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○ Sun Sackcloth ● Moon Blood – Menorah Eclipses of Apocalypse, (1)

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Sun Sackcloth, Moon Blood -Menorah Eclipse, by Leeland Jones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOaaDV19NrU

Notes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X_r1HctTrun6ARNteJ1AxRFCksHfs8eI/view

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage of the first 25 min:
And I will show wonders in the Heavens and in the Earth, blood, fire, pillars of smoke, the sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon shall be turned to blood, before the great and terrible day of YAHWEH (Joel 2:30-31)! Guys, in this video, we are going to talk about the sequence of the Sun turning to Sackcloth, the Moon turning to Blood.  That is a description of a Full Solar Eclipse and a Full Lunar Eclipse.
Now, if I asked you, What time is it?  And you looked at your watch and said, It’s whatever time…it’s twelve o’clock!  I would say, Okay, it is twelve o’clock.  HOWEVER, in the End Times, Christ says, YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE TIMES AND SEASONS (Matthew 16:3)!  That is what He told to the Scribes and Pharisees…and we have the SAME PROBLEM IN OUR DAY!  You do not understand and know how to DISCERN THE WATCH…THE TIME, okay?
Now, He has placed in the Heavens Eclipse’s, and ONLY THE  MOST HIGH CAN CONTROL ECLIPSE’S!   Those Eclipse’s can be understood by things He placed in the Temple, including the Menorah!  Okay, the Menorah you can see here has 7 branches (1:30 min mark).  It has something called, Almond Blossoms, you see here. These are Almonds,  they have budded now, they’re not blossoms, they are actual Almonds, they are called, Almond Bowls.  You see a Bowl, that was part of the Menorah, there were 22 of those!
Those 22 Almonds, okay, on the Menorah, are Eclipse’s!   Now, this tells us the PRECISE TIME, okay, of the Years, of the Timing by the Blood Moons and Solar Eclipse’s.  That’s what we are going to look at in this video, you could just see, I read to you Joel chapter 2, verse 30 and 31, The Sun shall be turned to Sackcloth, that’s a Full Solar Eclipse!  The Moon shall be turned to Blood, that’s a Full Lunar Eclipse! So, when you have a Full Solar Eclipse, followed by a Full Lunar Eclipse, this MARKS something, very, very significant for us in the Time!
That’s what we’re going to talk about in this video, however we’re going to talk about these Deep Mysteries, associated with the Menorah and the Almond Blossoms!  Okay, we have other video’s on this if this goes over your head, or you don’t understand it……  I encourage you to take a step back and go to some of the other video’s, and I will provide you the notes of everything in this, so you can take the time and study!
Guys, this Youtube channel is to give you the tools, the platform, so you can understand!  It’s not just to tell you, you know, everything about the Scriptures being fulfilled!  Yes, that is what we do, but then YOU MUST UNDERSTAND IT YOURSELF!  You must understand HOW to read the Times and the Seasons!  Okay? And we can see by this sequence, the Solar and Lunar Eclipse, it tells us the precise Time in the Years! That’s Correct, there is NO question about it!!   Alright?  Perfect ORDER!
So let’s first start off by getting into these situations, these instances, we are going to talk about 6 of them! We have Full Solar Eclipse followed by Full Lunar Eclipse. (3:45 min mark)  Now, this is a Menorah, and as you can see, it has a center, and then it has branches on either side, and there are 3 branches, okay?  It says that the center has 4, and then it has 3, at each branch, either side. Okay?  Now this adds up to 22!
And, we determined, we will talk about this a little bit later in details, but somtimes when I talk about this, PEOPLE ACCUSE ME OF THINGS LIKE, Oh, LEELAND IS TALKING ABOUT JEWISH THINGS!  NO!  THIS IS IN BIBLE!! Okay?  GOD GAVE THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR  THIS, OKAY?  And it’s a TIME TABLE!  It’s an actual Calendar, it’s a Clock, to TELL US THE TIME!   Why??  Because these 4 are 4 Blood Moons (4:30 min mark).  These are the 4 Blood Moons that are very, very significant!
So we can see that there are Solar Eclipse’s assigned to these Almond Bloosoms, or Almond Bowls!  Okay, so each Almond, these are very good by the way, to eat them green, but EACH ONE OF THESE IS AN ECLIPSE!  Okay?  And remember there were 22!  So we are marking the 22 Eclipse’s here.  A lot of information, let’s just keep it simple, and focus on what 2 Eclipse’s we are concerned with.
So, you can see here, we have,  it says Eclipse’s (5:15 min mark), and we are marking a Red one, as a Blood Moon!  And what a Blood Moon is, is a Full Lunar Eclipse!  Then we have another one, marked this way, it’s a Full Solar Eclipse, when the Moon passes before the Sun that is called a Full Solar Eclipse!  Okay?  So what it said, it said, when you have a Full Solar Eclipse, followed by a Full Lunar Eclipse, THIS is significant for us!!  Okay?  Now this is not the first one, but this is the one, the second one, that is associated with the 4 Blood Moons!  So the 4 Blood Moons are right here (5:52 min mark).
Okay, this is Passover, in 2014!  Then Tabernacles….Feast of Tabernacles, 2014!  Then, Passover 2015!  See Passover?  Then Tabernacles, 2015!  These are the Lunar Tetrad, the 4 Blood Moons!  These are very, very significant!! Now, you can see one of the situations here: The Sun will be turned to Sackcloth!  That is a Solar Eclipse!  THAT HAPPENED ON MARCH 20, 2015!  Followed by the Moon being turned to Blood, 2 weeks later, APRIL 4, 2015!  Okay, so this is one example, of something critical in Time, where we have a Full Solar Eclipse, followed by a Full Lunar Eclipse!  See that??
Okay now, there are other one’s here, we are going to get back to this page in a moment(6:50 min mark).  So again, what we are watching for:  The Sun shall be turned to Sackcloth, or a Solar Eclipse!! And we are marking that by this here.  Then, we have the Moon turn to Blood, Lunar Eclipse…Full Lunar Eclipse, marked by this.  Now, you can see this line, so we have a Solar Eclipse, preceeding a Lunar Eclipse!  See that (7:00 min mark)?  See how we have a green line connecting them?
Now, THE APOCALYPSE OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IS 14 YEARS!  Those 14 Years begin in the Year: 2010!!  One of the markers of that is exactly this feature: Full Solar Eclipse, followed by a Full Lunar Eclipse,  happened, July 11!  In July 11th, 2010!  July 11th, 2010, we had a Full Solar Eclipse!  Then, the next Solar Eclipse to take place after this…the next Eclipse to take place after this Solar Eclipse, is a Lunar Eclipse, which you see here (7:54 min mark), and it is a Full Blood Moon, Full Lunar Eclipse, taking place on December 21, 2010!  This ushers in the BEGINNING of the 14 Years!
In Esther, we know these 14 Years begin when the King sits upon the Throne!  So, this is our First significant sequence: Full Solar Eclipse, followed by Full Lunar Eclipse, okay, 2010!  Beginning the 14 Years!  Other confirmations on this, but for time sake, we’re going to move along, to our next one!  Okay?  Now you can see here, we have 2014 (8:30 min mark).  In the year, 2014, in April 15, 2014, was the First of 4 Blood Moons!  So here’s the 4 Blood Moons, right here, okay?
And we have another significant marker!  What is it?  You see it right there (8:48 min mark), you tell me!  Full Solar Eclipse!  When the Sun shall be turned to Sackcloth, and the Moon shall be turned to Blood.  THIS ONE MARKS PRECISELY WHEN THE LAMB OPENS THE SEALS!   So what’s just taken place, is that we had 3 1/2 Years, okay, marker/time period, from this interval of Time here, which is exactly what it says in Esther: The King sits upon the Throne….He holds a Feast for 6 Months.  So that is 3 1/2 Years. After those 3 1/2 Years, then we have the Lamb in Revelation 6, OPENING THE SEALS OF REVELATION!  So yes, this one marks , the opening of the Seals!
The First Solar Eclipse, followed by a Lunar Eclipse, with the next one taking place, okay, right here
(April 4, 2015) (9:40 min mark)!  Now we have to go to the other page, and here is our third one, we showed you before,, March 20, 2015, Full Solar Eclipse!  Okay, and you can see this green line telling us that, okay this is huge: When the Sun shall be turned into Sackcloth, and the Moon shall be turned to Blood, April 4th, okay, 2015!  So these 2 of the 4 Blood Moons; Blood Moon #1 and Blood Moon #3, had this feature, guys! Amazing! Full Solar Eclipse, Full Lunar Eclipse, just like it says in Joel, and in Acts chapter 2, verse 20.
Now, let’s keep going because there are more!  Alright, so this was our third one, okay?  So our next one, where it happens again, we had Esther’s preperation.  And you guys remember all the excitement over August 21st, 2017!  {let’s get this on here so you can see..10:39 min mark} 2017, right?  All the excitement!  What does it mean?  Well, we told you what it means, it means Esther preperation!  Okay? But that Full Solar Eclipse, the Next Solar Eclipse in the sequence, in the cycle, is a Full Lunar Eclipse!
(11:00 min mark) And…now this is January 31st, 2018, okay, so these YEARS are the Enoch Years, okay ?   But, that’s what this meant!  Then you can see after August 21st, then we have the Revelation 12 Sign, September 22, 2017!  So now, we have a Full Solar Eclipse, followed by a Full Lunar Eclipse, marking when the Lamb  opens the Seals, 2014, 2015, okay?  These 4 Blood Moons are the 4 Seals of Revelation!  IT HAPPENED!  Okay?  This information is telling it to you!  I am just reading the Clock, okay?
(11:43 min mark)  Now August 21st, this one, the Full Solar Eclipse is the Next Eclipse in the sequence is a Full Lunar Eclipse!  What is this?  THIS BEGINS THE TRIBULATION!  Okay?  And then this one is FIRST TRUMPET!  Now this is Amazing, guys!  This sequence continues, okay?  Then, you can see our next one (12:11 min mark).  Our next one, where we have a Full Solar Eclipse, followed by a Full Lunar Eclipse, okay, that is December 14, 2020!  This Year, okay?  This Year,that  December 14th, okay that marks the 7th or Last Trumpet, okay?
The next one, alright, is May 26, 2021!  Now this is the Feast…this one right here (12:31 min mark), is RIGHT PRECISLEY ON FEAST PENTECOST!  AND IT WAS THE FEAST OF PENTECOST WHEN CHRIST, AFTER CHRIST ROSE FROM THE DEAD, PASSOVER SEASON, THEN THE CHURCH MET IN THE UPPER ROOM AND PETER QUOTED JOEL 2:31!  When the Sun shall be turned into Sackcloth, and the Moon shall be turned to Blood, that was a quotation, and there was a Full…there was actually a sequence of Full 4 Blood Moons, at that Time, in 32 and 33 A.D., guys!  But, that’s our next one! Okay?  This is Amazing! It marks perfectly the Times!
And then, there is another one, okay?  And then our Last one, you can see in December 4th, of that same Year, 2021, the Next Eclipse in the cycle, Full Solar Eclipse….the Next One in the cycle is what?  A Full Lunar Eclipse, May 15th, 2022!  What does that mean?  Um, I DON’T KNOW!  I am just, I am just showing you that there’s something going on here!  Okay, when we have a Full Solar Eclipse, the Next Eclipse in the cycle, okay?
So how this can happen, you guys, what you are seeing here (14:03), you see one row of Eclipse’s here, and then you see another row of Eclipse’s, here!  These are marking the Time, okay?  These are marking, per the Book of Esther, when the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls are released!  They happen within a 6 Month window! But they happen, okay in an Eclipse, it could be Lunar or Solar, then followed by 2 Weeks later, there being another Eclipse, okay?  And they do FORM A PATTERN, THEY FORM A STRUCTURE!
(14:38 min mark)  Okay, so I mapped it out this way, to try to explain it a little bit better, alright, but the structure you can see, we have a line here, and see that?  See how it says, Solar?  Okay, because then we have 4 “sequential” Solar Eclipse’s, that happened approximately 6 Months apart!  Okay, see that?  So this is a Partial Solar Eclipse (Sept. 1), a Partial Solar Eclipse (Feb. 26), Full Solar Eclipse (Aug. 21), okay?  August 21, 2017, you guys remember all of the excitement!
Alright, then after those 4, then it goes into Lunar Eclipse’s!  Okay, so that you see the dividing line here, and then you see, Lunar Eclipse’s (Feb 15): Full Lunar Eclipse (July 27?), Full Lunar Eclipse (Jan. 20), Partial Lunar Eclipse (July 16), Partial Lunar Eclipse (Jan. 10), 1, 2, 3 ,4!   Okay, so these happen in an order, in a sequence, okay, and we can connect those perfectily with the Menorah, because as you go through, you can see the numbers here, there’s 22!  By the time we get to the Year, 2024, there’s another Full Solar Eclipse over America, the X, right?  April 8th, 2024, okay that is this one, that is number 22 in the cycle!
Okay, so we start here (15:58 min mark), okay you got 4, and then they continue!  Okay, and then the Last one, there it is right there!  Okay, those are the Almond Blossoms!  Those are the 22 Almond Blossoms!  These Almond Blossoms are Eclipse’s!
Now, let’s just take a moment and explain this Mystery, to explain this concept to you, okay?  On the Menorah, it had 7 Lamps!  (16:30 min mark)  Okay, and this is an example of a Lamp that would appear on the top of the Menorah.  So you have each Branch, each Candlestick, and on the top of each Candlestick was a Lamp, okay?  So there’s 7 Lamps!  These represent the 7 Churches, because each Church is represented by a Menorah, okay?  And there are Lamps!
Now, then we have 22 Almond Blossoms!  Those 22 Almond Blossoms are Eclipse’s!  Now, when you read the word in Hebrew, in Exodus chapter 25, when the Priest would light the Menorah, okay, this light here (17:15 min mark), the word in Hebrew is maor, the normal light is: owr (?), but there is a unique word that is used, which is maor…. maor, okay? Now, the reason why I am taking the time to explain this to you, is that this is not a common word that’s used in the Old Testiment!  It’s used as it relates to the Menorah and the Sun, (a little cloudy 17:55 min mark), but in Genesis chapter 1:14, He said He would make Lights, okay, in the Sky, in the Firmament!
Okay, so the same word for Lights, or Lamps, in the Menorah, is the same word for Sign’s in the Heavens, with the Sun, okay?  You see that?  I want to take the time to explain that to you because it is the Same Word! The flame you see, in Hebrew, on this Lamp, is maor!  The word used for the Sun and the Signs in the Heavens is, MAOR!
Now, what is a Solar Eclipse?  What is a Lunar Eclipse?  Well, we are going to do just a simple demonstration, but this is the Sun (18:44 min mark)  here, and  this for example is the Earth!  Now, you can see when the Sun is projected on the Earth, half the Earth has Sunlight, half the Earth is Dark, okay?  Now, THOSE OF YOU THAT BELIEVE IN A FLAT EARTH, YOU CAN NOT EXPLAIN THE THING THAT I AM  ABOUT TO SHOW YOU, BECAUSE THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT, IT IS ROUND!
So, a simple Day is described by, yes a sphere spinning, and the Sunlight projecting on it!  Now, you know that  there is a Sunset, so that when the Sun is rising, you see it rising, the Earth, the Sunlight hits the atmosphere of the Earth, and it becomes red, right? It makes a Sunset!  So as you are looking at the horizon of the Earth, and you look through the atmosphere, it’s red!  Okay!  Now, when the Moon is over here (19:46 min mark)…okay, let’s say the Moon is over here…so the Sun is hitting the Moon and you can see the Moon!  Alright, now the Moon goes through phases, like this, okay?  And once it is over here, okay, it’s a Full Moon!  Okay, so this is a Full Moon over here.
Now, if the Moon is actually perfectly behind the Earth, okay, so that the ONLY Sunlight hitting the Earth is through the atmosphere, up and below!  What is going to happen, it’s going to project that  Sunlight through the atmosphere that is red, onto the Moon!  Okay, so now what you have is the Light, you know projecting, makes the Moon RED!  Okay, so this is a phase of the Moon that it has to be perfectly behind the Earth, do you see that?
Now, if it over here (20:48 min mark), we just described before, it is going to have perfectly Sunlight, it is going to be White!  But if it is over here…only ….this is called a Blood Moon, okay?  So, that’s a Blood Moon!  Now, a Full Solar Eclipse is when the Moon is on the otherside, okay? And then the Moon is over here, and now this is going to look silly, but I am just doing this as a matter of example, the Moon will be larger, okay? Because  then what happens is, when the Sunlight hits it, when we are on the Earth…now this is during the day, you can see this is daylight, and we are on the Earth and you look toward the Sun, and the Moon blocks the Sunlight, the same size of the Moon blocks the distance, okay?
So now what is happening, you only see the rays of the Sun, just perfectly!  That’s why we describe it, when we are looking at it, that  you can just see the rays of the Sun, but the Moon is filling, okay the size of what we would normally see, the Sun, okay? AND THIS IS ALSO WHY GOD PERFECTLY MADE THE HEAVENS BECAUSE THE DIAMETER OF THE EARTH…when we are looking at it, THE DIAMETER OF THE MOON, WHEN WE ARE LOOKING AT IT FROM THE EARTH, IS THE SAME SIZE AS THE SUN!  Of course the Sun is much larger, I am just doing this for demonstration.  So, this is a Solar Eclipse, okay?  Solar Eclipse happens during the Day time, right?  And the phase of the Moon is a New Moon!  Okay, so that’s what Eclipe’s are!
So, we can see by the Scripture, the great emphises and importance being placed upon a Solar Eclipse..a Full Solar Eclipse followed by a Full Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon!  It is mentioned MANY TIMES, okay?  But then we have something else called a Lunar Tetrad!
And what a Lunar Tetrad means, that’s a Time when we have 4 Blood Moons in a row!  Okay?  We are going to get into a little of that in a moment, but let’s recap!  What happened?
Okay, we saw before how, When the Kings sits upon the Throne, the beginning of the 14 Years, is marked by a Full Solar Eclipse, followed by a Full Lunar Eclipse, okay?  The Lamb opens the Seal, Full Solar Eclipse, followed by a Full Lunar Eclipse, okay?  Passover, 2014! Alright, that’s this one here (23:27 min mark).  Thus beginning 4 Lunar Tetrad, 4  Blood Moons, okay?  Then we have 3 1/2 Years later, the Sign with the Woman clothed with the Sun, we have the same thing again!  August 21, 2017, Full Solar Eclipse, the Next Eclipse in the cycle, okay, January 31st, see that?
Now, just to emphasize, the Most High,  just to emphasize,  just so you weren’t confused, He actually placed 2!  So we have April 15, being marked by a Blood Moon, and March 21st, Full Solar Eclipse!  Full Solar Eclipse, 2015, followed by 2 Weeks later, Full Lunar Eclipse!  That’s what gives us the sequence that I am showing you here.  Then it happens again, Full Solar Eclipse followed by a Full Lunar Eclipse, 3 1/2 Years later!  Amazing!! This of course agrees perfectly, with everything we have been saying, about the First 7 Years, okay?
(24:35 min mark) So, the First 7 Years is marked by this sequence, and that is the Fall of 2010!  Then, we have another one, the Lamb opens the Seals, Spring, 2014!
  Then, we have it again, with the Revelation 12 Sign, 2017, and then we have another one marking the completion of the Trumpets! ~ Leeland Jones
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