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Rivers of Living Waters

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Rivers of Living Waters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHUyaaEieNo

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

He brought me to the east gate!  And behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the east;  and His voice was like the noise of many waters; and the earth did shine with His glory!  And the glory of YAHWEH came into the temple through the east gate. And the glory of YAHWEH did fill the house, and I heard Him speaking to me out of the house, and He said to me, son of man, the place of My throne, the place of the soles of My feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel forever, and the place of My holy name.  Now show them the temple to the house of Israel, show them the design of the temple and measure the pattern, show them the form and the seat, of the house and the fashion and the comings and goings, this the Torah of the house upon the  top of the mountain, the whole limit around it shall be Holy, behold, this is the law of the house (Ezekiel 43, paraphrased).

The Structure and Form of the Pattern of the House,  also shows us the Fountains of Living Waters!  The RIVER OF LIFE, proceeding from the Temple!  That is what we see in New Jerusalem, and here you can see it coming out of Ezekiel’s Temple (1:16 min mark).  Ezekiel instructed; Show the people the pattern, SHOW THEM!  Okay, THAT THEY WOULD REPENT OF THEIR WAYS!

Now the Fountain of Rivers of Living Waters, what is this?  Well, Christ said on the 8th Day of Tabernacles, New Jerusalem is called Tabernacles…when God will Tabernacle with us!  This is part of our playlist on: Show the Design, Measure the Pattern.  On that 8th Day of Sukkot, He said, IF ANY MAN THIRST, LET HIM COME TO ME, AND OUT OF HIS BELLY WILL FLOW RIVERS OF LIVING WATERS!  He said that on the 8th Day of Sukkot!

This is a 3D animation, now of New Jerusalem (1:53 min mark).  With the River and the Tree of Life.  So this is the RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS FROM THE GARDEN OF EDEN, TO BRING US TO NEW JERUSALEM! New Jerusalem, there will be the Tree of Life!  New Jerusalem there is the River of Life!  BUT BEFORE NEW JERUSALEM WILL HAPPEN, CHRIST WILL REIGN IN THE MILLENNIAL TEMPLE, describe by the prophet, Ezekiel, and out of it also, has a River of Life!  Fountains of Living Waters!

So, Ezekiel told us to show them the design, show them the pattern, okay?  So that Temple is ALSO described in Revelation chapter 7, And they’re before the throne of God, and they will serve Him day and night, in His Temple, and He shall lead them to the Fountain of Living Waters. That’s in Revelation 7, so that is Ezekeil’s Temple!  So, show them the Design…show them the Structure of Ezekeil’s Temple!

THERE IS A LOT OF CONFUSION ABOUT THE TEMPLE’S,  that is why we have a playlist on this!  If you have other questions, please refer to the playlist: Show the Design, Measure the Pattern!  We have several video’s on this, and now we are going to talk about this fulfillment as it relates to the Feast!

When we come to the 8th Day of the Feast, it is the Solemn Assembly!  It’s a Solemn Assembly and after you have Tabernacles…you have 7 Days of Tabernacles, and upon the 8th Day of  Tabernacles, you would have something called, a Solemn Assembly!  And the tradition was, is that there would be Water Oblation, or a Water Offering! (3:37 min mark)  And you can see here I have this ancient looking cool vase, it is not really water type.  But I’m just doing this to demonstrate that what they would do, is that they would go down to the Pool of Siloam, okay they would go down there, and they would pour out this water, and they would do this Water Oblation, okay?

So that is the context of what is going on in John chapter 7!  So Christ went to Jerusalem, He went for this time of the Feast!  And on this Last Day of the Feast, on this Great Day of the Feast, Jesus stood and said; If any man thirst, let him come to Me and DRINK!  Okay, He is saying, the thing you are doing with this Water Offering, this pouring out of this Offering you are doing, IT’S HIM!!  HE HAS THE LIVING WATER!  Okay, it’s not by, you know, religious observance!  IT’S A PERSON!  And has He said, Come to Me!  Okay!  If any man thirst, let him come to Me and DRINK!  Because HE HAS THE FOUNTAINS OF WATERS, okay?

He that believes on Me, as the Scriptures say, out of his belly will flow Rivers of Living Water, okay?  River’s of Living Water, so the Living Water, this He spake of the Spirit that they that believe and that receive, shall receive the Holy Spirit, that was not yet given, as Jesus was not yet glorified, okay?   So He is speaking of those that believe in Him would have the…out of their belly’s would flow Living Waters, and it would also be Pentecost! Again, another Feast that would take place after He rose on First Fruits, okay?

So, it’s important that we understand the context as to, why He is saying this!  He is saying, we actually know where the Pool of Siloam is, and there the priest they are pouring this water out, and He is saying what the fulfillment is of that tradition, that observance, okay?  So, now that we know that that’s what happened on that 8th Day, okay, that’s the fulfillment of that 8th Day, and THEN WE MEMORALIZE THAT 8TH DAY!

WHY? Okay, many of you still don’t really understand these Feasts or any of this stuff!  Well, that is cause YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE PROPHECY, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT DOING IT! Once you DO IT, and you set up your tabernacles and you physically do something, then you have to THINK ABOUT IT!  WHAT AM I DOING?  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? OKAY, BUT IF YOU DON’T DO IT, YOU DON’T THINK!  IF YOU DON’T THINK, YOU DON’T KNOW AND YOU DON’T RESEARCH!  Alright?

And, you don’t really know about the PROPHECY, WHAT HAPPENS IN THE FUTURE, and all of these things, that are BUILT INTO THE PROPHECY AND THE FEAST!  Okay, so we can see very clearly in Zechariah chapter 14, verse 4, His feet will stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives.  So this is clearly after Christ has destroyed the enemies in Armageddon, okay?  You can see that Armageddon in the previous verse.

So, then He will come, He will stand on the Mount of Olives!  Then, we showed you in with the intro of the video, with the Temple in Ezekiel, okay, then at some point, He will go into the East Gate of the Temple…His Glory will come into the East Gate of the Temple, okay?  But when His feet stand on the Mount of Olives, in Zechariah 14, it continues this prophecy, we are not going to read all of it, okay…BUT HE WILL COME AND ALL OF THE SAINTS WITH HIM, verse 5.

Then in verse 8, And it should be in the Day, that Living Waters shall go out of Jerusalem!  Alright, now where are we?  We have the completion of the Apocalypse…we have Armageddon…that is over!  Then Christ will come on the Mount of Olives, THIS IS NOT NEW JERUSALEM!  Clearly!  Okay He is coming on the Mount of Olives!  Okay, the Living Fountains of Waters in Jerusalem, some towards the former sea, some towards the hinder sea; and YAHWEH SHALL BE KING OVER ALL THE EARTH IN THAT DAY, AND THERE SHALL BE ONE YAHWEH AND HIS NAME, HIS NAME IS ONE!

Okay, so clearly He comes, His feet stand on the Mount of Olives, there’ll be Living Waters flowing from Jerusalem, okay?  And there will be this Feast!  Okay?  Then they will have this Feast and everyone that is LEFT OF THE NATIONS!  Okay, so all the Nations that had been destroyed, but those that are left of the Nations will come, which Nations…the Nations that came against Jerusalem, even they shall go up, year by year, to worship the King, _____, the Lord of Hosts, to keep the Feast of Tabernacles.  Okay?

SO, IF YOU MAKE IT AND YOU SURVIVE,  YOU’RE ON THE OTHER SIDE, YOU WILL KEEP THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES!  Okay?  NOW IF YOU DON’T, ALRIGHT….THEN THERE’S GOING TO BE PLAGUES!  And it shall be a Plague! Okay? There will be a Plague to those that don’t come up to the Feast, it makes it clear, okay?

And in that day, shall be bells on the horses, Holiness to YAHWEH and the pots of the Lord’s house, shall be bowls before the altar.  So what do we have?  We have a House!  We have a Temple!  We have an Altar!  Okay?  Both, Ezekiel has this description; you have the Temple, you have the Altar, okay?  WHEN YOU GET TO NEW JERUSALEM YOU DON’T HAVE A TEMPLE, YOU DON’T HAVE AN ALTAR!  Okay?

So what this is, THIS IS  THE PROPHECY, AFTER ARMAGEDDON, GOING INTO THE MILLENNIUM!  Beginning of the Millennium is what this is describing, okay? And the promise of this is what we told you earlier, in Revelation 7!  In Revelation 7 it talks about those that wash their robes and made the white with the blood of the Lamb, 7:15, Therefore they are before the Throne of God, and serve Him day and night in His Temple!  Okay?

Now if they’re serving God day and night in His Temple, What Temple is that?? IT’S NOT NEW JERUSALEM! Okay?  IT CAN’T BE NEW JERUSALEM BECAUSE NEW JERUSALEM HAS NO TEMPLE!!  So, IT MUST BE EZEKIEL’S TEMPLE!  Therefore, they’re before the Throne of God and they serve Him day and night in His Temple.  And He that sits upon the throne shall dwell among them. Okay, that’s the LAMB!  They shall hunger no more, neither thirst anymore; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat; for the Lamb is in the midst of them.  Okay?

So it’s the Lamb that is in the midst of this Temple! Alright?  It’s the Lamb that is in the midst of Ezekiel’s Temple, during this time period of the Millennium!  For the Lamb in the midst of the Throne shall feed them and shall lead them to the Living Fountains of Waters.  Okay, so these are the Living Fountains of Waters that are in Ezekiel’s Temple.  What is it talking about here?  It’s talking about a Temple, okay?  It’s talking about Living Fountains of Waters, this is NOT New Jerusalem!!!  It can’t be New Jerusalem because New Jerusalem DOES NOT HAVE A TEMPLE!! The Living Fountains of Waters, here, is Ezekiel’s Temple, okay, and New Jerusalem has the RIVER OF LIFE!!

Okay, let’s look at that!  Let’s look at that so you can see the type and shadow, because what happens guys is, New Jerusalem is, is of course Very Large!  Ezekiel’s Temple is Very Small!  And IT IS VERY SOBERING, BECAUSE IT’S NOT THAT MUCH BIGGER THAN THE FIRST TEMPLE!  Okay?  So if you were to accommadate for the growth of population’s and the number of  people  that you can fit in the Temple, Ezekiel’s Temple is very small!!  IT MEANS THERE IS A REMNANT, THERE IS NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT ARE GOING TO FIT IN THERE, OKAY?  When we get to New Jerusalem, it’s HUGE!  Okay, it’s huge, you can fit a lot of people! Okay?

But we find this River of Life in Revelation 22:1, And He showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and the Lamb.  In the midst of the street of it, were the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, which yeilded their fruit every month.  Okay, so there you have the River of Life, in that Temple!  So if we go back…New Jerusalem is being described in Revelation 21, in the previous chapter, in verse 22, I saw no temple there in, for the Lord God Almighty and Lamb are the Temple.  So New Jerusalem has NO TEMPLE!

Alright, but obvious in Revelation 7, those people are serving in a Temple!  Alright….and that of course we also  see in Revelation 11, Revelation 11 okay, verse 1, And it was given to me a reed like a rod to, by the angel saying, Rise….reed like a rod….Rise, measure the temple…measure the altar, and those that worship therein.  Okay?  Now of course this is the Ezekiel Temple, and that’s why we have a video, IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU MEASURE THE TEMPLE!  IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU KNOW THESE THINGS SO YOU ARE NOT DECEIVED!

Okay, YES THERE IS GOING TO BE A JEWISH THIRD TEMPLE!  Alright?  You have to know those measurements…..you have to know the structure….you have to know what is in the prophecy because people will say, That’s for God!  But it’s NOT for God, IT’S FOR THE ANTICHRIST, okay?  Which that temple will be destroyed, then we have Armageddon, and then we have Ezekiel’s Temple.  Ezekiel’s Temple has NEVER been built!

THAT’S WHY I AM GOING THROUGH ALL THESE SERIES OF VIDEO’S…TO SHOW YOU THAT EZEKIEL’S TEMPLE IS GOING TO HAPPEN!  It is Real, and that is where…it’s going to be the Center!  Jesus Christ is going to reign in that Temple!  So we have these Living Waters , these Living Fountains of Waters, we saw described in Ezekiel’s Temple, in chapter 47.  Okay, And he brought me again into the door of the house, and behold waters issued out from under the threshold of the house, eastward.

Okay, so that is what we showed you before, graphically, when they had the set up, you have from the Temple…out of the Temple…it was proceeding, okay…Waters are issuing out. Okay, Waters are issuing out, this is a Fountain…and if we go to Zechariah 14, without getting into it, the landscape of Jerusalem is decimated!  So, it’s not like we can exatly figure out where these things are based on what we are looking at today, because there’s going to be dramatic changes to the landscape!  Alright?

But wherever this Fountain of Water is, who knows, maybe it will come up even before, but if it does, it shows the precise location of the Temple! Okay?  And then from those Waters, that’s where the Temple is, and then they begin to flow.  And, Ezekiel begins to describe these Waters and how they HEAL THINGS!  Okay?  And it kind of describes…and it basically describes… and as he goes, it’s not a lot of Water….it starts at his ankles, and then it goes up, it goes higher, and then it goes over his head.  Okay, and wherever this goes, IT BRINGS HEALING!  These Waters which issue out toward the east country, they go down to the desert, and go into the sea, and the water’s shall be healed!  And it shall come to pass the everything that liveth, which moves, wheresoever the WATERS that come, SHALL LIVE, okay?

So what’s happening…you got to realize what is happening here, guys!  Sometimes you take, you know, when you focus on just one prophecy, Where is this? Where is this in the scope of things?   Where is this in the scope of God’s redemption of man kind? So we have the Garden of Eden.  The Garden of Eden had 4 rivers, okay?  So what’s happening is, this River, this Fountain of Water is this Restoration of what Christ is talking about!  OUT OF HIM WILL FLOW RIVERS OF LIVING WATER! Okay?

So that is one of the main feature, of the Garden of Eden, was these Rivers, right?  You can see those rivers and their description, okay.  Then of course, Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and when they do, they are seperated from the Garden! They are seperated from these Rivers!  They are seperated from the Tree of Life!  Okay?  So then, the plan of God through Salvation, comes through Abraham!

Okay, so Abraham BELIEVES and the plan is through his line, his lineage, right?  And through his lineage comes Moses!  And Moses makes a Tabernacle, and Moses shows us the Feast, and he shows the patterns of all these things, and when he does…all of those things are a stage and a step in the Restoration!  So then we learn about the Feasts, and then we have a description of various things, which is the step in the process leading to Restoration.

And then, of course that time period, Christ said, okay, you know they build a temple according to Herod’s  pattern, and not God’s pattern, and then you have the AntiChrist, spirit’s…and all that…that kill Christ, so then He destroy’s the Temple.  Then the Temple becomes a SPIRITUAL TEMPLE!  SO WHAT YOU HAVE, THE NEW COVENANT IS NO TEMPLE….IT IS A SPIRITUAL TEMPLE!  And a Spiritual Temple now is not limited to one set of people, IT’S TO ALL PEOPLE!! Okay?

And so that’s the next phase of the, okay… of the Redemtion, is a Spiritual Temple, the Spiritual aspects of it.  And of course THE APOSTLES TAUGHT THE TEMPLE TO THE GENTILES, ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL ASPECTS TO THE TEMPLE, and the….because the Temple was still standing, okay, for a number of years!  But the PROBLEM WITH THE PEOPLE IS  THEY THINK THAT WHATEVER ERA YOU ARE IN…..okay so WE WERE IN THE  ERA OF THE NEW COVENANT, NOW THAT IS OVER!  Okay?  So…….THAT ERA OF THE NEW COVENANT ENDS……..ONCE WE ENTER THE APOCALYPSE!    Once we enter the Revealing of Jesus Christ, we enter in a NEW ERA!!  Okay, when we enter a NEW ERA, it is a New Phase of  the Restoration of all things!

THAT’S THE MOST DIFFICULT THING FOR THE PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND, okay?  They think now that we are in this Spiritual Temple, it must be like this Always!  NO!! You will notice that every phase of the Restoration is NOT ALWAYS..it’s an ERA of Time, there is a Covenant with someone, okay?  You have God ageeing with Adam, okay, and then you have the destruction!  Then you have God agreement with Noah, and then you have a destruction!  Then God’s agreement with Abraham, okay, then to Moses, okay, then to David and the Temple, and then destruction.  Okay?  Because obviously THIS IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN UNTIL CHRIST COMES!

Okay, so the details of Ezekiel’s Temple may not be easily understood! Okay?  Well what about this? What about…Why is that?  Well look….basically how it works, how the Covenant works, is you…God gives a piece of instruction and says, do this!  And…IT MUST BE DONE, OKAY?  So, you have all these things and you can see how we talked about Christ fulfilling things in the Feast!  Okay, He has fulfilled certain things, He is fulfilling this Water Oblation.  Okay, He is talking about these Fountains of Living Waters, and then He destroys that Temple, okay but then, He is going to build another one!!  IT’S ANOTHER ERA OF TIME!  IT’S ANOTHER PERIOD! IT’S ANOTHER COVENANT, okay?

But when that happens…sometimes what He will do, okay, Well that piece of instruction that I gave you before, you have to go back there.  Okay?   He told to the Church of Ephesus, Go back to your first works.  You have to go back to what He first told you!  What He first told you is, Okay you got to do it like this…. and then you disobey! Okay?  You don’t just go off and do something else, NO!  You go back to what He said, the instructions, AND DO THAT!

So that’s what we have with Ezekiel’s Temple, IS ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE RESTORED!  And we’ll SEE the proper way to do it!  Because we never actually seen the proper way of doing it, because the Jews never lasted very long by doing anything properly, and when ever they did something, it was destroyed…and the Christians are the SAME WAY!  CHRISTIANS HAVE ALSO BEEN APOSTATE AND HAVE INFILTRATED CHRIST MESSAGE WITH PAGANISM!  Okay, so now aspects what we are teaching here are TOTALLY FOREIGN TO US!  THE FEASTS ARE TOTALLY FOREIGN TO US!  The….all these things what Christ is saying in the Gospel’s, WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT!  Okay?  BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN SEPERATED FROM THE KNOWLEDGE OF THESE THINGS, OKAY?

But that is what the Ezekiel Temple is doing!  It is Restoring all those things going back to the beginning.  It is a Phase of Restoration, like Moses had a Tabernacle, temporary!  OUR LIFE IS TEMPORARY!! Okay, and THE TABERNACLE ALSO REPRESENTS THE PHYSICAL BODY!  Okay, Adam and Eve were clothed with LIGHT!  Okay, IT DIDN’T say they had clothes and they were naked!  WELL MAYBE THEY WERE CLOTHED WITH LIGHT!  Maybe they did have clothes, you just couldn’t see them, because they were radiating LIGHT and GLORY?  Right?  So then they eat from the WRONG TREE….What?  It’s gone!  So then in the Order of Priesthood, you have Garments!  You have the Priest wear the Garments and everything, what is that?  It’s COVERING THE SHAME AND THE NAKEDNESS!  And of course during this Time period of Ezekiel’s Temple, you have people with GLORIFIED BODY’S, because they lived the whole time!

So guys, we are going to have more on the Millennium!  I find it so sad, that the people don’t understand these things, these are very basic doctrines, I am not telling you anything new!  Okay, these are  basic doctrines…and THIS IS WHERE WE’RE GOING, alright?  Sure we are in this Time, and this Time is… ….whatever…BUT IT IS ALL TEMPORARY!  This is all temporary!  IT IS NOT A LONG TIME TO DEAL WITH THE TRIBULATION, and the Mark of the Beast, and the AntiChrist! Yea…we got all those things, okay?  YOU GOT TO HAVE AN ENEMY IN ORDER TO OVERCOME!  Even the Garden of Eden, THE SERPENT WAS THERE, right?

So guys, Thanks for watching!  This is, like I said, part of a playlist on Measure the Pattern, okay, Show the Design!  Okay guys, YOU REALLY NEED TO BE EDUCATED ON WHERE WE’RE GOING IN THE FUTURE!  Okay?  I know a lot of people are saying a lot of different things, but basically the doctrine of the people is what they THINK is this: THEY THINK THAT THEY ARE GOING TO BE RAPTURED…THEY ARE GOING TO GO TO HEAVEN FOREVER….  AND THAT IS NOT TRUE!   THAT’S NOT WHAT THE PROPHECY SAYS! THAT’S NOT WHAT THE BOOK SAYS!  The Book doesn’t say that, alright?

YES, THERE’S NEW JERUSALEM!  New Jerusalem comes AFTER the 1,000 Year reign of Christ on the Earth, okay? If New Jerusalem, okay, is NEXT…so you’re raptured and you go to New Jerusalem, okay…HOW DOES THE DEVIL BE INCARCERATED IN THE BOTTOMLESS PIT FOR A 1,000 YEARS?  OKAY, AND WHEN HE COMES OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT…….IS HE GOING TO NEW JERUSALEM??  NO, HE IS NOT!  IT DOESN’T SAY THAT!

New Jerusalem is Revelation 21 and 22!  THE DEVIL IS LOOSED FROM THE BOTTOMLESS PIT IN REVELATION 20!  That’s Revelation 20 says, 6 times…a thousand years, a thousand years, a thousand years….that is why we are doing all of these video’s, TO EDUCATE THE PEOPLE, so that you will know when Christ comes, okay, this is the deal, guys!  IT’S THE JUDGEMENT DAY!  Okay, it’s Judgement!

All of the souls leading up to this time…ENTER THE JUDGEMENT OF CHRIST….and then you have one of two things happen: YOU MAKE THE MILLENNIUM …YOU ARE ALIVE  AND REMAIN AND SURVIVE THROUGH, YOU DIE, OKAY,  AND YOU HAVE A RESURRECTED BODY….OR……YOU GO TO THE LAKE OF FIRE!  THAT’S IT! That’s what this means!  That’s what this whole Time period means!  Alright?  So that’s what we’re leading to…that’s where things are going, alright?


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