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House of David ◇ Part 1 – Intro

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House of David ◇ Part 1 – Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm4ul1fmqj0&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gbm9JC2TtPCJY-40sp6Sbls

HouseDavidScroll.pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OlD8ynkTcfPuFgBt1LBrEvloZEq6onPf/view

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/

Introduction; to first the Tent of David, then the House of David:

#1 Governors/Judges I Chronicles 24 and Revelation 4:4

#2 Singers Musicians “prophesy with the harp” 1 Chronicles 25; Revelation 5:8,9

#3 Porters/Gatekeepers – Living Creatures open seals/doors

#4 Army Captains – primary military legions White, Red, Black, Pale

Leeland Jones video posted on October 25, 2015, transcribed:

I am going to start a new series on the House of David for you.  And what I thought I would do is, first off; give you a little testimony, give you a little information on how we got to this point. And then, go through an introduction of this Scroll and of how it works, and give some more information. We are still learning, we’re still working through the details.

  • But let me say this first: This started 3 years ago, around this Time {video posted on October 25, 2015}.

And essentially what happened with me personally was, I was a business man, I had my own office, my own practice of Financial Services. And at one point I heard about Kansas City House of Prayer.  And the Worship was just something that I had never seen before.  I thought that was amazing, that you can Worship just, 24/7!  I mean that it wasn’t like it was interrupted for other stuff: announcements or some boring message.  I’m like, ‘This is Amazing!’  And then I thought, ‘Geez. Well, I’m a Musician. I can do this!’

So what happened is I was working, and then what I started doing is I started going home at night and Worshipping, and the Presence of the Glory of God just fell and I was astonished. I was like, ‘I can do this!  I don’t have to go to some meeting and some assembly and gather with everyone else.’ I’m like, ‘This can happen for me!’

  • And the Presence of God and the Glory of God, is just addicting!

So many other things in my life, I just eliminated.  I just stopped watching TV.  I just stopped a lot of social activities.  So I would work, and then I’d go home, and I couldn’t wait to Worship God!

And then it ended up expanding to such a point into a degree, that I was just in the Glory of God, and having a lot of experiences and different things happening that I just didn’t want to leave!  And ultimately my business suffered, and I gave it up.

And I also had a number of experiences that really, really changed my life, and really impacted me.  But essentially what happened is, I have these things and I have this activity that has impacted me personally around the Fall, where we are now, and around the Spring.

Now if you have taken the time to watch Jonathan Cahn’s piece on Jesus, Yeshua, being born on Nisan 1, well, I was also born on Nisan 1, 1970.  So that piece meant a lot to me, personally, because that’s amazing to me.  And to God be all the glory.

And essentially what happened after that Fall when I first started this, like I said, then what happened is on my Birthday actually, I had an encounter.  I was just driving in my car going to Home Depot and I just saw, I had an enormous Angel appear in the Spirit above me, holding a Sickle.

  • I mean, he was a Warring Angel!  He did not have Wings; he had a Gold Armor, a Gold Helmet, Gold like shoulder pads, and a Breastplate, and he had a Sickle.

At first I didn’t know what it was!? I was like, ‘What is that?” It looked like a giant hockey player!  But then as I began to maintain focus, and I am driving, and I can see this thing above in the Spirit.  Above the Earth, and he had to have been, I mean my goodness, he had to be covering entire States. But I am on the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire where this is happening.  And he spoke to me, he said, ‘Move me!’

  • And so then I realized later on that he is the Reaping Angel for the Harvest that had taken place in Revival, in New England.

He was there at the First Great Awakening, and the Second Great Awakening.  And that is specific to this Region.

But, I am not going to say I understand that. But that happened on my Birthday.  And I had a number of other experiences and everything.  But what I want to tell you, is that basically what’s happened to me over this course of this time is that:

  • I’ve learned to Worship God in the Fall, and then the Gifts and Rewards come.
  • So now I actually understand how this works, and I can Prepare for it.

So then what happened the following year, I was Worshipping God on Tabernacles, and then within that period I was at the 4th Watch, I was getting up early in the morning during Tabernacles.

  • And then I was taken to Heaven, and I was given a Scroll for the House of David.

{6:00 min mark} Now there was some other ones as well, but I am going to focus on the Scroll for the House of David.  So, that was given to me.  And I thought, “Well that’s interesting.” And then over the course of all of last year, now I am going to give you and Open the Scroll and explain to you, what it means. Predominantly what it means is it is the Order of Heaven.

It is a Priestly Order of Heaven, but it’s specifically a Priestly Order of Heaven related to the 24 Elders.

So what we will find is we will find that there is a Pattern in Heaven.  And in that Pattern and Structure of Heaven, also there are Seats and Thrones.  And there are 24 Elders, we know about them in the Book of Revelation.

  • But there can also be people on the Earth that can sit in Heavenly Thrones and Judge.

And so the Scroll of the House of David is instructions and training on how to fulfill such Roles. So that is the Scroll.

Now let me say this as well about this Scroll of the House of David, basically this Scroll comes as a Reward to certain activities.  So for example, the Jews were traveling in Tents and they had no permanent Home, up until the time of David.

  • So that whole time they were following the Torah, they were following the instructions of Moses, of how to have this Portable Temple, essentially.
  • Then what happens is David gets the Ark, he brings it to Jerusalem, and then what he does is he sets up the Tent of David.
  • And what he does is he begins to Worship God with the instructions of the Torah. And he follows those and he begins to put Worship and Service back in the Order, according to the Torah. But he does so in a way that’s ver significant, because everything is lining up.

Then what happens is after he establishes this Order, he realizes he needs to build the Temple, right?  Now we mostly focus on the Temple. Personally, I in all these video’s I will not call it Solomon’s Temple, because there’s nothing in Scripture that calls it Solomon’s Temple.

  • It’s not Solomon’s Temple, it’s the House of David.

So what happens is we have the Tabernacle.  David then builds the Tent of David. Now if you want to see what I am talking about (9:03 min mark), basically, we can go to 1 Chronicles chapter 9.  And in 1 Chronicles 9, we can see David putting together this Tent. He puts together the Order, and you get some Levites and stuff like that. But let me just show you a little bit,

  • because the Tent is part of the Foundation, along with the Torah, for the House of David.

Now this is in, 1 Chronicles 9:21 And Zechariah the son of Meshelemiah was porter of the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. 22 All these which were chosen to be porters in the gates were two hundred and twelve. These were reckoned by their genealogy in their villages, whom David and Samuel the seer did ordain in their set office.’ So what happens is, David and Samuel are putting men in their set Office, according to the Tribe of the Levites.  This is the Tent of David.

  • Later on in the House of David, they don’t choose or ordain, they Cast Lots.

So what’s happening is in Heaven, the individuals are Chosen, so Humanity cannot choose. So here, David and Samuel choose.  So you have the King and the Prophet ordaining, but then later on men can’t ordain that, because what’s happening is there’s an Assembly in Heaven that those are deciding on.  All men can do is Cast Lots.

1 Chronicles 9:23 ‘So they and their children had the oversight of the gates of the house of the LORD, namely, the house of the tabernacle, by wards.’  So it’s by Wards, and eventually we get more instructions. verse 24 ‘In the four quarters were porters, towards the east, west, north, and south.’

Now, when we read that in English those 4 Quarters, that word Quarters in the Hebrew is Ruach and that’s Spirits or Wind. So what this is, is the 4 Spirits were Porters towards the East, West, North, and South.

  • And we know in Heaven, those 4 Quarters are represented of the Living Creatures.

So those Living Creatures are the actual Throne himself, or the closest to God in His Throne.  And then from there, we have other Branches of Service, like the 24 Elders.  But what this is, is this is the beginning of the Pattern and instruction of the Throne itself.

Now let me say this, the Tent of David is, again it’s something David did in his Heart to begin Worshipping God.  And this is what I did too.  I began, I was just like, “I can worship God.” In His Presence, I just couldn’t do anything else. Everything in my life just fell by, though I couldn’t stop.

  • So what you have to do is maintain the Faithfulness of the Tent and Worship before the Tent of David.  And then later on, you get the Scroll for the House of David.

And what these also represent is the Tent of David is representative of a type of Worship where you say, “God come down.” So for example, the Tent of David is like, in Ezekiel chapter 1, the Living Creatures with the Wheels form the Chariot, God’s Chariot. And those Living Creatures, they’re described in Ezekiel 1, they have Wheels. So they actually move and come down from the Throne Room, and actually come down unto the Earth.

  • So the Tent of David is a Mobile Tent, it’s a Mobile thing.

And what’s necessary in that Tent is you need the Wheels within the Throne Room to come down to where you are.  Then what happens is you maintain that Faithfulness, you enter the House of David.

Now you are not praying that the Presence of God come, you come up hither.  You are in intimacy with God, and now you see how Heaven works. So you really can’t do the House of David without being able to engage the Realms of Heaven.  You can just forget it.

So many of the things, if any of you are not part of this Group, and you’re hearing this video, and you are uncertain of what I am saying, look, I am not trying to deceive you!  I’t not trying to give you information to make you confused.  What I am going to say, I going to say very deep and profound things, that you really won’t understand until you know how to report to God in Heaven.

And you can’t do that until you have intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ.  So He stands at the Door and Knocks, and you have to answer.

  • You have to have intimacy with Him everyday!  Then what happens is, He says, Come up hither.

So that’s what the Tent of David is.  It’s the intimacy and invitation of God, to say, “I stand at the door and I knock {Revelation 3:20}.”  So God knocks at the Tent Door, and when you Worship Him and you establish the Faithfulness in the Tent, in the Mobile Throne of the Living Creatures with the Wheels, instead of having them come down to the Earth;

  • then you maintain that Faithfulness, He takes you up to Heaven.

So many of the things I’m going to explain to you within the House of David are based on that.  You must maintain that intimacy with God, within the Tent of David, and then later on you engage the Throne, you engage the different Realms.

And so what I am going to do, I’m going to explain to you how there are actual Roles that takes place within the Angels, within the 24 Elders.  But, you can also participate in, and there are responsibilities for you as well, within this Heavenly Priesthood.

{15:25 min mark}  So then you can see, 1 Chronicles 9:25  ‘And their brethren, and in their villages, and they came seven days at the time of them. 26 And for the Levites, were four chief porters, and were in their set office, or over the chambers of the treasuries.  27 And they lodged around the house of GOD, and had charge upon them, and the opening thereof every morning.’

And so basically what you have,  is you have people, and then what will eventually happen to you is that you must live close to God.  You must live close to this Tent.  And the people like Obadiah, that had the Ark at his property, he was never the same. And he ends up being one of the Porters.  Why? Because he had to just live close to this Ark, whatever this was.

So they lodged around about the House.  So you must lodge, you must live in His House.  This isn’t just like something, “Ah, I’ll just visit once a week!”   Because, there’s a Charge on you! The Charge was on them and opening every morning.

  • So you then become responsible for certain Posts & Positions that you have to Open.  And there are certain things in the Earth that are not open, because you’re not in your Position! We’ll get into all of those later.

And this is stuff also that must be applicable to your life.  These aren’t just mystical things that are just out there in some Spirit Realm, and then they are not practical in your everyday life. You must live this stuff!

Watch: 1 Chronicles 9:33  ‘And these were singers, of the chief of the fathers of the Levites, in the chambers they were free: and they employed in that work day and night.’  So there’s actually an opportunity to live and operate in the Realms of Heaven, and be employed by God directly. And that word Free is actually the same word for Flower, when Solomon made Flowers and engraved them on the Walls of the Temple.

  • So you will blossom and grow, and be Free to Serve God, and be employed in this Work.

So that’s just a brief rundown of the Tent of David. Now what happens again, what he does is, David maintained this Faithfulness Worshipping God.  We know everything that he did, and then he gets this Scroll.  And this Scroll is not just, “Okay, here’s the instructions on how to build the Temple.”

  • It actually Mirrors the Throne of God, the Order of Heaven! The Order and instruction of how Heaven works.

And I’ll be able to show you how all that Works, it’s amazing!  But it’s also important that we gain understanding of what some of the things God established with Moses, because there’s similar things. And what happens is, each is built upon the other.

And this is also how God Works; where He establishes things with the Torah, with the instructions in the Law of Moses, and then what He does is He builds on that. And so what happens is David, no longer are they wondering around in Tents, but they’re at their place they’re supposed to be, and now they’re suppose to build a House.

  • So what happens is that House is built upon the Foundation of the Torah.
  • And this is the same thing with the Jews.  So the Jews established the Foundations for some things,
  • and then the Church and the Ekklesia of the Lord Jesus Christ is built upon some Foundations of those things.

And so the Tabernacle of the Torah, was for the One Nation.

  • And then what happens is the House of David is a House for All Nations!  Now all Nations can come, and all Nations can be part of this, to be a King and a Priest.

So this is how to become specifically, how to become a King and a Priest.  But, it’s a Heavenly.

  • So what happens is the Jews are a Natural in this World, a Natural Nation.
  • But the True Ekklesia of God, the True Church is Heavenly.  We seek the things above, Not the things of the Earth. So you must administrate as a Priest before the Throne.

{Colossians 3:1 If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.}

And a lot of these things we kind of know conceptually, or kind of Prophetically, but there’s no, “What do we do?  How does this Work?” We just kind of randomly Prophetically declare stuff.  We hope it works, we how it’s what God is saying.

  • But we actually have very detailed and specific instructions. And so that’s What this Scroll is. It’s very detailed and specific instructions in how to do this.

So what I did is I was Faithful with that.  I served in a Church, I served in a House of Prayer, and I did that for a year.  And after that year, then I was given this Scroll.  Then instead of Serving in the Church, I began to Worship God and continued to do that. Not just for people, but to God directly.

Unfortunately, a lot of our worship is really performance.  We’re really not worshipping God, we’re worshipping ourselves.  We’re worshipping our talents.  Well, if you listen to the words of the songs, you’ll hear the word I, all the time.  “I lift my hands.”  Who cares about you!

  • I mean, when you look at the Elders, they’re on some of the Highest Thrones in all the Universe, and when they see the Lamb of God, they are on their Face! They bow and they’re on their face before the Son, before the Father, and they Give Thanks!

Oh my goodness, I don’t know any worship leaders that do that, because it’s false worship.  A lot of it, we love to make noise and get excited, but it just isn’t anywhere close to what’s going on in Heaven, a lot of times, unfortunately.

So I began to do that and I began to see what’s happening in the Throne Room.  I can see what the Worship is. I can participate in it. I could tell you just marvelous, marvelous things. But this is not so much about my experiences or encounters, it’s more important that I teach you and I show you how this works.

This very interesting. In 1 Chronicles chapter 16, it’s a Psalm, it’s actually Psalm 96.  And it’s an amazing Psalm for the Tent of David, and also for the House of David.  But watch this, 1 Chronicles 16:4 ‘And he appointed certain Levites to minister before the Ark, to record, and to thank and praise GOD.’  So what happened is, he had Scribes around that would Record the Worship.  And many of those, ends up being the Holy Scriptures in the Psalms.

So much of what I am going to tell you, is not so much about my experiences, but the things I can record out of the Scroll and explain to you how this works, so you can participate. So that is the purpose of this series.

So now let me go, and what I’ll do is, I’ll have to get this out to you.  So when I give you this handout, this will begin to show you how the House of David matches the Throne.

  • So let me just say this, we hear this talk, “He has made us Kings and Priests unto God.”
  • So that is the Song of the Lamb.

But what does that actually mean? Now if you are a King or a Priest, don’t you actually know what you are supposed to do? Aren’t you like any role or position, aren’t you supposed to be educated and trained and have experience in that?  And then you actually do it!  Well that’s what this whole thing is.

  • So I’m gonna be able to show you how to be a Priest, and how to be a King.

Now what happens is within this Scroll, and this Scroll is predominantly for the House of David within 1st Chronicles chapters 24, 25, 26, and 27.   And what you’ll find, is you’ll find 4 Branches of Service.

  • The 1st of which are the Governors or Judges. In the Hebrew the word is Sar Elohim, Sar Kodesh.  Now Sar is the word for Priest or Governor. So they are Governors of God, Elohim, and they are Governors of Kodesh, Holy.  So that’s our 1st Order of Service, and that certainly is the 24 Elders.

Actually, within these 4 Branches, the 24 Elders all fulfill these Roles. So that’s the 1st Role, and this is right on your sheet. {Notes posted at the top of this blog}

  • The 2nd Role is  in 1 Chronicles 25, and that is Singers and Musicians.  Now it is good to worship God, but the specific Order are with instructions are too Prophesied with the Harp. So this you see obviously in Revelations, where they sing a New Song.

So we’re just not necessarily repeating songs that we always know, but we’re Creating a New Song!    And this is where all the Song’s come from.  Remember, there’s a guy there recording.  Now with those Songs or with the Order of this, the main purpose is to Give Thanks and to Praise the Lord!

You know, there’s a lot of words, there’s a lot of stuff that is just stuff, that doesn’t mean a hill of beans.

  • But when you Give Thanks and you do it every single morning and every single evening, and it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, you begin to realize some things and your eyes are Open. And this is exactly what the Elders do when they Give Thanks to the Lord, in Revelation 11:17.

{Revelation 11:17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.}

Also within the Governors, in Revelation 4:4, gives us a detail of how the 24 Elders are these Sar Elohim, Sar Kodesh, Governors, Princes, of Holy Princes of God. Where it says they were on Thrones, they had White Robes, and they had Crowns.  So they were Judges. Now let me also say this, in Isaiah 1:26 it says, ‘They were counselors from the first.’

{Isaiah 1:26 And I will restore thy judges as at the first, and thy counselors as at the beginning: afterward thou shalt be called, The city of righteousness, the faithful city.}

  • So let me just say, these are Not Humans!  They’re Angelic Beings and they have been in position since the Foundations of this Earth. So they have been Judges and participating in Roles in the Heavenly Hosts, from the Foundations of this Earth.  These are the Counselors from the First.

Now also within the Role of the Singers and Musicians, again, you are to Create a New Song, you are to Burn Incense. So it’s also Prayers and Worship of God.  And that we can also see within the 24 Elders.

  • Then, 1 Chronicles chapter 26 gives us the Role of the Porters or Gatekeepers.  And these would be Watchmen. There are specific Watches that take place during the Time of the Day.  There are Watches that take place during the Night.  And the Role of these Watches is to stand Guard at these Gates and to Open.
  • But these are also the Father’s Servants that He sends to and fro, throughout the whole Earth to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel, as well.

Now the predominant Role of the Porters or Gatekeepers, is actually they’re Living Creatures, in Revelation.   So in Revelation, as Watchmen, they have Eyes all over them.  They have Eyes in the front and the back, their whole body is Eyes. So they are Watching everything upon the face of the Earth, and the Universe.

And they open the Doors and the Gates to John, when he said he see’s each Living Creature and each one has a Seal, and they open that Seal and they open a Door, and they say to John, ‘Come and see.’

  • And they’re able to see another Branch of Service, and that is the Military!  So the color of each Horse represents a Branch of Military.  And so I know we normally thought is the Horses of the Apocalypse and everything like that, but when we get into that later, you’ll see that there are Patterns in Zechariah, where you’ll see that they are Branches and Orders of Service.
  • And so they are also the 4 Spirits that stand before God.  So basically what we see in Revelation; where you see one with a Bow, you see one with a Sword, one with the Scales, and the last one with the name Death, normally you would think that these are Bad Judgments or this is an Evil thing.  But these are the 4 Spirits before God, and they’re bringing Judgment.

Now let me say this, that each one of those Judgments represent a result of a Seal.  But each Branch of Service has all 4, and also other weapons and other things as part of it.  So, they’re like Legions!  So for example, the Legion of Army you have certain things that they have.  They all have a number of Chariots, they all have a number of Horsemen and a number of Infantry, a number of Bow, it’s all organized.

And these Branches of the Military also have them. But what we’re seeing in Revelation, is they are only released with a Seal from the Courts on one aspect of the Judgement that is taking place.  And we’ll get into that later.  And so we’ll also get into more of what the Living Creatures do, and everything else.

  • But remember in Revelation, there’s NO Wheels in Revelation, when we’re looking at the Living Creature.  Why?  We’re looking at the permanent House, a permanent Structure. Now in that Throne setting they don’t move!  They don’t come to the Earth, but they do in Ezekiel.
  • And that is Mobile or Moving, where they move in formation, they move up and down, they move around and they can actually Come into the Earth, and they move into the East Gate of Jerusalem.

So within this we can see the 4 major Branches of Service.  Now maybe you have been taught before in the Church, “Oh, you’re good at this!  So we are going to put you in this role.’

  • Now in Order to be a King and a Priest, you must fulfill all 4 Branches of Service.You must be proficient in your position and role of each one.
  • And in doing so, maintain that Faithfulness to move to other things.

But if your Heart and your Spirit gravitates to one thing, that’s great, you will probably be better than that than others.  But you must do all 4 in order to be a full King and Priest.

So we’ll get into that later, but that is a summary of the House of David.  And basically, my personal testimony of how out working this, and then also I’ll be able to go and explain the Post.  Probably the best thing to do, is to do and engage them as a Group, in a more live setting.

  • But again, what I’m doing, is I’m as a Scribe taking the Scroll and this is all from Heaven.  So God be the Glory of all the information I give you!

And I encourage you to take it serious, because I have gotten Seals and Authorizations of everything I’m giving you.  I’m not just making stuff up.  God has Sealed and Authorized this information, and the specific pages and the handouts that I give you.

So again, that’s the House of David.  What I’ll do is, is from this I will go into the various areas and branches of Service.  And again, this is how the Angelic Work.  This is how the Living Creatures Work, and the 24 Elders.   And this is how the Angels in Heaven Work in terms of the Military, in terms of the Worship, many of those aspects, this is all just how Heaven Works.

  • But then what God has done, He has opened those Gates for us, for us to be able to participate with.  And what we can do is then we can administrate through God on the face of the Earth, the affairs of Heaven, so that we can bring Heaven to Earth.

Again, we say these things and they’re all just, “Oh!”  We pray these things, but how does this actually Work?  I’ll be able to show you.  Now what I show you, I encourage you to be Faithful with and continue in it.  Now we’re going into the 2nd year of this, and there’s obviously phenomenal things I will tell you, as a result of this.

  • But we’re still learning, there’s still a lot more to go. What I have to do is release this stuff and then we’ll engage it, and you’ll see how to do these things.

So that’s a summary. Let me just say this too, that on this page when you have your handout, you’ll see the Calendar there.  And you’ll see that obviously later on, the actual Pattern and Clock and Calendar, is built upon this.

But then you will also notice the Pattern of the Throne, and the Gates.

  • And so you have, North, South, East, and West.  And then you have, Lion, Man, Ox, Eagle.  And then you also have Pale, Red, Black, and White.  So all those represent various areas of Service and Branches, and also Order of many, many things.  So we’ll get into that later.

That’s it for Part 1!  I will have more for you soon, but stayed tuned. I’m glad you guys are watching these things.  And here we’re at the end, so I’m glad you’re here.  So God Bless you, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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