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Prophets Diet – Ezekiel Bread

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Leeland Jones video posted on January 24, 2022, transcribed: 

Many of you have asked me, “Leeland, what do we do?  It’s the Tribulation, how do we handle this?  Give us some practical tips.”  Everybody’s life and situation is different. So, in order to just answer that as a broad spectrum, I’m just going to tell you what I’m doing.  I’m going to tell you the Most High’s instructions that He’s given me, and you can take that and apply that to your particular situation.

In this video you can see from the title what we’re talking about is the Prophet’s Diet. Really quick, what are we talking about? Well, it’s like prayer and fasting, it’s like this Bread of Affliction. And what it is, it is  making a stand against Babylon.

Many of you have asked, “How do we go about dealing with famine and the food supply being shut off?” I know many of you have already gone through this process like Daniel, who was taken out of captivity and he was taken to Babylon. His first stand was food; he took a stand against the king’s meat and against his wine.

So, he took a stand against food, against Babylon. That’s more critical now than ever because we have nanobots and nanoparticles in the food, that is connecting the people to the beast system. So, we don’t want lots of processed foods and certain things. It’s in foods that is the healing for the nations, the Tree of Life. The Most High has an answer for everything, for healing and eating safely in Babylon.

Now what we’re going to talk about is that was Daniel chapter 1, later in Daniel chapter 10 he does a similar time period of mourning. We say prayer and fasting but it’s not really fasting, Biblical fasting is no food and no water for whatever length of time.

Daniel was doing a period of mourning, a period of prayer and mourning in Daniel chapter 10. He also clearly stated in there what he’s doing. Without getting into a long dissertation, basically in Daniel 1 and 10 he’s eating grains, in the Hebrew the word pulse, King James, is zeroa, which is seeds, it’s grains. So, what he’s doing is something called Ezekiel bread, which is in Ezekiel chapter four.

This has been significant for me, because this is just how I live now for two years. You can see I traveled and traveled and when I was traveling, I told you get your backpack, your Apocalypse backpack ready. I have a whole video on that in the Boot Camp, get your Apocalypse backpack ready: get your tent so at a moment’s notice you can just up and walk.

You got your tent here; this is a tent and sleeping bag in one which attaches to the backpack. You take what you need at a moment’s notice you have to go. Remember Lot? He had to go. An Angel came and said, “Go!” And, you can’t look back. Lot’s wife looked back.

So, if you have to go, if you have to make a decision that you have to leave at a moment’s notice, that’s going to be difficult. So, you want to prepare for that. What do you need? Have in your mind your list of what you need, and then go. That message I’ll have a link to it on the Boot Camp.

Then what happened is prior to that was the Most High said to me, “Close yourself in your chambers, I’ll put bands on you so you can’t leave.” I didn’t know that was going to last two years, but basically before the Coronavirus hit, I was instructed to close myself in my chambers. And what I started doing is something called Ezekiel bread, and I do have a previous video where I did this before, before I started traveling.

What Ezekiel bread is, let’s look at what the prophet Ezekiel did when he got these instructions. First off, he closed himself in his chambers. Ezekiel 3:24 “Then the spirit entered into me, and set me upon my feet, and spake with me, and said unto me, Go, shut thyself within thine house. 25 But thou, O son of man, behold, they shall put bands upon thee, and shall bind thee with them, and thou shalt not go out among them:”  So, you’re bound in your house.

Ezekiel 3:26 “And I will make thy tongue cleave to the roof of thy mouth, that thou shalt be dumb, and shalt not be to them a reprover: for they are a rebellious house. 27 But when I speak with thee, I will open thy mouth…”

That was Ezekiel 3, and then it continues.  Ezekiel 4:1 “Thou also, son of man, take thee a tile.” And then verse 3, “take an iron pan.’ We’ll show you the pan when we will go in the kitchen. Then it says, {Ezekiel 4:4-6} Lie on your left side and then lie on your right side for the certain number of days; 390, 40, and that is 62 weeks. That’s a little over a year.

And then in verse 9, “Take thou also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentiles, and millet, and fitches, and put them in one vessel, and make thee bread thereof, according to the number of the days that thou shalt lie upon thy side, three hundred and ninety days shalt thou eat thereof.” That is showing us this pattern of, Shut yourself in your house.

Now this has happened to the whole world. Everybody got shut in their house and he had to have his provisions for 390 days. That’s more than a year and if you add the other 40 days, that’s 62 weeks.

Basically, this series of videos we’ve been telling you from the 10th month to the 4th month a famine was in the land. That famine began with the Lockdown. He said, Son of man shut yourself in your house. He was to shut himself in his house and he was practicing this.

I practiced this many years ago and I do it now to discipline yourself.  Because you might be like well, “I want to eat this, I want to do that.” Well what if it’s a famine? What if you have no choices? In the military you don’t have choices, you get what they give you, that’s what you eat. This is a disciplined Prophets Diet that Ezekiel is eating, he’s eating this Ezekiel Bread.

Now I ‘ll show you my particular attempt at this, and like I said this this has been going on two years now. This is something I encourage you to do. Ezekiel had enough of his provisions as you can see, for over a year. He had his provisions of water; he had his provisions for food for over a year. Just take that into consideration, that’s what it says.

“Well, what do I do?”  I encourage you to not be in fear and panic, but consider the things that you can keep as non-perishables as long as is possible. With that being said, let’s go in the kitchen and let’s look at Ezekiel Bread.

{7:28 min mark}  One of the most Apocalyptic Signs I can give you is what you’re about to see. Anybody that knows me, knows that I’m the last person in the world that should ever give anybody advice on cooking. That’s definitely a sign we’re in the Apocalypse.  If you don’t believe anything else, if you knew me, you’d say, “Leeland shouldn’t even cook for animals!”  And here I am giving public advice on cooking to people. Ah, this is crazy!

Welcome to the kitchen! Now what it says is that Ezekiel says, Take a pan.  And this is our pan, this is our pot we’re going to use to make our Ezekiel Bread. We’re not making actual bread, you can do that if you want and you can make it as cakes, that’s what it says. You can do this in different ways. I make the kind of same thing and then do different things with it. I’ll make it in the pot, I’ll finish it then it lasts a few days and makes somewhere around five to six servings or meals. Then you can do different things with it. You can make it as a soup or whatever.

First off, you can see we’re soaking our beans, so that you can get a head start on cooking them. Remember what it says, Take unto you wheat.

{9:04 min mark} The wheat is like this type of grain that we’re going to use. It says take unto you wheat, take unto you lentils, we’re going to do two types of lentils. We’re going to do orange lentils and green lentils. You can see we got those soaking overnight already.

Then it says millet, barley which we don’t have, beans and millet. Then our beans we got a couple types of beans; we got black eye beans and white beans that are soaking. Millet is kind of like quinoa guys, I use different quinoa and they are very good with chia seeds, as well, small portions. Then what we do is we just do simple measurements, not as exact science, but here is the chia, the quinoa, and the millet I get looks exactly the same as that, but you know it’s probably slightly different.

Then it says, Measure those by 20 shekels.

Now this is our half shekel coin {10:25 min mark}, and then it says, eat it day by day. He also had by weight and measure his water, you’ll drink water also by measure, six part of a hin. And you shall eat it, barley cakes and bake it with dung. We’re not going to do it with dung, but what the dung is are the people that were held in Jerusalem during the famine.

Nebuchadnezzar surrounded Jerusalem and shut off the food supply. Now you can see the whole world, the food supply is being shut off. We can get a head start, we can practice this and be ready throughout the duration of the famine. That’s what Ezekiel did. He had his provision, he had Ezekiel Bread, he had his measure that lasted 390 days.

This is everything and then I do use rice. White rice is not that healthy, but it’s a filler. I mean just eating the bread is a little dry, it’s a little bit heavy, just beans only is a little bit heavy.

So, we add a little pasta [11:44 min mark} like this and some rice as some kind of filler. That’ll last like I said, depending it can last three, four or five days. We’ll get started and we’ll get our pot going and we’ll do our rice, and we’ll show you what it looks like.

Guys, this is kind of a later in the day, kind of lunch dinner. I also make like a breakfast one and the breakfast one, because one of the ways you can interpret one of the words is oats, so I do a breakfast one with the oats and muesli and mix that together.  And I also do that with the wheat, the same wheat we use that as kind of like a British porridge or whatever. You could do a lot of stuff; I add almonds and dates.

Guys, I’m definitely open to ideas and suggestions.  But just remember I cannot easily get to a store. In fact, I’m in a situation where I cannot buy or sell. The Mark of the Beast is in full effect.  I have to just pray and cry out to God for the circumstances to work out for me to go to the grocery store and get food, because the full ‘Pass System’ is an effect.

So, that being said, I have to be somewhat resourceful and there’s many things growing around here like grapes. So, what I’ll do is I’ll make my own vinegar.

{13:19 min mark} This is my own vinegar, and some of these things I’ll add later in the process. But basically, all you do with vinegar is you crush your grapes, you put the crushed grapes and then they begin to separate.

{13:33 min mark} This is what the crushed grapes look like. I keep this, because this is also really good. So, you get the crushed grapes and then the crushed grapes will rise to the top, you separate them, the bottom is vinegar and then the grapes here are nice, you add a little bit of this to what we are cooking and it’s very good. That’s what I’ll do with the grapes. I can pick almonds, also outside there’s pomegranates growing. I have to be resourceful with what I can get, because not a lot of it is easy to do by going to the store.

When Ezekiel made this, and the other thing I want to mention about the dung is why they had to do that? That’s what literally happened, and this happened during the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temple. But what the dung means is what the apostle Paul in Philippians chapter three says, I count the world and all the things of this world dung. The things of this world mean dung.

That was a sign to the people, they actually had to eat dung, because they considered the things of the world and not the things of God. That’s another thing that Ezekiel had to do, and he said, No Lord, let me not do that.  And He said, You can have not human dung, but cow dung. That was part of what Ezekiel did.

In our case, we’re going to crush our white beans. We soaked them overnight and we’re going to crush them, as that helps break them apart to get them to cook a little better. We’re going to start off with our rice and our lentils.

{15:08 min mark} You can see our pot is going, we have added all the ingredients and nothing terribly exciting to report there. As we do this, we also want to mention guys that with the purpose of this anti-Babylon prophets’ diet, the other thing is the elimination of sugar.

For example, we’re looking at Ezekiel and we saw all the ingredients there and now we also look at Daniel chapter 10. In Daniel chapter 10 and Daniel 1 he said, he would not drink the wine and he wouldn’t have the king’s meat.

Of course, in a certain sense you’d say, “Alright, well that’s just that he is eating kosher.”  But in Daniel chapter 10 he takes another stand in the food where he says, he won’t drink the wine he won’t have the meat and he won’t have the pleasant bread. In a way we could look at that in a modern context as like sugar, eliminating sugar from your diet.

Now many of you, if you’ve done that, it’s of course a great health benefit. But it’s also Babylon. You’ll notice in all Babylon’s feasts in Christmas and Easter there are a lot of bright shiny things and sugar. That’s the stand that Daniel is making against Babylon, against the king’s meat.

Now you see this in Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18, where it talks about Mystery Babylon’s dainties, her delicacies. Those are pastries, those are sweet things. This is a discipline that you can practice, training your tongue to get used to it. Eliminate sugar, eliminate processed foods, eliminate many things in this discipline.

I encourage you and I invite you to do this over the next three weeks with me, that’s why I ‘m sharing all this. Because in this time period we’re doing another seeking time, and we’re seeking up until the Abomination that makes Desolate.  So, I’m inviting you to do this to participate and to seek Him.

{17:07 min mark} Let’s see how we’re doing, almost there. I like this pot because it’s kind of like a casserole pot that maintains its heat.  And then what I’ll do is, it has a glass top, I’ll put it outside and it will continue cooking slowly if I put it in the sun. The sun is like a solar oven with the lid, and it will keep slowly cooking absorbing all the water so then it becomes completely dry.

So, sugar, dainty things, delicacies, are things that Daniel took a stand with.  And for health reasons, you might want to do that anyway. But the other thing is as you can see it was no meat. I am not vegetarian, I do eat meat.  I do have chicken and fish, but at particular times like this, I’ll just stick to this diet. Like I said, the oats, and I have pasta and that’s it.

Now I’ve been eating like this for two years and it’s not like it’s unhealthy or anything like that. But what we’re doing is we’re saying that we’re in the time the food supply is shut off.  You’re going to have to get your provisions, you have to ride this thing out, and have it for at least 390 days.

{18:29 min mark} Here’s the finished product, and there’s our ingredients as here you can see. Now we make our servings and that’s where we can add our vinaigrette, so we added some olive oil with our vinegar, we can’t add our salt. But these are the ingredients here and let’s have our serving and have lunch.

That’s going to conclude it. As I said before, let’s be in prayer these next three weeks. Very critical times that we’re in, and these are disciplines. Many of you asked me what we can do, and this is the type of thing you can do to prepare for the times that we’re in.

So, thanks for watching. We of course will not have any other diet and cooking videos on this channel, but we wanted to do this as a practical thing. What do we do in these times? We’ve been talking about these prayers and fasts. Hopefully you followed this series of messages, and we’ll have some more if we have a chance to do more practical things, we will. If not, we’ll get into future content.

So, fear God give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment has come worship Him that made the heavens the earth the seas in the fountains of waters. Amen.

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