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Exodus, 2Wings Of An Eagle, Abominations of Desolation

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EXODUS, 2 Wings Of An Eagle, Abominations of Desolation: https://dontspeaknews.com/2021/11/05/exodus-2-eagles-wings-abomination-of-desolation/

Leeland Jones blog notes: https://dontspeaknews.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/wp-1636116056008.pdf

Leeland Jones video posted on November 5, 2021, Transcribed: 

As you can see from the title of the video ‘EXODUS, the 2 Wings Of An Eagle, Abomination of Desolation’. Now we are on a series, we’re calling it ‘WEEKS TO WINGS’!  And basically what we’re getting at, is we have a certain countdown to certain Years that would LEAD us to a Commandment.  It would LEAD us to a Decree in the Book of Daniel chapter 9, of counting Years and then counting Weeks!
Now hopefully you are familiar with these concepts because these are WHAT we have been going over, over several video’s.  And This Year we learned about Zedekiah as a type of figure, of Benjamin Natanyah, fulfilling certain Years of that king!  And that would lead us to the Prophecy related to Benjamin Netanyahu taken out  as Prime Minister, and leading us also to 9-11!
Now that would bring us to a countdown of certain Prophecy’s happening within the Book of Jeremiah!  So in the Book of Jeremiah, we have this Timetable of Zedekiah, AND IT IS A COUNTDOWN LEADING TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE. It’s leading to a Specific Moment in Time!
And be patient as we go through this series, there’s a lot of information through each video, and I am not going to give it to you all at once, I’m just doing it in small peaces, so that you can ABSORB the Concept!  But basically what we are getting at, we have different Books and Scrolls in the Bible!
So we explained to you how Daniel is Praying the Book of Exodus!  He is Praying the Prophecies of Jeremiah.  He is Praying those Prayers in Daniel chapter 9.  And what he is doing, in his time, he is not even Praying about the Messiah, but he is getting Prophecy about the End of Days, about Christ Second Coming!  And there is a series of Weeks, or a window of Time of excelleartion that we are currently in, of MANY OF THE PROPHECIES BEING FULFILLED!
So in this, what we are going to do, is look at what the Prophecies in Daniel say!  (2:20 min mark, lifting up a Scroll in right hand) Now let’s call this our Book of Exodus!  (Lifting up Scroll in left hand) Let’s call this our Book of Jeremiah!  So in the Exodus, when we say Exodus in English, and when you see your Book, it’s called the Book of Exodus, it’s a GREEK word!  It’s a Greek word, it’s found in the New Testament, in a number of occasions refering to the Old Testament, when the children of Israel came out of Egypt,  Exodus!
Now, there’s another version of the Old Testament in Greek called the Septuagint!  In the Septuagint, when we get to Daniel chapter 9, they translated the word, Going Fourth of the Commandment!  In Daniel chapter 9, and verse 25, Know therefore and understand that from the going fourth, THE EXODUS!  So they’re interpreting that as the Exodus, the Going Fourth, the Exodus of the Commandment, to RESTORE or RETURN AND BUILD JERUSALEM!
So the Exodus is an Exodus NOT out of Egypt, but out of BABYLON!  And that’s of course, what we had in the Book of Revelation, which says, Come out of Babylon!  This will be an Exodus out of Babylon, THAT YOU RECIEVE NOT OF HER PLAGUES!
So this Timetable we’re also given in Jeremiah, where we have certain Prophecies that RELATE to this window of Time, once we count to these Weeks!  So, it’s being recognized here that this is an Exodus.  And so this Exodus, this GOING FOURTH of the people, INSTEAD OF COMING OUT OF EGYPT, THEY ARE COMING OUT OF BABYLON!
And then we get to Daniel 9, and we get this SCHEDULE OF PROPHECY WITHIN WEEKS!!  So what happened is we counted Years, from the establishment of Israel as a nation, and we counted those Years leading us up to a particular Time, 70 Weeks are detemined.  We also found another 7 Weeks in Daniel 10, refer to previous messages!
But know and UNDERSTAND that from the EXODUS OF THE COMMANDMENT TO RETURN AND BUILD JERUSALEM, unto Messiah the Prince, or Ruler shall be 7 Weeks and 62 Weeks.  The street shall be built and the wall in troubless Times!
Now again, if we take those words, the Street and the Wall, and we look at the Septuagint, Greek words, how they translated that from Hebrew, or Aramaic, into Greek, those words are referring to NEW JERUSALEM!
So in New Jerusalem there’s the STREET!  There’s the WALL around New Jerusalem!  Major, major features of New Jerusalem!  EZEKIEL’S TEMPLE ALSO HAS THESE FEATURES.  So IT’S A RETURNING OF THE PEOPLE! Now this is what’s Happening!  Whether it is happening to you or not, this is what’s happening!!!
And then it goes on to talk about, And after three score weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for he himself, and the people of the prince shall come destroy the city and the sanctuary. And the end thereof shall be with a flood, and the end war and desolations.
So you have the DESTROYING of the City and the Sanctuary.  There has to be a destruction of the Sanctuary!  The end is with a flood.  We are in a Time, we’re getting these rumors of a FLOOD.
And RUMORS OF WAR!!  War and Desolations!  Now it’s when we come to verse 27, And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease, for the over spreading of abominations to make it desolate, even unto the consumation to be determined shall be poured out.  Now, there is a whole lot going on here that you don’t realize, UNLESS YOU GO TO THE ORIGNAL LANGUAGE.
So you can see a couple of examples there, we went into a Greek translation, and that allows us to take those Greek words and see them in the New Testament!  To see them in the Book of Revelation, that is written in GREEK!  But what’s in here, you can see in the title of the video, we talked about the Exodus, that is also the RETURN!!
To Return to New Jerusalem!  So there is a Return to the Temple of YAHWEH that is OPEN IN HEAVEN, throughout the Book of Revelation!
But then it talks about the over spreading, and though this is important, I want to demonstrate this!  The over spreading there, in the Hebrew, is cannap (?).  And cannap is a Wing!  So it’s an over spreading…it’s a Wing!!  Now we’re going to suggest to you that, in this Prophecy is actually a Schedule of the Weeks!  We will go through the notes, we’ll break it down too easily, BUT I want to demonstrate something to you that you can UNDERSTAND in simple terms!
There’s a SIGN for us in Daniel, chapter 7, and th sign was a lion, that had two wings of an eagle!  So that’s the ANTICHRIST!  The Antichrist has a MOUTH of a lion!  (7:52 min mark)  And you can SEE on the Coin, there is a lion, representing the Seal of Medo Persia!
(8:00 min mark) And then you can see the eagle, the eagles Wings as the Seal of the United States!  Now, it says that there was a lion with 2 Wings of an eagle.  So that is a type and shadow of the Antichrist in Daniel chapter 7, verse 4!  And that person, then that lion that has a mouth of a lion. The Beast has a Mouth of a lion in Revelation 13!  Then in Daniel says, I beheld until the wings of the eagle were plucked. So there you see the Wings of the eagle, Wings of the eagle PLUCKED!!
(8:37 min mark, December 22, 2017 video) Now the first was like a lion, it had eagles wings and I beheld till the wings that were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made to stand on his feet.  Now we can see later on that verse 17, THESE GREAT BEASTS WHICH ARE FOR OUR 4 KINGS, WHICH SHALL RISE OUT OF THE EARTH. That’s the interpretation of these four!  So these would be BEASTS!  And these Beasts would be actual KINGS, they would be actual people!!
(9:00 min mark) Okay, so the 1st one is a lion, and I want you to notice here it says, A lion shall eat straw like an ox.  Now this parable in Isaiah 11, has to do with these BEASTS!  Now this one is telling us about Nebuchadnezzar!  Okay, Nebuchadnezzar was made to eat straw like an ox.  So when it says the lion shall eat straw like an ox, that is telling us about Nebuchasnezzar!   And then we see here, that Nebuchadnezzar was on four legs, eating grass like an ox!
(9:41 min mark)  BUT here you can see the lion is made to stand upon his feet like a man.  THAT MEANS HE WAS ALSO ON 4 LEGS, and a man’s heart was given to it.  And again, Nebuchadnezzar, he was given the heart of an ox, okay, and for 7 YEARS!!  So the person that is this king, which is DONALD TRUMP, he’s going to have his Wings PLUCKED!  In Revelation it says, he is going to continue for a SHORT SPACE, and a man’s heart was given unto him.  So he is going to have a humbling experience like Nebuchadnezzar!
{back to this video} So this is a SIGN for us.  This is a SIGN for us, this is an indication WHY?  Because when the Wings of an eagle are PLUCKED from the Antichrist, THEY ARE GIVEN TO THE WOMAN IN REVELATION 12!  And to the Woman was given 2 Wings of a Great Eagle!  Well where did they come from?
Well THE WINGS OF AN EAGLE REPRESENT DOMINION!!!  And that Dominion was TAKEN from the lion with 2 Wings of an Eagle!  I beheld to the eagle his wings were plucked.  And then he stood up like a man! Well you stand up like a man, because that is the Antichrist!  He is given 2 Wings….his Wings are PLUCKED, his Dominion is TAKEN from him!!!  Alright?
Now I want you to get this, because WHAT HAPPENED, we see in Daniel 7!  Daniel 7 talked about the lion with 2 Eagle Wings, and then it talks about this transition right here, Daniel 7 and verse 26, it talks about the Dominion TAKEN: But the judgement shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and destroy unto the end.
SO THAT IS THE LION WITH THE 2 EAGLE’S WINGS BEING PLUCKED!!   You see that?  That’s exactly what it said in verse 4!  Then verse 27 says, In the eagle’s wings. Remember what took the eagle’s Wings were Plucked, and the kingdom and the dominion. And the greatness of the kingdom under whole heaven, SHALL BE GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE OF THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH, WHOSE KINGDOM IS AN EVERLASTING KINGDOM, AND ALL DOMINIONS SHALL SERVE AND OBEY HIM.
So, when those Eagle’s Wings are Plucked, THAT DOMINION AND AUTHORITY THAT THE BEAST TOOK IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN.   ADAM WAS GIVEN DOMINION,  and then the serpent came and he USURPED that.  That Dominion is expressed through the Antichrist, but then his Eagle’s Wings are Plucked, and they are given to the Woman!  The Woman REPRESENTS THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH, in verse 27, And under the kingdom and dominion and greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the saints, the people of the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom.
That’s the Eagle’s Wings, alright?  That happened!   That happened, in the sequence of Weeks!
So now let’s look at our notes, and let’s go over the detail of what is happening here leading us to, as you can see in the Title of the video, we have the Exodus, we have the Eagle’s Wings, we just explained, LEADING TO THE ABOMINATION THAT MAKES DESOLATE!
(13:00 min mark)  Here’s our notes as you can see Exodus, the Eagle’s Wings, Abomination that makes Desolate. Now let’s remember that we had 70 Weeks are determinied, from WHAT?  From the Peace Deal!  Now the reason we go over the Prophecy, we go over the Scriptures, over and over, is that the people argue and troll, ‘No it’s not!  It’s not the end of days!’
At the end of the Book of Revelation says, The spirit and the bride say come, even so come.  So the people DON’T want Him to come, because THEY KNOW THEY ARE FACING JUDGEMENT!!  They know their evil and wicked ways and their sin is about to be judged!! Okay?
When the lion with two wings of the eagle, I beheld two of the eagle’s wings were plucked. So, what happened is we saw that Daniel 9:24, gives us 70 Weeks are detemined!  We found in Daniel, chapter 10, verse 2 and 3, three and a half Weeks mentioned twice, and were once in verse 2, once in verse 3, giving us ANOTHER 7 WEEKS!!
So, it’s a total of counting of 77 Weeks FROM THE PEACE DEAL {January 28, 2020}! This is what we have been talking about, we have been explaining that at great length and great detail!
(15:05 min mark) Now when we count those Weeks of the Peace Deal, no one UNDERSTAND that from the Decree, Logos in the Sepuagint, and the Going Fourth this word is EXODUS!  That’s why we are titling this Exodus, from the Going Fourth and the Exodus!  So in the Exodus, Moses confirmed the Covenant, did the reciting of the Book of Deuteronomy on the 1st Day of the 11th Month!  That’s our Time Period of the Peace Deal, and then from that Peace Deal Covenant we then count these Weeks!
 So we add 62 Weeks, and then we come to Passover!  (15:49 min mark) You can see it says 63, and the reason for that is we have a LEAP WEEK that was in the calendar!  So we had an additional Week to get to Passover, and then Passover we add another 7 Weeks, and then we come to the Feast of Weeks. So those are the Weeks in Daniel, chapter 9, verse 24.
So UNDERSTAND, No One UNDERSTAND FROM THE GOING FOURTH OF THE EXODUS,  DECREE, we start from here. We counted the Years and we got there and then what do we come to?  We come to Messiah, the Ruler, shall be 7 Weeks and 62 Weeks.  So it’s on….HE’S COMING SOON!!
Now, He’s coming in REVEALINGS, APOCALYPSE MEANS REVEALING!   So it’s THE REVEALING of CHRIST!!  AND it’s also Those that are Looking for His coming!
So then is says they will return and build the street and the wall.  Like we said, this is New Jerusalem! They will RETURN!  WHY?  Because THEIR NAMES ARE WRITTEN IN THE LAMB’S BOOK OF LIFE FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE EARTH!  So they COME FROM New Jerusalem!  Our whole existence on the earth is a CAPTIVITY INTO BABYLON!
SO WE RETURN OUT OF BABYLON, AND WE RETURN TO BUILD THE STREETS AND THE WALL OF  NEW JERUSALEM!  And this you can see in Revelation 12, verse 6 and 14, when the woman had a place prepared of God!  So, the woman had a place prepared of God mentiioned TWICE!  That place prepared by God is the TEMPLE!!  The Tabernacle of the Testimony!
And then it says, The end shall be with a flood.  And this is what’s extraordinary is right now there’s so many rumors of a Flood, what’s going to happen with La Palma.  Well we’ll see!  We showed you BEFORE how that could potentially be the millstone that’s cast into the sea, that Seraiah he cast the millstone into the sea, in Jeremiah 51, it could be….IN THIS YEAR!
But you can also see it says, The end shall be with the flood, so THAT COULD MEAN THE END!!  And what happens is the city is destroyed, so you can’t destroy Jerusalem, modern Jerusalem with a flood, it’s in the mountains! If a tsunami hits Tel Aviv, yeah that could be the flood!  But it’s NOT Jerusalem!  So, this city is Babylon, it’s going to be a great flood on the United States, as we taught many times!
So we also can see this similar description of what’s going on here in Daniel, in Revelation 12, with the Woman (18:49 min mark)! So the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood.  So you can see the flood in Daniel, The end shall be as a flood, and the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood.  Now, and then it says, Unto the end of wars and desolations to be determined.
Again, once we’re getting more, and more, rumors of war, what’s going on with Russia and Ukraine, but it says, UNTO THE END!  So we’re NOT counting these: The Flood or The War, in our counting of Weeks.  It’s NOT CERTAIN, WE CAN’T MAKE THAT CLEAR!  But what we can make clear, is Revelation 12 is talking about the Flood, the serpent cast our of his mouth the flood, AND THE DRAGON MADE WAR WITH THE OTHER’S OF THE WOMAN’S SEED!  See that?  So clearly what this is talking about in Daniel 9, verse 26, is Revelation 12! Alright?
So this is what we are WATCHING, and we will see what Happens. But now, at this point, we begin to arrive at the counting of our Weeks!  (20 min mark) So remember how we saw 7 Weeks, 62 Weeks are determined, we had a RETURN take place here, we have a return and to build the street and the wall of Jerusalem. Now our next Week, alright, is a type of the confirming of the covenant on Mount Sinai!  When YAH came down on Mount Sinai, His glory rested on the mountain seven days. So that’s the confirming of the Covenant, the TEN COMMANDMENTS, that came down!!
We know that these are the Commandments, because in Revelation 12:17, THEY KEPT THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD!!  That’s the OTHERS OF HER SEED!!  Alright?
So we have this Week, but prior to this Week, we had something else!  And that is Pentecost!  So as well in Revelation 12:14, REJOICE YOU HEAVENS AND THOSE TABERNACLING IN THEM!  So WHAT we are getting at is clearly in this Time, people are Tabernacling in HEAVEN!!!  That’s what you can SEE!  They will return and build the street of New Jerusalem!  They will Rejoice you Heavens…..they are Tabernacling in Heaven!
So, you can see before we also have Eclipse’s!  So at the Peace Deal we had an Eclipse, just prior to that, in January 11th!  And then once we have these counting of the Weeks, we continue to see Eclipse’s!  So in the middle of the Week, REST, which in the Hebrew is Shabbat!  Similar to, Shabbat Shalom, the Rest of the Week. But it’s a middle Week REST, and that is Pentecost because you count 7 Weeks from Passover!
So you come to Passover, and then you count 7 Weeks to get to the Feast of Weeks, which is also called, Counting the Omer….50 Days….Penta means 50!  Alright, so then we arrive at the middle Week, and it’s a Week of REST! Now tectnically, this middle Week and Rest, is actually prior to the confirming of the Covenant!  (22:22 min mark) So we have this Week, and then the confirming of the Covenant is this Week!  So, this is Pentecost, alright, this is Mount Sinai!  This happens 1st, this happens next Week!  Alright?
So we’re continuing our process of Weeks, SEEING THESE WEEKS PRECISELY IN DANIEL 9!  Now we are in verse 27, keep in mind, the rest of what we are going to go through is predominantly what we’re looking at is JUST THAT VERSE!  We read it to you earlier, but he will Confirm the Covenant with many one Week, in the Middle Week: REST!  That is Pentecost!  Then, AFTER Pentecost, actually Pentecost what we had is, we had a Blood Moon!  We had a Blood Moon on May 25th (2021), and then it says, Sacrifice and Oblation!
And the Sacrifice of Oblation means the Daily Sacrifice was TAKEN!  Then we had a Solar Eclipse on June 10th (2021), and this is WHAT MARKED our Zedekiah figure being Taken Out…..Benjamin Netanyahu taken out.  And we also had the confirming of this Date, the 9th Day of the 4th Month, in Jeremiah.  All of this confirming the Sacrifice’s ceased…..Zedekiah is Captured.  All of this happened AFTER Pentecost, on the 9th Day of the 4th Month!
So remember BEFORE, what we did is we had to count the Weeks from Confirm the Covenant, then we counted the Weeks AFTER that completion,  and then we come to this period, here (23:53 min mark)!  And what we see in Daniel 9:27, it talks about the Sacrifice and Offering, or Oblation….that means it Ceased.  Now this is AMAZING, in that we’re given this other insight here, when you LOOK at the original language then it says, And for the wing.  Again, as we mentioned in Hebrew, that is knap (?), knap in the Hebrew!  And wing is the word for the eagle’s wings!
So we refer back to Revelation, And the woman was given two wings of a great eagle.  So, The woman is given two wings of a great eagle, and that would be within the sequence of Weeks, can you SEE that?
We had confirmed the Covenant, we had the middle Week, we had the Sacrifice and Oblation, this is a counting of Weeks in Daniel, and within that, we have this expression: And for the wing.
Now the Wing here is refering to what we mentioned BEFORE, Daniel 7:4 THE WING IS TAKEN FROM THE LION, AND IS GIVEN TO THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH!  That’s what we’re explaining on this coin, is the Antichrist is the lion, and then he has his dominion taken, like Nebuchadnezzar, the 2 Wings of an Eagle!  So he is the lion, Antichrist lion with 2 Wings of an Eagle, THE EAGLE’S WINGS ARE PLUCKED!
When they are PLUCKED, those Wings are given to the Woman.  The 2 Wings of a Great Eagle, AND THAT’S WHEN THE DOMINION OF THE WHOLE HEAVEN IS GIVEN TO THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH!  IT’S NOT AT THE END OF THE APOCALYPSE GOING INTO THE MILLENNIUM, THIS HAPPENS DURING THE APOCALYPSE!   That’s what you can clearly see from these Prophecies!
 That’s why we do TEACHING, because people are TOTALLY IGNORANT of these things! If they were KNOWLEDGEABLE, IF THEY WERE THE SAINTS, THEY WOULD BE EXTREMELY EXCITED!!!
So also in Daniel 12:11, from the Daily Sacrifice taken unto the Abomination of Desolation shall be set up, shall be 1,290 Days! Now PREVIOUSLY, the Daily Sacrifice had ALREADY BEEN TAKEN PREVIOUSLY.  But then we would have a counting of those 1,290 Days leading to the Abomination that makes Desolate!
So, again we have Pentecost, we have Confirm the Covenant, we have the 9th Day of the 4th Month, Sacrifice is TAKEN.  And then we have the Woman given 2 Wings of an Eagle which happened on the 9th of Av!  (26:48 min mark)  The Time Period here, the 9th of Av, alright, is When the Woman was given 2 Wings of an Eagle, THIS YEAR, THE 5TH MONTH {June 24, 2021}!
Then, what it says, is the Abominations to make Desolate!  So this is talking about the Abomination of Desolation.  And so this is from, you can see (27:16 min mark), from the wing on the 9th of Av, per Matthew 23:37, Christ said, YOU DID NOT KNOW THE HOUR OF YOUR VISITATION, HE WOULD HAVE GATHERED YOU AS A HEN GATHERS HER CHICKS!  So that’s the Eagle’s Wing, He would had gathered, but you DIDN’T KNOW, YOU DIDN’T SEE IT, YOU DIDN’T PERCEIVE!
And He said, your house is left to you desolate.  So that’s the 9th of Av!!  So that’s confirmation that the 2 Wings’s of an Eagle, what Christ is saying, in Matthew 23, is on the 9th of Av!  So we got the Abomination of Desolate that comes up AFTER this!   So this would be the conclusion of our 1,290 Days, the Abomination which of Desolation which is 1,290 Days AFTER THE DAILY SACRIFICE, alright?
(28:08 min mark)  The Abomination of Desolation which is 1,290 Days AFTER the Daily Sacrifice, which was TAKEN….which was April 30th, 2018, and this would LEAD us to, what we believe is the Abomination that makes Desolate or to Give the Sanctuary!  Now the Date that we find in Scripture is this is the Time of Zechariah 7:1, And the fourth year of Darius.  So that’s THIS YEAR, THE 4TH YEAR OF DARIUS, The word of YAHWEH came to Zechariah in the fourth day of the ninth month.  So this is the window of Time that we’re WATCHING, onto the last Week of the 8th Month going into the 4th Day of the 9th Month, of the Abomination that makes Desolate!
{Happened November 10, 2021 (Enoch 27th Day of the 8th Month): CLEANSE ANOINT THE SANCTUARY 2300 DAYS FULFILLED, link at the bottom of this blog}
Now we can also see this in Zechariah 7, they asked, ‘Should we keep the fast of the fifth month and the seventh month.’   Now the fast of the 5th Month was the 9th of Av! So that’s when the Woman was given 2 Wings of an Eagle, and these are the FASTS in Jeremiah, as we explained BEFORE! There are FAST given from the Time of the 9th of Av, the 5th Month, you get Yom Kippur, which is the 7th Month!
 And they were given the Time to WATCH for the Abomination that makes Desolate, which would then be the Time Period mentioned in Zechariah 7:1, The fourth day of the ninth month.  Or also November 10th is the 27th Day of the 8th Month!  So what you can see as we conclude, once again, as when we look at the Weeks of Daniel, we begin to come to a schedule of sorts.
So we have confirming the Covenant, we have Pentecost, this is in the 3rd Month. Then we have Sacrifice and Oblation, that’s the 9th Day of the 4th Month, when HISTORICALLY Daily Sacrifice is TAKEN.  And then we come to the Wings for the Wing….the Woman was given 2 Wings of the Eagle in the 5th Month!  Then we come to Abomination that makes Desolate.  Abomination of Desolate, and then we come from there to the Abomination of Desolation in the 8th Month, up into the 4th Day of the 9th Month.
So that’s what we are WATCHING for! What does the Abomination that makes Desolate, what does that mean? We have another video on that. Well, you might say, ‘Well it has to be the 3rd Temple is standing!’  Well it’s also THE TRANSGRESSION OF ABOMINATION TO GIVE THE SANCTUARY!!! So we’re also WATCHING for something to Give the Sanctuary!
So that concludes it!  I will make the notes available to you.  The notes will be in the blog posts, where you can get these notes!  You can see the Exodus, the Eagle’s Wings!  We will have other messages as well, and we appreciate you watching, and be patient as we work through all these different  things on YouTube, we have to LEAVE the Beast System. So be patient, if you follow the blog and the post on YouTube, in the Community Tab, you’ll see that we are posting regularly, if you don’t get a notification, just go there and look, we are posting regularly….several Times a week…but predominantly, every Tuesday and Friday!
So, Fear God, give glory to Him.  For the hour of His judgment is come, worship Him that made the heavens, the earth, the seas, and the fountains of waters.  Amen. ~ Leeland Jones

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