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First Prolotherapy!

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I am so excited! Yesterday I was finally able to start my first series of Prolotherapy by Dr David Nebbeling, DO and Osteopath.
As mentioned in MY Story, I have lots of degenerative spine, disk and rib issues made worst from Lyme Disease. Now that I have my Lyme and co infection pretty much kicked ( still waiting on blood work to prove ), I can start regrowing my ligaments, cartilage, or tendons that have deteriorated.
What is Prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is the injection of sclerosing solution to stimulate the natural healing cascades of the body. It is administered into and around a joint. Dr Nebbeling than gives you a written guideline and instructions of supplements to take to help with the healing process. When extra cartilage is desired in a joint, he will add an injection of certain homeopathic medicine and ozone gas to stimulate growth. (Info from Dr Nebbeling in the book “Learn How the Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America Can Improve Your Health” by Dr Edward Kondrot).
Dr Nebbeling has helped people by pass hip, knee and shoulder surgeries with this amazing technique.
Another thing I had done yesterday was some Neurotherapy in my rib area. Again from book Top 20 …..”Neurotherapy, the injection of dilute lidocaine into all scars and any interference fields I (Dr Nebbeling) have identified, and oftentimes around the skull. I frequently see instant pain relief, followed by fading or discolored scars, decreased edema of limbs, and improved function of limbs.”
See, he does practice “Miracle Medicine”!
Dr Nebbeling is always learning and works with many of the Top 20 Doctors mentioned in the book.
I am happy to say, my other Holistic Doctor, Rich Easterling ND, PHD drives up from Indiana to see Dr Nebbeling! Pretty awesome!!!!
Yesterday, My blood work came back for my hormone levels. As mentioned is My Story, my OBGYN thought my ovaries were bad and removed them, last minute. Unfortunately, they were okay and I was thrown into surgical menopause! Not Fun!!!! Three months ago Dr Nebbeling started me on bio identical hormones called The Troche from O’Brien Pharmacy. They are amazing! It stopped my extreme hot flashes and night sweats. They even help me sleep! After 10 months of only 1 hour rest/sleep, I am now a very happy camper!
My hormone levels are still a little low, so we are upping them. Dr Nebbeling says I will have even more energy and mental clarity! Seems hard to believe but, okay! Lol.
Interesting how regular medical doctors don’t know how to regulate hormones naturally. Not to mention how to read blood work. Did you know that as women, we need a healthy balance of progesterone as we age? This not only helps fight cancer, but is anti aging! In other words, you don’t have to grow old right away! Sort of like the fountain of youth!

jenniferdarrFirst Prolotherapy!

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