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WW3 Prophecy, King North vs South, Leopard vs Bear

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WW3 Prophecy, King North vs South, Leopard vs Bear: https://vimeo.com/showcase/9120180/video/687161469

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/

Leeland Jones Blog: Wars leading to the Coming Messiah: https://leelandjones.com/blog/wars-leading-to-the-coming-messiah

Leeland Jones video posted on March 11, 2022, transcribed: 

World War 3 in Bible prophecy.  In this video we’re going to do a summary. I know we’re subject to a lot of propaganda and the media machine is going all over with the war in Ukraine. Let’s first state clearly, yes this is World War 3. We’re going to try to make in simple terms, an understanding of what World War 3 is, and the Prophecy in this presentation.

There are more advanced studies that we’ll have on the blog. I really encourage you to get into the things that we’ve already discussed as well;

  • if you really want to understand World War 3,
  • if you really want to understand the Apocalyptic Wars leading to the Coming of Christ.

Please watch the Armageddon playlist, or showcase on Vimeo. You can find us on the website in Course 4, and you’ll see the Armageddon playlist. We want to highlight some of those things in this video. 

What we want to do is make in simple terms, a clear understanding of World War 3 in the Book of Daniel, predominantly the Book of Daniel chapter 8 and chapter 11.  As well we have references to it in the Book of Revelation, of course.

Let’s make it clear: the Gog and Magog War happens at the End of the Millennium.

  • Gog and Magog is at the End of the Millennium, you see that clearly in Revelation 20.
  • We’re not saying this is Gog and Magog War.

The other thing we’re saying is:

  • World War 3 would happen BEFORE Armageddon.
  • It’s Armageddon ‘like’, but it’s not necessarily the point by which Christ will come on the White Horse in the Clouds. This is what we’re talking about in this video. Let’s make it clear. Let’s understand the depths of the Prophecy.

If you’re real students, I strongly encourage you to get into the blog post where we get more into the detail, but let’s get into this presentation and I’ll show you really quick a summary of Daniel 8 and 11.

In a previous video, we had shown you:

  • that the War and Desolations Determined, talked about in Daniel 9, would be the Counting of 62 Weeks.
  • This would actually bring us to the Declaration of War, which actually started a year ago {March 24, 2021} when Zelensky announced he was going to take back Crimea, which allowed Putin to amass the 100,000 plus troops around his border, bringing about World War 3.

That would actually happen as a Counting of Weeks, of 62 Weeks from the Peace Deal {January 28, 2020}. We have a previous video called War and Desolations Determined, which describes that {Please watch War [WW3] Desolations Determined – Cup of Indignation – 62 Weeks, the link is at the bottom of this blog post}.

What we have to do is, we have to explain to you how we’ve already discussed many of the things that you’re seeing now. Many of you have not gone back and watched the previous videos, but I’m going to refer to some resources and then it’s really up to you to study to show yourself approved, because at what point are the people going to get it? Do you need Russian troops running through your streets? Is that when you’re going to Repent and say, ‘The Kingdom is at hand?’

Well, we’re trying to Warn you ahead of time:

  • that the Prophecy is at hand.
  • This is World War 3.
  • This is commencing.

Now I’d like to draw your attention to a couple of blog posts, you will find on the website leelandjones.com. In the BLOG section, there’s a blog post called ‘Wars leading to the coming Messiah’ {link at the bottom of this blog post}. This is basically going over:

  • how the Magi knew Christ was the Messiah,
  • and that how the Wars that happened historically in the Book of Daniel, the Magi would have recognized to know that Christ would actually appear in His 1st Coming.
  • These Wars would REPEAT themselves in Christ’s 2nd Coming,
  • and then we would actually see this in a Fulfillment in the End of Days.

I also want to draw your attention to another blog post, which I’m basically just posting, The ‘War Scroll’ that was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls {Please read, War Scroll 1QM, the link is at the bottom of this blog post}.

There’s a document called The War Scroll, and it was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  • It describes this Apocalyptic War,
  • and the military strategy that led the community of Qumran to believe that the 2nd Coming was at hand.

They didn’t know that the Apocalyptic Events would actually happen in the End of Days, in our time, but they were preparing. It’s kind of like the children of Israel going into the Promised Land, they describe these Wars in detail. You can read that on the blog, the ‘War Scroll’ blog post.

Now it’s no coincidence that the actual boots on the ground kick off of World War 3, happened at Purim.

  • Purim happens over a few days. The day before Purim is when Putin had announced the War, basically {February 24, 2022}. He used other terminology, like the Military Operation, but it’s a War.
  • The Book of Esther describes an Armageddon type scenario, and the Wedding Supper in Purim.

It’s not by mistake, that is When he kicked off this War.

We also do have a War that is,

  • us putting on the Whole Armor of God,
  • and being Priests of the Most High God.

As such, the War is to bear Fruit.

  • It’s an internal war.
  • It’s a war even in your mind.
  • It’s a war to keep us off of bearing the fruit of the Spirit.

You can see that the description of The Armor Of God, of the individual things, are also in the Fruit of the Spirit,

  • being clothed in Christ
  • and putting on His Whole Armor.

Now let’s try and put this together in simple terms, that a common person that doesn’t know any prophecy, can begin to start to understand World War 3. World War 3, and the approach that we’re going to do here, we’re going to focus on two major portions of Scripture:

  • Daniel chapter 8
  • and Daniel chapter 11.

We’re going to reveal to you the connection between the 2 Alliances, the 2 Wars that basically take place.

You can see in simple terms we have the Ancient Map,

  • and we have West,
  • and we have East.

This is Daniel chapter 8. Daniel 8 talks about:

  • the goat from the West,
  • and the angel Gabriel describes that to Daniel as being Greece.

 What’s happening?  What’s happening is:

  • the ancient Persian Empire is collapsing.
  • The Grecian Empire is rising with Alexander the Great.
  • That begins the shift of transition of power from Persia, which is modern Iran which is called the Ram, and we go into the Grecian Empire.

That’s Daniel 8. Daniel chapter 8 describes:

  • the Ram
  • and the Goat.

That’s Daniel chapter 8, and a quick summary.

The thing to realize as we look at this map, is that there would be Wars in the ‘precise locations’ of the Ancient Prophecy. The known world at that time had surrounded itself around Jerusalem, as you can see.

  • So that East is east of Jerusalem,
  • West is west of Jerusalem,
  • North is north of Jerusalem,
  • and South is south of Jerusalem.

Thus, giving us the Ancient Prophecies that took place, and places that were in a Physical Location.

Yes, but in World War 3,

  • it’s not that this happens,
  • it’s not that World War 3 commences in only the Middle East.
  • It’s going to be throughout the Whole World, but the Ancient Empires would have modern fulfillments in a different description.

For example, the modern Greece is not a global power.

  • But in the East, the ram and Iran is part of the Eastern Alliance with Russia and China, that is a global power.
  • Greece becomes part of the West, as part of the European Union, and it’s part of NATO, so it is part of an End Times Kingdom.

The other thing you can see here, is Daniel 8 clearly identifies these.

  • We have a goat in the West, in Daniel 8, the angel Gabriel makes that clear.
  • He makes it clear that Persia is the ram, and we’re describing that as the East.

Daniel 11 gets into the King of the North against the King of the South.

We’re showing this geography because it surrounds itself around what?  Jerusalem. You can’t take the geography and place it over the whole earth, and say, ‘Well the King of the North now is Russia.’

No, you can’t take that Geography of what’s taken place here, and apply it Globally.

You have to let Prophecy interpret Prophecy.

We’re going to show you the Great Mystery of Who is the King of the North.

It’s Assyria, as you can see here. We can prove this to you, in two ways.

  • The first way we can prove it to you is that when the Grecian Empire was broken up into 4 Kingdoms, when Alexander Great died, it went to 4 Generals. The Grecian Empire was broken up into divisions, one of which was called Syria.  And Antiochus Epiphanes, he becomes the Antichrist figure. He is over what is called Syria.
  • Then there’s another area that is Egypt, led by Ptolemy. This is an Ancient War that happened in Daniel 11, that was fulfilled. The time of The Maccabees comes into play during this time, where we have the King of the North you have Antiochus Epiphanes, against Ptolemy in Egypt.

That happened in a fulfillment, Yes!  And what it does, is it gives us the modern interpretation of:

  • Who the King of the North is,
  • and Who is he assigned to, it is Syria.

Now of course the modern state of Syria is not a global power, and this is not what we’re looking at. But we’re looking at the identification of how we can recognize these Kingdoms in a modern construct.

What we begin to see is that, these Same Beasts and Principalities will rise up at the End of Days.

  • We have a goat,
  • and we’d have a ram.
  • We have the King of the North,
  • and the King of the South.

Who are they? 

They are Alliances, and they’re right here.

  • The goat and Greece in the West, are NATO. That is going to include the King of the North, which is What?  It’s Assyria, the United States. That’s going to form an alliance combining Daniel chapter 8 with the West and the goat, and Daniel chapter 11 with the King of the North, Syria. That’s going to be one alliance.
  • Then what we’re going to have is Daniel chapter 8. It talks about Persia and the ram, that’s going to be East and that’s going to form an alliance of Russia and China, with the King of the South. It’s not the modern state of Egypt, it’s the prophetic Egypt which is Islam forming with this Russian, Chinese, and Iran. Iran of course is Persia in the ancient title.

This is World War 3. It’s in simple terms,

  • you can understand Daniel chapter 8 and Daniel chapter 11; King of the North is NATO. It’s also the leopard. We’ll talk about the leopard in a second.
  • Against the King of the South in Daniel 11, and the ram of Daniel chapter 8.  

This is World War 3. This is what you’re seeing take place.

As we said, we have a confirmation of this by another Historic War. This historic war was Pharaohnechoh, King of Egypt which is our King of the South. This gives us clearly the proof and evidence that the King of the South happened in Multiple Witnesses;

  • we have it in Scripture, 2 Kings 23:29,
  • and we have historically with the Antiochus Epiphanes against Ptolemy.

To make it clear, who is the King of the South? It is Egypt!  Which went up against the King of the North Assyria to the river Euphrates. The river Euphrates comes into effect with Armageddon, we can see this in Revelation 9 and Revelation 16. And they slew him, this is Josiah, at Megiddo. Megiddo is Armageddon. It’s the same thing. It’s Mountain….Har, Megiddo which is Armageddon.

We’re seeing this Armageddon-like War, clearly described as:

  • the King of the South
  • against the King of the North.

This proves that:

  • the King of the South is Egypt,
  • and the King of the North is Assyria.
  • And that this War that happened historically with Josiah, this is before the Babylonian captivity, is giving us again a pattern of World War 3 in the End of Days leading to Armageddon.

That proves who the King of the North and King of the South are, and we also must factor in the leopard and the bear.

This aspect of the Prophecy is going to include Daniel 7. Daniel 11 has the King of the North and the King of the South. Daniel 8 has the goat and the ram. You see our little ram here and you see our goat.

In Isaiah 11 it says, ‘the goat will lay with the leopard.’ The goat and the leopard are the West. They’re together in an Alliance, and that’s Greece. Let’s put into focus this leopard.  Remember this leopard over here is going to be NATO. It’s going to be the West.

Now we can prove this by the leopard and Daniel 11, he has 4 Heads. Those 4 Heads are the same as the goat, the goat had 4 Notable Ones. That’s why the goat and the leopard are together, they’re in this Greece alignment:

  • This is going to be NATO.
  • This is going to be European Union,
  • and the United States.  Because remember, the United States is Syria….. Asshur or Assyria, the King of Assyria.

So that’s one Alliance.

Let’s take a look at this leopard. We get this leopard here in Daniel 7.

Daniel 7 also tells us about the bear. The bear has three ribs in its mouth. Three ribs in this mouth that’s going to represent:

  • Persia, which is modern Iran,
  • and it’s going to be Russia,
  • and China.

We could also have Turkey in there, where the bear is Russia, and then you have:

  • Turkey,
  • China,
  • and Iran, Forming this East.

But it’s definitely Persia. It’s definitely Iran. It’s definitely Russia, and definitely China as well. This is the East, the Eastern portion of the War in this Armageddon scenario, as represented by the King of the South.

Now if you try to think in human terms of geography, that doesn’t make sense how the King of the South is Russia. But remember, what are we doing?

  • We’re not Centering on a Global Map and Construct,
  • we’re Centering around Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the Center, and that’s where we have the North here {Assyria}, you have the South here {Egypt}, East {ram and bear}, and West {goat and leopard}.

The other thing is that we also must understand, is the 7 Mountains. They’re also called the 7 Daughters of Famous Nations, in Ezekiel 32, and these confirm everything we just told you.

NATO is the 4 Heads of the leopard. In Ezekiel 32, it basically gives us the titles of these places. This again would be End Times Empires. Mystery Babylon sits on 7 Mountains, and those 7 Mountains are described as certain Ancient Cities. What we would have is:

  • you would have London, that’s Zidon.
  • You would have Jerusalem, modern state of Israel, that’s Egypt.
  • You would have Asshur, that’s United States.
  • You would have Edom as represented by Rome, the Vatican and Brussels.

That’s how the 4 Heads of the leopard can be:

  • the European Union.
  • It can be the United States.
  • It can be the modern state of Israel,
  • and London.

It’s quite possible that our End Times 10 kings, would be a portion of what we’re seeing of these 7 Mountains. It’s something to watch for, we don’t know exactly.

The bear is the East as represented by three ribs in the bear’s mouth,

  • that’s Russia,
  • China,
  • with Iran.

So again, we have the ancient place called Elam, which is modern Iran and the Persian Empire, that’s expressed by 1 Mountain. Then we have Meshech which is Moscow, and we have Tubal which is China, Beijing.

These 2 Alliances, again are another type and shadow of World War 3. They will form these combinations of:

  • the King of the North with the King of the South,
  • and the ram, and the goat.

This is how:

  • NATO is the leopard and the goat, aligning with the King of the North;
  • and Persia is the ram, and the Russia China alliance with the King of the South.

Another way to understand World War 3, is by the 3rd Angel’s Message in Revelation 14. In the 3rd Angel’s Message, he gives a Declaration and a Warning about the Mark of the Beast.

What he says, ‘Those that take the mark of the beast, they shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is the cup of his indignation.’

That Cup of His Indignation, we’re showing you here;

  • is WAR,
  • it’s a Bomb. Essentially, we are shown this by, we’re given these two articles here (props of a bomb and a cup).

And the Most High led us to the understanding, that in the 3rd Angel’s Message we have World War 3.

What is World War 3? It is the Cup in Christ’s hand.

  • The Nations will drink of the wine of the God’s wrath, which is the Cup of His Indignation.
  • This Cup is poured out and it brings about War. You can see that in Jeremiah 25:15. It says, The cup and the wine of his indignation, he will cause the nation to drink, and it will bring about the sword, the bomb.

We are in the time period of the Angels’ Messages. We’re seeing the fulfillment of the Angels, 1 through 4, which are in Revelation 14. In the 3rd Angel’s Message we have coded World War 3, through the Cup of His Indignation. That Cup of His Indignation, is also the table of the two kings.

The table we see in Daniel 11, where it says, The King of the North sits at a table with the King of the South. They sit at one table, it says. Our table is going to represent the Cup of His Indignation. When that Cup is poured out, it’s poured out BECAUSE the Mark of the Beast has gone into effect.

  • The Mark of the Beast is in effect,
  • and the people are beginning to be judged for the Mark of the Beast,
  • that’s what World War 3 is.

That’s what this Apocalyptic War is:

  • where the Nations of the world would be drunk with the wine,
  • and they would go into Nuclear War, which makes no sense. There’s no justification but you’re seeing the justification through the media, through everything else.

That’s how the Cup of His Indignation is War. It is the sword. That’s what you’re seeing with Ukraine.

We want to make the Prophecy as simple to understand, for someone that even doesn’t understand Prophecy:

  • that you’re not caught up in the Gog and Magog hysteria,
  • you’re not caught up in picking sides.

In Revelation 13 the Beast has:

  • a body of a leopard,
  • he has the feet of a bear.

That terrible beast, he is on Both Sides, bringing about this Apocalyptic War.

But it MUST HAPPEN at the time of the Mark of the Beast. 

You can see clearly in the 3rd Angel, with the Cup of His Indignation is poured out.

We do have another message, which I encourage you to go to the playlist. The other aspect of this War, and how we know that World War 3 is BEFORE Armageddon, is Genesis 14.

In Genesis 14 we see the kings:

  • 5 kings
  • against 4 kings.

These represent the 10 kings, because the 10th king is the little horn, the Antichrist {The Antichrist/son of perdition gets locked up, making it only 9 kings.  Please watch Hook, deThrone, Darkness – 5th Bowl – C04-1-10 and AC the Lion Handcuffed in Prison, the links are at the bottom of this blog post}.

You have an Economic War. They begin to go to War based on Trade Routes, and the more powerful side, subjects the other side. They go to War, and the winner of which goes to war against Abraham. That’s exactly what will happen.

We have World War 3 of the two sides:

  • the leopard against the bear,
  • NATO against Russia, China, and Iran.

That War will take place, and then the winner of which, there is NO Winner in Nuclear War, but then afterwards we would have Armageddon.

We’re trying to make this as simple as possible. We’re trying to make it clear to you, so you’re not deceived. Many of you if you’re caught up in the War, and what’s going on, that’s why we’re doing this video. So you can look into the resource that we provided for you, and you can study and look into it; on How it’s not going to be easy for the multitude of people to understand.

They’re going to be Deceived.

If you think the Prophecy is easy to understand, you can just read the Book of Revelation, Ezekiel 38, you think you understand, you’ll be Deceived. You’re not going to look at it by Multiple Witnesses. Everything we’re showing you is Multiple Witnesses:

  • Who is the King of the North?
  • King of the South?
  • Who is the ram in the East, against the goat in the West?

That is World War 3.

We’re going to have resources available to you in the Armageddon playlist. This will be part of that series. This video will be on Vimeo. It’ll be on Bitchute, but it will not be on YouTube – maybe brother Daniel will post on YouTube – but that’s where we’re posting videos now in the alternative platforms.

If you’re interested, definitely study the blog post. We’re going to have blog posts which show us clearly how we would know the 2nd Coming of Christ. We are at the time. The Prophecy is at hand. World War III will have to commence.

A voice came from the throne, saying, Praise our God all you his servants that fear his name, both small and great.

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