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Jen’s Coffee Enema 101

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1 Large Stainless Steal Pot

4 One quart canning jars with lids

1 Stainless Steal small hole mesh strainer

1 Enema Kit

Organic Coffee

Distilled Water

Coconut Oil or Vitamin E Oil

3% Hydrogen Peroxide Spray Bottle

1 Clock or Timer

1 Old coffee cup to soak enema tip

Paper towels

Trash Can
Tip: You can buy a douche/enema bag at your local pharmacy. If you are allergic to Latex, order online at Amazon, ‘The Gerson Therapy Coffee Enema Kit’, that includes organic coffee.  You can buy your organic coffee at your local health food store, or your local grocery store that has an organic section. Buy several gallons of Distilled water, and a spray bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide.



1 Old beach towel

1 Pillow

1 Old blanket, to use if you get cold.

1 Shower curtain liner, if you are doing an enema on your bed.

A device that plays Spa music, audio Meditation, Worship music, or anything that lifts your spirit and makes you feel good.

Candles or soft light

Fresh air or at least some essential oil to breathe in, like peppermint oil.

Use Distilled Water Only!

Step 1: In a stainless steal pot, do NOT use an Aluminum pan, bring one gallon of distilled water to a boil.

Step 2: Add 8 tablespoons of organic coffee. Boil for 5 minutes. Turn the burner to low and continue to simmer for a few minutes longer.

Step 3: While boiling the coffee, sanitize 4, one quart, pre-washed, canning jars and their lids with boiling hot water.

Step 4: Pull the coffee off the stove and strain it into an 8 cups glass bowl, with a small, hole mesh strainer. (Best done over the sink)

Step 5: Pour the strained coffee into each of the 1quart canning jars.

Step 6: Cool to body temperature.

Step 7: Seal 2 of the quarts and refrigerate for later or for the next morning. Depending on your level of pain or herxing/die-off symptoms, you may want to repeat the ‘back to back’, coffee enema’s in 3-4 hours, or later that night. When re-heating the refrigerated coffee, place the sealed mason jars in a sink filled with hot water.

Step 1: Sanitize your enema kit with warm soapy water, followed by hydrogen peroxide. Rinse well and dry.

Note: when sanitizing or cleaning tubing, always run water thru top of tube, where it attaches to bag or stainless steal can, down to the bottom of the tubing, near where the shut off valve is. The bottom of the tube is where the enema tip connects to the tubing.

Step 2: Set up a comfortable spot! If you are well enough to get up and down off the floor, place a beach towel on your bathroom floor. Put the pillow at the end that you are going to rest your head. If you are to ill to get up and down, spread out a shower curtain liner on your bed. Cover with a beach towel so you don’t stick to the plastic. (Make sure you are close to somewhere you can hang your enema bag on or a place to set your enema can on. You will want your bag or can, 1 ½ feet above where you are laying).

Step 3: Bring 2, 1quart jars of coffee to body temperature. (Directions above)

Step 4: Turn on your music or mediation. If you are able to have fresh air and sunlight in your bathroom, than do so. If not, dim lights and light a candle. Basically do whatever relaxes you and puts you in your happy place.

Step 5: Undress from waste down. Feel free to leave socks on, if your feet are cold.

Step 6: Add tip to the enema hose, at bottom of tubing, near the shut off valve. Close the valve. Pour 1 quart of the body temperature coffee into the enema bag. Put hose on the bag and run enough coffee thru the tube until no air comes out, only coffee. Hang enema bag on a doorknob, cabinet knobs or your bathtub faucet. If you are using the stainless still can kit, place it on the toilet lid or a footstool.

Step 7: Put a clean bag in your trashcan so you can put drain hose into it when you are done. Place it near the base of the kit.

Step 8: Put organic coconut oil or vitamin E oil on the enema tip.

Step 9: Laying on right side, insert tip slowly. Insert about 25cm in. Turn on valve and breathe. Think happy thoughts. Listen to music. Pray. Meditate.  Visualize your body healing, with your cells regenerating into healthy cells.

Step 10: Shut off tube before air bubbles enter you or when bag is empty. Hold the coffee in for 10-15 minutes, laying on your right side with your knees bent.   Note: At first you may not be able to do the 10-15 minutes, and that is okay. Get up and go the bathroom and start 2nd quart of body temperature coffee.

Step 11: After 10-15 minutes, go to the bathroom.

Step 12: Repeat! Note: Rinse the enema tip with hot water and spray it with Hydrogen Peroxide. Wait 30 seconds, rinse with hot water and add new oil, before 2nd enema

Step 13: Sanitize the kit.

NOTE:   If need be, you could use a clean fresh coffee maker to make the coffee for your enema’s.  Make sure you use brown, unbleached coffee filters instead of white, bleached coffee ones.  Of course use organic coffee and distilled water.  Make sure it is body temperature before you use it.
Coffee enemas can be done every 3 hours for acute symptoms. In the book, ‘Mum’s Not Having Chemo”, Dr. Gary Gordon recommends to do two coffee enemas, back to back, in the morning and the other two in the afternoon for a heavy detox.
Do not do your coffee enema first thing in the morning. Do your morning routine, juice or eat something healthy first. If you can, go #2 before your enema.
For better detox, dry skin brush and take an Epsum salt/baking soda bath. If in a hurry, dry skin brush and shower.
WARNING: Chemo patients, or if you are not a chemo patient but have diarrhea or are bleeding rectally, use organic chamomile instead.
Directions on how to make Organic German Chamomile Tea for an enema: Boil 1 gallon of distilled water. Add 1/4 cup of chamomile. Boil for 5 minutes. Simmer for a few more. Strain. Use it when it is at the heat of your body, like coffee enema, but only hold in for 5 minutes.  You can make additional tea to drink throughout the day if you have stomach aches, insomnia, sore throats or cramps strikes. It is smart to keep a supply of chamomile flowers on hand.


Warning: Chamomile has been known to cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic to ragweed or other members of the daisy family. If you have such an allergy, you should avoid using this medicinal herb. It is best to get your herbs from a trusted source to avoid this reaction.


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