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What Is Holding You Back In Getting Healed?


One of my favorite authors and healers is, Bernard Jensen D.C., Nutritonist!  Dr. Jensen use to own The Hidden Valley Health Ranch in CA, where individuals could go and stay to learn how to get well: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Again, I have been blessed to have Richard Easterling N.D., PhD. as my Doctor for the past 22 years!  Dr. Easterling studied under Dr. Jensen (and many other top holistic healers, including Dr. Loomis creator of Thera-zyme daily supplements/enzymes).   Dr. Easterling had taught his mom,Virginia Easterling Jenkins  (who was my nutritionist for 7 years, prior to himself) the principles learned from Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book, “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management”.

In a nutshell, I have been doing deep tissue cleanses, on and off, for the past 29 years!  In other words, I have experience in healing the body thru these deep tissue cleanses that include herbal colemas (not colonics) and coffee enemas.

One of the first thing Dr. Jensen talks about in his book is that “people are dealing with both physical and mental imbalances”.  In order to help them heal he would have to “get to the root of their problem by finding out what they believe in, what is at the bottom of their troubles.  If you believe a lie, then you live a lie.  If you believe in happiness, desire happiness and know how to go about attaining happiness, then chances are you are happy.  However, the person who holds a vision of themself as diseased, distressed, blue, trapped or unable to get well, has to be reeducated.  They have created their own world and trapped themselves in it.  Many are victims of percentage diagnoses–‘Your chances of getting well are only 30%,’ and we have to erase this from their mind.”

“We have an organic condition and a functional condition.  When we deal with an organic condition we have to change the tissue, we have to change damaged cell structure, create a new chemical balance, promote better circulation; we have to remove obstructions, pressure and other gravitational effects.  These things are strictly physical and we find that the mind alone cannot overcome them very well.  I believe that the mind has a tremendous effect on the physical body but that we must feed each aspect its own kind of food.  In the organic or physical aspect, we use diet, corrective exercise and tissue cleansing.”

“We feed the mind or functional aspect of our being with education; teaching people to grow out of their problems, to change their attitude and consciousness.  They must learn to walk the higher path in thoughts, words and deeds.”

“I have changed people’s cell structure many times, actually showing them the results with blood tests, but they still hang onto their old attitudes.  They want to get well but don’t believe they can.  This confused state is transferred to every cell in the body.  This is why I question people about their mental attitude, we have to see where we are before we know where to go.”

In another fabulous book on healing; “Mum’s NOT Having Chemo”by Laura Bond, she has a chapter called “The Cancer Personality”.  In it she writes, “Ancient wisdom and common sense tell us that feelings of hopelessness, frustration and anxiety can destroy our immune systems and wreak havoc on our health.  When tension headaches take hold or when our skin suddenly breaks out we’ll shrug our shoulders and admit we’re ‘under a lot of pressure’ or ‘stressed to the max’, but now science is giving credence to this intuitive connection; research from Stanford University Medical School reveals that 95 per cent of all illness is stress-related.  And yet, when it comes to cancer, we can’t shake the belief that stress is irrelevant and that smoking, bad genes and bad luck are the best predictors of the disease.  Nothing could be further from the truth; ‘The genes don’t make the decision,’ says Dr. Bernie Siegel, cancer surgeion and best-selling author.  ‘They’re stimulated by the internal chemistry, which is called epigenetics.’

“The epigenome is located on top of the genome (hence the prefix ‘epi’, meaning above).  We now know that environmental factors like diet and stress can switch genes on and off. ‘We can’t change our genes, but we can change their function and expression,’ writes Dr. Mark Hyman in his book The Blood Sugar Solution.  ‘The collective experience of our lives–our intrauterine environment, diet, toxins, microbes, allergens, stresses, social connections, thoughts and beliefs — control which genes are turned on and off.’

“Genes do not control your destiny — that’s the take-home message from the exciting field of epigenetics: ‘The vast majority of diseases we suffer from — diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer — are multifactorial lifestyle diseases,’ says integrative health specialist Chris Kressor.  ‘Genetics may determine our predisposition to these conditions, but those genes must be activated (or silenced) by environmental triggers such as diet and stress in order to cause disease.’

In other words, your diet and belief system plays a huge part in getting better!!!!

In the book, Laura Bond also talks about the Type C Personality and how it relates to developing cancer.  She writes, “The five characteristics are:  Always putting others first, Low self-esteem, Bottling up emotions, Living in fear, and Harbouring resentment.”

Under the Harbouring resentment she talks about ‘The Carcinogenic Relationship’:  “Leading cancer specialist Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez says: ‘A negative, hostile, angry spouse can undermine everything I do, because the patient lives in a state of fear and anxiety.’  Early on in his career, Dr. Gonzalez realized that emotional health was just as important as the enzyme therapy and coffee enemas he was prescribing to patients: ‘Nutrition is wonderful, but there is no vitamin, mineral or trace element that can override somebody’s psychology,’ he says.  ‘Under stress the body tissue break down to provide energy to deal with the stress –and that’s the antithesis of healing.’

“A prime example of the ‘carcinogenic relationship’ recently walked into Dr. Gonzalez’s office.  The patient, a woman with ovarian cancer, was keen to start work with Dr. Gonzalez, but her husband was clearly against it: ‘He came into the room, arms folded, and within ten seconds he said, “How do I know we can trust you and that this isn’t just a bunch of quackery?” and I said, “You know something?  You can’t know that.”  I then said to the patient: “You told me, your husband was supportive?”  The husband left the room and his wife said to me, “He does it all the time.”  I didn’t say this to her, but I could see right away that the main reason she had cancer was she was living with a bully.”

By the way my friends, this was one of the many things I went thru before I fled my home in order to heal from Lyme Disease and Co infections.  Yes, you can get better!  You just need to know what is holding you back!?

Happy Healthy Healing!!!!

jenniferdarrWhat Is Holding You Back In Getting Healed?


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  • Stephanie - January 30, 2015 reply

    I love your thought provoking posts! I am wondering if you had the gene that makes it difficult, but not impossible to detox and did you have Biotoxin and mold illness? I am new to the Lyme community, as far as getting dx’d and am learning there is more to Lyme than just Lyme, or Co-infections, which in itself is enough…

    jenniferdarr - January 30, 2015 reply

    Thank you, Stephanie and yes I had mold issues and had a hard time, at first detoxing, since I was deathly ill. The 4 IV Nutrition treatments combined with the 7 day deep tissue cleanse using herbal colemas, coffee enemas, juicing green vegetables, as well as carrot and apple, potassium broth and drinking organic chamomile, Oatstraw and flax seed tea, saved my life. Once the 7 day deep tissue cleanse was over, I had to slowly add food back, since I was allergic to almost everything. I stayed on a gluten, dairy and sugar free diet. I did continue juicing, drinking my teas and added protein drinks, along with coffee enemas and , now and than, herbal colemas. I was on enzymes and supplements for my body. Deep tissue breathing was part of my healing as well as dry skin brushing, detox baths, lymphatic massage on slant board and eventually my far infrared sauna. 5 days after my 7 day deep tissue cleanse, I started seeing my other top holistic doctor, Dr Nebbeling, who started me on the UBI treatments and he gave me Neural Therapy that opened up my shut down lymphatic system. Another big game changer for me. If you read MY Story, you can see I had a lot of battles to overcome, one being the 4 infected to bone root canals. Oh yea, I also had the rest of the Mercury taken out of my mouth. That is some thing everyone needs to do. I hope this info helps and please let me know if you have any other questions. Prayers!!!! Xo

    jenniferdarr - January 30, 2015 reply

    Oh yea, I did get the test for the gene, but the receiving lab receive it frozen? So, I will do the test again in March, when I go back to MI. I personally believe that yes, I do have the mutations but again, genes can be controlled! According to Dr Gary F Gordon, DO, MD, MD(H) in the book ‘”Learn How the Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America Can Improve Your Health’, “Genes may be 20% of the equation, but environment is 80% of the story.”

    jenniferdarr - February 7, 2015 reply

    I didn’t get gene test done because of lab error. I will have it done in March, when I return back to MI. I did have the bioflims and mold. I had severe food allergies. I am starting a 21 day food elimination today to figure out what foods are still bothering me.

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