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Show the Inheritance and Census Pattern

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Show the Inheritance and Census Pattern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqBQrGbc-UI

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/

Leeland Jones video posted on July 17, 2020, transcribed: 

{Leeland paraphrasing Ezekiel 43:1-12} He brought me to The East Gate.  And, behold…..

“….the glory of God was coming from the east”….

and His voice was like many waters: and the earth did shine with His glory.  The glory of YHWH came into the Temple through The East Gate.  And the glory of YHWH did fill the House.  And I heard Him speaking to me out of the House.

And he said to me, Son of man, the place of My Throne, the place of the soles of My feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel for ever,

and the place of My holy name.

Now show them My Temple to the house of Israel: show them the design of the Temple:

and measure the pattern.  Show them the form and the seats of the House, and the fashion, and the comings and goings.  This is the Torah of the House; On top of the mountain the whole limit thereof round about shall be Holy.

Behold, this is the Law of the House.

Show the Design, Measure the Pattern of the Census and the Inheritance.  The concept in this video is very simple.  However many of you struggle, especially Americans, whenever I say numbers. Any numbers, you’re just, “I don’t understand.”  And when it comes to geography outside of the United States, you don’t know anything we’re talking about.  So let’s make it simple.

What are we talking about in this message?  We’re talking about the Counting of the People in a Census. We’re talking about the Inheritance and Land.  Now, any place…any Land, can always have an estimate of the number of People that live in the Land.

Now, what we’re gonna get into this video should Shock you, because many of you believe that in the Apocalypse you’re Raptured and go to Heaven, and that’s it.  But, that’s NOT the Prophecy.  That’s NOT what the Book says.  The Book says there’s a Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ ON the Earth.

So, we have a problem.  The actual land mass of the Promised Land, is about the size of New Jersey.  That’s the area.  Obviously in an area that small, you can’t fit a lot of people.  Now His Kingdom is a type and shadow of the Medo-Persian Empire.  For simplicity, let’s say that’s the land mass of the United States, it’s crow, approximately within a few hundred miles.

So you take the land mass of the United States, and you take the number of people you can fit there. What’s the population?  Let’s do some simple math, and let’s just say the number of people living in the United States is 300 million.

You have 300 million living in this area. What this means, is that the people alive in the Last Days will enter the Millennium, but they will NOT all enter the Promise Land.  They simple can’t fit!  You cannot fit 300 million people in New Jersey.  Do you understand that? I’m trying to make this simple.

What do we have?  We have actually, His Kingdom is NOT Over ALL the Earth in the Millennium. The Nations will still be doing what they’re still doing, but He does have a Geographical Area that the Believer’s will be placed into.

So, if you are a Believer, you will not stay in the United States, you’ll go to His Kingdom.  And once you go to His Kingdom, where are you going to go?  How it works, is the closest proximity to Him is the Elect.  And then it expands out from there.

What are we talking about?  We’re talking about approximately, simple math, 200 million. That is how many people will enter this Promised Land.  But as you can see, 200 million people is NOT going to fit into the Promised Land.  The Promised Land is around the area of Israel today.  It’s a little bit larger, but approximately what we’re talking about is a land mass, a strip of land about 200 to 250 miles…approximately.  We’ll go into the Prophecy related to that.

But what does that mean?

That means, Not Everybody’s Entering the Promised Land.

Do you understand that?

This Youtube channel is to try to get you as close to completing this Promise, as close to The KING, where He reigns.  Now if you don’t make that, you go in different layers.  That’s why He told the guy that didn’t have a Garment to the Wedding Supper, You are cast out into Outer Darkness {Matthew 22:13}.

What is Outer Darkness?  Well, it can be more than one thing, but one thing it is, it’s the Outskirts of the Kingdom. And the Outskirts of the Kingdom, you’re subject to living with sinners, and living in the Middle East.

All the events happening right now, you will see nearly everywhere in the Middle East, Upheaval and War. Once you realize where the Boundaries of this is, you’ll begin to understand what is happening.  Because these are the Boundaries, this is the Area where Christ will Reign.  THIS IS HIS KINGDOM.

He comes as a type of the King in the Book of Esther.  In the Book of Esther is says, The King reigned from India in the east, to Ethiopia in the west {Esther 1:1}.  We have other Covenants, like God’s covenant with Abraham.

  • God’s covenant with Abraham was from the Nile in Egypt to the river Euphrates.
  • We have God’s covenant with Noah, that’s in Mount Ararat.  That’s in eastern Turkey.
  • We have God’s Promise even to the Lost 10 Tribes.

We’re gonna show you all of this, and where approximately the Census of these people will take place.

Now, let’s talk about the Census, simply.  What we’re looking at is this, the children of Israel when they entered the Promise Land there were 600,000 men.  When the Jews returned BACK to the Land, it was 600,000 people.

So we’re looking at something approximately that figure again in the Last Days, in the Promised Land.  We don’t know?  I’m not saying it’s exactly that, because keep in mind, with the numbers that we’re talking about with the Census we’re talking about, we are talking about People in a Specific Land allotment.  You can only fit so many people IN land, it’s not all going to be like India the cities, where everyone’s on tuk-tuks.  You can only fit so many people.

The People is not just the People that are alive now.  So when we enter the Millennium, when we enter this Promised Land, it’s also ALL the People that lived BEFORE, the Saints of Old, they’re going to be IN it.  Do you understand that?

So their numbers are going to be in the Land, but they’re not going to be factored in what we’re going to share with you.  We’re only going to share with you the numbers, and do a Census of the People alive now.  Why?  Because it is Those that must come out of Egypt and enter this Promise Land, and they’re Alive.

In the whole Exodus of Egypt was a type and shadow of the Last Days, of the Exodus of the People ALL over the World that Believe in Jesus Christ would enter the Millennium…..The Camp of the Saints, it says.

So it’s unfortunate, None of our teachers have taught this. Go ahead, Search the things you see in this video, see if you can see anybody saying this.  You won’t find it!   BECAUSE This is a Calling!  This is a Calling of What I’m doing.  I’m just NOT making this up!  I’m NOT pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  This is the Truth!  This is exactly What’s going on!

Now, how do we know the Precise Number of these people?  “Leeland, how did you come about the 200 million?”  Well, IT’S THE ARMY!  We’re in the time of the Counting of this Army:  200 Million {This video was made during the time of the 6th Trumpet, in Revelation 9:13-19}.

Now we can also see in the Book of Esther, when the King sat upon his Throne, he reigned from India to Ethiopia.  But then we have the Adversary, we have Haman, we have this Antichrist figure, and he goes about trying to Kill the Believers.  He raises, or he weighs money, it’s called the Shekel of the Sanctuary.  We’re gonna explain this in detail, but basically it’s a Coin, it’s a Measurement, it’s Talents.

So he weighs 10,000 Talents to go about to Destroy the People.

That number of the Talents equates to 200 Million.  Why?

Approximately, we’ll get more details, but approximately 20,000 People are in 1 Talent of Gold.

Haman raises 10,000 Talents: 10,000 x 20,000 = 200 Million.

Not only that, the Reign of the Kingdom is from India to Ethiopia.

Do you see that is a Census? That’s a Geographical Area.  Those are a Specific Number’s of People.  And there’s more we’re gonna to get into, in this video.

Now let’s look at a little bit of the Promised Land, and let’s look at this Area, so you can see approximately what we’re talking about.

What is the area of His Kingdom?  It’s right here!  You can see it says Persian Empire, that’s in black. And there is a few different properties or territorial areas.  I have it kind of going here {11:00 min mark, the dark black line going up into Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, New Delhi, India}, because this is one, but it could be others.

But basically what are we looking at?   Here we have India and it’s border with Pakistan, this is the same ancient territory going back to the time of King Darius, Artaxerxes.  So that’s this area here.  His Kingdom, the border goes from India in the east to Ethiopia.  Here’s Ethiopia {at the letter e in the word Inheritance}, Ethiopia was considered what we call Sudan at that time.

But you can see, I was literally there in Ethiopia.  And I’ve been to some of the western Borders of the Promised Land.  I’ll describe where I’ve been, and places I can confirm where these territorial boundaries are.  But there I was in Ethiopia, this is the Blue Nile that feeds into the Nile {green line coming out of the letter e}, and then this is the Nile line here going into Egypt.

It also extended into Libya {left of Egypt}. So this black line here {the one going around the large area}, is the area of the Persian Empire.  So this is the land mass, this is the area, approximately of what we’re talking about.

This map is also very good, and it shows you the 7 kind of Provinces of the area, and it’s farthest extent of the Persian Empire.  It did actually go into beyond Turkey and into some Greek territories here, but then it was…….. remember it was Greeks that overthrew the Persians, so they didn’t actually take Athens and all that.

What they have here, {12:56 min mark} they have the Caspian Sea, and then going quite farther to the north and then a little bit more.  But you can see it always stopped at India.  Just to show you the Territory Boundaries of what we’re looking at.

So it’s this Boundary in which will fit 200 Million into the Millennium.  This is the land mass, this is the area {Persian Empire}.  Now as we said, the Promise Land, you can see we have it here in yellow: Promise Land is NOT this whole area, that’s the Border of The Kingdom.

The Promise Land is here.  So you got the modern State of Israel, and then it’s close to that, alright?  We’ll get more details.  But I want you to notice how SMALL the Promised Land is, in relationship to the rest. That’s why we’re saying, from one end to another it’s like 2,500 Miles, or something like that.

This is basically the distance in the United States, this is basically the whole continent of Australia, just to give you an idea of the Land mass.  Yes, you can fit 200 Million People there, BUT you Cannot fit 200 Million People here {in the area of Israel}.  It’s NOT gonna work!  Do you understand that?  That’s what I want you to understand.  If you don’t understand all the details of the Territory and the Promise Land, and the things that we’re going to get into, Understand That.

Try to fit the whole population of the United States in New Jersey!  You Can’t!

So what does that mean?  We’re gonna have different Boundaries.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the Boundaries, and then we’ll talk about the Census, because what are we doing?  We’re talking about the Inheritance.  The Promised Land Inheritance, we’ve showed you there {in the area of Israel}.  But remember, God’s promise to Abraham, it was from the Nile, the Great River of Egypt.

God said the promise to Abraham, was the Great River in Egypt to the river Euphrates {Genesis 15:18}.  Now you can see that is a different Boundary, then what is described here {Israel area}.  This is Ezekiel chapter 47 and 48.  It’s also in Numbers chapter 34.

So when the children of Israel left Egypt and they went into the Promised Land, this is the area that Moses instructed them to go {Israel area}.  Now they didn’t obey that, as is always the case, but this is what was Outlined.  This is what the Most High instructed Moses to show the people, and it was Specific.

So whatever your Tribe is, you go to a Certain Place. You have a Certain Land allotment.

And so the same thing happens, because look at this, you got this Nile….the Great River of Egypt all the way over here. God’s promise to Abraham is all the way out here, and the river Euphrates which is here {Turkey, Syria, Iraq area}. So God’s promise to Abraham is LARGER than the Specific Boundaries given by Moses and Ezekiel.  Do you see that? Now that’s one area.

We have another area, you can see I have green for the Nile, I have green for the Euphrates, I also have Tigris {river, to the right of the Euphrates}.  Why are those green?  Because these are the Rivers in the Garden of Eden, it specifically describes that {Genesis 2:10-14}.

So that’s the other part of this, is this is the Restoration of the Garden of Eden.  Yes, the Garden of Eden IS in the Middle East.  Even though it doesn’t look like it, with sand and desert, but this is the Biblical location of the Rivers, it says it.  We’ll talk about that later.

Now what do we have?  We have the Promised Land {Israel area}, and then we have another Boundary of God’s promise to Abraham.  Every Promise WILL Be Fulfilled!

Then we also have God’s promise to Noah.  God’s promise to Noah, you can see that right here, this is Mount Ararat.  Mount Ararat feeds the Tigris River, in the Book of Daniel it’s called Hiddekel {Daniel 10:4; Genesis 2:14}.

So God’s PROMISE to Noah was How the whole earth was Populated…from THAT Mountain!

That is His covenant which He’ll keep with Noah, to return the People to that Covenant, and that specific Location.

Now we have another one, you see it says the 7 Churches {in red}?  Well the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation are marked in red, and they’re in Turkey….they’re in this area.  So what does this mean?  Well basically what it means, is the early Church believed that these areas in the outskirts here, that this is the area where the 10 Lost Tribes were.

Actually we know, it says specifically that they were bandaged to Assyria.  And then some of the locations of them, we actually know where they are, they are around here {18:34 min mark; black line: Iran/Turkmenistan area}.  So they’re actually within this whole, kind of Territory.

So what you can see, is that we have Boundaries.  You have the Promised Land, we have God’s covenant with Abraham, we have the 7 Churches, and then we have the Persian Empire, these are ALL Specific Boundaries and Locations.  Then, we have to Count the People. How many People can fit in each of these Boundaries?

Now, we have different kind of views and interpretations on where the Promised Land boundary is. I thought this one was interesting, and I wanted to show it to you, because you see what it says?  The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and it kind of shows some territorial boundaries here.

But I want you to notice, what I want to show you, I like how they made this kind of Cross shape here. Because this IS the alignment of the children of Israel, in the Wilderness.  You have the center…you have the Ark of the Covenant, and in here you’re gonna have the Temple. It’s actually not this far to the west, but I’m just showing you this, because this is How they Ordered the children of Israel:

Lion, Ox, Man, Eagle….East, West, North, South, this is How they were organized.  That’s an important, kind of Design element.

And then there are different interpretations as to where some of these places are, we’re going to show them to you, the best that we have knowledge of. But a little bit better map, is this one:

This begins to get a more accurate depiction of the Boundaries of the Promised Land. You can see in the Legend here, you have Numbers 34:1-12 {in red}, and you have Ezekiel 47:13-20 {in blue}.  It’s also in Ezekiel chapter 48.  So the red {line} is Numbers, and you can see they are fairly close {red line close to blue line}.

We do know, and I can tell you that…they have it over here.  Do you see how is says, Kadesh Barnea?

We do actually know where that is, that’s around here, because Ron Wyatt actually DISCOVERED the Site. And we do have another video on that. But that’s very important, because that gives us the Southernmost Boundary.

Then, it becomes fairly obvious, it goes up to the Jordan. This is the Sea of Galilee.

Now once we get up to the northern portion, myself, I have been able to research up to Tell Dan {also spelled: Tel-Dan}.  See how it says, Tell Dan?  I have a video on Tel-Dan and that is within, you know like, it’s not in the Golan Heights, it’s close to it, that’s in modern Israel, so that’s easy to go to {Reminder, this video was posted on July 17, 2020}.

I have not been to Lebanon, because clearly the Boundaries don’t stop at modern-day Israel, they go into Lebanon.  That’s Why this stuff is controversial.  And you have the Land of Hamath {top right}. Now this becomes a little bit more difficult to know, I want to go there and do the research, and give you the most accurate information, but of maps and everything I’ve seen, this is the most accurate.

Damascus is Damascus.  Damascus is the same Damascus, going back to Moses.  So we know that.  It does say, it goes around Damascus and is north of Damascus.

North of Damascus is clearly going into modern-day Lebanon, at some point. Somewheres up here? This is the best map from what I’ve been able to gather, showing Kadesh Barnea and the proper Territorial of the Promise Land. And again, Abraham was promised from the river Euphrates to the River Nile.  So it was larger.

But, the Specific Boundary of the Promise Land is here.

Now as a reminder as to what we are doing in this series, we’re showing the Pattern of the Sanctuary, and we’re showing all the different things shown to Moses.  Two of which we are doing in this video, and that is the Census and the Inheritance.  You have to do a Census, you have to Count the People to organize the entrance into the Promised Land, that’s what Moses does.

And this is also what Ezekiel outlines, the Territorial Boundaries. But we find the rest of the People throughout other Prophecies…including the Book of Revelation and Esther.  So we could clearly see the area and boundary of the Promise Land.  We see a different boundary with Abraham.  We have another boundary of what we’re calling the Lost Sheep; these are the 7 Churches, and these are the 10 Lost Tribes.

Then we actually have the 4 Rivers of the Garden of Eden.  And we have the Persian Empire, we’ve showed you this whole area.  So those are the Land mass and the place of Inheritance.  Now we’re looking at the Census of the People, Counting the People that fit within the various Land mass.

Let’s remember the organization of the People is: Lion, Ox, Man, Eagle; East, West, South, North, The Camp of the Saints, which you see in Revelation 20.

Let’s look at the first people group, it’s called the Great Multitude.  It’s the Great Army, it’s the 6th Trumpet Army, in Revelation 9:16.  These represent Tribes: Dan and Ephraim.  Essentially, the Apostate Church, and the Land mass is the Medo-Persian Empire.

Now what we’re doing is, we can find the Precise Number here of 200 Million, in the Book of Esther.  Haman counts or weighs 10,000 Talents. Through other video’s, we’re not going to talk about it, but it’s called the Shekel of the Sanctuary.

The concept of the Shekel of the Sanctuary is such that, there are Certain Numbers of Shekels that go INTO a Talent. When Haman is weighing 10,000 Talents, that represents People.  He’s counting the people with Coins.  So when you did a Census with the children of Israel, when they went to the Temple, they brought a half-Shekel, a Coin like this.

So what is it? It’s a Census, it’s Counting the People.

Then the Gold went into the building of the Tabernacle, building into the maintenance of the Temple.


And How do you Count Them?  With Talents of Gold, with Shekels.

Lot’s of other video’s on that, but basically you have 10,380 Shekels that go into 1 Talent of Gold.  Now because it’s a half a Shekel, that means that a full Shekel is 2 People.  The Number of People in a Talent is 20,760.  That’s the Precise Number of everything we’re going to show you:  207,600,000.

Let’s remember these are the 200 Million. Oh, is that just coincidence?  We got 200 Million from Talents of Gold, and 200 Million in the Army?  I don’t thinks so!  So the outer skirts of the Kingdom is called, the Outer Darkness.  And we also see in Isaiah 11:11, it’s also other countries: Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Cush…or Ethiopia, Elam…which is modern-day Iran, Shinar is Babylon.

When we see this {Great} Army in Revelation 9:16.  In Revelation 9:13, there is a Voice from the Golden Altar which is before God.  The Golden Altar is important to us, because this is what we see in the Exodus.  In the Exodus, the People were Counted in a Census, in Exodus 30:12. In Exodus 30:1, it talks about, Make a Golden Altar to burn Incense.

So we have the same thing: we have a Golden Altar in Revelation. In Revelation you have a Golden Altar, in Exodus, meaning that the Golden Altar is PRESENT When you go to do a Census.  You Count the People!  You take a Census of the children of Israel. For what?  An Army. And what do we see in Revelation?  An Army!  So it’s the Same Type of Pattern.  You can see the Army in Numbers 1:3, 46 and Numbers 2:32.

So How is this done? The principal that we showed you with the Shekel is called, Half of a Shekel after the Shekel of the Sanctuary.  It’s a certain principal, we’re not going to get too much into it now.  But basically, the children of Israel were counted, there were 603,550 men Counted for War.  That amounted to 29 Talents and fractional Shekels of 730 Shekels.  So they were weighed by Talents and People, just like we’re showing you.

What we have is, we have a Precise Number of People, and Precise Territorial Borders {Numbers 34 and Ezekiel 47 and 48}. The People were Counted, not only were they counted, they were Counted based on their Tribe.

So here, in a previous video which I strongly encourage you to watch, The Great Army Census {link at the bottom of this blog post}, this is all things that we’ve talked about for many years. But what happened is, in the Exodus, the children of Israel couldn’t enter the Promised Land.  They didn’t enter the Promised Land, because of that they wondered 38 Years, and they came back and they’re Counted in a Census again.

We have the same thing!  This whole Census happened back in 2017, we weren’t ready!  Then we were Counted in a Census again, now in year 2020. So the children of Israel assembled by Tribe, they had a Certain Number to Them, and they had a Specific Land allotment, which we showed you in the beginning.

Thus we have a perfect Ordering of Tribes, Ordering of People, Ordering of Land, the most detailed and specific.

So in Revelation 20:9 it says, The Camp of the Saints, the Beloved City.  The Camp of the Saints is the Land allotment that we showed you, and the Beloved City is Jerusalem.

And so what happens is {Revelation 20:7-10}:

  • Gog and Magog is at the End of the Millennium.
  • The Devil is loosed FROM the bottomless pit,
  • and he is loosed on the EARTH!


  • The Devil is Loosed on the Earth,
  • and he goes to War against the Camp of the Saints, in the Promised Land area, the Beloved City….. Jerusalem.

Thus telling us very, very clearly, that there are Land allotments of the Promised Land in the Millennium, and Jerusalem is its Capital!

Now we get into some other details about, Who are these Other People?  There is a Principal that a 1/3 are Tried by Fire {Zechariah 13:7}.  Approximately 600,000 is this Promised Land here, we saw 200 Million as part of the Great Army.  If we divide those 600,000 into 200 Million, we get 333.33.  This is the 1/3 Tried by Fire.  So this is telling us about Talents. We find those Talents in 1 Kings 18:14-16.

What happened there, a 1/3 Tried by Fire, is the Assyrian Captivity by King Hezekiah.  He gave the Assyrian 330 Talents, is what King Hezekiah gave to the king of Assyria. And these represent the 10 Lost Tribes, as it was the 10 Lost Tribes that were scattered in the area of the 7 Churches.

If we do the math again, 300 Talents of Silver and 30 Talents of Gold: 330 {Talents} x 20,760 {People}  = 6,850,800 People. So those are the People in the area that is Outside of the Promised Land going to the Nile, in the Promised Land to Abraham to the Euphrates going into Turkey and going beyond.  Because that figure represents those people.

Then we come to the 7 Talents.  {Matthew 25} Christ gave to One 5 Talents and gave One 2 Talents {= 7 Talents}, this is 20,760 People, which breaks down into the Congress: 120. The King had 127 Princes over 127 Provinces.  So the Land is divided into Provinces and Specific Areas, and Christ will have Rulers over them.  Just like the 120 in the Upper Room.

Then there will be those that are over Cities in His Kingdom. This is 1,200, these are also called the Priesthood: The Sons of Zadok.  Because in Ezekiel 44:28, it describes Levi living around the Temple, that’s the 144,000. So you see the 144,000, the 1,200, and the 120, that is 7 Talents.

And we see them in Revelation 20:4, And I saw Thrones and Judgment was given to them.  And they are called Kings and Priests, in Revelation 20:6. THESE ARE Kings AND Priests ON THE EARTH! It says in Revelation 5:10, These are Kings and Priest ON the Earth.  You find their description, they don’t have a Land allotment, they are Around the Temple.  The same thing in the Millennium, but in Moses time that is Numbers 3 and 4.

And I saw souls of them that were Beheaded {Revelation 20:4}.  This is 666 Talents. There were 666 Talents in the Temple.  Why?  These are the people Beheaded!  These are the people that Die for a Witness of Christ: {666 Talents x 20,760 =} 13,826,160.  These are the Souls that cry out from the Altar, Revelation 6:11.  WHERE their Land mass is, we’re not certain. But, we’re doing a Census, and They’re Counted in the Census.

I don’t want this video to go to long, so I’m going to mention this briefly, but the 4 Major Prophets in the Old Testament, ALL went to the 4 Rivers of the Garden of Eden.  And obviously Abraham’s covenant was to 2 of those Rivers.

What do we have?  We have Pison, which is Havilah.  Havilah is the son of Cush, brother of Egypt…Mitsrayim. So we consider that River to be the Nile.  Jeremiah goes to the Nile, in Jeremiah 43:44-45.

Gihon, it’s a Spring!  But we believe that is the Prophet Isaiah.  So just like we we’re talking before about the Talents, these Talents here:

we have our Authorization from the King.  This is King Hezekiah SEAL right there {off white, top Seal}, giving us the Authorization to release the information of the Seal, of the Talents that King Hezekiah gave to the king of Assyria in the Captivity.  And we have the Prophet Isaiah, his SEAL, his Bulla {bottom brown Seal}.  And he was connected to Hezekiah, who makes a water course or the Gihon Spring {Isaiah 22:9; 2 Chronicles 32:30}. So he turns the Gihon Spring INTO a River.  And who was with him?  Isaiah.

Then we have Daniel, Hikekiel, the Tigris River. Daniel saw the Aleph Tav by the side of the River Tigris, you see that in Daniel 10:4.

And Euphrates, Ezekiel saw a Vision of the Alpha and Omega by Chebar River, which feeds INTO the Euphrates {Ezekiel 1:3}. And, Jeremiah also goes there with the Girdle {Jeremiah 13}.

So, what have we learned?  There is ONLY so much Land, and there’s ONLY so many People that we can fit in the Land.  You may wonder, “Leeland, what happens to the People already living there?”  We don’t have the time to talk about this, but we see Lion, Ox, Man, Eagle, is the Authorization of the Living Creatures for the Promised Land of the Inheritance.

In Jeremiah chapter 12, it also talks about What happens to the people.

So that concludes it, I don’t want to do a long video. You can see here {Leeland pointing at a banner}, {Revelation 14:7}  Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. Amen.

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Jennifer HeathShow the Inheritance and Census Pattern

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