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Abraham Accords is the Covenant with Many

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Abraham Accords is the Covenant with Many: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGjgmdgzhlI&t=364s

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/

Leeland Jones video posted on September 20, 2020, transcribed:

{Video with Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu speaking to President Donald Trump}

“To discussing this in detail with you Mr. President, because I think that if we work together, we have a SHOT.”

{Trump} “And we have been discussing that, and it is something that is very different, hasn’t been discussed before.  And, it’s actually a Much Bigger Deal, a Much More Important Deal, in a ‘sense’.  It would take in Many, Many Countries and would cover a Very Large Territory.  So, I didn’t know that you were going to be mentioning that, but that’s, now that you did, I think it’s a terrific thing.

And I think we have some pretty good Cooperation from People that in the past, Would Never Ever Have Even Thought About Doing This. So, we’ll see how that works out.”

{Back to Leeland speaking}

It’s a much bigger Deal, much more important Deal, it would take in Many, Many Countries and it would cover a Very Large Territory.

This is the Daniel 9:27, Peace Deal.  And he shall confirm the Covenant with Many.

{Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.}

{1:03 min mark, back to the video with Trump speaking}

“We have been discussing that, and it is something that is very different, hasn’t been discussed before. And it’s actually a Much Bigger Deal, a Much More Important Deal, in a ‘sense’.  It would take in Many, Many Countries, and it would cover a Very Large Territory. So, I didn’t know that you were  going to be mentioning that. But that’s, now that you did, I think it’s terrific thing.

And I think we have some pretty good Cooperation from People in the past, would NEVER EVER have even Thought about doing this. So, we’ll see how that works out. Okay?”

{1:35 min mark, back to Leeland}

So you can see most clearly, that the Abraham Accords are most certainly the Covenant with Many.  It would include Many, Many Countries.  It would Take IN Many, Many Countries. So here you see the Coin minted by the Sanhedrin…..

…of the Peace Deal.  We told you all along, This is the Peace Deal.  This Peace Deal is BETWEEN the United States and Israel, but it’s also a Covenant with Many Others.

And WHEN they say, Peace and Safety or Peace and Prosperity, THEN Comes Sudden Destruction, 1 Thessalonians 5. 

This is the Abraham Accords!  We’re going to show you:

  • What are they Talking about?
  • What are they Signing?
  • What is the Significance of the UAE and Bahrain?
  • What is this Map?

You can see this Map there, we’re going to get into that later in the video and how significant it is, this Larger Territory that he is talking about.

  • And, What is the Abraham Accords?

We know that this is the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative combining Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

And this is ALL Encompassing:

  • You have the Deal of the Century,
  • the Abraham {Faith/} Accords,
  • Pope Francis, his Human Fraternity for World Peace,
  • and the State Department, International Religious Freedom.

All of these are the Abraham Accords, Combining the Different Religions, which is What the Antichrist does.  He Corrupts the Bible…

….he Corrupts the Land.  He Divides the Land by Gain, and it’s Much Bigger Territory.  You can see that’s what he clearly stated. So the children of Israel walked in this Area of this Map.  Astonishing.

So, its Many Countries, this is the Dividing of the Land.  It’s not just the Promised Land, the Land of Israel, it includes a Larger Area Promised to Abraham.

Abraham was Promised from the river Nile, to the river Euphrates.  So the Sanhedrin is very excited, they minted this Coin of the Abraham Accord, with the Sword showing the Mark of the Beast.

But let’s remember, Pope Frances when he visited the UAE in February 2019, to kick off this Abraham Accords.

{3:55 min mark, video with Pope Francis visit to the UAE}

{News Reporter speaking} “During the Pope’s historic trip, is the first Pontiff to the UAE for the Human Fraternity meeting. A document on Human Fraternity was drafted, along with the Sunni Imam Al-tayeb.

The 5 page Document is broken down in various parts, touching on some of the PLAGUES of the Current Time, and What Unites Humanity.  It seems that he meant the new page part quite literally.  As from February 4th forward, a New Fraternity may have been found between these 2 Religions.”

{4:27 min mark, Leeland speaking}

So this is Unprecedented.  The Peace Deal is Multifaceted.  It’s very important that the people understand the Players involved, and What they are doing.

This is a Major Portion of the Peace Deal. And, they are Signing this Document of Human Fraternity for World Peace. And they’re establishing this Abraham House of Worship….

….this Center.  And there will be 3 Places of Worship:

  • a Mosque,
  • a Christian Church,
  • and a Jewish Synagogue.

Here you can see them signing the Foundation Stone, for whichever one that is. So it’s very important that we don’t loose sight of the idea that the Peace Deal…

…..and Donald Trump’s Deal of the Century, is ALSO Being Administered by Pope Francis.

Here you can see the renderings of the 3 Buildings for this Initiative called the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative, the Abraham House of Worship.  Now this should be able to give us some more clarity, when we see the UAE establishing ties with Israel, and why they called it the Abraham Accords.

{6:02 min mark, video with Trump speaking}

“I want to thank you leaders of Israel and the UAE for their courage and for their leadership, to forge this tremendous Agreement.  It will be known as the Abraham Accord, and I would like to ask our Ambassador, David Friedman, to please explain why we are doing and calling it the Abraham Accord. David.”

{Friedman}  “Thank you Mr. President, and Congratulations to you on BROKERING this Historic Peace Agreement.

{The Oxford Dictionary definition for BROKERING: noun (mass noun) Brit. the business or service of buying and selling goods or assets of others: (as modifier) a broker house.}

Abraham, as many of you know, was the father of all 3 Great Faiths. He’s referred to as Abraham in the Christian faith, Ibrahim in the Muslim faith, and Avraham in the Jewish faith.  And no person better Symbolizes the potential for UNITY among ALL these 3 Great Faiths, then Abraham.  And that’s why this Accord has been given that name.”

{6:48 min mark, back to Leeland}

Then the 2nd Nation to form ties with Israel is Bahrain.  And Trump’s Deal of the Century, Jared Kushner, went and hosted…..

….the Economic Summit, in June 2019.  Where was it hosted?  In Bahrain, the 2nd Nation to make ties with Israel, very important that you understand.  We’re gonna have some brief clips of his speech. And I want you to notice that in it, he talks about Worship, he talks about Tourism and Travel, and many great things. But this is the Economic portion of the Peace Deal.

{7:31 min mark, announcer speaking}  “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 2019 Peace to Prosperity Workshop.  Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Senior Advisor to the President of the United States, Jared Kushner.”

{Jared} “The Peace to Prosperity vision is a modern framework, for a brighter and more prosperous future. It is a vision of what is possible with Peace.  The freedom for people to worship without persecution. The goal of this workshop is to begin thinking about these challenges in a New Way.

Let’s try to view this conflict and the potential of the Entire Region through a Different LENS, and work together to develop a Concrete plan to try and achieve it.  For a moment, IMAGINE a New Reality in the Middle East.  Imagine a bustling Commercial and Tourist Center in GAZA and the West Bank, where International Businesses come together and Thrive.

Imagine the West Bank as a blossoming economy, full of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and business leaders.  Imagine PEOPLE and Goods Flowing Quickly and Securely throughout the Region, as economics become more Integrated, and people become more Prosperous.

This is a right plan and we need to CREATE the right Environment.  While we endeavor to Create the Framework, the hope from this workshop is that we will be able to freely and constructively discuss….

…..the different ideas, get peer feedback, MODIFY, and then ultimately finalize a Vision as a Globally Supported Plan.

So since I know a lot of people here like to start with the numbers, we go with a program that’s about a 50 billion dollar program.  This comes from grants, which is about 13 billion, this is all done over 10 years.  Then we do subsidized loans, about 25 billion.  And we have the private capital, about 11 billion.

If you notice the early years, we’re heavy on the grants and figuring out on how to get the subsidized loans more and over time, because we’re trying to create the necessary conditions for people to be able to make this area invest.

This is one slide that I thought was very interesting, which shows that we’re actually starting from a pretty strong place relative to peers.  When I show this to people, they are actually quite surprised.

If you go on the right side, you will see that you have the West Bank and GAZA with a GPD per capita, of about 3,000 a person.  If you go to the West Back, which is more governed right now, you have about 3,800 per capita.  If you compare that to Egypt, it’s 2,500; Jordan’s 4,000; Lebanon’s 8,500; Morocco’s 3,000; and Tunisia is 3,500.

If you go to Debt to GPD, you know, you have Egypt at 100%, Jordan at 94%, West Bank and GAZA are at less than half of that.  So starting from a RELATIVELY strong place, that if we can start doing these investments, CREATE a Peace Environment, you know, CREATE a good SECURITY Apparatus.  There is a ton of potential for people to really start RISING in a very, very quick Way.

But what we did is, we put the majority of the PROJECTS IN GAZA and the West Bank, but then we also figured out what Projects can we do in Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, to also get those economies to start rising and better integrated, as well. Hopefully, use this as a Way to Change the Course of History in this Region.”

{10:38 min mark, back to Leeland}

So here is Bahrain and you see their flag, and UAE and their flag, and where they are Located as part of these Many…

…Participating in this Covenant.  Notice in the speech he also said, The Bordering Nations would also Participate in THIS Deal.

Now, this is exactly what Donald Trump said in his trip to Saudi Arabia, when he talked about combining the Sunni Arab NATIONS in a New Arab League. That’s exactly what he has done!

Now, for the Muslims in tourism, when they make the ties with Israel, that means the Muslims can travel to Jerusalem.  When they travel to Jerusalem, they can go to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. That’s what he is talking about when he talks about Worship, that ALL 3 Religions would have Free Worship ON the Temple Mount. Now obviously, only 1 is there now…

…so that would have to CHANGE. So Jerusalem thus becomes the World Center of Religion.  The World Center of Government, and that is what the Prophecy says about the Antichrist.

And this is leading to a Jewish 3rd Temple, make no mistake, that’s what all this is.  All the nice words and Peace Accords, this is what it’s talking about.

That’s the Prophecy that’s being fulfilled, and it’s including a Larger Territory.  The Promise to Abraham,  it goes from the river Nile, to the river Euphrates.

And, it’s a Much Larger Territory. Now this is important for you to understand, that Large Territory and the Path where the children of Israel traveled in the wilderness.

{12:11 min mark, Leeland in an older video speaking}

“Now what we are looking at here is from the book The Exodus, that I definitely encourage you to get. This is Dr. Lennart Moller book, and this is a Map of that.  And essentially what he did is, he found an Ancient Map:

  • and he found locations of the Exodus of the Camps listed in Saudi Arabia.
  • He found other locations of Camps of Jewish names, in Saudi Arabia.

So for example, the first one of the major incidents in the Book of Numbers, after the children of Israel wandered, is the story of Korah.  You know the story of Korah?  They Revolted against Moses.  They Revolted against him, and Moses said, ‘Whoever’s on my side, stand here.  Whoever is with Korah and those on his side, stand here {Numbers 16}.’

And this place, right here, this is in Mecca. Let me say that again.  So the incident in the Bible of Korah revolting against Moses, is MECCA and Medina.  So the Religion that is revolting against God, is the Same Spirit that they built these Islamic cities on. And they gather and do Hajj right over this Event.  So this is an example of things in the Land, Memorial things that are in the Land that people do.

So anyway, not to go through all of this, but basically the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness in Saudi Arabia.  Within this Place, there were children of Israel that STAYED along this Route.  Not all of them decided to go.  He’s like, ‘Okay, we’re all going to die here.  So instead of dying to go in the Promised Land, we’ll just stay here.’

So there’s evidence of Jews all throughout this Area, of the children of Israel in this Area, keeping this Hebriac language and the writing and everything.  But the Story here, again is, they wander….”

{14:14 min mark, back to Leeland in this video}

Now that video was from a couple years ago, and I just want to take a quick moment and show you a couple things of what we’re getting at here. So in this area here, is the country presently of Yemen. Now you can see that they have it Jamin, but really in Hebrew that’s Yemen.  And Yemen means Right Hand.

Okay, so at the Right Hand means Yemen.  So the actual country of Yemen is a Hebrew name.  And if you go to Israel you will notice that there are many Yemenite Jews.  Well why is that?  Well, the children of Israel past through this Route in the Wilderness.

So he {Dr. Moller} identified many of the Places, listed in Numbers chapter 33, where he found those similar names on this old Map.  {Numbers 33 verses: 20 = Rissa; 22 = Shepher; 23 = Haradah; 26 = Terah; 30 = Bene Jaakan; 31 = Hor Hagidgad}

So what that means is, wherever the soles of the feet tread, it was theirs!  So they traveled this area.  And he found all these different names in this Old Map that are Hebrew names:

  • Rueben
  • Asher
  • Israel
  • Aman
  • Huran
  • Joseph
  • Moses
  • etc.

It was also in Saudi Arabia that Dr. Kim found the famous Menorah.

But yes it is True, the incident of Korah, here you can see Korah is right next to Medina.

Here’s another Map again, Wadi means Valley…..of Korah, right next to Medina.

And yes, in the book he found 4 Different Maps that Identified the actual True Location of the incident of Korah. And again, that is right next to Medina.

So when we look at the Region here, here is Yemen.  Again, that’s Hebrew for Right Hand.

Now it says that the Antichrist will Divide the Land for Gain.  Now typically what we Thought, when he was talking about Dividing the Land…

…is the Land of Israel, the Promised Land of Israel includes Several Borders.  One of those areas of the Borders is outlined in Deuteronomy, Numbers and Ezekiel, and that’s close to Modern Israel, it goes farther North into Lebanon.

But that is NOT the Boundary Promised to Abraham.  The Boundary that is Promised to Abraham, and you can see right here the Boundary Promised to Abraham we have in white, it follows the Euphrates.  And this is the Euphrates.  This is my drawing, so don’t take this too perfectly.  But basically what it does, it goes up into this portion of Turkey, and passes down into the Persian Gulf.  So that’s the Euphrates Border there, on the East.

And then it says it goes through the Great River of Egypt, that is the Nile.  You see here in white we got Egypt. So that’s God’s Promise to Abraham.  Now it says the Great Desert, and that kind of doesn’t really tell us what that Boundary is in the South.

And of course, the children of Israel when they passed through the wilderness…..here’s Mecca and Medina, we saw where Korah was.  They passed through here, they wandered in this area {Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE}.  And isn’t that amazing, it’s Possible that they actually went as far as where the United Arab Emirates was!

So, that’s how it’s Possible for that to actually be the Abraham Accords, or God’s Promise to Abraham.

Now of course, God’s Promise to Abraham is the Holy Covenant, which talks about it in Daniel 11.  Now the Antichrist, it’s NOT a Holy Covenant. He is doing this for Gain!  He is doing this for himself. But he’s USING the Prophecies in the Bible to accomplish this.

Now you’ll notice before I showed you a Coin, which you see here. Now this is an active Coin in Israel, it’s a small amount, it’s like cents.  But really what’s going on is, this is the Boundary on the Mediterranean Sea, right here.  So you clearly have this angle, going like this.

Then what it’s doing is, it’s Extending the Land Mass BEYOND the Modern Day Israel, it’s obviously going farther.  It’s going into Jordan, and possibly Syria here, by here is like Iraq {right side area of the coin}. So this is something called the Greater Israel Project, or Greater Israel.


They Think all of this is their Land. So THEY’RE GOING TO KEEP PUSHING AND PUSHING.

They are going to go into the Sinai.  This {border} is going into Sinai and Egypt.  This is going down, this is going into Saudi Arabia.  Let’s take a look at a Map to get a handle on all of this.

So here is Google Maps, and if we just overlay the Coin here, you see this angle.  You can see that this is this angle here.  As this comes down and bends, that is the same thing you see here, coming down and bend {going down to the base of the Menorah}.

So the Israelis are so bold, they put this right on their currency.  But the people are too stupid, they don’t know what’s going on.  But that’s what this is.   So you can see what this is doing, is this is taking this Modern Border here, and then it’s Extending to the East.  So where that is exactly, it’s a little hard to determine.

But what we can see that they’re doing is, they’re extending this quite far to the Euphrates.  And this is the Euphrates over here. And then it would kind of come down, and in this fashion as you can see, it would come down lower and turn up, so that it would accomplish what they are saying.

Now it doesn’t have to go to the Nile, there’s another river here that they may be saying.

Here’s another kind of a view of it, and here again we kind of overlaid this along the Border, in which you can see.  And now you can see as we overlay, it goes through Egypt here, Sinai, and it goes down and includes Jordan and Saudi Abrabia.  And it’s coming up here, and it’s coming up to the Euphrates. So it’s including all of this Area.  So this is called the Greater Israel Project.

{21:33 min mark, another video, Pepe speaking}

“Israel State does NOT have Fixed Borders.  They are NOT delimitated on a Map.  They can Expand ALL Over from the Sinai.  From the Sinai, to the Borders of Iran one day, you know.

That, and that’s the problem this idea of Eretz Israel, Greater Israel!  It’s the number One impediment. If they would sit down on a table to discuss Palestine, they would HAVE TO DELIMITATE THEIR BORDERS.  Finally, this is what everybody’s expecting, they will NOT be able to Annex People’s Palestine. They will have to ELIMINATE their Borders!

Finally, this is what everybody’s expecting, they will NOT be able to Annex People’s Territories anymore!”

{22:08 min mark, another video, Trump speaking}

“And it’s actually a Much Bigger Deal.  A Much More Important Deal, in a ‘sense’.  It would take in Many, Many Countries and it would Cover a Very Large Territory, so.”

{22:19 min mark, back to Leeland}

In Ezekiel chapter 17, we can see this Covenant.  It says, The king of Babylon, that’s Donald Trump, will come to Jerusalem and take the king of Jerusalem.  And that’s Benjamin Netanyahu.  And the princes thereof, and led them into Babylon, and taken the king’s seed, and has made a Covenant with him, and has taken an oath with him, and he has also taken the mighty of the land.

Now Mighty in the Hebrew is aiyl, which means Ram.  And this leads us to Daniel chapter 8 verse 20.  The Ram which you saw with horns are the kings of Medo-Persia Empire.  So now what we have is the LARGE TERRITORY.

So the Jews believe that Donald Trump is a Cyrus like figure.  Now they like to think that, because he will build them a Temple.  So they’re expecting Donald Trump to build the Temple, the 3rd Temple. But they ALSO expect him to be a King and reign over the Medo-Persian Empire that Cyrus had.

So that’s why this ‘Mighty of the Land’, this Ram.  Okay, you have this Goat going against the Ram. And that means that, the United States would be the Goat coming from the West, in Daniel chapter 8, going against this Territory. This Large Territory, which is basically is the Whole Middle East.

So basically, the Middle East can Decide:

  • You are either With the Antichrist,
  • or you’re Going to War!

So the Modern State of Iran is the Adversary there, Syria is, Russia is coming in.  So Yes, this is leading to Armageddon, there’s No question!  Basically ALL the Nations have the opportunity to Decide:

  • you can either be With the United States, and be With Israel, and come Worship the Antichrist in Jerusalem,
  • or be Destroyed.

So I know that sounds crazy, but this is what’s really going on.  This is what Bible Prophecy teaches us, and this is how we can understand what is taking place. Because, it’s very difficult, because there’s so much confusion, very few people are leading the Sheep to the PROPER information.

So, this is the former Medo-Persian Empire.  So when it says, he’s taking the Mighty or the Rams LAND.

In Daniel 11, it says, the Antichrist will Divided the Land for Gain.

So this is the Former Empire.  It’s going all the way into Africa, it’s going into Libya.  And it says that he Reigns from India to Ethiopia. Why do you think that Donald Trump went to India?  Do you think he likes brown people?  NO!  Donald Trump does NOT like Brown People!

He was doing that as a Sign to the Jews that their Cyrus Figure, their Cyrus it says specifically in the Book of Esther, he Reigns from Ethiopia or Modern Sudan to India.  So his trip to India was a Sign that he is Taking Dominion of that Whole Territory.  That’s WHY they are saying, It’s a VERY Large Territory.

So ALL the Nations have a Choice of what they can do:

  • What do they want to do?
  • Whose side are they going to take?

So that is What is going on.

Now as you look here, this river here is the Euphrates going up, and over here we have the Nile. So that’s Abraham Accord is Abraham’s Covenant, it’s that Land Mass, and then it goes just down.

This is just Desert, and that is why you don’t really see the Persian Empire really going South from….over here is Kuwait.  And then Medina over here.  But basically the Abraham Covenant can include all the way, here to here, then heading south of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula, and then Yemen and Oman.

Now Yemen is on the side of Iran, with the Houthis.  So they made they’re Decision!

But, now that you understand this, you will see Many Other Nations do this.  So here’s Bahrain, here’s UAE here, below that is Oman.  So we may hear about Oman?  We may hear about Other Nations?  Now what they’re gonna do, it’s NOT just that they make formal ties with Israel. Some will make formal ties with Israel, like Bahrain and UAE.

Others will do Embassy Moves, or Establish Embassies with Israel.  So what you’ll see, is everything is going to focus to Jerusalem.  People will be moving Embassies, people will be making Covenants, Peace Deals with Israel.

So now you know What the Abraham Accord IS!

It’s taking the Prophecy, the Holy Covenant with Abraham, and it’s being Corrupted by the Antichrist and the Jews to build a Messianic Kingdom, which we know is the kingdom of the Antichrist, in Revelation chapter 13.  “Who can make War with the Beast?”

So now ALL these Nations have to Decide, What are they going to do?

What we’re doing, is we’re doing are best to Tell you these things.  So, who else is going to Join?  Oman?  There’s rumors.  Saudi Arabia?  Look, these people have ALL Decided.  Now they may him and haw in the news, and different things like that, but don’t fool yourself.  This Territory going to India, going up, that’s the Persian Empire.

So that’s what they expect him to do, is to Reign OVER those Nations…to Rule Over those Nations.

And if the Nations DON’T Submit, it’s War, it’s Armageddon!

No question!  East, West, and the Whole World will go to this War, over this Land!

So you could hear it from their own mouths, “Many, Many Countries.  This Deal is Much Bigger.  It includes a Very Large Territory.”

We are making this clear, the Abraham Peace Deal is the Covenant with Many.  This is the Prince of Tyre.

Donald Trump is the Antichrist!  This is the Covenant with Many, that it talks about in Daniel 9:27.  I know there’s a lot of Confusion, a lot of people say different things.  But you can see the Many Nations.

These are the Merchants in Revelation 18, that are coming to build a 3rd Temple.  Prophecy is being Fulfilled!

The Arab Nations are bowing to Jerusalem, and Jerusalem will be the Center of World Religion and World Peace.

We have many playlists and things on this, but this is this Coin, this is this Large Territory: The Abraham Accords.  You are looking at it in that Coin.

Looking at the New Coins.  Donald Trump is the Antichrist, he’s been at this for a Long Time!  This is his Ultimate Deal.  You can even see it, in 1985, in this cover with a Dove.

We have a whole playlist on the Peace Deal.  We have many, many video’s.  If you don’t understand everything in this one, please watch the other video’s.  We’ve been talking about this for a while.

This is the Abraham Accords!  And thank you very much for watching, and God bless you!

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