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The Temple is a Sundial !!

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C05-6-4 The Temple is a Sundial !!: https://vimeo.com/757929044

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/

Gates New pdf: https://storage.googleapis.com/wzukusers/user-26016223/documents/6a2366c8d9ac4d659317e7b8194475b6/Gates%20New.pdf

Leeland Jones video posted on October 7, 2022, transcribed:

The Temple is a Sundial! We are very excited to share with you the information in this presentation.

Once we were able to do the 3D rendering of the Ezekiel Temple, we are able to prove concept of the fact that the Structure and it’s architecture;

is in fact a Calendar AND a Sundial. So there would be no confusion about the Feasts or the Appointed Time or anything, because the Building itself will be the Calendar.

We’ll prove it is a Sundial to determine precisely the Days, Months and Years.  Now that we have the model, we will show you the concept that the Temple is a Sundial.

{.57 second mark} The Temple as a Sundial.  The first thing that we must understand is something very, very simple.  We’re going to try to illustrate that with our Menorah, and in the distance you see the Horizon {where Leeland is pointing}.  And what happens is that every morning when the Sun rises, it rises in the East.  Now I would like you to picture that this is East {where Leeland is pointing, behind the Menorah}, and this direction is North {left of the Menorah}, and this direction is South {right of the Menorah}.

Now what happens is on the Equinox, the Sun will be positioned on the Eastern Horizon perfectly.  Let’s say that our Menorah illustrates that.  As we do, we’re going to put this Light here, and that Light will be in the Center position here on our Menorah.  It is the Fall time {October 7, 2022} and what is going to happen, is every Month the Sun is going to move on the Horizon.

So after a Months time, it’s going to move to this position {1st branch right of the Center of the Menorah/Portal #3}.

After another Month, it’s going to move to this position {2nd branch right of the Center of the Menorah/Portal #2}.

And then after another Month, it’s going to be at the Winter Solstice {3rd branch right of the Center of the Menorah/Portal #1}. So what’s happening is if you look at the Horizon, the Sun is MOVING on the Horizon.  It’s moving towards the South in the Winter Time. And then what it does is it returns back after the Winter, it’s going to go back to the Spring Equinox {Portal #4}.

At which point once again, it will be aligned perfectly in the Center {Portal #4}.  Then what happens is it continues another Month {1st branch to the left of the Center of the Menorah/Portal #5}, another Month {2nd branch left of the Center of the Menorah/Portal #6}, and another Month until the Summer Solstice {3rd branch left of the Center of the Menorah/Portal #7}.

In the Book of Enoch he calls these Portals or positions, they’re locations on the Horizon where the Sun rises each morning.  And then it does the Same Thing in the West as it sets.

So we just wanted to illustrate that, and it’s important that you understand that if you are in a position to watch both the Sunrise in the East or Sunset in the West, you will be able to observe that it moves on the Horizon.  It’s very important that we understand this principal as we look at the Temple as a Sundial.

{3:22 min mark} It’s also very important that we understand that the Structure of the Temple is the Calendar itself.  It aligns perfectly WITH the Biblical Calendar.

The way that we understand that and we can explain it in simple terms, is that first off, the Month has 30 Days.  And there are 30 Chambers, which you will see here in green, going around.  This is one of our earlier sketches, and once we started to draw and get the Temple Complex in 3D, this is what it looks like:

Again we have in this position we 5 gates {buildings} on either side of the East Gate, and these are going to be our positions that we showed you earlier.  So how is this the Calendar?  First off, we have 30 Days represented by these 30 Chambers {in green}.  Then what we have is something that we call a Tekufah {in blue at the corners}, and the Book of Enoch describes it as a turning of the Season. It’s kind of like if we were to call it in simple terms, the Equinox and the Solstice.

So then there’s an additional Day that’s added after every 3 Months. Then you also can see that the Gates form the order of the 3 Months.  So in the Inner Court we have 3 Gates {in yellow}, so you count Month: #1 {Gate}, #2 {Gate}, #3 {Gate}, and then you add a Day {Leeland points to the blue building on the Corner/Tekufah}.

So you have Month #1, 30 Days.  Month #2, 30 Days.  Month #3, 30 Days plus 1 Day = 31 Days.  Then we go into the next 3 Months, and it’s the same thing: Month #1, 30 Days.  Month #2, 30 Days.  Month #3, 30 Days plus 1 Day = 31 Days.

So that’s How the Calendar is Coded in the Temple.  You don’t actually need sheets of paper like we do in the modern calendar, to show you what Time it is.  The actual Structure, and you’re going to see the actual Sun rising and setting throughout the course of the Season, is going to tell you exactly the Time.

{5:35 min mark} Let’s look at the Enoch Calendar and let’s look at How that Structure is formed.  You have 30 Days in each Month.  So, Month #1, 30 Days.  Month #2, 30 Days.  Month #3, 30 Days plus 1 Day = 31 Days. So that’s why we can see in each Month is like a Gate.  Gate #1, 30 Days.  Gate #2, 30 Days.  And then Gate #3, 31 Days.

Then you can see that there’s 3 Gates in the Inner Court {in yellow}, and then there are 3 Gates in the Outer Court {in yellow}.  So that represents what we say is Spring and Summer, but Biblically, 6 Months is Summer and 6 Months is Winter. So here again you see, Gate #1 {Month 4} = 30 Days.  Gate #2 {Month 5} = 30 Days.  And, Gate #3 {Month 6, 30 Days + 1 Day} = 31 Days.

So that’s how the 31 {Days} are represented by the Buildings in the Corners {in blue/Tekufah}.  And you’re gonna see that this is not just a hypothetical view, you’re gonna see that this actually works in our 3D rendering’s, as we place our {Temple} Complex in shadows.  We placed it in Jerusalem and we’ve added shadows to see that this does actually work and operates as a Sundial.

{6:52 min mark}  Okay, the Temple as a Sundial.  Now in order to do this, we are going to need a couple Apps.  You can see over here we have the App {on the left}.  This on Android is called; Sunrise Sunset.  It may not be clear on the screen, but what you can do is place a location, in this example we have Jerusalem.

And then what you can do is you can see a Date here, it says March 20, 2022.  So what is happening here is we have a location, we have a Time: the Month and Day.  We have the Spring Equinox.

{7:35 min mark} So the Spring Equinox is taking place and over here in yellow is the Sun rising.  And like most maps they have North over here {on the left}, so 90 degrees of North is here, and this is East.  And this is where the Sun is rising. And then what they have is they have kind of a Sundial post here, and as the Sun comes up you’ll see this is a shadow.

It’s quite nice because what we can do is move this in the course of the Day, and you can see the trajectory of the Sun in the sky, and you can see the shadow taking place on the post. This is about high Noon, and then we can see the Sun setting.

So this is the Spring Equinox, and the position right here is at Sunrise, the Sun is perfectly aligned with the East.

Now what we’re going to do, is we’re going to show you that in the Temple.  On this page we are kind of super imposing the Menorah here, just so you can maintain a grasp of the concept. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to place this Center point {of the circle/App} here at the Altar:

And the Altar is right here in the Center of the Outer Court.  And then what we’re going to do is we’re gonna take the degrees that the Sun moves according to the App, and we’re going to apply it to the Horizon {tops of the Menorah}. So here you can see the Sun is perfectly aligned with the East.  And that is going to be the Center of our Menorah.

Now what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna add 30 Days, or in this case, the next Month. We’re going to use the Gregorian months, just in this example.  And what we’re gonna do, is we’ll watch the Sun move. And then what we’ve done already is we have a Sun here, one here, and one here {top of each Menorah, matching up with the Outer gates/buildings}.  And don’t worry, these notes we’ll make available.

{9:50 min mark} So let’s go into our next Month, and now we’re at April 21, 2022.  We’re just gonna use the Gregorian dates in this example.  And now you can see the Sun has moved towards the left.  Remember it was centered right here, and now it’s moved towards the left, and that’s what we’re showing here. And you can also see that the shadow now is moving in a diagonal direction.

So this is one Months difference from the last time.  Now another thing here on our map, it’s a little hard to see, but let me see if I can change this. There we go, there it is a little bit:

What I have done is I’ve taken these degrees here, it looks like it says about 75 degrees.  And what I’ve did is I took that from the Altar and I’ve measured those, this is 90 degrees {the Center of the Menorah}, and then I found this point here {1st branch to the North/left of the Center of the Menorah, at Portal #5}

So this does Prove the concept of our view, that the Temple is a Sundial, by utilizing this App. So that’s one Month difference.

Now here’s our next Month, we placed May 21, 2022 in the App, and you can see the Sun has moved over towards the left again {Portal #6}.  This is May 21st, the next Month is going to be the Summer Solstice {Portal #7}.  But again, what you can see what is happening is the Sun is moving towards the North {left}.

And of course you have an increase in the amount of Sunlight each day, until you get to the Summer Solstice. And this will do the same thing, it will cast a shadow going over one side to another.  We will show you the shadowing.  We actually have another way of showing the shadowing in the Temple.

So let’s go to the next Month.  We have the Summer Solstice; June 21st, and you can see now that the Sun has moved to its farthest point. And if we take a look at what the App is telling us in terms of the degrees, it is at 60 degrees.

So that we marked here as this point of 60 degrees from the Altar, and that is basically projecting the Sunlight at the corner of this Building here {above the far left branch on the Menorah/Portal #7}. So what we are suggesting is that these Buildings align with the Equinox and Solstices.  Particularly, once we go into the Winter Solstice, we can see that.

So now what we can see that based on this, if we take this Center point, and we don’t know exactly the distance of what they’ve applied here.  But we’re just saying this Principal does apply to the Temple, that if we place the Altar at this Center point here {of the circle in the App}, we will be able to prove to you in the shadowing App and the next thing we will show you in Sketch-up, that these diagonal lines do exist in the shadowing.

So then of course what would happen is once we had the Summer Solstice {Portal #7}, as the Sun moves on the Horizon towards the North, then it’s going to move back towards the South and we’re going to arrive at the Autumnal Equinox {Center of the Menorah/Portal #4}.  So remember, each one of these positions points, is a Month.  It’s gonna take a Month for each one to happen.

Once we arrive at the Autumnal Equinox, that’s what we have here in the App: September 21, 2022. And we’re gonna have the same alignment that we saw in the Spring Equinox, where this is aligned as you can see here, we’re back with the Sun aligning with our position point.

But let’s take a look as our present Time.  This was not to far {September 21, 2022}, this was just a few weeks ago, we had the Fall {Autumnal} Equinox.  Now what it’s gonna do, it’s gonna move toward the South on the Horizon.

{14:07 min mark} So now this is marked here on the App at October 21, 2022, and that’s this point here {first branch to the right or the Center column on the Menorah/Portal #3}.  And now what you can see is the Sun has now moved from left to the right.

And if we look at the angle, we can see that it’s approximately 104 degrees?  Remember this is 90% {in the Center}.  So again we have taken those degrees marked out from the Altar, and now you can see that’s this position here {first branch on the South/right of the Center column on the Menorah/Portal #3}, which is right on this Building above it.

Now we’re at November 21, 2022, and if we look at the angle, that’s about 112 or 114 degrees approximately.

{15:03 min mark} Now here is the 3D model, and what we’ve done, is we’ve more clearly located for you the location of the Sun on the Horizon.  You can see that this says Portal.

And the Center of the Equinox, when this aligns here with the East Gate and the Outer Court and the East Gate in the Inner Court, that’s Portal #4.  Remember in Hebrew you read right to left.  So we get #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 {Leeland counts the Sun Portals from left to right, that are on the Buildings.}

What have we learned?  We’ve learned that the Equinox is going to be this Center {Portal #4}, the Equinox is in the Spring and the Fall.  And then from the Spring, the Sun is going to move on the Horizon to the North {left}; 1 Month {Portal #5}, 2 Months {Portal #6}, 3 Months {Portal #7}.  And at 3 Months, this would be the Summer Solstice {Portal #7}.

Then, the Sun is going to return back to the Equinox {Portal #4}, and then it’s going to go to the South {right}.  And the South this would be 1 Month {Portal #3}, 2 Months {Portal #2}, 3 Months {Portal #1}. And at 3 Months it would be the Winter Solstice {Portal #1}.  So what we’re describing here, is these would be the Lamps of the Menorah that we were showing you before, as the Sun moves on the Horizon.

{16:14 min mark} Now what we’re looking at is through the App: Sketch-up.  We can place a location just like we did in the other App, and we can say this is the City of David, and mark exactly a location. And then you can put the Date, just like we did in the other App.

And so here we are at the Spring Equinox {Portal #4}, the Sun is rising.  And now we can see all the Buildings have a perfectly straight alignment from East to West, projecting these very large shadows you can see here.  But there are other shadows in the Inner Court.

The one of note is that if we zoom in to the alignment of the shadow of the East Gate of the Inner Court, that’s this Gate here, but if we zoom in, what we can see is coming from the East Gate of the Outer Court, we can see a shadow:

{17:08 min mark} That’s what you can see right here.  You can see that there is a shadow aligning perfectly on this East Gate of the Inner Court with the Sun being projected off the East Gate of the Outer Court. So this is a perfect alignment and perfectly straight of the alignment of the Spring Equinox. This is Sunrise.

And this is Sunset.  Of course the Sun setting in the West, and the shadows aligning perfectly straight {in the East}.  As we saw as the Sunrise, the Sunset is doing the same thing.

This is what we were telling you before about the diagonal alignments in the Solstice.  So now we arrive at the Summer Solstice, and what you can see is that the Sun has moved to the North {Portal #7}.  When the Sun rises in the North, it’s going to cast diagonal shadows.  Now you can see diagonal shadowing taking place, which is what we showed you before, which is exactly what we saw in the App.

But what this does is, this then casts a shadow from the East Gate in the Outer Court, and it casts a shadow that appears between the South Gate of the Inner Court and the South Gate of the Outer Court.  It casts this shadow.  And remember what the shadow is doing, it’s a diagonal shadow that is aligning with a Tekufah.  That’s what we are calling these Buildings in the Corner.

And when we zoom back out, you can see that shadowing taking place over the larger Buildings of the King’s House. So the shadow of the Outer Court of the East Gate is next to the South Gate of the Inner Court here.

And then as the Sun sets, Summer Solstice Sunset, now what you can see is diagonally the King’s House, which is here, this is the biggest Building. And this is casting a perfectly diagonal alignment, as you can see right over the Boiling House in the Corner there.  That’s what they are showing you in the App, and this is also being proved to work as well with the Sketch-up model.

At the Autumnal Equinox which what you see here, once we arrived at the Fall we can see the same thing, a straight alignment.  And we also have nearly identical shadowing taking place on the East Gate of the Inner Court, as we saw before.  The View of the alignment on the Inner Court East Gate with shadow from Outer Court East Gate, almost doing identically of what it did before.

And then of course we arrive at Autumnal Equinox Sunset, and it’s doing the same thing. All of this, we will provide you the notes, so you can even Teach people how the Temple is a Sundial.  It’s amazing.

{20:22 min mark}  And then our last one of course is the Winter Solstice at Sunrise.  So just like we saw before, this East Gate here as it rises.  Now the Sun is over here {3rd Building to the left of the Outer Court East Gate}, it’s rising over here and it’s casting a diagonal shadow in this direction, as you can see with the rest of the Building.

But what’s noted is this East Gate, it is casting this shadow right here, right next to the North Gate of the Inner Court.  So again, this is showing a diagonal alignment.  Now the East Gate is not as tall of a building, but if it were a taller building, we would see this direction as a diagonal alignment with this building here, which we call a Tekufah.

So this thus Proves that the Temple is a Sundial!  As the Sunrises and sets on the different locations, it’s over certain buildings and those buildings align with each other.

As you see the King’s House here at Sunset, Winter Solstice {Portal #1}.  What’s happening?  It’s casting its shadow diagonally over this building in the North and East Corner of the the Temple.  So yes, the Temple is a Sundial, we’ve been able to prove through placing these Apps in Jerusalem and seeing these perfect alignments of the Temple.

{21:55 min mark} Now the people struggle with Time, so let’s do a bit of a recap on some of the things that we have described.  Again, we have in the Ezekiel Temple buildings called Boiling Houses, and these are the blue buildings in the 4 Corners of the Outer Court. We are calling those Tekufah, the term in the Dead Sea Scrolls to more or less describe the turning’s of the Year; the Equinox’s and Solstice’s. Of course those would be the 31st Day, every 3 Months.

We know that there are 30 Days in a Month by the 30 Chambers.  We have the 30 Chambers, which are the Number of Days in the Month, here in green.  And then the Gates represent every 3 Months. So you count 3 Months; 30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days plus 1 Day {Tekufah} is 31 Days. And then it happens again, the next 3 Months; 30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days plus 1 Day {Tekufah} is 31 Days. So that will represent a Season: Summer {6 Months} or Winter {6 Months}.  So the Temple is definitely a Calendar, and it is definitely a Sundial.

{23:17 min mark}  And of course the Sundial is described as Portals in the Book of Enoch.  And these are the locations on the Horizon that the Sunrises in the East, in this case.  And then they would do the same in the West {Sunset}.  So then we have our Center point of the Equinox {Portal #4}, and then we have the Sunrising moving higher in the Horizon towards the North {left}.

And this is the Summer Solstice {Portal #7} coming back to the Fall Equinox {Portal #4, the Center}.  Then to the the Winter Solstice {Portal #1}; moving towards the South {right} and the lowest on the Horizon and the least of the Sunlight.

So these are things that you can see do align with the actual buildings. Certainly much more here in the buildings that are to the right as we face East here. We got this from the application by showing you the precise degree’s of where the Sun is coming up.

{24:18 min mark} Then we are representing these locations and points on the Horizon, as being the Menorah.  So the Portals being the Lamps on the Menorah.  The Lamps being the location of the Sun on the Horizon reaching at important points that are marking Time: are marking Months and the Equinox and the Solstice, in the Calendar.

So we had the Tekufah, which are these building here in the Corners.  And we can see the diagonal alignment during the Solstice, whether it be Winter {Portal #1} or Summer {Portal #7}.

So this is amazing information, I encourage you to SHARE THIS!  Basically the document that you see here, we’ll have on the website {LeelandJones.com}, it’s called Gates.  The document, we called Gates pdf file, it will be in Course #5, which is the Millennium.  And so if you go to the Millennium section of the website, you will see Gates and that is where we are showing you more of the concept of the Sundial in the Temple.

{25:39 min mark} So in simple terms we can see that the Equinox, whether it be Spring {Portal #4} or Fall {Portal #4} is going to have an alignment, perfectly aligning East to the West.  Then, once we arrived at the Summer Solstice {Portal #7}, we have a more diagonal happening like this approximately:

Where the Sun is moving towards the North {left}, causing a diagonal shadow over the Temple Complex.  And then of course we come back to the Fall Equinox {the Center/Portal #4}, but at the Winter Solstice {South/Portal #1} we once again have a diagonal alignment like so, approximately:

{26:27 min mark}  But what you can see is that when these things take place, they will be pointing towards the Tekufah’s in the Corners, at the Solstice.  This is at Sunrise, and then the King’s House {in purple}, will cast diagonal shadows at Sunset, like this:

Perfectly casting those shadows, aligning with what we’re calling here the Tekufah.

{26:57 min mark} Now remember, once we factor in our Center point of the Altar and we measure those degrees.  Of course we have a perfect alignment here at the Equinox, but now what we found through the App is that on certain degrees on each Month the Sun would move on the Horizon, at the points, like we are describing as a Menorah:

So if we have our Menorah here, we have our Altar, and then we can see that the Portals that are on the Horizon is like that of a Menorah. So the Menorah has 7 Lamps, but what happens is of those Lamps, we have Months.  So if we count Months, we would have Passover Month 1 {Portal #4}.  Month 2 {Portal #5}.  Month 3 {Portal #6}.  Month 4, then we would have the Summer Solstice {Portal #7}. So we just counted 4 Months.

{27:55 min mark} Then Month 5 {Portal #6}, this position point is actually counting for 2 Months. Month 6  {Portal #5}.  Month 7 {Portal #4} and then we arrive at the Feast of Tabernacles. Then after Tabernacles, we have Month 8 {Portal #3}. Month 9 {Portal #2}. Month 10, and at Month 10 is the Winter Solstice {Portal #1 in the South/right}.

Then after the Winter Solstice, then we have Months 11 {Portal #2}.  Month 12 {Portal #3}, where Purim is.  Then we come back to Month 1 with Passover {Portal #4}. So that’s how we can see that these position points, there’s 7 of them, but some of them they will happen twice.  So there’s 7, but then there’s 12 Months in a Year, because there are position points in the Horizon where there are an additional 5 because they happen twice, and they account for 2 Months.

So the Temple as a Sundial, isn’t that exciting!  I know that there were a lot of slides that we shared with you in this presentation, all of those are available on the website {LeelandJones.com}.  Now what we’ve done is we will have updates to the website, and you will see a new picture which is showing the 3D Model of the Temple {on the Home page}.

Then in the What’s New section {scroll down on the Home page}, you can go and look at the 3D Model.  And what we did is we saved the locations in the Sketch-up App of each position of the Sun’s rise and setting of the 4 positions of each Equinox and Solstice.

So what you can do is you can go to the App and bring up the Model, and over on the right side there’s a thing that looks like a movie camera and you hit a play button.  If you click on that, we saved scenes, and what we did we applied the location, the date and the time of the Sunrise/Sunset, so you can see that for yourself.

Then what we’ll have is the Gates pdf file, that will have the additional sketches and drawings that we have also shown you in this presentation. So we hope that you take this and study it yourself, you can even teach it to other people.  It’s very exciting to see that the Temple is a Sundial.

So thanks for watching.  Believe it, we’ll have more on proving that the Temple itself, the Structure, is the Calendar. This is just one part of that presentation, where once we get to the Gates it’s going to be more of the marvelous and glorious information in the Lord Jesus Christ in His Millennial Temple.

So, a Voice came from the Throne, saying, Praise our God all you servants that fear His name both small and great.

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