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Why Measure the Temple? Herod, Third & Millennium

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Why Measure the Temple? Herod, Third & Millennium

Why Measure the Temple? Herod, Third & Millennium: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7gJyMWukNg

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/

Leeland Jones YouTube video posted on Aug 30, 2020, Transcribed:

In this teaching we are going to do our best to make it clear to the people THE  MOST MISSED UNDERSTOOD TEACHING AS IT RELATES TO JESUS CHRIST AND HIS SECOND COMING! His Second Coming is detailed in Matthew 24 and Revelation, and it was on this Mount of Olives that I am standing on right now, and I am pointing up to the top of Mount of Olives that He spoke to His disciples.

And they asked Him, Show us the signs of Your Coming?  But prior to that, He was in the Temple and He showed them the building of the Temple, and the Temple itself, and He said the them: Do you see all these things?  Do you see all the Temple and the buildings?  And He said, There shall NOT be there one stone upon another that shall NOT be thrown down.

{Matthew 24 And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple. 2 And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.}

What you see behind me is stones that existed during the time of Christ.  During what the Jews call the Temple Mount.  So, the first thing in dispute in Christ Second Coming is the location of the Temple, #1. That is why we MUST be clear on the location of the Temple because IT IS CHRIST OWN WORDS THAT ARE AT STAKE HERE!

He said, NOT one stone will be left upon another.  Either what He said is TRUE, or it’s not!  So, we believe what He said is True!  We believe the words written in red that Christ talked about is TRUE and that there is NO stone left unturned, and that ALL the Temple was destroyed, all the buildings, and Josephus even described the foundation of the Temple being dug up by the Romans to dig up the gold!

#1, We must then come to terms with the location of the Temple!

#2, We must measure the Temple!  We see in Revelation chapter 11, a reed like a rod to measure the Temple. Measure the altar and the people.  Why?  Because you must see if the people building the Temple are following the INSTRUCTIONS! What instructions are they following?  What are they building?  Are they following the instructions of the Great Architect, that told exactly how the Temple and the structure to be built?  Are they building it that way??  Are they making up other diagrams and building it DIFFERENTLY?

That is what it means to MEASURE THE TEMPLE!  The Tabernacle of Moses.  The other structures that Solomon built.  They had SPECIFIC details and instructions on how to build it, as well as Ezekiel, as well as New Jerusalem.

So, we must look at HEROD’S TEMPLE! We must look at these things and we must understand, are they following the proper instructions?  We must measure the Temple so that we are NOT DECEIVED by seeing a temple that is NOT following the proper instructions!

(3:13 min mark) Here we are looking out over the valley, and now you can see the foundations of what we believe to be the Fortress of Antonia.  You see it runs, all the way along where my finger is pointing, and these are stones left one upon another.  So we believe that this is the Roman Fortress, they wouldn’t have destroyed their own fortress in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.  So we BELIEVE Christ words are TRUE!

So then, the question is, well where is the Temple?  If it is not there, well the Temple is right here!  It is in an area right next to where it is called the Ophel and the City of David!  That is where the Temple once stood!  So that #1, is very important!

There you  see the Ophel, we have other archeology that proves that what you are looking at right here is the location of Herod’s temple.

We are here at the southern portion of the Roman Fortress. (4:25 min mark)  This area here has been well excavated.  It is called the Ophel.  And we have many, many archeological PROOFS of the existence of kings and prophets, and everything there.  What we have here is a road going this way, so lets have a little zoom in.

Take a look at this area, this is where the Nephinin’s lived. You see the road, and you see the steep drop? Can you see this right here?

This is the Givati Parking Lot escevation.  And so, that being West, and where we are is on the Mount of Olives in the East, thus meaning the area here is in the City of David is ACTUALLY THE TEMPLE!They call it David’s Palace, but it goes to Bedrock, and that is actually where the Temple WAS!  Now you can see this is this area here, lower portion, and so these are actually portions of the Temple as well.


So here you can see when you MEASURE the Temple, when you MEASURE the gates of the Temple, and you KNOW WHERE THEY ARE, you actually can find the Temple’s location.  So the Ophel is to the East of the Temple. The Parbar is to the West to the Temple.  The King’s House is WITHIN the Gates to the Temple!

So, we know this through archeology and escevations in the City of David, in the Ophel area, these are PROVEN physical locations that were part of the Temple. And we have other videos on this, we are not going to spend a lot of time, we have a whole playlist on where is the True location of the Temple, we will have links in the description field.  TRUE TEMPLE LOCATION: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9ga5asTGGKhcXZE1klpPbJMJ

But, what is so IMPORTANT for you to understand is the blueprints and the architecture  of who is building what? How do you know the source of the architect of the person building the structure?

Herod's Temple

This is Herod’s Temple!  You see the right side  where it is like a  T-shaped area?  We know this is from the drawings from in the Mishinon and the Jewish writings, this is what Herod built!  Now HE DID NOT FOLLOW THE BIBLE! Herod is Not Good!  He was the one trying to KILL ALL THE CHILDREN!  Right?  Well, this is his temple, so when a T-shaped architecture drawing like this is depicted, you know it is Herod’s Temple!

Solomon’s Temple was not like this, it was a straight porch, with the pillars, what you are looking at right here:

This  is Solomon’s Temple!  And if you look closely, you will see there is no T/off front section!  There is just a front porch, and it enters into the Holy of Holies.  But Herod’s Temple does not have this!

Herod's Temple

Here you can see again, the front facade of the temple, depicted. Now, this is very important for you to understand that when the Temple is built,  and you will see something, and this is the Temple Institute, their blue print of their drawings of the Third Temple.  This is what they are showing us!

Now you know about Herod’s Temple!  Herod’s Temple, which you see here, has this elongated porch, we don’t see that in Solomon’s.  But you can see when you look here, we see something else called the Chamber Of Hewn Stone:

Now you can see the Chamber Of Hewn Stone, is in the Temple!  What is that?  The Chamber Of Hewn Stone is this!  And again, where is the Chamber Of Hewn Stone?  It’s in the Temple!  Chamber Of Hewn Stone is a chamber in the Temple!  This is why you have to STUDY the Temple and the Gates to understand what’s taking place!   So you can see they met, 35 on this side, 35 on that side, it is the High Court of the Jews!  So, you can see that is exactly what this was, it was connected to the Temple, and when you study this, that’s when you begin to realize what is taking place UNDERGROUND!

So here is the Seventy Nations Conference, and you can see how there is 35 and 35 seats, and the CALL to the Arab Nations in English, has this interesting statement, and it is signed by it’s members:

THE GREAT JEWISH BIBLICAL COURT, THE SANHEDRIN, FROM THE CHAMBER ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT.  Well, what is that??  I thought the Temple Mount was ruined by Muslims?  It’s NOT!  This “Chamber” they are talking about, is the Chamber of Hewn Stone.  Remember we saw it: the Great Jewish Biblical Court, the Sanhedrin, the Chamber of Hewn Stone.

So could you imagine my astonishment two years ago when I saw this!  I was like Oh, my goodness, this is the Chamber of the Sanhedrin, ALREADY BUILT!!  This is part of the Third Temple already built UNDERGROUND by the Western Wall.  There are 70 seats for the Sanhedrin!  This meets the WHOLE  description of when I studied it, Ezekiel chapter 8, of the two courts of the seventy, and the twenty-four.

So, this is what comes about from studying and measuring the Temple! Once you know it, and you see it, you say: This is the Third Temple!!  This is the Chamber of Hewn Stone!  This is the Court of 24! And there is a Court of 70! Just like you see in Ezekiel chapter 8.  So, this is WHY we measure the Temple!  This is the area back here, where the 24 is seated.

So, when the 70 Nations and the Sanhedrin organize and they say they have a Chamber on the Temple Mount, THIS is what they are talking about! They have a Chamber! There are 70 seats! Exactly as the Scriptures foretold!

So, this is just amazing, you really have to tell people about this, that there are Chambers, there are parts of the Third Temple already built!  They already are UNDERGROUND!  More than likely we will have a situation where there WILL be something on the Temple Mount.

Here is the Synagogue above us!  You can see a Menorah, and the Ball, let’s take a look at the other side. (picture’s in video 12:20 min mark)  Here is the other view of the synagogue.

Now, this is something called the Scribes Chamber, and when we measure the Temple we find this in the first Temple.  We find this mostly in the Book of Jeremiah, and through archeology we actually know where the Kings House is, and next to the Kings House, down below it, is something called the Scribes Chamber. We have another video on the Scribes Chamber, and we will show you the archaeology  and the proof through the Bullae seals as to where this is.

Kings House

But again, when you study this, and you look at it in modern context, what would a Scribes Chamber look like?  It might look like this!

So then again, once we study the MEASURE of the Temple and the pattern, we can see a Scribes Chamber!  Also, UNDERGROUND by the Western Wall!  Now, on the other side of this is the Sanhedrin.  So you have the dining room area and then you have this Scribes Chamber.  This is all part of the Third Temple….ALREADY  BUILT, UNDERGROUND, by the Western Wall!  This is WHY we measure the Temple, so when you see the things in the Temple, you see them in our day!

Now, when we look at Ezekiel’s Temple, we can see that Dining Halls are a major feature of the Temple.  Here you can see the Northern side of the Temple (14:28 min mark), the Temple is in the Center and the red blocks are Dining Rooms!  Huge Dining Rooms, multi story, Banquet Halls, Function Halls, whatever you want to call them, you can see them there on the Northern side and they are also on the Southern side.

So, Dining Halls, Banquet Halls, Dining Rooms are a MAJOR FEATURE in the Ezekiel Temple.  Again, as we measure the Temple, as we see these Dining Halls, as we see this feature, we could see this, as well, UNDERGROUND, by the Western Wall, right next to where we saw the Scribes Room.

(15:15 min mark) Here you can see, the Function Hall completely set up, with the tables, and with the lights. And we went another time and it wasn’t quite decorated the same way, but you can see it is a fully functioning Dining Hall and restaurant.  Which you might say, ‘Oh, okay,  those are just functional places.’  But this is connected to other things that are connected to the temple.  How exactly this connects to where the Third Temple will be, and everything else, we aren’t exactly sure!

But, what we are doing is EDUCATING you on to HOW to MEASURE THE TEMPLE, see the features of the Temple, that way you can see and understand it if it happens in front of you!

Herod's Temple

So, now you know what Herod’s Temple looks like.  (16:00 min mark) It’s in front of you here, you can see T-shaped front!  You can see the Gates!  And I want you to look at this very, very closely, and pay close attention, on ONE TALL TEMPLE!  Right?  Well, the one Temple that has NEVER been built, is Ezekiel’s Temple.

(Video showing Ezekiel’s Temple and commentary): “After Jesus has returned, His thousand year reign will begin with the building of the Temple of God. This “unique” Temple was described by the prophet Ezekiel chapter 41. And it will be from here that Christ the King with rule ALL nations, and all the nations will come to this Temple to worship the KING of Kings, and the LORD of Lords.

The Word of God made flesh, The Messiah.  Isaiah 2:2 In the last days, the mountain of the house of the LORD, will be established as the Chief of the Mountains, and it will be raised above the hills;  And all the nations will stream to it, and many people’s will come and say; Come, let us go up into the mountain of the LORD, to the House of  the God of Jacob, that He may teach us concerning His ways, and that we may walk in His paths.

For the Law will go fourth from Zion, at the Word of the Law from Jerusalem, and He will judge between the nations, and will render decisions.  Isaiah 9:6-7 For unto us a child has been born.  Unto us His Son is given and the government shall be on His shoulder, and His name shall be called: WONDERFUL, COUNSELOR, THE MIGHTY GOD, THE EVERLASTING FATHER, THE PRINCE OF PEACE. Of the increase of His government and peace, there shall be no end.”

Now, in Ezekiel’s Temple has NEVER been built, and you can see it is a city!

And, you can see the enormous size of it!  Each of the Gates that you see, are about ten stories high!  So, they are like Temple’s in themselves!  I want you to just get an idea on how large this is, and how large these Gates are, because the Jews can’t build this on the Temple Mount!  It is BIGGER than the Temple Mount.  So, it is important for you to understand that the Millennial Temple, what you are looking at, we must measure it and we must understand it.  We MUST be educated, because Jesus Christ is going to reign in a Temple in the Millennium, for a thousand years!  That is what the Ezekiel’s Temple is!

So, when we see a Third Temple coming up, and the Jews build it, and it’s on the Temple Mount, and it’s fulfilling all the Bible prophecies related to the Antichrist, we can’t tribute to what they are doing to what Jesus Christ is going to do in the future, in the Millennium, when we look at the MEASUREMENTS!  When you look at this Temple, when you look at it, it is going to be built!  It NEVER HAPPENED!  It IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

So, there are very large Gates, it’s a very large footprint, it’s much different than what you saw with Herod’s Temple.  It is much different than what you can see with the Gates, once you are EDUCATED, once you UNDERSTAND what it is that you are looking at.  Once you have a 3D rendering like this, it is very helpful (20:45 min mark).  If you read Ezekiel 40-48, this is very difficult to understand, so it is helpful when people do 3D renderings like this, for us, so we can get a picture of the dimensions, and the size, and the scope, of this whole CITY!  This is a CITY!  This will be built and Jesus Christ will reign in this Temple for a thousand years!

So, this is why we are making it clear, where the Temple was first built!  What the Jews if they  build a Third Temple, what is it going to look like?  It is going to look like Herod’s Temple!

And # 3, what is the Millennial Temple? What does it look like? What are the measurements?  When we look at it, and look at the measurements, we can see MAJOR DIFFERENCES!  Remember when we saw Herod’s Temple there was a large porch?  (21:40 min mark)

This is the porch in the Millennial Temple, it is not like the T-shaped that we saw before.  Hopefully you are  educating yourself!  Hopefully you are learning and understanding what’s going on?  Now, the other thing about this, is there are measuring tools that we need, to measure!  And in Ezekiel’s Temple was small, but in the future there will….

(22:00 min mark, video of Leeland at the Great Pyramid) Another thing about the Great Pyramid, as you can see right behind me, it is based on a unit of measure called the cubit.  Now a cubit is typically a measurement from the elbow, to the tips of the finger.  And there is measurements,  just like a foot, and you know other measurements, that the ancients used, but that was a cubit.  And now, there is something called an Egyptian Royal Cubit, which we hope to find in Sakura, but here at the Great Pyramid, the cubit that is basis for the whole structure, is 25 inches.

Now, the Egyptian Royal Cubit is 20.6 inches. However, here at the Great Pyramid, there is a cubit called a Sacred Cubit.  That Cubit is 25.2 inches.

(23:00 min mark, video of Leeland with measuring reeds)  Measuring the Temple!  And when measuring the Temple, the thing that you will need, is tools, is measuring reeds. And you see behind me, 2 measuring reed/tools.

First, is a reed, like a walking stick.  So, in Revelation 11:1, John is given a reed, like a rod.  Now this is approximately 2 cubits.  So he is given this walking stick to measure the Temple.  Then in Revelation 21, there’s another measurement, and that is a reed, a golden reed. So an angel has a golden reed, and a golden reed, is twelve and a half feet, I detailed these, but I just wanted to give you a visual representation of a staff or a walking stick measurement, and a reed.

Now we have a reed here…and this is a reed…it may not even fit in the whole video.  But the angel has a reed, which is also seen in Ezekiel.  In Ezekiel, as well, you can see this reed and he goes about to measure the Temple. So, I am doing this all the way back here, so you can see, how large a  reed is.  That’s 12 1/2 feet!  The measuring reed, 12 1/2 feet!  And, we have also a walking stick.  So these a necessary for us to measure the Temple.

Now, whenever you do a video like this, the people will say: WE ARE THE TEMPLE, and that is correct! But, you are under the assumption that the present error and dispensation  will remain the same, which it will NOT!  There will be a 1,000 year Millennial reign of Jesus Christ!  A thousand years!  There will be a Temple and that is BEFORE New Jerusalem!

So guys, please watch the playlist, The True Temple Location: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9ga5asTGGKhcXZE1klpPbJMJ

In it we show you many proof on how we FOUND the Temple!  As well, Please watch the Third Temple playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gaH78Vf_rs4BS6i8r65i8mB

In it, we show you the synagogue, we show you many other things that are already fulfilled, that people are waiting to happen!

And, we have a playlist, Measure the Pattern, that is the Millennial Temple. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gYZoDzRkvteaRNMs32bWh6c

Thanks for watching!  God bless!

Why Measure the Temple? Herod, Third & Millennium: https://overcominglymedisease.com/why-measure-the-temple-herod-third-millennium/

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