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Coronavirus Vaccine is Mark of the Beast

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Coronavirus Vaccine is Mark of the Beast: https://rumble.com/veh0pl-coronavirus-vaccine-is-mark-of-the-beast.html

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

In this video, you will see how the Corona Virus vaccination is connected with ID2020!  The Digital ID in the vaccination is the Mark of the Beast!  You’ll see that in a series of video’s and  documentation throughout this!  PLEASE SHARE THIS, GUYS! THIS IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!  SHARE THIS TO LOVED ONES, SHARE THIS TO ANYONE THAT YOU CAN GET THIS MESSAGE TO, BEFORE THINGS GET SHUT DOWN. Hopefully you watched the previous video where we saw how Corona Virus was PLANNED, and hopefully you understand that!

And now we’re going to soon enter this era of this vaccination being FORCED ON PEOPLE and YOU WILL SEE THE REASON WHY IT HAS MICROCHIPS IN IT!  We looked at the NANOTECH!  But now, please watch all of this video, here is Celeste:

“Hi, this is Celeste, and this is the Celestial Report, for March 4, 2020!  And unfortanetaly, I have another very serious Breaking News Alert for you!  I wish it wasn’t coming on the heels of the other ones, but this is the season in which we live, this situation with the Corona Virus is very afluid, and so we all just have to kind of roll with it.

So this morning when I woke up, I got a communication from the Department of Defense, and DARPA has been working on a Hydrogel that is injectable into the body, it assembles within the body, it becomes part of your body, it spreads out, kinda like an octopus into your body and it fuses with your body.  Whether it changes your DNA, I BELIEVE THAT IT DOES!  And I believe that this is the precurser for the Mark of the Beast, well…OR THIS MIGHT BE THE MARK OF THE BEAST!

They are going to introduce, they say, this PRODUCT and it’s called…..the company is PROFUSA, and all the links are below to the whole program; video’s, links, anything you want…and of cource, as always, I will be happy to answer any questions. So anyway, they are going to introduce it to the public, they are going to try it first on their Special Forces!  I believe that this is well on the way!  This is a program that has been around for quite some time, and I have been following the development of the “Mark” ever since  2005, on October 31st, which is Halloween, when the precurser of the ‘Mark’ was introduced in Legislation.

And so I have just been watching the development.  I realy truly believe, that they are going to use the PANIC of the Covid 19 virus, and make this injectable sensor.  It’s an injectable sensor that becomes part of your body, and basically THEY ARE GOING TO SELL IT TO YOU AS, THIS IS GOING TO BE A SENSOR THAT WILL LET YOU KNOW, AND OTHER PEOPLE KNOW, THAT YOU ARE SICK BEFORE YOU EVEN KNOW IT!

Of course it will do ALL OF YOUR VITALS….IT’S A TRACKING DEVICE!  It will tell where you are, what you are doing, if your eating, if you are drinking, the whole ten yards!  While you are eating or drinking, if you are eating salt, it will know!  If you are eating according to your diet!  So this is something that they have longed wanted, and it is part of Precision Medicine, and now it’s ready to be deployed!

Like I said,  I believe that they have already begun ‘beta testing’ this on  Special Forces and on our  Military, and now it is ready to go into the Panic Stricken American Citizens!  And money is going to become…it will probably become contraband because it has the potential to carry germs.  So it is very likely that very soon we are going to see that we’re not going to be able to do transactions in Cash any longer!  And then this biometric hydrogel sensor would allow us to go get groceries, participate in the Beast System: have a job, transportation, proof that we had our vaccinations that are manditory, and so forth, you get the idea!

So this is a very serious Breaking News situation!  ALL CHRISTIANS NEED TO BRACE THEMSELVES, as much as possible, START OPERATING OUTSIDE OF THE SYSTEM, BECAUSE YOU NEED TO PRACTICE SKILLS THAT YOU NEED TO OPPERATE OUTSIDE OF THE SYSTEM!  So that’s the Special Report, the coming Mark of the Beast, and we will see you next time on the Celestial Report! ~Celeste Solum, celestialreport@protonmail.com

(Video at 5:44 min mark):  This Laboratory in Tubingen, outside of Stuttgart, Germany, is racing to develop a small dose vaccine against the Corona virus.  It’s operated by a private company called, CureVac, which hopes  it could mass produce the “treatment” if it “proves” successful in trials.  But the potentialy life saving work done here, is  now at the center of a International dispute between, Berlin and Washington!  Amid reports, that the United States was trying to persuade CureVac to move it’s research to the U.S.!

Earlier, a German newspaper reported that the U.S. President, Donald Trump, had offered FUNDS to lure CureVac to the United States!   And the German government was making counter offers to “tempt” it to stay.  The German newspaper quoted, “An unidentified German government  source as saying, Trump was trying to secure the scientist work ‘exclusively’, and would DO ANYTHING TO GET A VACCINE FOR THE UNITED STATES, QUOTE….BUT ONLY FOR THE UNITED STATES!”

(News video, 6:37 min mark in video) “President Trump has been accused of trying to lure a German Pharmaceutical Company working on a Corona virus vaccine, to the U.S.!  A German newspaper says, that Trump offered large amounts of money to secure, CureVax, vaccine EXCLUSIVELY for the U.S.!  German authorities insist that no country should have a monopoly, and it’s offering financial incentives for the vaccine to stay in the country!

Newsreporter: Wulrich Brueckner, is a political anylasis and is joins us live by Skype from Dresden, in Germany: Good to have you with us, many people are watching would never heard of, CureVac, until this moment!  What sort-of a company is it?

Wulrich Brueckner: Well it is one of those Biotech companies that ‘starts… lately’  to focus on something that is important in days like the  Corona virus.  It has received a large investment from the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, from German Government, but also from the U.S. Department of Defense, to find a ground breaking solution for the Corona virus.”

(Another video source: 7:45 min mark) There’re all players!  These are all the Players involved with the ID2020!  An approach that is holistic, market-based and address the full scope and scale of the challenge.  The ID2020 Alliance is a global partnership maximizing the potential of Digital ID to improve lives. It’s a public-private partnership maximizing the potential of digital ID.  We fund Digital ID projects grounded in a common modery evaluation and learning framework to produce actional analysis of the cost opportunities and risks associated  with these programs, and enable stake-holders to embrace change.

Here are all the Alliance partners:

1. accenture

2. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

3. The Rockefeller Foundation. Since 1913, the Rockefeller Foundation has sought to improve the well-being of humanity around the world.  The Rockefeller Foundation….that dude, told you all!  That dude, Aran Rusel (?) told you this over 20 years ago, he told you that is what the Rockefeller told him!  The Rockefeller Foundation provided ID2020 with “SEED” funding in 2017, it has been an ongoing supporter of ID2020…well of course they are, he told you, he told you all those years ago!

4. Microsoft, Bill Gates!  The American multi-national technology company joined ID2020 in January 2018, as a founding partner!  Members of the Microsoft team sit on ID2020 technical….I told you man, all these people, all they do is sit around and talk about football,  they have NO IDEA!  THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE WORKING ON!  Here is another company:

5.  IDEO.ORG: Created by IDEO, the international design and consulting firm, to design products, services, and experiences to improve the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities. IDEO.org joined ID2020 in 2018.  IDEO.org is represented on our Program Delivery and Ecosystem & Advocacy Advisory Commitees.   So they hide behind philanthropee!

THE ALLIANCE, a collaborative effort of global partners, is solving for scale from day one. WOW!  This is Crazy!!  From 2018 to ID2020 Summit says: Carl Sanders Helped Design The First Implantable Microchip! Carl Sanders was an engineer of the world’s first implantable chip, and in the process of working on this incrediable end times device.  Carl got saved and spent the rest of his life warning people about what was coming.  What you will hear in this video clip is taken from a casette tape that was sent around churches back in the 1990’s.  I have one of those copies, when the Lord had me start NTEB.  Carl and I became friends and he was a guest on our progam. This is an audio of that cassette tape…Carl Sanders…is this it?  Wow!

Leeland (10:50 min mark): I will put a link to this article, but what you can see here is: Vaccines now being used to harvest biometric identities of everyone; Big Brother merges with Big Pharma.  And in this we can see the vaccines being prepared as implantable microchips.  So the title of this: Big Pharma and Microsoft are teaming up in something called ID2020 Alliance.  Here you can see: Carl Sanders helped design the first implantable microchip.  I was hoping to include the audio of his interview, but he basically had insider information, and I am not going to get into that in this video, I will provide the links where you can watch and listen to the interview.  But that’s one of our sources here of information  that we are bringing forth. So I really encourage  you to go through this article and read it, and go into some of the other video’s that it has.

So, he had inside information….he was working on this decades ago, and then he BELIEVED IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND GO OUT OF IT, and started to bare witness of what this inplantable microchip was.  So, The process of working in the incredable end times device, Carl got saved and spent the rest of his life warning people about what was coming.  To hear that the chip is taken …..this interview was taken from a cassette tape and sent around to churches in the 90’s,  and he had one of the copies.

So now we can begin to see what Brother Carl was talking about with this implantable microchip.  So as we can see here, we have a lot of information as it relates to ID2020 and here you can see… (12:55 min mark): BIG PHARMA AND MICROSOFT ARE TEAMING UP IN SOMETHING CALLED THE ‘ID2020 ALLIANCE’ THAT WILL COMBINE VACCINATIONS WITH IMPLANTABLE MICROCHIPS (TO CREATE YOUR DIGITAL ID)!  This is exactly what we have been saying, we are just getting more and more information to clarify the details of what it is we can find the truth about the vaccinations,  the implantable microchips, and here you can see what it says there.  In small letters:

(13:30 min mark) “The ID2020 Alliance, as it’s being called, is a digital identity program that aims to “leverage immuniztion” as a means of inserting tiny microchips into people’s bodies. In collaboration with the Global Alliance of Vaccines and Immunizations, also know as GAVI, the government of Bangledesh and varies other ‘partners in government, academia, and humanitarian relief.’ The ID2020 Alliance hopes to usher in this mark of the beast as to keep tabs on every human being living on (face of)  Earth.”

So, that is what we are dealing with!  It’s called:  Big Pharma is officially partnering with the Tech Industry to with pair immunization and digitial biometrics and humans will soon be microchip.  SO THE MICROCHIP IS NOT NECCESARY TO BE THE CHIP THAT YOU PUT IN YOUR HAND, IT’S SOMETHING THAT CAN GO THROUGH IMMUNIZATION!  And that’s what the Corona virus…that’s why it’s a BIOWEAPON, because then they are going to come out with the vaccination.  In the vaccination will be this microchip and other things that we’re seeing and learning in this video.

So again, JUST THE VACCINATION, YOU DON’T NEED THE CHIP, YOU CAN BE TRACKED, YOU CAN BE CONTROLLED THROUGH A GLOBAL IDENTIFICATION MATRIX! (14:50 min mark) For years we’ve been watching the Microsoft founder Bill Gates, now retired from the company….his billions to give “free vaccinations” around the world….Bill has now become the founding member of the company, called the ID2020 Alliance, whose GOAL IS TO GIVE EVERY HUMAN BEING ON EARTH A DIGITAL ID!  And how do they plan to accomplish this?  By a MANDATORY VACCINATIONS WITH IMPLANTABLE MICROCHIPS!  Genius, isn’t it?

So the Corona virus, is a man made virus, to get the people to take the vaccination!  Inside the vaccination will be the implantable microchips, okay?  So that’s how the Mark of the Beast can come about through vaccinations.  And there you can see in red (15:40 min mark):  And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive the mark on their right hand or in their foreheads.  That no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  And here is wisdom, let him that has understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of man, the number is, 666.

I know that it’s not on the screen there, but I am going to continue reading you this portion of the article.  So now you know, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, what they were really doing over the last 10 years in traveling to third world countries, and giving “FREE” vaccinations to the poor, downtrodden natives. THOSE “FREE VACCINATIONS” WAS RESEARCH IN A LIVE TESTING LAB TO CONDUCT THE NECESSARY EXPERIMENTS TO FORM ID2020!

And you can see today, the unholy hybrid of vaccinations, implantable microchips, is already happening in Bangledash!  And look at this…it says, Soon will be in Boston!  A page of the Bill Gates website says that, Bill and Melinda have invested 2.5 Billion dollars in this project and NO end in site! Can the man who put the world behind the personal computer,  now put a vaccination microchip into the global population?  Bill Gates is absolutly positive he can, and indeed he is on his way to achieving his goal!

And then 2 Thessalions 2:3,4 Let no man deceive you by any means; for the day shall not come, except there be a falling away first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition: Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself  he is God.

So that’s where the beast will deceive the people into taking the Mark of the Beast!  That’s what it says in Revelation….that people are DECEIVED INTO TAKING THE MARK OF THE BEAST!  So, “VACCINATIONS NOW BEING USED TO HARVEST BIOMETRIC IDENTITIES TO EVERYONE; BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.

(18:02) And so here is another article from Natural News, on ID2020….. as it is being called, is a digital identity  program that aims to “leverage immunization”…through microchips in people’s bodies.  In collaboration with Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations.  And it says, We are implementing a forward approach to digital identity that gives individuals control over there own personal freedom while still building off existing systems and programs.  It says, The “Bangledash Government” access to information.

So the program is being run in Bangledash as you can see, it’s being run in Austin, Texas, on the homeless, there is a big cover for chipping homeless and chipping pets, running simulations to see the success of this, how well it works.  (19:07 min mark)  And what we are looking at here is the place where ID2020 met, there was this strange statute with like wings in it, in this ID2020 meeting. (19:20 min mark) Right there…. so I am trying to just zoom in to give you a little bit of a view of what it is….IT ALMOST LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE IS NAILED TO A CROSS, but it has like wings, and as you can see, it is casting a shadow.  It’s like, I don’t know what that is, guys, it’s just really strange, really ominous type of sign.

You know it says that  Sophia the Robot, Sophia means WISDOM, and it says in Revelation 13, Here is wisdom, let he count the number of the beast. So this could be like a REPRESENTATION OF SOPHIA THE ROBOT AND WISDOM……AI  ALSO HAS A HUGE PART IN ALL OF THIS!  Okay?  But I just want you, you know, look at that!  It is just weird!  This whole thing is really weird, guys.  This is the Mark of the Beast!  This is the chip!

I am just trying to put together something for you to get all of this together and really study this article. I went through the sources of many of the things that they talked about, that we see in the previous clips  I shared with you.  But it’s really, really disturbing!  AND REALLY CAN NOW SEE HOW WE HAVE  IMPLANTABLE CHIPS….WE HAVE NANO TECHNOLOGIES….AND WE HAVE OTHER DNA ALTERING THINGS TAKING PLACE IN THIS VACCINATION!

So it says, While we have the ID2020 program’s testing grounds are primary in the Third World…blah, blah, blah, we told you about Austin, Texas, and then we saw some of the big players: accenture, GAVI, The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, and IDEO.org.  So those are the big names and organizations that are behind this.

There’s other links to video’s and different things about this ID2020, and I encourage you to just take the time and go through all of those, I am not going to spend to much time, but there is one other thing that we want to go over and look at real quick.

(21:47 min mark)  In this article you can see, FORBES MAGAZINE PUBLISHES OPEN LETTER TO FACEBOOK’S CEO ZUCKERBERG: TO CALL FOR THE NEW CRYPTOCURRENCY  FROM FACEBOOK WHICH IS CALLED LIBRA, TO BE CALLED ‘THE MARK’!  And this is something that’s noteworthy guys, because I am going to be sharing more about what this means, what this is.  In the Bible, it says there is a pound, and the Greek word  is Liatra?  and it’s the same as Libra.  So that is where Mark Zuckerberg got the name for the Cryptocurrency for FaceBook that they are issuing, so this is a request for them to change the name from Libra to ‘MARK’!  (22:26 min mark)

But really what’s going on…I really want you to UNDERSTAND what’s really going on with all of this, guys!  So when it says in Revelation to COUNT the number, IT’S A CENSUS!  So what’s happening, the people that are going to take the Mark of the Beast, that are worshipping the Beast, whose names are NOT written in the Lambs book of life, are being counted by the Beast System!  Okay?  So that’s called a Census!

So, many of you are getting a Census, I am going to do another video on this, but that’s what is going on here!  Because in ancient times when you did a census, it was also TAXES! So taxes, census, a coin with Ceasar’s name on it, we have many video’s on this guys.  Some of you that might be new to this channel and new to the things I am presenting to you right now are probably completly foreign concepts.  But basically at the time of Christ when He came, there was a Census of Ceasar!  Okay?

And there was a Census, so  people had to return to their location, they had to be counted in the Census and they were taxed!  So that’s exactly what we are having taking place with the ID2020, the 2020 Census….NOT JUST IN THE UNITED STATES, BUT ALL OVER THE WORLD, EVERYONE IS BEING COUNTED, BEING CONTROLLED TO KNOW EXACTLY WHO THE PEOPLE ARE, and everything.  So that’s why this Libra, this Coin….not just this Cryptocurrency, but ALL OF THEM, why it changed it’s name to the “Mark”, because it IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST, guys….all of this is!  The coin is … and the vaccination is!  Okay, all of these are leading to the same thing.


So guys, this is a series of video’s we have been doing on the Mystery Babylon, this Beast System, okay, so that we can be EDUCATED as to what is going on that is not being made clear to us.  Thanks for watching and God bless you!  ~ Leeland Jones

Mark of the Beast playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-puWXeT4HI&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gYBsU7Zg_EMEsWOi0IJapp_

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Blog: https://overcominglymedisease.com/coronavirus-vaccine-is-mark-of-the-beast/

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