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1Chr25 Singers & Musicians ◇ House of David Pt6

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1Chr25 Singers & Musicians ◇ House of David Pt6:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNg3ocW6fM0&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gbm9JC2TtPCJY-40sp6Sbls&index=5

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/

House of David Notes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OlD8ynkTcfPuFgBt1LBrEvloZEq6onPf/view

Leeland Jones video post Nov 18, 2014, transcribed:

So here we are again, I’m doing another part here for you on the House of David.  And now we’re going to get into the 4 Branches of Service. And so this video is going to be on the Singers and Musicians. Now just to recap what we’re going to do, is we have these 4 Branches of Service in the House of David. And they are:

  • #1, the Governors or the Sar Elohim {God}.  The Princes or the Judges of Elohim or of God.
  • #2, are these Singers and Musicians.
  • #3, are the Porters.
  • And #4, is the Military Order.

So what I thought I would do, I’m not necessarily going in that order, I just felt that the first place I should start is the Singers and Musicians.   And keep in mind that within the House of David, we want to keep each area of Service, and we want to be Faithful to it. And this one to me is how I got here.  I mean this is how I found out about this stuff, by doing this a few years ago,  And so within Time, we went over Time in the Calendar.

  • TIME is designed to Worship GOD.  And it was ordained in the House of David that they would Worship: Every Morning and Evening.  They would Worship, they would offer Sacrifices, and they would Burn Incense.

And so if you can do that, if you can maintain that level of Faithfulness in being able to Worship GOD, in the Morning and in the Evening, and give Thanks to Him. I mean, just marvelous things will happen, you’ll be completely Transformed.

Now there’s hardly a single religious service that doesn’t include Worship.  So we all kind of think we know what that means, or what that’s about, but there’s really just a lot false worship.  And ultimately, we have stages and platforms where we’re really not worshipping God, we’re really worshipping ourselves.

So I encourage you that, the Songs that you Sing and the Songs that you choose to worship God, as you set your heart to worship Him every Morning and Evening, have the them be about the Songs of the LAMB, like the Revelation Songs.

  • Songs that exalt Him!
  • Not songs about you lifting your hands, or you do this, or you do that!

Now praise God, when we worship Him we can feel His Presence and feel His Glory, and Sense amazing things.  But it’s really Not about us!  We’re still actually offering selfish worship if we’re doing it to even ‘feel’ His Presence.

  • We are worshipping Him for Who He Is, and giving Him thanks.

And when you do that, it’s quite remarkable how you then if you are going through difficulties, you have to give Him thanks!  You have to find ways to give Him thanks.  So, that’s why I wanted to start with Singers and Musicians.  So anyone of us can Sing, anyone of us can Play and instrument too.

Now you’re going to see me play, I have this fancy instrument that I’m going to play, and all of that stuff.  I’ve been a Musician for a long time, and Praise GOD for that.  But look, you’re gonna hear me sing, it’s probably not that good, I’m not doing this to sound good to you.

  • I’m doing this to sound good to Him!  And so God like my worship, even if you don’t:)
  • But what I’m getting at, it’s not about talent or skill.  It’s about your Heart and your Desire to worship God, worship the Father, Worship the Lamb in the Spirit and in Truth.

And it’s remarkable what’s happened to me, I’ve been in Worship over just about 20 years.  But when I just started Worshipping God by myself, not really caring about anyone around me or anything, it all completely Changed!  I could see how most Worship is.  We do it in Groups, it’s all organized, we Practice, we do all this stuff.  It’s really all just Religious exercise.

Now praise God, even the Angels even participate in our Worship, because it’s just one of those things they Love to do.  So praise God for that!

But now let’s take a look at our notes {Please download the House of David notes at the top of this blog post}.  And we’re going to focus in on how the Role of the Singers and Musicians that David set in Order and set in place, how that transpires also in Heaven, and in the Book of Revelation.

So when you have your notes, the top says, House of David, Heavenly Pattern, ‘He made us kings and priests unto our God.’  And what we are going to look at 1 Chronicles 25.   1 Chronicles 24 talks about the Judges, and 1 Chronicles 25 talks about the Musicians. And I want you to observe some things as the House of David establishes Worship.

1 Chronicles 25:1 “Moreover David and the captains of the host separated to the service of the sons of Asaph, and of Heman, and of Jeduthun, who should prophesy with harps, with psalteries, and with cymbals: and the number of the workmen according to their service was.”

So basically what we have, is we have 3 men and the Service of the Priests, Singers, and Musicians, it’s set in place based on these 3 men.  Their names are listed later in the chapter, and you’ll find that each of them is associated with these 3 men.

So again, what’s happening within the House of David, is that your Service is based on Genealogy.  So you must prove your Genealogy; and your Lineage goes back to these 3 men in order to participate in the Worship.

  • Now again, praise God, We thank God for the Lord Jesus Christ, that we are One in His Genealogy!
  • And we also Thank God for the Priestly Order of Melchizedek, and so we tap into that DNA of Priestly Order. Well, Melchizedek had no father or mother.  So we then tap right into that DNA, of this Priestly Order.

So what happens?  They set them to prophesy with the Psaltery.  So certainly, you can Sing Songs  that kind of Minister to you, Songs that you have, and I encourage you to do that.  But, you are to Sing a New Song!

  • So they set this whole Order of Musicians to Sing the New Song!  To practice it.

So you’ll see that there’s specific Words they used, and things that God said, but you’ll find that basically what happened, these 3 men would worship God and prophesied with these instruments, and this is many of the Songs that we have in the Bible, come from this Order!

So it is more of a spontaneous nature, it’s more of a HEART-FELT NATURE, than a lot of the Worship that we currently do.  And so I want you to notice also the types of instruments that they mentioned here. So we have Harps, we have Psalteries, and Cymbals.

And one of the reasons I’m also doing this now, is that we’re in the 9th Month and one of the Decan’s in the Month is Lyra, which is the Harp.  And so that’s where I just really felt that I want to get started with the Harp.  Not just the instrument or even how we go about our Worship, but;

  • Worship, like a blank piece of paper and then you’re Write your Worship, you’re Writing your Poetry, you’re Writing your Songs and your Desire for The Father.

So it’s a tremendous way of expressing your Love, expressing your Desire through Worship or through an artistic means.  So I’m certainly doing this, I’m teaching.  But you can see I have this instrument here, and I’ll just Jump into something and Sing.  Just so we can do this, so we can all do this.

In 1 Chronicles 25:2, at the end of verse, it says, “Which prophesied according to the order of the king.”  So the Order there is actually the word, Yad, and that is really the Hand of the King!  So you are too prophesy according to the Hand of the Lord on you!

  • So you prophesy, you Sing a New Song, you Sing from your Heart and your Desire!
  • It doesn’t matter if it rhymes.  It doesn’t matter, you could be tone deaf.  It doesn’t matter, it is to Sing according to the Hand of the Lord.  According to the Hand of the King!

And then it mentions some of them by name in 1 Chronicles 25:3, at the end, “of which prophesied with the harp, to give thanks and to praise the LORD.” So this is what we are to do!  Singer and Musicians, we give Thanks and we Praise the Lord!  And nothing else matters, about what’s going on, you put it all aside and you say, “I give You thanks for this!”  And you come up with those things.

1 Chronicles 25:6, “And they were all under the hands of their father for a song in the house of the LORD, with cymbals, psaltries, and harps, for the service of the house of God. According to the king’s order of Asaph.”

Now one fo the things I want to point out here, is that you do not see the instruments mentioned, of course there’s a lot of instruments.  Well you don’t really see a Trumpet here, because the Trumpets, both the Silver Trumpets and the Rams Horn, are for the Porters.

So when the Porters participated in Worship, they were a different Branch of Service than this Branch of Service of Singers and Musicians, because Trumpets Herold things.

  • Trumpets  are a Sound of Alarm, they are a Sound of Military Might to scare the enemy.

So they’re actually included in the Worship, you’ll notice that.  But I wanted to point out, that they’re not listed here, and they’re not listed here for a Reason.  Because these instruments are predominantly for the Worship and Service, for the giving of Thanks and Praise to God.  But the Porters also participate, and we’ll look at that at in another time.

Then what happens, 1 Chronicles 25:7 “So the number of them, with their brethren that were instructed in the songs of the LORD, even all that were cunning, was two hundred fourscore and eight.” So that’s 288.  So there were 288, and then it breaks down the Courses of them as they cast lots. So what is the significance of 288?

  • Well, 288 is basically 24, which is the number of Priest or Priestly Order times 12, which is a Military or Apostolic Order.
  • So basically what’s happening it’s combining a Priestly Order with the Kingly Order, and obviously, this is David,  But this is what the number is.

And when we look at it later, Melchizedek name, the value of his name is 294.  The significance of that is you take 24 x 12 = 288.   But you add 6.

  • So Melchizedek needs 6, and the #6 is Man!
  • So Melchizedek needs Man to complete his Priestly Order.  Do you see that?

{13:09 min mark}  So you’ve got 288 here, these are the Musicians, but they’re not just the Musicians you have in Church, like ‘We have the Musicians and they do this!’  There’s an aspect to the Musicians that is Military.  And that the sharp two-edged sword being in your Right Hand!

  • And the High praises of God, rather than the sharp two-edged sword in your Right Hand!
  • So there’s an aspect of Defeating the enemy with Music, with Sound, with Worship!

So I want to show you that, within 1st Chronicles 25, that gives us the Order of the Musicians. There is significance to their Names and to their Genealogy, but we’re not going to get into that right now.

Now back to the notes, again, this is under Singers and Musicians. And again, they are to prophesy with Harps and Psaltries, to Give Thanks and Praise to the LORD. And we know that, that’s exactly what the 24 Elders do, we find this many times in Revelation.  But one example is Revelation 11:17, “And we give thanks to you, O Lord.”  And they Praised God.

  • And so what we’re seeing is, that within the House of David it is mimicking or it’s connecting DIRECTLY, with the Priestly Order of the 24 Elders.
  • We will see that throughout each Branch of Service, that it all is completely connected to the Throne Room, and to the Servants of God around the Throne.

So the other aspect that we find in Revelation, there’s many about the Elders, but they had Harps and Bowls.

  • And so they had Harps, and they Prophesied with the Harp, they Sang a New Song.
  • And then they had the Bowls, which Offered the Incense with the Prayers of the Saints.  So they had one of each.

And so praise God, thank you Kimberly for the Frankincense that you gave us yesterday.  It’s so timely within this Message, in this Time of the Harp, where we have this Time of Worship, Time of the Harp, and Time of the Bowl, Time of the Incense.  So praise God we can offer, and we actually have Incense.  Praise God!  So that is the basic Order.  And within Time, what you want to do, is you want to do this within each Day.

  • So if it’s possible within your schedule, it’s good to Worship God within these Morning and Evening Cycles.

Why?  Well, basically what they do, is the Living Creatures have Watches.  We found that out through Time, when we look at the Clocks.  But what they do, is they Kick Start a Cycle of 12 Hours of Worship.  So what happens is when you acclimate yourself to Worshipping God, every Morning and every Evening:

  • You are Praying without ceasing, you are Worshipping God without ceasing, because you are Worshipping, and you’re doing that to Kick Start a 12 Hour Cycle.
  • If you do that when the Sun Rises, you Worship!  You set in motion the rest of your day, until the Sun goes down, you Worship again!   As the Sun goes down, you set, even while you’re Sleeping, you Worship for another 12 Hours.

That is the Order!  I know some say that it’s 24/7 and all that stuff, you don’t actually see that in the Scriptures.  Basically the House of David Order is every Morning and Evening!   So praise God we always should Worship Him!

  • Worship does not cease before the Throne!  But I’m just explaining that in order for us to really participate, there are specific Times of the Day to do this.  So that’s an aspect of it.

{17:11 min mark} And now I also wanted to talk a little bit about David.  Obviously, what David did is just phenomenal!   A phenomenal man, to just be Worshipping with the Sheep, Worshipping in the Fields!  Creating and designing his own instruments.

Again just doing that, not for any particular reason of any kind of Public Service.  Or, “Look at what I’m doing, look how Anointed I am!’ Or, “Look how talented I am, that I make Instruments and …!”  He didn’t do it for people, he just Worshipped God in the fields.

And then what happened?  Well, he obviously became a great man of War by doing so.

  • But he created Music and a Sound that could cast out Devils! I mean, that’s Remarkable!  This is still in an Era of Time, where this was way ahead of his Time.
  • It’s almost like a New Testament reality that David is doing, where he creates this Sound, and appeases the Evil Spirit that attacks Saul.

So then he does this, and then with great enthusiasm he brings the Ark back and realizes, ”I’m doing this Wrong!”  You know, the thing fell off, the guy picked it up, the guy got killed.  He’s like, “God, what’s going on?  I’m doing this all for You!”  But, he’s doing it wrong!

So what he did, he set his Heart to seek the LORD God about, “Well how do I do this?  We had the Torah, we had the Law of Moses up to this point, but how do we Build a Temple now that we’re here, we’ve conquered the enemy, now how do we build God’s House?”

So that is what the House of David is, and it started with him in the field.  God was with him all along, to establish something that he would do in the Future.  But still David had to seek God to find out what that Order was.

  • So that’s the remarkable thing about the information that David got, in when he go this Scroll of information of How to set the Priest Order, How to Build this House, it’s remarkable; it completely Patterns and Mimics Heaven.

And so many things that we see in the Book of Revelation are just there, Heaven is going on all along, but what happens is David taps into it!  And he taps into this Order.  And so praise God that we can tap into it as well!  And obviously, within all these areas and Branches of Service, there’s a lot of Work to do! That’s why I’m doing all this, so we will remember all this stuff. So, that’s the thing on the Singers and Musicians.

I also wanted to mention a little bit about some of those instruments, the Harp and the Psaltery.  Now the Psaltery in Hebrew is nebel and it’s almost like a shape, like a Wineskin Jug, in a way.  So it’s kind of like a Harp, and it mentions there’s some with 10 Strings.  I believe there’s some Scriptures that talk about them with 12 strings. So it’s basically a Harp.   And there was another one that was a Harp that had 22 strings.

  • So these instruments that he created were more or less, what we would call today, Harps!  They weren’t fretted instruments and things like that, but he created many of these.  And there’s a specific Sound from these instruments!
  • It’s mentioned in Psalm 92:3, where it talks about a Solemn Sound!  And so there is a Sound! There is a resignation from Heaven, from these instruments.  And so many of the Angels still use these instruments, and David got downloads from Heaven on how to make them.

And I believe we still can get downloads of Sound, and I’m going to include some of those in this video. Where I have taken just snippets of Sound, and it’s like a Sound or a Tone that lasts about a minute.  Now when you play these, what you can do is you can put it in a Repeat Mode.  So it’s a SoundCloud {link at the bottom of this blog}.

  • And it’s just a Sound!  So even if you can’t play an instrument, just Sing from your Heart! Sing the Scriptures!  Sing the New Song!  Prophesy with this Sound!

So when I started doing this, it changed my whole thinking of Music, just to have one Note!  And who cares about verse, chorus, bridge, all this stuff, it’s just this Sound.  And you can just Sing and Pray, and just tap into something for hours, they just don’t get old.

So I’m going to include them in this, and a lot of times I’ll just play them, and I’ll do that, I’ll loop them, and I’ll use them to wait on the LORD, and engage.   And then I’ll also just Sing from my Heart, the different Songs of the LORD.

So that’s basically the thing on the Singers and Musicians.  So I’m doing all this, again, this I do!  I do this whether anyone hears me or not, I don’t care.  But I’m also doing this video, to encourage you that you can do this as well.  You can certainly have your favorite Songs, and you can Worship with them, but you can also do things like the thing I just described.

  • You can play a Note, and just Sing from your Heart!  Sing the New Song!  Because remember, we’re told and instructed to Prophesy with the Harp!
  • And so, more or less, what has happened in our culture, in our society, is there’s DISCONNECT between the spontaneity and Freedom of the Sound, and of the Heart, and our Desire for God, where things are Organized and Structured.

So you have people high on a stage, and you as the audience are looking at them.  So it’s the same thing in the world.  Here in the world, they Worship the Artist!  The same thing happens in the Church, they are elevated and looked up. “Oh, look how beautiful they are!  How great they can Sing!” Who cares if you can Sing!  It’s not about you!

  • It’s not about how talented you are and how anointed!  Who cares about you!  It’s about Him!

And so you may feel, “Oh, I can’t do this!”  Yes you can!  You can Sing, you can do this even if it’s in the shower.  However, you do this!  But I do encourage you to do this every Morning and every Evening.

So let’s do this!  So we’re gonna just do something random, I think I want to look at something in Revelation, let’s just see if we can find a Song to Sing.  Here’s one, in Revelation 11:15!

{25:11 min mark; Leeland singing to YHWH} Revelation 11:15 

“And the seventh angel sounded: And there were great voices in heaven, singing, “The kingdom of the god of the world, Are becoming Kingdoms of the Lord, and He shall reign, Forever, and Ever, and ever, and ever. And the four Living Creatures sat down before God on their seats, and fell on their faces and worshipped God, singing, “We give Glory to …Oh we give Thanks to You….Oh we give Glory to our God…..Oh we give Thanks to You….Oh we give Glory to You ….and we give Thanks to You…for You were…and You are…and You are to come, and You will always be, You are the Wonderful, Wonderful, and we Thank You, and  give Praise to You, because with Your great power, You reign, You reign, You reign, Oh YOU reign, You reign, You reign, You reign, Above all the earth, You reign in the Heavens and all bow to You, You reign, You are Wonderful, I LOVE YOU, You reign! So we give YOU Thanks GOD, yeah we give You Thanks GOD, we give You Thanks GOD, Oh now we give You thanks GOD, we give You Thanks, Amen!”

See? There we go!  That’s the part that I wanted to just do on Singers and Musicians.   Just Sing to Him! You may not have a fancy Chapman stick like this, but I’ll include the Songs, the Sounds, the Tones to use.  We’re always exchanging Songs that just really Minister to us.

So that’s the piece on Singers and Musicians.  I hope you enjoyed it!  I really love this!  This is like I said, this is how I got here!  It transformed my Life that I could do this, I could praise the Lord!

And so thanks for listening to me Sing!  I’m a little self-conscious about it, because I’m used to just Worshipping Him!  But, I just wanted to demonstrate it in a sense of Prophesying with the Harp, of Singing the New Song and it being about Him.

So that concludes this one.  We’ll have another update to you soon.  I love you, and I just want to say, God Bless!

Note: Of Zion it shall be said said “this man was born in her”, the Lord will count, when He writes the people born there. As well as SINGERS as PLAYERS on INSTRUMENTS shall be there.” Psalm 87

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/

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New Video in Playlist “Song Chamber” for Music – Strings Frets and Levers: https://vimeo.com/showcase/9807484

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Calculating The End: 
(20:52 min mark) The music note of Christ,  A = 432 Hz,  found in the Bible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0AvFkG9xpY

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