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TWO VERY IMPORTANT FULFILLED PROPHECIES YOU MISSED!: https://dontspeaknews.com/2021/10/29/two-very-important-fulfilled-prophecies-you-missed/

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

YES!!! THERE WERE TWO VERY IMPORTANT FULFILLED PROPHECIES….. THAT YOU MISSED OUT ON!! Okay, in our time that we were off YouTube, there were 2 VERY, VERY SIGNIFICANT Events  took place… that the people are not aware of, so we are going to go over them in THIS video, of course!

And we have been on a series, of how we saw the king of Babylon, in Jeremiah 52, fulfill Prophecies related to 911/Jihad and Zedekiah! So this is the Zedekiah figure aligning with the Apocalypse Timeline!  What’s the Apocalypse Timeline?  7 Good Years, 7 Bad Year…. 14 Years of the KING!   So Daniel talks about this 62 Weeks, 7 Weeks, and 1 Week, okay, leading us to this Time!  Now we count Years and Weeks that would lead us to two very important fulfilled Prophecies!

Now I realize that many Prophecies, you guys don’t understand, unless you SEE something physical!  So these are physical signs you can SEE!  The Peace Deal is a physical Sign that you can SEE!  Netanyhau OUT as PRIME MINISTER, as a physical Sign you can SEE!  AND, the 17th of Tammuz……….. “Tamid” SACRAFICE…DAILY SACRAFICE….BUT, THEY DIDN’T ACTUALLY SACRAFICE A SHEEP!! So THAT’s what we are going to talk about in this video, okay, are these 2 Significant things!

Benjamin Netanyahu, fulfilling a type of and shadow of king Zedekiah, king of Judah, that you read about in Jeremiah 52!  Okay, so there will be a Sequence where we count Years, guys!  And…we count WEEKS!  So the 62, the 7, the 1, alright, WE WILL COUNT THEM!!  So you add the Years from when Israel was established as a Nation, 62 Years!  Okay?  That leads us to, Prophetically, to the Lord Jesus Christ sitting on the Throne, acting as a type and shadow of the King in the Book of Esther!

Okay, those 62 Weeks of Years, and then we have ANOTHER 7 Weeks of Years, leading us to the Cyrus Decree!  At the Cyrus Decree,  we would had then completed, okay, 70 Years to let the Lamb rest!  Okay? So we add 1 More Year, to Confirm the Covenant, okay?  So 1948, to 2010, to 2017, 2018 to 2019…ON THE PRECISE DAY…THE 1ST DAY OF THE 11TH MONTH, okay, was the Peace Deal, fulfilling the Prophecy PERFECTLY from Daniel, that WE WOULD KNOW EXACTLY WHEN THE TRIBULATION WAS!  Not only that, THE PRECISE DATE OF THE PEACE DEAL!

So, once we arrived at the Peace Deal, then we would count WEEKS!  Okay, so we counted 62, and 7, and 1 Years, but there would be actual Weeks that we would count, as well…… 62, 7 and 1, alright?  This would LEAD US TO THESE PROPHETIC TIMES, of the Woman given 2 Wings of an Eagle, okay? And the other 2 things, the other 2 significant things………. of Zedekiah being CAPTURED!!  Okay, we are going to do another video on the Woman being given 2 Wings of a Great Eagle!  VERY SIGNIFICANT SIGN there in Revelation 12, okay?  BUT IS IT MANIFESTING PHYSICALLY?  YES…..TO THOSE THAT BELIEVE!!

But, in this video, we are going to focus our attention, this will be a series, guys, but in THIS video, we are talking about TWO VERY IMPORTANT FULFILLED PROPHECIES….THAT YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT HAPPENED!!!

Now, let’s remember and make it clear: TRUMP IS THE ANTICHRIST!  Okay, when they made this Coin, which commemorated the Moving of the U.S. Embassy, here you can see EVERYTHING that we just talked about, THE SEVENTY YEARS OF CYRUS….they are calling him Cyrus….WE ARE NOT CALLING HIM CYRUS….WE ARE CALLING HIM THE ANTICHRIST!  He did the Peace Deal, okay, and here you can see in this article (3:48 min mark), that Trump’s Peace Deal is akin to the Cyrus Decree!

Temple Coin/Trump Coin

Now we had identified the Cyrus Decree, and that is what we told you about earlier! BUT, they are calling it the Cyrus Decree, paving the way for the 3rd Temple, alright?  I mean, you can see, that is what they are CLEARLY….. WHAT THEY ARE SAYING HERE!  We are going to go over this just as a REMINDER!!  Many people say, Oh…yea…Trump was NOT re-elected, therefore he can’t be the AntiChrist!  Well, you can’t erase History, alright?  So they are calling Trump, king Cyrus!

(4:24 min mark) Now, in the events here, what you can SEE, is Trump……..as king Cyrus……IS THE KING OF BABYLON!  Then what happened, king of Babylon ….Nebuchadnezzar, but then there was ANOTHER  king, the king of Judah….and he was called king Zedekiah!  THE KING ZEDEKIAH FIGURE, MADE A PEACE DEAL WITH THE KING OF BABYLON!  You can read about that in Ezekiel, chapter 17!  We have many video’s where we talk about this very Article, okay?

So what happened guys, is that Benjamin Netanyahu,  we found PROOF, that when he was taken out as Prime Minister, he was in the ROLE  of Prime Minister, the SAME 11 Years, as king Zedekiah, FULFILLING PERFECTLY…..THE ROLE…THE PROPHETIC ROLE!!   So the Prophecy is like a Movie, okay?  The Prophet said it, and then it REPEATS!  Okay, so this would be a REPEAT IN OUR DAY, of the Prophecy related to the king of Judah, okay?

(5:29 min mark) Now, you can SEE, what’s interesting, is that this Article goes back to January 2020!  Shortly AFTER the Peace Deal!  But notice what they say here….they are talking about the Palenstinian state: “To be honest, I have no doubt that Trump actually opposes a Palestinian State, surely more than Bibi.  It is clear to me that the purpose of this deal is to strengthen Israeli sovereignty and to bring to the end that revolting idea of a Palestinian state. On this issue, I trust Trump more than Bibi or Naftali Bennett.”

Why are they talking about Naftali Bennett?  HE’S NOT PRIME MINISTER, THIS ARTICLE IS GOING BACK TO 2020!  Okay, so it’s INTERESTING, they are almost ALLUDING to the fact of what we are saying….that Benjamin Netanyahu would eventially be replaced by Naftali Bennett, cause he was NOT a major figure in the elections!  You had elections…..than you had re-elections…and re-elections, okay?

But, IT HAD TO BE, YOU KNOW…… TRUMP  FULFILLING THIS ANTICHRIST ROLE, OKAY, TO ESTABLISH THIS PEACE DEAL, alright?  So this Article talks about this…we have talked about this before, but THIS PROVES TO US, that you have this OTHER FIGURE called, Zedekiah!  And so when Naftali Bennett, made a coalition, okay, he did so right at a Critical Time!!  Okay, at that Critical Time, we are going to explain to you where that is on the Calendar!

But here they are calling Trump, king Cyrus, okay, and recognition of him as a Cyrus!  And of course they talk about  Netanyahu AGREES….that he is a Cyrus, okay, like Truman was…..okay, so they are going on and on!  So this is amazing, because in this Article, for 2020, in January……a week or two AFTER the Peace Deal, they were talking about Naftali Bennett, you know?  Which, you know, I find very, very interesting!  It’s as if they knew, at  some point,  that there would be a CHANGE, and there would be a shift, okay?

(7:50 min mark) But this is what we are saying, is that these, these types and shadows, okay, we can SEE!  Now, of course we DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING THE JEWS SAY, BECAUSE THEY WOULD BE PROMOTING A DIFFERENT MESSIAH THEN WHAT WE HAVE, OKAY?  But when they are minting these Coins, and everything, these are INDICATORS to us, of certain Prophecies HAPPENING, being Fulfilled!! So, Netanyahu, thus FULFILLS this role of king Zedekiah!

(8:16 min mark) Now, let’s use the Calendar, and retrace our steps, as to What happened here, and Why it is so SIGNIFICANT!  So the 3rd Month, is the Month of Pentecost….the Feast of Weeks, okay?  And then it was shortly after the Solar Eclipse….there was a Solar Eclipse on June 10th (2021!)  Now we will SEE that the Solar Eclipse ALIGN WITH MANY OF THESE PROPHECTIC EVENTS! Now I can’t remember the Exact Dates, but it is one of these Dates here (8:45 min mark), in June, and that was when the Coalition came together….and Netanyahu was REMOVED as Prime Minister!  Okay, so it right in here…at the End of the 3rd Month!

Now, in the 4th Month, which you can see here (9:05 min mark)!  And in the 4th Month, the Jews recognize something they call the: 17th Day of Tammuz!  Now, Tammuz is NOT the right name for it, but it is the 4th Month! So in the 17th Day of the 4th Month, they have a FAST!  And what they do, is that they Fast from the 17th Day of the 4th Month, and they FAST up until the 9th of Av!  The 9th Day of the 5th Month, okay?

Now this bring us to our 2nd Significant thing that Happened, that you guys didn’t realize!!  (9:42 min mark)  So on this PRECISE DAY, in the Jewish Calendar, the 17th Day of the 4th Month, Tammuz ….THEY REENACTED THE DAILY SACRAFICE!!!

(9:54 min mark) So once again, we are on Israeli 365 News, and here you can see the Article…the: 17TH OF TAMMUZ: PRIESTS TRAIN FOR “TAMID” SACRIFICE OFFERING FOR 3RD TEMPLE SERVICE.  Now, over the years we have explained to you guys, THAT THESE ARE ACTUAL SACRIFICES….FOR THE 3RD TEMPLE!!  Now, these have been going on for a number of Years, okay?

Now, WHAT THEY DID IS SOMETHING EXTRODINARY IN THIS YEAR…IN THIS 4TH MONTH…so they did a: 17TH DAY OF TAMMUZ: PRIESTS TRAINED FOR A “TAMID”!  Now when you read Daniel, and it says, Daily Sacrifice…..IN HEBREW, THAT WORD IS “TAMID”!  Okay, so we could translate this, and we could also say, THE PRIEST TRAINED FOR…DAILY SACRIFICE….FOR THE 3RD TEMPLE!! Okay???


(11:00 min mark)  You shall offer one lamb in the morning, and the other lamb you shall offer in the evening. So Numbers 28, tells us about the Daily Sacrifice!  I have another video on that, which explains the whole Daily Sacrifice!

So what they do… is they do these things….. they call them: REENACTMENT’S, okay?  And they Fasted! So here, they’re talking a little bit about the FAST:

(11:21 min mark, Article): “While Jews around the world fasted on Sunday, the 17th day of the Hebrew month Tammuz, a group of less than 50 gathered in Mitzpe jericho to witness a dry-run of the Korban Tamid, the twice daily sacrifice performed in the Temple.”

On the 17th day of the Hebrew month Tammuz, a group of 50, okay, they went out to witness a run of the Korban…Korban is the priest, TAMID, the twice daily sacrifice performed in the Temple!  So for us, we would say, in English, we would call this the Daily Sacrifice!  So they are reenacting the Daily Sacrifice!

(11:45 min mark) Okay, so here they explain it…they talk about the Prophet Zechariah PREDICTS:  The fast of Tammuz in the 4th Month, the Hebrew calendar is mentioned. So this is a FAST that is mentioned Scripturaly, in Zechariah, chapter 8, verse 19, okay, so it is in there…and they would be Fasting for the Temple and the Destruction, okay, and that’s Historically what they were doing!

So, you can see what here (12:14 min mark), it would be a full reenactment, including the slaughtering of the lamb!  So many years, they have been slaughtering an actual sheep!  THEN what happened, the LAST ONE WE WITNESSED IN JERUSALEM IN 2019….THAT WAS THE LAST ONE THAT THEY PHYSICALLY ON SIGHT, SLAUGHTERED A SHEEP, AND HAD THE BLOOD OF IT ON SITE!  SINCE THEN, THEY HAVEN’T DONE IT!  WHY??? THE DAILY SACRIFICE HAS BEEN STOPPED, as we have been telling you, okay?

So here they are talking about the Sacrifice, and what they do, and the History of it, okay?  But what happened, is this YEAR, they got away from Jerusalem!  They got away from the activity, even in the Government’s approval, there was no  Corona virus to prevent them from Sacrificing a sheep, okay, BUT THEY DIDN’T ACTUALLY SACRIFICE A SHEEP!

(13:08 min mark)  Okay,  here it is, so the rabbi, the Kahane, okay, instructs the reenactment….it says, The full reenactment including the slaughter of the lamb, and the arrangement of its pieces, would only take place with a minimal of 15 priest present.  UNFORTANTELY, THIS WAS NOT THE CASE SO RABBI KAHANE WAS NOT IN ATTENDENCE.  A LAMB WAS INCLUDED  FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES BUT WAS NOT SLAUGHTERED, guys!

So the whole purpose of this whole thing they are doing….IS TO DO THE DAILY SACRIFICE!  You can not complete the Daily Sacrifice without the LAMB, okay, the lamb Sacrifice!  And as we have been saying, this  has been… NOW  continuing…. since 2019, that was the last one… because the Daily Sacrifice has STOPPED!!

(14:05 min mark) Okay, so here they talk about the Daily Sacrifice, the History since King David, okay, and the lamb, alright?  So the lamb must be without blemish…..and sence the lamb used for the demonstration, had a government-mandated identifying ear tag, it was disqualified for use as an actual sacrifice. So they couldn’t sacrifice it if they wanted to!  The rules were AGAINST THEM!

Now this is amazing, because they have been sacrificing sheep up there for MANY YEARS….AT LEAST 7 YEARS!  But since 2019, IT STOPPED!!  NOT ONLY DID IT STOP, THEY DID THIS ON PRECISILY OF THE 17TH DAY OF THE 4TH MONTH, okay?  Now what that day is, guys, it is that Day, is the Day that the  Daily Sacrifice was taken away HISTORICALLY, okay?  Historically in Jeremiah 52, the Daily Sacrifice was taken away from the 10th Day of the 10th Month, in the Year of Zedekiah…..and…Zedekiah was captured in the 9th Day of the 4th Month!  So he is our type of Netanyahu, alright?

(15:29 min mark) Now let me share the notes on the previous message!  I don’t want you to lose track of what we are talking about here, guys!  So, Netanyahu FULFILLS the Zedekiah role, okay?  Now what happened guys, is Nebuchadnezzar encompases Jerusalem 3 Times!!  The 1st Time was in 605 BC!  Now, what we are SAYING, is that is an reenactment, or a Prophecy, that is FULFILLED IN OUR DAY!  In our Day, that was 2001 and 9/11, okay?

Now, there was another Time, he captured Jerusalem in 597 BC!  Well that is 2009!  In 2009, it began Barak Obama, and it began the beginning of the Historic, king of Judah, king Zedekiah!  Along with king Zedekiah, Netanyahu, okay?

So Benjamin Netanyahu is Zedekiah, king of Judah…… he had the Host Taken Away from the Daily Sacrifice, okay?  AND HE DOES THE PEACE DEAL!  So Bibi is Zedekiah, and sees the seige of Jerusalem…..he does the Peace Deal Convenant with the AntiChrist….FULFILLING exactly the role of Zedekiah, king of Judah!

Then the seige of Jerusalem happens a 3rd Time….IT BEGINS ON THE 10TH DAY OF THE 10TH MONTH!  Okay, that’s what happened, Historically, in our Time Period, okay, this 10th Day of the 10th Month is Christmas, 2019! What happened??  The onset of Covid 19, okay?  When the governments shut the people….. laid seige to the people, in their home…in LOCKDOWN!  Well that is the SAME THING, there was a SEIGE OF JERUSALEM, that took place! Alright???

And what happened…..IT BEGAN THEN….and then it went from the 9th Year of Zedekiah….Zedekiah, that would be the 9th Year of Benjamin Netanyahu, okay….and went from there to the…his 11th Year!  And there was a FAMINE….now you are seeing the Famine, you are seeing the store shelves, many of you are SEEING them empty!  Okay, the FAMINE will go from the 10th Day of the 10th Month…… to the 4th Day of the 4th Month!  Alright, this is just a few days after Netanyahu was OUT!!

Now Netanyahu was out as Prime Minister the SAME TIME ZEDEKIAH WAS CAPTURED!!  So Zedekiah was captured on the 9th Day of that 4th Month!  So this PROVES to us that Benjamin Netanyahu fulfilled the same 11 Years a Zedekiah!  He did the Peace Deal….he had the Daily Sacrifice taken away, okay?  Then what we have is,  Prophectically, the 9th of Av, is our next Prophecy! So I hope that makes sence?

So you can see Benjamin Netanyahu taken out as Prime Minister is fulfilling the Zedekiah role, alright?  Now, the other thing is you can SEE, in the 4th Day of the 4th Month, okay, the FAMINE WAS THERE!  This is when the Daily Sacrifice was taken away….BETWEEN THIS TIME PERIOD, HISTORICALLY THE SAME THING HAPPENED!  THE PEOPLE COULD NOT SACRIFICE BECAUSE THERE WAS NO MORE FOOD! OKAY?? So the Daily Sacrifice was STOPPED!! The Daily Sacrifice is ALSO STOPPED IN OUR DAY, and nobody knows about it, guys!

(18:57 min mark) Now let’s go over this again!  In Daniel’s Weeks, okay, they also correspond with Jeremiah, and the Seige of the Walls around Jerusalem, by Babylon, okay?  So that started, as we said, on the 10th Day of the 10th Month, in the 9th Year of Zedekiah!  Okay, see that?  This is  the onset of Corona virus, alright?  And then what we would do, is right after the Corona virus, was the Peace Deal!

So in January 2020, the Peace Deal was SIGNED, and that is OUR COMMANDMENT TO BEGIN COUNTING WEEKS!!  So that happened on a PRECISE DAY, the SAME Day that Moses confirmed the Covenant, the 1st Day of the 11th Month!  So from that Commandment, we count 62 Weeks!  Okay, those same 62 Weeks is the Ezekiel bread!  So Ezekiel was on one side, 390 Days, the other side, 40, okay, adding up to 62 Weeks!

So those 62 Weeks of Ezekiel, he was practicing the FAMINE!  That’s what I was showing you, the Prophets Diet, the Ezekiel bread, because there is a FAMINE in the land!  And then that is 62 Weeks, and then it would bring us to  PASSOVER THIS YEAR!  So it’s First Fruits, Passover, you begin counting the Omer for the 7 Weeks!  These are little Weeks, of course we are counting from that! And then we would arrive at Pentecost…the Feast of Weeks, okay? 50th Day, 1,335….since the Woman Clothed with the Sun!  Then that’s our REST WEEK, and then you have Confirmed the Covenant for 1 Week, that’s Mount Sinai…and that is the 15th Day of the 3rd Month, okay?  The Week AFTER Pentecost!  You confirm the Covenant for 1 Week, okay, and then you have the King’s Decree….and Esther!  By which you Count ANOTHER 3 1/2 Weeks!

These 3 1/2 Weeks are in Daniel 10, okay?  But what that does, it brings us to the 16th Day of the 4th Month!  Okay, so that 16th Day of the 4th Month, guys, that is the SAME THING WE ARE TELLING YOU…IT IS THE FAMINE IN THE LAND…WALLS OF JERUSALEM, KING ZEDEKIAH FLED, okay?  Those things happened on the 9th Day of the 4th Month!

SO ALL THESE THINGS, PROPHETICALLY, HAVE BEEN FULFILLED THIS YEAR, alright?  And then AFTER that, Daniel, chapter 10, talks about ANTOHER 3/12 WEEKS, alright?  That is the New Wine Harvest, and that is the 12th Day of the 5th Month, and this is when the Temple was burned and destroyed!!  Okay, the 7th to the 10th Day of the 5th Month of king Zedekiah, okay?

So I know that is a lot!  We are going to have OTHER video’s that go over the same thing…but what I am TELLING YOU,  is that there are a series of Weeks from the Peace Deal that we count for the same things!  And in that, we have Zedekiah!  When Zedekiah fled, is exatcly when Netanyahu, okay, was Taken Out as Prime Minister!  Which is Precisely our confirmation of the Daily Sacrifice!  So keep in mind, through this whole thing, the Daily Sacrifice was taken away!


Guys, if you are NEW to this work, please refer to the video’s that we are going to refer you to…we have a Playlist on, the Peace Deal, and the other video on the Daily Sacrifice being taken away!  But here you can see a PERFECT SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Establishment of Israel as a Nation….62 Weeks to Esther….7 Years to king Cyrus….okay, and a Year of Rest, COMPLETING THE 70 YEARS, WEEKS OF YEARS IN DANIEL, PERFECTELY!

Now the Prophecy CONTINUES!!  So from that Time, then we would have the CONFIRMING OF THE COVENANT FOR ONE MORE YEAR, okay?  So this Prophecy happened Precisely on a Date that we had told you AHEAD OF TIMES, guys!  So this is all continuing our Apocalypse Timeline….7 Good Years, 7 Bad Years! Okay?


This is the SAME Timeline that we could see in Zedekiah! So we are in the 11th Year of our Apocalypse Timeline, and that is the SAME 11th Year, and PRECISELY of when Zedekiah was taken out, just like Netanyahu!  So, THESE ARE THE SIGNS THAT YOU CAN PHYSICALLY SEE, OF THE PROPHECY  BEING FULFILLED, ON PRECISE DATES….the Peace Deal….Benjamin Netanyahu Taken Out….the Daily Sacrifices Taken Away!


Guys, THANKS FOR WATCHING!!  We will have more on a series of video’s, where we will supply the notes, thank you and God Bless YOU! ~ Leeland Jones

Peace Deal Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXqaGD7sX9gZ83zVDuBH04JrBXMVl_ApY

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