"None that put their trust in Him shall be overcome." (1 Maccabees 2:61; John 3:14-16)

His Voice Knocks! Come to Garden of Eden

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His Voice Knocks! Come to Garden of Eden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae6wEssNRl4&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gaSr8EHrjwmYelxEtBjY0kV&index=6

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

Hear that sound?  It’s the VOICE OF MANY WATERS!  WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT HIS CALL, HIS VOICE!  HIS CALL TO BRING US BACK INTO THE GARDEN OF EDEN!  He stands at the door and knocks, if any man will hear His voice, He will come in and sup with Him.  In this video we are going to talk about His voice, the Voice of the King KNOCKING!  The Voice of the King, drawing us back to the Garden of Eden!  Glory to His name!  He has given us a reed, like unto a rod!  And He said, MEASURE THE TEMPLE AND GO WORSHIP THEREIN!

The Gospel message is very simple!  It started back in the Garden of Eden, all cultures around the world know the story, the story of Adam and Eve, in the Garden.  And the coming of Jesus Christ, His first coming, was to restore us back to fellowship with God!  His second coming, as well, brings us to this glorious place, this Paradise!

Guys, I am in Cyprus, and this is amazing…it very, very, rarely rains, I am here in the Mountains, and maybe you can see behind me the dark clouds (1:20 min mark)?  It is starting to rain, and it’s not like in America where you go inside, it’s exciting…like it’s like, it’s raining!  It very rarely rains here this time of the year.  But, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS MESSAGE, guys!  It’s so simple!


Every day, Adam and Eve, met with the Most High God, Yahweh Elohiym, in the Garden!  IT WAS AN  APPOINTMENT!  And, when Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they hid themselves, they did not show up to their appointment!  And God said, Where are you?  Adam, where are you?  And IT’S THE SAME CALL TO YOU NOW!!

There’s alot of things, of course in this YouTube Channel, we’ve have 350 video’s about End Times Prophecy, but IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO THIS!  The answer to the Call, the answer to the Garden, THE FELLOWSHIP WITH HIM!  And, we are going to walk through this, in the Song of Solomon.  Song of Solomon, in the first chapter, in Song of Solomon, in the second chapter, we are going to walk through the SYMBOLISM OF THE GARDEN, THE SYMBOLISM OF THE CALL!  THE SYMBOLISM OF OUR BELOVED…….. BACK TO THE GARDEN!

You’ll notice that throughout all of my travels, you can always see I’ll go into the wilderness!  I go into the wilderness, I go into the mountains, I GO AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE!  Why?  SO I CAN HEAR HIS VOICE, CLEARLY!  I can eliminate all of the destractions and eliminate all of the drama! I can eliminate all of the people, because people are drama!  But there is a Call to this Garden!  And this is an ABOMINITION for you to return to this Garden!

YOUR DNA WAS THERE WITH ADAM AND EVE!  THE RECORD OF THAT IS IN YOUR HEART!  And you will do all kinds of SIN, you will do all kinds of WICKEDNESS….TO TRY TO FILL THAT VOID…TO FILL THAT VOICE, okay?  But it’s my prayer, that through everything that happens in these last days, Judgements, will bring you to a place of desperation for Him, and His CALL!  This is the ABOMINITION to the Seven Churches, He said, TO HE WHO OVERCOMES, I WILL GIVE TO EAT FROM THE TREE OF LIFE!

Where’s the Tree of Life?  Is this when we die? The Tree of Life is in the Garden of Eden!  Okay?  Which is in the middle the Paradise of God!  The Paradise of God is the Garden of Eden, okay? So we have a 1,000 Years to restore all of this Creation, back to the Garden of Eden!  How do we do that?  We do that by fellowshipping with Him!  Okay?

2 Cornithians chapter 12, verse 2, apostle Paul said, I knew a man who was Harpazo to the third Heaven!  And such a one, he was Harpazo to Paradise!  So the OPPORTUNITY IN THE LAST DAYS, IS THAT THERE WILL BE A PEOPLE, THAT WILL BE LIKE APOSTLE PAUL, THAT WILL BE HARPAZO TO PARADISE…….TO THE GARDEN OF EDEN!  That they would meet again with the Lord in the Garden, EVERYDAY, and fellowship with Him and hear His voice!  Alright?  THAT’S THE WHOLE APOCALYPSE, REVEALING OF JESUS CHRIST, IS THAT GARDEN!

LOOK! There is also a Beast in that Garden!   There is also a Serpent in that Garden!  So in the Last Days we got to deal with the Beast, that is why we have this video…SO THAT YOU WILL OVERCOME!  Okay?  But let’s go through Song of Solomon, chapter 1!  It says, Draw me and I will run to you.  This is NOT a natural thing!  The natural things are the things of this world!  The things of this world will ALWAYS DISTRACT YOU!  But the Spiritual things, THE SPIRITUAL HEART OF THE MATTER HAPPENS,  when you cry unto Him, DRAW ME, AND I WILL RUN UNTO YOU!

And we know that Run, is a Race!  Apostle Paul said, Run the race!  And we know that’s a measurement of the Temple!  Okay?  So ALL these things, the Garden of Eden, the Temple, the Tabernacle of Moses, they’re ALL the same:  TO BRING US INTO THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS WHICH WE FINALLY SEE IN NEW JERUSALEM!

Oh fairest among women, go your ways, go forth in the footsteps of the flock.  Feed your kids beside the Shephard’s tent.  And tents, there is Michcon, that’s a word for Tabernacle.  The Tabernacle of Moses, the Shephard’s Tent!  Now what’s going on throughout all of Song of Solomon here, is all the Parables, all the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ!  He is the DOOR!  Okay?

And that brings us to John 10:1, Verily, verily I say unto you, he that enters not by the door.  Okay, He is knocking at the door!  It’s His Voice at the Door!  Enters not by the door, into the sheepfold!  Now, this is where we have to study the Greek!  If we go back to the original Greek, actually what it says, Is the palace of the sheep!  Let me say that again…What it says here is, the palace of the sheep!  Right here in John 10!  What is the palace of the sheep?  IT’S THE GARDEN OF EDEN……IT’S THE PARADISE OF GOD!

The palace of the sheep, but some climb up some other way, the same as a thief and a robber.  But he that enters by the door,….and we know Christ is the door, Christ is the ONLY WAY INTO THE GARDEN!  The only way into the Sheepfold….into the Palace of the Sheep!  He enters by the door of the sheep, to him the Porter.  Okay, the Porter in the Garden of Eden had a Cherubim.  When Adam and Eve left, there was a Cherubim gaurding!  That is a Porter!  Now that same Cherubim, takes John up to the Throne!  Okay, that same Cherubim takes Ezekiel up to the Throne,……and takes us back to the Paradise with God!

Okay, that’s the Porter!  And He opens the sheep, and the sheep hear His voice!  He calls His own sheep by name!  This is why you need a new name!  And leads them out. And when He pours forth His own sheep, He goes before them and the sheep follow Him for they know… His …Voice.  Verily, verily I say unto you, Christ said, I am the door to the sheep!  I am the door and by Me, no man enters, he shall be saved.  And shall go in, in and out, and find pasture.

So what’s happening here is the Palace of the Sheepfold, is something you go in and out of!  Okay?  So you can do this everyday!  We have MANY teachings on Fellowshipping with the Lord, where you spend time with Him, okay, you go into the Sheepfold. Okay, you go into that Garden, that appointed time with the Lord, and then you go about your day!  Okay, just like Adam and Eve!  The idea is that you do the SAME THING in the Last Days!  You meet with Him, okay, you speak to Him, and then you can leave, you come and go, from the pasture!  Okay, that’s what it’s saying here!

So this is the Porters from the House of David!  We’ve taught on the House of David, we’ve shown you these various Angelic Orders, are the Orders of His House, in His Temple, IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN! Now we/they’re stirring up…..I AM TRYING TO STIR UP THE PEOPLE!   And…in the Song of Solomon 2:7 said that, You stir not nor wake my love until he please.  Okay, and so we have something very interesting in here where BETWEEN  AWAKE AND LOVE, THERE’S AN UNTRANSLATED WORD, it’s an ALEPH and a TAV…..and that’s JESUS CHRIST!  HE is the ALPHA and OMEGA,  IESOUS CHRISTOS, okay?

Alpha Omega, Aleph Tav!  Okay, the Jews don’t know how to interpret that because they don’t know He’s Alpha and Omega!  But it’s in there!  Alright?  And it’s the voice of my beloved, behold he comes!  Alright, now this is what I am saying, the voice of the beloved comes!  He’s coming…..Come to the Marriage Supper, Come!  FORSAKE ALL!  FORSAKE EVERYTHING…STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING…THE BELOVED IS COMING!!

(10:30 min mark)  Do you hear that Thunder?  Yes, that’s the Voice of Thunder!  Oh, that’s Amazing!  I don’t know if that came out of the video, but there’s Thunder coming over there!  Yes!  It’s His Voice that Thunders!!  Halleluyah!

Okay, so, It’s the voice of my beloved!  It is the voice of thunder!  Okay, my voice of beloved…now beloved, in the Hebrew, is DAVID!  Okay, when you say David it’s the name beloved, Dabid, okay?   And so this is this David, this, the Messiah, okay, the beloved one, was David!  That is why his name is David, it means beloved!  Okay?  And we know it’s the Key of David that OPENS THE DOOR THAT NO MAN CAN SHUT!  Okay, that’s what He said, Behold, I set before you and open door.  Into what?  The Garden of Eden! That NO MAN CAN SHUT, okay?

Now Song of Solomon has all these references, okay?  It is the voice of my beloved, Song of Solomon 5:2, It is the voice of my beloved that knocks!  How does a Voice KNOCK??  There it is again, do you hear it?  YEAH! It’s the Voice of my Beloved in the Clouds!  THUNDERING!  Glory to His name!

Okay, Revelation 3:20, Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear My voice!  It’s a VOICE OF KNOCKING!  His Voice is the Waters!  His Voice is the Thunder!  His Voice is calling you back to the Garden saying, Adam, where are you?? Eve, where are you?? COME BACK TO THE GARDEN!  And He brought me to His banquet house.  Now, HE HAS ALREADY OPENED THE BANQUET HOUSE!  HE HAS ALREADY OPENED THE GARDEN OF EDEN!

EVERYBODY IS WAITING TO BE RAPTURED!  The opening of Heaven has already happened! The Banquet House is alreay opened!  That’s why Luke 12:36, it says, In you likewise, men when they wait for the Lord, when He will return from the Wedding!  Now why is He returning from the Wedding??  He is already AT the Wedding!  Okay?  When He comes and knocks, that they open to Him IMMEDIATELY!  Okay?  BECAUSE THEY MISSED THE FIRST ENTRANCE OF THE MARRIAGE SUPPER, alright?

And once the Master of the house is risen up, He has shut the door.  And you began to stand without, and knock at the door saying, Lord, Lord, open to us!  And He shall answer and say, I never knew you!  YOU DIDN’T ANSWER THE DOOR!

Back to Song of Solomon chapter 2, verse 8, It is the voice of my beloved that is standing behind a wall.  He looks at the windows, showing himself through the lattice.  So Jesus Christ here is in the walls!  You might not be able to tell (13:49 min mark), but right here is a wall!  If I make a step…I am falling off the wall!  And now here comes the rain!  But HE IS STANDING IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, guys!  That’s what it says here!  He is standing within the Walls!  And it is my Beloved standing within the lattice of the Garden.  Saying, Come, Come, Rise Up My beloved!  Come, OVERCOME!!  Okay?

So He stands looking through the window, showing Himself through the lattice!  So what is going on?  It is the Beloved, the Son of David, standing inside a fenced Garden, which we know to be the Garden of Eden. Oh my notes are going crazy (14:32 min mark)!  It’s raining!  Glory to God!  That’s why you got to do these video’s outside, you never know what’s going to happen!

So we have Him in the Garden, CALLING!  Okay saying,  Arise!  Song of Solomon 4:12, A garden enclosed, okay, an orchard!  This word Orchard in Hebrew is Paradise!  It is the Garden of Eden! It is this Orchard, okay, full of pleasant fruits!  It’s His call back to the Garden, guys!  Is it not the voice in the Garden?  Genesis 3:8, back to the beginning, And they heard the voice of the Lord walking in the Garden.  In the breeze or Spirit of the day.  So what that means is, they HEARD THE VOICE OF THE LORD WALKING!

Okay, if you understand this, you’ll begin to hear the Voice of the Lord, in things like the Thunder…in things like the Water…in things like the Wind, blowing through the trees!  And it is the Voice of the Lord walking through the Garden, calling you back to Him….ADAM, WHERE ARE YOU?  EVE, WHERE ARE YOU? Okay, and you can see it says in the breeze or Spirit of the day.  What that means is that there is a PRECISE MOMENT OF THE DAY, THAT YOU ARE TO GO AND MEET WITH THE LORD IN THE GARDEN!  HE’S THERE!  YOU CAN SEE, JESUS CHRIST IS THERE IN THE GARDEN!  He is there, in the fence wall, looking through the windows, looking through the lattice.  HE’S THERE!!


But Adam and Eve hid themselves from the presence of the Lord, amongst the trees of the Garden.  Okay, of course it is all about the Tree’s in the Garden!  Right? You got, you know, the Tree of Life, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, alright?  But it’s that Tree of Life!  You know, when I go out into the wilderness, I eat, you know, wild things, and it’s like the Tree of Life!  You know, IT’S NOT LIKE PROCESS MAN FOOD! It’s like, wow, live things, you know?  So I love to do…oh, there is the Thunder again!  Yeah!  Glory to God!

Alright….so…are we not doing the same thing?  Is He not calling us, Adam, come back?  Oh, I got a whole thing on the Trees……but I am not going to get into that now!  But it is the voice of  the turtle dove heard in the land.  Okay, that is His Voice guys!  His Voice is the Voice of Creation…the Turtle Dove….the Many Waters….. the Thunder!  I had no idea it was going to rain, it never rains here!

Okay, but he says, Song of Solomon 2:13, Arise, my love, my fair one! Come away!  Let me see you continence, let me hear your voice. For sweet is your voice, and your appearing is beautiful.  Okay, Song of Solomon is this call, COME MY BELOVED!  Come back to the Garden! Alright?  And then what happens is you have all these…..remember the days of Noah?  You have all of these Sriptures and parables and things that relate to the DOOR, okay?

And then the door is SHUT!  Okay, SO THE DOOR IS SHUT TO THE FOOLISH VIRGINS!  The door is shut in Noah’s ark, right?  Luke 13:24, Strive to enter the straight gate, for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in and shall not be able.  When once the Master of the house is risen up.  Remember when we saw the  Master of the house is risen up, okay?  And I shut the door, Behold …oh, got rain on it again…whenever it rains on the tablet, it moves somewhere else.

When the Master of the house has risen up and shut the door, and you begin to stand without and knock on the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us, and He shall say, I never knew who you are.  Okay?  And REMEMBER, HE HAS THIS DOOR, GUYS!  HE KNOWS,  HE KNOWS AND JUDGES ALL HEARTS!  OKAY, YOU CAN’T FAKE THIS WITH HIM!  HE SHUTS THE DOOR!

Revelation 13:7 He has the key of David and opens and no man shuts!  And shuts and no man opens!  He has said, Behold, I set before you an open door, no man can shut it!  To him that OVERCOMES, I will grant to sit with me, on My Throne, even as I OVERCAME, and sat down in My Father’s Throne!  GREAT HONORS ARE COMING!!

But Revelation 4:1, After this door is desribed, After this I looked and Behold, a door was open in Heaven, and the first voice that I heard, which was the sound of a trumpet, talking with me and said, Come up here!  And that’s what we are saying, the sound of an eagle, COME UP HERE!  Come up hither!  You guys are just waiting on the earth for something to happen!  ALREADY…..THE DOOR IS OPEN IN HEAVEN!  The Garden of Eden is open in Heaven!  The Temple is Open in Heaven!  Okay, that’s what we are explaining to you!

So, that’s it guys, thanks for watching!  Before I wrap up this video, I just want to show you some of the wildlife I saw out here in the Mountains, but God Bless You!

(20:29 min mark) Just to confirm this message, you can see I have seen some deer, these are some small ones….very, very small.  I don’t know what they call them, but it’s the Voice of my Beloved, Behold He comes….leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills!  My  Beloved is like a row, a young harp.  And here you can see these are more, these are larger…..kind of like, rams!  But as a deer pants after the water brooks, even so my heart pants after Thee, O God!

My soul thirsts for God, for the Living God!  When shall I come and appear before God? ~ Leeland Jones

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