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A Call To Question and To Action!



“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored”.

~~Aldous Huxley

Why don’t hospital’s hand out a simple CDC pamphlet on Lyme disease to someone that they just removed an embedded tick from and their patient showed a sign of infection at the bite site?

Why does the DNR claim that there are ticks in the area carrying Lyme disease on their website?

Why are doctors so afraid of admitting that Lyme disease is real or that it could be in the area?

Why do Veterinarian’s report there is Lyme in the area and they encourage you to have your pet vaccinated for it?

Why does the CDC claim Lyme is rare in Washtenaw County?

Why are doctors not willing to order blood work and if they do, they quickly tell you that they DO NOT TREAT LYME?

What about the ones that do order blood work and it comes back positive, why don’t they treat their patients longer then 2-4weeks with antibiotics?

There are a lot of doctors out there that want to help their patients but they are not being educated as to how or their medical license is being threatened if they do treat longer than 2-4weeks.   People are being mis-diagnosed daily with one and/or many of the 350+ disease’s that Lyme mimics. Lyme disease is being laughed at by the medical community and the CDC is not informing doctors with “up to date” information about the #1 World Pandemic, and the #1 misreported epidemic, Lyme disease!

Unless you have lived the Lyme nightmare, you may not be aware that insurance companies only will pay for 2-4 weeks for antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics may help if you catch the infection within a few days. The insurance company’s and CDC promote the use of the Western Blot or Elise test as the only tests that are valid to diagnose Lyme patients. The problem is, it is less then 40% accurate and they know it!   Doctors that study Lyme use the IGeneX test to help diagnose their patients, since it is 92% accurate. Unfortunately, most insurance companies won’t cover this $500 to $1,000 blood test! My insurance company didn’t cover the charge and I had to pay the $500!

Regardless, of what doctors are being told, or should I say, “brain washed”, Lyme does exist and it is a shame that it is not taught properly by the CDC or in medical schools.   They need to educate doctors on how easily this potentially, life threatening disease is transmitted, like Ticks are not the only way you can get Lyme disease.

I think the biggest reason why Lyme disease is not being taught in medical schools is because there is no magic pharmaceutical pill to heal you. Since western medicine can’t help, they discount that the disease exist.

The Truth is, you need to treat Lyme like Cancer, but not with cancer causing medicine. You need proper knowledge about your body in order to heal. Antibiotics for late stage Lyme and co-infections, is like throwing gasoline on a fire.   Lyme is not just bacterial, it is viral, fungi and parasitic.   All four of these like to mutate!   These super bugs get smart to antibiotics and become resistant. Plus, antibiotics kill your good bacteria in your gut, which weakens your immune system that is already under attack. In return, you get sicker on antibiotics. Oxygen Therapies is the better choice and is good for treating cancer. Oxygen Therapies like IV Hydrogen Peroxide strengthen your immune system, and it kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites!

It isn’t just the oxygen therapies you need. A diet without sugar, gluten and dairy is very important, along with finding a holistic doctor that can determine what your body is deficient in and give you the nutrients it needs to heal. The nutrients need to include enzymes for your body, mega-doses of probiotics, and advanced cellular silver, like ACS 200. To jumpstart the healing process I highly recommend daily coffee enemas and doing a deep tissue cleanse.


It is time to wake up to this epidemic and get informed on how to keep your body healthy so when you do get exposed you are able to overcome it.

jenniferdarrA Call To Question and To Action!


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  • Wendy Brown - April 2, 2016 reply

    Thank you Jennifer for sharing your experience. Please continue to let us know how your brother is doing. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

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