"None that put their trust in Him shall be overcome." (1 Maccabees 2:61; John 3:14-16)

Kinsman Redeemer ◇ House of David Pt10

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Leeland Jones video posted on Dec 8, 2014, Transcribed:

We are continuing our series here and now what we want to do, we’re going to get right into it with no messing around here.  We’re still under the section and category within the House of David of the Judges.  And how the 24 Elders are Judges and how we can be Judges of God.

And there are many aspects of the Legal aspects and procedures of Heaven, that many of them are examples on Earth that can take place.  But essentially what God did is He gave authority to Mankind, and in doing so He has allowed us to more or less police ourselves, and police human society with the state and condition that we are in with sin and everything. And God has given us Laws, but essentially what He’s done, is He has allowed for us to do that.

  • However God is the God of the Universe, and He has Courts and Systems that are like the Supreme Court of the Universe.

And so you have things that you may run into in your life, where the Courts of man may limit you or may be against you in some various aspects of Judgment or different things, and you can plead to a Higher Court and those Courts SUPERSEDE the Courts of man. So that’s a big role that we have as Judges of God.

But it’s very important for us to understand the procedures of Legally how to present cases.  So a while ago I talked about presenting cases, now we’re going to be able to get into one where we understand the procedure of the Kinsman Redeemer.

And with all things with God they are multifaceted and multidimensional, so beyond natural things like on Earth. For example, you can even see it in Heaven and in the Book of Revelation, where literally the Throne Room of God, there’s no difference between Worship and Legal procedures.

And you will observe that where they talk about Legal things, and then they’ll burst out into Worship and they’ll Sing a New Song.  And so that’s what Heaven is like.  So like in our society’s we have different things, where you go to Court and it’s a serious thing, with a Judge. But think of it like a Rock Concert, where it’s like, a Judge, and then all of a sudden it’s like, “Hey, the Judge is good!  Praise God!” And we bust out in Praise!  So, that’s really what Heaven is like.

A lot of what we talk about, those that are engaging Heaven, it’s different Courts and different things.  But it’s more or less all the same thing.  It’s all the same thing, it’s all the same places, it’s all the Throne Rooms, it’s all the Father.

But what we do, Jesus said, “I’ve prepared a place for you.”  There’s many Realms and Dimensions of God in His Throne.  And so sometimes for us to understand and grasp the understanding of this, we can see it in a certain format or in a certain setting.  Like, a Court Setting and other types of Settings or Rooms, or various things.

But anyway, let’s begin to talk about this.  Now when we look at the Kinsman Redeemer, one of the things that we have to realize is that this is Huge, obviously information, because this is God’s plan of Redemption before even Creating Adam and Eve.

  • But the Story of Redemption is also Encoded in many of the Scriptures, if you do some study and you peel back, for example, the meaning of the Names.

So what I’m going to do, I’m going to do my best to do this, I’m essentially going to tell you 2 Stories and how the importance of those 2 Stories, and then I’m also going to go thru the process and procedure of how to actually do this.

So this is stuff that you can do, even if some of the things we are saying you don’t understand or you don’t see many of the things that we are talking about.   That’s okay, you can do these thing. You can be like a Lawyer and get your ducks in a row, you can learn these things.

But just keep in mind, this stuff is Live. It’s not a one thing that works across the board, there’s just things that we Know.  We are like Lawyers learning, going to Court for the first time, we study some things, it’s really only when you go before the Judge and you have Live Cases. And you know, God is good!  He’s not like, “You’re wrong and your case is wrong and I’m dismissing it.” He’s like, “Please Come!  Please bring cases, please bring stuff.”

Just keep in mind that you’re learning.  And you may not have all your Information in your paper, in order.  So He’ll tell you things, “You don’t have this or that.”  There are many things that we just can’t see or know or understand, but God will tell us.  So, that’s why this stuff is so amazing.

So the first thing that I want to do is tell you the Story in the Book of Ruth, how if you look at the meaning of the Names of the characters and people within the Book of Ruth, you begin to observe that the meaning of their Names tell the Story of God’s Redemption.

As we get into these, let’s also think of what does Redemption mean?  What is it the basics of what I’m talking about?  Well, one of the basics is like let’s say, a business gives you a coupon.  And they give you something, and they say, “Here is a coupon. You take this coupon, but it expires on such and such date.”  But, you must present that Coupon back to that business according to their laws and procedures, to Redeem.

And so you take the coupon, you take the thing that they have given you, and you Redeem it. You purchase back the good’s and services that they have.  It’s also like Inheritance.

So for example, if you have a father and he sets his house in order, and he sets inheritance for his kids.  Basically the procedure of passing Inheritance from one generation to another, is also like Redemption or Inheritance, so that the Legal proceedings must be followed to figure out where this stuff goes and how it works.

  • So Redemption and Inheritance, these are the main things that we are going over today, within the Kinsman Redeemer.

The Book of Ruth starts off with these characters; Elimelech and Naomi. So Elimelech, his name means My God is King. And Naomi, her name means My Delight.  Now I’m going to explain what that means right now, and follow me as I continue with the Story.  And this is just basic’s of their Names, of the characters within the Book.

So what you have, Elimelech, his name: Eli or El is God, and Melech is King. And basically that represents Adam and Eve being in the Garden of Eden, being in the Earth prior to them eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

So Elimelech, his name is when Adam and Eve we’re like, ‘My God is King!’  And there was No Separation, they met with God and talked with Him every day. Now Naomi could represent more than one thing, but Naomi basically represents ‘That which is Redeemed.’   So remember we talked before about the Coupon, so whatever that good or service is or that thing is that is Redeemed with the Coupon, that’s what Naomi represents.

For example, that could be a Woman.  So the Story of Ruth is the fact that a Woman, her husband has died, and she needs a Husband to pass on Inheritance.

  • So it could be a Woman, and it could also be Land.

So let’s think about it.  The Garden of Eden was like Adam and Eve were in the Land, they were in the Promised Land, they were there.  And then it was a place of their Delight.  So Naomi can also mean the Land.  And for sake of simplicity, we’ll talk about Naomi being the Land, just so for the Story to make sense.

But I want you to understand that whatever is Redeemed, that is Naomi.  And so Adam and Eve had Naomi everywhere.  God was their King, and they had their heart Delighted in the goodness of God’s Creation.

So what happens is that Elimelech dies, and then they are separated from the Land by a famine. So even Elimelech and Naomi lived in the Promise Land, they lived in the Land of Israel or Jerusalem. I’m not even really sure where it is exactly. But basically the idea is that they lived in the Land, but a famine forced them out.

  • So that’s the same thing with Adam and Eve, they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which forced them out.  So now they’re in a foreign land.

So what happens is, Naomi finds herself in a foreign land. And til this day we are still in a Foreign Land. I mean, God Created it, it was good.  But we must Redeem back what God gave us in the Beginning.

{10:36 min mark} So what happens is the Character in the Book of Ruth, the Woman named Naomi, she changes her name to Mara {Ruth 1:20}, and Mara means Bitterness. So it’s the same exact thing.  So the Land, the Promise Land, the beautiful thing of God’s Creation, instead of being My Delight…Naomi, becomes Mara….becomes Bitterness.

And then we will also explain Legal proceedings here, but right now I’m telling you a Story of God’s Creation.  So what happens is, we find that character Ruth, here name means Friendship. And so she had a husband whose name was Mahlon, and his name means Sick.  So I’m still along the lines of the Fall of Mankind here.

So now Ruth is like the woman Eve, Adam and Eve, the man that God gave her, turns Sick. Her husbands Name means Sick and Afflicted, and he dies.  And so it’s the man that is suppose to reproduce and pass that Seed to the woman to produce the next generation, he is Sick, he can’t do it.    And that unfortunately represents Adam, and so he dies. But it’s like the woman is without Friendship, she’s without a Husband.

(Ruth chapter 1)  And so what happens is Naomi then says, “Ruth, go back to your own people!  Your husband is dead and there’s nothing here.  And I’m going back to the Land after this Famine. But Ruth, you are a Moabite, you are not God’s Chosen People.  So why don’t you just go back to Moab and we’ll part ways.  You can go your way, you can find your husband in that land.”

Now there’s actually 2 Widows.  You have Ruth as a widow, and there’s another woman that is a widow, and her name is Orpah.  And Orpah means Stiff-Necked. And what happens is you have Ruth and you have Orpah, and it’s like they are in a place of Decision. They are in the Valley of Decision, and Naomi is saying, ‘Look, forget me, forget this.  All the men are dead!  I’m going back to the Land of my fathers to die.”

But, Orpah returns back to Moab.  She returns back to the land where she’s come from.  But Ruth says, ‘No!  I don’t even know much about what is going on, but wherever you go, I will go. Wherever you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people, your God will be my God.”  {Ruth 1:16}

So what happens is we have these 2 Women, and basically whenever the Promise of the Gospel or the Promises of God are presented, this is what people do:

  • They will either be Stiff-necked, and they will return back to the land of their fathers.  And that’s the World, essentially.
  • Or they’ll say, “You know what, I don’t even understand about what’s all going on.  But God, I believe You’re in this, I’m going to follow You!”

So unfortunately, Orpah represents a Rebellious woman.  It’s like she represents Vashti, the woman that would not follow her husband, the Rebellious woman!  And unfortunately both of these women are presented in the Church.

So the Church at large has people in it that are Orpah’s, and they’re Stiff-Necked.  They’re living in the World and they refuse to follow God.  And they refuse to say, “You know what God, Your Ways are my Ways!”  They are going to do their own thing, and they’re going to go back to the Ways of this World.

But Ruth is different.  There is something different about her.  And she says, “You know, I don’t know all what’s going on, but I’m going with you, Naomi!” So what happens is Naomi returns back to the Land with Ruth.  And so here you have these Women returning back to the Land.

So what’s happening is it’s like the Story of Adam and Eve, where Mankind is looking to go back to the Garden, to go to this Place. To leave this Bitter land, to go to this Fruitful Place. And so they are going, but they are Women!  And unfortunately ladies in the Bible, it’s not Women who pass on Inheritance, it’s Son’s!

So for example, the Laws and Legal proceedings for our Western society is that if you have a couple, and the Inheritance would go to the wife. But that’s NOT what the Bible says.

  • The Bible has Inheritance going from the Father to the Son.

And that’s very important for us to understand now, as we continue in this Story. I’m hoping that what I’m saying makes sense, I know sometimes what I say is Mystery’s.  And sometimes people have a difficult time with what I’m saying. So I’m taking my time here to go over this Story.

So now we come to this Land, and you have these 2 Women, but they cannot Claim the Land on their own without a Husband. And so now we begin to enter into the Story of how Boaz is the Kinsman, and he is the type of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He is our Kinsman Redeemer! So you have these Women returning back to the Land.  And Boaz is related to Elimelech, and Boaz is FROM the Land which: ‘My God is King.’

  • And so Jesus comes FROM the Father, comes from the Place before man fell.
  • He is God.
  • He is the Alpha & Omega.
  • And, He comes from that Place of ‘My God is King!’

So Boaz is related to Elimelech, and that’s where the Lord Jesus, as our Kinsman Redeemer, He has the Right of Inheritance!  Boaz, his name means Strength, and this is the Lord!

So what must happen now is that Naomi presents Ruth to lay at Boaz’s feet {Ruth chapter 3}.  And so this is the Mystery of the Woman, is that the woman Ruth said, “Wherever you go Naomi, I’ll go. Whatever you say, I will do!” So Naomi instructs Ruth to lay at Boaz’s feet, and that’s what we must do.

  • We must lay at the Father’s feet!  We must say, “You know what God, I don’t understand everything, but wherever You go, I’m going!  Wherever You stay, I’m staying! I’m in this whether it’s good or bad. If it’s the Promised Land or if it’s Mara. If it’s good or what, I don’t care, God!  I want You! And I want to lay at Your feet.”

And so that is what Ruth does, and so that’s what the Body of Christ must do:

  • We must lay at the feet of the Father.
  • We must lay at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have a couple of verses here in Isaiah, which I’ll get to in a minute as well. But basically, Boaz has the Right to Inheritance through Elimelech, even though he is dead. In order to pass on Inheritance, he needs the Woman.  So he needs Ruth: to marry the Woman, to marry the Land, for the Inheritance.  So he buys the Land and he marries Ruth.

{19:52 min mark}  It’s interesting what it says in the Book of Ruth, it says, ‘He purchased the wife to raise up a name of the dead. {Ruth 4:10}.’ Wow! So this is what the Lord Jesus does:

  • He has purchased us with His blood to raise up the Name of the dead.

Well, who is the Dead?  Well, Elimelech died.  And for Ruth, Mahlon died.  So all these men died, but Boaz is alive and he is going to raise the Name of the dead. Well, what’s that?  The Name of the dead is Adam.  Adam died!

  • Adam was Sick, but the Lord Jesus is going to Raise-up that Name!

Now keep in mind, these are the generations prior to King David.

So then Boaz goes through the procedure, he takes Ruth as his wife and he married her and the Land.  And what he does is he restores her back to the Land. So Praise God through the Lord Jesus Christ, we’re actually restored back to the original design that God Created, to the Garden of Eden!  And so what we must do, is we must learn this procedure and also do it as well.

So that’s the Story.  It’s what I basically told you, some basic things within the Book.  But you can see through their Names they tell the Story of God’s plan of Redemption.

I’m going to continue along those lines with another Story, and that is, that in the Book of Revelation chapter 5, we actually see the Lord Jesus doing this!  So the Story of Ruth is the Story, you have types and shadows and the actual procedure on how the Lord Jesus did this, it is laid out in Revelation 5.

{Revelation 5:1 And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals. 2 And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof? 3 And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.}

{21:56 min mark} And so what happens is the Father has in His right hand a Scroll. And then John as a Witness to this saw that there was No one Worthy to even Look at it!  {Revelation 5:1,3}  Well, what is this Scroll?  This Scroll is exactly what I’m telling you, it’s the Scroll or Information of how to Redeem all of Creation.  And so nobody was Worthy to even look at this.

So John weeps much, because this Scroll or this Book that is Sealed, No one could look at it and No one was Worthy to open the Seal. No one had the Authority to do the Legal procedure to open it!  So, John wept much.

So the Lord is doing this procedure, He has the Scroll in His right hand and He is allowing John to be troubled by this; to feel the weight of this.  So, he’s weeping and he’s moved greatly.  But what happens is one of the Elders comes and says, {Revelation 5:5}  “John weep not:  Behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed, and He is worthy to open the scroll.” This is all language I’m going to keep using:

  • The Lion has prevailed!
  • The Lion is the King! Now the King doesn’t just sit on His Throne and bark out orders, He gets in the battle and He fights!

That’s very important; every King in the Kingdom of Heaven must fight, like David!

You don’t just sit there, and get your rights and bark out orders, you Fight! You get in the Game!  You defeat the enemy, so you understand what it’s like. And that’s also true that every President should have Military Service, and have served our Country in the Military.  Why?  Because if you don’t understand how to defeat enemies, you cannot lead the people!

So that’s what the Elders are saying, “Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed! The King of kings and Lord of lords, He has prevailed!  He has fought, and He has Won!” But, He has also done this according to proper Legal procedures.  So they begin to show this and display this, Releasing of the Seal, Releasing of Creation!  And we’ll get into some more of that later.

Now let’s look at the details within Jeremiah 32 of the things necessary to Redeem anything, for example, Land.  I will Include the notes of what I’m giving you as well, in the attachment of the email. Basically what happens is Jeremiah’s uncle says, “Hey, here is some land.  I want you to buy it, to Seal it up for a Time. To Seal up this Land, I want you to purchase it from me. And I want you to outline all the Legal procedures of how to Seal up the Land.”

What’s happening here is Jeremiah is Sealing up this Land, now this is what the Father did in the Garden of Eden. So when they were banished from the Land, they were banished from the Tree of Life, and they were banished from the Garden.  What the Father did is He did this Legal procedure:

  • And He Sealed up the Land, until the time of the Lord Jesus.

What we are looking at in Jeremiah 32, is what the Father did to the Land or to the Woman, or anything that would be Redeemed.

The first thing as Jeremiah does this procedure, is that he though proper Genealogy and everything, Jeremiah has the Right to Inheritance from his uncle. What does that mean?  Well, the Uncle has no other heirs, he has no other heirs to pass this Inheritance to, so Jeremiah is the next one in line to do this.  So the first thing is he has the Right to Inheritance.

The second thing he does, he weighs the money in Shekels of Silver. So then you have the Scales.  Now remember, we’re still in the Season, in the 9th Month of the Scales {per the Enoch Calendar}.  The horse is holding the Scales.

(26:46 min mark)  You can even see on here, I have within everything I am describing, I drew the picture of the Scales. So when he is weighing the money, and that Money is Measured, and he has 17 Shekel’s.  Is there a significance to that?  Yes!  I just don’t know what it is, the #17?

However, what he does is he then takes the Money, takes the Shekels, puts them on a Scale, and then he writes the instructions on a Scroll!  And what’s amazing is that there has been Archaeological digs of the Scribes at Jeremiah’s time, and they have actually found their Seals!

I saw it in the Dead Sea Scroll Exhibition in Boston last year.  It’s amazing!  So the very same guys, Baruk and all of these guys, there are actual Seals that you can see.  So these were the guys that wrote the Scroll.

So keep in mind what John is doing in the Book of Revelation.  He’s writing the Scroll of what he is seeing.  He is doing the same thing as a Scribe.  Then, Jeremiah, he Seals it with the Law and Custom.

What the Law and Custom was, is they take that Scroll and they roll it up, and then they take a Seal and it was very, very small when you see those Seals, and they would emboss that Seal to enclose that Scroll. So in the Book of Revelation, in English we see it as a Book, but really it’s a Scroll.

What’s happening is, the Lamb is Worthing to look at the Scroll, to see what it says.  But not only that, He is Worthy to open the Seals!  And that Seal is Sealed with Instructions!  The Father has wrote the instructions of what is necessary to Open the Seal.  And that has remained Seal up until the time of the Lord Jesus, and John sees this.

  • The Only One that is Worthy to Open that Seal of Redemption of all Creation, is the Lord Jesus! Tremendously, significant Moment!

Then what’s necessary, is that you are to take Witnesses.  Whenever you are doing anything in the Courts of Heaven or any Legal procedures, you must have Witnesses!  {2 Corinthians 13:1}  “Out of the mouth of 2 or 3 Witnesses!”   And I’ll tell you right now, the Father will always ask for Witnesses!

  • You must have Scriptures.
  • You must have other people that are bearing Witness to what you are saying.

Now, the Father knows the Truth, if you are lying or not.  But what you must do is you must have Witnesses to establish that with others, so that others can see what you are doing. Other’s can see the Father’s Ways and learn. So Jeremiah does that, he takes Witnesses.

And then what he does is he puts it in a Vessel. And this is exactly what the Essen’s did in the Dead Sea Scrolls! They would take these Scrolls and they would Seal them, and they would put them in these Vessels.  And my goodness, they survived all this time, up until the time that God releases this information for this Day and Hour!

  • So the Scrolls came out the Same Time that Israel became a Nation.  Just amazing!

And so even the Book of Jeremiah that they found, is like this!  Where this is what the Father is doing:

  • He’s restoring Creation.
  • He’s opening things that were held in Earthen Vessels, and there’s New Information now!

The whole Calendar I gave you is from this same procedure.  It was in an Earthen Vessel.  They had the Calendar saved all that time, it was hidden from us, and then it is Released!  They broke the Vessels, they opened those things and they transcribed them!  Praise God!

(30:45 min mark)  So I drew all these things for you.  So we have the Scales, so then you write the instructions on a Scroll, and you roll it up, and you Seal it!  So you take a Seal, you put a Seal on it. You take Witnesses, and the Witnesses testify.  And the Elders testify to John. Remember, they were like, “Weap not John!  Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah!” What are they?  They are Witnesses to this Legal procedure of what the Lord Jesus is doing!  And then you have the Vessel. So then it’s rolled up, it’s Sealed, and then it’s put in a Vessel.

And now the other thing that I wanted to show you is that in the House of David, the Temple, there were 2 Pillars out front, one was called Jachin and the the other one was called Boaz {1 Kings 7:21, 2 Chronicles 3:17}.  And so when you are facing the Temple, the Pillar with the name Boaz is on your right side, and the one on the left is Jachin.

Let me just say this real quick, What that means is the Father is facing you.  And when the Father is facing you, when you are in the Courts, that Pillar is a Witness and Testimony and it’s on the right side.  And as you’re facing God, you’re on the left side, so that the Pillar you are facing is Jachin. You’re accuser, the Accuser of the Brethren, he’s on your right side.  Just like in our Courts.

And so what that Pillar of Boaz is, it’s a Pillar and Witness and Testimony of this whole thing I’m telling you!  So all the Accusations of the enemy, as he blurts them out in the cases before God, they first hit the Witness and Testimony of that Pillar, before they reach the Father.

So it’s like a filter.  This thing is very significant, and is a Witness and Testimony before God’s Throne! It just so happened they did this in the Temple time, to show a representation of God’s Throne. So that’s very important that you Know! This System is rigged in your favor!  I mean it’s like, Come on!  You can’t possibly fail at this thing, it’s just amazing!

{33:04 min mark} So I just wanted to show you that as well, that I have that here.  So you can see the 2 Pillars and the Names, and that was also within the Temple. So this is what you must do, all these things are the Steps and all these thing you must have in order, in order to redeem anything.

Let’s go over again Revelation 5, and how this is the process and procedure of the Scroll of Redemption.

The first thing that we have is, remember the Scroll and the information is in the Father’s right hand.  Well, what’s happened?  Remember, this Scroll had to be in an Earthen Vessel. Where’s the Vessel?  There’s no Vessel, but there’s a Scroll.

Well, the Vessel is the Body of the Lord Jesus!  So His Body was broken for you!  It was broken, it was broken open, and when it was broken the Seal and Scroll inside is there. So the Lord Jesus, Himself, was the Vessel and He was Broken!  And then when He was Broken, He released back to the Father to now have the Father have the Scroll of Redemption in His right hand.  So that’s in the Father’s right hand.

Then what happens again, one of the Elders, when John sees this and he’s moved by the fact that No one is worthy!  This is why we must worship the Lord, over and over, “The Lamb is Worthy!”  That’s how I know all of this stuff!  Only He is Worthy to open the Scroll!  To even look at the Scroll and open its Seal!

Now let’s go through our Steps. So Jesus has the Right of Inheritance, first and foremost:

  • He comes from that Land where Adam and Eve were.
  • He lived this life in this Earth.
  • He lived here in this Mara, in this Fallen Place, Fallen Mankind.
  • He became one of us, and He had NO sin!

So, He is the Right of Inheritance!

And what is the Price?  In Isaiah it says that We are Redeemed without Money!  So it’s Not necessary Shekel’s that the Lord Jesus puts on the Scale, when the Father requires it. But, in the Song of the Lamb, What do they Say?  “You have Redeemed us with Your Blood!”

So whatever the enemy accuses you of, or whatever it is that you have that’s on one side of the Scale, it’s balanced out and becomes even with His Blood!  So His Blood is applied to the Scale where the Shekel’s were.

  • So His Blood is way more Precious then that of Gold!

And so again we see Him as the Lamb without spot or wrinkle.  He lived here!  And so what happened is the Elders say, Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah!”  But John looks and when he looks, he sees a Lamb! It’s like, “Wait a minute!  I thought that it was the Lion that I would see!”  No!  It’s the Lamb!

  • It’s very important that we understand the Sacrificial Lamb!

So what happens?  All of Creation sings a New Song!  Out of every kindred, every tongue, every people, every nation!  So, this has already happened!  What we must learn to do is do this now, Redeem all kindreds, all tongues, all people’s!

And what do they say?  “You have made us Kings and Priests!”  This is what we’re doing, we’re going through all of this to go through the procedure of how to be a King and a Priest.  So both, a King and a Priest must do Legal things:

  • You must understand God’s Laws!

And the Song is, Revelation 5:12 “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing. 13 And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.”

So this has already happened, but God has given us His Son, we are His people alive on the Earth and we must do these things.  He is saying, “Here is My Son!  Here is the Legal procedure of how to do this.”

So, What am I saying?  What I’m saying is that this is how you Redeem anything.

  • This is how the Lord Jesus has Redeemed you!
  • This is how, let’s say for example, if you own property and you have debts and things on that property, and you can find a Right of Inheritance, you can actually get debts forgiven.  We’re in a Shmita Year.

So we can actually do this, where we can actually buy back the Land that was promised to our Ancestors, promised to us from the Father. We can buy back a number of things.  Basically the whole Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the process of God’s restoring all things.

And so we as His sons, you know all Creation groans for the manifestation of His sons.  Well, this is how you Legally do this.  It’s a Legal procedure that I’m showing you.  If you assemble a case and you put your information in it, and you present it, and you say, “God, here’s my case.  I’m presenting this before you.”  These are all the things that are necessary.

So we’ll do these if you have them, I’ll be doing some and I’ll bring you in as Witnesses, so you can see how it works.  But this is amazing information!  And I’m going to have more on this where God is showing me what the Scroll of Redemption looks like. So He’s given me Authorization to see that and to begin to understand how to apply this.

So that concludes it.  Everything I have said, I told you Stories, I’ve showed you all of these things. I have the handouts and everything. It’s up to you to take this information as to how you apply it. And I encourage you to do that.  You don’t necessarily need me, you can just take this information and say, ‘You know what?  This is True!”

Look at these Scriptures again, Jeremiah 32.  The process of the Kinsman Redeemer is in Leviticus 25, Revelation chapter 5, and then the whole Book of Ruth.

If you sit and meditate on those Scriptures, they all Speak of this thing! So that concludes this one.  I Bless you, I love you!  We’ll talk with you soon.  And I encourage you to continue in our series.  All these things are very important and very significant.

God bless you!  And I pray that the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be on you!  And that He opens your eyes and quicken’s your heart to these Words and these things.  In Jesus name.

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