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Last Infected Root Canals Removed!


On Wednesday, December 3rd, I had my last two Lyme Infected Root Canals removed, total of 4! Thanks to my holistic dentist, which are hard to come by, she was able to remove the last two in one sitting. After Natalie Horn, D.D.S., P.L.L.C removes them, she cleans out infected area (which went into my bone) with Oreganol oil. Dr Horn also has me using a heating pad every 20 minutes to help the circulation and rid the infection. Most dentist tell you ice! Which I can assure you, hurts!!!!
Rich Easterling N.D., PHD, has me doing 4 TRMA every 3-4 hours to stop inflammation and heal the area. I am happy to say, I have no visible swelling and pain Free! Woo hoo!
TRMA made by Thera-zyme, Dr Loomis formula, is great to use after surgeries or accidents. There are other purposes to, like chronic infections. TRMA consists of:
Calcium Lactate
Proprietary Plant Enzyme Blend: Protease (from Aspergillus oryzea), Glucose Oxidase (from Aspergillus niger), Protease (from Aspergillus niger), and Catalase (from Aspergillus niger)
Dr Loomis is a Bio-chemist and Chiropractor. Very knowledgable man. Rich Easterling ND has done seminars with him. If you are in the health field, I recommend going to one of Dr Loomis Seminars.
I am Looking forward to my last 5 IV Hydrogen Peroxide Treatments to rid my body of the Lyme and Co Infections.
I Hope to find out today or tomorrow the results of blood work Dr Nebbeling ordered. The tests are to check for the Bacteria that causes Lyme and some cancer marker tests. Unfortunately, my co infections can cause cancer. Please keep me in your prayers.

jenniferdarrLast Infected Root Canals Removed!


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  • Kim - December 14, 2014 reply

    I am so glad you found a solution! You look great. Thank you for sharing the news that there are alternative answers.

  • Mary/Angel - March 18, 2015 reply

    thank you so much for sharing your story!! I am hoping and praying that all of your co-infections are now gone!! Do you think that the ozone IV treatment will work just as well as the hydrogen peroxide Iv treatment. The FDA will not let the doctors in IL do the hydrogen peroxide treatments anymore. Also I just ordered the 9% food grade hydrogen peroxide because I read on some of the information that a lot of people got better after ingesting the hydrogen peroxide too. Hope you are feeling better.

    jenniferdarr - December 14, 2015 reply

    Hi Mary!
    So sorry I am just now getting back to you! I just logged in and read your comment.
    If you can do IV Vit C with ozone, I think that would help! Of course, IV H202 is the best!!!! If you are able to travel to an area to do it, I highly recommend it! For info on how to ingest the hydrogen peroxide go to the free online book: Please keep me posted on your success!!!

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