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Antiochus Epiphanes Profile of Antichrist on Hanukah

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Antichus Epiphanes Profile of Antichrist on Hanukah

“Antiochus Epiphanes Profile of Antichrist on Hanukah”~ Leeland Jones video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB-ezhTY9ms

Notes from video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1axQa567TsI5STNYaiUlkPFPm85-JCvAy/view

Paraphrases/wording  from Leeland video:

We are continuing our series on Hanukah and I can not tell you how excited I was to see an earthquake!  I have never seen an earthquake before, and it wasn’t anything…no damage, no indication of it at all, there was just some rattling in the dishes of the cabinets, and I was like, “I think this is an earthquake!  I couldn’t feel anything, but it was very, very exciting because the prophecy says, He will shake the heavens and the earth in Haggai 2:6.  So, that was felt all the way around; it was felt in Israel, in Egypt, it was felt in Greece, and obviously very close to the coast of Turkey. So verry, very exciting, taking place on the Shabbat, taking place on the 21st day of the 9th month, where Haggai 2 is talking about the 24th day of the 9th month, which is the eve of Hanukah.

So, we are continuing our series on Hanukah, and we are going to get into Daniel chapter 11.  In Daniel chapter 11, we have the most extradonary prophecy of Daniel!  Now, many people will have established the accuracy of Daniel chapter 11 with historical events. And the purpose of these videos is not so much to go over those.  Those are well established.  You can look at any Bible Concordance and you will see the absolute history!  In fact it is so accurate, that it is as accurate as the contempary historians like ____? and even, Josephus. The account is so accurate, it’s almost equal to those as a prophecy.

It was considered so accurate that someone must have written it after Daniel, after the fact.  And, so many of satan’s messengers went and came up with this doctrine that the book of Daniel was written after certain historical events took place!  We know this is False by the Dead Sea Scrolls!  So the Dead Sea Scrolls have the book of Daniel!  Let me say that again, this is so amazing, THEY HAVE THE BOOK OF DANIEL IN THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS!  So that pre-dates the time when these events began to take place.

So, the Dead Sea Scolls gives us the accuracy of almost, I think it is almost, every book of the book of Daniel, including chapter 11, proving that yes in fact, Daniel wrote the prophecy BEFORE the events took place!  Astonishing!  Some of the most astonishing fulfillment of Scripture and historical events that you know you have heard from ancient history, like Cleopatra. Okay, and some of these ancient stories of kingdoms, fascinating!  So, I really encourge you to watch some others, some scholars, talk about that.  Talk about the accuracy.  Talk about the fulfillment of the prophecy.

Now what is astonding, is not only does Daniel gives us a prophecy, that took place prior to Christ, Christ then says, well at My Second Coming, when you see certain things, when you see the abomination spoken by Daniel the prophet.  So, the things in Daniel 11 happened!  Okay? But Christ says no,  they were going to happen again in the future! So, the prophecy has to describe the things that would have fulfillment at certain time of the Persian kings and the Greek kings. But, not only that, the prophecy also has to describe something in the last days.

(…Read Daniel 11: 20-45, 1 Maccabees 1-7  and 2 Maccabees 4-9… )…Now this is the time of Hanukah (December 6, 2020).  This a fantastic  time for many of you to learn this. These books (Maccabees) were NOT included in so many of the Protestant (Bible)….

….this book, this account takes place over 168 BC and it is this time with restoration with Maccabees.  It is a very very important story.  So when Christ, we already established when Christ is speaking about certain things, about the abomination in Daniel, he is alluding to details in the Hanukah story.  Okay, the time of the Maccabees, the Maccabees revolt of Judas, this whole story.

Let’s take a step back, and keep in mind what we are going to do. In order to try and get this information to you in a way to clearly understand it, what I am going to do, is I am going to approach this Daniel 11 chapter with a couple of different vantage points.  Because, keep in mind, what the prophecy must do, it must describe for us certain things that Daniel will prophecy in the future, which happened in vivid detail!  Okay?  But, it also must describe things in the book of Revelation.

So, this whole prophecy really begins in Daniel chapter 10.  So, we are going to take a unique look at this, from the Spirit realm.  Because  what we can see in Daniel chapter 10, even beginning into Daniel chapter 11, in the prophecy, is describing for us, heavenly councils….heavenly orders…things that we see clearly in the book of Revelation. So, I really hope you have been following the series of messages…we have been talking about the four angels message, the angle of the Covenant.  These are  things that are  really  important for you to familiarize yourself with because they are major details in the book of Revelation.  The majority of the book of Revelation is in the SPIRIT!  Okay?  So, there are things that are physical, that  physically manifested, physically  happened, that prophecy said, Okay?   Then, Daniel chapter 11, gives us many of those details.  Okay?  We can not say all those details were  fulfilled and they won’t happen in the future, because Christ said, this is what will happen at My Second Coming!

So, we are going to get into that!  We are going to get into more of that in the series of the Spirit realm, Okay?  Because  there are certain things that if you try to apply spiritual things to natural things, it won’t work!  Okay, and vice versa!..so we will have to do that as we go.   But, in this one, what I thought we would do, is take a look at the Antichrist…..Antiochus Epiphanes….he is the perfect fulfillment of the Antichrist, where we can look at the details that are in the story of the Maccabees revolt, to understand those details in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation, that would have fufillment.  Okay? There are so many details, I was overwhelmed, I just could not come to grips on how I could do this in a way, you know there was so much information.

So we are going to just narrow it down to a couple of things in this video.  We are going to see some interesting details about what happened, which will tell us about what is happening already, in our day.

Now before we get there, let’s talk about how we get here in Daniel book 11. The prophecy begins in Daniel chapter 10. And basically, what we have is the angel, Gabriel, explaining to Daniel the fufillment of a prophecy beginning with the Persian empire.  So in Daniel, we are going to talk about the Spirit realm in another video, but basically what it begins with is  certain Persian kings, Okay?   So, we understand those Persian kings very easily because they are in the Bible!  So, the historical events begin with the Persian Empire.  So, the Babylonian Empire ends, that ends at Daniel chapter 5, with the writing on the wall, then Cyrus comes in and begins these four Persian Kings. So, it talks about these four Persian Kings. Some of these kings names in the Bible are titiles, but essentially what we have, we have Cyrus, Darius, Artaxerxes, and Ahasuerus.

So these Kings are very important for us, and again we will have to get into this in another video, but if you follow this channel, you will see we talk about the book of Esther.  Well, the king in the book of Esther, is Ahasuerus.  He is a Persian King that we can see in the book of Esther.  So, he is one of those kings, he is described else where in the Scriptures. And then we also have Cyrus, okay?  We have Darius, okay, we have Artaxerxes. So these are the four very very critical Persian kings, okay?  So, lets also talk about this, so in the course of my teachings and everything else, what we are saying is that certain things in the Scriptures are telling us about Christ Second Coming.

Now, in the Jewish mind, even in the end of these days, in the Jewish mind of their Messiah, and all of that, you have to understand their thinking and these kingdoms.  So, in their thinking of these kingdoms, you have Nebuchadnezzar (Nebukadnetst’sar), he destroys the Temple. Boo! Then you have Cyrus, he restores the Temple.  Yeah!  Then you have the Greeks, and you have Antichus Epiphanes, the Antichrist! Boo!  Then you have Rome, okay, then Rome comes in of course  Rome destroys the Temple. Boo!

So, really the only set of kings in the story of the Jewish mindset that would allow them to build the Third Temple is Cyrus, is these Persian Kings.  So that is how we begin Daniel chapter 11, is these Persian Kings, these four Persian Kings.  Of course in the last days they would have to be a Third Temple.  So, those four Kings, their time period, their prophesy surrounding them, that will tell us about the Third Temple. Okay, we will get into that in the future.

So, what we have, is we have this Persian Empire that takes place over those time period of Cyrus, we will give you some dates, okay, so the restoration and the Jews returning back to the  land from Babylon, takes place, then they rebuild the Temple in 516 BC. So you have that and then you have the Persian Empire lasting up until the Greeks.  So then, you have Alexander the Great, Akexander the Great is detailed there in Daniel 11, talking about destroying the Persian Empire.  This is also in Daniel chapter 7 with the “he” goat from Greece. Okay, so that is Alexander the Great, his kingdom is divided into four generals.  So then the four generals have certain names, and this passes some time, until we get to this time period that we are going to talk about in this video of Antiochus Epiphanes.  He is Antiochus the fourth, so there have been several Persian kings, several Greek kings, leading up to this time period: 168.

Okay, so what is happening, is we are in another transition between the Greek Empire and the Roman Empire.  So, this is the time period of this type of transition where Greeks are getting weaker and weaker.  So lets keep that in mind because the end days, we would have another Empire on it’s decline….the United States…and you would have this Antichrist figure rising up in that transition.  Okay, so the approach we are having is that Daniel chapter 11 has the King of the North and the King of the South. As you go through that, I just want to mention this briefly, that the area was called Syria, that Antiochus was in.  Okay, so this was the land of Israel, and going up into Syria, and heading to the east.  Then, that is the King of the North.  The King of the South was Ptolemy, and he was in Egypt.  When you see that, you have different generations of these two kings going to war against one another.  And that leads us to when we get to Antiochus.

So what has happened is this Hellinization of the Greeks, where everybody spoke Greek in the Empire and they allowed the people to keep their laws and so, for the most part, the Jews and the Greeks were not in a great conflict.  So there were many of the Jews that spoke Greek and took on Greek customs, and what not.  But there were other Jews that did not!  This is important for us because this is the type of divide that happens everywhere.  Where, it’s like Right Wing, Left Wing.

Okay, so we have the empire and when you are in Rome you must do as the Romans do.  So some of the Jews are doing that.  Some of the Jews are saying No, we are not going to do that!  But anyway, it is not in an oppressive situation for the most part, for the Jews.  The Temple is there, the sacrafices are continuing, so it’s not a major problem.  They are not tremendously upset with what is taking place there until we get to Antiochus.

When we get to Antiochus, now this guy comes on the scene and he is the Antichrist vivid!  I mean, he literally, his own time period is 3 1/2 years, just like it says in the Beast of Revelation, 42 months.  And so he comes in and he does things vividily fulfilling Daniel chapter 11, verses 20-45, is what I am going to suggest, you guys.  I am going to suggest that he is in all of those, okay?

Now, as he comes in, there are different speculations about major, major prophecies, like The Peace Deal, The Daily Sacrafice, The Abomination that makes Desolate.  These are major, major details that we see in Daniel chapter 11 that we also see in other parts of the prophecy where Christ talks about when you see the Abomination that make Desolate, and we see prophecies related to the third Temple.  So, those can be understood through Antiochus.  The only difference is, keep in mind the Temple has been there since it’s rebuilding with Nehemiah. The major difference we have in the end of days is we have no Temple and there must be a Temple for certain of these things to take place.

So, let’s take a look at how we can see clearly…get into the notes….get into the Peace Deal…there is a Peace Deal, and Antiochus does it.  We will get the details of exactly what he does.  What I want to do, is want to  talk about some of the other prophecies that are just really funny, actually.  It’s just fascinating in what we see because in Daniel 11, I will give you for an example, in Daniel chapter 11 it says that this person is a vile person. Okay, so when we see this vile person, it’s kind of like, Okay, those are just two words, it doesn’t really tell us much about what’s going on.  Alright?  So that is verse 21, this early on in our description.

Now I read this in a couple of places, but the source I am going to read to you that I have in the notes is Isaac Newton.  So, Isaac Newton did a lot of research on the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation, and he covers a lot of this kind of transition.  So, up until this time, you know it is one of the sources you read, and he talks about this.  And so when it talks about Antiochus, it begins to describe this vile person.  Okay, so he reigned over this area that was called Syria. Okay, so let’s remember, Antiochus is Greek, and he is reigning over the area that is called Syria!  Now, this gives us one of the titiles of the Antichrist, which is the Assyrian.

So, is the Assyrian ethnically Syrian?  No!  He is Greek!  Okay, so this is where you can not say what the ethnicity of the Antichrist is, is he comes out of the Roman Empire.  He comes out of the Greek Empire.  He is called the Assyrian.  He is called the King of Babylon. Okay?  So, you can’t say, Oh, he has to be from this particular country, you can’t say that.

So, he is reigning, he begins his power, and he comes in by flatteries.  Okay, so he comes in, he has a brother incarcerated in Rome, and he comes in and says, Oh, I am here just temporary until my brother comes to take over.  But he carried himself much below his dignity, it says.  Stealing privately out of his palace, rambling up and down  the city, in disguise, with one or two of his companions. Conversing and drinking with the people of lowest rank, foreirgners and strangers, frequently the meetings of dissolute persons to feast and revel.  He clothed himself like the Roman canadiates and officers, “acting” their parts like a mimick in public  festivals gesting and dancing with servants and like people, exposing himself in all manner of ridicous gestures.  This conduct made him, they made him take him for a madman, and mock his name.  This is the first year of his reign.

So, let’s think about what is going on here.  When it says in Daniel, it says he is a vile person.  So, this Antichrist is a partier!  Not only that, he is an Actor!  He would put on costumes and go out and act like something he is not, like a Roman officer.  And, this is the detail of the Antichrist, where it says he is like this but it only says two words, he is a vile person, he comes in with flatteries, okay?  But this is telling us the Antichrist is an ACTOR!  And this should remind you of a certain person doing reality shows, and acting a fool on TV.  Fascinating!  Okay, and we see this in the historical record describing Antiochus.  Okay, so he is like this!

So, we have this partier, we have this actor, we have this person playing parts in acting a fool, and being a drunkard.  So, it’s a really interesting detail, as I have done this channel over the years, you said, Aw, Leeland you are wrong it doesn’t fit the profile.  And I am like, these people don’t know anything!  You can’t look at Hollywood to see what the profile of the Antichrist is, because they are going to set you up to believe that he is something that he is not!  You have to go through the Scriptures.  You have to look at the historical record of what they described the Antichrist is to be.  He is a vile person!  Not only that, he is an Actor!  I thought that was just great, a vile person!  And, we also get into the Peace Deal.

…..we have another fulfillment of the prophecy related to the Beast of Revelation. So, we get to the Beast of Revelation we can also find some of these characteristics of the Antichrist in Revelation.  Okay, so he set up a statue of Zeus on the altar.  And we know this to be in the book of Revelation, the image!  The image does speak, okay?  We also know there is a prophecy about a head wound and the head wound is healed.  Well, this head wound is something that Antiochus dies of.  So he doesn’t die, so we may have to look at it, he has a wound, and you might think it comes by a phyiscal sword, and he is struck in the head with a wound.  But when we compare the story of Antiochus, the story is a plague!  A plague!

So, in the Greek when it says a head wound, it’s a head plague.   And not only that but we showed you how when Trump got the virus he was “healed” with therapeutics. Therapeutics is the Greek word for healed that we read in English.  But, Antiochus also seems to get some type of wound and plague that no one can explain.  In 2 Maccabees 9:5 The Lord God of Israel smote him with an incurable and invisible plague.  Notice how Donald Trump was talking about this invisible enemy?  Okay, that is exactly the wording you see in 2 Maccabees of this plague, he was smote with an incurable and invisible plague. As soon as he spoke a pain of the bowels, that was remediless,  came upon him with sore torments of his inner parts, for he had tormented others bowels and strange torments tormented him, likewise.

So, what this is saying the Antichrist sent forth plagues and torments on the people and eventiually, he himself was tormented and died of this plague.  So, we could consider the same thing would happen, with the Antichrist would plague the people with torments and then he himself will be struck with this torment.  Now of course, in Revelation 13, he is healed.  He has therapeutics.  He does not die of this! Okay, but it is talking about this head wound, we have interesting insight with Antiochus.

So, let’s take a look at the notes.  So in our notes, the profile with the Antichrist with Antiochus Epiphanes, again, he is Greek, he is an Assyrian, also fulfilled in many prophecies, but we find insight into the Covenant, or  the Peace Deal.

Now we have over here in Daniel 11, in verse 20, it describes him as a raiser of taxes.  In 2 Maccabees 4:19, he sent this guy Jason who took 200 drachms of silver to sacrafice to Hercules.  And in 1 Maccabees 1:29, After two years the king was a collector of tribute sent into the cities of Judah and Jerusalem.  So, the tax collector comes in, verse 21 says, he will come in Peacably and obtain the Kingdom by flatteries,  so this is the Peace Deal.  We know that this  word in Hebrew for peacably means “security”! So when they say Peace and Safety, or security. Okay?

So what he did is Antiochus came into Jerusalem, and he spoke peacable words to them.  And all was deceit.  And once he gained credence, once he got acceptance from the people, he destroyed the city and the many people.  So the Antichrist made a Peace Deal with the Jews!  That is what we can clearly see is that yes, there is a covenant, yes there is a Peace Deal that takes place as well with the Antichrist in the end of days with the Jews. And what happened here is when the king begins to reign in his empire, in this area here we are calling Syria, but that is including the land of Israel.  The king made the whole kingdom to be one people and everyone should leave his law!  So, when they use things like One World Order, or One World Government, that is what he does, everyone has to be the same.  So, this is his heart will be against the Holy Covenant.  And so the king then  goes about making this Covenant with the Jews.  And so he covenant with the Jews that they should leave their customes and their laws. And many of the Jews did!  And in verse 30, it says they will forsake the covenant.  Then in verse 23 it talks about the league of small people.  And it says , after that he made a league, he worked deceitfully for  he shall come up and become strong with many small people.  So this is talking about, he makes a league with a small amount of people.  So this is the king and the king makes a league with his princess and they were content to make peace and they made an oath with the Jews.  Then, in verse 62 in 1 Maccabees chapter 6, the king entered  Mt. Zion, and when he saw Mt. Zion, he broke his oath.

So, Daniel 11, verse 30, it says he will have indignation against the Holy Covenant. So, he makes an agreement with the Jews and he breaks it. Okay? So, clearly there is a covenant, there is  a Peace Deal. And we can see the details of that fulfilled perfectly in the story of Maccabees.  And as we mention, verse 21 describes him as this vile person.  He comes in by flatteries…nice words.  Okay?  And again, he was sneaking out of the palace disguised as a low person, drinking, feasting, reveling and ACTING the part of Roman Officers like a mimick, in all manner of ridiculous conduct.

Now, very important prophecies also transpire which we know to be the daily sacrafice, the Abomination that make Desolate, and dividing the land for gain.  So, lets take a look at those.  So, essentially what happens, in the year 143, now this is not BC, the book of Maccabees records a certain year, as 143….essentially, he comes in then, and that’s 1 Maccabees chapter 1. So, when he comes in, he stops the Daily Sacrafice.  Okay, he forbids them, the burnt offerings and sacrafice in the Temple, he profanes the Sabbath’s and Feast Days.  When we read Daniel 11, verse 31, it says he will have indignation against the Holy Covenant and he shall return and he shall forsake the Holy Covenant with the arms shall he shall stand on his part, and will polute the sanctuary fortress, and shall take away the daily sacrafice, and he will place the Abomination that make Desolate.  Okay, major, major prophecies.

So what happens, when he comes in, he stops the Daily Sacrafice and in doing so, he profanes the Sabbath’s and Feast days.  Now, this is important for us, we will get into another video, we have another video on taking away the Daily Sacrafice.  So, what happened is the various Temple Institute and Organizations have been doing sacrafices for a number of years.  When, the events of this year (2020) and events of last year (2019), those sacrafices have stopped!  Okay, so it says, they forbid the burnt offerings and they profaned the Feast Days.  So, what they were doing is they were doing them on  Feast Days but they have stopped in the Spring of 2019.  After the Spring of 2019 there was a Passover, and after 2019, they stopped.  So then what it says, is two years later, 1 Maccabees 1:54 they set the Abomination that makes Desolate on the altar.  They sacraficed a swine on an idol altar of Zeus, which was upon the Altar of God.

So, the distance of time between the Daily Sacrafice and placing the Abomination that makes Desolate is two years!  Very, very important!  We will get into this in a future video, guys, I am just planting as a seed that the story of Hanukah tells us, and that is what it is, Hanukah means to rededicate.  So, the Daily Sacrafice was stopped and then the Abomination that makes Desolate takes place, and then they cleanse the Temple.  And you see Abomination of Desolation in Daniel chapter  8 and in Daniel chapter 11.  This is fulfilled perfectly with a space of two years, when this take place.

Now when you get 1 Maccabees 3:16, he place strangers in all the quarters of the land and he divided the land by lot.  He divided the land, in Daniel 11: 39 he shall divide the land for gain.  So, the Antichrist would also divide the land of Israel, this is very, very clear from the prophecy, Antiochus does the very exact thing.  And again, this is what we are seeing in our day!

Then, Daniel 11, verse 33 says, many will fall and be tried. Okay, so let’s take a look, I will read it to you.  But the people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.  And they that understand among the people should instruct many, they shall fall by the sword.  So, many will fall by the sword. They will be martyred.  They will fall by the sword, by a flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.  Now when they shall fall, they shall be hoping for a little help, but many shall cleave to them by flatteries.  And some of them with understanding shall fall, to try them, to purge them, to make them white, even to the time of the end: because the end is yet for an  appointed time. So, what I just read to you is links, verses, that have more to do with the end of days, but it did happen in Hanukah as well.

In 2 Maccabees chapter 7, it talks about the 7 brothers and their mother being martyred because they refused to change the custom and the law. They refused to eat the swine that was sacraficed.  They identified what was happening, was the Antichrist, and they believed in the Resurrection.  That God will Resurrect us, okay?  So, that has a partial fulfillment here, but in the end of days, this is why we have martyrem taking place, because it will purge us.

And again, the head wound, (Daniel 11:45) he will come to and end and none shall help him.  Well in Daniel 8:25 he said he will be broken without hand.  Okay, well this is what we see.  In 2 Maccabees 9, it talks about this head wound or head plague.  The Lord God Almighty, the God of Israel smote him with an incurable and invisible disease, invisible plague, and as soon as he spoke the pain of his bowels that were remediless came upon him and sore torments of his inner parts, for he tormented other’s bowels with many strange torments.  So that is clearly what is the fulfillment of the head plague of Revelation 13, verses 2 and 3.

Now there are many more parallel’s and things we can learn.  And what I have done is just narrow it down to some things that are less obvious.  Things that do stand out to us when we do look at them. Things that you may have never considered.  I bet you never considered that Antichrist was a partier, or an Actor, or that the head wound was in fact a PLAGUE!

So, this is a series that we are doing on Hanukah, and here we have the profile of the Antichrist.  It would be really good if you followed along in the series and you got the notes.  So, I will make the notes available for you, that we have covered before in previous video’s.  We covered the story of Hanukah, it tells us about the Wedding Supper.  It tells us about the prophecy of abomination that make desolate and Christ message about the house, the field, the wife, what do these things mean, and we saw the clear parrallel of between Matthew 24 and Revelation, with the exception of these verses that tell us about Hanukah.  So we talked about that in previous videos, please watch them.

Please refer to the previous videos on what we are talking about there, with the Sabbath day, and Hanukah.  Of course the apostate christians thinks this is all Jewish!  Well, this is the Old Testiment, time period, you just want to get rid of the whole Bible because there were Jews?  No!  It’s the Bible! So, this is a time period that is very signifcant of what Christ is talking about when he is talking about when you see the Abomination that make Desolate, fleeing Judea, the housetop, the fields, woe to them with child!  How do we understand those things?  It is in Hanukah.

So, thanks for watching, we will put this together as a series of videos on Hanukah, which is really good to follow along with all of them.  The actual days of the Feast are coming up.  Today is the 22 day of the 9th month. So Hanukah Eve is the 24th, and then the 25th is the 8 days.

So, in future videos we are going to see how Hanukah tells us about the Wedding Supper and Armagadon. But in this one we have the profile of the Antichrist.  So, Thanks for watching and God bless you. ~Leeland Jones

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