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More Blood Work!


Bio-Identical Hormones…..oh happy day! Dr David Nebbeling D.O. And Osteopath, started me on The Troche from O’Brien pharmacy, almost 90 days ago.
I had a full hormone level lab test first. But based on the fact that an OBGYN took my ovaries on November 4, 2013, it was sort of a no brainer the need I had.
Symptoms? Major hot flash! I am talking every hour I would have to strip down to a layer of spandex shorts and tank top only to have to return a thick layer of clothing, once the 20 min chill to the bone process began before the hot flash started again! This went on day and night. I did not sleep for almost 10 months!!! My severity were caused in part from my co infections, thyroid , thymus and adrenals that were being affected from my Lyme Disease.
(The sicker I became, before starting holistic treatments, I was having them up to 15min apart)
Other symptoms, Insomnia (which again the above issues made it worst!)
Basically, I was put into a surgically induced medical menopause! I highly don’t recommend it!
Yes, the OBGYN put me on synthetic hormones. The first was an Estrogen Patch. Talk about pain and nauseated symptoms almost immediately! A few months later, under a new OBGYN I tried oral estrogen. Nope! That didn’t work either. Same awful symptoms almost immediately.
It is funny how being diagnosed with a debilitating dreadful disease called, Lyme has changed my life for the better! Without the hunt for health, I would probably still be suffering aimlessly.
So today the lab work is for:
Total Testosterone (serum)
Total Estrogens (E1-E2)
DHEA Sulfate
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Extra lab:
Serum Ferritin

I had a full lab done last week on thyroid and more. See past posts for details.
I am still waiting for the lab work from last week and 6 weeks ago (cancer markers and Lyme markers).

By the way, I don’t have hot flashes or insomnia any more! Woo hoo!!!!

One sad and eye opening part about having your ovaries removed and being undiagnosed with Lyme Disease. Most Medical Doctors, Family and Friends thought that my sickness was all in my head, from having them removed!!! Really??? I am glad for the friends and family that believed in me, when others did not. I am grateful to God for giving me the strength and wisdom to keep pushing on for a solution. Prayers to all of my fellow Lyme friends that have the same battle behind, present and ahead of them! Keep the Faith! Don’t give up! Your healing is on its way! Xo

jenniferdarrMore Blood Work!


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  • Sabine - December 15, 2014 reply

    Hello Jennifer,
    Thank you for all this wonderful info on how you are healing from lyme. I have lyme, bartonella and babesia also, and I am fighting it for almost 5 years now, but I am still not well. Here in Tennessee are not any good doctors that know much about it. Would you please tell me a bit more about the H2O2 and how you are doing so far ?
    I also please need to know about the root canals. I have 2..Did they have to remove your teeth ?
    Thank you so much and I hope you continue to get well,


    jenniferdarr - December 16, 2014 reply

    Bless your heart! My ND worked in Tennessee with a MD that did IV H2O2:). I will get you more info soon. Xo

    jenniferdarr - December 16, 2014 reply

    Contact Dr Jill Walner in crossville, pinnacle health center. Takk to Ronda there. Prayers! Xo

    jenniferdarr - December 23, 2014 reply

    My pleasure, Sabine! Did I send you info on the dr in Crossville yet? Let me know? Prayers! Xo

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