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How To Do The Lymphatic Breast Massage!

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(This is massage is for men and women!  It is not just for rib or breast pain.  It is for healing!)

I am great at doing my holistic routines when I am ill, but I am guilty of stopping them once I start feeling better!  Can anyone else relate to this???

As mentioned in “My Story”, my retired holistic Doctor, Rich Easterling N.D., PhD., has been helping me for years to overcome whatever life throws at me thru holistic treatments.   One of the many things he has taught me to do is my own Lymphatic Breast Massage!

Well, I have been ignoring doing this and have been suffering with pain in my breast and ribs.   My Neural Treatments from Dr. David Nebbeling (another top holistic Dr I see who is fabulous!!!) has helped with this pain too, but since I am traveling, I haven’t had treatments in over a month.  So I have started, again, doing my own Lymphatic Breast Massage!  May I say….WOW!!!  What a difference this simple massage does for the pain and  your health!!!

So, here is step by step information that goes back 1,000’s of years from Chinese healers… from Dr. Easterling:

There are several variations to the breast massage.  We will present two breast massages–one to address the lymphatic circulation, and one to address the meridian flow.  In essence, by combining the two techniques, you will beneficially impact the biochemical and the bioenergetic aspects of your health.  So this technique is a total or whole person improvement system.


(Laying on the ground with your butt up to a chair, bend knees and rest legs on the chair)

For this technique, use only the flat palm of your hand.  There is no gouging, squeezing or pressing with your fingertips.  This is simply a movement of lymph fluid through the lymphatic pathways from the breasts to the spleen in a firm, pressing motion.

The technique is very simple.  The words to describe it to you are cumbersome.  Read these instructions and you will understand how to do the breast massage.  If you keep it simple, you will be doing it correctly.

For The Left Breast

Place the flattened palm of the right hand under the left breast.  Apply pressure and begin a circular motion clockwise (toward the inside) as if you were the clock.  Starting the motion toward the right, your flat hand will travel around the breast, up the sternum (the bone in the center of your chest), and then around the top of the breast, and over to the top left side.  With the flattened palm of the left hand on the left side of the left breast almost under the arm pit, press and run the hand straight down the ribs to the spleen area (lover rib area).

Please note that the palm travels around the breast, not across the breast.  You will not press or massage the nipple area at this time.  Thus there is a circular motion of the right hand beginning under the left breast, traveling around the breast and up the breast bone.  When this motion reaches the top left area, the left hand takes over and massages the lymph down the left side to the lower rib area.

Do this circular massage technique slowly for two minutes as if you were pressing fluid around the breast and down the left side.

For The Right Breast

Begin with the palm of the right hand under the right breast.  Press and slid the palm around the breast, clockwise as if you were the clock.  This is the same circular direction as used for the left breast.

At the top left portion of the right breast, begin to descend down the sternum, the center of the chest.  Now press and slide the palm under the left breast and over to the spleen area at the lower left side.

Summary of the Lymphatic Massage Technique

Be gently, but firmly moving the lymph around the breasts, you assist in the removal of congestion and prevent toxins from collecting in the adipose (fat) tissues in the breasts.  Since the breast are basically external to the body, they can collect toxic debris, hormones and hormonal precursors and by products which can later develop into nodules and other problems such as imbalances in the menstrual cycle.

The lymphatic breast massage technique helps to keep the congestion out of the breasts so they do not become susceptible to disease, and so they can preform their role in overall female system hormonal balance.

As the congestion is moved out of the breast area and enters the greater lymphatic system, the spleen helps identify any potential problems that are a concern to the immune system.  Thus the breast massage serves as an early warning system and can signal the immune system regarding abnormal cell conditions and toxins which are a threat to the body.  As hormones, hormonal precursors and byproducts reenter the lymphatic system, the body is better able to determine its hormonal situation and maintain hormonal balance.  This movement of lymph simple improves the communication of the body with its regulatory processes.   Improved communication means more optimal function and more optimal health.


After doing the lymphatic breast massage for two or three minutes for each breast, follow it with this tissue massage that stimulates the flow of ch’i through the breast tissue.  Ch’i is the bioelectric field that flows through all living things.  In the bioenergetic sciences, it is known that every disease is preceded by a disturbance in the bioenergetic field.  Thus, maintaining proper ch’i energy circulation in the breast area will help prevent disease processes from starting.

The bioenergetic breast massage begins at the sternum (breastbone) in the middle of the chest.  With small circular motions, press into the breast tissue and pectoral muscles and massage to the outside area under the arms.

For The Right Breast

On the top portion of the right breast, use your fingertip to massage with small, circular, counter clockwise motions.  The size of the circular motion will be about that of a fifty-cent piece.  On the bottom of the right breast, massage in the same fashion in a clockwise motion.  Massage all the breast tissue.

For The Left Breast

On the top portion of the left breast, use your fingertips to massage with small, circular clockwise motions.  On the bottom of the left breast, massage the tissues in a counter clockwise, circular motion.  This massage is simply a mirror image of the right breast massage technique.

Do these massages 3-4 times a week!

Happy Healthy Healing!!!

jenniferdarrHow To Do The Lymphatic Breast Massage!

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