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Jen’s Daily Routine!

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Hard to believe how sick I was 4 months ago! Better yet, for the last, almost, 2 years!!!
I am still waiting for all of my blood work to come back. I Will keep you posted! The good news is that my Therma scan came back and there is no sign of breast cancer! Woo hoo!!!’ Answered prayer!!!!
I am down to these daily activities and plan on focusing on working out more.
I guess Denver is a great place to start, since I will be there for Christmas and into the beginning of the New Year! I will finally get to see my daughter and my new son-n-law, in a healthier body. For that, I am beyond grateful!
Back to my morning routine.
I like to wake up to reading a daily devotional and prayer. Great way to start the day. (I place my bio identical hormones in the form of a Troche in top gum area to be absorbed during this time). I even share what I read to others on FB. Attitude and belief is everything! Especially when you are overcoming sickness and personal problems. I like the saying, “If you think you can’t get well, you are right! If you think you can, you are right!”
Next I drink my SMI (good bacteria with enzymes made by Dr Loomis brand, Thera-zyme). I wait for 20 minutes or so and than have some 4herb tea or green tea with apple cider vinegar.
I than drink this awesome dry mix, mixed in water made from vegetables and fruits called EssentialGreens. I get this from Dr Nebbeling’s office.
For breakfast I either make some eggs, gluten free toast, millet, gluten free waffles. I make up this fruit spread that consists of prunes, apricots, dates, and figs. I use this for a sweetener and the awesome nutrients. Add in some almond butter or tahini butter for more protein. Or, I may just do a protein drink called “PurePea”. I use almond or coconut milk with it. Add in ground flax seed, chia seed, Maca, organic cocoa and Tahini or almond butter. This is quite filling!! Before I eat or drink protein shake I take STM, another Thera-zyme that replaces heartburn or acid reflux meds.
After eating I take my other supplements (3x day) and Laurcidin (in am and pm).
Okay, here is a subject that not to many people like to talk about, but we ALL do it: bowel movements! Lol.
After my bowel movement I than do a coffee enema. (Sometimes I eat first, most time I don’t. I drink the essentialgreens and things move).
Please refer to last post where I describe “Jen’s Coffee Enema 101).
After the morning enema, I dry skin brush and sit in my Far Infrared Sauna for 25-30 min. This really helps detox and mobilize and heal your cells. Great for Cancer patience too!!!
I jump in the shower or a quick bath and begin my day!
Note: I don’t do the coffee enemas everyday now, since I am further in my healing.
Here are the things I am on: RBS, STM, IRB, SMI, (all therazyme enzymes by Dr Loomis) bio -immunozyme forte (1×3 day), virathera cf, cytozyme THY, libidostim-F (1×2 a day with my bio-identical hormones), Immutol, essentialgreens, and ACS 200. (I make up a two week supply of packets for after Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Saves lots of time!). I have been on other supplements that support my adrenals and thyroid. We are waiting for blood work to come back to see what is next in that category.
I also make up a pot Organic Oatstraw, Chamomile and Flax Seed tea to sip on thru the day!
Yes, this seems overwhelming to many of you, but the benefits far out weigh the risk of staying sick and bed ridden!
Prayers and happy healthy healing! Xo

jenniferdarrJen’s Daily Routine!

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