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Feeling Great On Vacation!!

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For those of you that don’t know me, before I got deathly ill from my Lyme and Co infections in March 2013, I was traveling once a month!!!

Since I am self employed, Silver Manager with Silpada Designs, I can take my business anywhere I go:) To see what Silpada is….

I am in Denver visiting my daughter and her husband.  As mentioned earlier in My Story, I was unable to participate with the majority of my daughter’s wedding festivities, due to being deathly ill.  Praise God, I am doing 95% better!!!

It is wonderful to be able to travel and spend quality healthy time with family!!!

I have tweaked my daily regime.  I brought my enema kit for my daily coffee enemas, which I had been doing since the end of August.  I can’t believe it, but I have not done one since I have been here!  Pretty amazing!!!

I am keeping up with my daily routine minus coffee enemas and sauna.

I have done a couple of Yoga classes and have worked out with weights while I am here.  A little sore, but feeling GREAT!!!!

My diet…..well, 80% has been good.  I have gone off and have eaten some fried foods and non organic things, with no known side effects!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Of course, I am taking my STM and IRB (Thera-zyme enzymes (STM) before and (IRB) after each meal.  The best natural enzymes to help with indigestion and irritable bowls.

I am still waiting on some blood work.  I have a phone consult with a DNA Consult Company on Friday.  Hopefully, after that, I will know some more results!

Also, still waiting on my Thyroid and other tests from Health Diagnostic Laboratory.

One thing that I have learned in my journey to heal, is to be grateful for everything!  Learn from the hardships and help others!!!

Praying that my blog helps and for your healing!

jenniferdarrFeeling Great On Vacation!!

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