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Knock at the Door to East Gate

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Leeland Jones video posted on May 17, 2023, transcribed: 

[Music – video of 3D Temple model of the gates, inclusive of table and two chairs]

Behold, He stands at the door, and knocks: and if any man hear His voice, and open the door, He will come in to him, and sup with him. Famous verses that we have all heard many times, many different sermons, thousands, but what does it actually mean? What is the actual fulfillment specifically of what Christ is talking about, to the Church at Laodicea in Revelation 3:20?

As it continues what it says, Behold, I stand at the door and knock; If any man hear my voice, and open to me I will come into him and sup, or have supper, with him, a feast, and he with me.

And the Prophecy continues of what it’s talking about into the following verses, where He says, He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the Ekklesia {Church} (Rev 3:22).

To he who overcomes I will grant to sit with me on my Throne, even as I overcame and sat down in the Throne of my Father (Rev 3:21).

And it continues, After or with these things, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard sounding as it were a trumpet saying: Come up here (Rev 4:1).

What we’re seeing here is language of the East Gate of the Ezekiel Temple.

That’s actually specifically what Christ is talking about here in these verses.  If we take the context of all of them Revelation chapter 3 verse 20, 21, 22 , and remember there’s no Bible chapters and verses it’s a continuous Prophecy, continuing into Revelation chapter 4 verse 1 where John sees the Door to the East Gate open and he sees the Throne.

In previous videos as we have shown you, within the Gates there are Seats, there are Thrones.

If we take a look here, and we go inside and we get a little bit better view. (Leeland shows display with props of the East gate, a table set for supper and two chairs) This is what we’re attempting to illustrate with what Christ is talking about, in Revelation chapter 3 and the beginning of chapter 4.

If any man opens the door. The door to what?  What is it specifically talking about?  This is the Door to the East Gate. Then inside would be this Feast.  Behold He stands at the door.  No man knows that moment when He knocks at that Door.  But, we can find this specifically in Ezekiel, where Ezekiel describes exactly what Christ is talking about here in Revelation, in Ezekiel chapter 44.

We’re going to show you the 3D Temple to illustrate this whole Complex. What I’m going to do is, as we’ve set up here, where we have a table, we have two chairs. Those are the Seats that are inside the Gate, and we’re illustrating what Christ is talking about.

(Rev 3:20) Whoever hears His voice knocking, opens the door, and they will sup.  What this is talking about is Ezekiel 44 verse 1, 2 and 3.

Ezekiel 44:1-2, talk about the East Gate door being shut, being locked, no man can enter it. This is the East Gate that is in the Outer Court. Then on the inside, if you enter in the Inner Court, that’s what this is. This door opens, and then what it says is, The prince goes inside and he eats bread before Yahweh {Ezekiel 44:3}.

What we’re learning here is that, that is exactly what Christ is talking about. It’s specific, it’s detailed. He knocks at the East Gate door, whoever hears that knock and opens to Him, He will sup with you. This is what we see with the aleph tav prince in Ezekiel chapter 44. This is the fulfillment understood by the Temple where you have the East Gate, and the eating of bread with Yahweh in that East Gate. It is unscheduled, it doesn’t say when. (Leeland shows plate of Ezekiel bread)

We’ll go through the verses. We’ll read it. We’ll take you through this step by step. We’ll go through the 3D model and show you all of this, because there are two things going on.

  • #1, this is the knocking on the door, when no man knows the day or the hour. But it is this practice of the Feast when He comes, the Coming of Son of Man. He knocks at that door; we must open to Him immediately.
  • {#2} Now there’s another East Gate, that’s on the Inner Court. And that East Gate as well, has a Feast in the Gate which we’ll show you, it is the manna.

We’re showing you here the manna (Leeland shows plate of Ezekiel bread). It is in the Shabbat, in the Kodesh, in the 1st Day of each Month when the East Gate is open. And then it talks about those Seated on the ‘thrones’ will eat manna. We’ll show you that in Jeremiah 17.

This is what we’re trying to do, is work through this slowly and demonstrate to you what it’s talking about, and then we’ll go through the 3D model.

Let’s take a little closer look here at our setup (Leeland moves the camera to have a closer look at this prop display). You can see that within the gate, you have the gate and then you have, as we’ve shown you, the seats are in the chambers. There’s a seat in each of the chambers of each gate. This is the functionality of the East Gate in the Outer Court. The door on the outside is a closed door and inside is for; Behold He stands at the door and knocks.

(Leeland show 3D Temple model complex looking straight down to see the layout) Here we are at the Temple Complex, and we’re here to orient ourselves with the passages we’re about to read.  As we look here we’re going to do some drawings, and hope to illustrate and demonstrate what is happening as we do the readings and continue the Prophecy.

Keep in mind as we look here, that the top of the screen here is the easterly direction. This is East, so when it’s talking about Gates, those that are facing East, that’s going to be this Gate here in the Outer Court, and this Gate here (Inner Court).

Now what happened previously that we’ll see, is the first part of Ezekiel chapter 44 verse 1, it says, The Gate is shut, here at the East Gate, because Yahweh entered in through the Gate. His glory entered through the East Gate of the Outer Court, thus entering the Temple Complex. Then it says, No man will enter that Gate because it is closed, it is shut, it is locked, because Yahweh entered that Gate.

Once we realize that, then we come to terms with the outward of the Sanctuary, where the aleph tav prince will eat bread with Yahweh. We conclude that what that is talking about is this Gate here (East) in the Outer Court.  We have all the symbolism of the Throne. We have all the symbolism and revelation of the Gates in the Complex.

For example, Christ says, Behold I stand at the door and knock. When He is knocking, He is knocking at this Door at the East Gate, here from the Inner Court area. Remember the Door to the outside of the Temple Complex is shut.

And then we’re going to see that there is also in the Shabbat and in the Kodesh, there is worship that takes place in the East Gate of the Inner Court, that’s this one. Now we just want to make note, I’m going to change colors here because I just want to make note and highlight and box for you:

  • the East Gate there on the Outer Court,
  • the East Gate here in the Inner Court,
  • the North Gate here in the Inner Court,
  • and the South Gate in the Inner Court.

The reason I’m making these in green and highlighting them and making note of that, is because when John has the East Gate open in heaven, he sees the Throne and round about the Throne were 24 Elders sitting in 24 thrones. Each one of these Gates has Chambers. There’s 3 on each side, 6 Chambers in each Gate.

If we conclude that we have 4 Gates each with 6 Chambers, we get 24 Thrones.

We know that the Outer Court North Gate over here, and the Outer Court South Gate, this is for the 12 Apostles. The 12 Apostles will judge the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel sitting on 12 thrones. That is the 12, because there are 3 on each side, 6 here {North Gate}, 6 there {South Gate}. Thus, we get the perfect Order of the Throne, and what is happening with the Seats and Thrones within the Gates.

When we go to read, let’s remember that up here {Outer Court East Gate} principally we’re going to be looking at Ezekiel 44. Then on the Inner Court East Gate we’re talking about Ezekiel 46. We’re just taking a moment here to orient ourselves.

  • This is the Temple Complex.
  • These are the Gates.
  • Within the Gates are Thrones.

Now let’s take a look and let’s go through this with the notes that we have. We’ll go through the verses, and we’ll look at all of this and how it paints a perfect picture.

Behold, He stands at the East Gate door knocking. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man shall hear my Voice {trumpet}, and should open the Door, I will answer to him, and have supper with him (Rev 3:20 ABP).

To the one overcoming I will give him to sit with me on my Throne, as I overcame and sat with my Father in his throne. The one having an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies (Rev 3:21&22 ABP).

After these things, or with, I saw, behold, a Door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard as a trumpet speaking to me saying: Ascend here! (Rev 4:1 ABP).

Herein is the function of the East Gate where we have Thrones.

In Revelation 4, when after John sees the Throne in heaven, he sees 24 thrones. We see 24 thrones in the Gates. Herein is the Function of the East Gate:

  • with “thrones”
  • and the chambers
  • and the special “Supper” with Him.

There it is. We’re going to read it to you, Ezekiel 44:3 It is the aleph tav prince, he shall SIT {Leeland: like a Throne} in to EAT bread before Yahweh {YHWH}; he will enter by the way of the porch of that gate.

He will enter through the Porch from the Outer Court as we had shown you, and he will go out the same way. Remember he can’t go out the other way because the Door is shut. He will eat bread before Yahweh. We have all heard this verse of the Knock quoted many times, but this is the fulfilled meaning.

Scripture interprets Scripture.

Ezekiel 44 specifically describes what we see in Revelation chapter 3 verse 20.

Thus, aleph tav knocks on the Door of the East Gate from inside the Outer Court area. The Septuagint says this Gate was locked. Thus, the Gate is locked from the outside of the Temple Complex, but is open from the Inner Court, and the prince there will eat bread before Yahweh. Corresponding to, I will enter to him, and have supper with him, and he with me.  This is also part of the Grain Offering as the bread. The principal or evening meal, Supper is what it says in Greek in Revelation 3 verse 20.

Again, the Door to the outside of East Gate is locked. However, the Door from the Outer Court area of the East Gate is for the special Supper when He knocks. This is what He’s saying at this time. It is like Moses when he had the Tent outside the camp.

As we look at the nature of this great desire of Yahweh, the restoration of the Garden of Eden when He spoke to Adam face to face, we also want to consider what is this Gate outside the camp. One of the parallels that we can make with Revelation, tying it to Ezekiel 44, is also Moses.

If we look at Moses in chapter 33, the Tabernacle of Moses. The Tabernacle has not been built yet, in Exodus 33. The children of Israel have gone into the Promised Land, they’ve come to the Mountain, Yahweh has spoken, the children of Israel had the golden calf in chapter 32. Then Moses goes outside the camp, and Yahweh speaks to him outside the camp.

He had a separate Tabernacle outside the camp, in Exodus 33.

Let’s take a look at a few verses here. Exodus 33:7, Moses took a Tabernacle and pitched it without the camp, the East Gate. It’s still within the camp, but it’s in the Border, the Outside of the Outer Court. Far off from the camps, and called it the Tabernacle of the Congregation, it says in the King James.

And a cloudy pillar descended and stood at the Door of the Tabernacle, and the Lord talked to Moses (v9). And the Lord spoke to him face to face, as a man speaks to his friend (v11).

That’s what this Knock is, it is the desire of Him to speak face to face.

Remember, the children of Israel had this opportunity, that He spoke to them.  And they said ‘No, Moses you go’ and Moses went into thick darkness, went into the mount, but the people stood afar off. That is what’s happening.

  • The Tabernacle is representing going into the intimacy with Him, to speak to Him face to face. That is His longing and His desire.  Speak to Him face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.

Here’s Moses’ prayer Exodus 33:13, I pray if I have found grace in your sight, show me the way that I may know you, that I might find grace in your sight and consider this nation is your people. And he said, my presence will go with you and I will give you rest (v14). And he said unto him, if your presence go not with me carry us not up from here (v15). And he said, I beseech you. {Leeland: It was Moses asking this prayer to Yahweh.} Show me your glory (v18).

That was the East Gate and the Outer Court.

And in the East Gate of the Inner Court, we have more celebrations and ‘thrones’ and worship and Feasts taking place.

  • There’s a Feast every Shabbat,
  • and there’s a Feast every 1st Day of each Month in the Inner Court East Gate.
  • The special Supper as we described is unscheduled. We don’t know when He will knock. So it’s like unto the preparation of the Coming of the Son of Man, as we do not know the day or the hour.

However, there are scheduled Feasts of manna.

Yes, manna at the East Gate of the Inner Court, in Ezekiel 46.

Remember how we drew for you the # 44 on the Outer Court East Gate, and we drew the # 46 on the Inner Court, because now we’re going to read Ezekiel 46 on the schedule of celebrations.

Ezekiel 46:4 And the burnt offering that the prince shall offer unto Yahweh in the Sabbath day.

Verse 8 And when the prince shall enter, he will go out the same way of that gate, he should go forth by that way thereof.

Verse 12 Now when the prince shall prepare the offerings.

There’s a Gatekeeper there. It said, One shall open to him the gate that looks towards the East. This is the Porter. And he shall prepare his burnt offerings and peace offerings, as he did on the Sabbath day. This one is on the 1st Day of the Month.  Then he should go forth; and after his going forth the one shall shut the gate.

The prince is the one leading in the Septuagint. We know David has a role like this, as well.

Have you heard of David? What he did, when he had need, he was hungered, and he and they that were with him?  They went into the house of God in the days of Abiathar the high priest, and did eat the shewbread, which is not lawful for them to eat, and he gave also to those that were with him.

It’s only for the priests, but David went in. Why? Because he’s like a foreshadowing of the prince.

However the “prince” role could be a rotation of the Elders, because it does talk about “Ones guiding”. Could be, we don’t know!  But we do have an interesting verse in Ezekiel 45 verse 8 and 9 and Ezra chapter 6 verse 7: And now leave alone the work of the house of God, and the ones and the ones guiding of the Jews and the elders of the Jews!

This is the Shabbat Feast in the Millennial Temple.

It is also detailed, as I told you, with the manna. This is amazing. Isn’t this exciting?

In Jeremiah 17, you need to read more of it than what we’re quoting here, you need to read the other verses around Jeremiah 17:20, mid 20s is where we’re recording here.

This is important as well, because you remember earlier it said, He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies {Rev 3:22}. The Spirit is also speaking through Jeremiah 17. {Jeremiah 17:24} If you diligently hearken unto me (if we hear His voice), saith Yahweh, to bring no burden through the gates of this city on the Sabbath day {Leeland: we make Holy the Sabbath day}, to do no work therein: {verse 25} Then shall there enter into the gates of the city kings and princes SITTING upon the throne of David.  

Wow. Kings and princes sitting on the throne. Remember the prince here is plural. They’re sitting on thrones. Where? In the Gates. Then it says, They will eat, they will bring burnt offerings, they’ll bring grain offerings, they’ll bring incense and manna.

We’re reading the ABP, the Apostolic Bible Polyglot, which is a translation of the Greek Septuagint. In it, it says manna. That’s amazing. This is manna is part of this Feast, and frankincense, bringing praise into the house of Yahweh. Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 26.

That is part of the worship that we see. It’s totally aligning with Ezekiel chapter 46, of the Feast on Shabbat and the 1st Day of the Month {Feast}.

(Leeland show 3D Temple model complex of the gate looking straight down to see the layout) Another thing we want to do is show you the views, interpretations, and measurements of the Temple that we’ve been sharing with you, we’re very privileged and very excited to also find proof and evidence of the Gates in archeology.

Here what we have, is we’re looking at where All the Gates have the same orientation, where they have a porch on either side.  They have chambers, and that’s what you see here. Within those chambers, in red, those are the thrones. Those are the thrones that we’ve been describing.  And what you see in this orientation is chambers, 3 on each side.

As we said, we would hope to see other confirmations of this, because these are all interpretations. We hope to be providing accurate information. We hope to have multiple witnesses to show us, if what we are demonstrating is correct.

And it is! Our witness here is a study, being shown by the Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archeology https://armstronginstitute.org/810-a-study-into-king-solomons-three-four-monumental-gates. This is not really new information. It’s been known for some time. I just appreciate what they’ve done in this article, because they’re connecting a Gate in Jerusalem to other Gates found elsewhere that meet the same description that we just showed you in the Ezekiel Temple. Amazing.

(Leeland talks through the article) “A study into King Solomon’s three, now known as four, monumental gates.”

Here’s an example of one well preserved. We’ll have links to the article. There are several of these Gates: Hazor, Megiddo, and Gezer. They’re in different locations throughout the land of Israel.

It says here, “Solomon’s blueprint”. And here is a map where you can see the location of them.

  • We have Jerusalem,
  • we have Gezer,
  • we have Megiddo,
  • and Hazor to the North of the Sea of Galilee.

What they noticed, is that these Gates have these chambers, 3 on each side and very similar measurements and proportions.

Astounding that the proportions of the length and width here, matches that of the rendering we’ve done in the Ezekiel Temple. Amazing.

And there was one in Jerusalem. I was there in the Ophel, where they had a very poor example. Believe me, if I saw this I would know that it was something very closely aligned with the Ezekiel Temple.  But their rendering of this in the Ophel area for the public and the tourists, it’s not as clear as this. Armstrong has a couple of videos, and they explain in more detail these Gates.

What are we seeing? We’re seeing confirmation as we mentioned, major Gates to the city in these various locations, 3 chambers in each side. These are the Chambers for the Guards. Many things are happening here.

  • There’s buying and selling.
  • There is celebrations as we could see and eating and Feasts.
  • Meeting places, people are coming and going.
  • It’s bringing animals, bringing offerings to the Temple.

We have our proof and confirmation, when I did measurements here of the full length and width, it is that of the Ezekiel Temple where we have a length of 40 Cubits and a width of 37.

We can see the parabolic meaning of the 7 Ekklesia, of what Christ is talking about to the Church at Laodicea. We have many Fulfillments related to what Christ is alluding to is Specifically related to the Millennial Temple. For example, just the Church of Laodicea. All the others we know very well.

He who overcomes will become a pillar in the Temple, that is to the Church of Philadelphia.

Within the Church at Laodicea, we have many things. We have, I would that you were boiling hot or cold. Boiling hot is relating to the boiling pots and the boiling houses. Cold is relating to the cold refreshing waters that proceed from the Temple.

He says, I counsel of you buy from me gold. The gold is the shekel of the Sanctuary, the currency in the Millennium. Buy from me the gold tried in the fire. That’s the bakery.

Then we have buy or redeem Garments. It’s necessary to have Garments in the Inner Court of the Temple.

Eye salve that your eyes will be open. This is the Gates. Just as the Gates are open, the Eyes are also Gates. The Eyes can be opened to the Spirit realm.

Two of the things that are happening, parabolically Christ is speaking about is happening, in the Heavenly Tabernacle and in the Heavenly Temple. The Temple service is ongoing. Eyes can be open to see, can perceive that His coming, His knocking on the Door is even now. We are very late in the process. He is coming very soon. Many things have been fulfilled, and many more.

As it continues we get the Garments, we get the Eye Salve, then of course we get the East Gate. We see all the clear definitions of the East Gate, the East Gate having a Door, the East Gate having Seats inside. And the East Gate also being the place where the aleph tav prince eats bread before Yahweh. That is the fulfillment of specifically what Christ is talking about. It is understood through the Ezekiel Temple.

He who overcomes, let him have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Ekklesia.

Thanks for watching this video. There is a huge amount of information here. We’re just going through the basics of what this means, to connect the two aspects for you of the eating of the bread, this manna, this Wedding Supper, this Feast with Yahweh. Restoration back to the Garden of Eden. Glory to His name.

We have many other things coming relating to the Temple. We have exciting things coming up in archeology that prove the views and interpretations, confirms His word, that we’ve been sharing with you like the Gates, that you could see the Gates in Jerusalem, Gezer, Hazor, Megiddo.

What that is talking about is Christ’s great promise.

Behold He stands at the door and knocks, If any man hear his voice, and open to Him, He will come in and have supper with him.

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