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Microchip in Vaccine – Mark of the Beast

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Microchip in Vaccine – Mark of the Beast: https://rumble.com/vlwivl-microchip-in-vaccine-mark-of-the-beast.html

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

Okay, we are going to do a simple demonstration to prove to you that the Corona virus vaccine is the Mark of the Beast!  Now, if you have been a Christian for any length of time, you have been TOLD MANY TIMES THAT THE MARK OF THE BEAST WOULD BE A MICROCHIP!  And a Microchip would be about the size of a grain of rice!  So here you see a grain of rice (.24 min mark).  And, we have been lead to believe this Mark of the Beast would be in the right hand, so that under the hand, we would, you know, some kind of  Chip, about the size of a grain of rice,  in the hand, right?

Now, this would enable the person to buy or sell!  So that somehow, this Chip that’s the hand, they would wave it over the scanner, and it would operate, essentially like, a credit card!  Okay, so that the hand would actually hold information of the person’s bank and everything else, and the chip would be like a credit card!  Okay? So we have been taught this many times, and we have always said, “Okay, in the end of days, the Antichrist is going to come, he is going to be on TV, he is going to say, Okay, NOW it is time for EVERYBODY to take the Mark of the Beast!  Now it’s time to take this Microchip, and get it into your hand!  IF YOU DON’T DO THAT, YOU CAN’T BUY OR SELL!”

Now, when you go to the grocery store, and you go to purchase your items, okay you know you take those and they go over a scanner or reader. (1:46 min mark)  Now you can get this on your phone, it is called a QR Scanner, there are a lot of them, okay, we are just demonstrate simply, in simple  terms, HOW the scanner works, and then you go to purchase your items, right?

So let’s just take some pencils, okay we got some pencils, and we are at the store and we’re going to purchase this, and you put it on the scanner, and then the scanner reads the barcode on the item.  Okay, and there you can see, okay, this is the barcode and information if you are in the store and have the app, you can search the product on the web, you can do whatever, right?  Okay, simple enough!

Let’s just do another one! For a matter of example, you go to purchase a book and you take the item and you scan the barcode and Bam, there you see the information, okay, that is the QR CODE!  Okay, so those are barcodes, there’s  another type, (2:53 min mark)  which is like this, which is a QR Code, so it looks like this, okay,  and your reader can do the same thing, just like it read those other items.  Okay, it can also read this, so this is, for those of you who get the Harp, this is a brochure for the Harp, and you can go to the website and everything else!  So it’s readable, right!

So the scanner is reading, okay!  The scanner is reading the barcode, it is reading the QR Code! So simple enough, just as you purchased the items by the scanner, there would also be a scanner for things like your credit card, right, and your bank information, and you go use that to purchase the items, right?  Okay, that is simple enough!

Now, what I am going to show you, is that the  vaccine, IT’S NOT A VACCINE AT ALL, okay? I don’t know exactly what the  audience knows, so I am just speaking as simple as possible.  The vaccine is also a Chip, a Microchip, okay?  Just like you saw,  I was showing you, the small size of the grain of rice, okay?  The Microchip…the vaccine does the SAME THING INSIDE THE BODY!  It does it by something called Graphine Oxide, we aren’t going to explain the whole thing here, but here are 2 examples of showing the Microchip in the location of the arm that was vaccinated!

Now, in order to explain what your are about to see (4:24 min mark), you know that everybody has had these magnetic properties to their arm!  Well that is the Microchip underneath  the skin, it’s Graphine Oxide!  So, what they’re first going to do, is use a fork to identify the location by it sticking to the fork, the magnetic, to know the Microchip is there underneath the skin!  Then they are going to read it, just like we showed you, just like a QR Code!  The are using the same scanner that we just demonstrated!

(Watch the video 5:00 min mark of the scanner reading the person where the vaccine was administrated!)

Now, here is another example of the QR reader, and the person’s Microchip under the skin from the vaccine, being read, and the people FREAK OUT (5:25- 6:17 min mark)!

Now, if we were to take a strong magnet and apply it to the area of the vaccine injection, here you can see that a STRONG MAGNET WILL ACTUALLY CAUSE THE GRAPHINE OXIDE, AS YOU CAN SEE, TO PROTRUDE THROUGH THE SKIN! Now, they have done that in this example, and now they’re attempting to surgically remove the Chip.  So they’re using a strong magnet to isolate the location, and I apologize for the blood here, but there’s the magnet there in their left hand, and they are using it  to pull the Chip to the surface area of the skin, and then surgically remove the Chip.  So you will see him surgically remove the Chip, and then place it on the arm.  Okay, there it is removed, there it is on the arm…see that BLACK DOT?  Okay, there it is, that is the Microchip, the Mark of the Beast right there!! And then it disappeared, did you see that (7:20 min mark)?

It disappeared!  We will show you that in a little more detail, a little bit later.  But that’s the magnetic properties of Graphine Oxide, that  causes it to stick to the magnet.  So they took it out and placed it on a table.  So here you have, to the best of my knowledge, the best view, physically,  of the Mark of the Beast with the naked eye.  There it is, okay?  And once again, okay, they take it out, there it is!  Okay, there’s the  magnet and shhhh, it disappears!  So the magnet, a strong magnet pull will cause it to,  obviously stick to the magnet, and draw to the magnet,  as you see once, one more time.  Right there (8:10 min mark)

Okay, so clearly this is the Mark of the Beast, THE VACCINE IN IT’S PRESENT FORM!  Okay? It doesn’t need to be something else, it doesn’t need to be a tattoo!  This is the Mark of the Beast, right NOW!  We’ve showed you the QR Codes, okay, how this is READABLE!  And you can see that it is in this area, around the place of the vaccination site!  Okay, but this can propagate through the whole body!  Alright?

So there it is guys, it is the Mark of the Beast in the PRESENT FORM!  It’s not something else, this is the Mark of the Beast RIGHT NOW!  Okay?? You are looking at it with your own eyes!  Now, of course when the vaccination goes into the body, it goes in clear, but then it becomes BLACK!  So, just as we have shown you, the grain of rice, that  we always anticipated it to be the Mark of the Beast, the Microchip, IS IN THE VACCINE!

It has all the properties!  It goes in CLEAR, okay, but then once it enters the body, it turns BLACK, okay?  And, it has the properties of a QR Code!  We had two examples to show you that a QR Code that is on any Merchandise, on any Credit Card, on Anything, is in the vaccine!  And THE VACCINE IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST! Okay, I don’t know how to make this any clearer, I have a whole playlist on the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast ~ Leeland Jones

Mark of the Beast: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gYBsU7Zg_EMEsWOi0IJapp_

Blog: https://overcominglymedisease.com/microchip-in-vaccine-mark-of-the-beast/

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