"None that put their trust in Him shall be overcome." (1 Maccabees 2:61; John 3:14-16)


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Okay guys, we’re going to begin a new series, and this is a bit of introduction to a new series we are going to do, now we are going to talk about some fascinating things! Now, as I always tell you, and I plead with you…over and over, to PLEASE WATCH the video recommendations that we make, okay?  It will be really helpful to understand the foundation we’ve already have built!

Now, when we look at TIME LINES and we look at WHAT leads us to understanding that we would be in the Apocalypse??  Okay, when we try to understand that, in modern times, we have a year.  Alright, we have an anodiminaly, it is year 2021…it is an Universally  recognized Year, all over the World! Pretty much everybody would know that year!  Now in the ANCIENT TIMES, we go to the Times of the Prophets, it was not so!  The way you determined the year was by the Year of the king!  So every nation had it’s king and it’s king reined for X amount of years!  So when the Prophets are communicating, they are saying, In the such and such year of the king of Judah!  The such and such year of the king of Babylon!

Now why is this important?  It is important because: PROPHECY IS A  SPIRITUAL CONSTRUCT….THAT IS LIKE A MOVIE, okay?  It’s like a movie has played and the prophet said exactly what’s going to happen!  And it happened!!!  Now, that happened, okay let’s talk about the destruction of the 1st  Temple, and THAT TIME PERIOD, is what we’re going to get into this series, what we are talking about, guys! And so in order to understand that, okay, there’s a certain time period, things happen on A SCHEDULE …..a PERFECT ORDER…OKAY?? AND…THEY WOULD All REPEAT IN THE LAST DAYS TO KNOW THAT WE WOULD BE IN THE TIMES!

Now, many of you that watch this channel are hearing things throughout, if you actually study, that you KNOW EXACTLY WHERE WE ARE, YOU KNOW THAT CERTAIN PROPHECIES HAVE BEEN FULFILLED, SOMETIMES TO PRECISE DATES!  How do we do that?? We do that by UNDERSTANDING the Prophecy related to KINGS IN THE PROPHECY…THE YEAR OF THE KING…. REPEATS….. IN THE APOCALYPSE….TO SHOW US THE PRECISE TIME!  Okay???

So we had another video, 5  Proofs That We Are In The Apocalypse!  Okay, and many of the  people hate Israel, so they don’t recognize 1948, but we have other proofs, we don’t just need ONE witness!  We have like 5 Witnesses that we are in the Apocalypse, this is another one …I mean….you know….and guys look….YOU GET IT OR YOU DON’T!  Okay?  You understand what I am saying or you don’t…and don’t worry about it, okay? THE THINGS THAT I AM GOING TO SAY, ARE GOING TO RUN SO CONTRADICTORY TO  THE PROPAGANDA THAT YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT ALL OF YOUR LIFE, IN YOUR HISTORICAL CONSTRUCT, IS GOING TO BE SHATTERED BY THE THINGS THAT WE ARE GOING TO SAY!  Because we are looking at it from a PROPHECY PERSPECTIVE!  If you do so, EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN A PERFECT ORDER, AND WE CAN SEE EXACTLY THE TRIGGER DATE OF 911!!

2001, was very significant…..will lead us PRECISELY to where we are today!  Okay? That’s what we are going to get into, okay, in this video, and we are going to look at the King’s Time Line!  Now as I say, PLEASE watch the previous video, it’s a brief summary  guys, it’s not a long video, it’s like 15 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME!  Okay?  Because I am going to just say stuff here that you are not going to understand, and then you say, you just forget about it,  and go on to the next day…..BUT YOU ARE JUST LIKE STARING AT ME…ON VIDEO…AND YOU JUST FEEL BETTER!   BUT YOU LIKE TO HEAR THE BIBLE AND SPIRITUAL THINGS…..AND THAT IS NICE…AND YOU HAVE PEACE WHEN YOU LISTEN TO LEELAND…AND THEN YOU LEAVE AND YOU GO THE NEXT DAY, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I JUST SAID!

SO THIS CHANNEL IS FOR THOSE THAT ARE WILLING TO STUDY!  BE DISCIPLES!  This is why you are alive!  This is why you are here, is to learn about the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, that should be the center focus of your entire existence!  Okay?  If it is not?  Okay, then you don’t understand prophecy, okay..go ahead,  take the Mark of the Beast and end up in the Lake of Fire, alright?? BUT DON’T SAY YOU DIDN’T KNOW! Okay, don’t say….Oh..you know you  never gave me any messengers that told me this!  I am surprised, I can’t believe it… I have taken the Mark of the Beast!  No!  NO EXCUSES, alright?

Now the Kings Time Line, what it is guys, of all the kings, I’ve identified several  kings where it says, This is the year of the king!  Now that year would line up with the Book of Revelation….PERFECTLY!  The main example that we have taught and what’s called, The King’s Time Line, is the Book of Esther! So the Book of Esther gives us a schedule!  Okay so the king in the Book of Esther, the Persian  King Ahusarus, the King of the Medo Persian Empire, okay things happen PRECISELY!  That ORDER PERFECTLY GIVES US THE TIME PERIOD  in the  Book of Revelation!   We are not getting into that in THIS video, but that time period is a perfect schedule,  is a perfect time line!  Okay?

So in that perfect time line, okay, there are  OTHER KINGS  that correspond with it!  Okay?  So just like we’ve said, there is NO UNIVERSAL YEAR as we look at the PROPHETS, right?   So as there’s no Universal Year, THAT YEAR IS CODED INTO DIFFERENT KINGS!  Alright in this series we are going to talk about King Zedekiah!  Okay we  are going to talk about the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar! Okay he is the PRINCIPLE TIME PERIOD of a period of 19 Years!  Those 19 Years guys, REPEAT IN OUR DAY!!! Okay??  Simply put!  Just so you can understand this in simple terms, so you can tell the people, Okay  we are in the Last Days!

911…..September the 11th, 2001…911, guys, was the trigger event of  the King of Babylon!  The King of Babylon began to encompas Jerusalem for the 1st time, the 1st year of his reign, Nebuchadnezzar!  Okay that would trigger 19 years..okay…to the Apocalpyse….. to the Daily Sacrafice being taken away….to the Coronavirus lock downs!  All of that! Okay that is what we are going to get into in this video!  Now you can see that is a precise year, start to finish, bang!  That’s what September 11th was!

Now in order to show you more detail and proof of this, okay, we have to look at all the other prophecies!  But if you watch the Kings Time Line, you can understand the years of the King!  Now those years of the King, okay…..Nebucadnezzar, alright the whole Apocalpyse is NOT 19 Years! Okay, IT’S 14 YEARS!  But they pick up at a certain point!  Okay, they pick up at a certain time within that, okay, so it’s not like the End of Days BEGAN in 2001…NO!  They began later, but that was our trigger event, okay?

Now the reason we know this, is that we finally pieced it together!  Now guys, sometimes when we have clear clarity on this…..we will announce it ahead of time!  We announced the year of Cyrus, ahead of time, okay?  We announced Esther years! You know, while we were in it…but still well beyond the Trumpets, the Bowls, the other Apocalyptic Events, okay?  But there was another one that we know about it, AND THEN WE WATCH!…Is it going to happen…Is it not… Is it like this ……Is it like that?  So we don’t say those  on the channel!  We don’t want to make  all these different variables, so that the whole thing is so confusing, that the people will not understand!  I mean, you hardly understand what I am saying AFTER I have given you multiple witnesses, and prove it over and over!

Okay so what we have is, in the time that I was off of YouTube, what happened…. something very, very significant!  Now some of you were watching this, and we were like, Okay something significant is  happening in this time…. and it was Netanyahu! NETANYAHU   WAS     TAKEN     OUT    AS    PRIME MINISTER,  EXACTLY    THE    TIME     THAT   ZEDEKIAH   WAS!  This was it!  This was our PROOF!  Now we could  prove that the prophetic figure in the time of Jeremiah, throughout the Book, the King of Judah…King Zedekiah was prophetically BENJAMIN NETANYAHU!  His years are Exactly the same!  From when he started in 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu was the same start as King Zedekiah!  He was ousted within WEEKS of King Zedekiah!  Bang!  Wow!

Now what that does, that’s like okay…THIS IS IT! THIS IS OUR TRIGGER EVENT…THIS IS OUR LINE IN THE SAND…THIS IS OUR MARKER IN STONE!  Now, then we build a Construct around it….Now what else?  What else…What else…What else does this tell us, okay??  What it tells us is that that happen in a certain year of Nebuchadnezzar, guys!    The 19th year of Nebuchadnezzar, that’s the end of what  we told you, guys!  Now when you go back those years, it also shows us other of the kings….okay the other Kings of Babylon!  Okay now that  was  all one King of Babylon, it’s NOT like we have ONE KING!  But the Kings of Babylon in OUR DAY, ARE THE UNITED STATES!  Okay?  These are the kings its talking about in the Book of Revelation, okay?

And so that’s what begins to happen, these are the 4 Notable Ones in Daniel 8!  These are the succession of U.S. Presidents leading to the AntiChrist!  Leading to the Apocalyptic Times, okay?  And so then we can look at it and see exactly!  Now I want to explain one other thing before we get into the notes, this is going to be a study for you!  Watch the previous video, I am going to explain the Kings Time Line that is in the Book of Esther!

Now we’re going to deal with Jeremiah 52, okay?  Jeremiah 52 documents alot of this, alright?  Now, in order to understand the history of what we are dealing with in this time period, alright, YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE Principalites and Powers WORK!  That is how it operates, IT OPERATES UP ABOVE,  AND THOSE INFLUENCE THE PEOPLE TO DECEIVE THEM…OKAY???…INTO KILLING MASSESS OF INOCENT PEOPLE!  That is what the United States has done, okay?

And WHAT THEY DO,……IS THEY CREATE AN ENEMY, okay!  So the Empire ..United States…the Empire…the King of Babylon, he creates an enemy in the place he wants to destroy!  So the inocent Nation that he wants to destroy, they don’t want to fight anybody, they don’t want to go against the Big Empire…okay they just want to live in peace!  But the Empire….he doesn’t go…..the King of Babylon doesn’t go dircetly into war into inocent people, because, you know,  his citizens would go against him!  So what he has to do is he has to DECEIVE THE PEOPLE BY CREATING AN ENEMY!  That’s what Jihad is!

Now the principal of Jihad is the religion of Islam!  Islam comes from the Catholic Church!  Let me say that again, ISLAM AND THE PROPHET MOHAMMED WAS BIRTHED OUT OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!!  THEY ESTABLISHED THIS FIGURE, THIS FALSE PROPHET  FIGURE, SO AS TO  KILL the TRUE BELIEVERS IN JESUS CHRIST AND THE JEWS, IN THE MIDDLE EAST!  Okay, so that’s  what the construct of the religion of Islam has within it called, Jihad!  Okay?  EVER NOTICE THAT THE ISLAMIC INVASIONS NEVER TOOK ROME???  Why would they never take the main place??  In modern times, ever noticed…. that all the terrorists; ISIS Al Queda, Taliban, …how come they never go against Israel?  Okay, well it’s the Rome that created Islam, okay? It’s the United States and Israel that created, you know, all these Terrorists, okay?

So it’s in the DOCTRINE of Islam so as to do this!  Alright?  Now what this is, this is the 2nd Beast in Revelation 13, it’s the Lamb that spoke as a Dragon!  The Lamb that spoke as a  Dragon is the False Prophet!  The False Prophet is a succession  of False Prophets, leading to the End of Days, and in it is the Pope!  SO THE POPE IS THE FALSE PROPHET!!  YES…OKAY??…BUT ALL OF THEM…YOU HAVE TO GO BACK, YOU HAVE TO GO BACK …YOU HAVE TO GO BACK….YOU HAVE TO GO ALL THEY BACK TO PRE-ISLAM!  Okay, pre-Islam there was no Islam, there was no Muhammad!  There was no Islamic Religion!

So they had to create it, in order to create an enemy on the other side, okay?  AND THEN YOU GO TO WAR AGAINST THE ENEMY, BECAUSE SATAN ALWAYS REQUIRES BLOOD!  So that’s what happened with Crusades!  You got Christians against Muslims, okay…well the Catholic Church CREATED ISLAM to be the enemy on the other side!  Just like in our day, the United States is the Goat of Daniel 8!  The Ram is the Medo Persian Empire! Okay??

Now the Lamb has 2 Horns!  The Lamb has 2 Horns in Revelation 13! The Ram in Daniel 8 has 2 Horns!! Okay, there are 2 Horns, and 1  was higher, and the higher was last! Okay that is Islam, okay? So the  early Crusades, the Goat and the Ram, the East against the West, okay…that was going on! Then the ISLAMIC Ottoman Empire maintained, all the way up unto the End of Days, AND THEN WHAT HAPPENS, IS THAT THE HORN RISES AGAIN!

When it rises again, it’s the same principle! Catholic Church influenced that….it influenced the United States,  to create the terrorist, okay? Now the terrorists were created 1st in Afghanistan by Clinton! Clinton had  basically was raised in the power of Rockefeller, Rockefeller


had a point man under….Excuse me, I said Clinton….. CARTER!  Let me say that AGAIN,….CARTER was put into office by Rockefeller, and when he was, he had a Point Man!  His ‘Point Man’ told him what to do! I can’t remember if it’s like, 300 million or 500 million, something like this, TO CREATE AN ENEMY IN AFGHANISTAN TO GET RUSSIA TO GO TO WAR AGAINST THEM! So it would be like a Russian Vietnam!  And the Russian Vietnam they would  just, it didn’t matter who won, they just wanted to bog Russia down, okay??

So they sent that funding BEFORE, okay Reagan was even in office! Then once Reagan was in office, they gave it a name, Project Cyclone, you can look it up! It’s the BIGGEST CIA OPERATION EVER!!!  Now this is the popular movie…..that, you know,  Charlie Wilson’s War, okay that’s just the publics view of what’s going on, to make it look like, Oh, it’s just this guy and, okay he just sent some rocket launchers and they beat Russia!  NO, NO, NO! There was so much funded in existence BEFORE even  Reagan is in office, okay?

So that’s what is going on! And what they did is, they trained them with money from Saudia Arabia,  they train them in Pakistan,  and then they go to Afghanistan, and they went to war, and they defeated the Russians!   But guys, this is creating that enemy, and then that enemy goes throughout the Middle East, and it changes it’s name! First called Mujahideen, then it’s was called Al Queda…then we have September 11th, okay?  Then Al Queda becomes ISIS……and OH, now we have ISIS….. and we have to DESTROY the whole Middle East, because of ISIS!

The whole enemy was CREATED by the United States and Israel! Okay, and then we get Taliban! So now once we get the Taliban, this is the FINAL PIECE that, okay, it goes ALL the way back to, you know, the Late 70’s, really! Creating this enemy, destroying the whole Middle East, they had NO INTENTION in fighting the United States, but all these Wars!  All this Blood??  All these DESTROYED NATIONS!  Why?  It’s the former Medo Persia Empire! Okay?

Now we saw that the Persian Empire, we know it is the Middle East!!  Guys, YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND PROPHECY….YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND DANIEL 8……as we go through this, okay? Daniel 8 plays a critical role! And in Daniel 8, is a Goat, the Goat has 4 Notable Ones! Okay? Now those 4 Notable Ones,  is a Goat that goes to war against the Ram!  The Ram is the former Medo Persian Empire, which is the Middle East, okay?

Now how does September 11th, the Terrorists, and Jihad, the King of Babylon, all relate to fulfill PERFECTILY prophecy to lead us to the Apocalypse and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ? We can see this PERFECTLY aligned ONCE WE KNOW that Netanyahu fulfills a role of Zedekiah! He starts and ends PERFECTLY on the same TIME!!

Now let’s re-trace okay, and go back to when the prophecy of  King Babylon, and Nebuchadnezzar begins! Historically this is known in the Year, 605 BC! So in 605 BC is well known that Nebuchadnezzar, he becomes the King of Babylon! Okay he immediately goes against Judah, and the children of Israel! Okay?  Now when he does that that relates to in OUR TIME, the Prophecy being fulfilled on September 11th, 2001!

2001 is our TRIGGER EVENT, when Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, goes to…a war against Israel, and the Kings of  Judah, okay? So in Daniel 8, it’s called 4 NOTABLE ONES, one of those 4 Notable Ones is a series of the Presidents going back….there is a Great King, that’s REAGAN, and then 4 Notable Ones, one of them is Bush! So Bush’s 1st year in office, he deals with September 11th! Okay? So his time period, okay relates to a time period leading to the next King! Okay?

Now at that time, the King of Judah, it’s the 3rd year of Jehoiakim, okay, King of Judah! So that’s his 3rd year, this is Nebuchadnezzar! Now let’s look at what happened here, as our significant sign! Now as we explain our significant sign comes into PLAY when the Goat manufactures an enemy!

So he creates an enemy, okay and puts that enemy in the place he wants to go to war, TO JUST GO TO WAR AND DESTROY THE COUNTRY,  okay? Now that’s what the War on Terror was!! So the War on Terror was to manufacture an enemy, create Jihad, okay? Now this started, you know as we mentioned with Carter, okay  goes to Reagan! Reagan is the Great King, then we have 4 Notable Ones that continue this War on Terror! Okay?

And so, we start off with Mujahideen! Mujahideen was with Reagan, okay, they then turn into Al Queda! They turn into  AL Queda, we know, Osama bin Laden was a CIA agent, and they performed September 11th, to then say, Okay we have to go to war in Afghanistan, against the terrorists!  Well, THE TERRORISTS CAME FROM THE UNITED STATES, it came from the West, okay?

Now Daniel at this time historically, Daniel goes to Babylon! So this is actually Daniel chapter 1, that begins there (19.51  min mark in video).  You can also see the year’s of Jehoiakim, okay in 2 Kings 24! Now LET’S REMEMBER THOU, let’s not be DECEIVED  guys,  that’s what’s really….PROPHECY is what’s really going on!

Al Qaeda, is an offshoot of Mujahideen!  The  Catholic Church formed Islam, as the 2nd Revelation Beast!! IT’S THE LAMB THAT HAD TWO HORNS THAT SPEAKS AS A DRAGON! So that lamb….is the Pope, when we look back in time, the Pope formed Islam for Jihad, okay, to create an enemy on the other side, to go to war!! That’s what the Crucsades were, and that’s what we have happening again in our day!!!

The area is the Medo Persian Empire in the whole Middle East! So Islam was formed by Muhammad, who was trained up by the Catholic Church, through his wife, who was a Catholic Nun!  Alright?  So the Ram had 2 horns, okay, so the lamb has 2 horns and he forms the ram that has 2 horns, in Daniel 8!

So there we can see the lamb and the ram….okay, so the ram comes  from the lamb!!!  Okay the ram is in Daniel 8, the lamb is in Revelation 12!  Okay? So the ram has 2 horns, okay, the one was higher then the other, and the higher came up last! That means: THE LAST IS THE LAST DAYS!!

So we know the ram is the Persian Empire! Afghanistan is the key, because in southern Afghanistan, they speak “farci”!  Farci is the language of Persia!  I know this is A LOT, you may want to rewind it and go back, but this is what is really going on…..as prophecy perfectly fulfills itself, in our day!

So Babylonians captured Jerusalem, and encompassed it once again! This year is 597 BC, okay?  Now 597 relates to modern times, 2009! Now this is CRITICAL!  So  over here ( 21:48 min mark) we saw Jehoiakim, he is removed as the king of Judah, and then Nebuchadnezzar puts in Zedekiah!  Now Zedekiah thus becomes our type and shadow of Benjamin Netanyahu! So Benjamin Netanyahu comes into office, okay, as the Israel Prime Minister in 2009, fulfilling PERFECTLY what we can see in the historic Zedekiah figure!

So once he is there, we have a type and shadow okay, and we found this because he comes out of  office the same  exact TIME as Zedekiah! Now, certain things happened with Zedekiah historically, as the king of Judah, that also happened with Benjamin Netanyahu: THE DAILY SACRAFICE IS TAKEN!

So Benjamin Netanyahu had the Host Given against the Daily Sacrafice, that was April 30, 2018!  Okay, what that was, is that’s WAR AGAINST IRAN! Netanyahu declared  war against Iran… and when he did that on that PRECISE DATE, that is the Medo Persian Empire, okay? That war against Iran is continuing to this day, perfectly fulfilling Daniel chapter 8!

He also does the PEACE DEAL! So the Peace Deal is in Ezekiel 17, and the Peace Deal is between the Zedekiah figure, Benjamin Netanyahu,  with the king of Babylon, the AntiChrist, Donald Trump!  Okay, so he is  the Antichrist, and that agreement, Covenant, Peace Deal, you see in Ezekiel 17, and that is the Peace Deal in Daniel 9:27, okay?

So then Benjamin Netanyahu, Bibi, is like Zedekiah! Okay, so he would see the seige of Jerusalem, he would see the daily sacrifice taken away, and he would make the Peace Deal! He would do ALL the same things, and they line up PERFECTLY!! So he sees the seige, the daily sacrifices, he makes the Covenant, fulfilling the Zedekiah type!

Now what happens guys, is there are 3 Main Feasts that the Jews do as a…..NOT FEAST….but FAST, where they FAST on the 10th Month, the 4th Month, and the 5th Month!  This year, this YEAR was on the 4th Month FAST, that Netanyahu….a few weeks before, he was taken out as Prime Minister, showing us that he was fulfilling this Zedekiah figure, PERFECTLY!! Okay?

So then what we did is we re-traced his years, we could see that he lined up PERFECTLY with Zedekiah, which lined up PERFECTLY with 2001, with the years of Nebuchadnezzar!  Cause remember, Zedekiah is always running in concert …..OR in same time as Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, okay?  So it is Zedekiah that makes THAT Peace Deal with the King of Babylon! Okay…Netanyahu, WHO DID THE SAME THING!! Amazing!!! So this would lead us to a sequence of years, as you can see, as our TRIGGER EVENT in 2001, and it would continue…and then we come to the seige of Jerusalem!   So the seige of Jerusalem, that would be 10th Day of the 10th Month, okay, which in our case, it would be a modern fulfillment of 2019!

It was in Christmas 2019, the onset of Corona Virus that the GOVERNMENT’S OF THE WORLD WOULD SEIGE THEIR CITIZENS IN LOCKDOWN!!  Okay??  It was Christmas 2019, that we began to see this in China, this whole phenomenon of this SEIGE OF JERUSALEM….ITS NOT JUST IN ONE COUNTRY, IT’S THE WHOLE WORLD!  The King of Babylon, the Antichrist! The BEAST in Revelation 13, is over the whole world,  okay?  THERE HAS TO BE A FIGURE, THERE HAS TO BE LITTLE HORN….AND….THAT IS TRUMP!!  HE IS THE ANTICHRIST!!  HE INSTITUTES THE MARK OF THE BEAST, HE DOES THE PEACE DEAL, BY HIM THE DAILY SACRAFICES ARE TAKEN AWAY, ALL FULFILLING PROPHECY PERFECTLY!!

NOW I know many people are IGNORANT about all of that, there is NOTHING I CAN DO….I can just post videos of the SAME THING OVER AND OVER!!

But now we come to the 9th Year of Zedekiah! So it’s in the 9th Year of Zedekiah, that Zedekiah is captured!  Okay, Zedekiah is captured….(25:54 min mark) in this  we can see here, and then its a Year and a half, and then we come to 586 BC, okay, and our modern fulfillment is 2001, and  2021, okay? So what happened is Jerusalem was surrounded with FAMINE! Now you can see the signs of the FAMINE are happening all over the world, the food supply is being shut down!  It’s ALL PROPHECY, HAPPENING PERFECTLY!!

(26:18 min mark) The 4th Day of the 4th Month, okay, that started here, it went a year and a half, into the 4th Day of the 4th Month, and then what happened??  Netanyahu was ousted as the Prime Minister of Israel, the same time Zedekiah is captured!  That happens in the 11th Year!   The 11th Year is 2021!  9th Year is 2019! Alright? So now we can see once he was out the SAME TIME AS ZEDEKIAH, that’s how we saw that and re-traced all the other steps that are happening PERFECTLY!!


So, what happened as well, (27:05 min mark) this would be the significant date, okay leading to Netanyahu out as Prime Minister, and this is leading us to the historical 9th of Av!! Now the 9th of Av in PROPHECY, is going to be a little different then historically,  because the 9th of Av historically, of course, when the 1st and 2nd TEMPLES WERE DESTROYED! But NOW IN THE MODERN CONTEXTS IT RELATES TO THE THIRD TEMPLE BEING REBUILT!! Okay? Because in Daniel 8 it says, The transgression of desolation, to give the Santuary!

Okay, so all of this is leading to the 3rd Temple!  The 3rd Temple would happen again in our day, PRECISELY as it was destroyed historically!  Hopefully that makes sense? But the OTHER thing that happens, on the 9th of Av, THIS YEAR, IS BABYLON IS FALLEN! So Babylon is fallen as a SIGN!  Okay you can see Babylon is Fallen!  The Governments of the World ARE GIVING INTO THE REVELATION 13 BEAST, FOLLOWING THE ORDERS AND THE MANDATES, AND THE MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM, okay?

So what happened, IS Taliban began to encircle…….so the U.S. troops  pull out of Afghanistan, and the TalIban begins to encircle all of Afghanistan and began a SEIGE of the whole country, which in the end, is Kabul!  Okay, so when Kabul was taken, this is coming just a few weeks after the 9th of Av!  So the Temple was destroyed on the 9th of Av, and now we have the U.S.troop withdraw, AND WE HAVE THE SAME MANUFACTURED ENEMY THAT STARTED WITH, the MUJAHIDEEN, okay?  Mujahideen turns into Al Queda…..Al Queda turns into ISIS….ISIS turns into Taliban! Okay?  It’s the manufactured enemy!

Okay, now the manufactured enemy is the SIGN that the BEAST is going to continue to take over the Governments of the World….And CAUSE ALL TO TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST!! Now this would happen, alright, PERFECTLY …The 19th Year of Nevuchadnezzar!….which is EXACTLY OUR COUNTDOWN AFTER SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001, okay??  September 11th, 2001, would be a similar time, okay, just a few months after the 9th of Av HISTORICALLY!   So this is how prophecy….IF you know the Years and apply them to the King, okay, over and over on this channel we have taught you this chart (29:01 min mark). And we say over and over,  this is the King’s Time Line, right?  We are always saying this!

Okay, well these Years of the King relate to our Zedekiah figure!  So our Zedekiah, okay, see (29:36 min mark) you have 7 Years and 7 Years!  Okay, these are called the King’s Time Line, this is according to the Book of Esther!  Those correspond PERFECTLY with our Zedekiah! When in Zedekiah talks about the 9th Year of Zedekiah, remember that was 2019!  It talks about the 11th Year of Zedekiah, well that is 2021! That lines up with the same Years of the King’s Time Line in the Book of Esther!  Okay?


What happened with Joseph?  He had 7 Good Years and 7 Bad Years!  There is the 7 Years of FAMINE!  Well, we are OBVIOUSLY in the 7 Years of Famine!  NOW I REJOICE, whether you like this or not, I am excited, okay, because I have been talking about this, and it’s harder and harder to prove, BUT NOW I HAVE MORE PROOF AND EVIDENCE,  AND THE PEOPLE STILL DON’T SEE IT, so there is nothing I can do!

Guys, this is going to be a series with a couple of more videos, and we are going to continue to unlock this!  There will be more information , more proof and evidence! But what happened? Netanyahu was out , when he was out, he is our Zedekiah!  When he is our Zedekiah, we can determine the PRECISE Time as Zedekiah!  Netanyahu was the same!  We can see he started the same Year as Zedekiah, and we can retrace that to 2001, it’s September 11th PERFECTLY!

So guys Stay Tuned, we will have more on this!  We will do a series, we will make the notes available to you!  We will also type this up, it’s a lot but, it’s very important!  This is further proof, okay, just like everything else, over and over, we are in the Tribulation!!  So many of you say, You tell people we are in the Tribulation, but ultimately IF YOU CANT SEE IT BY NOW, THERE’S JUST NO REALLY TELLING THE PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE ARE JUST BLIND AND DECIEVED, FOLLOWING ALL THE THINGS LIKE WE USE TO, ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT!  And of of this, Oh, the virus and all this, alright?


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9-11, “JIHAD,” NEBUCHADNEZZAR AND NETANYAHU IS ZEDEKIAH: https://overcominglymedisease.com/9-11-jihad-nebuchadnezzar-and-netanyahu-is-zedekiah/

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