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Citizens of Heaven Intro

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Citizens of Heaven Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIqrqNirEF4

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/

Leeland Jones video posted on September 8, 2020, transcribed:

Citizens of Heaven! How does one become a Citizen of Heaven? What does it mean to be a Citizen in the Kingdom of God, in the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? For many of this audience you are use to various terms of Salvation; saved, born again.  But, we live in a generation where many people will say, they are saved, they are born again, YET, we will WITNESS THEM TAKING THE MARK OF THE BEAST!

So, we are in unprecedented times, and we must understand simple, simple questions: Who are we exactly?  Many of the teachings and video’s I do, people will say, ‘Leeland, what do I do about this, what do I do about that?’ And, I don’t have much of a response to that question, because you can’t tell someone what to do that doesn’t know how to be who they are.  For example (1:14 min mark) You see I have a picture of a horse.  This horse, as soon  as it drops out of the womb, it walks!  Within hours!  Nobody had to tell the horse, what to do! The horse came from God walking!

So, if you are a believer, YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BELIEVE! You are suppose to be what you are!  So, once you know who you are, you will do what you are.  You will do what you be:)  So, who we are, is a much more important question than many of the things around us!  Once you know who you are, and once you REALIZE who you are, IN CHRIST, it CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Now, for many of us, we have had this faith or belief in God, and we went to church!  And, we went into a system, a RELIGIOUS system and structure, which ended up giving us very disillusion feelings and not wanting anything to do with God, because of the liars, and hypocrites, and fake things.  But God is still REAL!  He still sent His Son to OVERCOME the works of the Devil, to OVERCOME sin!

And now, we MUST be that GENERATION that RISES UP above all these things in the world, including the Beast, and the Mark of the Beast, and the image of his name, as we have explained.

So, who are we?  Now, for many of you, that question is, you know, you can say, ‘I am so and so, such and such.’  But basically, who you are boils down to, Where are you from? Where were you born?  Right?  So let’s say you travel, and you go to another part of the United States, and they say, ‘Where are you from?’  Usually, if you are from the States, you know where someone is from based on what?  Their accent!  So, what? There is a culture to it! There is a different culture to different coasts and all of that.  If you are in the United States and you travel enough, you know where everyone is from based on their accent.

But, if you don’t know, what do you do?  You ask them, ‘Where are you from?’  What does that mean?  You are born somewhere! The place where you are born is a City!  And, it’s a Principal! So, when we are born again, where are we born?  Are we born from whatever city on the Earth?  No!  So, in the Greek, and in the ancients, the word for citizen is like our English word politician! And it means a citizen, and the root word is polly, which means a city.

So, where you are from if someone says, ‘Where are you from?’  You tell them, ‘I am from such and such city.’ But are we from a city on the Earth?  No!  We are from New Jerusalem!  We are not from the Earth!  We are from Heaven!  Because we are from Heaven, we are Citizens of Heaven!  And that is where we are from.

So, when we are bon in this world, we are born out of a womb of a mother. And this is Earth, this is flesh.  We are spirit and soul, and we live in a body, but it is what?  Our spirit that comes from God!  Our spirit comes from Heaven!  Our spirit comes from New Jerusalem! So, as a Citizen we are from where?  We are from New Jerusalem!

Now, this TYPE OF THINKING for many of you is not something you spend a lot of time with.  But for me, this was HUGE!  So, let me tell you a story (5:29 min mark): These are my parents!  And, I don’t know how well you can see from the distance, but if you look at my father, my father is African American, and my mother is Irish and French.  So, I grew up as an inter-racial child!  And it was very, very difficult because of the internal identity crisis I had……until the time that I understood this Revelation that I am sharing with you, on Jesus Christ!

I said, ‘Why can’t I just be one thing?  Why do I have to be, you know, inter-racial?’  I was born in 1970 and that was not common.  So, most people think that I am white!  I am light skin and whatever, but in the Middle East, everyone thinks I am Jewish, because I have sometimes curly hair.

But anyway, what I am trying to get at is…. I HAD AN IDENTITY CRISIS UNTIL…. I UNDERSTOOD  what I am  about to tell you!  And that is, is  Only through Christ could I make any sense of who I was!  Anything in the world, you know like, trying to be black, or trying to be white, I couldn’t come to terms with  who I was!  WHO AM I?   So, it wasn’t until I understand that there is nothing on the Earth that I can identify with to tell me who I am, to make sense of the most simple question, ‘What is my identity? Who I am?’ Once I realized that, I am like, ‘there are no colors! There is NOTHING!’

So, that was something that the Most High used as a very, very difficult thing and lots of suffering, and very insecure about myself, and lots of things.  But, HE USED THAT for me to CONSTANTLY ask this question, ‘WHO AM I? Who am I REALLY?’   And, it wasn’t until I got the answer to that question that I could function!  I couldn’t function!  My life was just a disaster.  I couldn’t do anything!  But once I resolved that, I was like, that is AMAZING!  But, no one taught me that!  I just read the Bible and I was like, ‘Wow, I am in Christ!’  I just kept saying this, ‘In Christ, In Christ, In Christ!’

So for me, this was Critical, because I was going to KILL myself!  I was just gonna cease from existing!  Until I knew who I was, because I was placed in a world where  I had this doconomy, black vs white.  And I was both!  And so, this whole thing about who I am, this was very very profound for me! And, I found this out at about 19 years old!  19 years of age, that’s when I found and I resolved this!  And, it was finished!

So, what we are going to do, we are going through a play list, a new play list, called the Citizens of Heaven.  And we are going to talk about the process about how to be a Citizen of Heaven, what does this mean, and ONCE YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, then the Kingdom of Heaven, the operation of a Citizen of Heaven on the Earth, will work itself out!   Because what’s going to happen is THE IDENTITY OF WHO YOU ARE IS WHAT THEY ARE AFTER!

So what the Beast is doing, is using this WHOLE SITUATION of this PLAGUE, and their Testing!  Now what they are doing is they are gathering DNA!  Now THEY KNOW you are a Citizen of Heaven from your DNA!  And they are trying to gather all the people who they know are REAL BELIEVERS, and archive them all!  Archive the whole world, to figure out who these people are, and TO KILL THEM! Alright?  So, we are in a WAR!

So, one of the things about some other countries, the United States is a big country so not everyone has to do it, but in a smaller country, every male has to go to the draft! So that’s also the thing you have to understand is, you are not just a citizen, no, you are a Soldier! You are Soldier in this Army!  Once you are a Soldier in this Army, you now have to work a job and be a Soldier? Are you part time? Are you full time?

You know…you have to NOW understand how to operate in the world you are living in, because NOW, the Beast and the Dragon have come to the Earth, and how do you live?  How do you OVERCOME?  YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

So, we are going to go through some messages to talk about this whole list, this City, where are you from?  Who are we exactly?  Who are we?  What type of transformation has taken place by us having FAITH in Jesus Christ?  It is actually changed us, to the extent that we are ONE with Him!  We are NOT from this world!

Colossians 3 says, ‘Seek those things from above where Christ is seated at the right hand of the God, not the things of the Earth.’  So, it is quite common in Christian-ese, to briefly mention Heavenly things!  But, how do we live like this, day in, and day out?  How do we operate in a world where we have a Kingdom of Heaven that is at a greater level?  There are Courts and Governmental Order in the Kingdom of Heaven, that is higher then the Earth!  There is currency! There is economic systems that operate in the Kingdom of Heaven that are higher than the Earth.  There are censuses. There is a Censuses, there is a counting of the people in the Kingdom of Heaven, there are  also in the Earth.

There is a whole 1,000 Year reign of Jesus Christ coming!  When He comes, what do you suppose His Kingdom is going to look like?  Is it going to look like the United States? Is it going to look like the U.K.? Is it going to look like Greece or Rome?  It’s going to look like ISRAEL!  Not modern Israel! The CHILDREN OF ISRAEL!  The Children of Israel, what did they do? They came OUT OF EGYPT!

The APOCALYPSE IS THE COMING OUT OF EGYPT to the KINGDOM OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!  When we enter that Kingdom, the disciples asked Him on the Mount of Olives, ‘Lord, will You at this time restore the Kingdom of Israel?  He said, It is not for you to know the times or seasons!’ WHY?  Because that WAS NOT THE GENERATION!  WE ARE IN THE GENERATION TO KNOW THE TIMES AND SEASONS! We are the Generation to know the Kingdom being restored to Israel!

So, in order for us to understand how who we are at Citizens, we must know where are we from!  We are from New Jerusalem!  What is the Nation we are from?  We are from Israel!  And those of you that think in terms of Jews and Christians, and all this stuff,  it is NOT going to make sense!  But, what is New Jerusalem?  Is it Jew or Christian?  You have 12 Apostles, which are the 12 Foundations of New Jerusalem. You have 12 Gates, which are the 12 Children of Israel! 12 Tribes of the Children of Israel!  So, what is it?  It’s ONE!  It’s NOT Separate!  It is the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ expressed as the Bride through the Children of Israel!

So, the Millennium does the same thing!  We have the camp of the Saints!  The camp of the Saints is ordered by the 12 Tribes!  So, as a Citizen, you must understand who you are in the Citizenship, that  Common Wealth of Israel!  We are going to do a teaching on that, and the things I am teaching you, I try to avoid this, because I want to teach you the Bible!

But the things I am teaching you come from the time, if you go back in the channel you will see I lived in an apartment.  But what was happening to me, is I was being taken to see things in the Spirit!  I was taken before the Throne!  I was seeing the Throne, I was seeing all those types of things.  They had a PROFOUND IMPACT ON ME!  They totally transformed my life!   And when they did, there are things that  I can’t explain that happened to me, internally!  The questions about who I am when I told you about my identity, now I was confronted with other aspects of our identity in Christ that related to other things…this Royal Priesthood! The Order of Heaven, this Higher Levels, then just being a Believer.

And those types of experiences is what I am going to share with you.  Not the experiences, per-say, but the information from those experiences is what I am going to share with you, in these series of messages. And, it’s amazing information, it’s opening up so much that I have to do them in different messages and a whole series on this.  I realize it’s really important!  I can’t get away from it!  It keeps expanding, bigger and bigger.

So, this is not New to this channel, basically, we have been teaching this for years, about the House of David, The 144,000, those are playlist you can go and watch!  I encourage you to watch and go through those playlists, particularly the House of David, it teaches you how to be this Kingdom of Priest, King and Priest.

So, we are going to go through more information on that now, but you this comes from the Assembly!  So one thing many people will say, if they see Heaven, they see the Throne, they see themselves or they find themselves in the Great Assembly!  And what is that?  You can’t really describe it….you are just standing, and you are in an infinite number of people worshipping God!  That is the Great Assembly, and those are ordered by the Feasts of Yahweh!  It was the males who had to appear before the place where God called them, New Jerusalem, and they would see the face of Yahweh!

So that is the type of thing, is the place I am coming from to give you this information, is what I am trying to say.  I am not necessarily going to get into the details of what I saw in visions, and things like that.  I am going to focus on what the Scriptures say, because we all can have different experiences and see things differently, but the Scripture is the same Foundation, for all of us!

So, we have this as an intro to Citizen’s in Heaven!  So thanks for watching!  In the mean time, I encourage you to watch the House of David playlist!  And as we say, ‘FEAR GOD! GIVE GLORY TO HIM! FOR THE HOUR OF HIS JUDGEMENT HAS COME, WORSHIP HIM WHO MADE THE HEAVENS, THE EARTH, THE SEAS, AND THE FOUNTAINS WITHIN!  AMEN!’

House of David: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gbm9JC2TtPCJY-40sp6Sbls

Citizens of Heaven Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gYL2OhaicD_7zTMS_qQk8QZ

Citizens of Heaven Intro: https://overcominglymedisease.com/citizens-of-heaven/

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