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When will the Third Temple be Built? When is the Sanctuary Given?

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When will the Third Temple be Built? When is the Sanctuary Given?: https://youtu.be/kY11S1RIdpo

Leeland Jones YouTube video posted on March 24, 2021, Transcribed: 
When will the Third Temple be built?  When is the Abomination of Desolation?  What does it mean when it says to, Give or Begin the Sanctuary?  And, what is the Sanctuary Fortress?  These are Scriptural descriptions in the Last Days of the Most Significant SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE in the End of Days, that there would be a 3rd Jewish Temple!  When we think of the 3rd Jewish Temple, many of you think of images like this (:50 second mark):
Architectural designs by the Temple Institute for the 3rd Temple!
However, it is possible that whence, once the Prophecy is fulfilled, IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THIS! IT DOES NOT  SCRIPTURALLY SAY, THIS IS WHAT WE WOULD EXPECT  TO SEE ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT!
WE DO EXPECT TO SEE SOMETHING ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT!!! We do expect to see a 3rd Jewish Temple, and that is what the Prophecy says, in the face of ALL THE CONFUSION, AND LIES, AND MISCONCEPTIONS OUT THERE!!
Now, the Prophecy has ALREADY HAPPENED WHERE WE HAVE SEEN PARTS OF THE 3RD TEMPLE BUILT UNDERGROUND, including the Ezekiel chapter 8, Assembly Hall for the Sanhedrin, and the Ezekiel Dining Hall that is described in the Book of Ezekiel!
So PARTS of the Temple are ALREADY BUILT!!!  Prophecy has already been fulfilled!!! BUT, what if it looks different then what we think, then what we anticipate?  Instead of a Big White Building, it also says a TABERNACLE!
Now, it MUST BE THAT AFTER 70 Years that  Israel is Born as a Nation, that these Prophecies would come into FORTITION, that the Antichrist would make a Peace Deal with Israel!  And that is what you see on this Coin, the Dove for the 3rd Temple!  So there WILL be something!!!  (2:16 min mark) It may not look like that, but it will happened!
As the Prophecy states and this Coin states clearly, ‘He has charged me to build Him a House in Jerusalem.’
So the Antihcrist made a Peace Deal with United States and Israel, to build a 3rd Temple!  In the Peace Deal it  has a SHARING ARRANGEMENT WITH SAUDIA ARABIA to take over, and that is why you see the Ambassador to the United States, David Freeman, with the 3rd Temple! There you can see the 3rd Temple, on that Temple Mount view!
So, there will be a 3rd Temple!  What will it look like?  What does the Prophecy say?  That’s what we are going to look at in this video!
Now Christ said in Matthew 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the Holy Place.  That is in the Temple or the Sanctuary!  Whosoever reads, let him understand.
So this is the Book of Daniel, we go to chapter 8, verse 13, I saw one saint speaking to  another saint,  and he said unto him, How long shall be the vision concerning the Daily Sacrifice?  When is the Transgression of Desolation, to Give Both the Sanctuary? And when is the host trodden under foot?
(verse 14)  And he said unto me, Unto 2300 days; then the Sanctuary is cleansed.
So we have some question’s here that we MUST UNDERSTAND!  We find other ANSWERS in Daniel 12 (verse 5) And Daniel looked, and, behold, there stood two, one on this side of the river, and the other on the other side of the river.  And (verse 6) Asked How long shall be the end of these wonders?
Now remember he said (Matthew 24:15), Whosoever reads, let him Understand.  Daniel 12:10, The wise UNDERSTAND.  And verse 11, And from the time of the Daily Sacrifice is taken away, unto the Abomination that make Desolate set up, is 1,290 days.
So we go back to Daniel 8:13, When is the transgression of Desolation, to Give the Sanctuary?  (Daniel 11:30) When they shall pollute the Sanctuary of strength, and take away the Daily Sacrifice, and place the Abomination that makes Desolate.
(4:24 min mark) Now, let’s look at this word: to POLLUTE!  It means to Profane.   It also can mean, to BEGIN, and  mostly it is translated: to BEGIN!  So we have the Beginning of the Sanctuary FORTRESS!  So look at this: (Daniel 8:13) When is the Transgression of Desolation? It’s when you Give the Sanctuary?   WHEN THEY WILL BEGIN THE SANCTUARY Fortress!
So did you see it?  THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION IS TO GIVE THE SANCTUARY, WHEN THEY WILL BEGIN THE SANCTUARY FORTRESS!  So important!  So there is a Giving of the Sanctuary!  There is a Beginning of the Sanctuary!  AND IT MUST BE ON THE FORTRESS…IT MUST BE ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT!!
So, When will the 3rd Temple be built?  It is when it is GIVEN, to Give the Sanctuary, to Begin the Sanctuary Fortress!
So there we can see clearly in the Prophecy  when the 3rd Temple will be built!  But let’s take a look at these Prophecies, and let’s look at them, like SCENES IN A PLAY!  And let’s look at those people involved, or Saints involved!
(5:30 min mark) So you SEE TWO SAINTS on either side of the river, in Daniel chapter 8, and in Daniel chapter 12.  You will look at Daniel chapter 8 (verse 13), it says, Then I heard one saint speaking to one saint.  That’s how it reads in the original Hebrew.  To a certain (palmoniy) which spake.
So really there is 3 people here in Daniel chapter 8!  Which is the same thing we see in Daniel chapter 12, when it says, Behold, there stood two, one on this side of the river, one on that side of the river.  And one said to the man clothed in linen.  You got the 2 saints on either side of the river, and you have another one, which is this Palmoniy, which we saw in chapter 8, which is the man clothed in white linen standing above the waters.
Okay, so we have a similar SCENE in Daniel 8, as in Daniel 12!  Very similar, we have two saints on either side of the river, very significant!  Now the TWO SAINTS, ASK THESE QUESTIONS:
1) How long shall be the vision concerning the Daily Sacrifice,
2) The Abomination of Desolation,
3) And to give the Sanctuary?  (So that’s the building of the 3rd Temple)
4) the Host Trodden under foot?  (Which is Revelation 19 and Armageddon!)
Okay, so these questions are posed to the Saint…the one clothed in white lined, also called Palmoniy!
 And he answered, in Daniel 8 (verse 14), And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then the sanctuary shall be cleansed.   Okay,  so here he is clearly giving us, the 1st answer to the question posed, 2,300 Days.
And he answers, in Daniel 12 (verse 11), From the time that the Daily Sacrifice is taken away, and the Abomination that makes Desolate is set up, there shall be 1290 days.  So Palmoniy is the same one speaking in Daniel chapter 8, as in Daniel chapter 12!
If you are wondering how to apply those DAYS, you are looking at it here (7:26 min mark)!  These would show us the Beginning of the Tribulation, and WHEN the Giving of the Sanctuary would be!
And let’s REMEMBER, Daniel had the PROMISE that he will REST and come to his LOT in the End of Days! So Daniel is also involved!  (7:45 min mark) And so we see his Prayer in Daniel 9:1, In the first year of Darius the son of Ahasuerus, the seed of the Medes, which was made king over the realm of the Chaldeans. (2) In the first year I Daniel understood by the books the number of years, whereof the word came to Jeremiah the prophet, that should accomplish 70 years in the desolations of Jerusalem. (3) I set my face by prayer, supplications, fasting, sackcloth, and ashes.
So Daniel IDENTIFIED something called: Cyrus Decree!  2 Chronicles 36 (verse 21) To fulfill the word of the Lord by the prophet Jeremiah, until the end of the sabbaths: for as long as the land lay desolate she kept her sabbath’s to be fulfill 70 years. (22) Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the Lord spoken by Jeremiah might be accomplished, the Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus the king of Persia, that he made a proclamation or Decree.  THIS IS THE CYRUS DECREE AFTER 70 YEARS!
Now, back to Daniel 9:23, At the beginning of your prayers, your supplications the Commandment went forth.  At the Beginning!  So Daniel came to 70 Years, and we know the Prophecy.
(Daniel 9:25) Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Mashiach….Messiah (Masiyah) the Prince shall be 7 weeks, and 62 weeks. MASHIACH IS CYRUS!  Isaiah 45:1, Thus saith the LORD to his anointed to Cyrus.
 So if there is a Cyrus Decree, and this is so important in the Last Days that these 70 Years will be fulfilled, we have to ask ourselves, WHO IS CYRUS?
In Isaiah 45, verse 1, it says, Unto my Anointed.  That in Hebrew is Mashiach!  Mashiach in the New Testament is Christos. So when we say, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, that’s the same in the Greek as, Iesou Christou…..the Messiah……Jesus Christ, in English!
So, to the Believer in Jesus Christ, the Cyrus FIGURE in the type and shadow of Cyrus in the Last Days, is CHRIST, HE IS THE MASHIACH!!
So NOW you can see, all the things on this Coin, relating to Cyrus PERFECTLY!  You can see, the 70 Years, to fulfill 70 Years!  And you can see the figure, Cyrus here!  You have the Lion, and this is Cyrus Scroll or Decree!  It’s an example of it that was sent to Babylon, alright?  So you can see that to some, Cyrus is Donald Trump!  That is WHY TRUMP IS THE ANTICHRIST, because….HE IS THE ANTI-CYRUS!!  And ‘he charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem.’
So it is through his Peace Deal, there you see the Dove and the Peace Deal!  Within the Peace Deal is a SHARING ARRANGEMENT ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT, FOR A CHANGE TO SAUDIA ARABIA  AND AN ARRANGEMENT FOR THE 3RD TEMPLE!  Now it may not look like this, but, YES, all of this is on this COIN!
So you can clearly see that they IDENTIFIED the 70 Years, when the Antichrist, it says in Daniel chapter 11, verse 45, He will move his palace into Jerusalem.  When he moves his palace…THAT IS HIS EMBASSY!!
So when the Antichrist moved the U.S. Embassy into Jerusalem, it was a SIGN of the Cyrus Decree to the Jews and to the Apostate Christians.  BUT TO THOSE THAT UNDERSTAND THE TIMES, This is the Beginning of the 70 Years that Daniel Prophesied about!
So again, to the best of my knowledge, the ONLY ones really IDENTIFYING these 70 Years as being 2017, is THIS CHANNEL AND THE SANHEDRIN!  So, these are Spiritual Concepts but then, we would have to have other evidence of when the Cyrus Decree takes place, we have Cyrus!
And then in the Prophecy, it talks about, The YEARS of Cyrus!  (12:53 min mark) You can SEE that when we read, you can SEE that this is the 1st Year of Darius!  Now in the UNDERSTANDING of the Prophecy, DARIUS AND CYRUS ARE THE SAME PERSON!!  It’s very important that you UNDERSTAND that Darius, in the 1st Year of Darius, that is the 1st Year of Cyrus….it’s the SAME, in the terms of UNDERSTANDING the Years of Prophecy.
Darius and Cyrus are the SAME!!  So when Daniel prayed, remember it said, It fulfilled the 70 Years, at the point Daniel PRAYED!  So it was AFTER 70 Years, Daniel IDENTIFIED Cyrus!
So once the Cyrus Decree was released, then the following Years, the Years following that, would be the Years of Cyrus, or Darius!  So you can SEE in 2020, the Sanhedrin, Cyrus my Anointed, they have this Coin:
And it’s a shindilek (?), which means 3rd!  So it’s the 3rd Year of Cyrus!!  So, 2020 was the 3rd Year of Cyrus, which we can SEE in Daniel, chapter 10, verse 1, In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a thing was revealed unto Daniel. So that is an significant Prophecy in Daniel chapter 10, verse 1!
REMEMBER, THAT CYRUS AND DARIUS  IN THE PROPHECY, IS THE SAME YEARS OF THE KING!  Keep that in mind, because then when we look to Zechariah, a very significant, chapter 7, verse 1, And it came to pass in the fourth year of king Darius, that the word of the Lord came unto Zechariah in the fourth day of the ninth month, which is Chisleu;
And….(Zechariah 8:9) Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Let your hands be strong, ye that hear in these days by the words of the mouths of the prophets, and the day the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid. So we actually have the Date of the Rebuilding of the Temple…or something related to it!  The 4th Day of the 9th Month, in the 4th Year. That’s PRECISELY what it SAYS here!
So we are actually getting in the Scriptures, in the Prophecies, the Precise Years, when the 3rd Temple will be built!  Now we are NOT saying that it looks like this (14:52 min mark), but we are getting close to the information on How we can discover when the Years, and Months, and the Days, that the 3rd Temple will be built!
As well, 1 Kings chapter 6, verse 37, In the fourth year was the foundation of the house of the Lord laid, in the month Zif.  So again, we have the 4th Year, just like we SAW the 4th Year of Darius, Cyrus!  Now here is a Mystery, because then it says, In the eleventh year, in the month of Bul, which is the eighth month, the house was finished throughout all the parts!
So it’s talking about the 4th Year, now it’s talking about 11 Years, so it did take Solomon 7 Years, it’s NOT going to take 7 Years to build the 3rd Temple, but what this is talking about, it’s another Timeline of Years and this is the 11 Years!
How is it that we can have 4 Years, or the 4th Year of the King, and the 11th Year?  Well basically Time is ALWAYS measured by the King, and when Christ returns, He fulfills Prophecies related to different king’s!
For example, the Book of Esther!  The king’s name is Ahasuerus!  We have the Ahasuerus Decree, we have the King’s Timeline listed in the Book of Esther (16:01 min mark). So the Book of Esther gives us the Years of the King!  Alright, then we can see we have the Cyrus Decree! We have the Cyrus Decree, we can see Precisely when it was!  It was the 24th Day of the 9th Month!
If you are tying to UNDERSTAND it in the Gregorian calendar, that’s when Donald Trump announced the moving of the U.S. Embassy, that was Confirming the Cyrus Decree {December 6, 2017}!
Then what we do, we count the Years AFTER that,  so 2018 is the 1st Year of Cyrus, 2019 the 2nd Year, 2020 is the 3rd Year of Cyrus, we showed you the Coin!  And then 2021 THIS YEAR is the 4th Year of Cyrus, the Years of the king’s, the Year of Cyrus or Darius!
And then we saw in the Prophecy it was the 4th Day of the 9th Month, and we are going to look at that in a second {Zechariah 7:1}!  But then we saw in the 11th Year it was the 8th Month {1 Kings 6:38}!  So, we will see in the Calendar, WHERE EXACTLY THESE ARE!!
Now, I am not going to go through all the Time, we have other video’s, but this is Daniel’s Timeline we saw the 4 Questions, we have the answer and the interpretation of the questions, here (17:10 min mark).
But basically, so you UNDERSTAND, here is the Daniel’s Timeline (17:16 min mark)!  So in the Timeline, as you can see the Day to Give the Sanctuary or the Abomination that makes Desolate is:  NOVEMBER 10th, 2021!!
{Fulfilled!  Please watch CLEANSE ANOINT THE SANCTUARY 2300 DAYS FULFILLED, posted at the bottom of this blog}
THIS IS NOT NEW INFORMATION, this is the same information we have been saying since 2015, when this STARTED: July 25th, 2015, WE ANNOUNCED DANIEL’S TIMELINE!! And, we have other video’s where we get into the details, How this PROVES the START of the Tribulation, September 22, 2017! The Daily Sacrifice being Taken….the Host Given, all these other details are in other video’s, we don’t have the Time here!
But we saw that the king, he reigned, he ruled over that Period of Time, and we can see it in the Book of Esther!  Alright, this also relates to the whole Book of Revelation, the way you UNDERSTAND it, is there’s 7 Good Years and 7 Bad Years!
So, the 7 Good Years, is the 1st 7 Years in the Book of Revelation, and then you have this 7  (Tribulation, 18:20 min mark)! So where we end up, is the 11th Year, in this process, that’s Year 2021! And that’s where you can see, you can see it says it right here, Abomination that makes Desolate!
So Abomination that makes Desolate, IT’S EITHER IN THE 3RD TEMPLE OR THE THIRD TEMPLE IS GIVEN!!  Now, how do we know that actual Days or what these Months are in the Time? Well, we need the ENOCH Calendar!
(18:49 min mark) So, in the Enoch Calendar, for the Year 2021, what you are looking at is the 8th Month and the 9th Month, just like it said in the Prophecy, remember what it said?  The Temple was finished in the 8th Month!
Now, in our Timeline of the Abomination that make Desolate, the Abomination, that’s November 10th! In November 10th, that’s the DATE when we have this.  {Fulfilled on November 10, 2021!}
But let’s remember the Prophecy also talked about the 4th Day of the 9th Month!  So this is a window of Time that we are WATCHING for something to happen for the 3rd Temple!!  Now the other SIGNS here, as you can see there is a Lunar Eclipse on the 5th Day!
It’s actually the 5th Day of the 9th Month!  On the 5th Day of the 9th Month, there is a PARTIAL Lunar Eclipse taken place. This is a Significant Lunar Eclipse in the Cycle of Eclipse’s, MARKING significant things in the End Times, okay? So what do we have?  We have November 10th (2021), the Lunar Eclipse is there on November 18th!  It happen’s at Night Time, so that’s 18th/19th depending?
Alright, so what are we getting at?  We are getting at: WE ARE WATCHING THE PROPHECIES BEING FULFILLED!!   We have seen:
the Daily Sacrifice being Taken Away {April 30, 2018} !
The Antichrist started his power, 42 Months {August 21, 2019}!
We SAW the Peace Deal {January 28, 2020}!
We’ve see the Mark of the Beast {December 8, 2020 Operation Warp Speed, and December 14, 2020 the Antichrist loses his dominion, all sealed by a Solar Eclipse, 7th Trumpet!}
We would have the 1335 Days, and then as we mentioned, we see this marker here (20:15 min mark), this circle, this is a Lunar Eclipse!  These are Eclipse’s, MARKING ALL THESE TIMES! As well as the 1335 Days, Blood Moon,  May 26th, 2021.
[After 1335 Days was a partial Solar Eclipse on June 10, 2021, which is the 1st Judgement Bowl with a sign of Jonah.
Luke11:29 And when the people were gathered thick together, he began to say, This is an evil generation: they seek a sign; and there shall no sign be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet.}
Then Abomination that Makes Desolate: November 10th, 2021 {Fulfilled, the Sanhedrin made anointing oil to anoint their messiah.}
So you can see then there’s a Solar Eclipse in the 9th Month,  that  you can see here (20:42 min mark)! In the 9th Month, that will be on December 4th. But, that is approaching the Feast of Hanukkah!  And there you can see what we are talking about!  So it said,11 Years, so when you count 11 Years in the 8th Month, the Temple was Finished!  So here we got the Abomination that make Desolate, or to Give the Sanctuary, or Begin the Sanctuary!
I am NOT SAYING what’s exactly going to happen, we will have to WATCH!  You have to WATCH and SEE, that is WHY I am sharing these Prophecies, so you REMEMBER them, and download  video’s like this and keep it, and you WATCH…WE’LL SEE!!
We have seen many of the things, they have happened and transpired, NOT ALWAYS THE WAY WE EXPECT!
SO YES, MANY PROPHECIES WILL BE FULFILLED!  The 1290 Days (Daniel 12:11)!  And the Abomination that makes Desolate!  When is the Transgression of Desolation, to Give the Sanctuary?  (Daniel 11:30) And they shall begin the Sanctuary Fortress!
And, if you don’t know about Daniel’s Timeline, and the things we shared, we have other video’s where we explain the details of Daniel’s Timeline!  How we came to these Dates and these Timelines, and the Prophecy being Fulfilled!
Many of these things we have seen! We have seen the Beginning of the Tribulation!  We’ve seen the Daily Sacrifice Taken Away!  And, significant, NOVEMBER 10TH, 2021, the Abomination that makes Desolate!
So we have other playlists on Daniel’s Timeline, on the 3rd Temple Playlist.  Many of the other things we have shown you that have already been fulfilled!
So REPENT, the Kingdom of God is at hand! THIS IS WHEN WE WOULD EXPECT TO SEE THE 3RD TEMPLE, REBUILT IN JERUSALEM, very, very soon!
So thanks for watching and God bless you!


When will the Third Temple be Built? When is the Sanctuary Given?: https://overcominglymedisease.com/when-will-the-third-temple-be-built-when-is-the-sanctuary-given-2/

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