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My first post !


Hip Hip Hooray! After 3 months of finally being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I am able to tell my story and help others overcome this debilitating and sometimes deadly disease that no one really knows about, especially the medical community.

jenniferdarrMy first post !


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  • Linda - December 4, 2014 reply

    I have had scalp sores ,,hair loss,,,knee pain..seeing double,ears rining,electricity,like going though my body,numb hands and feet,,and so much ,,,,sucks ,,,drs,here in Texas are Ass holes,,,.please keep in touch,,,love and prayers,,,,Linda,

    jenniferdarr - December 5, 2014 reply

    Bless your heart, Linda. Xo. I can relate. It is an awful disease and doctors are not up to speed as to recognizing it and treating it:(. If you are able to, find yourself a holistic doctor and get rid of your side affects at please keep me posted. Prayers. Xoxoxo

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