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DANIEL’S 70 + 7 WEEKS & JER 52 ON 9TH DAY 4TH MONTH: https://www.bitchute.com/video/jI3HDv88QVrr/

Here’s the notes for this and upcoming messages in this series: https://dontspeaknews.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Weeks2Wings.pdf

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

We are on a series of message on decoding Daniel 9!  So in this video, we are going to talk about Daniel’s 70 Weeks, okay, and we need to conclude that there’s Prophecies in the Book of Jeremiah, and Prophecies in the Book of….in the Time of  the Exodus…..that LEADS US TO very significant understanding in the Book of Daniel!

Now we showed you previously before, how Jeremiah showed us the king of Babylon, and king of Zedekiah, and 9/11, and how it was a TRIGGER EVENT….and how Jihad played!  Now the Book of Ezekiel also gives us this King’s Timeline, we had another video where we explained that to you!


Now, the 2 Very Important Prophecies that people missed out on, and didn’t realize, in our last video, was Benjamin Netanyahu being taken out as Prime Minister, and a sacrifice that wasn’t  showing us the 9th Day of the 4th Month, in  the 11th Year of Zedekiah captured, okay? This is a very significant Prophecy for us, because this is the indication of the Prophecy of Jeremiah Timeline being Fulfilled in corresponding with Daniel’s Weeks!  Okay?

Now let’s re-trace…..so we got 1948….we add 62 Years, we  come to Esther, chapter 1, verse 1, And the king sits upon the throne. Then we add 7 Years, and we come to something called the Cyrus Decree!  The Cyrus Decree would be AFTER 7 YEARS….AND WE TOLD THIS…..AND ANNOUCED THIS…IN ADVANCED…..FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN!

(1:40 min mark, Novermber 23, 2017 Leeland video) Now we have this Cryrus Scroll…and…the Cryus Decree!  Now let’s talk about this Decree!  Now everything about Cyrus, in his Decree,  relates to Jerusalem, okay….and it relates to 70 Years! Haggai, actually gives us the Date of the Commandment and the Decree to restore and build Jerusalem!  Thus says the Lord!  Okay, now let’s go to verse 18, Consider now from this Day upward from the 24th Day of the 9th Month!  This is coming up in a few days, okay?  From the day that the foundation of the Lord’s temple was laid, consider it.

So guys, what we are telling you is this…..The 24th Day of the 9th Month is Cyrus’s Scroll, Cyrus Decree in our DAY!  Yes is happened Historically, now it is going to happen again!  But what it does mean, is this is a significant Date for…… those preparing for the Lord’s return!

(2:50 min mark) The 24th Day of the 9th Month is December 5th, per the Enoch Calendar!!  It is the Enoch Calendar that you are looking at here, you see the 9 and the 24 circled, and underlined is December 5th!  The Next Day, is December 6th, and it is the 1st Day of Hannukah!

(3:00 min mark, Trump speaking) “Therefore I have determined that it is time to officailly recognize Jerusalem, as the Capital of Israel.  It was 70 Years ago, that the United States under President Truman, recognized the state of Israel.  Ever since then, Israel has made it’s capital in the city of Jerusalem, the captial the Jewish people established in ancient times.  I am also directing the state department to begin preperation to move the American  Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  The United States remains deeply committed to helping facilitate a Peace Agreement that is acceptable to both sides.”

So, on that Precise Date, the AntiChrist announced restoring of Jerusalem, exactly on 70 Years, as we had stated….AND……WE ADD ANOTHER YEAR…..add another Year to CONFIRM THE COVENANT!  Okay, so then you add another Year and you come to the Peace Deal!  Okay?  So these are a series of Years, that we followed with Daniel, that we see WHEN the Prophecies are Fulfilled PERFECTLY!

Now keep in mind, once again, WE ANNOUNCED THIS  AHEAD OF TIME…….. TO WARN THE PEOPLE!

(4:22 min mark, January 11, 2019 Leeland Jones posted video) Today is a very, very special Day!  It is the 1st Day of the 11th Month, and the 40th Year of the EXODUS!!  In the Book of Deuteronomy, chapter 1, when Moses goes to Mount Nebo, and recites the Deuteronomy…the Torah…..the Second Torah……he does so, and then the Children of Israel enter the Promise land!  And what is says, he does this….Deuteronomy…..this reciting of the Second Torah, in the 40th Year!

NOW THE REASON THIS DAY IS SIGNIFCANT, IS BECAUSE, THIS IS THE CONFIRMING OF THE COVENANT FOR ONE YEAR!!  We know that is what it says in Daniel 9, verse 27!  And he shall confirm the covenant ……MEANING MESSIAH SHALL CONFIRM THE COVENANT ONE WEEK!  A Week is a Year!  And this APPEARS TO BE the beginning of that Week, the beginning of that Year, that would conclude….on the 1st Day of the 11th Month!

(5:33 min mark) Confirming the Covenant, one Year later….would bring us to What?  THE PEACE DEAL!!!  Okay, Precisely the Peace Deal, right on the 1st Day of the 11th Month, after ONE Year to confirm the Covenant!  So there you have the Peace Deal, you can SEE Precisely….THESE ARE PROPHECIES TO PRECISE DATES!! Okay?

So, let’s now count the Weeks!  So, once we get the Peace Deal, we had counted to get to the Peace Deals! Now we count Weeks!  You add 62 Weeks from the Peace Deal, now you come to Passover, THIS YEAR (2021)!! Okay, from Passover, than you count an additional 7 Weeks to the Feast of Weeks…also called Pentecost!  Okay?  So from the Peace Deal, 62 Weeks, we come to Passover….from Passover, what you do, you count the Omer, okay…50 Days….. you come to Pentecost!  Okay?

Now the Prophecy is NOT FINISHED….because Pentecost is the Rest Week, and then after Pentecost,  we confirm the Covenant ….ANOTHER WEEK!!  So the confirming of the Covenant is a type of YAHWEH coming down on Mount Sinai, to confirm the Covenant…we He came down on Mount Sinai, for 1 Week!   He came down on the Mountain….IN HIS GLORY….. FOR 7 DAYS! Okay, now this is ALL recap! We have taught all of this previously, but there is new information!

You see this is the Fulfillment of 62, 7, and 1 Years….AND….62, 7, and 1 Weeks, leading to this Time Period, Pentecost, 1335 Days! But…that is only in Daniel 9!! Daniel 10 continues, okay, leading us to the Woman is given 2 Wings of a great Eagle….and that is what we are going to explain….THERE ARE ADDITONAL WEEKS, that we must add, that we find, to Daniel, chapter 10, okay?

Now we’re…I know that is A LOT…..but we are going to go through charts and notes, and explain all of this to you!  We will have futher video’s to come, as well!  But this is what Happened: The woman was given two wings of a great eagle (Revelation 12).

(7:42 min mark)  Here we are in Daniel, chapter 9!  In Daniel, chapter 9, is where we saw the 7 Weeks, the 62 Weeks, and the Rest Week….which is here….you can SEE ….cease …rest…..and then we confirm the Covenant for 1 Week!  Now…those….it says….70 Weeks are determined, okay?  But it is very signifcant when we look at the orginal language! Now I am just looking at a King James, here, and I am just showing you, as an example, how you will NEVER SEE THESE THINGS IF YOU JUST READ A REGULAR BIBLE TRANSLATION (8:16 min mark)!

So once we get to Daniel 10, as you see here, it says in verse 2,  In those days I Daniel was mourning three full weeks.  Okay?  Now these are 3 Weeks, right?  These are Important!!  This would be a continuation of the Prophecy!  But watch what it says, verse 3, I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.

Now, what you CAN’T SEE HERE, is….you have to go to the ORIGINAL HEBREW, and what you will SEE….is you SEE the word: FULL (8:51 min mark)….THAT WORD IS: DAYS!  So what it really says, it says, Three days weeks. Alright, so that would be 3 Weeks and 3 Days!  This same thing happens here in verse 3, Until three whole….BUT IN HEBREW, THIS IS DAYS….Yamem (?), okay….Weeks!  So again, you have 3 1/2 Weeks, and you have 3 1/2 Weeks!

Now, let’s look at our notes!  I am going to do something different here, guys, where I am going to provide you with ALL the notes for the series of video’s that are coming up in the future! So what you can do, you can read them and study ahead, and so once we get to the video’s, you will be some what familiar with the content!  Okay?  So I will have those notes available by the time you watch this video.  So you can print them off….so you can have a PDF, and have it avaialbe, as you watch each of the video’s….as we go along!

(9:52 min mark)  Now, this page, I am going to have as my 1st page in this series!    And what you can see here, is the application of the ADDITIONAL 3 1/2 Weeks!  Okay, so we saw the 3 1/2 Weeks in Daniel, chapter 10, verse 2….and we saw another 3 1/2 Weeks in Daniel, chapter 10, verse 3!  NOW, WE WOULD ALWAYS NEED MULTIPLE WITNESSES, so IF these 3 1/2 Weeks are Applied, they must fall in praticular Timing that must be significant to something, okay?

(10:29 min mark) So, in this chart, we hope to make sense for you, the Prophecies in Daniel…in Daniel’s Weeks….as they relate to Jeremiah!  Now when Daniel is praying, guys, in Daniel 9, there were 4 Fasts during the Year: one in the 4th Month, one in the 5th Month, and one in the 10th Month!  It is quite POSSIBLE… Daniel was doing one of those Fasts!  Now those Fasts came MONTHS that were in Jeremiah, chapter 52!  One of them you see here, the 10th Month!

So Jeremiah 52 begins with the Seige around Jerusalem, okay, in the 10th Day of the 10th Month…that was the 9th Year of Zedekiah!  So for us, in our modern fulfillment, this was Corona virus!  And we had a Solar Eclipse, you will see Eclipse’s, marking this Time, alright?  So, that was our, kind of the beginning of Jeremiah Timeline, coresponding with Daniel’s Timeline, okay?

So then what we had, just a month later, we had less than a month later, just a few weeks later, we had the Peace Deal! That was the 1st Day of the 11th Month, as we explained earlier!  That would of been January 2020, and January 10th, there was a partial Lunar Eclipse!  So we had arrived by that by counting the Years, right?  But then from the Peace Deal, this is the begin…this is the Commandment to begin counting Weeks!!

Okay, so we count 62 Weeks…you get to Passover, and First Fruits!  Then you count the Omer!  Counting the Omer is 7 Weeks, or  50 Days, and 50 Days is Pinta! Pinta means 50,  Costa (?) is Feast in Greek!  Alright, so we count the Omer, those 7 Weeks, we get to Pentecost…it’s a Rest Week!  And then after that, you have Confirm the Covenant on Mount Sinai for one Week…15th Day of the 3rd Month!  Keep in mind there was also a Full Blood Moon, on Pentecost…okay another Eclipse marking the Time!

And then we come to the conclusion of that Week, that we talked to you about!  We come to the King’s Decree, in Esther, chapter 8!  So the Scribes were assembled on the 23rd Day of the 3rd Month!  So this is the concluding of that Week!  When Yahweh came down on Mount Sinai, and the children had to prepare….a few days…okay, their GARMENTS!!  Alright…. HE DID NOT COME ON THE 15TH! You know, He came, after they had prepared their garments, 2 Days….He was up there 7 Days, concluding with the 23rd Day of the 3rd Month, here (13:24 min mark)!

Okay so once you get to that, that Date…we have an Esther….in that Date we found from the Exodus…then we add another 3 1/2 Weeks, that we saw in Daniel 10, that we explained to you!  Now when you add those….our Witness….now this will come up on the 16th Day of the 4th Month!  Now this is extrodinary, because this is falling very closely, in our Timeline, with the 9th Day of the 4th Month!  Okay?  And that is when the Famine was in the land!

Okay, so there was a FAMINE in the land, the Daily Sacrifice was taken, and Zedekiah fled!  So when Zedekiah fled, he fled before this Date!  And that was what happened!  Netanyahu was our Prophecy being fulfilled, showing us that our Zedekiah…once we knew Zedekiah…THEN WE COULD PROVE ALL OF JEREMIAH!!   AMAZING!!!

So then what happened, is that brought us to that significant Date!  And quite often what they would do, is that they would be in Fasting and Praying from that 4th Month, into the 5th Month!  Now the 5th Month is the 9th of Av, okay? But in our Daniel Timeline, it was actually the 12th Day of the 5th Month!  Okay?  So NOT PRECISELY, but you can see that these are falling in close proximity!

(14:42 min mark)  So this is when, there was a Famine and AFTER that, the Temple was BURNED….and the city was burned!  Now that was burned and destroyed, between the 7th Day and the 10th Day of the 5th Month!  The….we know that to be the Time Period of the 9th of Av!!! Okay?  So the 9th of Av…happened then!  Now what we are SUGGESTING to you, is that at the conclusion of this, this would be the Point in which the Woman is given 2 Wings of a great Eagle, in Revelation!

Okay, in Revelation 12, when she is given 2 Wings of a Great Eagle, that would be the conclusion of these Weeks!  Because you can see what we did, we had 7 Weeks, that’s the Eagle’s Wings…(15:27 min mark) you can see I even drew a Wing there, and then we have an ADDITIONAL 7 WEEKS! Okay, here….so this would come to….giving the wings of an eagle!  Now, we will have to do a Whole video, just on what that means!!! Okay?  We will get to that, guys!  But this is what we are talking about!

So what the Jews were doing, is they were ALWAYS FASTING AND PRAYING, on the 10th Month, on the 4th Month (15:58 min mark) which you can see here, and then on the 5th Month!  So Daniel was probably doing that Fast!  One of those Fasts…it was one of those Times…so he is PRAYING, JEREMIAH….he is Praying the Torah!

So, what have we learned?  We learned that it’s actually 77 Weeks, okay 70 Weeks are determined for your people, but we have LEARNED that there is ANOTHER 7 WEEKS, okay?  Those 7 Weeks were FULFILLED when Netanyahu was taken out as Prime Minister, exactly the Time Zedekiah FLED!!  Not only that, during this Time Historically, the Daily Sacrifice was taken….and the Daily Sacrifice was taken when the Jews could NOT sacrifice a lamb/a sheep on this Day!  NOT ONLY THAT…they were Commemorating this Date!

You can see this is the 16th Day of the 4th Month, they were  the 17th Day…..so that was giving us, guys, a Modern Fulfillment!  TWO WITNESSES!!  Netanyahu OUT, and they’re Commemorating the Daily Sacrifice, the 17th Day of the 4th Month!  Okay, that’s the 2 Prophecies that happened, that people didn’t know realize!

Guys, the Bible is NOT an Apocylpse Movie….YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT THE SCRIPTURES SAY…. that is what we do on this channel, over and over, and you can SEE…..THAT WE ARE LIVING IN A MOVIE…within the Words of the Prophecy, and within the SYMBOLISM of the Prophecy….within the DATES of the Prophecy! Okay?

So, let’s take an overview, and let’s look at what happen in the KINGS TIMELINE!

So what we have done in this graphic, is we applied king Zedekiah..in his 9th Year, his 10th Year…Prophecy…so that’s here (17:43 min mark).  Alright, and then we applied the 9th Day of the 4th Month here!  10th Day of the 5th Month here!  So this is the 11th Year of Zedekiah!  So what we SAW HAPPEN, is we SAW the Cyrus Decree, PRECISELY on the 24th Day of the 9th Month…..we SAW the Daily Sacrifice taken away….we SAW the Peace Deal..okay….we SAW the Mark of the Beast…okay…we SAW the 1335 Days!

Now next up, we have the ABOMINATION THAT MAKES DESOLATE, okay…..TO GIVE THE SANCTUARY!!! So that is coming up in a FEW WEEKS!!  Like I said in that video, We are watching the WEEKS!!  Now we are doing this based on somthing called: Daniel’s Timeline, (18:33 min mark) which you can see here…I am not going to explain that, guys, now!  I have lots of other video’s on that!

But, basically you can SEE that with these Dates and with these Times, you can SEE ECLIPSE’S THAT ARE TAKING PLACE!!! Okay?  These Eclipse’s are MARKING these Prophetic moments in Prophecy…IN TIME!!  Okay?  So the significant one that we had is Zedekiah, the 9th Year of Zedekiah!  Okay that is the 9th Year of the King Timeline or 2019! Okay? So Cyrus Decree was 2017, alright?  And then those Years are the Years of Cyrus…..also Darius!  Okay?

What have we learned?  That in counting of the Weeks, 1335 Days, WE HAD TO COUNT ANOTHER 7 WEEKS…BRINGING US TO THE CRITICAL 9TH OF AV!!! Okay, and not only that, the Sign of the Woman giving Two Wings of a Great Eagle!

So guys, I will have the notes available to you!  I will also have the links to the previous video’s, if you haven’t watched them!  It would be REALLY GOOD for you to go over this a few times…it’s a lot of information in a short video, but this is what the Prophecy says about the Times!  The people …and the massess of people….and the wicked sinners…THEY CANNOT PERCIEVE THESE THINGS!! All they say, is troll:  No it’s not!  No it’s not!  YES IT IS!  You can SEE in this video, you can SEE Prophecy being fulfilled that would happen in the Tribulation!!

So guys, FEAR GOD!  Give Glory To Him!! For the hour of His judgement is come!  This is the HOUR, the Prophecy is at hand….SO WORHIP HIM, who made the heavens, the earth, the seas, and the fountains of water.  Amen!~ Leeland Jones

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