"None that put their trust in Him shall be overcome." (1 Maccabees 2:61; John 3:14-16)

Men Clothed in White Linen: Counsel of Saints

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Men Clothed in White Linen: Counsel of Saints: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XViO9prL42o&list=PLXqaGD7sX9ga0QD1Zvik665gC98BKL9Q6&index=27

Daniel’s Timeline Notes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fEQk1AyR0eWsAp1-mefdTCVxsa78VQzs/view

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:
What an exciting Time to be Alive….to SEE and Witness the Mighty Things in the Prophecy being fulfilled EVERY Day!!! Now in this video, we are going to talk about the Men Clothed in White Linen!
I ENCOURAGE my audience to have an Open Mind, these are Deep and Holy Concepts, they are NOT easily UNDERSTOOD, but we can SEE the Fulfillment of the Prophecy, as we have decoded Daniel, chapter 7, with Revelation!
Now Daniel was taken to the Throne as a type and shadow of the Son of Man appearing before the Ancient of Days, with the books were opened!  We saw that in the previous video, Decoding Daniel, chapter 7! But, we also talked about Daniel, chapter 10, 11, and 12, WITH Alpha and Omega, the angel Gabriel, Michael the Angel of the Covenant, the Men in White Linen….as well as the kings of Persia!
We’re on this series of video’s, LOOKING and STUDYING…..WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?  WHO ARE THESE ANGELS?  WHAT IS TAKING PLACE? Well, the Men Clothed in White Linen is a deep concept!  One of them, is one of the 4 Angels! We have the 4 Angels message, we have discussed it!  One of them is the Angel of the Covenant! Okay?
So in Daniel’s Timeline, Daniel, chapter 8, we SEE the Timeline and we SEE these Days: 1290 Days and 1335 Days! I ENCOURAGE you to go back and WATCH these video’s guys: Determining 1335 Days…that’s a previous video!
But in this one, we are talking about the ARMY, okay, THAT COMES WITH THE LORD OF HOSTS!  He….they’re Clothed in White Linen!  AND….AT the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, they are Clothed with White Linen, WHICH IS THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE SAINTS!!  So the White Linen is both Angels and Men!
(1:45 min mark)  The Men Clothed in White Linen!  In this video guys, we are going to talk about the Men with White Linen, and as you can see we have this white shirt, and right next to it, you can see the blood….the Passover blood of the Lamb!  SO, THEY OVERCOME, THEY WASH THEIR GARMENTS AND MADE THEM WHITE IN THE BLOOD!
So in PASSOVER, it’s a Sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, where He was our Sacrificial Lamb, and they placed the Blood on the door post of the House!  That was Passover!!  And then What?  The Judgements must PASSOVER, okay?
In the Time of the 7th Trumpet, okay…the 7th Trumpet comes AFTER the the 1st Trumpet!  The 1st Trumpet was THE SIGN OF THE WOMAN CLOTHED WITH THE SUN!  Okay?  And then is says, She went into the wilderness, 1260 Days!
Now we are going to explain those 1260 Days, and how they are important to the White Linen!  You can SEE it right here, in Revelation 15:5, After that, I looked and behold the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was open. Let me say that AGAIN, After… I LOOKED AND BEHOLD THE TEMPLE OF THE TABERNACLE!!
 Now What this is saying Specific ….Yes, there is a Temple….Yes, there’s a Tabernacle, BUT the Tabernacle of the Testimony was OPEN in Heaven!  Now this was OPEN on the 1st Day of the 1st Month, with Moses!  So Moses built a Tabernacle and he was instructed to set it up, and to DEDICATE it  and the Vessels, on the 1st Day of the 1st Month!  That’s when the Tabernacle STARTED!!
 It was dedicated on the 1st Day of the 1st Month, which is PRECISELY, 1260 Days from the Sign of the Woman Clothed with the Sun…….ACTUALLY, there is MORE to that calculations than that, guys, I’m just giving you a basic reference!
And then what it says, And the seven angels came out of the temple, having the seven last plagues, clothed in pure and white linen, having their breast girded about with golden girdles. Okay?  So we have these Men Clothed with White Linen, COMING OUT OF THE TEMPLE, okay, ON THE PRECISE DAY, 1260 DAYS,  FROM REVELATION 12!!  Okay?
So, that’s WHY we’re talking about the Men Clothed with White Linen, because THEY COME ON THE SCENE AT A PRECISE MOMENT IN TIME, AFTER THESE 7 TRUMPETS!  And in the seventh trumpet, it’s the Days of the 7th Trumpet!  So in THOSE DAYS of the 7th Trumpet, THAT IS WHEN YOU SEE THIS OPENING UP!
And then what it says, And one of the four living creatures gave unto the seven angels the golden vials or bowls, full of the wrath of God. So then they get there…..they’re Clothed in White Linen, they have the Bowls of the Wrath of God who lives FOREVER!  And the temple was filled with smoke of the glory of God from His power, and no man was able to enter into the temple, until the seven last plagues were fulfilled. Okay?
So, that’s many times we can see, the glory of God coming down on the Tabernacle with Moses!  Right?  So, that Begins and ushers in Revelation 16, and just mention it just briefly, we are going to have it in the notes, but when we get to verse 15, Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watches and keeps his garments, least he walk naked, and they see his shame. Okay?
So that WARNING comes at the 6th Angel, to KEEP OUR GARMENTS!!  Now, let’s LOOK at our notes!  I ENCOURAGE YOU TO GET THE NOTES!  I will make those available!  And let’s continue our STUDY on the Men Clothed with White Linen!
(6:00 min mark) So let me show you something AMAZING!  Okay?  What we have here is the Calendar!  This is the Year 2021, the Year  begins in the Spring!  So when the 1st Month and the 1st Day of the Month, it’s the Month of PASSOVER!  So this is Passover and that’s the Feast of Unleaven Bread, okay, which is the 1st Day of the 1st Month!
And then you say, Okay, well where is that in the Gregorian Calendar?  The 1st Day of the 1st Month is March 17th!! Okay?  It’s March 17th, now I want you to notice something that on our Calendar of March 17th, WE HAVE THE PRIEST COURSE OF ABIJAH!
(6:46 min mark)  So all these Days here, are the Priest Course of Abijah, March 20th, and the Proceeding Week!  If you don’t know WHAT that means, I don’t have the Time to explain it, we have been talking about that to in previous videos, and it’s GREAT Significance of the Times of the Prophecy, in the Calendar, okay?
So that’s the Priestly Calendar!  The Calendar of Zadok ! I am just going to say that, If you UNDERSTAND, great!  If you don’t, we will make reference to previous video’s of that significance!
(7:19 min mark)  Now, here are our notes, we do have two pages, and this the Councel of the Saints!  You can SEE our title, The Councel of the Saints, The Men Clothed in White Linen!  This is part 1 and part 2 of the notes, okay?
And inevitably when we talk about deep concepts like this, and people are just use to like “church”, you know, kind of BABY DOCTRINES AND STUFF, they will inevitably ask, WHY DO WE HAVE TO STUDY THIS??  Well……IT’S THE BIBLE!!  Okay, and THE BIBLE EXPLAINS THE TRIBULATION AND THE TIME OF THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST!!
And then Ephesians, chapter 1, verse 10, the apostle Paul says, In the dispensation of the fullness of times.  Okay, so in the dispensation of CHRIST Second Coming, okay….that He might gather together IN ONE, ALL THINGS IN CHRIST IN HEAVEN!
Now the Principalities and Powers in Heavenly Places, might be made KNOWN!!!  So what this means is that, the Principalities and Powers….most of you watch Illumanti stuff, and the Devil!  THE devil IS NOT IN CONTROL!!  OKAY?  THE PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS ARE THE ANGLES, ARE THE HOST….THE CHERUBIM….THOSE AROUND THE THRONE TO PROVE, AS WE HAVE BEEN SAYING:
                   Okay?  THE MOST HIGH IS THE ONE IN CONTROL, NOT THE devil!!  UNDERSTAND???
In His 1st Coming, when His tomb was open, we SEE the Men with White Linen, alright?  In Mark 16, verse 5, And entering into the sepulcher, they saw a young man sitting on the right side, clothed in a long white garment; and they were afraid. (6) And he said, He is risen; and go tell the disciples. Okay?  So this is the 1st one at the tomb, and the women…..when they saw, they saw a Man Clothed in White Linen, okay?
(12:51 min mark) And we have the account of this, also in Luke and Matthew, let’s LOOK at it!  So Luke 24, verse 4, Behold, two men stood by them in shining garments.  Now when we have this account, guys, it’s very interesting, there is ONE RIGHT ANSWER!   All the gospels are talking about the SAME THING, but slightly different representation of EACH, okay?
Now, IT IS ONE MESSAGE, okay?  BECAUSE, THE MEN CLOTHED IN WHITE LINEN, THEY CAN BE ONE WITNESS!  It can be one witness that we see throughout the theme of the one Men Clothed in White Linen, okay?  AND THERE CAN BE TWO!!  TWO WITNESSES!!
So that is WHAT we are Witnessing here (10:37 min mark), where we have these accounts, one of them says, A young man, okay?  One of them says, Two men stood by in shining garments!   Now these are the SAME situation….SAME account in the Gospel’s, okay?
But in Matthew (28:3), we have even a MORE interesting account!  And his countenance was like the lightning and his raiment was white as snow. (verse 5) And the angel said.  Okay so now we SAW a young man, we saw two men, and NOW WE SEE AN ANGEL!  Alright?  So this is WHAT I AM SAYING GUYS, I am not going to explain this, I AM JUST GOING TO SAY WHAT THE SCRIPTURES SAY!  AND I’M JUST SAYING, “THE HOLY SPIRIT IS NOT CONFUSED!!!” HE IS SAYING EVERYTHING FOR A REASON!! Okay?
So, WHAT THIS MEANS, is that  the Men Clothed with White Linen, okay…there can be One Witness, there can be
Two!  Now we know when Christ on Transfiguration showed His….Peter, James, and John, His GLORY, they SAW with Him, WHAT?  TWO MEN!  They SAW Elijah and Moses!  So that is WHY we are calling this the Councel of the Saints!
So the Councel of the Saints means, THAT THE SAINTS…..OKAY….GOD IS NOT GOD OF THE DEAD, BUT HE IS GOD OF THE LIVING!  THE SAINTS ARE IN COUNCEL TO DETERMINE THE PROPHECY!  Okay, so there were things that were Written, that CHRIST fulfilled to the LETTER, okay?
YET THERE WERE SOME THINGS HE WENT INTO COUNSEL WITH MOSES AND ELIJAH!  So there can be TWO WITNESSES, TWO MEN CLOTHED IN WHITE LINEN, THAT ARE WITNESSES!  Okay, to bear Witness to, in this case, CHRIST 1st Coming, His Tomb!  HE IS RISEN!! So the message is simple, He is Risen!  Now we are going to come back to CHRIST, in His 1st Coming in the Tomb with the White Linen later in the video, but let’s keep going!
So now we can SEE, you got a Young Man, Two Men and an Angel! (happy laughter) So, I mean, JUST AMAZING!!
Now let’s go to Revelation!  We get to Revelation 22 (verse 9), it says, One of them said, SEE!  In the Greek it’s: Hora!  So this is SEE….this is a Watcher!! Okay, SEE NOT!  Because John was bowing to this person!  For I am your fellow servant.  Okay, so this person is saying, I am your fellow servant and of your brethren, the Prophets!
Okay, so this is seemingly making an indication that this Person is a Prophet!  Is one of the, you know, OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS, THAT IS SPEAKING TO JOHN!  AND OF THEM THAT KEEP THE SAYINGS OF THE BOOK.  Okay,  KEEP THE SAYINGS OF THE BOOK of REVELATION!  WORSHIP GOD, he says! Okay? So that’s One of the Angels!
(13:32 min mark)  This Angel, he is an Angel, but he is also says, he is the Brother and the Prophets!  So they’re in one, guys!  You CAN’T really often seperate or distinguish, unless you yourself SEE who it is who’s  speaking, that’s what we are getting at here!
So he is a Fellow Servant of the Brethren and the Prophets, WHICH KEEP THE SAYINGS OF THE BOOK!! So he explains to John, NEW JERUSALEM!!  Okay, so he is One of the Seven Angels, WITH THE SEVEN LAST PLAGUES!! Okay?  And he shows John, NEW JERUSALEM!
Now there is another one, of the Seven Angels, the Seven Last Plagues, that SHOWS MYSTERY BABYLON!! Okay?  AND THE BEAST, AND THE ANTICHIRST!!
Okay John bows to him to, and he says, See not.  And he says something similar, I am your fellow servant, and of your brethern (Revelation 19:10), that have the testimony of Jesus.  So he has the TESTIMONY OF JESUS!  Okay?
Just like the Two Men at the the Time of CHRIST, His 1st Coming, He is risen!
Okay, so they have the Testimony of JESUS!!  Okay, and the Testimony of JESUS is the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY!! Okay?  So THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE SAYING!!! SO I AM NOT SAYING THERE IS AN EASY WAY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON, BECAUSE WE HAVE INDICATIONS OF A WATCHER ANGEL, WITH THE WORD: SEE….MEANS HORA!  And that’s actually a Hebrew word, where we get the word: Watcher, in the Book of Daniel, which we’ll LOOK  at, okay?
But he says, I am a fellow servant of your brother which have the testimony of Jesus, worship God.  For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.  SO IT’S THE TESTIMONY GUYS, IT’S WHAT ARE WE TESTIFYING TO???  Okay?  THAT’S THE MESSAGE THAT THEY MAKE IT CLEAR!! Okay?  GIVE GLORY TO GOD!!
Okay, so there is this Counsel of the SAINTS…..OF MEN CLOTHED IN WHITE LINEN, WILL APPEAR AND INTERPRET THE MATTERS…THE PROPHECY! Okay?  Now in Colossians 1:12, it says, Giving thanks unto the Father which has made us men to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints.  Okay?  So what we’re SEEING, we’re SEEING examples of the INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS!
THE SAINTS ARE NOT DEAD…… THEY ARE ALIVE, okay?  The SAINTS….the inheritance of the Saints in LIGHT!  And He has delivered us from darkness and translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son.  Okay, so these are PROMISES in the Scriptures about this Counsel of the Saints, and the Men Clothed with White Linen, that we can CLEARLY SEE in Ephesians and Colossians, chapter 1!
Now let’s go and LOOK at Daniel!  And Daniel being an EXAMPLE, JUST LIKE JOHN!  (16:27 min mark)  We can SEE John as we SAW before, but now let’s go to Daniel!  And we can SEE that Daniel was the REMNANT!!  So guys, BEFORE Jerusalem was destroyed, and everything else, THERE WAS A REMNANT THAT WAS TAKEN BY BABYLON!  SO DANIEL WAS PART OF THAT!
So Daniel was part of that REMNANT, and in Ezekiel, chapter 9, we are going to LOOK at it later, but we Believe that Daniel….HE PRAYED AGAINST THE ABOMINATIONS!  You can SEE Daniel’s PRAYER, Daniel, chapter 9, AND WE BELIEVE HE WAS SEALED, BY THE MEN CLOTHED WITH WHITE LINEN, BEFORE THE CAPTIVITY!! SO HE WAS SEALED, HE WAS SET APART, AND HE WAS TAKEN TO BABYLON AS THE 1ST CAPTIVES!
Now the reason we are saying, he is Sealed, okay, is that is Ezekiel!  Ezekiel (9:2) says that!  Ezekiel says that, Ezekiel sees six men with weapons in the city, and one having one of them clothed in white linen, with inkhorn or writhing case by his side.  And he says, Go through the city and set a mark or a tav, upon the foreheads that sigh, and groan and cry over the abominations that are done.
AND THE WEAPONS CAN NOT TOUCH THOSE WITH THE SEAL!  Okay, this is just like the SEAL in Revelation 7, okay, those that are SEALED, and then when we SEE the Plagues….you SEE the Locusts, okay?  THE LOCUST CAN NOT TOUCH THOSE WITH THE SEAL! Okay?
So Daniel had something similar, where he was the Remnant, crying out for the Abominations that were taking place and then he of course, WAS NOT SUBJECT TO THE JUDGEMENT AND PLAGUES!  But then, you know, he goes to Babylon FIRST!  Okay? So we can SEE that Daniel  probably is One that was SEALED, by the Men in White Linen!
Now, once we get into Daniel, chapter 4, DANIEL IS RECOGNIZED AS HAVING THE SPIRIT OF THE HOLY gods!
Okay, Daniel in whom is the spirit of the holy gods.  He was master of the magicians (Daniel 5:1). (18:28 min mark) So now, this word: Holy, you can SEE in the Aramaic: Qadiys, or it’s the Hebrew word: Qadiys( ?)!  So Holy, QADIYS!  QADIYS can mean Holy, it can also mean: SAINTS!!  So you can interpret this word, Holy, you can also SEE this translated many Times as the SAINTS!!
So, when Daniel was taken to Babylon, he interpreted the DREAMS, he was RECOGNIZED….HE WAS RULER OVER THE CLASS OF, YOU KNOW, THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF PROPHETS AND STUFF….MAGICIANS, alright? But he was Recognized as having the Holy, you know, God is: Elohim.  So he had the Holy…..he was coming from the Spirit (Ruach) of the Holy ELOHIM!
So they Recognized Daniel, and place him RULERSHIP over those that would interpret dreams and do things like that, right?  Okay, well back in Daniel, chapter 3:21, the Hebrew boys were Clothed in Linen!  It doesn’t say specifically, Linen, but what is says is, They had coats, trousers, turbans.  Okay, so what they have in GARMENTS!
But they were of the Tribe of Judah, yet they had the Priestly Garments!!  Okay?  So they’re walking in WHITE!  They’re walking in AUTHORITY!!  They’re walking BY HAVING THEIR GARMENTS CLEAN IN BABYLON, AND IN DOING SO, IT’S JUST LIKE THE PROCEDURE IN ZECHARIAH, CHAPTER 3, OF HAVING THESE GARMENTS, GUYS!!  We have other video’s on that!  We’ll place links (See video Standing in the Courts of Heaven)!  But that’s WHAT THEY DID!  Okay?
Then they were thrown in the furnace and there was One in there, LIKE THE SON OF GOD!!  Okay?  So that’s the Councel!!  So they were PRESERVED, okay?  SO DANIEL BEGINS TO ENTER THIS COUNCEL OF THE SAINTS, alright?
And then we go back to Daniel 4:13, Nebuchadnezzar says, I saw in the vision a watcher.  Okay, now Watcher in Aramiac is like owr (?) or ear, okay (20:55 min mark). It’s a Watcher, it’s an Angel, and a Holy One come down from Heaven!  Okay?  So he SAW the vision….this is What we said, guys!  Is that, you know, THE ANTICHRIST IS ALSO SUBJECT TO THESE DECREES!!
And then he tells them, in verse 17, The matter is by decree of the watchers.  Okay, the Watchers, the irin, the ear, okay?  And by the demand by the word of the holy ones.  So this is a Councel, guys!  I HOPE YOU ARE BEGINNING TO SEE THAT!  So the Watchers is Angels and Holy Ones…. Qadiys, is the SAINTS!  Okay?
So Daniel has quickly entered this Counsel, answered this (22:05 min mark), being recognized as a SAINT himself, and also INTERPRETING WHEN THE WATCHERS AND THE SAINTS APPEAR IN VISIONS TO OTHERS!  So in Daniel 5:5, he does it AGAIN, in the Same Hour of the Watcher, of the fingers of a man’s hand wrote next to the candle stick: MENE MENE TEKEL PERES, okay?
So Daniel once again SAW THE ANGEL WRITING ON THE WALL!  Okay, THE FINGER OF GOD!  AND THE FINGER OF GOD ALSO WROTE ON THE TABLET’S  OF STONE!  Okay?  So Daniel is continuing in the Prophecies to recognize this Counsel, okay?  (22:45 min mark) Now we’re on page two of our notes, okay, and WHO THESE HOLY ONES ARE, okay?
So then, in Daniel, chapter 7, Daniel says, I came near to one of them that stood by.  So now there, he has these visions, and these visions….Men Clothed in White Linen,or Councel of the Saints APPEAR!  And I came to one of them that stood by and asked him the truth of this.  So the Men in White Linen give the INTERPRETATION!  SO HE TOLD ME THE INTERPRETATION AND THE THINGS, HE MADE KNOWN TO ME. Okay?  So that is Daniel, chapter 7!
Daniel, chapter 8 (verse 13), When I heard one saint. Okay, qadosh, holy one…saint, speaking to saint, qadosh, another holy one we have, two saints….remember how we SAW before how there’s TWO WITNESSES, okay, Two that are BEARING THE WITNESS TO THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS!  Okay, To that “Certain”.
Now I’m going to do this quickly, those that STUDY and that are interested in this, STUDY THIS, THIS IS AMAZING!! But IT IS NOT COMMON FOR ANGELS AND THEIR NAMES TO BE MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE!  But it is quite possible that this word, of one of these SAINTS called CERTAIN (? 24:01 min mark), okay, in the Arabaic is Palmowni, okay?  Now if we LOOK at the root of this word, okay, we can find……..okay, let’s continue the statement, and we’ll LOOK at the word in a second!
But, One saint speaking to another, who was speaking he said, How long is the vision?  Okay, we have the Two Saints and he’s asking the question, one saint to another, How long is the vision?  Alright?  And then, we’ll LOOK at those statements later, we can SEE here, we’re going to talk about the next verses!
(24:35 min mark)  But this one, Palmowni, okay, the Certain, is Strong’s Concordance, h6422, has a root word, 6423!  And, what we are getting at guys, when we do this STUDY, what we are showing you right here, is that there are things that are coded into the Scriptures!  That when you go to the Original language, okay, when we LOOK at his name, Palmowni, the Hebrew has root words!  So in the root words of this name, we LOOK at the root word, we can find that this Person or the Angel here, is types and shadows, his WAYS are found in other places in the Bible!
For example, in Ruth, chapter 4, THESE ARE THE ELDERS THAT BORE WITNESS TO BOAZ, OT THE KINSMEN REDEEMER!  So these are the Elders, and these Angels are like the 24 Elders in the Book of Revelation that explained to John the Prophecy, okay?  So we FIND One of them, with this WORD: PAWLAH, okay?
Pawlah, you can SEE here (25:54 min mark), a Certain, unnamed One……so this is in Ruth, okay?  And THAT root word is h6395, which means: SEPERATED, or TO SEVER, okay?  And this we showed you in the Book of Exodus, HOW THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL WERE SEPERATED FROM THE PLAGUES OF EGYPT!  Okay, SO THE PLAGUES HIT EGYPT, BUT THEY DIDN’T HIT THEM!
AND THAT THERE WOULD BE A SEPERATION, A SEVERING, A DISTINCTION, okay, BETWEEN EGYPT AND THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL!  Alright, and the Root Word of that is: WONDERS!  Okay now, if this is a little confusing, and you don’t know these words, or you’re a little lost here, let me just make it Simple!
Alright, you know the Soccer Player, his name is Pele, right?  Well that’s one of the ways we can pronounce this word and one of these words, is Pele!  So THINK ABOUT Pele’s name, BUT WHAT IT MEANS IS: WONDERFUL!  Okay?  So THAT COULD BE HIS NAME!   So even CHRIST, His name: WONDERFUL COUNSELOR!  So the word, Wonderful, is one of these…..(27:11 min mark)….I foget which one!  I think it’s, it’s either this one (h6383 Secret) or this one (h6382 pele)?
But is also means: Secret, okay?  I think it is this one, I think it is pele, h6382, I forget?  But anyway, THIS word is used again in Daniel, chapter 12, verse 6, When the end of these wonders.  Okay?  So that is WHY we consider this Angel, this Order of Angels, okay, IS THE ONE’S INTERPRETING THE PROPHECY!!! Okay, and the word can mean, Secret….Strong’s h6383, okay, which you can SEE in Judges 13:18!  Okay?  And there it’s: pilay, okay, it means: WONDERFUL!!
So his name was Secret, his name was Wonderful, okay?  So as we said, we can SEE the connection with this Saint…..Wonderful, with the two by the river, in Daniel, chapter 12, verse 5!  Okay?  When he asked, how long shall be these wonders?  Okay, piliy!
Now this is important, BECAUSE THIS IS HOW YOU INTERPRET THE SCRIPTURES!! Okay, I know many of the interpretations, things on this channel, that people don’t like, BUT I CAN PROVE IT!!  Okay?  I CAN PROVE IT BY STUDYING LIKE THIS, AND SHOWING THESE DETAILS!!  YES, THE TWO SAINTS THAT ARE IN DANIEL 8, ARE IN DANIEL 12!! Okay?
Now let’s continue with this, and another important word that we SEE here is the Alev and the Tav (28:49 min mark)! Okay, so in Daniel 8:15, When I Daniel had seen the vision.  That’s what it says when you read in English, but there is an UNTRANSLATED WORD, with the Alev and the Tav there!  Okay?  So now this is Alpha and Omega, this is a SIGNATURE HAPPENING HERE!!  Something VERY significant!
In the vision I sought for the meaning, behold there stood before me as the appearance of a man.  Okay, so DANIEL SOUGHT THE VISION OF ALEV TAV, THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS, IS THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY!  He sought the vision for the meaning, Behold stood by me the appearance of a man.  Now in Daniel 10:18, we know this to be Gabriel!
Okay, so Gabriel is there, and THEN ANOTHER VOICE FROM A MAN BETWEEN THE RIVER, CALLED AND SAID, HEY, GABRIEL, MAKE THIS MAN UNDERSTAND THE; ALEV TAV VISION, THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS!!  So the angel Gabriel then gives Daniel the interpretation, alright?  But what do we SEE?
WE HEARD A VOICE OF A MAN BETWEEN THE RIVERS!  Now who is that??? Well we are going to LOOK at that in a second,  be patient! Alright, now so we could SEE that those TWO GUYS, alright, that were on either side of the river, and then there was a voice ABOVE the river!  This makes sense when we get to Daniel 12, I Daniel look, behold there stood over two, one on this side of the bank of the river, one on that side of the bank of the river.
Okay, so now we are in Daniel 12, and he SEES TWO!!  Well these are the SAME TWO WE SAW in Daniel 8!  We can prove that in verse 6, And one said to the Man Clothed with Linen, who was upon the waters. Okay, so this is the Same thing we just read!  And I heard a voice of a man between the Ulai, the river, there was a voice, okay, between , okay, this is the river….there was a voice ABOVE that he didn’t SEE who it was, he just heard the voice up there!
Well in chapter 12, verse 6, One said, and said to the one clothed in white linen, who was upon the waters of the river. Okay, so he is either standing on the water, or above it, whatever…..HE IS THERE!!  And they asked him, HOW LONG SHALL BE THE END OF THESE WONDERS?  Okay, remember how we SAW the Wonders? Okay, the angels name, Wonderful….pele!!  Okay?
And I heard Alev Tav, Man Clothed in Linen.  When he held up his right hand and his left hand to heaven.  Okay, so again, we have a Man Clothed with White Linen with the SEAL….WITH THE AUTHORIZATION!!  Okay, and he held up his right hand and left hand to heaven.  Now that gives us the PLAYERS, those involved in the interpretation, in Daniel, chapter 8 and 12!
This is very, very important!  We are going to have to explain the Dates later in another video, but as we conclude, we showed you before the Ezekiel, chapter 9, Six men with weapons over the city, the one having the seal of God was Clothed in Linen, okay?  We got a whole video on that, that is one of the 4 Angels!  Okay?  We have a whole video just explaining that already, we’re not going to explain it here!
But as we conclude, we want to go back to the Testimony of JESUS!  Well, this is a Mystery, guys!  In 2 Timothy, chapter 4, verse 13, the apostle Paul is speaking to Timothy, and he says, Bring the cloak.  Now what we are going to suggest is that when he’s speaking to Timothy here, this is PROPHETIC!!
So he says, Bring the cloak!  We believe that to be the Shroud of Turin!  Yes, on this channel, WE BELIEVE THE SHROUD OF TURIN TO BE AUTHENIC!!  A link in the description field will show the Shroud of Turin Exhibit that is in Jerusalem!  We did a whole presentation and video on the Shroud of Turin in Jerusalem, okay, TO BE CHRIST!  WE ARE BEARING WITNESS TO CHRIST!! HE WAS THE ONE CLOTHED IN WHITE LINEN!
Okay and, THAT ACTUAL WHITE LINEN WOULD EXIST TO OUR DAY, TO GIVE A TESTIMONY OF JESUS!  Okay?  Which is the Spirit of Prophecy!  He said, bring the cloak …bring the Shroud of Turin, that I left in Trogs (?), with Carpus, and when you come, bring the books. Okay?  Especially the parchments….the sheepskins!  So the Books we believe to be the Dead Sea Scrolls!
So that in the End of Days, the Shroud of Turin will bear Witness to the Testimony of JESUS, which is the Spirit of Prophecy, and the Dead Sea Scrolls….would also bear Witness that CHRIST is HIMSELF THE MESSIAH!!
So thanks for watching!!  These are the Men Clothed in White Linen, okay?  The White Linen, is also described as the Righteousness of the Saints!  I encourage you guys to PLEASE, FOLLOW THE OTHER MESSAGE WE’RE GONNA HAVE!  We’re gonna have these notes here (34:22 min mark), and we’re also gonna have the previous video’s and series!
Now, the BEST thing to do is, I know it’s takes a lot to download video’s and things like….I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DOWNLOAD VIDEO’S!  If you can’t do that, get all of these notes and the PDF files, okay?  What you can do is you can just reference those, where we have discussed this, okay?  Because all we are doing, we are just showing you the Bible, just showing you the Prophecy!
We’re showing you THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS, HE IS THE MAN CLOTHED IN WHITE LINEN, and then there is also the Counsel of the Saints, of those Clothed in White Linen!
This will be part of our playlist, 1260 Days, THE LAMB REIGNS, 1260 DAYS, and the Angelic Orders around the Throne, in the Book of Revelation and throughout the Scriptures!  So guys, THANKS FOR WATCHING!  And as we say, FEAR GOD!  GIVE GLORY TO HIM!!  FOR THE HOUR OF HIS JUDGEMENT IS COME!  WORSHIP HIM THAT MADE THE HEAVENS, THE EARTH, THE SEA, AND THE FOUNTAIN OF WATERS!  Amen!  ~Leeland Jones
Standing in the Courts of Heaven: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8W8XhKdUvY&t=0s
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