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FunVax Virus against “God Gene” VMAT2

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FunVax Virus against “God Gene” VMAT2:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/A2GGPbWEAeUp/

Leeland Jones websitehttps://leelandjones.com/

Leeland Jone YouTube video posted on Sep 23, 2020, Transcribed: 

Hopefully you watched the previous video on FunVax, the Mark of the Beast, the VMAT2 God Gene? If you haven’t watched that video 1st,  I really, really encourage you to watch it.’

{This video was taken down by YouTube. Leeland uploaded this video on BitChute and another, under a different name: VAX’ING SPIRITUALITY – GOD GENE VMAT2.  The links are at the bottom of this blog post.}

We may say some things that don’t made sense, but essentially what we are getting at, is they have identified Genes in people that relate to religious people and non-religious people.

They are seeking to Eliminate the ‘Genes’ called VMAT2 that’s in the religious people. That is what you’re seeing is everything going on in the News and around the World, the last 8 months (video posted on Sep 23, 2020). This is what it is.

And, I discovered additional information, in doing the previous video, to where I found it necessary to just Stop everything and finish that content, finish that Message and then do a 2nd part to that.

So this is the 2nd part of these ‘leaked’ documents, and ‘leaked’ video’s on this Program called, ‘FunVax’.  And so you can see in Brain scans they’ve identified certain parts of the Brain when people are read religious text, like the Bible, showing Belief and Faith and/or un-belief and Disgust in Non-believers.

So they can actually see through Brain scans how someone Reacts!

We covered that in the previous video {that Youtube took down}, and in this one we’re going to get into a different additional information that we found and discovered in these video’s and Reports which we’re going to share with you.

Now, I just want to tell you from the beginning of this video, “Leeland, what do we do with this information?”  IT’S OVERWHELMING THE THINGS THAT YOU ARE GOING TO HEAR, in this video, it’s Overwhelming!

The best thing I can tell you, is that we need the Seal of God on our Forehead!  That may be what is scientifically being viewed right there.  And this is Knowledge and this is Faith in Jesus Christ!  This is Trust in the fact that He has Sealed us!  He has Sealed these Believers!

Because that’s the War!  So, Daniel prayed 3 times a day, and they sought to Kill him specifically for his Prayers!  Specifically for Daniel’s Prayers!  That’s how they impact and importance of your Prayers!

So, we need to be in Prayer, we need to be in Worship, we need to be seeking God with ALL OF OUR HEART in this Time!  You’re going to see why, specifically in this video, these things are Targeted!

We’re dealing with Sensitive information, it’s very important that we disclose How we came across this information.  I 1st saw, Johny Storm Don’t Speak talk about the Hal Turner Report on the Human Trials of the Coronavirus Vaccine.

So we shared with you that in the other video, and then I went back to do some more research on the God Gene, because we talked about that before, the VMAT2 Gene.

I did a search and I came across this video!  It goes back 8 Years, and it’s 10 minutes long.  Why is that significant?  Because most the of the video’s of the ‘leaked’ Pentagon Presentation are 5 minutes long.  So, I was like, ‘Alright, what’s at the end of this video?  Why is it 10 minutes long?  What does he have to say?’

AND I FOUND THIS!  This is how I found it!  The ‘Leaked’ Documents from the FunVax Program (3:50 min mark, some of the pic’s may be blurry), they’re right here!  This is a WHOLE LOT WORSE than you can believe!  We shared with you in the previous video about the vaccine, BUT IT’S WORSE!

THEY’RE TRYING TO ELIMINATE THE VMAT2 GENE WITH THE VIRUS!  Alright?  With the Virus itself!  So this is going to into Horrible things and you really have to be educated in this!  You got to get this! Screen shot it!  Capture this video {shared video was taken down too, by YouTube!}!

Do everything you can, to gather this data, gather this information, so you can really see what’s going on!

Now let’s talk about what happened!  The documents are Trials on Animals, on Monkey’s, specifically!  And the video is talking about the Program on People!

The documents are 2007, and the video is 2005!  So you can see our clear link from FunVax 2007, with the Project ID 149AZ2 and the video 149AZ2 DOD ID!  So it’s obvious the Same Thing, they’re talking about the Same Thing, these are the ‘leaked’ documents and they go into great detail about BOTH:

the PCR, and the Virus!  Now what’s PCR?  PCR is the Test for COVID-19!  But it’s NOT COVID-19!  What they’re testing for is the VMAT2 Gene in the people!  We have Proof of it, it’s right in front of you!

The ‘Quantitative PCR’ is to Find the VMAT2 Gene!

He says it in the video!  He says, “RT-PCR”!  What does that mean?  It means the real-time PCR Test, which is the Testing of COVID-19!  THIS IS THE TEST!  What are they Testing?  VMAT2, the God Gene, okay?  So, you will hear him say it, in the video!

“On the left over here, we have Individuals who are ‘Religious’ Fundamentalists, ‘Religious’ Fanatics.  And this is the expression of RT-PCR, Real-Time PCR expression of the VMAT2 Gene.”

The documents also talk at great detail about this VSV Virus, it’s basically Rabies.  So how do they disperse this?  How do they do this?

They go into a lot of detail about the Virus, how to Spread it and it’s results.  But the Virus itself is attacking this VMAT2 Gene.  And in the documents, they go into great detail about this.  So, we’re going to read the documents, so be patient, but it’s in the Video!

(6:27 min mark)

{Someone asks} “By spreading this ‘Virus’, we’re going to eliminate individuals from going into a Bomb Vest and going into a market and blowing up?”  {Guy teaching the class} ‘So, a Virus would ‘IMMUNIZE’ against this VMAT2 Gene, and that would have the effect that you see here:

which is essentially what you would see here:

which is it’s essentially to turn a ‘Fanatic’ into a ‘Normal’ person. And we think that that would have major affects in the Middle East.”

{Another person asks}  “How do you suggest that this would be dispersed? Aerosol?”

{Guy teaching the class} “Well so the present Plan and the Tests that we’ve done so far, have used Respiratory Viruses, such as Flu or Rhinoviruses.

And we believe that is a ‘Satisfactory’ Way to get the exposure of the largest part of the Population.  Most of us, of course, have been exposed to BOTH of those Viruses.  And we’re quite Confident that this will be a very ‘Successful’ Approach.”

{7:27 min mark, Back to Leeland}

Now, let’s get into the document, and before we do, I know many people will say, ‘Okay, this is a hoax, it’s NOT true!’  You have to understand how the Intelligence Community works!  When the ‘leak’ a document, they’re doing so with the idea that, what they’re going to release is the information, BUT they’re going to ‘leak’ it in ways that they can Disprove it later!

And so many of you say, “Okay, well the video was a Hoax, because of this discrepancy.”  Yeah, they Purposefully do Discrepancies in the video, BUT the Content of the Information is so!  But, if you were to look at the information and to figure out what’s going on, and what they’re picking up on, you’ll just say, “Oh, is a Hoax, it’s NOT true!” And go back to SLEEP!

So that’s just how ‘Leaks” work!  And that’s how we can look at this and say, “Yeah, this is really what’s going on!”

So as we showed you, this is the Quarterly FunVax Review 06-01-07, going back to 2007 with the Project ID.

So we’re going to have the intro here, of the scope of the Project. (8:43 min mark) And the:

“Report provides a summary of recommendations and conclusions on experiments,” based on the experiments they did in this period. “And the Summary of Recommendations section, data from experiments conducted between 02/01/07 and 05/01/07 were analyzed and recommendations of future experiments are suggested.  Concerns and comments from the 03/21/07 at the meeting blank are also addressed in the Summary of Recommendations and Conclusion sections.”

So, there’s ‘Sections’ to this of analysis Recommendations and Conclusions.

And of course you have lots of stuff that’s Blocked Out of individuals names.  “The objective of this phase of project ID149AZ2 is to prepare a viral vector that will inhibit/decrease the expression VMAT2 within a human population.”

Let’s say that again, “The objective of this phase of project ID149AZ2 is to prepare a (VIRUS) viral vector that will inhibit/decrease the expression VMAT2.”  If you didn’t watch the previous video, VMAT2 is something called the God Gene, it is the expression in the part of the Brain of a Gene that expresses FAITH and Spirituality.  And they’re trying to inhibit and DECREASE This Expression or this Gene in the human population.

“Currently, tests are only scheduled for animal models.”  And that is what we’e going to see in this 2007 Report.  “Infection of Rhesus Monkey.”  So this is the Type of Animal that they are using.  And yes, the Monkey has the God Gene as well, as do Mice!

“According to the timeline set out in Appendix 1, will begin as early as 07/02/07.  A clinical team coordinated blank of blank will be brought in to supervise the experiments once Rhesus Monkeys are being exposed to virus.”  Alright, but remember it’s a Virus, but its’ INTENDED to be in a Human Population!  And there’s a Timeline, there’s a Program here. “Upscale of the virus will be handle by such and such. The coordination between the research,” etc.

Now, we’re going to use some acronyms here, because there’s lots of course ‘Technical’ words being used for the Virus:

“Abstract – Because of the ‘vesicular stomatitis virus'”, we’re going to call this the VSV, this is what we told you before, it’s like a Rabies!  The “VSV ability to infect brain cells.”  So the Virus affects the Brain Cells, “and it’s two step life cycle, cytolytic infections in mammals and transmission by insects.”  So it’s transmitted by Insects, we’re going to get into how it’s all transmitted.

“It provided a starting point to design an airborne virus.”  It’s also a AIRBORNE VIRUS!  “Airborne virus that has the ability to infect the respiratory system as well as brain cells.”  So the Virus affects BRAIN CELLS and RESPIRATORY!  That’s why it can look like a Flu-like symptom.

“The newly designed virus contains the typical VSV genome.”  So we told you before about the VSV genome.  “A homogenous region to VMAT2 and a gene from adenovirus that allows attachment to the coxsackle-adenovirus receptor (CAR) on host cells.”

So, the virus is attaching itself to this specific God Gene.  The genome of the Virus attaches… the Adenovirus,  “Allows attachment to the coxsakle-adenovirus receptor (CAR) of the host cells.”  So the Host Cells has the VMAT2 Gene, that’s what it’s Attacking!

“This design allows the virus to infect the respiratory tract where cytolytic infection occurs and then subsequent diffussion across the blood brain barrier to infect brain cells.”  So, it infects Respiratory and it infects Brain Cells!

“600 strains of virus were tested in duplicate in 1,2000 mice. Mice were inoculated with a needle in the brain tissue examined, three weeks later after inoculation.”  So there’s also like a ‘Vaccine’ type of thing, alright?  And different ways of administering this.

“Mice were inoculated via needle and brains tissue examined three weeks after inoculation. VSV287 had the least amount of endogenous VMAT2 protein.”  So, the Result were LESS of this VMAT2!

(13:54 min mark) “Six methods of (VSV) vesicular stomatitic virus dispersal were tested.”  SIX WAYS, this was Tested!

“High altitude release, water supply release, insect transmission, diffusion by a ground level object such as a car, diffusion from a stationary object such as a bottle and infection by food supply such as cattle of produce.”


“For the high altitude tests 30 liters of highly concentrated virus ….had a targeted 1 sq kilometer live rate of 150 pfu/sq meter.  Stability tests in water showed that the 10% of the virus is still viable after 14 days.”  This is Unbelievable!  You know how they have to quarantine after 14 days?  Well, they’re also talking about that in the WATER SUPPLY!  How long does the virus last?  It lasts 14 Days!

“At 50 days, 100% of the virus is non-viable.  Diffusion by a moving object showed great promise.  …..meter was detected at 500 sq feet from the moving object within 15 minutes.”  So CARS ARE LIKE THE BEST WAY!

“Release took place from a vehicle driving at 25 MPH, releasing approximately,” such and such, “seconds for 5 minutes. Diffusion by a stationary object is dependent on wind conditions. With the wind spread of 3 MPH, 0.1% of the virus could be detected 100 meters from the source after 1 hour.”

So this is why it’s nearly Impossible to Identify the Source of HOW the Virus is Spread!  Because there’s 6 Methods! And it appears the most Successful one is by a CAR!

“To examine the dispersal of VSV through the food supply, cows are injected with …. 8 days post injection the tissue of the CNS (Central Nervous System) had the greatest concentration of virus at an average of 150pfu/gram of brain tissue.”

So, you also have it going through MEAT!

There’s basically 2 Types of Monkeys that they have results with. “VMAT2 homozygous knockout (KO) monkeys die within three days while the heterozygous monkey lives what appear to be a normal life span.  VMAT2 is responsible for packaging dopamine and other monoamines into vesicles that will be released at the synapse.”  So this is basically how it’s working!

“While the KO monkeys were alive, they did not feed, and upon the autopsy it was concluded that they died of starvation. It appears that they had no will to live.”  Okay, so some of these Monkeys just Killed Themselves with Starvation!

“This same conclusion was found in VMAT2 KO mice in 1997.  A VMAT2 deficient monkey was developed concurrently with the KO monkey.  The VMAT deficient monkey should have expression of VMAT2 80-95% lower than an average wild-type monkey.  The VMAT deficient monkey should produce conclusive results by July 2007.”

And here we have the ‘Brief Summary of Minutes – Meeting commenced at 10:07 am at the blank blank Facility in San Diego, CA.”  And it has all the people, which are all blacked out.  “Current update on experiments in progress, round table.  VSV287 blank.  Review the timetable, blank. Proposal for suicide gene.”  I mean, this is Unbelievable!  They’re gonna put an actual Gene in the Virus, which causes the people to commit Suicide!

“Dispersal Methods, blank.  Testing efficiency in the field, blank.  Inhibitors that may target a specific population, blank. Monkey knockout/knockdown progress, blank.”  The results of the Monkeys. “Future experiments, blank.”

“Summary of Recommendations”  Now, this is where we get into the PCR that we told you about before.

“1. Quantitative PCR of all 600 animal subjects should be done to ensure that the data from the ELISA experiments, which showed a decrease in endogenous VMAT2 is occurring because of viral insertion and not natural variation.”  So, they’re just testing to see if the virus in fact Eliminating this VMAT2 Gene from the Test Animals!

“2. Of the 600 variants of the VSV tested, VSV287 had the greatest decrease of endogenous VMAT2 within mice. However, this may not be the same for human subjects. All 600 strains of VSV should be retested on human subjects by the clinical group. The clinical group should be involved with this ASAP.”

“3. Bradford assays should be done on infected subjects to determine endogenous VMAT2 concentrations before and after infection, not just after infection.”  So they ARE Testing Human Subjects as well!  But the Report mostly goes into the Result in Mice and Monkeys!

“4. Mice or other subjects should not be injected with virus since this does not test the actual dispersal method.  Future experiments of VSV287 or similar strains should allow the subject to breath in the virus rather than being injected with it.”  They want to see the effectiveness of Breathing the Virus, rather them being Injected!

So the Injection is FunVax!  (20:25 min mark) “The use of FunVax could see an immediate effect within the target zones and a way to measure the rate of infection should be examined and tested before the virus is released. Two or three of the following methods should be used to approximate efficiency. The results of the mass inoculation should be proportionate to the rate of infection and could be quantitated by either behavior or biological tests.”

“Behavioral Indicators.”  Now, BEHAVIORAL INDICATORS, THIS is what their Goal is, is to see these types of things Happen to the People!

“a. Significant decrease in suicide bombings.

b. Decrease in armed resistance in conflict zones.

c. In non-conflict zones effectiveness could be measured by a decrease in people attending religious activities such as khutbahs or noon prayer.”

So, basically what they are doing is, they’re seeing how effective the Virus is on people’s Religious Activities!  THEY ARE TARGETING OUR RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES!  OUR PRAYERS!  Oh my goodness!  “in the noon prayer.”   Now this is Muslims, but This could work either way!  And they’re looking for a:

“d. Measurable increase in communications, telephone, email, and other forms of communication that express discontent with religion.”

THIS IS WHY WE ARE ALL LOCKED DOWN!  AND THE PEOPLE ARE FORCED TO BE ONLINE!  To Measurably increase the Communications, the Telephone, the Email, other forms of Communication!  Express, INCREASE THOSE THINGS THAT EXPRESS DISCONTENT FOR GOD!  Unbelievable!  That is what this is talking about!

Biological Indicators!  “a. As shown by blank VMAT2 KO experiment on mice, in 0.25% of subjects exposed to to the vaccine there is a noticeable side effect — a benign essential blepharospasm.”

What is Blepharospasm? It’s ‘a rare condition that causes your eyelid to blink or twitch. You can’t contol it.  This is called involuntary blinking or twitching.  The twitching is caused by a muscle spasm around your eye.  Blepharospasm is just one of several reasons your eyes might twitch.’

“Tests need to be done on the human population but if we assume that this side effect remains the same in humans, we can measure a sample set for blepharospasm and calculate the rate of vaccination. This would be an accurate way to estimate the rate of vaccination, but requires an examiner to be on the ground and a willing sample set that is representative of population that is being targeted. Neither of these criteria may be possible in the most contentious target zones.”

So, it’s not always easy for them to do this stuff when they are at War with the people!

“b. A blood sample of militant casualties or deceased civilian would provide the most accurate estimate of the rate of vaccination.  A PCR test could be used to determine if the sample contains the viral elements that are associated with FunVax.” So, they’re seeing if they can find Casualties by doing the PCR Test, the same thing for Corona Virus, to see the association or how much the Results are related to FunVax.

“The ratio between positive and negative results would allow one to calculate the rate of vaccination.

c. Because of viral elements have been found in many cells of the body once vaccination has occurred.”

So, once they have the Vaccination, and they want to Test the Results, “biological samples from living subjects may be covertly taken.  This may be the following:”

So basically what they are doing, they are getting DNA samples from the people, Unknowingly, from these different things:

“1. Eating Utensils 2. Hair Follices From Hair Brush/Razor 3. Tooth Brush 4. Q-tips 5. Under Garments 6. Cigarette Butts 7. Toilet Paper 8. Cell Phones 9. Condoms 10. Napkins 11. A Drinking Vessel 12. Clothes 13. Pillow Case of Bedding 14. Tampons 15. Dental Floss”

So, that’s in order to Test the Results of FunVax within the samples of the people that have taken the Vaccine.

“6. The stability tests conducted by the group lead by blank used VSV and not the virus that is currently being tested, VSV287, the airborne variant of the VSV that had the greatest decrease in endogeneous VMAT2.  That tests that should be repeated using the VSV287 are:

a. The high atmospheric tests

b. Ground level diffusion test from both stationary and moving sources.”

So, that’s the different types of Dispersal of the virus!

“7. Brain autopsy from monkey’s in the 04/06/07 KO experiment. Knockdown experiment should include MRI brain autopsies in addition to the test already planned by blank.

8. The cell lines used in all cell culture studies should be HCN-1A line only. This will be the standards in all FunVax studies going forward by the research group. Media and growth protocols are available in Appendix 2.

9. The Alcohol Inhibitor experiments suggested by blank in the blank blank Research Group Meeting on 3/21/07 should be start as soon as possible.  The obstacles in designing an inhibitor described at the blank Meeting. The obstacles in designing an inhibitor described at the blank Meeting would be difficult to overcome. The design of a containment inhibitor is likely going to be the limiting factor in terms of having a product that is field ready.”

“Conclusions: 1. VSV is typically transmitted by insects, however, as stated in the ‘Summary of FunVax Objectives’ dated 5-25-05, and airborne virus would be the preferred route of infection. A strain named VSV287 has been designed to spread via air” So, it appears to be the Recommendation, is an AIRBORNE VIRUS!  “but more studies need to be done to conclude its efficiency in both animal and human subjects.”

“a. Dispersal via air is possible with VSV287, however there is no accurate data that shows infection efficiency with VSV287.

b. High atmospheric tests have been done with other viruses, such as VSV and has been shown to disperse at an acceptable rate with moderate viability, however no tests have been done on VSV287.

c. The viral genome of VSV287 has been shown to integrate in various brain cells at the VMAT2 locus.”

Oh my goodness, can you believe that?  The 5th Trumpet is the Locust!  Wow!

“Endogenous VMAT2 expression in the brain has been decreased as shown by ELISA.”

And there’s various statistics on the Mice!

Infection on the Mice!  ….’a. Side effects include benign essential blespharospasm (.05% of cases), increase depression (6.4%) and asthma (2.5%).”  So the eye twitching and asthma!  “b. Human subjects have not been tested but side effects are projected to be similar.”

(29:17 min mark) “bench marks laid out in the ‘Summary of FunVax Objectives’ including the two most important objections at this stage: a. An airborne virus that can insert a modified VMAT2 gene into brain cells. b. A significant decrease of expression of endogenous VMAT2.”

THAT IS THE GOAL OF THIS, they are making it very Clear!  An Airborne Virus that can modify the VMAT2 gene into brain cells, a significant DECREASE of Expression of VMAT2!

“Only human traits can determine VSV287’s effect on religiosity and spirituality.”  So, they are saying here, that they CAN’T really test Monkeys and Mice by Religious Activity and Spirituality.  They have NO way of doing that, so they have to do it on Humans!  But that’s the Goal of This, to Eliminate Religious Activity and Spirituality!

“The results obtained thus far show minimal health effects, non of which are life threatening or debilitating. Primates should be infected with VSV287 to determine the effects on systems more similar to humans.

“4. Dispersal methods are still being tested. High atmospheric dispersal or dispersal by a ground level moving objects.”  This is what we talked about already. “Once initial dispersal is accomplished infection will be transmitted person to person. The clinical group will examine the rates of person to person transmission.”  So there is a Person to Person Transmission, that they are saying.

“5. Complete knockout of VMAT2 in mice as well as monkeys has shown to be lethal. Future experiments should examine the effects of a VMAT2 knockdown and insertion of VMAT2 mutations/alleles in monkeys.

At this point in the Report, we have a ‘FunVax Research Group Timeline’, with various Discussions and different things. A lot of this relates to the Monkey’s and things that we have seen already.

Here is the ‘Cell Culture FunVax Research Group Standards’.  The Standards and who is handling it, John Hopkins University.  Organisms: Homo sapiens (humans). Perments, and different types of other scientific detail of the Testing and Subcultures, all of this is at the latter parts of the Report.

This is ALL about the Return of Jesus Christ!  In the 5th Trumpet there was LOCUSTS!  A Locust Plague!  That is Coronavirus!  That is the information you saw, you even saw they were Dispersing this with Locust!

This is the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ, Prophesied in the Last Days!  That is what all of this is!

So this is a Message to Inform the People.  We got other video’s on Nanobots, and all this stuff that’s going on!


We’re sharing News with you, the Information as to What is Really Going ON! This is what is really going on, it’s a WAR AGAINST THE SAINTS!

And prepare, because Jesus Christ, He’s going to come in the Clouds in Power and Great Glory, and He’s is Coming Very Soon!

Revelation 19:11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. 12 His eyes were a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but He himself. 13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. 14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. 15 And out of his mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. 16 And he has on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.

Revelation 17:4 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

2 Thessalonians 1:7 The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, 8 In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ: 9 Who shall be punished with an everlasting destruction from the presence of the LORD, and from the glory of his power: 10 When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day.

GOD GENE – VMAT2, FUNVAX: https://www.bitchute.com/video/k3zGWthYt97q/

VAX’ING SPIRITUALITY – GOD GENE VMAT2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/g4L3ijbktPAm/

Mark of the Beast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cblW-X-dkPg&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gYBsU7Zg_EMEsWOi0IJapp_

The Locusts Armyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYOXAMrfZSk&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gYhnxdZK7J0zxI35taHdGg8

The Great Army: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUQPUEHiBVk&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gaUWez5Sh8TC0F1Sj-t6we9

Trump is the Antichrist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GSLhecU5yc&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gbT1OkXrzVvP-5DjJs3PK0z

Fun Vax VMAT 2 genehttps://rumble.com/v1nwlvg-fun-vax-vmat-2-gene.html

Transcribed Link: FunVax Virus against “God Gene” VMAT2: https://overcominglymedisease.com/funvax-virus-against-god-gene-vmat2/

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