"None that put their trust in Him shall be overcome." (1 Maccabees 2:61; John 3:14-16)

Plague 》Pharmakeia 》Mark of the Beast

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Plague 》Pharmakeia 》Mark of the Beast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cblW-X-dkPg

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from video:

In this message, we are going to talk about what’s going on!  Guys, Youtube is starting to remove video’s, including mine. So, what I am going to have to do, is use some words in the video, and we are going to do a Bible study, and we are going to use the words in the Bible. Okay?  We are not going to use the words that are circulating in this present madness!

Now, as we get into this message, I want to start with the answer.  The Solution!  Okay!  First off, I want to address Believer’s in Jesus Christ that are watching this, okay?  For all of you that are believer’s in Jesus Christ, the problems that are facing you are not the Beast!  There not the Antichirst!  They are not Mystery Babylon!  The PROBLEM IS YOU!  Okay? The Scripture always speak of spiritual problems as being INTERNAL!

The external things in this world, are not the problem!  The problem is YOU!  You have been living your own selfish little life, in your own selfish little world, not knowing you are in the Apocalypse, and now  you are here and your world is being shut down!  Okay?  Now, of course if you had known this and you had knowledge of this, okay, the thing that we have to do is not in  physical problem, it is a spiritual problem. It’s an internal problem!  It’s a heart issue!  Alway’s in the Bible it’s HEART’S ISSUES, okay?  So, it is US, we are the problem!

So, when He said, if I send the locust, okay?  If I send no rain!  If I send the PESTILENCE, okay or Plague!  So that is one of the words in this video, we are going to use Plague.  And then what did He say?  He said, If My people which are called by My name, will turn from their wicked ways!  Okay, that’s INSIDE! That’s NOT outside!  The wicked ways are not outside!  The Wicked ways can not touch you!  But they can, if the wicked ways are INSIDE, understand?  If they will call upon MY NAME, THEN I will hear from Heaven and heal their land.

So, that is what the answer is!  The answer is also behind me (2:22 min mark).  Okay?  And you can see that it is PASSOVER!  And Passover, there’s a 10th Plague!  The 10th Plague is the Destroyer!  Okay?  Now, in Revelation, chapter 9, In the 5th Trumpet, there is a Destroyer!  Okay, he is called Apollonian.  Okay, he is called Abbadon, in the 5th Trumpet, he was the King over the locust.  Okay, that is what is going on!  It’s this JUDGING, and God is judging the world, and that is this Destroyer.

But, we must go back to the Exodus story.  The 10th Plague was a PLAGUE! Okay?  And like it or not, there is a Plague! AND, what was the answer?  The ANSWER IS THE SACRAFICE OF JESUS CHRIST, HE IS THE LAMB OF GOD THAT WAS WITHOUT SPOT, THAT GAVE HIS LIFE AS A SACRAFICE FOR OUR SINS!  It is very simple!  That is the Gospel!

Now, what happened is, the Jews had to slay a lamb, on the 14th Day of Nissan. They were instructed to slay a lamb, and take the blood of the lamb, and put it on the doorposts!  (3:45 min mark)  You can see on the door behind me, I found red paint on some wood, and I put that up!  Why?  Because it is PASSOVER!  IT’S BY THE BLOOD!  So, I want you to listen to the SYMBOLISM of Revelation, chapter 12! It’s Passover!  Okay?  It is Passover!

Now, they had to put the blood on the door post. Now this is SPIRITUAL!  But, I am illustrating this physically so you can see it.  Because  MOST OF YOU CELEBRATE EASTER WHICH IS A PAGAN FEAST, WORSHIPPING SATAN! This is the True Feast of the Revelation of knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrafice for us, when we put the blood on the door posts of our HEART!  Okay, cause WE ARE THE TEMPLE!  Okay?  We are the HOUSE!  You can see this house and you can see this door, and you would place the blood upon the door posts, upon the sides, and upon the top!  (4:47)  Here is a closer view of our blood on the door posts!  Glory to HIS name!

And then, and that plague, when that plague hit, the Destroyer passed over!  That’s what Passover means!  The Destroyer passes over!  So you guys, in this time, IT’S BY THE BLOOD THAT WE OVERCOME!  In Revelation, chapter 12, it speaks of this woman.  Okay?  It speaks of those that Overcome by the Blood of the LAMB!  That’s PASSOVER!! Okay, that is taking the blood.  That is taking the KNOWLEDGE of what Jesus Christ has done for us, and applying it!  Okay, you do not have to physically do it, like this.  Okay, you don’t physically slay and animal, His blood was already shed!  HE ALREADY WAS A SACRAFICE!

We are just  doing this to illustrate to you so you can SEE, so you can UNDERSTAND!  Why do we do this?  We do this because then the Destroyer must pass by our house!  MUST PASS BY OUR BODY!  Okay?  That’s how we…that’s how we  answer a spiritual problem with a spiritual answer!  And, the spiritual answer is Jesus Christ! He is the answer for EVERYTHING that is going on!  Okay?

So, it says, that they Overcome, in Revelation chapter 12,  by the Blood of the Lamb!  PASSOVER!  Keeping Passover!  And, by the word of, autos, in the Greek.  Autos, is normally translated, His or Him!  Okay, so it is His blood, okay?  Your blood didn’t save anybody from sins!  It is HIS blood!  And, it’s the Word of His Testimony, NOT your testimony!  Okay?  That’s how we Overcome!  Okay, now we are dealing with this Time, and this is how we take the KNOWLEDGE of the FEAST of PASSOVER, pascha, okay, in this time, it is very, very critical!

Now, if you are watching this, we have already gone by this Day!  Okay?  And we have been leading this Plague  that has been going on, and we have been leading to this Day.  Now, if you say, I didn’t know that Time!  I don’t know how to keep the Passover!  Okay?  DO COMMUNION!  Okay, you see we have a bottle of wine there, and a glass….DO COMMUNION!  COMMUNION IS PASSOVER!  Okay?  It’s….just read it, it’s His blood that was shed for you, so we keep Passover!  So now, when we have the blood on the posts, okay, but then it’s His blood of the New Covenant for us! Okay?  And that is what communion is, it’s done specifically on Passover! Okay?

So, Passover is a Week, and we are still in that week (Passover 2020).  And so, do Communion!  And get BREAD THAT DOES NOT HAVE YEAST IN IT!  Okay, that is another thing, get bread with no yeast.  It is called, Unleaven bread.  Do that!  Okay, now, let’s get into this message!

First, we want to explain to you that you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, you don’t know any of these things I am talking about, UNDERSTAND THAT THE BIBLE HAS SPOKEN OF EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD TODAY!  Okay?   Yes, there’s MANY CONFUSING ANSWERS FROM CHRISTIANS, that say this, that say that.  It’s very confusing and it’s hard for you to find one answer!  Okay, what we are going to try to do, is to continue to narrow down the answer, of exactly what is going on, so you can see it!

Now, because we are in this time and we knew this would happen, where we are being censored and video’s are being removed from Youtube, please stop whatever you are doing, and look at the screen. Because, what we are going to have to do, in this video, when you see…..(Corona Virus) you see what we are saying here,  instead of using that word, we are going to use this word (Plague).  Okay?  So we are going to say this (Plague)!  So, stop what you are doing and look at the screen, because you will not understand this video as we go through….so we are going to say this (Plague), but it means this (Corona Virus).

Okay, we are going to say this: Pharmakeia, okay, but it means this (Vaccine).  Now, if you use these words, they are going to, you know, block, censor, and everything else, so, what we are going to say, we are going to say Plague, we are going to say Pharmakeia.  But when we do, keep in mind of what it means, it means this, Pharmakeia, means this (vaccine), when we get into the video, becasue those are the things that we are going to talk about, in this video.

Okay, so what we have, we have a situation, we have this Plague on our hands.  Why?  I shown you the answer!  The answer is  the Testimony of Jesus Christ, it is His blood…by His blood we OVERCOME!  Okay, first and foremost!  Now, you must understand what is going on in the prophecy! Okay? So, let’s take a look at the prophecy, and go through what this word in Greek is, Pharmakeia!  So you can see, we said this word and were saying Pharmkeia. Now, when you read the King James version of the Bible, it says, Sorcery!  Okay?  And the word, Sorcery, that we read in the King James, comes from a Greek word which is Pharmkeia!  That’s where we get the word in  English  for Pharmacy.  Okay?

So, we have this word, Pharmkeia, and this is what we are going to continually use throughout this video, of this word, Pharmkeia.  Now what does it mean?  It means Sorcery.  It means, Magical Arts!  And it is found in DECEPTIONS, and SEDUCTIONS, AND MEDICATION….IT MEANS POISONING!  Okay?  Now, let’s remember what Pharmkeia meant,  what we described to you before.

Now keep in mind, that the people are Deceived into taking the Mark of the Beast!  THEY ARE DECEIVED!  Okay?  By how?  By SORCERY!  By PHARMKEIA!  And once they take it, THEY REFUSE TO REPENT!  We can see that in Revelation chapter 9, verse 21: Neither repented they of their Sorceries!  Pharmakeia!  So, what that means is, when you take the Pharmakeia, or the Pharmakeia is taken, the people WILL NOT REPENT…IT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST! Okay?

Now, we are beginnig to see, more and more Clearly, how this can related to buying and selling!  Because, there is going to be a digital currency and you will NOT be able to buy or sell, unless you have the Pharmakeia, understand?  But, what it’s going to do, the people will REFUSE TO REPENT!  Because the Mark of the Beast, once they take the  Mark of the Beast, they will refuse to repent!  And the ONLY desitination for them, AFTERWARDS, IS THE LAKE OF FIRE!  It’s very clear what the Scripture say!

Now you say, How is this possible?  How could this be?  That is why we are doing video’s like this, so you are clear, and so you can understand, okay?  There are characters in the Bible called the False Prophet, and there is a character called, the Beast.  And what it says is that they DECEIVED the people into taking the Mark of the Beast!  Sometimes when we do these video’s people say, No, that is NOT the Mark of the Beast, because for whatever reason!  NO!  THE PEOPLE ARE DECEIVED!  Okay?  And remember, the Pharmakeia, IS GOING TO BE MANDITORY!  WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PROVE IT TO BUY OR SELL, and that’s WHY  everything that is going on!

But, it is by Pharmakeia, in Revelation 18:23, actually….let’s go there and read all of it!  In Revelation 18:23, because…Babylon is FALLEN!  Okay, in verse 21, actually go back to 21, it says, BABYLON IS THROWN DOWN, and SHALL BE  NO MORE!  That is what we are dealing with!  Babylon is fallen!  Okay?  Where’s Babylon?  It’s THE WHOLE EARTH!

(Revelation 18:22) ….The voice of the harpers, and the musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more. Everybody is in LOCKDOWN, Babylon has fallen!  There’s NO craftsman! Okay?  Nobody is working!   …Shall be found anymore in you; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more.  THAT IS FOOD!   The millstone is the wheat, and now they are going to control…there is no way to get the food to the people!  Why?  Babylon is Fallen!  And so the merchants, okay in verse 15, the merchants that were rich by her,  stand afar for the FEAR of her torment, wailing, (16) And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen,…(17) For in an hour so great riches are come to nought, And every shipmaster, and every ship and sailors, that trade by the sea,  stood a far off, (18) crying.

(2020  lockdown) You guys, all the ships are stopped!  All the airplanes are stopped!  All the merchants are stopped!  THAT’S BABYLON FALLING!  That is exacty what you are seeing!  That is exactly what the Scriptures say!  Okay?  Now, once Babylon has fallen, it says (Revelation 18:23), The light of a candle shall shine no more….and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more.  Okay, BUYING AND SELLING, this is what I am saying!  The PROBLEM IS YOU!  You’re just going about your plans, buying and selling, giving in marriage, making plans….in 5 years I am doing this, 10 years I am doing….IT’S ALL OVER!  IT’S SHUT DOWN! Okay?

(Revelation 18:23) And…for your merchants were great men of the Earth!  Now, what is going to happen is, all the merchants of the Earth, the great big companies, tech companies, and everything else, their going to maintain the control and working with the govenments!  …FOR BY YOUR SORCERIES….Pharmakeia, WERE ALL THE NATIONS DECEIVED!  By what? The Pharmakeia…the nations are DECEIVED!  Okay?

Now, I also want to point out, that in Revelation chapter 16, okay, we have Bowls being poured out.  Okay?  Revelation 16:2 And the first went, and poured out his BOWL upon the earth; and there fell EVIL, GREIVOUS SORES upon men.  Now, we have these sores!  Now Why would we have these sores?  What is going on?  The sores are upon the men that had the Mark of the Beast, and upon them that worship the Beast.  So, there are sores, there are repercussions to those that take this Pharmakeia! Okay?  And you can see, that they have evil sores!  Boils!  There’s terrible skin conditions that come as a result of taking this Pharmakeia!    Okay, this is TERRIBLE!


And, REPEATEDLY WE ARE WARNED ABOUT REPENTING!!! That’s why we started in this video, the problem is YOUR STATE!  YOUR CONDITION!  REPENTING OF YOUR IDOLS…OF YOUR EVIL DEEDS!  Revelation 9:20 And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues, repented not of their works of their hands, that they should not worhip devils!  Okay?  So WE HAVE TO REPENT!  Okay?  NOT ONLY FOR YOURSELF, FOR OTHERS, because NOW IS THE TIME OF THIS INSTITUTION OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST!  It’s HAPPENING!

What I am showing you is exactly, how it happens!  Okay, it is through the PHARMAKEIA!  Now, it is Mystery Babylon, this is a video that’s part of a playlist called, Mystery Babylon.  And, it is really important that you understand Mystery Babylon and Jezebel!  Okay, JEZEBEL, gets the people into IDOLATRY..THROUGH WITCHCRAFT!  Okay?  Through PHARMAKEIA!

Now, you can see in Revelation chapter 2, you have the church of Thyatiera, and they are warned  about Jezebel!  And she causes the servants to, she causes the church to commit fornication, and eat things sacraficed to idols.  That’s EASTER!  That is why the Antichrist is talking about Easter! Okay?  Because those are FALSE GODS!  Easter is NOT WORSHIPPING JESUS CHRIST!  It has nothing to do with the proper timing of Passover!  It’s a different..it’s a Feast!  It says the Antichrist will change the Season and the  Laws!  Okay?

So that’s happened!  That’s Easter!  Okay, that is Esther’s, I mean, in the book of Esther, BEFORE Esther comes on the scene, there is a Queen called, Vashti.  Vashti holds a Feast!  The King says, Come to my Feast!  She says, NO, I AM GOING TO DO  MY OWN FEAST!  Okay?  And she is DIVORCED!  VASHTI IS THE CHURCH!  DIVORCED!  OKAY?  KEEPING EASTER!  Okay?  That’s why we are showing you things PROPERLY!  Trying to get you away from the IDOLS, GET YOU STOP WORSHIPPING SATAN!  Get you to WORSHIP JESUS CHRIST AND THE WORK HE HAS DONE!  Okay?  And HOLINESS!  Alright?

So, the Mystery Babylon is a real ENTITY!  It is a real Force! It is influencing everything around you!  That is why everything is shut down! Now, we find her in many verses, but in Nahum chapter 3, verse 4, By the multitude of the whoredoms of  the wellfavored harlot, the mistress of witchcraft that sells the nations through her whoredoms, okay?  Okay, so she sells, and the families through her witchcraft!   Okay, WITCHCRAFT IS SORCERY!  So, this is the Old Testiment.  The Old Testiment is Hebrew!  And in the Hebrew, this is KESEP……MAGIC…..SORCERY!  And….this is the LOCUST PLAGUE!

(Nahum 3:15) Make yourself as many as locust, verse 16, You have multiplied your merchants above the stars of heaven: the cankerworm spoils, and flies away. (17) The crown are as the locusts, and your captain.  So, you can see that Mystery Babylon is associated with the Locust’s, and the Crown!  Remember, CORONA means CROWN!  IT’S A SOLAR ECLIPSE!  When you have the sun during the day and the moon passes before the sun, if it’s a perfect Eclipse, okay, it will  PERFECTLY GO IN THE SAME DIAMETER OF THE MOON, IN FRONT OF THE SUN, AND MAKE A CROWN!  A CORONA!  Okay?

Now, when it does, that’s an Eclipse!  There was an Eclipse in December 26, 2019, that was scene in CHINA!   Now, it wasn’t a Full Solar  Eclispe, but we have a sign, and a marker, because  Revelation talks about that!  So, that is why we are clearly in this Time of this locust.  That’s why we are doing all these video’s, all these teachings!

Now, in Isaiah….in fact, let me just show you real quick, the PATH OF THE ECLIPSE! (20:42 min marker)

The December 26, 2019, Annual Solar Eclipse!  And the path you are seeing right now, did pass by China!  As you can see, a portion in China, it was visible…so it did darken the sun there!

Now let’s look at some more examples of this Pharmakeia, in Revelation.  Because there are  different kinds of versions of this word, Pharmakeia.  One of them is, Pharmakois, and that is the Sorcerer.  So the Pharmakeia is the actual potion, or whatever it is, the witchcraft.  But then, there is the person that does it, that is a Sorcerer, or Pharmakois.

And we find that in Revelation 21:8, The sorcerers, and idolaters, and the liars!  So keep in mind, that sorcery, idolatry, Jezebel, witchcraft, there all connected!  All this stuff, guys!  Illegal DRUGS, you have to really get off these things!  But the ones that do it, the sorcerer’s, shall have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone: this is the second death.  That is Revelation 21:8!  Okay?  That is the destination for the Pharmakeous.

Then we also find this word in Revelation 22:15, for without!  Without what?  Outside of the City…. Outside of NEW JERUSALEM, without are DOGS, SORCERERS …PHARMAKOIS, WHOREMONGERS, MURDERERS, IDOLATERS, WHOSOEVER LOVES AND MAKES A LIE!  Okay?  So, that’s what  the result of this Pharmakois.  And that’s the sorcerer, the one doing this type of thing.  So, we also find this as part of Mystery Babylon, Mystery Babylon is found in many places.  Let’s take a look at Isaiah chapter 47, Come down sit in the dust O daughter, virgin daughter of Babylon, Mystery Babylon.

Verse 5, For you should no longer be called the lady of kingdoms.  Verse 7, You said, I shall be a lady forever, so that you did not lay these things to heart, neither did you remember your later end.  We can see the destruction of Mystery Babylon, in Revelation chapter 17.  For the multitude of your SORCERIES!  For the abundance of your ENCHANTMENTS!  This is WITCHCRAFT!  This is Pharmacy, okay?

Stand now with your enchantments and with the multitude of your sorceries, where you have labored from your youth.  If so, though shall be able to prosper when, if so you will be able to prevail.  So, basically, the witchcraft that’s being performed on the people’s, Mystery Babylon, will be JUDEGED, AND NOTHING WILL SAVE HER!  So also, let’s remember is the Exodus, Moses had the  staff, okay?  He had the calling!  But then you also has the Socerer’s, okay, in Egypt, alright?  PERFORMING SIMILAR THINGS!  But, Moses staff, he ate the staff of the Sorcerer’s!  Alright?

And, verse 13 of Isaiah 47, we are still there, You are worried by the multitude of your council’s. Okay, the United Nations!  Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up and save you from the things that will come upon you. So guys, WE HAVE BEEN WARNED ABOUT THIS!

In 2 Peter chapter 2, verse 1, For there were FALSE PROPHETS also among the people, even as there are FALSE TEACHERS!  (verse 3) Through covetousness they shall with feigned words make merchandise of you.  Okay, that’s the WHOLE PROSPERITY GOSPEL, all these guys, they made merchandise of us, okay?  And these are the…not just merchandise, these are the merchants!  Okay, the MEGA CHURCHES, THEIR ALSO PART OF THIS!

Okay, this word in the Greek, alright, is buying and selling!  Okay, merchandise!  Trading!  Alright? So that’s what they have done to us, the Apostate Church, THEY HAVE NOT PREPARED US FOR THE BOOK OF REVELATION, FOR THESE TIMES!  Now these Times are here!  Now guys, the things I have been telling you are the Truth!  And many of you will say, No, no, it is not like that….your life is going to be….THIS IS THE HOUR OF JUDGEMENT! Alright?  And, you know,  you are going to come back to me, and eventially, whether you say it to me in a comment or not, you are going to be like, You know what Leeland, you are right!  This is really bad! And…IT IS GOING TO GET WORSE!

So, WHAT DO WE DO?  That is why I am telling you what we do!  Now guys, Don’t say, DON’T SAY THIS WHOLE THING IS A HOAX, and don’t say ANY OF THAT! Guys, keep in mind all of the things I am telling you is True!  And you might think, Ah…whatever Leeland!  You know, you got it made!  We have all these problems!  LISTEN….WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO IS, THEY ARE GOING TO USE THIS THING TO TARGET PEOPLE!

Now, keep in mind….many of you think I live in Israel!  I DON’T LIVE IN ISRAEL, it’s a terrible place for me to be!  Okay?  I’m considered a “END TIMES” terrorist!  Okay, there’s  programs that they have about this.  And they POISONED ME!  That’s right!  They poisoned me!  This happened in November, alright, and  basically  they track and follow me all of the time, and they follow me with lots of spy’s and different people.  And they told me they were going to do this!  All these spy’s, I see them all the time, I see….and I am, I know you are a spy!  And they still come around and.  But they commucate in a round about way, they will tell you a story of something else, but they are really speaking to you directly!

And so one of the spy’s told me that they were going to poison me!  And, they told me a story about someone they’d poisoned, and then they died of Cancer, in like a month!  And I am like, Great!  Oh well!  And I get MAD!  I get like errrr!  And so, I stay in hostiles, I stay in different places, and I knew this, but I, I didn’t think in my mind, and I forgot and I left my waterbottle out, and they poisoned it!  Okay?  They put in something, I don’t know what it is, guys!  I don’t know the details. But, it doesn’t have any taste.  But, I felt like I was drunk on wine, for like 3 weeks!  Okay?  And I could not function, I could not walk in a straight line, I could not think straight, it was NOT NORMAL, guys!  I am perfect health!

Very seldom do I even get a common cold!  Okay?  Except for if I am a cold environment!  I have NO health issues!  Okay?  So, if I just disappear and, Oh, Leeland died of, you know, I have no health problems!  Okay?  They killed me!  Alright, if you see somethings happen to me, and, Something happened to Leeland Jones…they killed me!  They poisoned me, okay?  So, they did poison me, and that was in November and I didn’t know it was going to happen.  I thought I might die!   But, I was like Pissed Off!  So, I was alright, I am going to tell the people about your Synagogue again!  Alright?  And right when I did that video, guys, I was bedridden for 3 Days, I couldn’t even, I couldn’t even function!  But,I am not in the video, when you see the update on the Synagogue.

So then, I didn’t know what, what was the deal…some of these things happen and then they trigger them much later!  So, I am completely fine, I have no problems like that. But they said, Look, we are going to do this to you, you have to STOP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!  THEY TRIED TO  SCARE ME AND INTIMIDATE ME!  And, I was like, KILL ME, I don’t Care!  I AM STILL GOING TO TELL THE SAME THING!   So guys, I will tell you more about this stuff, um..cause….the reason WHY I am telling you this, is THEY ARE GOING TO USE THIS PLAGUE AS A COVER TO TARGET PEOPLE, okay?  That’s what they did to me! Alright?

And, it’s not jus Israel!  Okay, if I go to another country, they have people there too!  And it happened to me in another country as well!  So, it is not just limited to Israel!  This is a WORLDWIDE PROGRAM THROUGH INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES TO TRACK AND TARGET PEOPLE DOING END TIMES STUFF!  Okay?  And I learned about this whole thing in Israel!  The spy networks!  I can tell you many details!  But, anyways, what I am trying to get at, is WE ARE ALL BEING IDENTIFIED, okay?  These are the things….and how it works, is through this (cell phone), they can track everything through this!  Alright? And now we are going to be in a Time guys, I don’t know how long I am going to do this!  I don’t know how long….I am trying to get all this content, get it organized, so you can get the notes and this whole channel, because my public work here might just be finished!  I dont’ know…I don’t know what is going to happen!  And that is why I am trying to do this, this all at this time, okay?

But what I am trying to tell you, some of you may have some of these things happen to you, like what I am talking about.  And what they are going to do, is they are going to target certain people, and say, Oh, so and so, died of this virus!  Okay?  But, you know, they are going to specifically do that, alright? They already are doing it!  Right?  And so alot of people…Oh, so sorry someone, so and so died, and..blah, blah, blah…..!  No, this is part of the plan, PART OF THE COVER of this thing!  To target certain people!

So, that’s why I am telling you the things I am telling you, are not just….they are real!  I am going through them! I’m gone through Tribulation type things where I have been targeted, their threatening to kill me, they’ve poisoned me, and they did it… successfully, okay?  So, don’t say that the stuff going on in the world is a hoax, it is not really happening!  NO!  There are people that are really dying, and this thing is really going on!  Okay?  But, I want you to know that, okay?  That’s what…and I don’t…and I want you to get this information, and TELL PEOPLE, not so much about my story…..I want you to tell them about the Pharmakeia!

UNDERSTAND IT!  LEARN THE STORY!  TELL PEOPLE WHAT IS GOING ON!  Okay?  This is Revelation 13!  It is instituted!  It is going down!  Okay, they are just waiting for the fear, waiting for this thing to spread, okay, and then in a few months, then there is going to be MANDITORY PHARMAKEIA! Okay, everyone is going to have to take that! Then if you Don’t, you’ll have to …you know…you can’t use CASH!  Okay,  cashless society!  Why? Because the Plague passes through money, so someone has the plagued and they touch money, and they are like, Ah, the money is gone!  You can’t have paper money!  Now, you are going to have to use something else!  Okay?

So it’s now necessary a chip!  It could be a card, that you have to prove….and say, okay, this is their card. This is my evidence and proof that I have taken the Pharmakeia…and then you can enter the Super Market!  You can do whatever!  The details we’ll see!  We are  seeing more and more information all the time…..lot’s of DIS-INFORMATION!  I am just telling you this is Pharmakeia!  PHARMAKEIA  IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST!   Okay, we can see the sores, we can see all this!  We can see the answer is in Jesus Christ!

So the thing I want to tell you, is to  REPENT!  Okay?  If you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, I want you to consider what’s going on in the world is Exactly what the Book of Revelation said, and PLEASE REPENT!  PLEASE TURN TO JESUS CHRIST WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART! Okay?  Learn about this stuff, okay?  MANY OF YOU, YOU DON’T HAVE ANY CLUE ABOUT ANY OF THIS, BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT THAT YOU WOULD JUST BE RAPTURED!  Okay, this is going down!  This is exactly what we were told!

But you said, Oh, I am not going to be here!  You told other people that you were not going to be here! Well, you are here!  Okay, IT IS GOING DOWN!  Now, you can try to deny it and all that stuff but, you know, things are just going to get worse and worse for you!  And you are just going to be brought lower and lower, and humbled, lower and lower, UNTIL YOU REPENT! Okay?  That is what this is, guys!


Mystery Babylon:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gb7LQVa88HN62FoyBt09U83

C0r0n@v1ru$ Locust Army:   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gYhnxdZK7J0zxI35taHdGg8

Destroyer Apollyon, Abaddon:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h0b782iR74&t=0s

Blog: https://overcominglymedisease.com/plague-%e3%80%8bpharmakeia-%e3%80%8bmark-of-the-beast/



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