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Mystery of Beasts in Isaiah 11 and Revelation 13

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Mystery of Beasts in Isaiah 11 and Revelation 13, Leeland Jones Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aDvLhBFTpI

Paraphrases/Notes/Verbiage from Leeland Jones video:

Friends, here in lies one of the Great Mysteries of Bible PROPHECY.  We are here in Bethlehem, at the Wall, seperating Israel from Palenstine, and guys I was shocked to see this Mural on the Wall.  I venture to say, NONE of you actually know what this means, so Please pay close attention to what it is we are about to tell you!  It’s the Great Mystery of Bible prophecy that you’ve never heard about.

So, what do we have?  We have Isaiah 11!  But before we talk about these animals in these stack, I want you to look at them and pay attention, and even pause the video and tell me if you know what it means. But, first off were in Bethlehem, this is what it says in Micah 5 , O Bethlehem Ephratah,  little among the tribes of Judah.  Okay?  This is THAT place, guys,  we’re right  here in Bethlehem, and we have this extradinary Mural.

Now, of course what we have is several animals.  They are all listed in Isaiah 11.  Now what it says, it says the Wolf, which you can see on the top, there is a Wolf howling, okay, it says, The Wolf will dwell with the Lamb.  (1:25 min mark)  Right here, is a Lamb.  Then it says the Leopard, and you see the Leopard…the third one down, shall lay down with the Kid, and there is a Goat right there.

Then it says, the Lion and the Fatling together.  Then you have a Lion, right here, and above it, is a Heifer. And a Little Child shall lead them.  So, the Little Child is the son of Perdition!  And then it says the Cow, which is really a Heifer, and that Cow there is a Red Heifer, and the Bear shall feed!  Okay?  So now you have a Cow here, you have a Bull here, and you have a Bear.  You have a PERFECT description of what we see in Isaiah chapter 11, verses 6 and 7.

It also says in Isaiah 65:25, that…. the Lion shall eat grass like an Ox.  Now what does that mean?  Well that’s Nebuchadnezzar!  Nebuchadnezzar was described as a Lion, and for 7 years he ate grass like an Ox.  And, we even have grass here at the bottom, okay, of this Mural. So it’s extraodinary that anyone would know what this means, but this is Isaiah 11.  And, isn’t that amazing, guys, that here in Bethelhem we have this, this Mural.

Okay, now what is going on here?  Let me explain what is going on, is that these varies animals are attached one to another. Now these are the Beasts of Daniel chapter 7.  In Daniel chapter 7, it says the 1st beast was the 1st  beast of Lion, right here (3:20 min mark).  Okay?  The 2nd beast was a Leopard…okay there we got the Leopard (3:28 min mark).  The 3rd beast is a Bear!  And then the 4th beast is a Terrible Beast! And we know out of the 4th Beast comes 10 HORNS, and out of those is the son of Perdition!

So guys, the Mystery is THIS (3:46 min mark)!  Is that hese animals and these beasts, okay, represent KINGS!  In Daniel chapter 7, it says, that these are 4 Kings on the Earth!  And what it means when it is talking about the 2 animals tied together, is a SPIRIT!  So the animal is like a person, and then there’s another animal that IS A SPIRIT, okay? So let’s look at the first one!

It says the Wolf, which  you see at the top, the Wolf shall lay down with the lamb.  So that’s a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing!  That’s Pope Francis, okay?  That’s the BEAST of Revelation, the Lamb that has 2 Horns.  Okay, so what it is, it’s a King, it’s a Beast, that’s a Lamb, but he speaks as a Dragon!  He is a Lamb on the outside, but on the inside,  HE IS A WOLF!  Okay?

Then it says, the Leopard shall lay down with the  Goat.  Now the Leopard is Obama!  At the time that we are recording this, Obama is in Berlin, SPEAKING!  Okay?  I told you that Obama is the Little Horn of Daniel 8!  Well, what does that mean?  In Daniel 8, it says the Leopard, okay, is the Goat!  In Daniel 8, he talks about the Goat!  Well that’s the Baphomet!  We told you the Baphomet statue!  That HAPPENED!  Okay, the Baphomet statue that happened in 2015 (*displayed in Detroit, MI, on July 25, 2015, while Obama was in Kenya, Africa, talking about the Sacrafices in MI), that was Obama, the Spirit of a Goat!  The SPIRIT  of the Baphomet goes INTO the Leopard!  Okay?  It is deeper than that!  We have more video’s on this, guys, if this is probably new to you, alright?

And then what it says, is says, The lion and the Calf/Cow, again that is Nebuchadnezzar! The Lion has a SPIRIT of an Ox!  Nebuchadnezzar was a King and thru his PRIDE, the Watchers said, You will eat grass like an Ox!  That’s a SPIRIT!  That’s an EVIL SPIRIT is indwelling Nebuchadnezzar for 7 years, and he acted like a Beast!  That’s DONALD TRUMP!  Donald Trump is the Lion!  He’s the 7th!

Now the other thing about Micah chapter 5, that’s extrodinary… it talks about 7 Shepards!  Okay, and then the 8th!  So, those 7 Shepards are those 7, in Revelation 17:10!  Revelation 17:10 it says, THERE ONE IS!  Okay, and it’s talking about these Kings!  Alright, and then there is the 7th!  The 7th is the 7th Shepard, that is TRUMP!  Trump is this Lion!  That is why Trump there is like 2 Trumps, okay?  Trump is sometimes influenced by a SPIRIT, okay? He is influenced by a Beast!  An Ox!  Okay, MADNESS!  Alright?

So, that guys is just what is going on!  That’s what all these mean!  This is the Great Mystery of Isaiah 11!  I have taught this before in NOTES!  I have not done a message, and I am so glad I did because I am in Bethlehem, I saw this, and I am like: Oh my goodness!  It is right here!  It’s right here!  This is the Great Mystery in Bethlehem of the 7 Shepards.  Okay, so TRUMP is the 7th that MUST continue for a SHORT SPACE!

So guys, that’s what we have in this Mural! We have the Lamb (Pope Francis), that’s indwelled with the Wolf!  We have the Leopard (Obama) that has the Baphomet, the Goat, okay?  And that’s exactly what it says, is says, Satire, it’s a Goat, it’s a Baphomet,  in Daniel chapter 8!  That was Obama, that Little Horn!  Alright, we got the Lion (Trump)  with the Ox!  And, we got the Bear…we got Gladimir Putin right here! THESE ARE THE 4 KINGS!  These are the 3 of the 4 Kings in Daniel chapter 7. Gladimir Putin is the Bear!AND ALL THESE GUYS ARE ON THE SCENE RIGHT NOW (2019), and  are  MAJOR PLAYERS IN BIBLE PROPHECY!

So guys thanks for watching!  We are going to have more on this because that Cow right there (8:00 min mark)  that’s a Red Heifer!  We are going to do a whole message on the Red Heifer!  Okay?  That is literally what is says!  In the Hebrew, it’s a HEIFER, okay? And that is what it says in Isaiah 11!  This is Amazing!

So to God be the GLORY for all this information, for allowing me to be here, in Bethlehem, for this time! And guys, PLEASE watch the playlist on the Little Horn! That’s Obama, the Leopard, in Berlin, right now (2019) okay? We have Putin the Bear! We have Trump, acknowledging the Golden Heights! So, thanks for watching and God bless you!

(8:45-9:48 min mark)  We got Trump right here, guys!  He is the Lion!  I have another video, Trump Is the LION!  The 7th Shepard here in Bethelhem! Let me just give you a close up of everything…so we got the lamb, okay…(from the bottom up)….the Bear, the Lion, the  Heifer, the Leopard, the Goat, and the Wolf!  ALL DESCRIBED PERFECTLY in Isaiah chapter 11!~ Leeland Jones

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