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Esther, Joel 2 & Nahum 2 – 6th Trumpet Army Part 3

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Esther, Joel 2 & Nahum 2 – 6th Trumpet Army Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQIj_0z1grE

Okay guys, this is part 3 in the series on the Army!  The Great Mystery of the Lord’s Army as the New Jerusalem Army battles Mystery Babylon in the last days!  You guys, this is Amazing stuff!  This is Part 3, so in the previous parts, we determined that this Army is the Great Multitude Army, okay?  And the Great Multitude Army would be those that are going to war against Mystery Babylon. When the Lord was angry that they slewed His servants, He sent forth His Army, it says that in Matthew 22!

The 5th Trumpet Army is the Locust!  Also the 5th Seal, is the souls that are crying out under the altar.  So these are the martyr’s!  And the martyr’s are being killed by this Locust army, even now.  This Locust army  is multifaceted guys, it got different tentacles to it, okay?  When you are looking at Mystery Babylon, it’s multiple things!  Yes, it’s Islam!  Yes, it’s America!  Yes, it’s the Roman Empire, you know, it’s Catholicism!  It’s all those things, it’s not just one thing! But it is a City, that same city, we are going to get into in another piece, but the same city, is the city that’s at war with God, okay?  So there’s this conflict, so the Lord is going to establish this Army, okay?

Now previous what we have done, you have to watch the other parts, but it’s the Great Multitude!  It’s Tribes Dan and Ephraim, okay?  Also, covered is the 200 Million Army, that’s how many this is!  That is the census we’ve determined by the Shekel of the Sanctuary, we already covered that.  And….MOST FACINATING…..THE FOUR ANGELS…OR FOUR MESSENGERS!  Let’s remember that it says of the 144, the 144 is the number of men, which are angels!  Sometimes an angel is just a messenger, okay?

So the 4 angels that were bound…it was the information that was bound in the Euphrates river is being loosed, and that would then RELEASE THESE 4 CAPTAINS OF THE HOSTS OF THE LORD’S ARMY! So we consider these to be people, not angels in Heaven, okay?  And guys, the order is always the order of Four, just to mention real briefly, when David had his army, his primary general was Joab, and then he had his 3 mighting men!  So there is 4, okay?  And the Lord Jesus Christ was also like…is David, and then He had His 3 closes disciples, so forming again… 4!

So the 4 is ALWAYS the pattern of the Army!  And the 4 then lead the 12, like 12 Legions, and that’s what we also see in these patterns and structures in New Jerusalem, and …this New Jerusalem Army…which is EVEN NOW FORMING (2017)!  But guys, how can you be a part of this Army, if you are in Babylon?  You are suppose to be at war with Babylon, okay?  So that’s why I am doing all this stuff to get you to come out of Babylon, to get you to REPENT OF THE FALSE HARLOT CHURCH.  And, we are going to get into these 2 Cities in another presentation, shortly guys.

But, now lets go and read, Revelation chapter 9, when it talks about this Army: And the 6th angel sounded!  So, let’s sound…(blowing of a trumpet)….Sounded and I heard a voice from the four (4) horns….which is the golden altar, okay?  These are the 4 Army Generals: Which is before God, saying to the sixth angel, which sounded the trumpet.  So the angel that sounded the trumpet, we went over that, that is one of the Arcangel’s!  Saying, loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.  And we learned, we covered that in the previous message on these four angels.

And the four angels were loosed which were prepared for a hour, a day, a month, and  a year, for to slay a third part of men.  Okay, and we are going to take a look here guys, first at a couple of other confirmations on this.  One is the Book of Esther.  Okay, so let’s talk about that! Let’s talk about Esther!

In the Book of Esther, the message is very simple, but remember this Army is around during the Trumpets, so the beast is…….. now the Mark of the Beast is in full affect!  And let’s remember guys, that Mordecai, HE REFUSED TO BOW TO HAMAN, okay?  So in Esther chapter 3, Mordecai, you know, refused to bow to Haman. And which Haman, is a type of the Antichrist, the Beast, right?  And so it says, ALL the kings servants that were in the King’s gate, bowed and reverenced, Haman.  But Mordecai REFUSED!  Therefore, Haman sought to DESTROY ALL THE JEWS THAT WERE OUT, THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE KINGDOM!

So keep in mind, that’s what’s going to happen guys, there’s going to be martyr’s, so the Antichrist is going to get his power, HE’S GOING TO SEEK TO SLAY ALL THOSE THAT DON’T BOW TO THE MARK OF THE BEAST, okay?  So that’s why Haman goes about trying to kill all the Jews, is because of Mordecai!  And MORDECAI REPRESENTS THOSE THAT REFUSE TO BOW TO THE BEAST, right?  Very simple!

But then what he does, Mordecai does something very interesting…… (Haman says) IF it pleases the King, let it be written that they be destroyed, the Jews being, and I will pay 10,000 talents of silver to the hands of those that have charge over this business.  So Haman is going to give 10,000 talents!  Now the 10,000 talents we know equates to, 207,600,000 People!  Okay, we went over that, that is part of the Shekel of the Sanctuary, if you are not familiar, I will put links in the description field of the precvious messages that cover other topics, I won’t be able to get to in this one, okay?

So, then what happens is, when Esther gets a command from the King to save the Jews, right, now the Jews represent this Great Multitude Army!  It says, Gather yourselves together, this is Esther chapter 8, and stand for your life, to destroy, to slay, to cause to perish, all of the people in provinces that would assault them.  So guys, it may seem strange to you, that in this Army, that you would be involved in actually killing people! But that’s exactly what this says!  It happened in Esther!  It’s going to happen in the last days!  So this Army is set to slay a third part of men, okay?

That’s exactly what it is, that’s literal! This is not figurative!  This is literal, guys!  And it’s confirmed by Esther, and then we are going to look at Joel chapter 2, and Nahum chapter 2, as confirmation of Scriptures on this Great Army!  There’s a lot more on this, I could go on, and on, but what I have to do, I am going to condense this into three parts.  But I encourage you to also watch some of the other messages on this topic, okay?  Okay, so there it says, For to slay a third part of men!

And the number of the Army, which were two hundred thousand thousand (2 million), I heard the number of them.  Again, we learned from the Shekel of the Sanctuary, that equates to 10,000 talents, okay, that we see in Esther.  Okay now, let’s keep going into Revelation 9 we are reading: (9:17) And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them having breastplates of fire, and jacinth,…(and jacinth, as we know, is the 11th foundation stone in New Jerusalem)  and brimstone: and the heads of horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire, and smoke, and brimstone.  (9:18)  And by these were a third part of men killed.  Again, the second time it’s mentioned, a third part of men killed!

By fire, and by smoke, and by brimstone, which issued out of their mouths, for their power is in their mouth, and in their tails.  For their tails were like unto serpents, and their heads with them they do hurt.  So here we see lions, we see serpents, again this is a connection to the Tribe of Dan!  Now, that is briefly what we can observe through Revelation 9,  and the Book of Esther.  Clearly the Jews are this Army, and they literally slay people!  Then what happens, is…to mention this also…..after this, there’s a Great Harvest!  In the last days, guys, there’s a Great Harvest!

Then what happens, is they hold a Feast: Then they had a feast of gladness, a feast of a good day.  And many people of the land became Jews for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.  I am reading Esther chapter 8, verse 17.  SO, WHAT I AM GETTING AT, IS WHEN THIS ARMY RISES UP, THEN THE GREAT HARVEST TAKE’S PLACE! BECAUSE THERE WILL BE FEAR ON THE PEOPLE, AND MANY OF THEM WILL BE A PART OF THE GREAT HARVEST, okay?  So that’s exactly what it says in Esther chapter 8, verse 17!  Now the Great Harvest, you can observe in Revelation 14, okay?  And that’s when the angel sends forth his sickle.

Okay, so there we can clearly see, the Book of Esther also gives us information that…..you know,  one of the popular interpretations is that this army is China, right?  It goes over the Euphrates and it’s 200 million!  So people are thinking naturaly, in some, you know, nation or government that has enough people to constitute this Army.  It’s the Great Mulititude…it’s God’s Army!!

Okay, now let’s go to Joel chapter 2, Blow the trumpet in Zion. (blowing of the trumpet) A great people of  strong and there has not ever been like, neither shall there ever be, even as it be of many generations. A fire devours before them and behind them a flame burns.  The land is as the Garden of Eden before them and behind them, is a desolate wilderness.  So guys, many of you will begin to see… there’s a Garden scene in Heaven….. before you is the Garden of Eden. So this represents those that are the Elect, they will be seeing things in Heaven, and they will be initimate with the Lord, in the Garden of Eden, as it’s restored in the beginning of all things.  That’s again part of the,  AGAIN GENESIS…the RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS!  Okay?

So the Garden of Eden is before you.  The Garden of Eden is intimacy with the Lord, spending time with the Lord in the Garden every day, as we tell you and encourage you to do, all the time on this channel! Okay?  And behind them is a desolate wilderness.  Okay, and again this is reference to the Garden of Eden….Spiritually,  but it’s literally…. these people will go forth, and they’ll go forth, and places will become places of desolation and destruction.

And this is an Army representing also, the 2 Witnesses!  The 2 Witnesses also have FIRE that proceeds out of their mouth, and devours their enemies, okay?  And this Army, here in Joel chapter 2, also meets this description:  A fire devours before them, and behind them a flame burns, okay?  And nothing shall escape them!  The appearance of them is the appearance of horses.  And we saw this in Revelation 9 as well.  Appearance of horcemen as horsemen as they do run.  Like the noice of chariots on the tops of mountains, shall they leap.  Like the noise of a flame of fire that devours the stubble, as a strong people set in battle aray. We saw their breastplates.  We saw their description of them set in battle aray, in Revelation 9.

Before their face, people are much pain.  All their faces gather together blackness.  They shall run like mighty men.  They sall climb the wall like men of war. They shall march everyone in his ways, and they shall not break their ranks!  Now this is one of the biggest problem that you guys have is breaking ranks!  You don’t really know that there is an order in the Kingdom of Heaven, and especially you women, you just do whatever you want…you think there are no consequences to your actions. But you have to….this Army is not assembled, so you guys are a mess!

But the First Fruits of this Army will be assembled and they will have the seal of God on their foreheads, and eventually when this Army is assembed, you will NOT break ranks, okay?  YOU WILL GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!  YOU WILL REPENT AND RETURN TO THE MOST HIGH WITH ALL YOU MIGHT, alright?  But right now….I have been doing this for years, guys, this is one of the BIG PROBLEMS, IT’S NOT UNDERSTANDING ORDER AND RANK IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!

And neither shall one thrust another.  So one of the things that we have to be VERY careful, is you don’t thrust one another.  That is a pretty strong indication of those that you are attacking me, or attacking one another, you know, those ARE RELIGIOUS SPIRITS!  Okay?  And those that are a part of this Army are not influenced to thrust another, okay?  Some one says something, you just say, hey, and walk away. But don’t attack!  Don’t be on the offensive, alright?  So they will not thrust…so guys, I have a whole message on this, I am not going to repeat all of this.  I am going to put a link in the description field.

THIS IS ELIJAH’S ARMY, okay?  I covered this a long time ago in the House of David.  This Army meets the description of Elijah!  They’ll do the same things that Elijah did, just like the 2 Witnesses, okay?  And they shall run to and fro in the city.  They shall run upon a wall, and shall climb upon the houses, and they shall enter the windows like a thief!  So these people will materialize in places, God will move them by the Spirit, and they will be a Great Army that can not be limited by the laws of nature, nor the laws of man!  So they will be a SUPERNATURAL ARMY!

They shall run to and fro in the city, okay?  And it said in Daniel, Many shall run to and fro in that day, okay?  So that’s this Army. The earth shall quake before them, the heavens shall tremble. Now the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdrawn their shining. Now here in Joel as we read this, guys, this is exactly what it says in the 4th Trumpet!  When the 4th Trumpet sounds, the sun is darkened by a third, the moon is darkened by a third, the stars are darkened by a third, they will not give their light!  So what is happening, Joel is giving us an indication that this Army is beginning to be formed in the Trumpets!  Okay, in the time of the 4th Trumpet.  So the 4th Trumpet gives this information of Timing.

The earth shall quake before them, the heavens shall tremble, the sun and moon shall be darkened, the stars shall withdraw their shining.  That’s the 4th Trumpet!  The 5th Trumpet is the Harlot’s Army!  The 6th Trumpet is this Army, okay?  For the Lord shall utter His voice before His Army and His camp is very great, for He is strong to execute His word for the Day of the Lord is great and terrible, who shall be able to abide in it, okay?

So, there we see Joel 2, I strongly encourage you to watch Elijah’s Army.  I will put a link in the description field, you can watch it! Guys, THIS IS THE COMING OF ELIJAH!  IT’S   NOT   ONE    PERSON,   IT’S    AN   ARMY!  Okay?  Yes!  One of the 2 Witnesses meets that description as well, but so does  A MULTITUDE OF PEOPLE,  WILL BE ACTING IN THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH!  Glory to God!!! Now, let’s keep going…for time’s sake, we are going to move through these Scriptures.

The next one we have, is Nahum chapter 2.  Now we went through Nahum chapter 3, how it’s the Harlot’s army.  We see in Nahum chapter 3, it’s the Harlot, the well favoured mistress! Okay?  We have another video, again I am going to put that in the description field.  If you are NOT following all of these messages, guys, A LOT OF WHAT I AM SAYING IS NOT GOING TO MAKE SENSE!  But WATCH IT, Okay?  Nahum chapter 3, the Harlot’s army, is the 5th Trumpet!  Okay?

(Nahum 2) The shield of His mighty men are made red. The valiant men are in scarlet, The chariots shall be with flaming torches on the day of His preperation.  And the fur tree shall be troubled, terribily shaken. The chariot shall rage in the streets, They shall jostle one another in a broad way; They shall seem like torches, They shall run like lightnings. And He shall recount His nobles.  Okay so again, they’ll like, torches they’ll move…I MEAN, THIS IS SUPERNATURAL THINGS THAT WE ARE SEEING HERE!

They shall stumble in their walk; They shall make haste to the wall thereof, And the defense shall be prepared.  The gates of the river shall be opened, And the palace shall be dissolved.  Natsav  shall be led away captive, and she shall be brought up. Her maids shall lead her as with the voice of doves. So YES, LADIES, YOU WILL CERTAINLY BE A PART OF THIS ARMY, AND HERE YOU ARE MENTIONED AS THE MAIDS THAT SHALL LEAD, AS WELL!  Lead her as with the voice of doves!  So I am sure a lot of you are excited about that!

(Nahum 2:7)…Tabering upon their breasts. But Nineveh is of old, like a pool of water.  Okay again, Nineveh is Babylon!  And they shall flee away.  Stand! Stand!  shall they cry, But none shall look back. Take you the spoil of silver!  Take the spoil of gold!  We look at the silver and gold, as part of the Shekel of the Sancturary, these are the precious vessels.  For there is none end of the store, and the glory of all the pleasant furniture. Okay? She is empty, void, waste, and the heart melts, and the knees smite together; And much pain is in all loins.  Now this is Babylon in FEAR of this Army!

And the faces of them gather blackness.  Where is the dwelling of the lions and the feeding place of the young lions, Where the lion, even the old lion walked, and the lions whelp, and none of them were afraid?Now we also saw, in Revelation 9, they had the heads of lions. Again this is the reference of the lions.  The lion to tare in pieces enough for his whelps, And strangeld for his lionesses, And filled his holes with prey, And his dens with raven.  Behold I am against you, says the Lord of hosts.  I will burn her chariots with smoke, and the sword shall devour the young lions; I will cut off the prey from the earth, and the voice of the messengers shall no more be heard.  Okay, and these are the FALSE SHEPHERDS!

Okay, so Nahum chapter 2 is giving us further description on this Army that is being set. Keep in mind this Army is against Mystery Babylon.  This Army will destroy those….remember, Mystery Babylon is drunk with the wine of the blood of the martyr’s.  And the 5th Seal is ISIS, guys!   ISIS is a goddess, and Egyptian goddess, her name is ISIS!  Okay?  And ISIS is funded by the U.S., and even if they’re, you know, disburst, or whatever is happening in the news, don’t kid yourself, there’ll be more blood shed, okay guys, there will be more!  Cause the Harlot is drunk and she will keep…this will keep happening until this Army defeats Babylon.

When this Army beats Babylon, then it says, Woe is Babylon, Babylon is Fallen, okay? And that’s going to happen in several stages!  It is going to happen during the Seals, it’s going to happen during the Trumpets, and it’s going to happen during the Bowls, okay?  But guys, that’s the Army!

One other place I want to read to you, is the vision…the  burden of Babylon, in Isaiah 13, it says: The noise of a multitude in the mountains.  Like a great people!  A tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of the nations gathered together!  The Lord of hosts mustered the host of His battle, of His army.  Okay?  They come from a far country, From the end of heaven — Even the Lord and the weapons of His indignation, To destroy the whole land.

Guys, that’s what this Army is. It’s a Mighty Army of the Lord of hosts, and they WILL BE ASSEMBLED!  This is…when people are talking about the Bride…this is also the Bride…the Great Multitude is the Bride…and this is the Warrior Bride!  Okay?  So the Bride is MANY PEOPLE GROUPS!  We have the Elect, which are the man child and the virgins.  This is the Great Multitude Army that’s being assembled! Okay?  We have the martry’s, okay?  And we are going to have the Great Harvest!  Guys, THAT IS ALL PART OF NEW JERUSALEM, okay?  So keep in mind right now, there is No Bride!  There is no Esther!  Esther is being prepared, but she is not yet Queen, okay?  We are all being prepared for that Day!

And when the Son of Man appears in the clouds, that’s when those that are….will receive the Seal of God on their foreheads!  Okay?  And then obviously, THE GREAT MULTITUDE WILL GO THROUGH THE GREAT TRIBULATION!  AND IN THE GREAT TRIBULATION, THIS ARMY WILL FORM!  Okay, it says in Daniel that, When will be the time of these things?  And he said, A Time, Times, and a half, TO SCATTER THE POWER OF THE HOLY PEOPLE!  And then at the 7th Trumpet, the angel says, TIME NO LONGER, let the Mystery of the 7th Trumpet be revealed!  So the 7th Trumpet will then be.. the gathering of the twinkling of an eye, in the last Trump, when this Great Army will be assembled and will be gathered together in Heaven, as 1 Corinthians 15 mentions.

So guys, God bless you!  Thank you for watching!  Please watch the other video’s on this, if you haven’t watched part 1 and 2.  Please also watch the other video I am going to attach in the description field, on Elijah’s Army and Joel chapter 2!  So again, thanks for watching and please read these Scriptures as well.  Study these things!  This message is more or less just reading the Scriptures, and those that are WISE, YOU WILL STUDY THESE SCRIPTURES, and find amazing things, amazing Revelation!  So God bless you and thank you for watching…and we’ll have some more soon, okay guys!  ~ Leeland Jones

The Great Army: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUQPUEHiBVk&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gaUWez5Sh8TC0F1Sj-t6we9

The Shekel of the Sanctuary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4Yc0YCqijs&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gackoFel7_tRzp30podhnT5

Manchild Elect Rulers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdnEMOTZNLg&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gbqsr5OFxkoJkphIeqhftqC

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