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Red Heifer Sacrifice for Third Temple

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Red Heifer Sacrifice for Third Temple: https://youtu.be/rvZGMK9wurA?si=-Ut12K99uzaGb-fQ

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/

Leeland Jones video posted on August 16, 2019, transcribed:

Here it is….Big News:



Oh my goodness!  There’s an altar, there’s a cow on it.  THIS is the Red Heifer SACRIFICE!  This is the actual Sacrifice!  There’s a dead animal here.  They are saying this is an ‘experiment’, let’s read the article.  We’ve had rumors of this, but now we have a source giving us more detail.

This is Numbers 19, it talks about the Red Heifer offering.  We’re not going to get into details, we have other video’s.  {Links at the bottom of this blog post}.  So if you don’t know what the Red Heifer is, Watch, Study, Learn, become Educated.

“A major step was made towards reinstating the Temple service.”

It’s NOT just a step!  This is an actual offering.  You can see a dead animal….an Offering!

“After an intensive study into the practical details, an actual heifer, albeit not a red one, was burned in precisely the manner that will enable the Jewish people to be purified.”

We have the Commandment!  This is in Numbers 19.  Again, we’re not going to get into that.  We’re going to get into more of the details of the article.

“I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and you shall be clean: I will cleanse you from all your uncleanness and from all your fetishes.” Ezekiel 36:25

The red heifer is not a sacrifice per se so it is burned in an area outside of the Temple, on the Mount of Olives. According to Jewish tradition, there have been nine red heifers since the mitzvah was given at Mount Sinai and the tenth red heifer will be used in the era of the Messiah.”

So what they’re saying in the Jewish writings, there were 9 red heifers offered, the 10th one would be at the time of the Messiah.

“The last red heifer was prepared by the high priest Ishmael Ben Piavi around 60 CE and its ashes sufficed for the next three hundred years.

Science Meets the Bible”

This is the Professor {Zohar Amar}:

Now I heard about this, but now we got the details.  Here’s the Professor {Zohar Amar} that is overseeing this, working with the Temple Institute.

“Last Wednesday, Professor Zohar Amar, a Professor in the Department of Land of Israel Studies at Bar-Ilan University, reported at a Temple Institute Conference on his studies into the practical details of reinstating the mitzvah (Torah commandment) of the red heifer. Professor Amar has been involved in various areas of research that link Torah and science. His approach is to harness contemporary research techniques to scholarship in Jewish Studies.

“The burning of the red heifer is a biblical commandment which was performed until the end of the Second Temple period,” Professor Amar told the conference. “This is a rare ceremony that took place once in several generations, and the ashes were used to prepare sanctified water that granted ritual purification. Historical sources indicate that the practice of purification using the ashes of the red heifer continued until the beginning of the fourth century CE.”

“The details of burning the heifer and the method of preparing the ashes appear extensively in sources from the Mishnaic periods;  heretofore, the subject has only been studied theoretically,” Prof Amar said, explaining that he conducted his research in cooperation with the Temple Institute. “A simulated experiment of burning a red heifer was conducted to investigate several research questions, such as: How much wood was required to burn a red heifer completely to ashes and how much ash actually remained after the burning?. How is it possible that ashes from immolating one heifer, as it appears in the sources, can supply  ritual purposes for many years?”

“One of the models that were used to build the experimental program was the rite of cremation which is conducted to this day in India and Nepal,” Prof. Amar explained. “The design of the entire experiment took many months, and the implementation itself was carried out far from the eye of the public and the media. Only after analyzing the results did it become possible to publish it. In the course of the experiment, all of the specifications mentioned in the sources were reconstructed, beginning with the excavation of a ‘winepress; a rectangular pit, in which the pyre was built of dried wood of the pine, oak, and fig trees.”

“For the purpose of the experiment, a mature sick heifer was selected of the Baladi breed which was prevalent in ancient Israel,” Prof. Amar said, emphasizing that the heifer used in the experiment was not red. “The process of burning lasted some nine hours, and the heifer’s ashes together with the wood used to burn it yielded several tens of kilograms of ashes. It emerges that the amount of ash needed to prepare the ritual water was a minute amount sprinkled over the water. Based on the amount of ash obtained, the investigator proposed a theoretical model to calculate how many instances of sprinkling the water this amount could actually yield. This is a groundbreaking study of historical significance because there has been no investigation into the practical implementation of the laws of the red heifer since the destruction of the Temple.”

The experiment was designed to check the amount of ash produced, and whether it would be enough to purify every Israelite living today.”

Here’s a kind of demonstration of the people.  See, they’re up on the Mount of Olives, and then you have a road that’s going across over into the Temple.  You can see there is a Temple, the people, and the red heifer on a wood altar.

“According to Prof. Amar’s research, the average amount of ash produced from Jerusalem pine..”

We have some details to specifics, so when you have more time to read all of that.  It’s talking about the wood,

“A continuous and intense fire is required since the red heifer must be completely consumed, bones and all,” he said. “In this respect, it is similar to the cremation customs in Nepal and India which have been conducted for thousands of years, even until today.

His research concluded that in order to burn a heifer weighing one hundred kilograms (220 pounds), one-half ton of wood is required.”

Okay, the details of building…..

“Building the Pyre: Burning a Heifer

There are still several elements that must be verified before the actual ritual can be performed. The Temple Institute is still investigating the precise location where the red heifer is burned.”

Now, the Mount of Olives is in East Jerusalem, that’s in Palestinian.  I mean, that’s Palestinian area.

“For the purposes of the experiment, a trough was carved into the bedrock, 4.2 meters in length, two meters wide, and 90 centimeters deep. The pyre was constructed in the manner described in the oral torah as a “tower with windows”.”

Pyre….I think they’re talking about this wood altar. The oral torah….the Jewish writings kind of described some of this.

“For the trial burning, Prof. Amar used logs..”

“A cow..”

Logs, and everything. The actual tower, a cow weighing such and such amount.

“The cow was lifted onto the pyre…”

“The experiment was carried according to the strictest details of the ritual with the head of the cow towards the south and her legs facing west. When the experiment began, the fire spread quickly and within one hour, the belly of the cow collapsed.”

Wow!  This is happening!

“In addition to the heifer, 1.4 tons of wood were used in the experiment.”

I mean, this is amazing. And now what they’re saying is,

“Billions of Jews Can Be Purified

The next stage of the experiment was to determine how many people could be purified by this quantity of ash.”

This is amazing.  So they’ve determined the number of people from the ash, that can be Purified!

“Ritual purification requires only one drop to be sprinkled on each person or object. For the purposes of the experiment, Prof. Amar used bunches of three branches of common hyssop dipped into one centimeter of water.”

And again, you can read all the details in Numbers chapter 19, on the Offering.

“On this basis, Professor Amar determined that 66 kilograms (145.5 lbs) of ash would be sufficient for at least 660 billion sprinklings.

He also noted that it is permitted to add wood. Each addition of one ton of wood would permit an additional 250 billion sprinklings.”

Wow!  This is amazing.

One Step Closer But Still in God’s Hands

Rabbi Azariah Ariel has been charged with overseeing the search for a red heifer by the Temple Institute.

“In order for us to perform this mitzvah, we need a kosher red heifer to be born,” Rabbi Ariel told Breaking Israel News. “This is in the hands of God. We know that this is rare but we don’t even have the statistics to guess at how rare this actually is in nature. Even the ranchers we interviewed have no idea how rare this is.”

And this is rare, talking about finding a ritually pure red heifer, which they have several candidates.

“I could receive a phone call later today that a red heifer was born or it may be several years,” Rabbi Ariel said. “We simply do not know and it is entirely in God’s hands.”

“We still do not have a certifiable red heifer,” Rabbi Ariel said.

This is a little bit contrary.  We can show you other video’s where they do, and this is from the Temple Institute {Please watch Red Heifer Candidate Born in Israel, link at the bottom of this blog post}. So there’s a lot of kind of disinformation here.

 “We are currently checking out two calves of the Angus breed that are five months old.”

Yes, we do know about those, and there are others as well.

 For them to be considered heifers, as the Bible describes, they must be two years and one day old. There can be no blemish, no holes in the ear. If two hairs are not red, the heifer is unfit. There are Halachic issues with them right now since a few hairs may not be the correct shade of red, though this may be rectified as they get older.”

There are a lot of details about this.

“This project certainly taught us a great deal,” Rabbi Ariel said. “This was the result of years of research into the written material. There will surely be more trial runs before we are ready for the ritual.”

They are saying they are ready, but I mean, we were showing you they’re doing this.  There are animals that are dying.  That’s animal sacrifice!

“But this certainly brought us closer to actualizing the return of the mitzvah.”

“But from our side, the requirement to perform the ritual was established at Mount Sinai,” Rabbi Ariel said. “Mitzvoth are not optional and we do not wait for them to float down from heaven. As Jews, we must do what we can to perform what God commanded.”

The Temple Institute in Jerusalem has been working for three decades to educate the public and make practical steps to prepare for the Third Temple.”

This is already happening.  So thanks for watching.  This is part of a playlist on the Third Temple.

But the Red Heifer, we have a Sacrifice of an animal.  The animal that was on there was NOT red!  But the animal that was on there was DEAD!

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