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“There is seldom, if ever, any hopeless situations, but there are many people who lose hope in face of some situations.” ~~~~~Zig Ziglar

When I was first diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I was seriously worried that I would not be able to overcome it.  Not just because of how ill I felt, but due to other long term/Chronic Lyme patients informing me that Lyme and the co-infections get into every cell of your body making it impossible to heal!   They were only partly right!  Yes, Lyme and co-infections can get into every cell of your body, but the good news is you can heal each cell thru deep tissue cleansing, diet, supplements for your body, oxygen therapies and the right belief system!

Thankfully,  I had enough knowledge thru past experiences in holistic healing, and the knowledge of top holistic doctors to heal my body.

Deep tissue cleansing is something most people don’t know about.    I was fortunate to have been a patient of and work with, my mentor and the late world re-known Nutritionist, Virginia Jenkins and her son,  my ND, Dr. Richard Easterling, who taught me about the benefits of deep tissue cleansing and fasting.

Dr. Easterling did an internship with the late, Bernard Jensen D.C., Nutritionist at Jensen’s, “Hidden Valley Ranch” that served as a retreat for people all over the world to learn how to live a healthy life.  They helped their patients do deep tissue cleanses and healed all types of illnesses and diseases.

Benard Jensen taught that not only the condition of the bowel tissue is often the key to the state of health or disease of an individual, but your mental attitude has a huge bearing as well.

From Jensen’s book, “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management,” he talks about the Organic versus Functional.  Jensen says, “There are two conditions in people that I always take care of right away.  It is difficult to separate these conditions and yet they represent two ways of treatment.”

“People are dealing with both physical and mental imbalances and I get to the root of their problem by finding out what they believe in, what is at the bottom of their troubles.”

“If you believe a lie, then you live a lie.  If you believe in happiness, desire happiness and know how to go about attaining happiness, then chances are you are happy.  However, the person who holds a vision of themselves as diseased, distressed, blue, trapped or unable to get well, has to be reeducated.  They have created their own world and trapped themselves in it.   Many are victims of percentage diagnoses—‘Your chances of getting well are only 30%,’ and we have to erase this from their mind.”

“We have an organic condition and a functional condition.  When we deal with the organic condition we have to change the tissue, we have to change damaged cell structure, create a new chemical balance, promote better circulation; we have to remove obstructions, pressure and other gravitational effects.  These things are strictly physical and we find that the mind alone cannot overcome them very well.  I believe that the mind has a tremendous effect on the physical body but that we must feed each aspect its own kind of food.  In the organic or physical aspect, we use diet, corrective exercise and tissue cleansing.”

“We feed the mind or functional aspect of our being with education; teaching people to grow out of their problems, to change their attitude and consciousness.  They must learn to walk the higher path in thoughts, words and deeds.”

Jensen goes on to say, “I have changed people’s cell structure many times, actually showing them the results with blood tests, but they still hang onto their old attitudes.  THEY WANT TO GET WELL BUT DON’T BELIEVE THEY CAN.  THIS CONFUSED STATE IS TRANSFERRED TO EVERY CELL IN THE BODY.  This is why I question people about their mental attitude; we have to see where we are before we know where to go.”

This information resonates with me because after I had done my deep tissue cleanses, fasting, oxygen therapies and was shown thru blood work that I was better, I still didn’t feel 100%.  That is when I met
Dr. Benn Rocco at Adobe Chiropractic who specializes in Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic Neurology.  Dr. Rocco told me to stop claiming the disease! That was a HUGE eyeopener for me since I wasn’t aware that I was!   Even though I would visualize every cell healing, deep down I now realize that I didn’t think it was true for Lyme and co-infections.  You see, my thought process was wrong!   Dr. Rocco than put me on a 21 day food elimination diet and prescribed nutrients for my body.  The result, I am so much better today and now understand how that claiming the disease kept me in the disease state!

Happy Healthy Healing!!






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  • Beverly Ritter - February 25, 2016 reply

    Hi Jen, I was so happy to meet you last night! I love your blog and am going to immediately use some of your info about professional digestive enzymes. Also I would love some info on articles about regaining hearing after my instant hearing loss ! Thank you! Bev Ritter

    jenniferdarr - March 22, 2016 reply

    Thank you Beverly! It was great meeting you too and I am glad that you love my blog:)

    jenniferdarr - March 22, 2016 reply

    Thank you Beverly! It was great meeting you too and I am glad that you love my blog:)

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