. Richard Easterling N.D. PhD.

(The Dr that first diagnosed me with Lyme Disease and helped save my life!)

The Green Drink© 2002-2012

​The ancient healers believed that if the blood was pure the circulation good and the bowel clean and working properly that one could not help but be in a state of health. Theirs was a much different environment than the one in which we live today. One way to help those principles of health is the green drink. The green drink is a nourisher of the blood and in a sense is a way to get a blood transfusion without the worry of contamination or infection. It oxygenates the blood and is a great detoxifier of poisons and contaminants. It is a wonderful source of vitamin A without the concerns of toxic buildup normally associated with other fat soluble vitamins as there is no toxic buildup to be concerned with. No E.R. physician has ever treated anyone for a “lettuce overdose”. A natural source of potassium in a very assimible form which acts as a tonic for muscular strength and is a good way to help stabilize blood sugar levels.
​An interesting note; chlorophyll is “plant blood” and strikingly similar to hemoglobin. The chlorophyll has a bit of magnesium in the center while hemoglobin has a bit of iron, one being green the other red.
​The green drink is made with a blender which is the ultimate “chewer” or masticator.
​The green drink is a live food using a variety of greens, either singularly or in combination. A “handful” of leaves in a pint of “pure” water blended for one minute then drank. If the result is too crunchy it can be filtered through a strainer, coffee filter or a piece of cheesecloth. Some greens that can be used: lettuces, bib, romaine, escarole, endive, swiss chard, collards, dandelion leaves, nettles leaves, birch tree leaves, sprouts such as alfalfa, mung, radish. Parsley is also good although the more the parsley the stronger the diuretic.
​Chewing a green salad with teeth, even when each bite is chewed 32 times, is able to liberate roughly 2% of the chlorophyll and other nutrients. A quality blender can deliver 80% of the cellular fluids of the greens thereby making the greens 40 times more effective. Generally the pint is an effective amount to nourish, cleanse and detoxify. Some people want to do more and prepare more drink and consume some every waking hour. When done in this manner an average adult can exchange every drop of fluid, as every drop of fluid will have been exchanged once in a matter of a few weeks effecting many conditions and overall health. Hence, the transfusion.
​Also of interest is the role of vitamin K in overall health but because a deficiency is rare, it is often overlooked. There are three major forms of vitamin K-vitamin K-1 (phylloquinone) is the natural plant form of vitamin k; vitamin K-2 (menaquinone), derived from bacteria in the gut; and vitamin K-3 (menadione), a synthetic form. Food sources include green leafy vegetables, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and green tea and are good sources of vitamin K. Other sources are asparagus, oats, whole wheat and fresh green peas. Newborns do not yet have gut bacteria and they are susceptible to vitamin K deficiency and are often given vitamin K intramuscularly to prevent hemorrhagic disease. The green drink can be used for the mother during pregnancy and orally for the child after birth. Adults usually are not deficient. When seen in adults it manifests as easy bruising, ruptured capillaries, etc., and are usually the result of taking anticoagulant drugs like Coumadin or Warfarin (they work by poisoning the vitamin K cascade). These symptoms are often the result of taking long term antibiotics also. Of particular interest to women, vitamin K, plays an important role in bone health as it converts a bone protein from its inactive from to its active form. It is necessary for allowing the non-collagen protein (ostecalcin) molecule to join with the calcium and holding the calcium into place within the bone.
​When vitamin K is deficient it leads to impaired mineralization of the bone because of insufficient osteocalcin levels. Patients with osteoporosis that sustain fractures show very low levels of vitamin K, the severity of the fracture correlates with the circulating vitamin K’s level. The lower the level the greater the severity of the fracture. The presence of vitamin K may be responsible for the osteo-protective factors of a vegetarian diet.
​Besides osteoporosis and hemorrhagic disease of the newborn, excessive menstrual bleeding has been helped by crude preparations of chlorophyll. In these instances vitamin K deficiency should first be ruled out. Keep in mind that most of the chlorophyll products found in health food stores contain water-soluble chlorophyll. Because water-soluble chlorophyll is not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, its best use is in ulcerative skin conditions. Having astringent qualities and an ability to stimulate wound healing it makes a top-notch wound healer and has been used medically to help control odor in various applications, especially urinary tract and bowel conditions. Keeping this in mind, the best source of vitamin K is the fat-soluble chlorophyll especially for bone health and immune function. The green pigment in plants (think green drink) is found in the chloroplast compartment of plant cells. The conversion of light (electromagnetic energy) into chemical energy occurs in the chloroplast through photosynthesis. The chlorophyll molecule is not only necessary, but essential in order for this reaction to occur.
​The green drink has so many benefits that someone can easily do for themselves, especially with concern for bone loss as we age, it would seem to be a real self-health component of a wellness program.
​Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body making up 1.5 to 2.0 of the total body weight. So many people (especially women) take calcium supplements that are often poorly absorbed. The green drink gives a person both calcium and vitamin K. An example would be kale not only is kale more absorbable (calcium wise) ounce for ounce kale is higher in calcium than milk. Other members of the cabbage family (turnip, collard, and mustard) are as beneficial as kale.​
One of my favorite teachers, Dr. Bernard Jensen, who had many sayings about many different topics, said of the green drink “if you are green inside you are clean inside.”

Take Good Care,
Dr. Rich Easterling
Holistic Health & Wellness-Naturopathic & Non-Invasive
Alternative Health & Healing
These suggestions are for educational and nutritional consideration only.

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First Prolotherapy!

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I am so excited! Yesterday I was finally able to start my first series of Prolotherapy by Dr David Nebbeling, DO and Osteopath.
As mentioned in MY Story, I have lots of degenerative spine, disk and rib issues made worst from Lyme Disease. Now that I have my Lyme and co infection pretty much kicked ( still waiting on blood work to prove ), I can start regrowing my ligaments, cartilage, or tendons that have deteriorated.
What is Prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is the injection of sclerosing solution to stimulate the natural healing cascades of the body. It is administered into and around a joint. Dr Nebbeling than gives you a written guideline and instructions of supplements to take to help with the healing process. When extra cartilage is desired in a joint, he will add an injection of certain homeopathic medicine and ozone gas to stimulate growth. (Info from Dr Nebbeling in the book “Learn How the Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America Can Improve Your Health” by Dr Edward Kondrot).
Dr Nebbeling has helped people by pass hip, knee and shoulder surgeries with this amazing technique.
Another thing I had done yesterday was some Neurotherapy in my rib area. Again from book Top 20 …..”Neurotherapy, the injection of dilute lidocaine into all scars and any interference fields I (Dr Nebbeling) have identified, and oftentimes around the skull. I frequently see instant pain relief, followed by fading or discolored scars, decreased edema of limbs, and improved function of limbs.”
See, he does practice “Miracle Medicine”!
Dr Nebbeling is always learning and works with many of the Top 20 Doctors mentioned in the book.
I am happy to say, my other Holistic Doctor, Rich Easterling ND, PHD drives up from Indiana to see Dr Nebbeling! Pretty awesome!!!!
Yesterday, My blood work came back for my hormone levels. As mentioned is My Story, my OBGYN thought my ovaries were bad and removed them, last minute. Unfortunately, they were okay and I was thrown into surgical menopause! Not Fun!!!! Three months ago Dr Nebbeling started me on bio identical hormones called The Troche from O’Brien Pharmacy. They are amazing! It stopped my extreme hot flashes and night sweats. They even help me sleep! After 10 months of only 1 hour rest/sleep, I am now a very happy camper!
My hormone levels are still a little low, so we are upping them. Dr Nebbeling says I will have even more energy and mental clarity! Seems hard to believe but, okay! Lol.
Interesting how regular medical doctors don’t know how to regulate hormones naturally. Not to mention how to read blood work. Did you know that as women, we need a healthy balance of progesterone as we age? This not only helps fight cancer, but is anti aging! In other words, you don’t have to grow old right away! Sort of like the fountain of youth!

jenniferdarrFirst Prolotherapy!
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Jen’s Daily Routine!

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Hard to believe how sick I was 4 months ago! Better yet, for the last, almost, 2 years!!!
I am still waiting for all of my blood work to come back. I Will keep you posted! The good news is that my Therma scan came back and there is no sign of breast cancer! Woo hoo!!!’ Answered prayer!!!!
I am down to these daily activities and plan on focusing on working out more.
I guess Denver is a great place to start, since I will be there for Christmas and into the beginning of the New Year! I will finally get to see my daughter and my new son-n-law, in a healthier body. For that, I am beyond grateful!
Back to my morning routine.
I like to wake up to reading a daily devotional and prayer. Great way to start the day. (I place my bio identical hormones in the form of a Troche in top gum area to be absorbed during this time). I even share what I read to others on FB. Attitude and belief is everything! Especially when you are overcoming sickness and personal problems. I like the saying, “If you think you can’t get well, you are right! If you think you can, you are right!”
Next I drink my SMI (good bacteria with enzymes made by Dr Loomis brand, Thera-zyme). I wait for 20 minutes or so and than have some 4herb tea or green tea with apple cider vinegar.
I than drink this awesome dry mix, mixed in water made from vegetables and fruits called EssentialGreens. I get this from Dr Nebbeling’s office.
For breakfast I either make some eggs, gluten free toast, millet, gluten free waffles. I make up this fruit spread that consists of prunes, apricots, dates, and figs. I use this for a sweetener and the awesome nutrients. Add in some almond butter or tahini butter for more protein. Or, I may just do a protein drink called “PurePea”. I use almond or coconut milk with it. Add in ground flax seed, chia seed, Maca, organic cocoa and Tahini or almond butter. This is quite filling!! Before I eat or drink protein shake I take STM, another Thera-zyme that replaces heartburn or acid reflux meds.
After eating I take my other supplements (3x day) and Laurcidin (in am and pm).
Okay, here is a subject that not to many people like to talk about, but we ALL do it: bowel movements! Lol.
After my bowel movement I than do a coffee enema. (Sometimes I eat first, most time I don’t. I drink the essentialgreens and things move).
Please refer to last post where I describe “Jen’s Coffee Enema 101).
After the morning enema, I dry skin brush and sit in my Far Infrared Sauna for 25-30 min. This really helps detox and mobilize and heal your cells. Great for Cancer patience too!!!
I jump in the shower or a quick bath and begin my day!
Note: I don’t do the coffee enemas everyday now, since I am further in my healing.
Here are the things I am on: RBS, STM, IRB, SMI, (all therazyme enzymes by Dr Loomis) bio -immunozyme forte (1×3 day), virathera cf, cytozyme THY, libidostim-F (1×2 a day with my bio-identical hormones), Immutol, essentialgreens, and ACS 200. (I make up a two week supply of packets for after Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Saves lots of time!). I have been on other supplements that support my adrenals and thyroid. We are waiting for blood work to come back to see what is next in that category.
I also make up a pot Organic Oatstraw, Chamomile and Flax Seed tea to sip on thru the day!
Yes, this seems overwhelming to many of you, but the benefits far out weigh the risk of staying sick and bed ridden!
Prayers and happy healthy healing! Xo

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Jen’s Coffee Enema 101

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1 Large Stainless Steal Pot

4 One quart canning jars with lids

1 Stainless Steal small hole mesh strainer

1 Enema Kit

Organic Coffee

Distilled Water

Coconut Oil or Vitamin E Oil

3% Hydrogen Peroxide Spray Bottle

1 Clock or Timer

1 Old coffee cup to soak enema tip

Paper towels

Trash Can
Tip: You can buy a douche/enema bag at your local pharmacy. If you are allergic to Latex, order online at Amazon, ‘The Gerson Therapy Coffee Enema Kit’, that includes organic coffee.  You can buy your organic coffee at your local health food store, or your local grocery store that has an organic section. Buy several gallons of Distilled water, and a spray bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide.



1 Old beach towel

1 Pillow

1 Old blanket, to use if you get cold.

1 Shower curtain liner, if you are doing an enema on your bed.

A device that plays Spa music, audio Meditation, Worship music, or anything that lifts your spirit and makes you feel good.

Candles or soft light

Fresh air or at least some essential oil to breathe in, like peppermint oil.

Use Distilled Water Only!

Step 1: In a stainless steal pot, do NOT use an Aluminum pan, bring one gallon of distilled water to a boil.

Step 2: Add 8 tablespoons of organic coffee. Boil for 5 minutes. Turn the burner to low and continue to simmer for a few minutes longer.

Step 3: While boiling the coffee, sanitize 4, one quart, pre-washed, canning jars and their lids with boiling hot water.

Step 4: Pull the coffee off the stove and strain it into an 8 cups glass bowl, with a small, hole mesh strainer. (Best done over the sink)

Step 5: Pour the strained coffee into each of the 1quart canning jars.

Step 6: Cool to body temperature.

Step 7: Seal 2 of the quarts and refrigerate for later or for the next morning. Depending on your level of pain or herxing/die-off symptoms, you may want to repeat the ‘back to back’, coffee enema’s in 3-4 hours, or later that night. When re-heating the refrigerated coffee, place the sealed mason jars in a sink filled with hot water.

Step 1: Sanitize your enema kit with warm soapy water, followed by hydrogen peroxide. Rinse well and dry.

Note: when sanitizing or cleaning tubing, always run water thru top of tube, where it attaches to bag or stainless steal can, down to the bottom of the tubing, near where the shut off valve is. The bottom of the tube is where the enema tip connects to the tubing.

Step 2: Set up a comfortable spot! If you are well enough to get up and down off the floor, place a beach towel on your bathroom floor. Put the pillow at the end that you are going to rest your head. If you are to ill to get up and down, spread out a shower curtain liner on your bed. Cover with a beach towel so you don’t stick to the plastic. (Make sure you are close to somewhere you can hang your enema bag on or a place to set your enema can on. You will want your bag or can, 1 ½ feet above where you are laying).

Step 3: Bring 2, 1quart jars of coffee to body temperature. (Directions above)

Step 4: Turn on your music or mediation. If you are able to have fresh air and sunlight in your bathroom, than do so. If not, dim lights and light a candle. Basically do whatever relaxes you and puts you in your happy place.

Step 5: Undress from waste down. Feel free to leave socks on, if your feet are cold.

Step 6: Add tip to the enema hose, at bottom of tubing, near the shut off valve. Close the valve. Pour 1 quart of the body temperature coffee into the enema bag. Put hose on the bag and run enough coffee thru the tube until no air comes out, only coffee. Hang enema bag on a doorknob, cabinet knobs or your bathtub faucet. If you are using the stainless still can kit, place it on the toilet lid or a footstool.

Step 7: Put a clean bag in your trashcan so you can put drain hose into it when you are done. Place it near the base of the kit.

Step 8: Put organic coconut oil or vitamin E oil on the enema tip.

Step 9: Laying on right side, insert tip slowly. Insert about 25cm in. Turn on valve and breathe. Think happy thoughts. Listen to music. Pray. Meditate.  Visualize your body healing, with your cells regenerating into healthy cells.

Step 10: Shut off tube before air bubbles enter you or when bag is empty. Hold the coffee in for 10-15 minutes, laying on your right side with your knees bent.   Note: At first you may not be able to do the 10-15 minutes, and that is okay. Get up and go the bathroom and start 2nd quart of body temperature coffee.

Step 11: After 10-15 minutes, go to the bathroom.

Step 12: Repeat! Note: Rinse the enema tip with hot water and spray it with Hydrogen Peroxide. Wait 30 seconds, rinse with hot water and add new oil, before 2nd enema

Step 13: Sanitize the kit.

NOTE:   If need be, you could use a clean fresh coffee maker to make the coffee for your enema’s.  Make sure you use brown, unbleached coffee filters instead of white, bleached coffee ones.  Of course use organic coffee and distilled water.  Make sure it is body temperature before you use it.
Coffee enemas can be done every 3 hours for acute symptoms. In the book, ‘Mum’s Not Having Chemo”, Dr. Gary Gordon recommends to do two coffee enemas, back to back, in the morning and the other two in the afternoon for a heavy detox.
Do not do your coffee enema first thing in the morning. Do your morning routine, juice or eat something healthy first. If you can, go #2 before your enema.
For better detox, dry skin brush and take an Epsum salt/baking soda bath. If in a hurry, dry skin brush and shower.
WARNING: Chemo patients, or if you are not a chemo patient but have diarrhea or are bleeding rectally, use organic chamomile instead.
Directions on how to make Organic German Chamomile Tea for an enema: Boil 1 gallon of distilled water. Add 1/4 cup of chamomile. Boil for 5 minutes. Simmer for a few more. Strain. Use it when it is at the heat of your body, like coffee enema, but only hold in for 5 minutes.  You can make additional tea to drink throughout the day if you have stomach aches, insomnia, sore throats or cramps strikes. It is smart to keep a supply of chamomile flowers on hand.


Warning: Chamomile has been known to cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to ragweed or other members of the daisy family. If you have such an allergy, you should avoid using this medicinal herb. It is best to get your herbs from a trusted source to avoid this reaction.


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More Blood Work!


Bio-Identical Hormones…..oh happy day! Dr David Nebbeling D.O. And Osteopath, started me on The Troche from O’Brien pharmacy, almost 90 days ago.
I had a full hormone level lab test first. But based on the fact that an OBGYN took my ovaries on November 4, 2013, it was sort of a no brainer the need I had.
Symptoms? Major hot flash! I am talking every hour I would have to strip down to a layer of spandex shorts and tank top only to have to return a thick layer of clothing, once the 20 min chill to the bone process began before the hot flash started again! This went on day and night. I did not sleep for almost 10 months!!! My severity were caused in part from my co infections, thyroid , thymus and adrenals that were being affected from my Lyme Disease.
(The sicker I became, before starting holistic treatments, I was having them up to 15min apart)
Other symptoms, Insomnia (which again the above issues made it worst!)
Basically, I was put into a surgically induced medical menopause! I highly don’t recommend it!
Yes, the OBGYN put me on synthetic hormones. The first was an Estrogen Patch. Talk about pain and nauseated symptoms almost immediately! A few months later, under a new OBGYN I tried oral estrogen. Nope! That didn’t work either. Same awful symptoms almost immediately.
It is funny how being diagnosed with a debilitating dreadful disease called, Lyme has changed my life for the better! Without the hunt for health, I would probably still be suffering aimlessly.
So today the lab work is for:
Total Testosterone (serum)
Total Estrogens (E1-E2)
DHEA Sulfate
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Extra lab:
Serum Ferritin

I had a full lab done last week on thyroid and more. See past posts for details.
I am still waiting for the lab work from last week and 6 weeks ago (cancer markers and Lyme markers).

By the way, I don’t have hot flashes or insomnia any more! Woo hoo!!!!

One sad and eye opening part about having your ovaries removed and being undiagnosed with Lyme Disease. Most Medical Doctors, Family and Friends thought that my sickness was all in my head, from having them removed!!! Really??? I am glad for the friends and family that believed in me, when others did not. I am grateful to God for giving me the strength and wisdom to keep pushing on for a solution. Prayers to all of my fellow Lyme friends that have the same battle behind, present and ahead of them! Keep the Faith! Don’t give up! Your healing is on its way! Xo

jenniferdarrMore Blood Work!
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Fasted For Blood Work!

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Getting my Free(if insurance doesn’t cover it) Health Diagnostic Laboratory Blood Test today at Dr Nebbeling office. I had to fast for 10 hours. Will know results in a few weeks!

Here is some info from their website :

a CAP-accredited leader in health management, offers the
most comprehensive laboratory test menu of risk factors and
biomarkers for cardiovascular and related diseases.

Diabetes mellitus (DM)
Metabolic syndrome (MS)
Fatty liver disease (NASH)
Cardiovascular disease
Heart failure

Good to know info for your doctor!
FYI…most Doctors don’t know about this test. Feel free to educate them!

On another note, I having my second to last IV H2O2 Treatment today! Oh glorious day!

Still waiting for cancer marker tests to come back.

Dr Nebbeling ordered more blood work for this Friday to check hormones, thyroid and inflammation levels.

Loving my O’Brien pharmacy Troche for hormone replacement. Dr Nebbeling is awesome in helping balance your hormones naturally.
For more info on the pharmacy:

jenniferdarrFasted For Blood Work!
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