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The Enoch Calendar and Giza Pyramid

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Isaiah 19:19 In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD (Yahuah, YHVH, Yahweh) in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD. 20 And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the LORD of hosts, in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto the LORD because of the oppressors, and he shall send them a Savior, and a great one, and he shall deliver them.

The Enoch Calendar and Giza Pyramid: https://youtu.be/P-vjrcbvUGw

Leeland Jones YouTube video postes on Apr 21, 2018, Transcribed/Notes/Paraphrases:

Here we are at the Great Pyramid, and we have a lot we’re going to do in this segment.

In this, we’re going to talk about the Great Pyramid, according to Isaiah 19, it is a Witness and Altar on the border of the LORD (Millennial Kingdom). We’re also going to explain how there are things in the Great Pyramid that connect to the Enoch Calendar.  Bare with me, I am going to do my best to shoot on sight, and also show you some charts and graphs to explain some of the amazing phenomenon.

(1:00 min mark)  We are at the front of the Pyramid…..And I am showing you the Casing Stones:

These casing stones is the last of the surface of the Pyramid. And it is these casing stones, that they did the math on them, and the number of casing stones, if they were to cover the whole face of the Pyramid is 144,000!  We are going to get into a lot of Prophetic things in this.

(2:02 min mark, at the base of the Pyramid) These portion of stones are at a slightly different angle, so that when you are facing the Pyramid, at the center of each side is a crease, and it actually has NOT 4 Sides, BUT 8 Sides to the Pyramid.  This is significant because there is 8 sides to a perfect square, and New Jerusalem is a perfect square!

So, I’m going to depict this a little more for you, to show you the importance and significance, because it actually MARKS the Equinox and Solsitice.

(2:54 min mark)  I’m pointing out here that we have a bunch of mounds.  The thing that I want to point out is you can see many of these pyramids, you can see the original external stones here are angled.  This is important as we look here, many of these structures are right in front of the Pyramid to the left.

(3:28 min mark)  There are 3 main pryamids that will project the sun (shadow) on the (Great) Pyramid, marking the Solsitce and Equinox cycles.

(5:11 min mark)  The Enoch Calendar talks about this (Enoch 72).  And what it talks about, is that when the sun rises and sets, it does so in Portals. And what that means is Postitions on the Horizon.  So the sun would arise at one postion of the Horizon, and it would set in the position of the Horizon.

Now the Great Pyramid is a Unique Sundial, because it is basically taking that information from the Enoch Calendar, and doing it in a way that slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, as the sun moves from each position, it will highlight and shadow the Great Pyramid with these 3 pyramids. So that’s very, very Amazing!   And this is Why the Great Pyramid is a Timepeace!

(6:20 min mark)  I just showed you the angle where the Great Pyramid has points in the Center, that have a slightly different angle for each side.  So, as we are looking at this side, it’s actually not 1 side, but  2 sides.  And what happens, with one of the Equinox’s, it aligns perfectly, shadow lines on the Pyramid.  And not only that, the sun highlights the side of the Pyramid, where you can clearly distinctly see this.


(12:15 min mark)  As we talk about the Enoch Calendar, I actually brought out some charts and some things to explain these 3 pyramids, and the Book of Enoch and the Calendar of Enoch, described them as Portals.  So that the sun rises and sets in a Portal.

(13:05 min mark)  What we’re looking at is the Graphic representation of the Enoch Calendar.

In Month 1 and Month 7 (circles), you can see the Sun is equal, Day and Night. So the yellow is Sun, and that happens in the 1st and 7th Month’s.  So the 1st Month is the Vernal Equinox and the 7th Month is the Autumnal Equinox. So lets remember that, that the 1st and 7th Month represent those position of the Sun, when it is equal Day and Night.

Then on the 4th Month and 10th Month, you have in the Summer Solstice, and the 10th Month is the Winter Solstice. So on the Pyramid, this alignment of the 1st and 7th Month represented by 2 pyramids (shadows). And the 4th Month Summer Solstice is represented with 1 pyramid, and the 10th Month Winter Solstice is represented by 3 pyramids.

As we are looking at the above diagram, we see in the center, on the right of the yellow Cross is East, and on the left is West. For example, as we are on the Earth, and we are looking East, there are positions: you can see 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Positions that Enoch describes the Sun rising in.  The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. So if you are in the Center and you look West, the Sun sets in that same Portal.

For example, the 1st Month is Portal #4. So when you look in the East, the Sun is going to rise in the East in  Portal #4, and it sets in the West in Portal #4.

{CEPHER: Enoch 72:8 The sun sets in heaven, and, returning by the north, to proceed towards the east, is conducted so as to enter by that gate, and illumante the face of heaven. 9 In the same manner it goes forth in the first month by the great gate. 10 It goes forth through the fourth of those six gates, which are at the rising of the sun. 11 And in the fourth gate, from which the sun rises in the first month, there are twelve open windows; from which issues out a flame, when they are opened in the proper periods. 12 When the sun rises in heaven, it goes forth through this fourth gate thirty days, and by the fourth gate in the west of heaven on a level it descends.}

Then in the 2nd Month it goes to Portal #5.  And what’s happening is the rotation of the Earth is positioning the Sun so that it’s rising and setting in different positions on the Horizon.  So the 2nd Month is Portal #5. Then the 3rd Month is Portal #6.  So it rises in Portal #6, and sets in Portal #6. Then, the 4th Month is also Portal #6, because the Sun is essentially going thru it’s peak, after the Summer Solstice, and then it’s returning.  So, then it goes in Month 5, it goes back to Portal #5. And then Month 6 it goes to 4.  Month 7, it is in Portal #3, now it is moving beyond the start of Portal #4.

And then you have Portal #2 in the 8th Month. And then you have Portal #1 in the 9th Month, and Portal #1 in the 10th Month. So that the 10th Month, now this is the Winter, this is the Winter Solstice, represented by 3 pyramids on the Great Pyramid. So you can see that Enoch is clearly is showing these Portals where the Sun rises and sets throughout the year.

(18:56 min mark) I mentioned this before, but these are the passages in the Great Pyramid:

And they are marked with a critical date, 2141 B.C. Now, this we know to be Abrams birthday. And it also has other markers here, we have 1453 B.C., this is the Exodus. We’ve actually proven this to be 1452 B.C., but these are accurate years.

We have another one that you can see here is 33 A.D., which we know is when the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified. So, within the Great Pyramid, in the markers and passages, we have clear dates given. In addition to that, we have 1914 here, as the beginning of WW1.

As well, there’s another amazing chart here, this one:

Some Research was done, and it was determined there was a 7 Year Time Period by measuring the Kings Chamber. And, we actually have dates between 2010 and 2016, which we know is the Time of the Kings Timeline  (December 21, 2010 to September 2024).

(21:33 min mark)  There is another one that I want to show you: 1521.

 ‘Creation Timeline, Prophesy & Giza Pyramid’: https://overcominglymedisease.com/creation-timeline-prophesy-giza-pyramid/

(21:42 min mark) 1521 is the Protestant Reformation.  So we have the Protestant Reformation (1521 A.D.), the Exodus (1453 B.C.), the Lord Jesus Christ cruxifiction (33 A.D.), WW1 (1914 A.D.), Abrahams birth (2141 B.C.), and there’s another one which is 2623 B.C. If that is true when the Pryamid was built, that would be 200 years prior to Noah’s Flood.

(23:42 min mark) So, you have the Great Pyramid, and the Great Pyramid is what we are focusing on. If you go through the History, they will tell you that this is the Pyramid of Khufu. There is only 1 inscription in the whole Pyramid, and it doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t fit the way the Egyptians did Tombs!

So, the Great Pyramid is NOT a Tomb! It’s something else!  It’s made Before the Flood.  It’s made by somebody that knew things that we didn’t know in Science until recently!  Like, there are measurements of things like, here to the Moon, here to the Sun, many of these things are calculated within the Structure of the Great Pyramid.

So, we believe that this is the Witness that it says in Isaiah 19, that He has a witness in the midst of Egypt! So we actually believe that this is a Witness to the LORD!

Now, there were other pyramids made, and they are tombs, that’s these here (25:17 min mark). This one here, and there is a smaller one.  You can see that these are all aligned. But it talks about, this is Orion! It talks about Orion in Job.

Job 28:31 Can you bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? 

So we believe that this is bearing witness to the LORD!  So, that’s why we are doing all of this, we have information inside that is showing TIME! We’re showing a Calendar!  We’re showing you that inside, it is showing the Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is very, very Amazing!

Thank you for watching, and God bless you!  ~ Leeland Jones

The Great Pyramid, the first and greatest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is still the greatest Wonder of the World.”http://www.prophecyanalysis.org/decodingpyramid.htm#capstone

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The Enoch Calendar and Giza Pyramid: https://overcominglymedisease.com/the-enoch-calendar-and-giza-pyramid/

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