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House of David Worship in Rev 14 & 15

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C01-1-42 House of David Worship in Rev 14 & 15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq3H4ZzUJ7w

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/


Leeland Jones video posted on March 12, 2021, transcribed:

{Leeland starts off singing} Great and Marvellous are Your works, Lord God Almighty.  Just and True are thy ways, Oh King of the Saints.  Who would not Fear thee, O Lord, and glorify Your name?

For You only are Holy for the nations shall come and worship Thee.  Your judgments are made manifest.

{Leeland is playing the instrument and speaking/teaching}  Alright, to try to set the backdrop of this message, and where we are in time and where we are to historically understand 1 Chronicles chapter 15 and 16.  In it we have the Order of what we call the House of David, where David brings up the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem. And when he does, he realizes before he made his mistakes in not doing it properly.

  • And he had a great worship service, but one of his people died bracing the Ark of the Covenant.
  • So David had to come to terms with, “Okay, God is killing people at my worship service, what am I doing wrong?”
  • And so he begins to set this Order called the House of David, the Tabernacle of David, because David himself was unable to build the Temple.
  • Yet, he sets this Order, which explains what we’re looking at in the Book of Revelation chapter 14 and 15, in particular: of the Harps, of the Psalteries.

Now these are medieval terms, these are not really what’s in the Bible.  What you saw me play here is more of a Lyre, more of an ancient instrument that David would have played and what’s described in the Scriptures.  But it is it is through this Order, that David gets this download of how worship works before the Throne in Heaven. It is astounding, it is an Angelic Order.

  • For example in 1 Chronicles 15,  you see 4 Angels are 4 Quarters around the Ark of the Covenant, and those represent the 4 Angels around the Throne, the 4 Cherubim.
  • He has 7 that will blow the Trumpets, and so you have 7 Trumpeters.

So there is profound information and understanding that we can see throughout all of what David did. And that’s what we’re goanna look at in this video with the how it relates to Revelation 14, in particular, we’re going to park on that.  And we’re also going to look on Revelation 15 with the Song of the Lamb and the Song of Moses.

We could see the Song of the Lamb and the Song of Moses in Revelation chapter 15, and that’s what you heard in the intro of the video.

Revelation 15:3 “Great and marvellous are your works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are your ways, thou King of saints. 4 Who shall not fear you, O Lord, and glorify your name? for you only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before you; for your judgments are made manifest.”

So that’s what you could see as a Song, I have that on my other channel as well, if you just want to hear that Song {the link is at the bottom of this blog post}.  And basically what that is it’s a summary of the song in 1 Chronicles chapter 16.  And in that we see the expanse of the words and the message of the Song of Moses. In addition to that we have the Psalm 105, which has some more about the Song of Moses.

Now what is going on is so amazing, is so profound, we’ll show you and we’ll have notes to explain what we’re talking about.  But hopefully you watch the other video on the kithara. So in Greek, when they look at this instrument and or a guitar they say the word Kithara. Now in the ancient times it was more of this instrument that they were talking about, more of like a Lyre, but that is the instrument that you see them with on the Sea of Glass and around the Throne.

So what’s happening is the whole Bible, especially the Book of Revelation, is a play, a Song Book and we should Sing the Songs.  When we Sing the Songs, we see profound things, and that’s what we’re going to share in this video.

And here’s another, as we talk about the intro of the Book of Revelation, “Blessed is he that reads, and hears the words of this prophecy, that keeps the Book.” {Revelation 1:3}

{6:42 min mark, Leeland is playing an instrument and singing Revelation}

Revelation 1:1 “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John: 2 Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw. 3 Blessed is he that reads, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein.”  That Sing those things that are written in it. “for the time is at hand.”

Revelation 1:6 “And has made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever.”

Revelation 5:9 “And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the book and to open the seals, for you were slain and has redeemed us to God.” By Your Blood. “10 You made us kings and priest: and we shall reign on the earth.”

{Revelation 5} ‘Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power. Worthy is the Lamb to receive riches. Worthy the Lamb to receive wisdom.  Worthy the Lamb to receive strength. Worthy the Lamb to receive honour.  Worthy the Lamb to receive glory. Worthy the Lamb to receive Blessing.  And every creature which was in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, that such as in the sea, and all that were in them, I heard sing, Blessing, and hounour, and glory, and power.  Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power. Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, to the Lamb. Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power. Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power. Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, to the Lamb. Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power. Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power. Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, to the Lamb. And the four beasts said, Amen. And the four and twenty elders fell down and before him that sat on the throne.”

{11:15 min mark.  Leeland is done singing}

Alright here’s our notes!  And one other thing you’ll notice in that the half Shekel Coin in Israel, you can see it’s a Lyre, it’s a Harp.  And so I just thought that was you know really cool and I just wanted to show you.  I can also show you some footage of what the ancient Lyres and Harps do look like, because we do know from other ancient Coins.

But let’s take a look at our notes, and basically we’re going to look at here, is how Chronicles reveals to us what’s happening in Revelation.  This is so exciting!

  • So basically what happened is David comes, he takes the Castle or the Palace in Zion, which is the City of David.  So the City of David is the proper location of Mount Zion.
  • And so when he does that, he establishes this Heavenly Order of Worship in the next few chapters.
  • So what he did is he came to the City David, and prepared a Place for the Ark of the Covenant.
  • And what he did is he pitched for it a Tent or a Tabernacle.

Now he had available to him Moses Tabernacle, but he set up another Tent, another Tabernacle.

Now there’s no date given as to when this takes place, but as you’ll see it has all the imagery and symbolism of Revelation 14 and Revelation 15, within this Tent.  So we know that Revelation 15 is the 1st Day of the 1st Month, that’s coming up next week.  Next week {video posted on March 12, 2021, which was the 27th Day of the 12th Month per Enoch Calendar}.

So the 1st Day of the 1st Month is when Moses set up the Tabernacle, in Exodus chapter 40. We have another whole video on that, it’s The 1260 Days.  So running parallel to this, we have David and the House of David establishing this Order.

  • So what he does, is he sets up this Tabernacle, he sets up his Tent. In 1 Chronicles 15:1 and 1 Chronicles 16:1, it talks about this Tent.

1 Chronicles 16:1 “And so he brought the Aleph Tav {אֶת} ark of God, and set it in the tabernacle.”

{13:40 min mark} Now as we go here, what you can see is what we’ve done as we always do, we let the Scriptures interpret themselves.  And what we’ve done here is we have here on the left Revelation 14; and we have here on the right 1 Chronicles, different chapters.  So in the Chronicles you have different chapters, but it’s basically within just a few clusters of chapters that we have all the fulfillment of what you see in Revelation.

  • So you see the Lamb stood on Mount Zion. {Revelation 14:1}

Now in 1 Chronicles 17:7 it says, The Most High spoke to David, and said, “I took you from the sheepfold, from following the sheep.”

  • So David was what?   He was following the sheep.
  • And you have the 144,000 what?  These follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

So we’ll get the interpretation, Who is the 144,000.  What is it talking about in Revelation 14?  It’s all in 1 Chronicles. 

  • So of course you have the 144,000.  What is this number?  This number is in 1 Chronicles 27:2-15, it’s the Army, and they serve once a Month; the 1st Day of each Month they report to Duty.
  • How many is it?  288,000.  What is that?  It’s a number comprised of the Wise Virgins, the 144,000; and the Unwise Virgins an additional 144,000.  Yes, there’s an Unwise 144,000, and that you see clearly interpreted by 1 Chronicles 27.

{Revelation 14:1} “These having the name of Him, and the name of the Father on their foreheads.” Having the name of Him, having the name of Father on their Foreheads.  And in 1 Chronicles 16:22 and 23, it says, “Touch not my anointed.”  Anointed is Mashiach, Messiah, Christos, Christ, that’s what it says.  And then it says, “He will show forth His salvation.” That’s Yeshuah! Yeshuah is Salvation.

  • So right here is His name; Yeshuah, Jesus Christ, Anointed Mashiach.
  • You can say that in English, you can say that in Hebrew, you can say that in Greek, it’s all His Name!

And what they did, They gave thanks to Yahweh, give glory to Him, give thanks to Him, and call upon His Name.  And we’re going to write His Name in this, Yod Hey Vav Hey, that’s the Name of the Father.

And then Revelation 14:2 “I heard a voice from heaven.”  1 Chronicle 16:3 says, “Let the heavens rejoice.”  {Revelation 14:2} “And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder.” And then it says, {1 Chronicles 16:32} “Let the sea roar.”  Well in Hebrew that word Roar means Thunder, {h7481} Ra’am.

{Revelation 14:2} “And I heard the voice of the harpers.” And, this word we’re going to hopefully educate you on; who are the Harpers, what are the Harps.  Well in Greek this word is kithara dos, and it’s one word, but really in English we would look at it as two words.  Its one word Kithara or Harp, and dos is “odes”, like you Sing odes, a Song.  So what this means is you Sing on the Lyre, they’re Singing; Lyre players, Harping.  So it says, “I heard the voice of the harpers, harping with their harps.”

  • So Harping is to play a Lyre.  With their Harps, their Kithara.

Well we have a perfect Order in the House of David with the 24, which we’re to prophesy with two types of instruments. In Hebrew one of them; in King James it says, Harps, but with Hebrew it’s a Kinnor.

{1 Chronicles 25:1 Moreover David and the captains of the host separated to the service of the sons of Asaph, and of Heman, and of Jeduthun, who should prophesy with harps (3658. kinnor: a lyre), with psalteries (5035. nebel: bottle/Box), and with cymbals (4700. metsiltayim): and the number of the workmen according to their service was:}

{17:47 min mark} It’s a Kinnor, and a Psalteries or Nebel.  Now that’s why I’m showing you this, because the best way to represent this is this instrument here.  Now this is very small.  If you’re interested, I’ll put a link in the description field if you want to get them.   You want to get this by the 1st Day of the 1st Month, because that’s what we’re to do, that’s what we’re preparing for.

So what it would be, it would be something that has a box, a sound box {right side of the Harp}, you know like a Guitar has a sound box, and it has Strings.  So this is a 10 String version of it. And we do know that the ancient ones would look something to that effect.

So that’s a Harp, that’s an actual Harp.  The definition of a turn, if you were to speak to a Harp player they would not call these instruments Harps, they would call them Lyres.  But the Hebrew words we should use.  The Hebrew words Kinnor and Nebel is the Kithara, because we don’t want to be Liars, we want to tell the Truth.  But I just want to educate you on these terms, because once we get these terms we can understand the original language.

  • So for example in the Septuagint, which is the Greek Old Testament, for Kinnor they use Kithara.

So David sets this Order where you have 24, which were to Prophesy with the Harps, the Kinnor. And then of course we see in Revelation 5:8, The 4 Living Creatures and the 24 Elders, each having a Harp, a Kithara, and Viles or phyla which is like a Bowl.  So they have a Vessel.  Well, David appointed the Singers with the instruments or Vessels of music; the Psalteries, the Nebel, and the Kinnor.

  • So the people in the Hebrew, in the language, it doesn’t make a distinction between the Person and the Vessel, they’re One!   They make One Sound.
  • So when it’s talking about the Vessel, it’s talking about People.
  • When it’s talking about the Vessel, it’s talking about the Instrument, it’s all One.

So they are One! They are Kithara dos, they are Singing.

  • So you Sing; you make the Sound and the Instrument makes the Sounds, you are One.

Revelation 14:3 ‘And they Sang a New Song, ode, before the Throne, and before the 4 Living Creatures.’

  • So the Throne and the Living Creatures are always associated together; the 4 Living Creatures and the Throne.

And you can see they brought up the Ark of Yahweh, that dwells between the Cherubim, where His Name is Called {1 Chronicles 13:6}.  So it’s always the Ark of the Covenant is representing the Throne in the Cherubim, and His Voice will come from the midst of the Cherubim.  Now in Revelation 14 it says, The 4 Living Creatures and the Elders, but it doesn’t say 24 Elders.

Well, there’s an Order of Elders in Chronicles, which we can see.  You have the 120, it’s co-hath; and you have the 70 Elders, and I have the verses where you can find those.

  • So there’s different Orders and Councils of Elders, so they didn’t say 24 Elders, they just said Elders.

So that means that there’s more Elders than 24 that it’s referring to.  In 1 Chronicles, it tells us about the other Orders and Councils of the Elders.

Now you got 144,000 it says, they were Redeemed from the Earth.  In 1 Chronicles 17:21, it says The Most High, He redeemed you out of Egypt.  So 144,000 are redeemed out of Egypt, out of the Earth for they are Virgins.  Now one of the Songs in the classes is called the Alamoth.

{1 Chronicles 15:20 And Zechariah, and Aziel, and Shemiramoth, and Jehiel, and Unni, and Eliab, and Maaseiah, and Benaiah, with psalteries [Harps/Lyre] on Alamoth [(soprano voices of) young women]. 21 And Mattithiah, and Elipheleh, and Mikneiah, and Obededom, and Jeiel, and Azaziah, with harps on the Sheminith to excel.}

The Alamoth, that’s part of the class of the {Priests/Singers}, with the Harp players.  So there the class of them is called the Alamoth.  So they’re the 144,000 are the Alamoth, they are the Virgins, they have the Harps.  So Alamoth means Virgins, Alma means Virgin, but it’s plural.  Alma; or Alamoth that’s plural feminine, plural of Virgins: Alma.

  • And they are First Fruits unto God, and unto the Lamb. {Revelation 14:4}
  • And they are called Chosen, and expressed by Name. {1 Chronicles 16:41}

So there’s specific Names and Orders that goes throughout 1 Chronicles 15 and 16.   For they are Redeemed from among men. {Revelation 14:4}

  • So it makes a distinction to be Redeemed from the Earth, and to be Redeemed from the Men,

And it says {1 Chronicles 17:21}, Israel, whom Yahweh has Redeemed to be His own people. Redeemed from the people of the Earth.  That’s why it says that they’re Redeemed out of every Tribe, Kindred and Tongue, in the Songs that we were singing to you earlier.

And then it says {Revelation 14:5}, In their mouth was found no guile: for they are without.  They are without fault before YouTube?   There are without fault before the Assemblies of God?   They’re without fault before the Torah Community?  They’re without fault before…..?  No, they’re without fault before the Throne!

  • That’s the answer guys; it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about you!
  • It’s about what the Throne thinks, it’s what the Throne has to say.

And it says that {Psalm 105:19}, The word of Yahweh tried Joseph, until his time came.  So what you can see is we have 1 Chronicles.  Now if there’s a Song there in 1 Chronicles chapter 16, that Song is mirrored or copied in Psalm 105.   So Psalm 105 actually talks about Joseph being tried, which connects us to {Revelation 14:5}; In their mouth was found no guile, they are without fault before the Throne.

In our next page, it’s going to take me a while to get the notes to you, but just follow along we’re going to go quickly here.   So then that was Revelation 14:1-4. 

Then we get to the 1st Angel’s Message, {Revelation 14:6} The Everlasting Gospel, to preach to them that dwell upon the earth, in every nation, kindred, tongue and people.   So what happens is this is the conclusion that you hear me say in every video {Revelation 14:7}: Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

  • You hear me repeat that.  Well, that’s The Everlasting Gospel that’s in Revelation 14:7.So this is the 1st Angel, this is his Message.
  • Well, his Message is also Coded in the Song of 1 Chronicles chapter 16.

Notice what it says {Revelation 14:6}, He preached to them that dwell on the earth, in every nation, kindred, tongue and people. {verse 7} Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

{1 Chronicles 16} Yahweh made the heavens.  Give unto Him you kindreds of the people, give glory due to His name.  Worship Him in the beauty of His Holiness.  Fear before Him all the earth.  The world is established, Let the Heavens be glad and the Earth Rejoice. Yahweh Reigns.  And then it talks about the Sea Roaring, we saw that before the Sea Thundering.

  • So that very Song of the 1st Angel is Coded into the Song, in 1 Chronicles 16. That’s the 1st Angel’s Message.
  • Then what we have is the other Song that we were singing earlier, and that is this, the Song in Revelation 15:3. Great and marvellous are your works Lord God Almighty. Just and true are Your ways.

That Song we are singing, that’s in Revelation 15, now that Song is also Coded into 1 Chronicles chapter 16. verse 9 Sing psalms to Him talk, of His wondrous works. 10  Glory in His Name, His Holy Name. 12  Remember His Marvellous works what He has done, His Wonders and His Judgments of His mouth. 14 He is Yahweh Elohaynu, that means the Lord our God. His Judgments are in all the Earth.

  • Now where we are there in Revelation 15:2, it talks about those that Overcome the Beast.
  • What’s happened is those that Overcome the Beast, they are granted the Harps.

That’s why we’re talking about these Harps so much.  We keep saying this, because this is the Time! This is the Time when the Harps of God are being issued to the Overcomers.

So while that’s happening, the Overcomers of the Beast have the Harps, the Kitharas.  You can have a Guitar too, you don’t have to have the same one like this the old one, or the old style.  But they Sang the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb.

Now earlier in the in the video we were singing the Song of the Lamb, that’s in Revelation 5. And that is when Only Lamb is Worthy to open the Seal.   But let’s remember that Psalm 105 is a copy of the Song of 1 Chronicles 16, but what it adds is the Plagues of Egypt.

  • So yes, we are to Sing about the Plagues of Egypt! So this is amazing, it’s a time of Rejoicing!
  • The wicked and the sinners and the apostate Christians are crying about the Judgment, and the Plagues.

But we are to Rejoice when we see these Judgments, when we see these Plagues.

So what we have is a bunch of these Plagues are listed here, in the Song of Moses {Psalm 105}.  So think of the Song of Moses, what are they singing about?  They’re singing about the Judgment and the Plagues.  The Song of Moses is in a lot of places, not just one place; it’s in Exodus chapter 15, it’s in Jeremiah 10.

  • We’ve talked so much about this, because this is how you understand Prophecy, is when you Sing it! That’s how you memorize things, you Memorize them by Singing.

So for Psalm 105:26, He sent Moses; and Aaron whom He had chosen.  So that’s Moses, the Song of Moses. {verse 27} And they sent Signs and Wonders and Plagues.

So what we have here in yellow, is the number of the Plagues.  So in yellow, that’s Plagues number 9, in verse 28, He sent Darkness and made it Dark.  Well, that’s part of the 4th Trumpet.  We do have another whole video, and I’ll have a link once I get a chance to upload the notes, where I’ll show you all the Plagues and how they relate to the Book of Revelation.  We’ll look at it real quick, you can get a screenshot.

  • {Psalm 105:29} And he turned the waters into Blood, that’s the 1st Plague.
  • #2 {Psalm 105:30}  And their land was brought forth Frogs.  Well, these are Grey Aliens.  In the chambers of the kings.  That’s the 6th Bowl of Revelation 16:13,14.
  • {Psalm 105:31} And there came different types of Flies and Lice.   These are Nanobots, In all their coasts.

So and it says Coasts here, in Hebrew it really means Borders.  So it means that the children of Israel were in a different place of Borders than those in Egypt.  So they were not subject to the Plagues.  So we are to Rejoice in the Plagues, because we are not subject to the Plagues. That’s why, You come out of her My people, that you receive not of her plagues.

  • And there came different types of Flies and Lice.  I mean these are just Nanoparticles, this is the Plagues!

{Psalm 105:32} And He gave them Hail and rain, and flaming fire in their land.  {Psalm 105:33}  And He smote their vines and fig trees, and trees of the coasts. Remember Christ, He cursed the fig tree?

And the 8th Plague, {Psalm 105:34}  And he spoke and Locust came.  Well, Locust is the Lice, the flame, the Nanobots. Locust came in caterpillars, that’s the Locust, it’s the 5th Trumpet.  Without number they did eat up and devour the land.  {Psalm 105:36} And he smote all the Firstborn in their land, the chief of their strength.

This chart is really helpful, I can post a link to the video, we posted this before.  But basically what we have is we have the Exodus, we have all the Plagues that we just showed you, the 10 Plagues.   And then we have a description of those Plagues.

  • For example, some people say, “Well Leeland, these plagues that they’re talking about are man-made.”  Well yeah, there were man-made Plagues then too, because Moses did certain Plagues and then the Magicians they did Plagues too.
  • But there was a division between the people, so that the Plagues did not hit the children of Israel, and they only hit the Egyptians.  So we have a description of that there.

So we have Exodus, we have a description of the Plagues and affecting the children Israel or not.  And then we have the Book of Revelation.  In the Book of Revelation how all those Plagues are in the Book of Revelation.  So I encourage you to get this, this is really helpful, because we are to Rejoice in these Plagues.

So thanks for watching.  Be patient, I will try and get the notes uploaded, it’s two pages of notes.

And look, on the video look at,  we actually have the notes:  Fear God,  Give Glory to Him; for the hour of His Judgment has come: and worship Him that made the heavens, and earth, the sea, and the fountains of waters.

So this is part of our playlist on the Exodus, this is part of our playlist on the 144,000 and it may be other playlists as well, which I will put links in the description field.  So thanks for watching, and God bless you!

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