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Fasted For Blood Work!

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Getting my Free(if insurance doesn’t cover it) Health Diagnostic Laboratory Blood Test today at Dr Nebbeling office. I had to fast for 10 hours. Will know results in a few weeks!

Here is some info from their website :

a CAP-accredited leader in health management, offers the
most comprehensive laboratory test menu of risk factors and
biomarkers for cardiovascular and related diseases.

Diabetes mellitus (DM)
Metabolic syndrome (MS)
Fatty liver disease (NASH)
Cardiovascular disease
Heart failure

Good to know info for your doctor!
FYI…most Doctors don’t know about this test. Feel free to educate them!

On another note, I having my second to last IV H2O2 Treatment today! Oh glorious day!

Still waiting for cancer marker tests to come back.

Dr Nebbeling ordered more blood work for this Friday to check hormones, thyroid and inflammation levels.

Loving my O’Brien pharmacy Troche for hormone replacement. Dr Nebbeling is awesome in helping balance your hormones naturally.
For more info on the pharmacy:

jenniferdarrFasted For Blood Work!

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