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Most Common Underly Cause of Migraine (Dr. Benn)

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The nervous system is a complex series of neurons that communicate with one another by way of chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. The body makes these neurotransmitters in a series of biochemical reactions which require certain building blocks. These building blocks are obtained from the various macro and micro nutrients that we supply to the body through our diet, ie. proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. If we have either a genetic predisposition to deficiencies of certain vitamins or minerals, or we are unable to digest or assimilate nutrients necessary to appropriately produce neurotransmitters, an imbalance occurs in the central nervous system which can set the stage for migraine.

The inability to digest certain foods causes an aberrant state in the small intestine, which is where nutrients are absorbed into the body for utilization by the various biochemical reactions required to maintain the body. These undigested foods putrefy and release histamines into the body which become the underlying cause of so many of the disease states that humans experience. In addition to the biochemical deficiencies that affect the production of neurotransmitters, water retention is another of the many results of increased histamines in the body. The simple mechanical pressure alone caused by water retention and subsequent swelling of the brain tissue within the cranium can be cause enough for the headache pain commonly diagnosed as migraine. This fact can be readily demonstrated by the absolute elimination of certain foods that have been proven to perpetuate this state of elevated histamines.

If you or someone close to you suffers from migraine, do this. Eliminate the following foods from your diet and realize for yourself that your diet is the culprit for your suffering. Remember. The abstinence must be absolute in order to work. The foods are: wheat, corn, soy, dairy, bakers yeast, brewers yeast, coffee, chocolate, potato, tomato, bell pepper, eggplant, paprika, cayenne pepper, tomatillo, tobacco, sugar, saccharin, NutraSweet, MSG, egg, peanuts, onion, and garlic.

You may have one more headache after starting this abstinence, mostly due to withdrawal from the foods that you have been addicted to. If you are successful with the abstinence, your migraine symptoms will be gone. This relief will only be temporary, however. If you were to then consume even the smallest amount of any of the foods that you have abstained from, you will most assuredly get a migraine within hours.

However, while following a 21 day absolute abstinence from the offending foods, your unique nutritional deficiencies are revealed and supplemented accordingly. It’s these deficiencies that are not only responsible for your inability to digest the culprit foods, but also the subsequent metabolic imbalances that are ultimately the underlying cause of most common and uncommon maladies. By complying with the prescribed supplement regimen, it is then possible to add the foods back to your diet without the return of the migraine symptoms.


Remember. Everyone is unique. Therefore, there are as many variations to the supplement regimen as there are persons engaging in the protocol. For information on the location of my practice, or for a referral to a doctor near you that utilizes this protocol, go to

jenniferdarrMost Common Underly Cause of Migraine (Dr. Benn)

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