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5 Biblical Proofs we are in the 7 Year Tribulation


5 Biblical Proofs we are in the 7 Year Tribulation

5 Biblical Proofs we are in the 7 Year Tribulation, Leeland Jones Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvOJ6-L05NM

Paraphrases and Notes/Verbiage:

5 Biblical Proofs we are in the Tribulation!  We are going to talk about them in this video, and before we do, I just want to say, for all the trolls, and all the mockers, and scoffers, that Scriptures talk about: Let me ask you, have you dedicated your whole life to the cause of Jesus Christ?  Have you sold all you have and followed Him, for 8 years?  Have you left working in the world system, working a job, for the beast, quit all that and followed the Gospel, living for Jesus Christ ONLY, for 8 years?  Have you traveled to 17 countries, by FAITH, with NO money, NO  plan?  Have you been in prison in 5 countries? (chuckle)  Have you been poisoned by Mossad, and tracked by CIA, FBI, and MI6,  ___ and the 8,200?  Some of those you don’t even know what they are!  The simple answer is NO!  You haven’t!

Okay, and I tell you all that for the Glory of the GOSPEL! Because the message I am giving you, the things I am telling you, is not in man.  Okay?  It is not in me to produce the Intelligence!  To produce the Wisdom, to show you these 5 Proofs.  To show you that we are in the Tribulation, the Bible says EXACLTY when the Tribulation will start, with many indicators and time lines.

So, Daniel said, once he interupted the dream, he said, It is not in me, O King, to give you the interpretation.  It’s ONLY in the Most High! Okay?  And there is only one right answer!  There is one interpretation of the dream.  Okay, so all of your other majicians and astronomers, and all of that, why can they not tell you this one simple thing?  Why can they not tell you when the Tribulation starts, okay? Well, we are going to tell you, we are going to show you, simply.

Now, I know many of you hate the state of Israel!  You hate the Jews!  On this channel we DON’T hate the Jews, we love the Jews, and we know that it was God’s hand, in 1948, to establish the State of Israel! Okay, that’s,  there is no explaining of that, guys!  It has to be!  It has to be Scripture being fulfilled. It has to be the Word of God!  Okay, you can say it is all these other things, it doesn’t matter!  IT’S OUR MAJOR INDICATOR TO TELL US WHEN THE TRIBULATION STARTS!  Okay?

So, the most simple prophecy tells us in Daniel, the book of Daniel tells us.  We are going to explain it simply. Okay, so from 1948, It says from 62 Weeks will be Messiah the Prince, Mashiach.  Okay, so we know Mashiach is the Lord Jesus Christ.  So, in this whole video, in this whole thing, we are telling you this to the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Not that we are doing this for views, or popularity, or anything else.  No, you think I signed up for all of this hardship and tracking? No, and not only that, but the devices…all my devices emit electronic frequencies that give me headaches and all kinds of stuff! So, I have to turn them off sometimes because I can’t function!  So, you think I signed up for that?  Oh, this is so fun! (chuckle)  Well, I did sign up for it and it is fun! But, I am just telling you about the things I have been through, to tell you that I have suffered.

So, the apostle Paul, gave us a list of the things he suffered. And I am no apostle Paul, you know he died 4 times, and was in prison and all that.  So all you people that speak against the apostle Paul, well give me you list of suffering!  You can’t!  Cause nothing’s happened!  Okay, maybe someone on YouTube said not so nice things about your comment, or something.  Oh, you poor baby.  Wait until you are poison!  Okay?  Some of you have been poisoned and you don’t even know it. (chuckle)  You think you got the virus! No man, you were targeted!  They know exactly who all of you are, and they gave it to you specifically, to see,okay,  if you have the seal or not!  If you have the seal, you are not going to get the virus, alright?

So, anyway, our first one is the State of Israel, the State of Israel, in 1948, okay?  And unto 62 Weeks is Mashiach. So, 62 Weeks + 1948 is the year 2010!  So the Messiah the Prince is the book of Esther.  In the book of Esther, the King sits upon the Throne.  Okay?  When the King sits upon the Throne, that is precisely, the book of Esther, chapter 1, verse 1, and the year 2010!  Okay, now the Apocalyse  lasts 14 Years!  Okay,  Joseph had his dream and he said there is 7 good years, and 7 bad years!  What is that?  14 Years!  Jacob had 2 wives!  He had to serve 7 years for one wife, 7 years for the other wife. What is that?  That is 14 Years!

Simply put….the Apocalyse…the REVEALING begins with  Lamb sits on the Throne, in 2010!  7 years later, okay, onto Mashiach the Prince will be 62 Weeks, and 7 Weeks!  7 + 2010 = 2017!  That is the start of the Tribulation!  That is what the interpretation is, okay?  Now, the Weeks in Daniel are Years!  Okay, you can see that! It says, Daniel there will be 70 Weeks.  Well, in Daniel chapter 9, verse 1, Daniel understood the Years, would be 70 Years, per Jeremiah.  So, those 70 Weeks are 70 Years!

So, when it says Weeks, that is the Feast of Weeks, which happens one time every year, in the third month.  Okay, so when it says 62 Weeks, those are 62 Feasts of Weeks!  Each time a Feast of Weeks happens, it happens once a year!  So, those are 62 Years!  Okay?  So it gives us 2010!  That gives us the prophecy of the King in Esther.  His name is Ahasuerus.  Okay?  Historically, he is also known as Artaxerxes.  So that is one King, one time line, okay?  Kings Timeline: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gbH4QV1Pu8V3KFuqff62mUl

There is another timeline, of another King, called Cyrus.  Okay?  An Cyrus has a Decree which begins a counting of another King.  Now, these Kings, there are actually 4 Kings talked about in Daniel, chapter 11, and verse 2.  It says there will be 4 Kings!  So what this means, is that prophetically: YOU MEASURE TIME BY KINGS!

Now, let’s just explain this briefly!  In the ancient times there was no agreed upon, all over the earth, year! Every empire, culture, society, around the world, measure their years by the King!  Okay, how long has the King reigned…he has reigned for such and such, and the King before him, reigned for such and such. So, you measure time by the King!  Now, of course when we have the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, we now have a Universal Year!  Okay, so now everybody has now the same year!  But in ancient times, the way  you determined the year is by the King!  Okay?

So, that period of time of Christ, His first Coming, up until 2010, was that period of Time.  Now, we enter in a new Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, in this new era, is also determined by the King!  Okay, so the King begins the counting of the Years.  The counting of the Years begins with these different Kings.  Okay, so in the book of Esther, it begins the counting of the Years!  Okay, 2010 unto Mashiach the  Coming.

So, the Coming of Christ happens over a 14 Year period, beginning in the Year, 2010!  Okay?  We will go over the notes and explain that a little more, but we want you to get this concept of Time being measured by the King!  You are just use to the same time, okay, but you don’t really think that the Year that we all say, 2010, were talking about the King!  Okay, we determined that Year based by Christ in His First Coming!  So, the universal of the whole earth is saying, this is the Year of the King!  That is why the Jews have other names for it, because they DON’T want to recognize Jesus Christ as King!

So, that is Critical for you to understand!  I just told you the Great Mystery, okay, what everyone THINKS they know, right?  They don’t!  It’s that simple. That’s our first point!  Now, we do have notes that we are going to go through the rest of the notes and show you, our other 4 Biblical Proofs, of the start of the Tribulation. (of course, Leeland’s notes on this have been  deleted by the Power’s that be!)

So, again, we have the story of Joseph.  Joseph talked about the 7 good Years…7 fat cows, and 7 lean Years.  And we have Jacob, 7 Years to serve for Leah, and 7 Years to serve for Rachel.  So, just like the time period spoken of, and the prophecy with Joseph, and Jacob, the same thing is in the Apocalypse or  Revealing of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(10:11 min mark) So, our first sign, 1948.  From 1948 we had 62 Years, and we come to the Year 2010 (1948 + 62 = 2010), the Year of Ahasuerus, in the book of Esther. So, that is the anointed King sitting on the Throne.  Then, that is Danile, chapter 9 says, there will be 62 Weeks and 7 Weeks.  So, 62 Weeks is the Feast of Weeks, and 62 Years,  and from 7  Years, from the 62 Years, we come to 2017 (2010 + 7 = 2017). This is the start of the 7 Year Tribulation.

And we come to another King, his name is Cyrus.  And, we will talk about Cyrus  later, but this prophecy in Daniel, says, 62 Weeks and 7 Weeks, alright?  That gives us the start, those 62  and 7 Weeks, gives us a start, from establishing the State of Israel, to the Tribulation period.  Okay?  This is the mid point!  This is the 2nd, 7 Years.  Okay?

(11:20 min mark) Now, Proof #2 that the Biblical text shows us EXACLTY when the Tribulation period starts!  You see our sword pointing to the Woman of Revelation, chapter 12, verse 1.  So, you can see the prophecy, there shall be a sign in heaven, a women clothed with the sun, and around her head a crown of 12 stars.  So, that is a sign that took place in the heavens, on September 22, 2017!  Okay?  So that is a sign, that tells us that that verse in the Bible, in Revelation, chapter 12, actually physically happened on a PRECISE DATE!

Then what it says, is she goes, from the date in Revelation 12, from that date then, Revelation 12, verse 6, says she goes into the wilderness for 1,260 Days!  So that is 3 1/2 Years!  Then, it says, that she is given 2 wings of an eagle for a time, times, and a half of time.  That is another 3 and a 1/2 years.  So, when you have that sign take place, Revelaton 12, you have a period of Time of 7 Years.   Okay? You understand that?  Any questions? (chuckle) This is how simple this is, alright?  Proof #2, Revelation 12 sign proved the start of the Tribulation, the Tribulation, 7 Year period, okay?

Now, you can see another thing over here (12:45 min mark).  You see how it says, August 21st?  Alright, now  our 3rd Proof that we are in the Tribulation, is the Solar Eclipse that was over America…over Babylon!  Alright, what was the significance of that, is that you see, it was August 21st, 2017, MARKING AGAIN,THE SAME BEGINNING PERIOD OF THIS 7 YEARS!  Because, after this, we know that there is an X that will be over America, right?

Well, what is the next one?  The next one, that is a Solar Eclipse over America, that will form this X pattern, over America, is April 8, 2024!  Well, obviously what you have, is a 7 Year period!  You have 7 Years between August 21st, 2017, and April 8th, 2024.  So, this is our 3rd Proof as part of the Menorah and the Almond Blossoms, okay?  So, we will explain this a little bit latter, but all of the Eclispe’s that transpire over a certain period of time, show us EXACTLY where certain prophecies are fufilled!  Okay?

Now, it’s this type of thing if you study prophecy, and you say, Oh, Leeland, I study prophesy for 40 years!  Well, 20 years ago, did you know about a Lunar Tetra?  No, you never heard of such a thing!  Well, it is very, very significant!  A Lunar Tetra is 4 sequencial Blood Moons, full Blood Moons,  taking place over the Time period of the Feast for several Years, in this case, 3 Years:  2014, 2015, 2016!  Now, we are going to explain that, a little bit later.

But, within these Eclipses, we have futher Proof of the Tribulation starting, August 21st, the full Solar Eclipse over America, and a 7 Year period unto April 8th, 2024!  Alright?  Now, something else that we have are certain time tables, I am not going to explain this whole time table to you because it would take to much time.  I am just going to go over it briefly.

Daniel, talks about these prophecies and dates.  Leeland, you are setting dates!  No! Thes Bible set the Dates not me! Did I put the sun, moon and stars in the sky and make this happen?  No!  Did I make a Solar Eclipse?  No!  I am just READING THE INFORMATION, just like I am reading the words on this page, which tells you precisely where the Tribulation starts!  Okay?  So, this same precise Date, September 22, 2017, is also proved by something called, Daniel’s Timeline!

Daniel’s Timeline has a trigger event, in July 25, 2015, that starts the counting of the Tribulation period.  Okay?  So, from that Date you count 790 Days, and  it tells you, when the Tribulation starts.  Daniel’s Timeline:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9ga0QD1Zvik665gC98BKL9Q6 So, on the same precise date it tells us when the Tribulation starts, and not only that, but it continues to tell us the major details of the prophecy, including the Daily Sacrafice, and other things like, the Peace Deal, the Mark of the Beast.  All of these things are understood by certain prophecies.  Some of which are related to Eclipe’s, alright? And, the Abomination of Desolation.

So, Daniel talks about in his Timeline, a trigger event which would start the Tribulation. Alright?  So, we know what that is. Then, we have other trigger events that takes place, and they are marked by Eclipe’s and markers in Daniel’s Timeline.  So, for example, November 10, 2021, is the Abomination of Desolation, also marked with a Partial Lunar Eclipse, November 18, in the year, 2021.  Okay?

Daniel’s Timeline, also tells us, that in the end, you can see it over here (17:07 min mark), that there IS an Armageddon!  So, Daniel’s Timeline gives us 2,520 Days, Okay?  Which is 7 Years!  So, this is our next witness, what do we have, we have, (#1) 1948 , (#2) we have the woman clothed with the sun, (#3) we have Solar Eclipe’s, (#4) and now we have Dainiel’s Timeline, that is number 4!  Okay, those are 4 Proofs, thus far, of the Tribulation period starting 2,520 Days.  Okay?

Now, let’s do our next Proof!  Our next Proof is the book of Esther.  We mentioned the book of Esther, how, when the King sits upon his throne, his name was Ahasuerus.  He sits on his throne in the first year of the King.  And then, after 3 Years, he holds a Feast for 180 Days!  This is EXTREMLEY signicant!  I want you to get this!

So, when he sits on the throne it tells us there is a period of 3 and a 1/2 Years!  IF you know ANYTHING ABOUT BIBLE PROPHECY, AT ALL, YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT 3 AND A 1/2 YEARS IS!  It’s what?  It’s 42 Months!  It’s a time, times, and a half of time.  It’s 1,260 Days!  Okay, 42 Months!  All of that is described as 3 and a 1/2 years.  Now in Esther, it says 3 Years and 180 Days!  This is specific!

So, the book of Esther gives us a calendar!  This calendar is clearly 30 Days in each Month! That is 1,260 Days in 3 and a 1/2 Years.  Understand??  Alright, good!  So, why is this important?  Because, when the King sits on the throne, he has a Feast, a 6 Month Feast, after sitting on the throne, 3 Months, that is 3  and a 1/2 Years, alright?

Okay, then what happens, is he has a 7 Day Feast. This 7 Day Feast is a leap cycle.  It is giving us information on the calendar, but don’t worry about that, worry about this (19:15 min mark)! Then what it says during that 7 Days Feast, he brings the Queen, Vashti is the Queen.  She is asked to come to the Feast.  She refuses!  Okay, that is the CHURCH!  The Church refused the King’s Command!  Okay, so that is the apostate church, they can’t tell you anything I am saying because they are just like the Days of Noah, buying and selling, living their lives.  They have NOT SOLD OUT for the Lord Jesus Christ, to find out that actual Time!  Okay?

So, when Vashti is divorced, it says the King was angry!  Alright?  The whole Apocalpse is going very, very different then what you THINK!  Okay?  For example, when Joseph, he sat on the throne, okay, just like Ahasuerus, he sat on the throne, he was second in the kingdom, just like the Lord Jesus Christ, he is running the show.  Alright?  Now, when the brother’s came, what happened?  Was he happy?  Was he like, Ah, I am so…?  Yes, he was!  He was so burning inside that he had to go into another room and cry! But did he show that to the brother’s?  NO!  He TESTED the brother’s because they BETRAYED  him!  They were evil and wicked and he tested them, to see if they had become faithful over the Time.

So, we are Vashti!  We have been divorced!  He has seperated us! The King is ANGRY!  Okay?  Then, because, NONE OF US PREPARED FOR HIM! Alright, so none of us prepared for the King, so the King DIVORCED US!  Then, the Seals are open!  So when Vashti is divorced and the Seals of Revelation are open!  Why? Because, it says, it is the Throne of the Lamb, and the Wrath of the Lamb, of Revelation 6:16!  So, like it or NOT, the King is NOT pleased with YOU!  I know that is hard for you to believe, but this is what it says!

It is not for several years that Joseph tells the  brothers who he actually is!  And the Lord Jesus Christ is the same way, you actually don’t know who He is!  You DON’T recognize His Coming!  Alright?  That’s the problem!  It is a HEART ISSUE!  The problem is NOT the information I am telling you, the problem is YOU! Alright?

So, we have been divorced!  Vashti, it says the King is angry!  Then is opens the Seals of Revelation! Okay, the horse riders are released! The Seal of the Lamb opens the Seals, okay?  And that’s the Blood Moons!  Okay?  Then, now this is all our #5 Proof, it the book of Esther, okay?  So, all of these agree perfectly with the book of Revelation!  You would have never thought the book of Esther proves the Timing in the book of Revelation, but it does!  Okay?

So, the Lamb opens the Seals!  Now, when the Lamb opens the Seals, then what happens is he goes away…now this is historic, this actually happened.  We actually know where Artaxerxes went, he went on a mission and he came back, and when he came back, he said, alright, I am not mad anymore, what shall we do?  And, he asked the Princes what to do?  And they said, oh, we will gather a bunch of virgins together across the Province, to replace the Queen. Okay?  So this is the story of Esther!

So, the Decree goes  out to gather the virgins in the Shushan Palace.  So, Esther comes, and she must be prepared over a period of 6 Months!  6 Months of oil, 6 Months of sweet odors, that’s  a total of one year!

Now, just like the story of Esther lines up perfectly with certain Eclipe’s.  Okay?  There were certain Eclipse’s that transpired September 1st, 2016, February 26, 2017, and then the final one, August 21, 2017, completes that year of Esther’s preperation, okay?  So, everything in the book of Esther agree’s perfectly with this Time table and the Eclipe’s! I am not making this stuff up!  This is what the Bible says!!

(23:28 min mark) So, what happens is Esther becomes crowned in the 7th Year!  So, you can see, where we are having, the  years are very  years?,   they go with the Gregorian years!  So, 2017 is the 7th Year!    In the 7th Year Esther is crowned!  When she is crowned, it is the same point by which the woman in Revelation 12 is crowned!  Okay?  So, this lines up perfectly with the book of Revelation, as you can see!  Now, when that happens, then you can see, Revelation 12, then when the woman goes into the wilderness, 1,260 Days!

This begins, now, the Trumpets. Because the book of Esther proves to us, that when the King holds this Feast, okay, it is 180 Days, that is 6 Months!  Now, this proves to us that every Seal, every Trumpet, and every Bowl, is 180 Days! Let me say that again, the book of Esther proves to us with this 180 Days Feast, that every Seal, Trumpet, and Bowl, is 6 Months, 180 Days!  Okay?  They all happen on a precise schedule!

Now, once that schedule is undestood, many of you that have watched this channel for awhile, you begin to realize, Leeland the things you are saying is happening! Yes, they are!  Now, it is NOT MY WISDOM! I am not smart enough to figure this out!  I am CALLED to this!  Okay?  I am called to do this, by God, to tell you this!  To show you this information!  Alright?

Now, what happens after Esther is crowned, then we see at the end of the book of Esther, (25:17 min mark) it says in the 12th Year, Haman and his 10 sons, they are killed!  Okay, now Haman, we know, to be the AntiChrist, clearly!  Okay?  So, he has 10 sons, just like in Revelation, there are 10 kings.  So, Haman is difinitely the son of Perdition!  Now, he is killed in Year 12, on a precise Date in Purim! So, the AntiChrist is also killed, alright, and we know that prior to that, he has power, 42 Months!  So, if we take Purim, and Haman and his 10 sons, in Year 12, in the Feast of Purim, and then we go back!  As you can see, it says go back, 42 Months.

So, you take this Time period, and you go back 42 Months, and you have Haman, the AntiChrist is REVEALED! This is what we told you guys.  On this precise Date, on August 24th, 2019, the AntiChrist will be revealed!  We revealed it!  We said that to you BEFORE the U.S. elections in 2016!  We said that in August, 2016, BEFORE the ELECTIONS!  We said, the AntiChrist will be revealed, in August 24, 2019, 3 Years later! Well, IT HAPPENED!

Donald Trump said, I am the Chosen One, on his twitter account, he posted: The Second Coming of God, the King of Israel!  Fufilling the prophecy on the precise DAY, on August 21st!  Now, you might say, Leeland, it’s August 21st!  You said, August 24th!  Well, Purim last over a few day, guys!  It depends on where you are, it is actually like 2, might consider it 2, or maybe 3 Days!  Okay, so this prophecy happened!  Alright, that is how we knew, many of the things we are telling you here, we tell you in advance!  Okay, watch for something like this to happen!  And it happened!  So, that is how we can say, that some of the things that have happened, within this period, we can TELL YOU IN ADVANCE!  We are telling you know, alright?

So, we have the Daily Sacrafice being  taken away!  We saw the last Daily Sacrafice take place in Israel, we were there to witness it, it was Passover 2019! Alright?  We saw the Peace Deal, it happened!  Okay, around the Peace Deal, within a day or two, was a Lunar Eclipse, January 10th, in the year 2020!  Okay, so now, according to the prophecy, just like it says, we have the Mark of the Beast!  Okay? So all of these things have to happen!

The book of Esther, gives us our #5 witness, of actual events taking place, prophecy being fulfilled, that we are in fact in the Tribulation period! Okay, now let’s mention another one, that is very noteworthy!   Okay, you can see that we have the U.N. Decree, to form the State of Israel, it was November 29, 1947.  Okay, so that was a Decree, that was before 1948, there was a U.N. Decree to establish a Jewish State.  We didn’t know it was Israel, they didn’t say that!

Alright, so they had this Decree!  Now,  if we go and count it says, 70 Years, the  Cyrus Decree! Okay, so that is the Decree, and after those 70 Years we have King Cyrus. Now, this is another King, just like you have Esther, you have Cyrus.  So, we ANNOUNCED this, alright, the Cyrus Decree, the 24th Day of the 9th Month, that was December 5th, 2017!  Alright, also, Cyrus as King, he is recognized, now, it says he is the Mashiach.  Now, we don’t believe Donald Trump is the Mashiach.  We don’t believe Donald Trump is Cyrus!  We believe he is a FALSE CYRUS!  Everything we are telling you, it’s the Lord Jesus Christ is fulfilling all of these prophecies, okay?

So, this was a critical time period for the prophecies related to Cyrus!  Alright?  Now, the enemies of Christ, they can corrupt these things!  They can take them and use them, and deceive the Christians, and say things like, you know, this person is Cyrus!  Alright? But, that was an actual Decree,  that was fulfilled on a precise Date!  Alright? Now, we are presently, in the 3rd  Year of Cyrus.  Now, this is Daniel 10.

Now, those of you that follow this channel, we are going to break down Daniel chapter 10, because now were in the Time of certain prophecies that need to be released!  It is way to much information that I can tell you in this video, but be patient, we are going to go through a series of messages to show you the prophecies of Daniel 10, 11, and 12.  It’s a lot of information, okay?  But just so you know, what you are looking at, is, we have Cyrus, this is talked about in the book of Daniel, alright?

You can see Daniel, chapter 10, the Daniel Timeline, is in Daniel, chapter 8!  (30:45 min mark) Okay, and then we also have, this is called a Menorah, it has lamps on it, okay?  Those lamps are the 7 arc angels, including Michael.  Okay, Daniel talks about Michael.  Daniel talks about Gabreal.  They are the 7 arc angels!  Alright?

(31:00 min mark) Now, you can see throughout these videos, we show you these diagrams, and these prove to us,  exact timing of the Apocalpse.  We are not going to spend a lot of time here, guys.  We are just telling you, that we have these things, we have been announcing to the people for many years!  These diagrams, we released to the people, almost 6 years ago!  Now, you can learn this!  It is detailed, but you can learn this!  Once you learn this concept, then, you can realize it!  It’s like a clock! Okay?  You just look at a clock and you see what time it is. These are clocks!

But, many of you will say, Well, how did you come up with this information?  How did you make the clock?Now, when you look at a watch, you don’t take it apart to figure out how the person made it, you just read the time!  So, for many of you, you can just read the time.  But, if you would like to see how the watch works, I have video’s on this!  Many video’s, to explain the details of how these mechanisms work, how these clocks work.  Okay?

(32:20 min mark) But basically, we have the first 7 Years detailed, then we have the 7 Years, okay, the Tribulation period, it is 7 Years, clearly from Revelation 12, you have 3 and a 1/2 Years from after the Revelation 12 sign, of the period Time of the Trumpets and the Bowls!  So, yes we are in the Time of the Trumpets and the 7th Trumpet!

So, we have lots of videos and we will have links in the description field, to show you the video’s describing this.  7 Sided Pattern of 7 Years: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18oaYtR_uJ4vQe89M7wMqBC2YFD0KMruF/view

And, we are going to have a whole series on Daniel, chapter 10, 11, 12, and release more of this information to you!  So, thank you for watching and God bless you!  ~ Leeland Jones

Daniel’s Timeline: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9ga0QD1Zvik665gC98BKL9Q6

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